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SCENE: Colonel Mitchell pulls up the drive to General O'Neill's Cabin, Landry already awaiting him on the porch.

LANDRY: You made good time, Colonel.

MITCHELL: *opens door* Yes, sir. Well, it's a good thing I left early.

I took a wrong turn at the post office, and I was driving for about an hour before my special forces training kicked in and I realized I was lost… That and the road ended.

LANDRY: Wiser men than you have done worse.

MITCHELL: *stands, looking round* So this is General O'Neill's place?

LANDRY: Actually, jack hasn't been able to use it much now that he spends a lot of time in Washington.

MITCHELL: His loss.

LANDRY: Come on in.

MITCHELL: *goes to get his bags* Looks like I beat the others up here.

LANDRY: uh…Walter just called. Colonel Reynolds' team has been delayed off world. Teal'c's gone to assist.

MITCHELL: Is there a problem?

LANDRY: Nothing they can't handle. Unfortunately, it also means that Colonel Carter will be delayed until Reynolds gets back to take command of the SGC.

MITCHELL: What about Jackson?

LANDRY: Still in England. Seems he's met some Lord or Earl with a private library of ancient reference material on Merlin and Morgan lefay. *chuckles* He's obviously quite excited.

MITCHELL: *grins* Yeah. Like a fat kid in a candy store.

LANDRY: *smile fades* I was a big boy in my youth. Never did appreciate comments like that.

MITCHELL: Yes, sir. Sorry, sir.

LANDRY: Anyway, Vala's hitching a ride with the others, so until then, it's just you and me.

MITCHELL: I'll be sure to stay out of your way, sir. You won't even know I'm here.

LANDRY: Nonsense. *they head towards the cabin* Getting to know each other a little better outside of work and the pressure of the SGC is what this is all about. Kick back. Put our feet up for the day.

MITCHELL: Well, that's kind of hard to do with the fate of the galaxy hanging in the balance, sir.

LANDRY: Well, if anyone is going to make a difference in this battle, Colonel, *stops* it's you and your team.

MITCHELL: Yes, sir. I see what you mean about escaping the pressure.

LANDRY: We all need to stop for air now and then or we'll burn out.

That's the one thing you people don't know how to do…so I'm making it an order.

MITCHELL: Yes, sir… I'm sure it'll be fun, sir.

LANDRY: You're damn right it will be fun. *heads in* Come on in. *next show, is brightened and looks from the view point of someone who is watching them from the wood.* I've got the coffee on.

SCENE: Off world, moving through a wood Reynolds explains the situation to Teal'c.

REYNOLDS: The first villager went missing some time yesterday morning…another by nightfall. They sent out search parties…armed men.

These people are capable hunters. By all accounts, they've lived on this planet for generations and never encountered an animal they perceive as an unmanageable threat.

TEAL'C: Perhaps it was not an animal.

REYNOLDS: *slows* So if an animal didn't tear these people apart, what did? *on the ground lies three bodies that have been viciously attacked and mutilated*


SCENE: SGC, Briefing room, Carter heads the table with Teal'c and Vala on one side and Reynolds on the other.

TEAL'C: The people of P9J-333 have never before encountered an indigenous creature they believe capable of such an act.

CARTER: Do you think this is some sort of motivational tool meant to strike fear? An Ori bogeyman?

REYNOLDS: It seems to be working. The people are terrified.

CARTER: Any chance the prior knew you were there?

REYNOLDS: I doubt this was a message directed at us. Our mission was to covertly observe if the planet went origin or not. We didn't make contact with the population `til after people started going missing.

CARTER: Okay. Well, if this is some new Ori threat, chances are the prior will show up to take responsibility.

VALA: On the other hand…*spinning around on her chair* if it's not and it's just some vicious creature hell-bent on eating the whole village, shouldn't we use our superior technology to help track it down?

*Carter frowns at her* You think I don't really care about the plight of some innocent people I've never met on some… planet somewhere.

CARTER: I'm sorry, but…um…yes.

VALA: It just so happens I do have vast experience hunting rare deadly creatures of all kinds. *Reynolds smirks*

CARTER: ahh… Let me guess, the rarer they are…

VALA: please. I am here to be helpful. If you don't think these boys can use my expertise…That's fine…I'll just stay here and we can start on that quality time General Landry wanted us to spend together. I have actually come up with a list of suggestions…-

CARTER: Teal'c. You and Vala head to 333 with SG's 3 and 25. See if you can figure out what we're dealing with without being detected by the locals.

VALA: Good plan, boss. *does a drum roll on Teal'c's arm*

CARTER: Vala's experience notwithstanding, I want everyone to exercise extreme caution. We should find out whether this is prior related or not.

TEAL'C: Is General Landry not expecting us at his cabin?

CARTER: *small smile* I'll let him know we're going to be delayed a little bit.

VALA: mmm…I'm sure Colonel Mitchell will be very pleased to hear he's got more special alone time with the General. *Carter smiles and leaves, Vala turns to Teal'c placing a hand on his arm* hey-

TEAL'C: Colonel…*he misses the chance and must listen to Vala*

VALA: If this is a rare and deadly creature, we have to try and catch it alive, okay?

TEAL'C: That is not our mission.

VALA: Do you have any idea what this could be worth on the open market?

TEAL'C: I do not.

VALA: Okay, okay-- wait. I propose a 50, 50 split. I think it's only fair. I'm the one with all the contacts to unload something like this.

Anything less than that would just be…well… plain wrong. *Teal'c sighs, looks like he's about to answer Vala smiles, and he leaves* Okay, name your price. Well, say something. It's called negotiating.


SCENE: Mitchell sits out on the porch tapping away at his laptop, as Landry just gets off the phone

MITCHELL: They're not coming.

LANDRY: uh…*sits passing Mitchell a beer* Something is eating people on P9J-333. Teal'c and Vala are checking it out.

MITCHELL: Really? Maybe I should go—

LANDRY: at ease, Colonel. They've got SG-3 and 25 with them. They'll be fine.

MITCHELL: Still, this was supposed to be a group thing, sir. Maybe we should reschedule.

LANDRY: And put away that laptop. You can't possibly still be writing mission reports and if you are, I don't want to read anything that long.

MITCHELL: You know…to be honest, sir, I finished an hour ago.

LANDRY: I thought so. You don't have to be so uncomfortable around me, Mitchell.

MITCHELL: Sir, no matter what, you're still my boss.

LANDRY: I just wish you'd relax and enjoy the peace and quiet of the great outdoors. *buzzing sound as Mitchell swats his neck, and then the sound of a gunshot, Mitchell instinctively looks up* Ignore it.

MITCHELL: That was a large caliber 300. or 338.

LANDRY: They're hunting elk. It's one of the only drawbacks around here.

MITCHELL: Not a fan, sir?

LANDRY: Running around the woods with a gun never seemed to me like a good way to unwind. Looking to kill some innocent creature just going about its day.

MITCHELL: No, I suppose not… sir. Not if your day job… involves running around the woods…carrying a gun sir.

SCENE: Off world, Teal'c, Reynolds and Vala move slowly through the wood, tracking the animal, three marines moving from the other direction. In the ground is a paw print.

REYNOLDS: Recognize the tracks?

TEAL'C: I do not.

VALA: What we need to do first is dig a deep pit. *walks over to a clearing* This looks like a very good spot. *to the Marines* Why don't you boys get started? *The marines look at one another* What? *turns to Teal'c* Don't tell me you didn't bring shovels? *Sound of gunshots*

LEADER: *on radio* This is SG-25 leader, we need back—

They hurry back in the direction they came, the sounds of gunshots and screaming, Teal'c slows hearing something of his left, he parts from the group and searches. Vala and Reynolds rush over to SG-25 leader, trying to stop the bleeding.

LEADER: It came out of nowhere... never seen anything like it.

Teal'c moves forward slowly, P-90 raised, suddenly a wounded soldier turns the corner ready to fire.

TEAL'C: Remain calm. *walks over* You will be fine. *There are sounds of roaring* come…

SCENE: Back at the cabin, a storm has started, lighting and heavy rain. Inside Mitchell and Landry enjoy a friendly game of chess.

LANDRY: Checkmate.

MITCHELL: Yep… too good for me, sir.

LANDRY: Pandering to the ego of a senior officer, Mitchell.

MITCHELL: No, truthfully…I…always hated the game, but if you happen to have a play station, I will happily kick your ass at socom 3.

LANDRY: Good…I want you to feel like you can be honest with me.

MITCHELL: Yes sir.

LANDRY: I suppose that's easier for me than it is for you. I am the General.

MITCHELL: No, I think it's probably harder for you in some ways.

LANDRY: Oh. Lonely at the top and all that, huh?

MITCHELL: No. More not knowing what people think of your decisions.

LANDRY: *chuckles* Relax son. I was…uh…I was thinking about what you said to me Last week, about not being in charge of anything.

MITCHELL: I'm just used to a clearer chain of command.

LANDRY: You could have picked any team you wanted. You chose to make it your personal mission to get Colonel Carter, DR. Jackson and Teal'c back together.

MITCHELL: That's true and I wouldn't change that for the world.

LANDRY: You said you wanted to learn from the very best.

MITCHELL: Yes, I did. It's just... after I almost dying…like I did, there was a part of me that figured… I could do anything. Well…since coming to the SGC, I have learned that I can't handle any of this without the rest of SG-1.

LANDRY: I believe in you, Colonel.

MITCHELL: Thank you, sir.

LANDRY: But we're getting our asses kicked.

MITCHELL: Yes, we are.

LANDRY: We're not going to get medals for participation.

MITCHELL: No, sir.

LANDRY: We win or we die.

MITCHELL: I prefer winning.

LANDRY: You started by bringing SG-1 back together. I need you to continue working together if we're going to have any hope. Your job is to make sure that happens.

MITCHELL: Very good, sir.

SCENE: Vala runs towards the Stargate, hitting the first symbol on the DHD, she hears a growling noise a stops, turning around P-90 raised.

VALA: Okay, you want some dessert…*rustling sounds* come and get it.

*Teal'c runs out* Oh! You could have warned me! I nearly shot you.

TEAL'C: *stops before her* Then you should not have run off by yourself.

VALA: I'm perfectly capable of looking after myself. I was trying to get help.

TEAL'C: Then why are you not dialing the gate? *walks over to the DHD*

VALA: Because I thought I heard something growling.

TEAL'C: I hear nothing.

VALA: That's probably because you scared it away. That's good. Now we can... *More growling sounds as Vala fires into the direction of the animal, Teal'c pulls out a grenade and throws it at the animal grabbing Vala and hitting the ground. As they lift their heads the two find themselves face to face*Well, I'm flattered, but I don't think we have time for this.

TEAL'C: Are you injured?

VALA: No, I'm fine. *he helps her up* Thank you. *walk over to the animal* So much for taking it alive. Shame, too. Never seen anything like this before.

SCENE: Mitchell stares out at the storm from his bedroom, he hears a clattering noise.

MITCHELL: Sir? *grabs his 9mil* Sir? *moving slowly out of the room he heads towards the kitchen, suddenly turning round*

LANDRY: *shot gun raised* Son of a bitch! Mitchell, what are you doing?

MITCHELL: Woooh…I thought I heard a noise.

LANDRY: Me too.

MITCHELL: *Chuckles* Well, that would have been a hell of a story, sir.


MITCHELL: Shotgun, huh? Thought you didn't like to hunt.

LANDRY: I was up here last summer. Had a black bear come right through the kitchen door.

MITCHELL: Phones are down. LANDRY: Happens. Power could be out for a while, too. *hands him a flash light* That's quite a storm out there.

MITCHELL: Thank you. Well... night, sir.

LANDRY: Night, Mitchell. *both head to their rooms*

MITCHELL: General. Listen uh… maybe I'm not the only one around here who needs to relax.

LANDRY: I'll try not to shoot you before morning.

MITCHELL: Thank you, sir. Same here.

Shot from the point of view of someone/thing once again watching the cabin.

SCENE: Landry walks back towards the cabin after just speaking with the sheriff, Mitchell starts packing his bags into his car.

MITCHELL: What's up, sir?

LANDRY: Going somewhere, Mitchell?

MITCHELL: Yes, sir. The…uh phones are still down, power's out, I figured we'd head back to reality today.

LANDRY: Unfortunately, the storm washed out the road into town.

MITCHELL: The road—

LANDRY: it's the only road in and out of here. Looks like we're roughing it until they get it cleared.

MITCHELL: Yes, sir, but you're a powerful Air Force General. You could order us up a chopper.

LANDRY: We don't use helicopters for our own personal transportation, Mitchell.

MITCHELL: Right, sir.

LANDRY: Besides, I already checked. There wasn't one available. We'll be fine. It's just another day or so. *heads back inside, Mitchell drops down into his car seat*

SCENE: Landry's office, Carter sits on the wrong side of the desk, speaking on the phone.

CARTER: Okay, thank you.*hangs up*

VALA: *enters* So…you'll be pleased to hear that all four members of SG-25 are going to be fine…thanks in part to my handiwork with a Goa'uld healing device *pokes desk*.

CARTER: I'm sure DR. Lam appreciates the help.

VALA: *walks round the desk, to Landry's chair* I see you haven't gotten over your phobia of sitting in General Landry's chair *waves her bottom just over the seat*.

CARTER: What are you doing?

VALA: I think it's about time a woman sat here. *sits*

CARTER: Actually, DR. Elizabeth weir sat there all the time when she ran the SGC.

VALA: She did? Hmm. Good for her. *leans back to put her feet up*

CARTER: Uh-huh-huh…*waving no-no*

VALA: *takes her feet down, leaning forward* So…now that the deadly creature of p3-whatever has been dealt with, when do we go?

CARTER: I just got a call from the silver creek sheriff's department.

Apparently, there was a bad storm up there last night and the road leading up to the area where the cabin is washed out and won't be reopened until tomorrow.

VALA: Oh…How unfortunate.

CARTER: I'm sure Colonel Mitchell agrees.

VALA: I'm sure the boys are having the time of their lives, getting up to all sorts of mischief.

CARTER: Oh yeah…I can just imagine.

SCENE: Back at the Cabin, Landry stands with two sets of binoculars.

LANDRY: You're in for a treat, Colonel.

MITCHELL: Yes, sir. I can see that.

LANDRY: *pulls on his camouflage hat* The fulvous whistling duck. Very rare. Endangered, actually. Only spotted one once in my life…and as good fortune would have it, their mating season is right now…and they love to come out after a good rain.

MITCHELL: That's a good one, sir. You know what, the hat really sells it. *walks over, stops…Landry watching him* Oh…you're serious. Well sir, as uh…tempting as a duck that whistles sounds, I was thinking about going for a run. Work off some of that beer from last night.

LANDRY: *holding out the binoculars* You're missing the opportunity of a lifetime, Mitchell.

MITCHELL: Are you making it an order?

LANDRY: Birding is something you have to have in your soul, son. You have to come to it on your own.

MITCHELL: Well, I've got to be honest with you, sir…I don't know that I have it in me.

LANDRY: The plaintive mating call of this duck is unlike anything you've ever heard. *Imitates mating call, Mitchell doesn't know where to look*

MITCHELL: Permission to leave, sir.

LANDRY: Granted.

MITCHELL: well. Here I go. *Leaves, Landry laughing looking after him*

Mitchell begin his run, once again something is watching him.

SCENE: Carter enters the observation room, where Teal'c is watching over a Dr Redden who is performing the autopsy on the creature.

CARTER: How's it coming?

TEAL'C: DR. Redden has just begun her examination. She appears to be quite knowledgeable.

CARTER: She should be. She's been heading up the xenology unit at area 51 for several years now. *Redden pull out what look like intestines* And there's goes my need for lunch.

REDDEN: Body cavity contains mammal-like organs. Unnatural-looking tumors appear prevalent. get this out. *One of the machines begin to bleep*

CARTER: What's going on?

REDDEN: Scans are picking up low levels of radiation coming from within the body. The location is... somewhere in the stomach lining here. *starts poking* Huh. It looks like there's some kind of extraneous sac…or abscess attached to the stomach wall itself. Can I have a scalpel, please…*gets scalpel* Thank you.

Attempting to remove it now...*cuts* come on, you. Whoa! *a slug like, creature crawls out* Son of A...*backs away, as it tries to jump at redden, Teal'c zats it* thank you.

SCENE: Mitchell runs through the wood, when suddenly a man with a shotgun, runs out screaming.

BILL: Help! Help!

MITCHELL: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! *grabs the shotgun*

BILL: Get out of here!

MITCHELL: Watch where you're pointing that weapon. What's wrong?

BILL: Something attacked us, man. It came out of nowhere. It attacked my buddy, mike.

MITCHELL: All right, all right. Take me to mike.

BILL: *leads the way* This way. *Mitchell looks, finding Mike, dead.*

SCENE: Redden briefs, Carter, Teal'c and Vala.

REDDEN: So it seems our large dead friend up in the lab used to look like this *Points at the screen of a type of dog* native to P9J-333… a docile herbivore. Very shy and completely harmless, according to the locals.

VALA: Well, it seems one of them at least has had an identity crisis.

REDDEN: Yes. Well, something caused rapid and extensive mutation.

CARTER: That something, I take it, was creature number two.

REDDEN: Exactly. *Next image shows the bug* This little fella apparently gives off a type of radiation we've never encountered before. It lodged itself inside the stomach lining of the host creature and began altering the host's DNA.

TEAL'C: Yet the inhabitants on P9J-333 claim to have never seen or heard of any such mutation to any of the animals on their planet.

REDDEN: Oh, I strongly doubt that our smaller friend there is indigenous to the planet.

CARTER: Hmm. So the question is, how did it get there?

SCENE: Landry walks with the Sheriff, several cars passing behind them

LANDRY: It was an animal, most likely a grizzly protecting its young.

SHERIFF: The witness is pretty freaked out.

LANDRY: His friend just got mauled to death. He said it was a bear.

SHERIFF: He said a bear or something.

LANDRY: I know it can get boring up here, wade. It doesn't mean you have to go making up things that are going to get the locals all excited. *behind the cars beep and yell*

SHERIFF: well…Guess it's a little late for that.

LANDRY: Seal off the park, before the place turns into a shooting gallery.

SHERIFF: Look, I only got three deputies working for me, plus half a dozen volunteer rangers. This is hunting season. If I've got a mad grizzly on the loose, I need it dealt with. The best that I can hope for is that somebody kills whatever did this before it kills again.

SCENE: Carter walks into the Gateroom as SG-12 returns home.

CARTER: Lieutenant, you reported an emergency? What happened?

LT: Colonel, we've got a problem. *they turn to look at one of the airman who has been attacked*

SCENE: Teal'c and Vala join Carter in the briefing room, as she looks over reports.

TEAL'C: There have been no attacks of this nature reported by any Jaffa settlements.

CARTER: None of our other off-world allies are reporting any such contacts either.

VALA: Except we now have an attack by yet another predatory creature, this time on a completely different planet.

CARTER: Not to mention a world that's already been converted by the Ori.

TEAL'C: If the inhabitants of P2R-866 have already accepted origin, there would be no need for the priors to inflict this creature upon them.

CARTER: Exactly. Which means that the Ori may have absolutely nothing to do with these creatures.

VALA: So where are they coming from?

CARTER: I don't know, but so far to the best of our knowledge, they're only showing up on worlds we visit.

SCENE: Mitchell and Landry get ready to go out hunting for whatever it is that attacked Mike.

MITCHELL: This sheriff doesn't think we've got a Bigfoot on our hands, does he?

LANDRY: He's a decent enough guy. He probably just watches too much television. *hands Mitchell a shot gun*

MITCHELL: On the other hand, we have seen…real live alien monsters.

LANDRY: He doesn't know that.

MITCHELL: True. But…uh…he could just be looking for his 15 minutes.

LANDRY: He's not that sort of man.

MITCHELL: That certainly would bring some publicity to the area. Bump up tourism.

LANDRY: Whatever his motivation is, he sure got everyone's attention.

We've got a bunch of drunken hunters out there, all hyped up looking for revenge and glory.

MITCHELL: So are we siding with the hunters...or the bear?

LANDRY: I don't want to see anyone else get hurt.

MITCHELL: Just checking, sir.

SCENE: Mitchell and Landry move through the woods.

MITCHELL: This I like, sir. LANDRY: A man is dead, Colonel.

MITCHELL: Yes, sir, I know, and I do sympathize. It's just you keep telling me to relax… It has nothing to do with being here with you, sir. Truth is if I sit around with nothing to do, I get antsy. I'm much more at ease off world…in the thick of it.

LANDRY: I was flying air support out of bien hoa. Caught some triple A in my left engine and had to eject. Ended up landing somewhere near the Laotian border, well north of the DMZ. Cut my knee up pretty good in the process… I was lost. Bleeding badly. No…food. No radio. Half a battalion of north Vietnamese regulars were combing the jungle looking for me. Tracked me day and night. Followed my blood trail.

MITCHELL: Obviously, You got away, sir.

LANDRY: Took me eight days.

MITCHELL: So that's why you don't like to hunt.

LANDRY: I never felt more alive.

MITCHELL: Yes, sir.

LANDRY: But I wouldn't call it relaxing.

MITCHELL: Oh, I'm kind of twisted that way, sir. *rustling sound, they stop…we see the trees move as something rushes past it. Mitchell runs after it* DEPUTY: *on radio* Sheriff stokes, come in. We're about a mile northwest of silver creek junction. We found another body. It's been torn to shreds.

LANDRY: *grabs his radio* Colonel, respond.

MITCHELL: *grabs his radio* I hear it, sir.

LANDRY: *walks over to Mitchell and three of the hunters* Colonel?

MITCHELL: Victim number two. *shot of bloodied arm*

SCENE: In Carter Lab.

CARTER: The first mission to P9J-333 was simply to observe and initiate first contact with the locals should they reject the Ori. The second mission, to P2R-866 was purely covert surveillance of an already converted planet.

VALA: Two completely different missions, both to worlds not inhabited by scary creatures of any kind.

CARTER: Right. However, there was one single common element to both missions—both required teams to remain inconspicuous. Stealth was key.

TEAL'C: Then both teams would have been required to use a sedan cloaking device in order to remain hidden.

CARTER: Exactly. We tested them for safety and started deploying them on missions such as these just over a week ago.

VALA: You think there's some sort of malfunction with the devices?

CARTER: Yes, but we have another problem. I requested a complete recall of all the Sodan cloaking devices, including the ones still at area 51. Turns out one of them… is missing.

SCENE: Carter sits in the observation room, a computer in front of her, seeming to look into an empty room.

CARTER: No abnormal energy readings, no power spikes. All systems appear to be normal. Looks like that one checks out, too. *Teal'c removes the device and appears in the room*

VALA: *enters* How's it going?

CARTER: Nothing yet.

VALA: Any word from area 51?

CARTER: Yeah. Agent Barrett called in about an hour ago. Said his team has detained everyone *Teal'c listens from the room, as he picks up another Sodan cloaking device* who had security clearance to the lab where the devices were being held. We should have more answers after he's finished questioning them.

VALA: so… he's made a full recovery then?

CARTER: Well, he's cleared for duty, but he still feels responsible for what happened.

VALA: well…He was brainwashed. It was hardly his fault.

CARTER: Still…he's determined to find out how it happened and catch those responsible.

TEAL'C: It is ironic that not so long ago, the mere presence of the Goa'uld on earth would have been cause for great concern.

CARTER: *waves* Seriously. Who'd ever think that we'd have bigger fish to fry? Or that you'd use the word "ironic" in a sentence.*grins*

TEAL'C: Indeed. I am ready.

CARTER: Okay. Go for it. *Teal'c turns on the device, Carter looking at the screen* Nothing. *suddenly there's a spike as the computer beeps* Wait a second. There's elevated radiation coming from within the area of the cloaking field. Levels are climbing.

Teal'c looks at the ground and at his feet sees one of the slug type creatures, he turns of the device, zat pointed at the slug.

SCENE: The ground is covered in empty rounds, as Mitchell and Landry walk on.

MITCHELL: A lot of activity out here, sir.

LANDRY: I told you. The last thing we need is for this place to turn into the ok corral *sounds of gunfire*

MITCHELL: Or a vice-presidential bird hunt.

SCENE: Four hunters fire into the trees, Mitchell runs out behind them.

MITCHELL: Hold your fire! Cease fire!

LANDRY: You boys wanna tell me what you're shooting at?

JOHN: We saw something moving in there. *Mitchell runs down to the trees* Hey, man! Are you crazy? Where the hell's he going?

SCENE: Mitchell follows a blood trail, he stops by a tree and see's blood trailing to the ground.

MITCHELL: *raises his gun at that position* Turn that thing off.

CURTIS: *turns off the device* Help me.

SCENE: Infirmary.

CARTER: So you're sure you're okay?

TEAL'C: I am fine, Colonel Carter.

VALA: No headaches? No nausea? Nothing that might indicate early symptoms of sudden onset monsterism?

TEAL'C: I am fine.

REDDEN: Actually, you are. *looking at his chart* There's no signs of radiation poisoning. No evidence of genetic manipulation. Hmmm…I'm guessing this creature, whatever it is, requires sustained close contact in order to affect its victim's DNA.

VALA: Well, that's reassuring…for all of us.

REDDEN: We're running some tests on it right now, but I would like to know more about what actually happened. You said it just…appeared inside the cloaking field?

VALA: And then it just sat there like a lump.

TEAL'C: The one inside the stomach of the mutated creature was quite active.

REDDEN: Yeah, I noticed. It practically attacked me. And this one has actually been more active recently in its containment tank.

CARTER: I suppose it's possible it was temporarily stunned by its transition to our dimension.

REDDEN: I'm sorry?

CARTER: Well, that would explain why the people using the cloaks haven't been attacked by the creatures.

REDDEN: no…no…I meant the "transition to our dimension" part.

CARTER: Ah…well…The Sodan cloaking device emits an energy field around the wearer that puts them slightly out of phase with our normal dimension of space time. Essentially, whoever is in the field is accessing a pocket of subspace, making them virtually undetectable.

VALA: So you think this creature is from an alternate dimension and is essentially bleeding through?

CARTER: Yeah. It's definitely possible.

TEAL'C: Ancient technology has allowed us to see extra-dimensional life forms before.

VALA: The Sodan were using these devices for hundreds of years. You'd think there'd at least be a label on the side in bold that says "beware, may cause deadly extra-dimensional radioactive monster-causing creature to appear." Or at least "danger" would have been nice.

TEAL'C: Perhaps the Sodan were not aware of such a flaw in the technology.

CARTER: It's possible this wasn't even a problem until we started using the devices. I think I know why this is happening.

SCENE: Mitchell removes the Sodan device from Curtis, and checks his wound.

MITCHELL: Looks like it went straight through. Congratulations. You're going to be fine.

CURTIS: What? I've been shot.

MITCHELL: yes you have. It hurts, don't it? Don't worry, I've had worse.

CURTIS: I'm bleeding to death here. I need an ambulance.

MITCHELL: Yeah, I can do that, as soon as I find out what you're doing running around the woods with a Sodan cloaking device.

CURTIS: You're gonna let me die?

MITCHELL: I figure you're connected to the trust. Am I right? Orders to spy on General Landry, myself and SG-1?

CURTIS: Please…just get me to the hospital.

MITCHELL: See, obviously, you're not a Goa'uld, or you'd just heal yourself.

CURTIS: What are you talking about?

MITCHELL: Snakes…snakes in people's heads. Evil snakes, controlling their host bodies with megalomaniac, take-over-the-galaxy delusions.

CURTIS: I know what a Goa'uld is.

MITCHELL: Did you know you were working for one? That's who's running the trust these days.

CURTIS: You're crazy, man.

MITCHELL: hell…That's what they keep telling me. You know, they really should give you a personal shield to go with that cloaking device…And half a brain.

SCENE: Back at the cabin, Landry Briefs Carter on the phone.

LANDRY: We found a car filled with surveillance and recording equipment about half a mile from here. I figure the most he learned is that Mitchell is terrible at chess and has some form of sleep apnea.

What else have you learned?

CARTER: uh…Well sir, the reason the creatures are entering our dimension is our fault.

LANDRY: How's that?

CARTER: When we first started using the Sodan devices, we noticed that they emitted a significant amount of radiation.

LANDRY: This is different from the radiation given off by the inter-dimensional creatures?

CARTER: Yes, sir, but not unrelated. We made modifications to shield the radioactive emissions in order to make the devices safer for human use.

LANDRY: I'm guessing there was a practical reason for the radioactive output.

CARTER: DR. Redden tested the creatures for a reaction to the radiation given off by the unshielded cloaking devices. They're repelled by it.

LANDRY: And the Sodan would have been protected from the radioactivity because Of their symbiotes.

CARTER: Exactly…Which is why they never had this problem. Now… We thought the radiation was a coincidental byproduct of the technology.

LANDRY: When it was actually performing a vital function. Do we have any idea how frequent this dimensional breach might be?

CARTER: No, sir. It appears to be a random occurrence. But given how long the trust operative was using the Sodan device to stay hidden…I'd say that whatever's on the loose in the woods around the cabin is probably a lot worse than a grizzly.

SCENE: A Military security unit, leads Curtis into a truck, as Landry walks out of his cabin towards, Mitchell and the Sheriff.

SHERIFF: Two hunters dead…and now a guy with no I.D. You want to bring me into the loop here, Colonel?

MITCHELL: The guy was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Got shot for his troubles. Bound to happen with all these yahoos running around the woods with guns.

SHERIFF Then why am I not being allowed to question him?

LANDRY: Because the air force is taking over this investigation in the interest of national security, that's why.

SHERIFF: So…Just a grizzly bear, huh? Since when does the air force go after a bear in the name of national security?

LANDRY: There's nothing for you to be concerned about, wade. Things will be back to normal around here in no time.

The sheriff walks back to his van, there is suddenly a roaring sound as the beast, like a mutated house attacks him. Landry and Mitchell turn in time to hear the Sheriff's screams and see him dragged into the woods, the pursue. But all they find is his hat.

LANDRY: Dammit.

SCENE: Several military units and SG-1 brief outside the cabin.

MITCHELL: So we're talkin' about a little critter from a different dimension that burrows into a big critter, turning it into a rampaging monster.

CARTER: In a nutshell.

MITCHELL: Nice. How do we find it?

CARTER: Well, I've calibrated a number of hand-held scanners to pick up the creature's radioactive energy signature. We should be able to track it within a 300-meter range. We've also devised a radioactive isotope package that gives off an energy wave similar to the ones emitted by the Sodan cloaking devices. We're air dropping them in a perimeter around the park. It should stop the creature from getting too far.

REYNOLDS: Isn't that dangerous for us?

CARTER: Only if you come within a hundred meters of the package. They have a decay rate that will leave them inert in less than six hours.

VALA: It'll be dark soon.

CARTER: We can't let this thing get away.

VALA: Right *steps forward, over to Carter* so obviously, rule number one when hunting savage beasts like this is to never actually crawl through the forest looking for them, especially at night. Always find a way to lure them to you. So I suggest that the best plan of attack *Carter looks at Landry* would be to plant these isotope packages *points on the map* here and here *turns to Mitchell who motions to Landry, she looks at the General*...or whatever you want.

LANDRY: You'll operate in teams of four. Each team will conduct grid sweeps starting here *points* no more than 300 meters apart. Radio contact every 10 minutes.

VALA: That's brilliant. Or…

LANDRY: you have your orders. Move out. *they all head off*

VALA: *turns to Mitchell* But they didn't hear the rest of my plan.

MITCHELL: We'll call it plan B.

SCENE: Mitchell and Landry take point with their team, Teal'c and Vala take point with their team, Reynolds and one of his marines following behind.

VALA: *to Teal'c* This won't work, you know. All I'm saying is why not take advantage of my vast experience, instead of leaving it up to *turns back to Reynolds* offense...amateurs.

TEAL'C: A mighty Jaffa warrior once said, "the greatest strategy is doomed to fail if there is no army to follow it." It is one. We are many. That is why we will prevail. *Vala slows, looking at the hand held*

REYNOLDS: Excuse me. Amateurs coming through.

SCENE: Mitchell's hand held bleeps, he stops.

MITCHELL: I'm picking up something. 200 meters, north northwest.

*grabs radio* Sam, what's your 20?

CARTER: *grabs radio* We're directly west of you.

MITCHELL: I've got a bogey just northeast of your position. Can you zero in on it?

CARTER: Got it. Moving on target.

TEAL'C: *grabs his radio* Colonel Mitchell, we have detected the creature.

MITCHELL: Teal'c Where are you?

TEAL'C: Just south of your position.

MITCHELL: We're all picking up the same target, Sir.

SCENE: The three teams find themselves all leading to a clearing.

REYNOLDS: Marines Secure perimeter. *The Marines move out*

MITCHELL: All right, where the hell is it?

CARTER: We should be right on top of it.

VALA: Look, no creature, no matter how vicious, is stupid enough to attack a group this size, so trust me, we've probably scared it off.

MITCHELL: Vala! *We see the creature growling behind her*

VALA: What?

MITCHELL: Down! *She drops down as they all fire on it, it runs off*

VALA: Of course, I have been known to be wrong on occasion.

CARTER: Holy Hannah, did you see that thing?

REYNOLDS: Think we scared it off now? *Still growling sounds*

MITCHELL: No. I think we pissed it off.

CARTER: It's circling us.

LANDRY: Backs together! *they all move into position*

REYNOLDS: *grabs radio* We have a contact in the area. *a few seconds of circling, each person watching their area, the creature runs out from in front of Mitchell, they all turn firing on it. and It's down.*

MITCHELL: Yeah, that's what I call relaxing. *move towards the creature, but not before Vala fires again*

MITCHELL: - hell are you doing?

VALA: Rule number two, never approach a creature, assuming that it's dead.

MITCHELL: Allow me to explain to you a few of my rules.

LANDRY: *Grabs radio* All units, this is General Landry. The target has been neutralized. I repeat, the target has been neutralized.

VALA: You know what's strange. I have never known a lone creature to behave so aggressively toward a large group...mind you, I've never encountered a radioactive mutant before.

MITCHELL: *frowns, looking behind Landry* Sir, get down.

LANDRY: *we see another creature behind him* Very funny, Mitchell.

This is not...

MITCHELL: no. Sir! Get down! *knocks Landry out of the way, as the other fire on the creature*

VALA: Well, that explains that. Odd behavior for one creature. But not for two.

MITCHELL: Feel better?

VALA: *nods* mmmmhhmmm

SCENE: the units move out, Inside the Cabin, SG-1 play a game of poker.

VALA: Shall we see who's flopped their nuts? *reveals a card* A queen.*they all glance at their cards, as Landry enters* Ah, General, good timing. Colonel Mitchell is about to run out of chips. We need new blood.

MITCHELL: Any word, Sir?

LANDRY: *Teal'c and Mitchell place their bets, Carter following suit.* Final ground sweeps have come up empty. Although it is a big park and our scanners do have a limited range, *then Vala* so we're dropping a fresh radioactive perimeter and sealing off the area for another week as a precaution.

CARTER: I think it's unlikely that there's a third creature, Sir.

VALA: Care to place odds on that?

CARTER: *smiles* I'm not much of a gambler.

TEAL'C: That is obvious.

VALA: Ooh. *Carter looks at Teal'c, shocked and a little pissed off* Okay... *turns over card* river comes up...king of spades. Possible royal marriage *Carter continues to give Teal'c the eye* or king Kong in the works.

MITCHELL: Way too much poker channel going on here. *Teal'c bids, smiling* I'm out.

CARTER: *pushes her chips in* I'm all in. *looks to Vala*

VALA: *bites lip* I'm out.

TEAL'C: *Carter turns to Teal'c, waiting, He looks at her, after a moment* A true warrior…knows when to fold them.


CARTER: *grins* Really? *Teal'c nods* I won? *laughs* I was totally bluffing.

LANDRY: *they all groan* Well played, Colonel.

CARTER: Thank you, Sir.

MITCHELL: A true warrior knows when to hold them…She took you downtown, homeboy.

LANDRY: Glad to see you're having a good time.

MITCHELL: Yes, Sir. Last night was the best time I've had since...oh I don't know when…the look on your face when I said, "Sir, get down!" *they all stop, staring* What? A hundred times, the man has told me to relax.

LANDRY: Not that much.

MITCHELL: Yes, Sir. Good to see you relaxing, too, Sir.

LANDRY: Right. Now... *grabs chair* Deal me in...


Source: Stargate Fusion.

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