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Company of Thieves

SCENE: On the bridge of the Odyssey as it moves through Hyperspace, Carter stands looking over Marks' shoulder.

MARKS Approaching the coordinates now, sir.

EMERSON: Drop us out of hyperspace. Maximum shields. *shot of the Odyssey dropping out of hyperspace* Colonel?

CARTER: *steps forward, looking out into empty space* We should have a visual. If the second Supergate is here, we should be able to see it.

EMEROSN: Anything on the sensors?

MARKS: There seems to be a powerful gravitational Field nearby.

EMERSON: Supergate's use black holes for power.

CARTER: *walks over looking…* Oh, this is not a black hole. It's a neutron star, and the field is powerful enough to weaken our shields and cause-*Odyssey suddenly comes under fire, sustaining heavy damage, alarms going off*

EMERSON: Damage report!

MARKS: Reporting hull damage on decks 2 and 7.

EMEROSN: Battle stations! Get us out of here, major.

MARKS: Hyper drive will not engage.

CARTER: Hull integrity has been compromised!

EMERSON: Who the hell is shooting at us?

MARKS: I can't tell, sir. *The ship continues to take heavy damage, on Marks screen shows three ships moving towards their position* Detecting three ships.


MARKS: Based on size, I'd say Goa'uld Motherships.

CARTER: Their shields Should be weakened as well!

EMERSON: Fire all forward rail guns. Arm missiles. Major, transfer auxiliary power to sublight engines and set a course, hard right. *The Motherships continue to fire on the Odyssey as it retreats.*

MARKS: Sir, detecting multiple small objects dead ahead.

CARTER: *Stares* Oh, my god. It's a minefield.

EMERSON: Full reverse thrust!

The mines are immediately attracted to the ship, several hitting the odyssey all at once. The damage so great that power to the engines is cut. Emerson pulls himself up off the ground.

EMERSON: Damage report. *he looks round only to find the rest of his crew, injured or knock out.* Marks!

SCENE: Back at Stargate command, Landry walks over to Walter.

WALTER: Emergency subspace communication from the odyssey, sir.

LANDRY: Put it onscreen

EMERSON: *appears on screen, the image distorted* Stargate command, this is colonel Paul Emerson of the odyssey, authentication code delta-six-alpha-five. We're under attack. We've suffered extreme damage. Intel about the second Supergate was false. We've been ambushed by as many as three Goa'uld Motherships. We've lost hyper drive, shields are down. Several decks without life support. We're being boarded! *Transmission ends*

WALTER: That's it, sir. That's all we got.

CREDITS: Everything's the same except right at the end where SG-1 are making their way up the ramp, Vala comes running in, the other stopping and waiting. Then Mitchell, Carter and Teal'c step through, followed by Jackson and Vala. {not sure if this was in last weeks one, will have to check}

SCENE: Landry briefs Mitchell, Jackson and Vala.

LANDRY: We began receiving telemetry From the emergency transponder approximately 30 minutes after the distress call came in.

JACKSON: Unfortunately, it doesn't tell us anything about the condition of the ship or the crew.

LANDRY: Sounds like it was badly damaged.

JACKSON: Anything on who might have been behind this?

LANDRY: Well…We were acting on what we thought was reliable Intel from the *a little louder when he see Teal'c* Jaffa.

TEAL'C: Bra'tac is investigating the source of the false Intel, but the Jaffa nation is in disarray, and many have reverted back to old warring factions. Tracing such betrayal may prove virtually impossible.

VALA: *nods* There must be a lot of Jaffa out there who are pretty angry about the destruction of Dakara.

JACKSON: The Ori were responsible for that.

LANDRY: There are more than a few who think it was us who led them there.

MITCHELL: Angry enough to set up an ambush? For what, revenge? VALA: *points* Well, we have a signal. Let's go check it out.

JACKSON: Yeah, one tiny snag there.

TEAL'C: We have no vessels in which to travel.

LANDRY: The Daedalus is on its way to Pegasus.

TEAL'C: And it will be days before a Jaffa ship becomes available to us.

VALA: Well, you only have to ask. *Jackson and Mitchell look up* You must know by now that I can get you pretty much anything you want.

JACKSON: Yeah, for a price.

VALA: Nothing comes for free, Daniel. Of course, in this instance, I would naturally waive my fee, *Jackson shares a disbelieving look with Teal'c* but I will need some front money, so to speak.

LANDRY: Be careful. We still have no idea who's behind this. *Mitchell and Jackson look at each other with a frown*

SCENE: The odyssey sits in space, powerless. The crew are being held in one of the cargo rooms, Carter comes to, sport a nasty bruise above her right eye.

EMERSON: *walks over* Glad to see you're awake, colonel. How's your head?

CARTER: It's fine, sir. What's our status?

EMERSON: They towed us out of the minefield. Most of the crew is accounted for. We're still missing three.

SOLEK: *Enters with his men* Which one of you is colonel Samantha Carter?

EMERSON: I'm colonel Paul Emerson, Commander of this ship. If you have any questions, you ask me—

SOLEK: *Slapping him* if any of you try to be heroes, I assure you my commander will think nothing of venting this hold of all atmosphere. I will not ask again.

CARTER: I'm Carter.

SOLEK: Bring her. Him too.

SCENE: On the bridge, Anateo has made himself comfortable in the Captain's chair as Carter and Emerson are shoved in.

ANATEO: Colonel Carter…I had heard you were quite attractive.

EMERSON: I'm colonel Paul Emerson, commander of this ship. What do you want?

ANATEO: Nothing you can do for me. *stands, looking her over…* Now, colonel Carter, on the other hand…can I call you Samantha?

CARTER: No. You're Lucian alliance.

ANATEO: *Scoffs* The uniform. Pathetic, isn't it? Pretending to be something we're not. Anateo is my name, and believe me, I am part of no alliance of any kind. Now, we don't know much about this ship yet, but we have found a subspace beacon that is giving away our position. I need you to shut it off.

CARTER: I'm not going to help you.

ANATEO: I don't see what choice you have. *moves closer…* You are going to do whatever it is I want you to do.

EMERSON: Don't do it, Sam. *Solek cocks his gun pointing It at Emerson*

ANATEO: Oh, I suggest you should do it…Sam. *she just stares at him, when suddenly he grabs her, dragging her towards the beacon.*

CARTER: *rubbing her neck* It's not designed to be shut off. It activates automatically and stays on.

ANATEO: Then remove it.

EMERSON: Don't help them, colonel. That's an order. *Solek shoots him, he drops and Solek continues to fire on him.*

ANATEO: I believe that now makes you the ranking officer on this ship, colonel Carter. I suggest you get to work, unless there's something else you'd rather do.

SCENE: A hatak vessel moves through hyperspace, bumpily, Jackson and Vala in the seats, Teal'c and Mitchell standing behind them, all dressed in outfits much like most offworld dealers.

MITCHELL: Yeah, she's a real beauty.

VALA: Stabilizers are a bit wonky, I'm afraid. Makes for A bumpy ride, but it's all perfectly safe.

MITCHELL: Really? *A crashing sound is heard, the ship jolting*

VALA: Not exactly.

JACKSON: We gave you as much raw naquadah as you needed and all you came up with was this piece of junk?

VALA: People's lives are at stake, Daniel. Do you honestly think that I cheaped out on the ship and pocketed the difference?

MITCHELL: *An alarm bleeps* What's that?

VALA: Life support seems to be failing. *To Teal'c* Can you take over? *Teal'c takes the seat, Vala pulling out a panel and replacing one of the crystals the Alarm stops*

MITCHELL: Great, you fixed that. How about fixing the stabilizers?

VALA: I didn't fix anything. I just disabled that annoying alarm. *Jackson stares, worried*

TEAL'C: Our long-range sensors indicate that the signal coming from the odyssey transponder is changing location.

MITCHELL: It's moving?

TEAL'C: It appears to be traveling at sublight speed. Altering course to intercept.

MITCHELL: *They drop out of hyperspace.* Are you cloaking?

TEAL'C: I am attempting to. It does not appear the cloak is responding. *Vala kicks the control panel, the ship cloaks. The boys all turn and looks at her* The signal now appears to be originating from that planet. *planet appears on screen* Sensors are picking up numerous life signs.

JACKSON: If life support were compromised, they could have landed the ship for repairs.

TEAL'C: Mmm...they are not responding to our hails. There appears to be a small civilization on the surface.

VALA: I knew I recognized this planet.

MITCHELL: More friends of yours?

VALA: The Goa'uld used to have a ship-building facility here. It's now been taken over by the former human slaves. From what I know, they have ties with the Lucian alliance.

MITCHELL: You know, that doesn't sound too good. Are we talking chop-shop here? VALA: *nods* I have a contact here. He might get skittish if we all show up, so it could be a good idea for me to go in alone.

MITCHELL: You know, it could be a trap.

VALA: All the more reason why we shouldn't all go. Trust me, if he knows anything, I'll be able to get it out of him, but the key is to be as inconspicuous and as non-threatening as possible. If you like, I can take Daniel.

SCENE: The door to the hold is opened and Carter is shoved in, she walks over to the side, swallowing.

MARKS: Colonel…what happened? You've been gone for hours. Where's colonel Emerson? *Carter shakes her head, tears running down her cheeks*

SCENE: In a type of warehouse, Jackson and Vala walk towards a rough looking man named Borzin.

BORZIN: Vala mal doran…I never thought you'd show your face in these parts again.

VALA: Borzin, you slimy, two-faced grease peddler. *he places his hand over his heart, gasping mockingly* Come on, give us a hug.*Vala runs, jumping up into his arms*

BORZIN: And what poor loser have you conned into your company this time?

VALA: Oh, this is my apprentice, shamus.

BORZIN: *laughs* You must be learning a great deal.

JACKSON: More than I'd like to.

VALA: Actually, I only took him on as part of a bet. He's mentally disabled.

BORZIN: Ah...don't trust her. *In the Hatak, Mitchell and Teal'c listen to the exchange* She will sell you out for a bad lunch the first chance she gets.

JACKSON: I know. *smiles*

VALA: *points* He likes me. Isn't that cute?

BORZIN: What do you want, Vala, if you haven't already stolen it from me?

VALA: We're looking for some information.

JACKSON: About a Tau'ri ship that was attacked not far from here. Any information you can give us…

VALA: Oh…okay, my friend…*she pulls Borzin aside* here's the thing. He's not my apprentice. He's a mark.

BORZIN: *unbelieving* No!

VALA: A very rich, very gullible one. Who's eating right out of my hands. Give us something, anything, and he'll make it very much worth your while.

BORZIN: You know, I've heard that before—

VALA: all right, try this. We traced the signal from the ship's emergency transponder here. I know you can't possibly have the whole ship, but I know you must have some parts. Borzin, I don't know what's going on, but you're in way over your head. I've recently made some contacts high up in the Lucian alliance that'd be very interested in knowing exactly how much you've been skimming off this operation.

BORZIN: Wow…offers that can't be refused. *walks away* Over here.

JACKSON: while we're at it, why not get him to throw in some parts for our cargo ship?

VALA: One thing at a time.

BORZIN: *holds up the Black box* Is this what you're looking for?

JACKSON: That's odyssey's data recorder. The transponder's still broadcasting.

VALA: Where did you get this?

BORZIN: A man brought it a few hours ago. He said it could fetch me a very nice price. *Pushes a button, a recording starting*

ANATEO: {recording} Anateo is my name, and believe me, I am part of no alliance of any kind.

CARTER: *Borzin hits fast forwards* It's not designed to be shut off. It activates automatically and stays on.

ANATEO: Then remove it.

EMERSON: Don't help them, colonel. That's an order.*Sound of a gunshot*

BORZIN: Ooh…you want more, show me the naquadah.

JACKSON: You know, that thing's useless to me unless I know who gave it to you.

BORZIN: Ooh, timing's everything. *Points* Him.

Jackson and Vala turn to see Solek, with a zat in hand. Up in the Hatak Mitchell and Teal'c hears two zat blasts, Mitchell grabbing the radio.

MITCHELL: Jackson? Vala? *Sound of static* Jackson, report. Crap.

SCENE: In the briefing room, Mitchell plays the recording to Landry:

BORZIN: You want more, show me the naquadah.

JACKSON: You know, that thing's useless to me unless I know who gave it to you.

BORZON: Ooh, timing's everything. Him. *Zat blasts*

MITCHELL: We suspected it could be another ambush.

LANDRY: You think they were specifically after you?

TEAL'C: They knew we would follow the transponder signal.


TEAL'C: Perhaps they were trying to deter us from trying to find the odyssey.

MITCHELL: Personally, I think they just don't like us.

LANDRY: Well, I can see why they might not be your biggest fans.

MITCHELL: Well, whatever the reason, there was no other way to retrieve this Intel. The recording suggests the odyssey wasn't destroyed but is in the hands of the Lucian alliance. Unfortunately, that's all we got. Borzin disappeared along with Daniel and Vala, and no one else we talked to knew anything.

LANDRY: Teal'c, spread the word among the Jaffa. Tell whoever will listen I want to talk to the leader of the Lucian alliance. *leaves*

SCENE: In the Engineering room, Carter has a panel pulled out while Anateo watches, eating.

ANATEO: I've always felt civilization can be judged by two things--its food…and its women. I'd say yours is only halfway there. *he offers her some food* Hmm? *she just stares* I don't blame you, but you have to keep up your strength. You have a whole ship to fix.

CARTER: You know, that could take the rest of my life.

ANATEO: Whether that is long or painfully short is up to you. *Footsteps are heard and the two turn to see Jackson and Vala led in by Solek and Borzin*

CARTER: Daniel, Vala.


VALA: We thought you'd miss us.

ANATEO: Where are the others?

BORZIN: *Shrugs*Uh…listen, there is that small matter of my fee.

ANATEO: Oh, of course. Half payment for half of sg-1.

VALA: Two-fifths, actually. *Jackson nudges her* look It's a small quibble, but—

BORZIN: don't help. Look, it is not my fault that only two of them showed up.

ANATEO: Of course. *to Solek* Take care of him.

BORZIN: *rubs his hands together, getting ready to follow Solek* Uh…look, I, uh… sorry, but I don't think I'll be seeing you again. So...*heads off* hee, hee, hee.

VALA: No, I think not.

ANATEO: Put them in the hold.

JACKSON: Don't worry, Sam. It's all part of the plan. *Vala winks*

SCENE: Landry, Mitchell and Teal'c are briefed by an officer on Intel on the Lucian Alliance with a board with their photos.

INTEL OFFICER: Each division of Lucian alliance territory is controlled by one of Netan's lieutenants, or "seconds," as they're called. There are about 20 such individuals overseeing operations including smuggling, extortion, racketeering, and of course, trafficking in kassa.

LANDRY: Is there anything new coming? Because this feels like rerun to me.

INTEL OFFICER: Well, we've been following up on rumors of betrayal and possible mutiny among the seconds. There seems to be mounting dissent over Netan's leadership.

LANDRY: Well, that's good, but how does it help us?

INTEL OFFICER: *points at a very blurred photo* Kefflin…one of Netan's most loyal and trusted seconds. He oversees a Large kassa production operation on a remote group of planets on the outskirts of the galaxy.

LANDRY: What about him?

INTEL OFFICER: Besides the fact that he's a brutal killer with a notorious temper—

MITCHELL: we've only know of him by reputation, sir. He's extremely reclusive, and rarely, if ever, leaves his command ship. Very few, if any, of Netan's inner circle have ever met the guy.

LANDRY: You think this Kefflin is behind the disappearance of the odyssey?

MITCHELL: No, sir. I think he's the perfect candidate to impersonate.

LANDRY: Excuse me?

MITCHELL: I am suggesting that I infiltrate the Lucian alliance. It's the only way we're going to get reliable information on the odyssey.

LANDRY: You don't even have a decent picture of the man.

MITCHELL: That's what makes him the perfect candidate, sir. *Opens a box passing it to Landry* The reole chemical. Dr. Jackson used it a few years back to infiltrate a system lord summit. One jab of that, and Netan will believe I am who I say I am regardless of what I look like. No one else will question me because no one else has ever seen him.

LANDRY: So you think.

MITCHELL: I'm not saying it isn't risky, sir I'm saying we have to do something.

SCENE: Carter is once again shoved into the hold, barely stopping herself from tripping over her feet she walks over to Jackson and Vala.

VALA: How are you holding up? CARTER: I'm working as slowly as I can, but I can't keep it up forever.

JACKSON: Any idea what they plan on doing with the ship?

VALA: Or us for that matter?

CARTER: No, but without the transponder, Stargate command doesn't have a hope of finding us.

VALA: Our only chance is to take the ship back.

CARTER: Well, I have an idea about that, but it's pretty risky.

VALA: Well, it's probably better than our plan. *She and Jackson nod at each other*

CARTER: Well, what's your plan?

JACKSON: We don't have one.


SCENE: The Hatak moves towards the mothership, an alarm bleeps signaling that they have been detected.

TEAL'C: They have detected us, colonel Mitchell. Are you prepared?

MITCHELL: Prepared as I'll ever be. *walks forward, wearing a Lucian alliance uniform, hailing the mothership.*

VASHIN: *appearing on screen* State your business.

MITCHELL: I'm Kefflin. I'm here to see Netan

VASHIN: You are not expected.

MITCHELL: I don't have to be expected. Authorize me for immediate transport, or I'll have your head as an ornament for my ship.

VASHIN: I will notify Netan of your arrival.

SCENE: Mitchell arrives in the ring room where three Lucian alliance and Vashin wait.

MITCHELL: Where is Netan?

VASHIN: I will take you to him.

MITCHELL: Fine. Let's go.

VASHIN: First, you must submit to a search.

MITCHELL: I don't think so.

Mitchell punches Vashin, the other three immediately moving to attack him, he's able two disable two before the third one gets the upper hand and knocks him down.

SCENE: Vashin enters Netan's quarters.

NETAN: I asked not to be disturbed.

VASHIN: I apologize, Netan, but there has been an incident. *Two men drag Mitchell in, he holds a cloth to his face…Netan walks over, as Mitchell slips he leans forward grabbing Netan's arm and pricking him with the ring.*

MITCHELL: I tried to tell them who I was, but apparently, the name Kefflin *From Netan's point of view we see Kefflin in Mitchell's place* didn't seem to mean much around here. Sorry about that. The ring was a gift from my latest…conquest.

NETAN: *moves forward hugging Mitchell* My dear friend Kefflin is here, and you didn't inform me?

VASHIN: I'm sorry, master. You asked not to be disturbed.

NETAN: So you beat him instead.

MITCHELL: As you can see, the beating wasn't…Entirely one way.

NETAN: *laughs* I'm sure it wasn't. Leave us.

SCENE: On board the Odyssey, Anateo stares out into space as Solek enters.


SOLEK: It is not too late to turn this ship over to Netan. You would be a hero.

ANATEO: You know I can't do that. Netan has failed the alliance, and his Position as leader hangs precariously by a thread. He knows I am his most worthy challenger, but he could not very well just murder me in cold blood, so he sent us on a fool's quest.

SOLEK: But we succeeded.

ANATEO: Yes, and this is going to ensure the downfall of Netan.

SOLEK: But why was it necessary to also bait a trap to capture sg-1?

ANATEO: Because everyone knows that they have caused us more grief than any other adversary, including the Ori. All the seconds, including me, have begged Netan to go after them, but he refused. He's a coward, choosing to run and hide rather than face the wrath of the Tau'ri.

SOLEK: Will we not?

ANATEO: We have brought their battleship to its knees. What are they going to do? After I present odyssey and sg-1 to the others, Netan's stuffed corpse will be a trophy on my wall and control of the Lucian alliance will be mine.

SCENE: Netan and Mitchell walk down a long corridor.

NETAN: It's been a disappointing season, my friend. Drought and floods have ravaged our highest-yielding kassa plantations. The armies of the Ori continue to usurp the planets upon which we've established trade, …and of course there's the Tau'ri…

MITCHELL: yes. Committing our ships to co-operate in the fight against the Ori incursion was a strategic mistake. *Netan stops, Mitchell slows, glancing back* You've always appreciated my honesty in the past.

NETAN: *walking alongside him again* I have.

MITCHELL: You're the boss. I don't blame you, but others do.

NETAN: I know.

SCENE: on board the Hatak, Teal'c listens to the conversation

NETAN: Is that why you're here? The Kefflin I know would never make such a trip without a serious purpose.

MITCHELL: Actually, it's the odyssey. *Suddenly the cloak on Teal'c's vessel fails all power going out.*

SCENE: Mitchell and Netan turns down another corridor.

MITCHELL: The Tau'ri vessel. Word reached me you just captured it. I wanted to know your plans. Its beaming and hyperspace technology could be a great advantage in transporting my crops.

NETAN: Where did you hear this?

MITCHELL: The usual channels.

NETAN: I heard rumor that the odyssey was destroyed in battle with the Ori. Nothing has been confirmed yet. I certainly had nothing to do with it.

VASHIN: *walks forward* Netan…a ship has been detected in proximity. We are moving to intercept.

SCENE: Vashin leads Netan and Mitchell to a small room where Teal'c stands chained to the wall.

NETAN: *chuckles* Teal'c…I'm beginning to think you enjoy being my prisoner.

SCENE: On board the Odyssey, Carter works at one of the consoles while Anateo looks on, There is a brief power surge, the lights flicker.

CARTER: *at Anateo's look* Sorry. I accidentally overloaded a power coupling.

SCENE: In the holding room, a door which Jackson and Vala stand by opens, the crew shift round to cover their escape.

SCENE: Netan and Mitchell watch as Vashin beats Teal'c, questioning him.

VASHIN: Where is the rest of your team?

MITCHELL: *As Vashin picks up a Goa'uld torture device, Mitchell steps forward grabbing it from him, he beats Vashin, using the device on him, he turns to Netan* That man knows nothing of torture. I'll find what we need.

NETAN: *small grin* I was wondering how long you'd be able to resist.

MITCHELL: *From Netan's Point of view, he sees Kefflin* If you don't mind, I'm going to need some time alone with him. *Netan's men remove Vashin, and the doors close leaving Teal'c and Mitchell alone.* All right, we have to find a way to get you out of here.

TEAL'C: Have you found the location of odyssey?

MITCHELL: Not yet, and I don't think Netan knows where it is either, and he's definitely having some trouble with his seconds.

TEAL'C: Then you must maintain this ruse—

MITCHELL: no, Teal'c—not at your expense, no.

TEAL'C: There are other lives at stake, Mitchell.

MITCHELL: Fine. *picks up the torture stick* Just remember, I am an expert torturer. *he presses it against the wall, Teal'c cries out, the men outside shocked to hear his screams.*

SCENE: On the bridge of the Odyssey, one of Anateo's men, Teresh, watches the Camera in the holding room.

TERESH: Something's going on in the hold. Go do a head count. *the other officer turns to go and is zatted immediately by Vala, as Teresh turns Jackson zat's him*

SCENE: On board the Mothership, Mitchell enters a room where Netan and his seconds have begun dinner.

NETAN: Vashin, make room. *Mitchell takes Vashin's seat* This is Kefflin.

GAVOS: I thought you did not like to show your face.

MITCHELL: I'm seeing a therapist.

NETAN: This is Gavos. Slaviash. Karug, millic, rameris.

GAVOS: What did you learn from the Jaffa?

MITCHELL: Apparently, the rumors are true. The odyssey's still out there…in the hands of Anateo. *eats, while Gavos and Slaviash share a look* The Tau'ri are in possession of an audio recording, which indicates that he's in control of it.

NETAN: *after a moment* I ordered the attack on the odyssey. It is time the Tau'ri were sent a message.

GAVOS: Where is the ship?

NETAN: I don't know. Anateo has betrayed us.

SLAVIASH: Are you saying he succeeded…in capturing the ship?

NETAN: He hasn't reported in yet.

GAVOS: The Tau'ri vessel is most powerful. You could not have possibly expected him to survive.

NETAN: I gave him a strategy that vastly improved his odds. He came to me several months ago, demanding more territory…as his planets had been overrun by the armies of the Ori. He suggested that he eliminate you, Karug, take over your planets.

MITCHELL: *The seconds burst out laughing* Anateo hasn't just captured the odyssey. He's using it to bait a trap For sg-1.

SLAVISH: He has lost his mind. The Tau'ri will declare all-out war on us.

GAVOS: You should have consulted with us, Netan.

NETAN: *stands suddenly shooting Gavos* I need not consult with anyone! Now, is there anyone else who wants to challenge me? Anateo betrayed us all, and he will pay…and as for the Tau'ri, they were already at war with us and us with them, and I will not cower in fear. So spread the word. Send all available ships. I want the odyssey found. *slams his hands on the table* Now! *they all stand a leave, Mitchell goes to follow* Kefflin… *Mitchell walks over to look at Gavos' body* was it really necessary to embarrass me like that? MITCHELL: There have been whispers lately concerning the strength of your leadership. I suspect…Those whispers will now stop.

NETAN: For the time being.

MITCHELL: You'll need someone to supervise gavos' territory.

NETAN: Your cut will be 20%. *Mitchell leaves*

SCENE: Vala sits at one of the consoles, Jackson hanging over her shoulder, she tries to wave him away.

VALA: Pshht!

JACKSON: Come on!

VALA: I'm working as fast as I can-

JACKSON: -you stole the Prometheus all by yourself.

VALA: I know. The systems are all new.

JACKSON: You said you could do it. We do not exactly have a lot of time.

VALA: No. Sam warned us that a number of the arrays have been damaged. Even with locators, beaming a person from one room to another within the ship is very risky. Do you want them to rematerialize between the decks?

ANATEO: *on radio* Teresh, this is Anateo. You missed your check-in. Report. *Vala and Jackson turn to look at Teresh who is still out cold.*

SCENE: Solek enters the whole, shoving some of the crew as he walks up to Marks.

SOLEK: Move! Where are they? *Marks refuses to answer* Dr. Jackson and Vala! *He pushes Marks out of the way, opening the door behind him* Anateo…we've got a problem.

SCENE: Anateo walks towards Carter, gun trained on her as she just stares. Anateo activates the intercom to broadcast over the entire ship.

ANATEO: Dr. Jackson, Vala…just wanted to let you know that your duplicity has already forfeited colonel Carter's life. Unless you surrender immediately, the rest of the crew is next.

SCENE: Vala shifts uneasily

VALA: I can't be sure.

JACKSON: *eyes shut tight* Do it anyway.

SCENE: Carter shifts, Anateo still aiming the weapon at her.

CARTER: No one else is going to fix this ship.

ANATEO: I think its pretty clear that you've just been stalling, and that you're not really going to fix it for me anyway. I'm just going to have to figure it out for myself. *suddenly, a beam of light appears around him as he is beamed out*

CARTER: *nods* Good enough.

SCENE: Vala walks over to the outer window, shoving her hands in her pockets. Jackson looks round.

JACKSON: Uh... where is she?

VALA: Well, I couldn't be sure, so I just beamed out the only other lifesign in the room instead. Okay, where is he?

JACKSON: *Looks out the window with Vala, Anateo moving in space towards the ship, firing his gun* Well, Sam did say it was risky.

VALA: *waves at Anateo* Hmm. When she's right, she's right.

SCENE: The crew work to get the ship back in working condition, Vala walks over to Carter.

VALA: Only 50% of the shield emitters are responding.

CARTER: Okay, we need to get them back online and get the hull integrity back within acceptable parameters. Hyper drive is our priority.

JACKSON: *walks over to the two* Well, we think most of Anateo's men have been accounted for.


JACKSON: Yeah, we swept the ship twice, rounded up men in total, but not Solek. Vala had to beam him out of the hold where the crew was being held, so we have no way of knowing for sure where he ended up.

VALA: Did you check the sewage reservoir?

JACKSON: Yeah, No life signs. Ew. How's it going here?

CARTER: Well, no shields, no weapons, no communications, and at least a day out for hyper drive.

JACKSON: So we're sitting ducks.

SCENE: Netan enters the room where Teal'c is being held to find Mitchell already there.

NETAN: Kefflin, what are you doing?

MITCHELL: Interrogating the prisoner further.

NETAN: And what have you learned?

MITCHELL: Not much yet.

NETAN: Fine. Then we can kill him together.

MITCHELL: Kill him?

NETAN: We've learned all we can. Anateo has left us no choice. I am committed to sending a message to the Tau'ri.

MITCHELL: Netan, I have to admit…I was just beginning to enjoy this one.

NETAN: *Chuckles* I'm sorry my old friend. Your fun is over. *Mitchell rests his hand on the torture device as Netan pulls out his gun*

VASHIN: Netan! The odyssey has been found.

SCENE: Vashin leads Netan and Mitchell to the ring room, where Tenat waits.

NETAN: Tenat, welcome. *Mitchell quickly turns his head, in an attempt to not be recognized by Tenat* This is my good friend Kefflin.

TENAT: *looks over* It is my pleasure. I have heard a great deal about you…Kefflin.

MITCHELL: Yeah, likewise.

NETAN: Tell me what you have learned, Tenat, and perhaps I will spare your pathetic life.

TENAT: *small laugh* Funny as always, Netan. As you suspected, the odyssey was never destroyed Anateo betrayed you and kept it for himself.

NETAN: Where is it?

TENAT: Half a day's journey, maybe less. I have transmitted the coordinates to your bridge.

NETAN: Get to your ship. We'll travel together. *walks off*

TENAT: Of course. *Mitchell moves to follow trying to keep his face out of view of Tenat* Wait just a moment…*Mitchell stops* cam Mitchell.

MITCHELL: *turns* Look, I don't know who you think I am but don't—

TENAT: you are cam Mitchell, bounty hunter. You double-crossed me and my partner Jup.

MITCHELL: *shifts, waves Tenat closer, Quietly* What do you want?

TENAT: I do not know how you've managed to convince Netan that you are Kefflin, but you are obviously up to something big here. I will take half.

MITCHELL: And what about your loyalty to Netan?

TENAT: He would kill me the instant I am no longer of use to him.

MITCHELL: And Jup, your old partner, where's he?

TENAT: He is working elsewhere at the moment. We need not worry about cutting him in.

MITCHELL: Fine, 10%. It'll be big, trust me.

TENAT: 30%, or I tell Netan you are not who you say you are.

MITCHELL: 25%, no more. I'll ring over to your ship before this one jumps to hyperspace and fill you in on the details. *He smacks him on the shoulder, with the ring*

SCENE: Mitchell walks to the room in which Teal'c is being held, a zat in hand.

MITCHELL: unchain the prisoner. He's coming with me.

The men unchain Teal's just as Vashin turns the corner, Teal'c grabs the two men bashing their heads together, he rushes forward beating Vashin, even as he falls to the ground.

MITCHELL: Teal'c! Teal'c! *grabs his arm*

TEAL'C: *turns holding Mitchell against the wall* I have grown weary of this torture, colonel Mitchell.

MITCHELL: That's pretty obvious, but right now…we got to go. *he gives Teal'c the Zat, grabbing a gun of Vashin's body.*

SCENE: Mitchell and Teal'c make their way down the corridor towards the ring room

MITCHELL: You remember Tenat? Yeah, as in Jup and Tenat. Well, he somehow weaseled his way into commanding an alliance mothership, and check this out-- the incompetent twit actually found the odyssey.

TEAL'C: Did he see you?

MITCHELL: Yeah, recognized me as well, but he's keeping his mouth shut, because he figures I'm scamming Netan and he wants a piece of action. We have to get over to his ship before this one jumps to hyperspace.

TEAL'C: What is your plan?

MITCHELL: AH…I'm making it up as I go along.

SCENE: The two Motherships jump into Hyperspace, on board Tenat's mothership.

BORSH: Tenat...Netan is here to see you.

TENAT: *jumps* What? *Netan enters* Netan…

NETAN: I know of your intention to deceive me.

TENAT: Well, how did you—

NETAN: I knew colonel Mitchell was impersonating Kefflin all along.

TENAT: Colonel Mitchell?

NETAN: Of sg-1. I caught him and Teal'c trying to leave my ship.

TENAT: No, Netan, you are mistaken. It's true. I knew he wasn't Kefflin. But I was merely trying to lure him here so I could turn him over to you.

NETAN: That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard!

TENAT: *Dropping to his knees* Please…don't kill me.

NETAN: Get up, you pathetic excuse for A…whatever you are.

TENAT: What are you going to do to me?

NETAN: Nothing for the moment.

TENAT: Oh, thank you. You are a generous and gracious man. I say that all the time, don't I, men? Tell him how honored you are to finally meet him in person—

NETAN: shut up. Stop sniveling.

SCENE: The Motherships drop out of hyperspace in front of the Odyssey. On the bridge, Mark's picks them up of sensors.

MARKS: Dr. Jackson…*Jackson walks over* if these sensors are working properly, two Goa'uld Motherships just emerged from hyperspace and are closing in.

JACKSON: *walks over to the Captains chair, sitting down, turns on radio* Uh... Sam?

CARTER: Go ahead.

JACKSON: We may need that hyper drive a little ahead of schedule.

CARTER: How ahead of schedule?

JACKSON: About 10 seconds would be good. We've got company.

CARTER: We need more time. Can you stall?

JACKSON: We're about to find out. What's our shield status?

MARKS: Less than 30%.

JACKSON: Weapons?

MARKS: Rail guns are online, but we don't have missiles yet. One of the ships is hailing us.

JACKSON: *spins the seat towards the viewer, points* On screen.

NETAN: *On screen* Dr. Jackson…

JACKSON: oh, right. Hi. Hi. How are you?

NETAN: I was expecting Anateo.

JACKSON: Yes, he was here for a while, but then he…had to go. *grins*

NETAN: Your ship is battered. My scans tell me your shield strength is low, and if you had hyper drive, you would have left long ago. surrender now or be destroyed.

JACKSON: Right…okey-dokey. *Shrugs* We surrender.

NETAN: Prepare to be boarded.

JACKSON: Yeah, see, that's-that's where you're going to run into a bit of a problem. You see, our-Our rings are damaged, and as you yourself pointed out, our shields are down, which means atmosphere in the 302 bays is unsustainable. I-I mean, I just don't see how we're going to get your guys over here unless you want me to try…beaming you over?

MARKS: *Netan ends the transmission* They're powering weapons.

JACKSON: Sam, I think I've stalled as long as I can.

CARTER: We need more time.

JACKSON: Too late. *To Marks* Uh, you should probably prepare to return fire.

MARKS: For the record…I'm always prepared. I just have to press this button here.

JACKSON: Right. I just-- I thought that's what you're supposed to say, so I…

MARKS: I know.

SCENE: On Tenat's ship.

NETAN: Open fire on the other hatak vessel.

TENAT: What?

NETAN: You heard me.


NETAN: you dare question my tactics? *Grabbing him* There's a ship full of traitors out there waiting to unseat me as leader of the Lucian alliance. Fire now! You shall be richly rewarded with vast territories to command.

TENAT: Fire on the other hatak vessel.

SCENE: One mothership fires on the other, on the bridge Jackson has his eyes covered in fear, waiting for the attack.

MARKS: One of the Motherships is firing at the other. Receiving radio signal.

TEAL'C: *on radio* Odyssey, this is Teal'c. Do you copy?

JACKSON: Teal'c?

TEAL'C: *on radio* Daniel Jackson, it is good to hear your voice. Colonel Mitchell and I are onboard one of the Motherships. Request that you beam us aboard the odyssey immediately.


MARKS: Locking on their locator beacons.

SCENE: On board Tenat's vessel, Netan appears on screen.

NETAN: What are you doing?

TENAT: Netan? What? How? *The wide shot shows Mitchell standing next to Tenat*

BORSH: I thought this was Netan. *Mitchell grins, waving as he is beamed aboard the Odyssey*

SCENE: Teal'c and Mitchell appear on the Bridge.

MITCHELL: Jackson…what are you doing sitting there?

JACKSON: What are you wearing?

MITCHELL: Oh, it's A…long story.

SCENE: on board Tenat's vessel.

NETAN: *on screen* You are the biggest fool in two galaxies!

TENA: But Netan…*Netan ends the transmission* I...I screwed up.

SCENE: Carter and Vala work at one of the compartments, Vala picks up one of the crystals

CARTER: Look…It's the wrong one. You can't just jam it in. *Vala blows, pushing it in, the compartment powers up* How did you do that?

VALA: Honestly? I don't know. That almost never normally works.

CARTER: *grabs radio* Daniel, try it now.

SCENE: The two Motherships continue to fire on each other, as the Odyssey, jumps into hyperspace. Tenat's vessel takes heavy damage.

BORSH: Shield failure is imminent.

TENAT: Damn you, cam Mitchell. *His ship explodes.*

SCENE: The odyssey moves slowly through Hyperspace as Mitchell and Jackson, changed into their BDU's walk down A corridor.

JACKSON: You know, you're very lucky that no one else on the bridge of that ship knew what Netan looked like

MITCHELL: Yeah, it was a gamble, but I figured if I got made, or if the chemical jab on Tenat didn't work after half an hour, I'd take the bridge by force. I had a pissed off Jaffa waiting to help me out.

CARTER: *walking of the elevator with Vala* Where's Teal'c?

JACKSON: ah…he's in the infirmary.

MITCHELL: yeah…big boy got banged up a bit.

VALA: Ah…hey *to Mitchell* what happened? How did you get the Lucian alliance to fire on each other.

MITCHELL: Oh…you'll love this-

CARTER: Uh…before you tell us…I got long range communications back online and sent a message to earth telling them that we'll be coming home.

MITCHELL: Yeah…should probably add that we've officially declared war on the Lucian alliance.

CARTER: *nods* I did.


Source: Stargate Fusion.

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