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Script vo du 1017

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[SGC personnel, including members of SG-1, walk through the devastated remains of a Jaffa village, searching for people. Various personnel yell orders to search sectors, for "more light" and calls for corpsmen and medics as they find bodies.]

All the way over. Northeast.VALA
Another here!

[Vala kneels down to check on an injured Jaffa. Two medics join her. They roll the body over; he is stiff and bloodied, a large wound directly at his symbiote pouch.]

[In another area of the camp, Daniel spots another person. Daniel rolls the body over. It is Bra'tac. He is unconscious, and the left side of his face is scarred and bloody with shrapnel.]


[Mitchell glances over as two medics join Daniel.]

He's still breathing.
(radioing to others)
Sam, Mitchell, we got Bra'tac here. He's in rough shape.MEDIC
Doctor Jackson, we have numerous bodies here.DANIEL
How many?MEDIC
I don't know.

[Carter leans over another body, shining her flashlight on him.]

Oh my God.
(over her shoulder)
Cam! Medic!

[Mitchell and another medic hurry over.]

It's Teal'c.

[Teal'c lies prone on the ground, unconscious.]




[Jaffa go about their daily activities. The tent-based camp is whole; apparently these events are from before the destruction.]


[A young male Jaffa, Nisal, gives a speech to a large group in the tent. As he speaks, Bra'tac and Teal'c enter with some more Jaffa.]

I am tired of this rhetoric! How long can we talk of reforming councils and ridiculous trade polices? The Ori are taking our planets by force, dividing our people through religious ideology and fear. We must fight back now!

[Bra'tac begins to speak, moving toward Nisal and clasping him on the shoulder.]

We all agree, Nisal. That is why we are here. But entering into a war without leadership, without proper organization would merely be mass suicide. We must learn from our mistakes in overthrowing the Goa'uld. For generations, we have plotted and fought for our emancipation. Never once did we plan for what we would do with that freedom after it was ours… The resulting infighting and weakness after our victory over the Goa'uld is what leads us to this vulnerability at the hands of the Ori now.

[While Bra'tac speaks, Teal'c is distracted by movement outside the tent. He spots a man who has no Jaffa symbol on his forehead and a large half circle scar on the left side of his face walking through the camp, ruffling a small child's hair as he passes by. Suspicious, Teal'c begins to follow. A few seconds later, one of the tents explodes. Several victims scream in pain and terror.]


[Teal'c awakens with a start. He is lying on an infirmary bed, hooked to monitors. Lam notices he is conscious and approaches, smiling.]

It's nice to see ya conscious again.TEAL'C
How long have I…been…?LAM
Uh, you've been out for quite a while. About two weeks. Uh, it was pretty touch and go there. Took three rounds of surgery just to stop the bleeding and repair the damage to your spine. I have to admit, I was more than a little worried that you wouldn't walk again, but it looks like you're gonna pull through this.

[Teal'c falls asleep as Lam continues, unaware.]

The others will be glad to hear that you're awake. At least one of them has pretty much been here ever since they brought you in. Of course, I don't know where they are…right now.

[Lam's voice trails off as she notices that Teal'c has fallen unconscious again. With a comforting pat on his arm, she leaves.]


[Lam briefs Carter and Mitchell in the hall outside the infirmary.]

He was awake for a few minutes.MITCHELL
Does he know about Bra'tac?LAM
Mm-mm. I barely got a chance to tell him what he's been through, or what he's going to have to go through to get back up on his feet for that matter.MITCHELL
Been there. It's not a good place.

[Mitchell squeezes her arm and walks away. Carter smiles at Lam and follows him.]


[Teal'c awakens again. Daniel and Vala are at his bedside.]


[Teal'c groans. They both smile at him. Mitchell and Carter arrive, Mitchell squeezing Teal'c's foot.]

What has transpired?DANIEL
Doctor Lam thinks you should rest.VALA
We need you to be back on your feet and back in fighting form as soon as possible.

[Teal'c grabs Daniel's arm.]

Tell me.

[Daniel sighs and purses his lips.]

We counted thirty-two dead, and twelve more critically injured.



[Teal'c's back is covered with blood. He was struck by shrapnel from the blast. He approaches the flames of the destroyed tent. He ducks instinctively as yet another tent explodes. He tries to scramble towards the source of the blasts to help as the women and children flee from a third explosion.]



Most of the villagers have scattered to the hills.CARTER
When you didn't check in, we came to investigate.MITCHELL
We can't be sure, but it looks like three separate explosive devices are responsible for the damage.TEAL'C
And what of Bra'tac?DANIEL
He survived.TEAL'C
If he is here, then I wish to see him.MITCHELL
Teal'c, you're in no condition to…TEAL'C

[He struggles to rise, but is overcome with pain. Daniel grabs his shoulder and forces him to lie back down.]

Listen, you are very lucky to be alive. Give it some time.TEAL'C
(very weakly)
Is he badly injured?

[The team exchange somber looks.]


[Lam makes notes on her medical chart by Bra'tac's bedside. Bra'tac's chest, arms, and face are heavily bandaged. He is on life support. The door opens. Teal'c enters, seated in a wheelchair being steered by Mitchell. Mitchell clasps Teal'c's shoulder before withdrawing. Lam approaches. Teal'c stares at Bra'tac in shock.]

I wish I could tell you that he was going to come out of this, but right now, I just don't know.

[She lays a comforting hand on his shoulder before leaving him alone with Bra'tac. Teal'c does not acknowledge her.]

For generations, we have plotted and fought for our emancipation, but never once did we plan for what we would do with that freedom after it was ours.


[Teal'c recalls the events of Dar Eshkalon in no particular order, including the scarred man walking through the camp just before the explosion.]


[Teal'c remains at Bra'tac's side, holding his hand.]



[Landry sits at his desk, reviewing paperwork. There is a knock at the door and Teal'c enters. His voice is still hoarse, but he is walking and moving with relative ease.]

General Landry.

[He closes the door behind him and stands before Landry's desk, arms clasped behind him.]

I have received further intelligence from Jaffa with close ties to Par'non, the Jaffa that organized the summit.LANDRY
It is believed that a Jaffa named Arkad is responsible. I have knowledge of him. We once engaged in battle as opposing First Primes. He is a warrior without honor.LANDRY
Which would explain why he chose to bomb a peaceful leadership summit.TEAL'C
It is believed that Arkad has slowly and quietly been building support for himself as a new leader—a leader that would deliver the Jaffa Nation into the hands of the Ori.LANDRY
So he would obviously be opposed to the organizing of a council also meant to lead the Jaffa—especially one that was intending to unite them against the Ori.TEAL'C
Arkad is dangerous and must be eliminated.LANDRY
Teal'c, I—TEAL'C
(loudly interrupting)
General Landry! Arkad must be found and killed before any more innocent Jaffa are senselessly slaughtered.LANDRY
I'm not going to order you and SG-1 to hunt down and kill someone based on what seems to be rumor at this point!TEAL'C
Would you be so cautious, General Landry, if it were a team of humans that had been killed in that bombing?!

[Landry leans back and studies Teal'c.]

I know what you're going through right now, so I'm going to let that pass.TEAL'C
Arkad is a monster. In the past, he has existed solely on the fringes. But now, if he is allowed to continue to use fear and tyranny to gain control of a significant Jaffa army and a fleet of ships, believe me, he will become as much an issue for Earth as anyone else in the galaxy.

[Landry stands.]

Teal'c, you've done a tremendous job getting back on your feet, but Doctor Lam is saying you're not ready for active duty just yet. I'm asking you to give it a little more time.TEAL'C
(voice breaking with emotion)
I have given it enough time!

[Landry is taken aback as Teal'c glares and then backs out of the room.]


[Landry and Mitchell walk down a hall.]

The resources of this facility are not going to be used to fulfill one man's personal revenge!MITCHELL
I'm just saying, if Arkad is responsible, and Teal'c's right about him being a bad man, that…LANDRY
(talking over him)
I've already issued a new memo to all teams to consider the investigation a top priority.MITCHELL
I don't think a memo's gonna cut it as far as Teal'c is concerned, sir.LANDRY
Well, I take it you tried to talk him out of leaving.MITCHELL
Yes, sir. Like sticking my foot out to trip a freight train. And I can't say that I blame him, sir.LANDRY
I don't either. He's here of his own free will. He can leave if he wants to.

[Mitchell stops, speechless, as Landry continues walking.]


[Klaxons blare as the Stargate dials an outgoing wormhole. Teal'c waits at the base of the ramp, wearing Jaffa robes.]


[Carter, Daniel, and Vala watch the Stargate dial. Mitchell joins them.]

So, I was thinking, we could zat him, toss him in a holding cell until he comes to his senses.VALA
I was thinking it's not too late to go with him.DANIEL
I offered. He doesn't want us to.CARTER
He said he would stay in touch, let us know what he learns.

[Mitchell glances over and looks at Carter's expression.]

You don't really believe that.

[Carter shrugs. The team watches as the Stargate activates.]


[Teal'c walks up the ramp and leaves without looking back.]


[Several Jaffa start to rebuild the village. Teal'c, crouched on the ground, ties a red ribbon around a wooden grave marker, one of many in freshly dug earth. A young girl approaches; she is the same one who was touched by the scarred man before the explosions.]

My father says the sticks honor those who died.TEAL'C
Do you know who did this?TEAL'C
My father says they are cowards. They must pay with their lives.TEAL'C
They will. I promise you.

[Teal'c stands, touches her on the shoulder, and walks away.]


[Daniel sits by Bra'tac's bedside, reading a book silently. Bra'tac regains consciousness, confused and panicked at the intubation tube in his throat. He looks at Daniel and starts to cough. Daniel immediately notices.]


[He puts down his book and frantically looks around for a signal to alert the staff, then gets up and runs around the bed to call into the corridor.]

Help! We need some help in here!

[Lam and a nurse rush into the room.]

He's awake.LAM
This is a good sign. Let's extubate.
(to Bra'tac)
Just relax. It may be a little difficult for you to speak right away.

[Daniel looks on worriedly as Lam checks Bra'tac's vitals and the nurse prepares to remove the breathing tube.]



[In a crowded bar, Teal'c approaches a man sitting alone at a table having a meal. The man spots him and waves his hand dismissively.]

Go away.

[Teal'c sits across from Lizan.]

Teal'c of the Tau'ri. Don't think I don't know who you are.TEAL'C
What do you know of the bombing at Dar Eshkalon?LIZAN
(slurping his soup)
A bunch of Jaffa died.

[Teal'c continues to glower at Lizan.]

Don't expect me to shed a tear for you and your kind. I don't care what you and your friends from the Tau'ri have done. You Jaffa enslaved my people for generations! And don't tell me you were only following the orders of your masters! You lived like kings compared to us! And don't think that we will soon forget. I rejoice—rejoice at the sight of you murdering each other like the fools that you are.

[He takes a drink and mockingly toasts Teal'c. As soon as he sets the cup down, Teal'c tosses the table aside and grabs Lizan by the throat, forcing him against the wall of the tavern. Everyone else stops and watches the disruption, but they do not interfere.]

Tell me what you know.LIZAN
You think anything you do at this point really matters? We are all fodder for the Ori.TEAL'C
I saw a man with a scar across his face at Dar Eshkalon. He purchased explosives on this planet.LIZAN
You want to buy something from me? Well then, we can work out a deal. I can pretty much get you anything you want.TEAL'C
I want a name and where I can find him.LIZAN
Or what? You kill me, you get nothing.

[Teal'c squeezes his throat tighter, choking off his air.]

You underestimate the satisfaction I will get from your suffering.



[Daniel sits by Bra'tac's bedside. Bra'tac is now free of most of the life support devices, but remains heavily bandaged.]

He was a student of mine for a while. I knew from the beginning that there was something wrong with him… I underestimated him once. Never again. Teal'c and I both faced him in battle many times. And many times we managed to defeat his armies. But he…always escaped.DANIEL
Yeah, he sounds like a real charmer.

[Bra'tac begins to cough.]

You know what? You're tired. You should rest.

[Daniel pats Bra'tac and starts to rise in departure. Bra'tac grabs Daniel's arm with his bandaged hand.]

No, there is more I have not told you.

[Daniel retakes his seat.]

Has Teal'c ever spoken of his mother?DANIEL
Not much. I know…she's dead.BRA'TAC
Teal'c's mother was killed, shortly after Teal'c commanded an embarrassing victory over Arkad's fleet. The murder was never resolved. For no apparent reason, someone slipped into her village and slit her throat in the night.DANIEL
And Teal'c believed it was Arkad's revenge for the defeat?BRA'TAC
It was never proven.DANIEL
But still, knowing Teal'c, I mean, why didn't he go after Arkad immediately?BRA'TAC
He was First Prime of Apophis at the time. Teal'c's actions were chosen for him. Now, given what Arkad has done, Teal'c will stop at nothing to bring an end to him.DANIEL
Yeah, that doesn't sound like any great loss.

[Bra'tac grabs Daniel's arm again.]

As long as it is Teal'c that is the victor.

[Daniel's face falls as he returns Bra'tac's concerned look.]


[Reynolds briefs Landry. Carter and Mitchell enter.]

Where's your confirmation coming from?REYNOLDS
SG-22 recon, sir.LANDRY
(to Carter and Mitchell)
I thought you should hear this.REYNOLDS
We've been maintaining contact with anti-Ori rebels on P8T-365.CARTER
That's a predominantly Jaffa planet that's already succumbed to Ori control, right?

[Mitchell pours himself coffee.]

Right, this group we've been monitoring opposes Ori occupation, quietly so far, but is keeping us apprised of their intentions. Anyway, they say several hundred Jaffa, including a few of their inside men, are regularly being ferried by mothership to another planet to mine raw naquadah.MITCHELL
That makes sense. The Ori warriors would be able to make ships, weapons, Supergates.REYNOLDS
(raising his finger)
Yes, but here's the interesting part. The Jaffa say this is not being done for the Ori, at least not directly.CARTER
Well, how is that possible? It-it's an Ori planet. Somebody's building weapons right under their noses?

[Mitchell puts down his coffee and starts to flip through the file.]

Apparently a Jaffa named Arkad has muscled his way into a relationship with the Ori. Says he'll police the planet, get even more Jaffa planets to fall in line.

[Mitchell and Carter exchange looks. Mitchell tosses the file back down.]

Well, that's in line with the intel we have.REYNOLDS
Yes, it seems Arkad is planning a fairly major play to impress his new friends. Word floating around that this weapons grade naquadah is being stockpiled in various locations for use by Arkad in a coordinated attack on Earth.


[The scarred man, Ba'kal, walks through an encampment and enters a tent.]


[Ba'kal removes his hood and notices something wrong. He turns to find Teal'c approaching from the shadows. Before he can draw a weapon, Teal'c punches him out.]


[Ba'kal is sitting bound to a large tree stump, his feet tied and staked to the ground. Teal'c pokes at a campfire with a large stick until it glows with heat. He then applies it to Ba'kal's arm. Ba'kal comes to with a cry of agony. He notices his restraints.]

(panting heavily)
Torture me all you want. I tell you nothing.

[He spits out blood.]

Though you hide among humans, I know you are Jaffa. That is your symbiote lying on the ground in front of you.

[Ba'kal looks down to see a dead Goa'uld symbiote by his feet. He glances down at his abdomen.]

(almost rapturously)
I serve the Ori. When I die, I will ascend and join them in everlasting glory.TEAL'C
That is untrue.BA'KAL
You will not convince me otherwise.TEAL'C
That is most unfortunate.
(holds up vial of tretonin blithely)
I have…medicine that would save your life should you tell me what I wish to know.BA'KAL
Then there are some things that you should know. The Ori do not ascend their followers. Arkad is a coward who will die by my hand. Also, I have implanted an explosive device within your symbiote pouch. It is set to detonate within a matter of moments. It is the same explosive that you used to kill twelve warriors, eighteen innocent bystanders, and two children who had gathered for a peaceful summit.

[Ba'kal struggles against his bonds a bit.]

(with conviction)
They were sinners all, who chose the path of evil.

[Teal'c begins to walk away.]

Hmph. Ten seconds.BA'KAL
Where are you going?TEAL'C
I am leaving. You are about to explode.

[Ba'kal struggles with his bonds. He screams just before he explodes into a small fireball. Teal'c continues walking without looking back.]



[SG-1, minus Teal'c, congregate.]

So, what does this Arkad have to gain by attacking Earth?MITCHELL
Maybe he's trying to up his street cred.DANIEL
Well, it could be revenge. It's possible he blames us for what happened at Dakara.CARTER
For all we know, it was the Ori who instructed him to try and weaken our resolve.MITCHELL
They must know a direct attack on Earth is risky because of the Antarctic defense system.CARTER
Well, right now we have no way of detecting, let alone stopping, a cloaked cargo ship. They could go after whatever targets they want.DANIEL
Not to mention the countless casualties that would be created that would throw the rest of the planet into chaos.MITCHELL
Primed and ready for an Ori attack.VALA
I thought the Jaffa were all about honor and meeting their enemy on the battlefield?DANIEL
Yeah, apparently not this guy.VALA
So what do we do?MITCHELL
Sounds to me like Teal'c has the right idea.

[Klaxons begin to blare.]

(over intercom)
Unscheduled offworld activation.

[SG-1 immediately leave.]


[Landry goes to Harriman's station. The wormhole is active.]

Receiving a transmission, sir.LANDRY
On screen.

[SG-1 joins them as a Jaffa appears on the video monitor.]

Warriors of the Tau'ri, I bid you greetings.LANDRY
This is General Landry of Stargate Command. To whom am I speaking?ARKAD
My name is Arkad. I am the leader of the Illac Renin.DANIEL
(low, to Landry)
That's Ancient. Loosely translated, it means: "kingdom of the path."LANDRY
What can we do for you?ARKAD
I wish to be granted safe passage to your planet, so we may meet in person and discuss certain issues that concern us both. By now, you have undoubtably learned of a plot to brazenly strike at your planet in a most cowardly manner. I want to offer my assistance as I believe I am uniquely capable of stopping this most dishonorable attack.



[Daniel and Lam are with Bra'tac.]

He no doubt fed you the information about the attack so that he could then claim to be the one who could prevent it.DANIEL
Yeah, we figured that, but what we don't know is why. And given the very real threat that's out there, the IOA wants us to hear what he has to say.BRA'TAC
He is a serpent! You must not trust him.DANIEL
I'll let you know how it goes.BRA'TAC
I already know. Nothing good will come of it.

[Daniel and Lam exchange looks. Daniel leaves as Lam examines her patient.]


[Landry, Arkad, and a security escort climb the stairs to the briefing room. SG-1, minus Teal'c, are already standing at the other side of the table, watching Arkad stonily.]

Arkad, I'm sure you know of SG-1. Lieutenant Colonels Mitchell and Carter, Doctor Daniel Jackson, and Vala Mal Doran.ARKAD
It's an honor to finally meet you all in person. I have looked forward to this day for some time.LANDRY
Let's sit down, shall we?

[Landry takes his usual seat at the head of the table. Carter, Daniel, and Vala sit on one side. Mitchell rounds the table to take a seat near Arkad.]

A shame Teal'c is not here. We have not had the pleasure in seeing each other in many years.LANDRY
We couldn't guarantee your safety if he was here.ARKAD
Surely he does not still hold a grudge for past battles we once waged in the name of former false gods?MITCHELL
No, I think it has more to do with…recent events.ARKAD
I assume you are referring to the tragedy of Dar Eshkalon?MITCHELL
Yeah, in which your good buddy Teal'c came this close to dying.

[Mitchell holds his thumb and forefinger very close together to signify how slim Teal'c's survival was.]

Bra'tac sends his regards as well. I don't think he'll mind me speaking for him when I say that he'd love to stab you in the eye with a really big knife.

[Daniel smiles falsely as Arkad chuckles.]

Thirty-two other Jaffa weren't nearly as lucky as they were.ARKAD
You must understand, all of you, that there are those out there who would have me falsely accused of such…cowardly actions.DANIEL
So you're saying you had nothing to do with it?ARKAD
I fully admit I was against the gathering. But those in attendance were assembling to form a council that would directly oppose my campaign to lead all Jaffa.VALA
Into the arms of the Ori.ARKAD
The reason we fought for freedom is so we could believe in what we want and not be subjugated by anyone.DANIEL
And you don't see the Ori as forcing their beliefs on you?ARKAD
I see Origin as the organized religion and the source of salvation all the Jaffa has always sought.LANDRY
I think we're getting a little off point here.ARKAD
Oh, I agree. I assure you, no matter what our philosophical differences, I would never authorize the type of attack that befelled the summit at Dar Eshkalon.MITCHELL
But you just happen to know some guys, less respectable, less honorable than yourself, who took matters into their own hands.ARKAD
As a matter of fact, yes. And I have learned of similar attacks against your planet being planned by a radical sect of Jaffa who see the Tau'ri as a powerful force in the galaxy, who oppose our peaceful movement toward embracing Origin.DANIEL
And you can stop them?ARKAD
Yes, I believe I can. I do not agree with their tactics, but at least we see eye-to-eye in basic beliefs. I can use my influence and my resources to choke off their ability to function effectively.LANDRY
Or you can fund them, and allow them to do your dirty work for you while you take the political high road. Let's cut the crap! We all know you're here for one reason. Make your demands!ARKAD
I have no demands. I understand your mistrust. But please, I implore you, believe me when I say I will use all of my vast resources at my disposal to thwart this most heinous threat to your world. All I ask in return is you allow the Jaffa people to believe in what they choose. If they decide to follow in the ways of the Illac Renin, it should be up to them. If you feel it is your responsibility to do battle with the Ori on behalf of the humans of this galaxy, then that is your prerogative.

[Landry stands, furious; Carter and Mitchell stand when their superior officer does.]

Stay out of your way, and you won't attack us!

[Arkad stands as well.]

General, my fleet is more powerful than any Goa'uld has ever marshaled by tenfold. If I was to attack this planet, it would not be in the manner currently being planned by these radicals…and it would not end well for you.MITCHELL
Really? You don't say?ARKAD
Whether or not our people ever see eye-to-eye, I would like to believe that they could coexist peacefully. Your planet has played an instrumental role in the very reshaping of the nature of the galaxy. I merely wish to avoid any unpleasant conflicts between our two respective nations before they arise. I take my leave.

[Arkad looks around the room at each of them then leaves, escorted by security. Landry nods with a wry smile at Mitchell.]


[Lizan is trussed to a chair hand and foot, the ropes tying his wrists to the chair behind him also looped around his throat. Teal'c paces nearby.]

I told you where to find Ba'kal. He is the Jaffa scum that I sold the explosives to. That's all I know.TEAL'C
I do not believe you.LIZAN
I don't know anything about Arkad.TEAL'C
You despise Jaffa. Why protect him?LIZAN
I'm not afraid to die.

[Teal'c walks over and stands behind Lizan.]

I have no intention of killing you. Not until you tell me where to find Arkad.LIZAN
Why should I tell you anything knowing death is my reward?

[Teal'c leans close to Lizan's ear.]

That may sound sensible for the moment, but believe me, in time, you will change your mind.

[Teal'c walks away. Lizan looks very scared.]


[Landry hangs up the phone in his office and enters the briefing room, where the rest of SG-1 remain.]

The IOA is taking the threat of these attacks against Earth very seriously.MITCHELL
So, what do they want us to do?LANDRY
Nothing as far as Arkad is concerned.CARTER
They want us to leave him alone for now. Let him go about his business.MITCHELL
We're supposed to let him muscle us?LANDRY
Obviously we need to assess his capability, determine if these threats are credible and who's really behind them. If we can prove that Arkad does pose a direct threat to our security…MITCHELL
I-I'm sorry, sir. We're supposed to…what? Find WMDs in his back pocket?LANDRY
Right at the moment we need to play the intelligence game! Not get into an all out war with an enemy that…may have the capability to inflict severe damage on us. We need to find out what we can.CARTER
We're on it, sir.

[She moves to stand, but Landry motions her to remain seated.]

Not so fast, Colonel. I plan to put a number of teams on it right away, but, uh, at the moment, I have another mission for you.

[He pauses, and the team exchange ominous expressions.]

In his mind, Teal'c may have severed his connections with us when he set out to kill Arkad…DANIEL
But he's been part of the SGC, so he'll still be perceived as acting on our behalf.LANDRY
If he succeeds in killing Arkad, even if he tries and fails, it will be hard to convince people that he was acting alone.CARTER
So you want us to try and stop him.LANDRY
The IOA is adamant that Earth, and specifically, the SGC, take no action against Arkad. I've been charged with ordering you to find Teal'c and stop him at all costs.

[SG-1 exchange upset expressions.]


[The Odyssey moves through hyperspace.]


[SG-1 gears up for the mission.]

Hey, no one really thinks that Arkad gave the SGC the whereabouts of his home base of operations out of diplomatic courtesy?CARTER
What, you think he did it to draw us into a trap?DANIEL
I doubt that. It's more likely he knew that if anyone was determined enough to find him, they could, and he wanted to make sure we'd be blamed in the event of any attack against him.VALA
Regardless of whether we were behind it.MITCHELL
Speaking of determined, has anyone thought about the speech they're gonna give to Teal'c?

[Everyone pauses and looks at each other blankly.]

No, I didn't think so.

[He loads a magazine into his P-90.]


[Death gliders fly patrols around a large pyramid. The Stargate is near some water, with woods between it and the pyramid.]


[SG-1 and SG-3 beam into a small clearing in the woods.]

(into radio)
Odyssey, this is Mitchell. We are down.
(to others)
All right, everybody knows what to do.

[Members of both teams fan out.]


[In one area of the woods, Carter sets a device and hides it in the leaves as Mitchell covers her position.]

(into radio)
Field generators are in place.

[They move away.]


[Vala adheres a small electronic device to a tree and activates it.]

(into radio)
Trip sensors are ready.

[Daniel and Vala stand.]


[Carter and Mitchell are now lying in wait behind some trees.]

I'm glad you're so sure about this plan.MITCHELL
One way or the other, you know he's coming. He'll want the element of surprise, so I figure he'll use a cloaked ship, try to sneak in the back way.CARTER
Well, that's what we would do.MITCHELL
Exactly. He just doesn't know we're gonna try and stop him.CARTER
You know, regardless of who's gonna "try and stop him," this is Teal'c we're talking about.


[Daniel and Vala are crouched behind some other foliage waiting.]

You know, Bra'tac seems to think that if it suits Arkad to attack Earth, he'll do so no matter what his agreement with us. It's possible he just didn't want us coming after him yet. So he leaks the information about the plot, pretends to act towards stopping the attack, and with the time that he's bought, gets his chicks in a row.DANIEL
That's a pretty good theory, and it's "ducks", by the way. The only problem is we have to prove it to the IOA.VALA
Well, what would be the harm in us just…whoops! failing to stop Teal'c from killing Arkad? It wouldn't be entirely on purpose and not out of…accidental incompetence either, if you catch my drift.DANIEL
Yes, nudge nudge, wink wink. But if Arkad is the one planning these attacks, then I think our best chance of stopping them is keeping Arkad alive.VALA
Why is that?DANIEL
He may be the only one that knows all the pieces of the puzzle.VALA
Good point.DANIEL
Thank you.VALA
How do we get Arkad to tell us all the pieces of the puzzle?DANIEL
Oh, that's the easy part. See, we capture him, lock him in a room, and threaten to let Teal'c kill him.VALA
Thank you.


[Arkad lights candles and kneels in front of an ankh of the Ori in prayer.]


It has occurred to you that it could take days before Teal'c shows up?MITCHELL
He could also have been here already and killed Arkad for all we know.MITCHELL
Half of SG-3 is watching the Gate. We'll get some activity one way or the other.

[Carter looks concerned and checks her watch.]

Speaking of which…?

[Mitchell looks at his own watch and keys his radio.]

(into radio)
Colonel Reynolds, come in.
(after a pause)
SG-3, you've missed your scheduled check in, please respond.

[There is no answer. Mitchell rises. Carter moves to follow, but Mitchell motions her back.]

Stay here.


[Mitchell approaches and finds Reynolds and Baker of SG-3 lying motionless on the ground. He heads towards them and checks for a pulse on each of them.]


(over radio)
Hey, somebody got to Baker and Reynolds…

[Daniel and Vala exchange worried glances.]


(into radio, continuing)
They're unconscious, but they're still alive.

[Mitchell lets go of his radio and rises warily, his weapon at ready.]

(calling loudly)
Hey, Teal'c? Teal'c, I know you're out there, buddy! If you can hear me, I don't know what you think's going on here, but…we're here to help.

[Two zat blasts barely miss Mitchell as he dives for cover between the unconscious SG-3 members.]


(over radio)
Okay, that was a lie! And I feel terrible about it; I hate myself!TEAL'C
(over radio)
Why have you set a trap for me, Colonel Mitchell?

[Daniel reaches for his radio, but Mitchell speaks first.]


(badly feigning ignorance, into radio)
Trap? Tra—that's crazy talk, man. Wha-why would we set a trap for you?


[Teal'c wears full Jaffa armor and carries a staff weapon.]

(into radio)
I intend on killing Arkad. Do not try and stop me.DANIEL
(over radio)
Teal'c, it's Daniel. Listen…


(into radio)
Now just…hear me out! Now apparently, there's a radical group of Jaffa poised to attack Earth. Arkad claims to have the means to stop them, and he says he'll help us if we leave him alone.


[While Daniel speaks, Mitchell uses the opportunity to clamber away from the semi-exposed area.]


(into radio)
It is likely Arkad is behind those attacks!


(into radio)
Yes, I know, I know. We figured as much. But…we just think it's best for ourselves and you if we all just step back and consider all the angles.


(into radio)
I am not acting on behalf of Earth.


[Daniel grimaces in frustration.]

Ah, the IOA is worried it may still look that way.TEAL'C
(over radio)
Unfortunately, that is no longer my concern.


(into radio)
I will avenge the deaths of the Jaffa at Dar Eshkalon. Arkad must die no matter what the consequences.


(over radio)
I do not wish to harm any of you…


…but if you try to stop me, I will.


[Arkad opens his eyes and heads away from the ankh.]


[Carter joins Daniel and Vala, who are now standing.]

So, now what?CARTER
Well, he's gotta be headed for the pyramid.

[They look down to see a Goa'uld shock grenade rolling by their feet. All three try to leap out of the blast radius, but they aren't quick enough and collapse, unconscious.]


[Teal'c moves with purpose. Behind him, a P-90 is pointed at his back.]

Drop the stick.

[Teal'c glances back to see Mitchell directly behind him, his P-90 raised at Teal'c in his left hand, a zat at ready in his right.]

Drop. The stick.TEAL'C
I do not wish to harm you, Colonel Mitchell.MITCHELL
Then drop the stick.

[Teal'c throws away the staff weapon and raises his hands.]

You know, I don't think anyone here wants to get harmed, probably me more than you. Look, Teal'c…

[Teal'c suddenly spins and knocks the P-90 away. Mitchell raises his zat, but Teal'c knocks it away before he can fire. Mitchell tries to elbow him in the face, but Teal'c blocks the move, only to have Mitchell deliver a right cross. They trade blows in hand-to-hand combat, but Teal'c has the better of Mitchell, who is knocked flat onto the ground, face first. Mitchell throws away his cap as he gets to his knees.]

[Mitchell rises and throws a punch as he stands. Teal'c avoids or blocks other blows and grabs Mitchell's left arm, twisting it behind him. He backhands Mitchell in the face and then uses his grip on Mitchell's arm to throw the man onto the ground again.]

[Mitchell is slower onto his feet this time, but again tries to tackle Teal'c with a frustrated roar. His blows are wilder, and Teal'c easily avoids them, grabbing Mitchell's left arm yet again and twisting it. Mitchell tries to get Teal'c to release his grip by punching him in what would be the kidney region in humans, but Teal'c only tightens his hold. A cracking can be heard, and Mitchell wriggles the fingers of his left hand.]

(breathless and pained)
Ach! Okay, all right, we can talk about this.TEAL'C
The time for talk is over, Colonel Mitchell.MITCHELL

[Teal'c punches Mitchell in the kidney region, throws his arm back, and then strikes him in the face. Mitchell crumples, unconscious. Teal'c grabs his staff weapon and continues on.]


[Arkad now performs a kada with a slightly bowed staff in the open center area of the room.]


[Several Jaffa patrol the entrance. Staff weapons fire hits one of them. The others approach warily, looking for threats. A shock grenade is thrown at them. They all fall to the ground, unconscious as it detonates.]

[A few moments later, Teal'c arrives, looking for further threats.]


[Arkad continues his kada on the matted center area. Several other weapons hang on hooks at columns at the side of the room opposite the ankh. He moves very quickly]


[Teal'c encounters more Jaffa. There is a firefight, with Teal'c defending himself from all angles.]


[Arkad uses his staff to strike at a stuffed "punching bag" like dummy with forceful blows, the last knocking the "head" off the dummy, exposing the straw stuffing.]


[Teal'c rounds the corner from his cover to fire again, only to be struck in the back by a blast from another Jaffa who just arrives. Teal'c falls to his knees, but fires blindly behind him, striking the Jaffa. He spins his weapon again to fire at the first Jaffa he was aiming at. He knocks down one, but another shoots Teal'c's arm. As he falls backward, Teal'c continues firing but misses the Jaffa. He hears another approach behind him and spins his weapon, blasting that Jaffa. Finally he falls unconscious. The Jaffa cautiously approach and strip Teal'c of his weapon.]


[Two Jaffa drag the injured Teal'c into the chamber. Teal'c's outer armor is removed, leaving only the chain mail under-armor. His two wounds are bleeding, but mostly cauterized as the Jaffa throw him onto the center of the mat. Teal'c is conscious, but barely able to raise his head.]

After all these years, still as predictable as ever.
(to other Jaffa)

[The Jaffa comply. Arkad walks over to the columns and pulls a four foot long staff from the supply of weapons. He tosses it to the floor in front of Teal'c. Teal'c curls his lip and uses the staff to help support his rise. When he barely gets off his knees, Arkad uses his bowed staff to hit Teal'c in his arm injury. Teal'c crumples to the floor once again, grimacing in pain.]

[Teal'c stands being more sure of balance, watching Arkad warily. Arkad hits him in the face, but Teal'c is able to block a few more blows and swings himself. Eventually Arkad once again gains the upper hand, knocking Teal'c to the floor.]

(slightly out of breath)
You've gotten old…and slow. Get up!

[Teal'c uses his staff to rise. Arkad swings at his face, but Teal'c ducks the blow, though is unable to avoid several more punches and strikes, making Teal'c curl on the floor with an agonized cry.]

I remember when you were a true warrior—the pride of Apophis, feared by all those who opposed you. Do you remember, Teal'c? How powerful you were then? Do you remember Co'rak? You had us on the run. You bombarded the planet from space, and you left no survivors!

[Arkad stabs Teal'c in the throat with the blunt end of his staff, keeping pressure on his neck. Teal'c wheezes in pain.]

I lost my parents that day, my sister. Yet I still admired you.
(he releases Teal'c)
One day, I thought-I thought I would be so brave. I would have the courage to bring my enemies to their knees like the great Jaffa warrior Teal'c.
(He throws Teal'c's staff at him)
Now fight!

[Teal'c gets to his feet and strikes wildly. Arkad easily avoids the blows and brings Teal'c to his knees once again. Teal'c cries out in agony.]

Look at you now. A legend.
(he backhands Teal'c who lies where he falls on his back)
You defeated the mighty Goa'uld themselves. You brought freedom to all Jaffa. You gave us the chance to seek salvation—but you, you rejected it yourself. Your punishment must be to have gone so soft and frail. Have you spent so long with humans that you've become so much like them? It's a shame…you won't live to see me bring the Tau'ri to their knees.

[Teal'c rises with newfound strength and they again trade blows, Arkad still getting several strikes, but Teal'c bloodying Arkad as well. Finally Teal'c is knocked off his feet, his staff bent.]

[Teal'c lies on his back, barely conscious. Arkad raises his staff horizontally above his head. He reveals it is really a scabbarded sword. He unsheathes the sword and plunges it directly into where Teal'c's symbiote pouch would have been. Teal'c groans in pain.]

Before you die, I want you to know the truth. I had my revenge for the day that you attacked Co'rak and you slaughtered my family.
(he kneels)
I killed your mother.

[Teal'c coils his leg and kicks Arkad, who is thrown back by the force of the blow onto where some of the weapons are hung. One of the hooks impales him the chest. He cries out in agony, blood filling his mouth as he looks at his wound.]

[With a scream of agony, Teal'c pulls the sword out of his body. He growls as he gets to his feet. He walks towards Arkad with the bloody sword. Arkad watches in fear. Teal'c stabs Arkad in the upper left side of his chest. Arkad cries out.]

[The rest of SG-1 run into the chamber, fanning out with their weapons drawn. They spot the pair.]


[Teal'c still leans on the sword as it plunges through Arkad's body until it reaches the hilt. Teal'c collapses at Arkad's feet. His teammates rush to him.]



[Teal'c awakens in an infirmary bed. His shoulder where the staff blast struck him is heavily bandaged, and he has several treated wounds and small bandages across his face. Bra'tac sits in a stool by Teal'c's side. Bra'tac wears hospital scrubs and a robe.]

There was a time when you would've come away from such a battle without a scratch.TEAL'C
I am alive. Arkad is not.BRA'TAC
(nodding and smiling)


[Landry enters the room and approaches Mitchell, who is seated by the window, watching. Mitchell sports a large bruise on his forehead and a split lip.]

Just finished reading your report, Colonel.MITCHELL
Everything in order, sir?LANDRY
Arkad set a trap for you, took you prisoner, and you were fortunate Teal'c was there to rescue you. Arkad was killed and Teal'c injured in the process.MITCHELL
Yes, sir. That's what it says.LANDRY
This is gonna be a tough pill for the IOA to swallow, son.MITCHELL
I believe I also mentioned that Arkad admitted to planning the attacks, and they were gonna go through with them regardless of what we'd do.LANDRY
Yes, too bad you weren't able to learn more.


Arkad took credit for the murder of my mother.

[Bra'tac's eyes widen.]

If he was responsible, he was too much a coward to do it himself. The one who did died by my hand.BRA'TAC
You never told me.TEAL'C
Still…Arkad got what he deserved.BRA'TAC
There are many more as corrupt as he was.TEAL'C
Then we will hunt them until they are no more.

[Bra'tac stands and leans over Teal'c.]

I would not like to be the one who opposes you.TEAL'C
I have learned from the best, old friend.BRA'TAC
I have not said this to you before, and I should have. You are the son I never had. I could not be more proud.

[Teal'c chokes up with emotions and awkwardly clasps Bra'tac's arm where it rests on Teal'c's uninjured shoulder.]




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