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EXT - Nasya.

The episode opens with a shot of a statue depicting a bearded man. In the background, an explosion rocks a peaceful beachfront. A Goa'uld death glider sweeps over the scene, rising back into the sky. The camera follows the glider's path of destruction, revealing fleeing villagers and more explosions across the beach. SG-1 and at least one other team is there, alternating between firing at the gliders and rushing back to the Gate. SAM drops to her knees next to one injured man, removing her helmet. Colonel O'NEILL, cradling a child in his arms, runs past her.

JACK: Let's go, Captain... Those gliders are coming back around!

SAM: This man's alive!

JACK: (forcefully) Cannot wait!

The glider fires again, sweeping past an active Stargate. DANIEL is standing on the stairs leading to the event horizon, ducking to protect himself from the attack. When the glider is past, he stands again and waves for the remaining Nasyans.

DANIEL: Okay, come on, come on. Don't panic, we'll have you out of here in a minute.

JACK: TEAL'C! (hands over the boy) I gotta go back for Carter. (turns and runs back down the beach)

DANIEL hurries away from the Gate to two villagers; one of which is badly burnt and unconscious.

DANIEL: (to the conscious Nasyan) Go, go, I got him... (calls) MEDIC! He's alive, but I think he's gonna wish he wasn't. Let's get him outta here. (helps the MEDIC carry the man away).

SAM is doing still doing chest compressions on the Same man. She listens at his mouth, then breaths. She listens again, lowering her head to breath again. This time, the man reaches up and cups the back of her head, holding her in place. She struggles, finally escaping and turning to one side. She hangs her head, then looks up. Her eyes flash yellow... she's a Goa'uld! JACK runs up, missing the eye flash.

JACK: Carter! We've got to go! (She turns to face him, dazed. He sees blood on her lip) You alright?

SAM: Yeah.

JACK: Let's get him outta here, come on. (starts to pick the man up, but SAM stops him)

SAM: Dead! Had some kind of seizure. Bit his own tongue.

They run to the Stargate, apparently the last ones to go through. The Gate Room has been turned into some kind of emergency triage. MEDICs are scurrying about, seeing who they can save and transporting others to the infirmary. HAMMOND is standing in the corner, watching the chaos around him.

HAMMOND: (shouting over the din) I want a full MEDICal quarantine until these people can be examined. (walking up the ramp towards DANIEL) Colonel O'NEILL and the rest?

DANIEL: (pulls off his glasses, rubbing one eye) Right behind me, and a dozen Jaffa right behind them.

JACK, SAM and TEAL'C come through the Gate, SAM in the middle and leaning on TEAL'C's side.

HAMMOND: Lock it up!

SAM looks back up at the iris.

JACK: Carter? You okay?

SAM: Yeah, fine. Thanks. (slowly scans the room)


INT - Briefing Room.

SG-1 and a member of another team are present. DANIEL is handing out a report and takes his seat, already speaking.

DANIEL: There hadn't been any Goa'uld interference on this planet for over three centuries. The Nasyans are a -- were a peaceful people. They were eager to form an alliance and aid us in setting up a research outpost. There was no warning this attack was coming. We hadn't even spotted the mothership by the time the Gliders assaulted the village.

HAMMOND: It's not normal for the Goa'ulds to suddenly just show up and wipe out peaceful people for no apparent reason, is it?

DANIEL: In the past there was usually some reason, most often they seem to attack civilisations that are advancing to a point where their technology could be a threat, but that wasn't the case here.

JACK: Maybe they found out we were there.

DANIEL: Well, how could they know? Or more importantly, why did this particular Goa'uld care?

JACK: They might have been a little concerned because we just kicked the crap out of Apophis.

DANIEL: Well, the truth is we still understand very little about their society.

TEAL'C: I have seen the Goa'uld wipe out entire civilizations - no reason, simply because it gave them pleasure.

DANIEL: So what, Nasya was just next on the list? Part of me wishes it was that simple, but I don't want to underestimate them.

SAM: (coldly) Maybe their reasons just weren't made apparent to you, TEAL'C. I mean, you are just a Jaffa. (off everyone's startled reactions, covers her tracks) All-all I meant was that Apophis wouldn't necessarily have explained everything to TEAL'C even if he was First Prime. Would he?

TEAL'C: That is true.

DANIEL: I agree with SAM. I think we have to assume the Goa'uld are more complex as a society than we're giving them credit for.

SAM: The better you understand the enemy the better prepared you are in conflict.

JACK appears surprised by this statement.

DANIEL: Exactly.

HAMMOND: What's the status of the Nasyan survivors?

DANIEL: Well, we managed to recuse 237 people. The critically burned and some of the overflow our infirmary couldn't handle were transferred to the Air Force Academy hospital. The rest are awaiting relocation.

HAMMOND: Proceed.

DANIEL: Sir, I think it's important to try and find the reason why Nasya became a Goa'uld target.

HAMMOND: Agreed. But relocation is the first priority. I'm assigning the three new SG teams 10 through 12 to coordinate with you. Dismissed.

Everyone stands and leaves, except for SAM and JACK who are gathering their things. JACK glances at her.

JACK: Oh, Carter, I hate to be a nag about this but ol' Doc Fraiser says you haven't been checked out yet?

SAM: I'll go right now. Wouldn't want to break post-mission protocol, right Colonel? (slugs his shoulder, causing him to pause for a moment.)

INT - Infirmary.

Scene opens on the back of SAM's neck. Fingers in rubber gloves appear, parting the hair and gently massaging the back of SAM's neck for signs of Goa'uld entry. She slides her hand back towards the front, checking the glands under SAM's jaw.)

JANET: Sorry to have to do this. (turns and picks up a tongue depressor) All right, open. (SAM obeys and JANET shines a flashlight in) You had a sore throat lately?

SAM: A little, why?

JANET: There's a small abrasion back there. I have to do a swab. (opens a package) And open. (inserts the swab. SAM nearly gags as JANET takes the SAMple) CASSANDRA's been asking about you.

SAM: (obviously lost) CASSANDRA... Yeah, I've been so busy lately.

JANET: She understands. Okay! You just let me know if it gets worse.

SAM: I'm free to go out tomorrow, though, right? We're searching for possible relocation sites for the Nasyans.

JANET: Sure. CASSANDRA's gonna be at the hospital with me tomorrow, so why don't you stop by and spend a little time with her first, you know, if you can.

SAM: I will.

JANET: Okay.

INT - USAF Academy Hospital.

JANET is standing next to a patient's bed, speaking into a small tape recorder. The patient is completely wrapped in gauze, his eyes and mouth the only parts visible.

JANET: Patient has third degree burns to over 80% of his body. So far no signs of infection. (turns off tape recorder and mutters) Incredible. (turns as SAM enters) Hey. (begins making notes in the folder she's holding.)

SAM: Is this one of the Nasyans we saved?

JANET: Yeah, he should be dead. CASSANDRA is in my office. Now, I still have rounds to make, but you know where it is?

SAM: Right.

JANET offers a smile before turning, leaving the patient's room. SAM lags behind, looking suspiciously at the man. She turns and leaves. When the door closes, the man's chest suddenly lights up and glows, beams of light flowing towards the center of his abdomen.

INT - JANET's office.

CASSANDRA is painting a picture of two people standing under a rainbow. She smudges her finger with yellow paint and adds some color to the rainbow as SAM approaches from outside. She knocks, coming in as Cassie is turning around.

SAM: Hey there.

CASSANDRA: SAM! (runs to SAM, then realizes she has yellow paint on her fingers. Turns back and wipes them off)

SAM: Wow, nice painting.

CASSANDRA: You really like it? My teacher at school says I have talent.

SAM: I love it.

CASSANDRA: (runs to SAM. SAM kneels to embrace the girl) I missed you.

SAM: I know, I'm sorry. I've been so busy.

CASSANDRA: Very busy.

CASSANDRA's eyes widen as they embrace. SAM can feel the girl tense. Cassie ends the hug and backs up as SAM rises.

SAM: CASSANDRA, what is it?

The girl doesn't answer, instead running across the room and hiding behind the couch. SAM, realizing she's been discovered, tightens her jaw and her eyes glow. She moves quickly across the room.

INT - Control Center.

HAMMOND and O'NEILL are standing next to the star map, apparently examining possible relocation sites for the Nasyans.

HAMMOND: It would be earier on the Nasyans if there were already an active civilization willing to cooperate.

JACK: I'll bet you the folks on P3X-422 would be willing--

TECH: (interrupting) Colonel O'NEILL, there's an urgent call for you, Sir.

JACK: (going to the phone) JACK.

INT - USAF Academy Hospital.

JANET is escorting JACK down the hall.

JANET: Thanks for coming so quickly.

JACK: What's going on with her?

JANET: I'm not sure, she won't talk to me. She said she'd see you and only you. (tries the knob, but it's locked. She looks up at JACK, then knocks) CASSANDRA, it's just me honey. I've got Colonel O'NEILL with me.

Cassie is visible approaching the door from inside. She turns the lock, then turns and retreats back into the room.

JACK: (waves his hand) Hey. (No response. He approaches her and presses his back to the wall, sliding down until he's sitting next to her) JANET says you've been a little upset since SAM was here. (she moves over, letting him put his arm around her) What happened?

CASSANDRA: She said she'd kill me if I told.

JACK: Well, you don't mean KILL YOU, kill you. (Cassie nods) No, I doubt that.

CASSANDRA: She said she would.

JANET is obviously upset and kneels in front of Cassie.

JACK: (firmly) Cass, SAM loves you. She'd never do anything to hurt you.

CASSANDRA: She would now. (puts her head on his shoulder)

JACK: Why?

CASSANDRA: She's a Goa'uld.

INT - SGC hallway.

SAM turns a corner, walking quickly towards her destination. She pushes her way into the locker room where DANIEL and TEAL'C are preparing. She looks around the room, then turns to them.

SAM: (angrily) Where's the Colonel? We're due to get out of here in five minutes!

DANIEL: Well, he left us a message; said he'd meet us in the Gate Room.

SAM: Well, step on it then! (storms out)

DANIEL: (to TEAL'C) What was that?

INT - Gate Room.

The Stargate is stationary. SAM is pacing before the ramp and glares up at the Control Room. JANET, HAMMOND and a technician are watching her. She sighs and continues to pace, looking back up at the Stargate. The left-side doors open and DANIEL enters with TEAL'C.

SAM: Where's Colonel O'NEILL?

JACK enters from the right-side doors, behind SAM.

JACK: Stand down, campers. We're on a hold.

SAM: Why?

JACK: (moving to SAM's side) I dunno, some computer glitch. (casually raises his arm and jams his fist against her right shoulder. She jerks away, looking where he hit her. He lowers his arm, revealing a syringe.)

SAM: (angrily) What the hell was that?

JANET: (disbelieving) That was enough to take down an elephant!

SAM picks up a rifle, turning it on JACK and affecting a deep, Goa'uld voice

SAM/JOLINAR: Open the Stargate!

DANIEL: JACK, what the hell is going on?

SAM/JOLINAR: Open the Gate now! (calmly) I command you. (eyes flash)

An airman rushes forward, raising his gun and shooting her in the right leg with a tranquilizer dart. She pulls it out and raises her gun to attack him, but JACK knocks her arm down. She escapes his grip and punches him, knocking the colonel to the ground with a grunt and rolling towards the wall. TEAL'C steadies his staff weapon.

SAM/JOLINAR: Open the Gate now-- (pulls a grenade from her supplies and takes the pin out and drops it) --or we will all die!

Other airmen raise their guns to fire.

JACK: (standing) Hold your fire! TEAL'C... (waves for him to lower the staff and TEAL'C does.)

AIRMAN: I have the shot, sir.

JACK: And if she drops that grenade, what? (To SAM/JOLINAR) Nobody's gonna open that Stargate. We're all gonna live, or we're all gonna die, right here.

SAM/JOLINAR: Let me go! I must go!

JACK: (firmly) Not gonna happen.

The drugs finally begin to take effect and she slowly crumples to the ground. JACK lunges forward, wrapping his hand around hers and holding the grenade tightly. JANET turns, hurrying out of the control room. The airmen approach and JACK hands SAM over, allowing them to take her away. He bends down, picking up the grenade and replacing the pin. JACK, DANIEL and TEAL'C watch them take their teammate away.

INT - Briefing Room.

DANIEL, JACK and TEAL'C are all standing, with JANET and HAMMOND seated. JANET is checking her MEDICal reports on SAM as JACK approaches the table.

JACK: I didn't know. I wasn't sure until I saw her lose it down there. Cassie was the one who suspected.

JANET: CASSANDRA still has traces of naquadah in her blood. I think there may be some connection - a reaction that made her sense the Goa'uld.

HAMMOND: How in the world did it get into Captain Carter?

JANET: Sir, I don't know what to say. I examined Captain Carter myself; there were no visible signs of entry. I mean, she had a small abrasion on the back of her throat, but it could have been anything.

HAMMOND: Are you saying it entered through her mouth?

JANET: The parasite's goal is to attach itself to the brain stem. The soft tissue at the back of the throat is as good a place as any to start.

JACK: (rubbing the bridge of his nose) Oh, wait a minute, wait a minute. Oh my God, she was giving some guy on that planet mouth-to-mouth. There was blood but she said the guy just bit his tongue before he died.

JANET: If a Goa'uld can infest a human with no detectable physical signs, then we're gonna have to start giving all personnel who go through the Gate an ultrasound or an MRI.

HAMMOND: For now, let's make sure we haven't let any more Goa'ulds through the Gate this time.

DANIEL: What would a Goa'uld be doing in a Nasyan man in the first place? I mean, we certainly didn't notice any of them acting... Goa'uld-ish.

JACK: Maybe it was a setup, trying to get a spy into one of us.

TEAL'C: It is possible the Goa'uld within Captain Carter has already placed a device of destruction on this base.

HAMMOND: If there's any tampering here, I want it found. TEAL'C, I'd like you to help. You know better than anyone what to look for. (TEAL'C nods his agreement)

DANIEL: Oh, what are we going to do about SAM?

JACK: We're gonna get that damn thing out of her is what we're gonna do!

DANIEL: Well, that didn't really work with Kawalsky. And if any of those NID guys like Colonel Maybourne find out about this, then...

JACK: Well, they're not going to! Right, General?

HAMMOND: Agreed. I'm not giving up on Captain Carter, either. But until someone presents me with a viable option, I'm putting you in charge of interrogating the prisoner.

JACK: Due respect, Sir, I don't think that thing in her head's going to tell me anything.

HAMMOND: Colonel, we need to know what that Goa'uld's doing here. (walks out)

JACK: (softly) Yes, sir.

INT - USAF Academy Hospital.

A doctor is entering the room with the bandaged man, otherwise known as the Askrak. He is walking backwards, leading a cart with a monitor on it into the room. We later learn his name is Dr. Jacobs.

JACOBS: Sorry to bother you. Just a quick test here. Okay now, we're gonna have to get rid of some of those bandages. (As he bends over the patient to begin cutting, the Askrak's hand shoots up and grabs the doctor by the throat).

INT - USAF Academy Hospital.

DANIEL walks into another room at the hospital. A woman is standing by the window, looking outside. We learn soon her name is TALIA.

DANIEL: (seeing the woman standing) Oh. (she turns and walks back to her bed) Excuse me.

TALIA: (crossing her arms over her chest, her voice shaky) Your world is an amazing place.

DANIEL: It can be. Um, I'm... I'm DANIEL.

TALIA: You are one of the men responsible for saving us.


TALIA: We owe you great thanks.

DANIEL: Can we, uh, can we talk a minute?

INT - SGC locker room.

JACK is sitting on one of the benches, staring off into space. TEAL'C enters.

TEAL'C: Colonel O'NEILL.

JACK: Thought you were helping with the sweep of the base.

TEAL'C: I am on my way. (raises his head slightly and moves to sit behind JACK) This is difficult.

JACK: Yeah. Yeah, it is.

TEAL'C: Assault the Goa'uld's ego. Make him appear foolish. He may then reveal the things you wish to learn simply to make himself appear more powerful.

JACK: Ah, come on, TEAL'C. They're smarter than that.

TEAL'C: I have seen many Goa'uld strategies revealed and certain victories lost because of Goa'uld arrogance. It is the Goa'uld's greatest weakness.

JACK: (sighs) Yeah. (he stands and walks to the door)

TEAL'C: Colonel O'NEILL. When you speak to her, do not see your friend.

JACK: How do you do that? (walks off)

INT - Holding Cells.

Red laser beams are projected behind the bars. SAM/JOLINAR is standing in the center of the cell, her hands clasped behind her back in typical Goa'uld fashion. O'NEILL knocks and the guard posted checks the window before letting him in. JACK looks in the cell, then waves the guard out. The man obediently leaves.

JACK: So, you and I have got to have a little talk. You really screwed up here you know. I mean, you really blew it.

SAM/JOLINAR: (shaking her head) You are weak.

JACK: Who's behind bars right now?

SAM/JOLINAR: Your tactics will not work on me.

JACK: Not buying it, huh?

SAM/JOLINAR: You must let me go.

JACK: Ah... no.

SAM/JOLINAR: You really have no idea why this is happening. (sits down on the cot)

JACK: (muttering) And I guess you don't feel like telling me.

She crosses her arms defensively across her chest, her face hidden by shadows.

INT - TALIA's hospital room.

DANIEL and TALIA are sitting on the bed. He hands her a photograph.

DANIEL: This is a picture of the man the Goa'uld came from.

TALIA: (Looking at the picture, touching the man's face) It's my husband.

DANIEL: One of the other Nasyans recognized him, and we found this in our video archive.

TALIA: (voice shaky) And something was inside of him?

DANIEL: I know how difficult this is for you. I lost my wife to the Goa'uld.

TALIA: I'm sorry.

DANIEL: It's important that you tell me if you noticed anything different about your husband lately. (she shakes her head negatively) I mean, anything, an injury, uh, new scars, maybe a...

TALIA: Wait... (touches DANIEL just below his right ear) Here. But it was months ago.

DANIEL: Months ago? You never noticed anything since then? (shakes her head no) I mean, he wasn't acting strange? I mean wasn't violent, I mean his eyes didn't glow? (she turns away, her eyes tearing up and DANIEL realizes he's being a little too enthusiastic) I'm sorry. Why don't I let you rest?

TALIA nods and DANIEL leaves. As he's leaving, he walks past the Askrak's room. The camera moves in to reveal bed is empty and Dr. Jacobs is laying unconscious on the floor. The ASHRAK is standing in the bathroom, looking at himself in the mirror. He pulls the mask off his face and then unravels the gloves on his hand. He appears to choke, then leans forward and spits something into the sink. It's a Goa'uld device shaped like a Y that he fits over the middle fingers of his right hand. It activates, three white beams coming together to make a ball of light about an inch away from his palm. He smiles happily.

Some time later, JANET arrives. She sees Dr. Jacobs's supplies on the bed and sighs at her colleague's absent-mindedness, picking the tubes up and placing them on the cart. She walks to the top of the bed, checking the stats and marking what they say on her chart. She walks out, not realizing that the man in the bed is Dr. Jacobs.

INT - SGC holding cells.

JACK is glaring at SAM/JOLINAR through the bars. She is staring back, her eyes hidden by shadows. Finally, she breaks the silence.

SAM/JOLINAR: Let me go. (stands up and approaches the bars) Let me go through the Stargate. I will find another host and send your friend back to you.

JACK: (stands as well) You can do that? Leave a host without killing them?

SAM/JOLINAR: Yes. It is possible, but not easy. I could die, but I promise I will try.

JACK: The Nasyan man died when you left him.

SAM/JOLINAR: (closes her eyes) The Nasyan man died first, that is why I left him. He was beyond my natural abilities to heal.

JACK: What were you doing in him in the first place?

SAM/JOLINAR: Carter's mind would be intact. She would return to you as you knew her before.

JACK: You know I can't trust you.

SAM/JOLINAR: I could have killed you and many others when you stopped me from going through the Stargate.

JACK: You didn't want to die yourself.

SAM/JOLINAR: It would not have killed me. I am too valuable.

JACK: Which is exactly why we'll never let you go. (walks to the door)

SAM/JOLINAR: I have done nothing to harm you. But you would not let me go even if you did believe me. (pauses, then speaks in SAM's regular voice) Oh God, he's telling you the truth! Please, JACK! (he looks down, obviously disturbed as he knocks for the guard) No, JACK! Please, don't leave me, please! Give me a chance! (the door opens and JACK leaves) Don't leave me like this! Please! (turning cold again, once again speaking in Goa'uld tones) What will it take?

INT - USAF Academy Hospital Room.

The ASHRAK pushes open a curtain. He has changed clothes with the doctor, now wearing a blue Air Force shirt and a lab JACKet. He glares at the patient on the hospital bed. He opens his hand, revealing the Goa'uld device still on his hand. He holds it over the unconscious patient's head, revealing the man's skull. The device deactivates and the ASHRAK leaves.

INT - SGC Holding Cell.

TEAL'C enters the room, assuming the hands-behind-back position.

TEAL'C: You have requested my presence?

SAM/JOLINAR: Jaffa, you must convince the humans to let me go.

TEAL'C: They will not let you go.

SAM/JOLINAR: They are impressive. The Tau'ri have become very powerful in the time since the Goa'uld reign here. Certainly the System Lords will not allow this to go unchecked. I can provide the humans with information that can help them defend against attack.

TEAL'C: They are more powerful than you know. Already, a Goa'uld attack on Earth has been thwarted.

SAM/JOLINAR: Then a more powerful assault is already being planned.

TEAL'C: They are not fools. They believe you are here to plant a seed of that destruction.

SAM/JOLINAR: (approaches the bars) Not all Goa'uld are the Same. There are a few that oppose the System Lords and their ways. You must have heard of the Tok'ra.

TEAL'C: (steps forward) Every Goa'uld seeks power for his own reason and would betray his own brother to achieve it.

SAM/JOLINAR: Some seek power for a greater purpose. Not every Goa'uld is an enemy to the people of this planet. The Tok'ra are real, no matter what Apophis has told you.

TEAL'C: I have yet to meet one.

SAM/JOLINAR: You have now. I am JOLINAR of Malkshur.

(TEAL'C's eyes widen. He turns, giving her one last look before he leaves the room using his card.)

INT - TALIA's Hospital Room.

DANIEL enters to see a doctor standing over the bed.

DANIEL: Oh, uh, excuse me, sorry. I just wanted to check on TALIA. (the doctor turns, revealing that it is the ASHRAK.) How is she?

ASHRAK: (off-handedly) She's good. (He walks off)

DANIEL approaches the bed, looking at TALIA and then looking back over his shoulder.

INT - USAF Academy Hospital Corridor.

A staff member is walking down the hall, carrying a stack of blue folders. JANET exits a room and stops her.

JANET: Rita, have you seen Doctor Jacobs recently?

RITA: Uh-uh.

JANET: (sighs and looks to the side) Okay, uh, what about the most recent bloodwork done on the patient in 412? (eyes the stack of folders)

PETER: (looking through the folders) Here it is.

JANET: Good, thanks. (Rita walks off as JANET opens the file. Her eyes widen and she rushes down the hall, bursting into 412 and peeling back the bandages to reveal her suspicions are correct; the man in the bed is the missing doctor) Dr. Jacobs! (looks at the monitor, confused)

INT - SGC Holding Cells.

TEAL'C and JACK are going to visit SAM/JOLINAR.

TEAL'C: There is an old legend among the Jaffa for them to speak of concerning a group of Goa'uld who opposed the ways of the System Lords. This group is called the Tok'ra. This Goa'uld, JOLINAR of Malkshur, claims to be part of that group.

JACK: Can you be sure he is who he says he is?

TEAL'C: I cannot.

SAM/JOLINAR: Unfortunately, we do not carry identification.

JACK: Okay, lets try to build a little trust here, shall we? One of the Nasyans we brought back was very badly burned. But somehow he just got up out of his hospital bed and disappeared. Who is he?

SAM/JOLINAR: It must be the ASHRAK.

JACK looks to TEAL'C for translation.

TEAL'C: It means hunter.

JACK: A Goa'uld?

SAM/JOLINAR: Yes. An assassin of the highest rank who carries out the orders of the System Lords.

JACK: Who's he here to kill?


INT - Briefing Room.

SG-1, minus SAM, is present, informing HAMMOND of what they've discovered.

TEAL'C: The missing Nasyan is an ASHRAK. A Goa'uld assassin sent by the System Lords to eliminate JOLINAR.

DANIEL: That's the name of the Goa'uld in SAM.

TEAL'C: It is. JOLINAR once tried to overthrow one of the System Lords but was defeated when Apophis joined the battle. He escaped during the slaughter of his armies.

JACK: It seems this JOLINAR is wanted in Goa'uld town.

TEAL'C: He claims to be part of the Tok'ra.

DANIEL: (peering out at the Stargate, turns at that word) Resistance.

TEAL'C: The Tok'ra is a small alliance of Goa'uld who oppose the System Lords. It was my teacher Bra'tac who first spoke to me of them.

HAMMOND: Well, this Goa'uld inside Carter could be lying... Spinning a tale to gain our trust.

JACK: It's quite a spin.

HAMMOND: The sweep of the base has turned up no evidence. There's been no tampering with the base computer. We can't find a single sign of sabotage.

DANIEL: (walks to the table) That's why JOLINAR didn't reveal himself to be a Goa'uld. He was actually hiding out in the Nasyan man.

TEAL'C: Until he was hunted down by the ASHRAK. When he realised we may have helped him escape through the Stargate...

HAMMOND: He improvised. So where are we?

JACK: Bottom line, Sir? We may have a Goa'uld out there who's on a mission to kill Carter.

DANIEL: And we don't even know what he looks like.

INT - USAF Academy Hospital.

The ASHRAK is looking through a window at an army truck parked outside. Airmen are running about, preparing trucks. One Airman approaches, entering the building. The ASHRAK stops him.

INTERCOM: Class-One security breach. All authorized personnel are required to check in at designated security post.

ASHRAK: Excuse me.

AIRMAN: Yeah Doc, what's up?

ASHRAK: Are you sending these people home?

AIRMAN: Yeah, you could say that.

INT - SGC Holding Cells.

There's a knock on the door and the guard opens it, allowing DANIEL into the holding area.



SAM/JOLINAR: You care about Samantha Carter as much as O'NEILL and TEAL'C.

DANIEL: Yes, I do.

SAM/JOLINAR: Yet, this is the first time you have come to see me.

DANIEL: (takes a pen and notebook from his pocket) I came to see if you could give us a description of the ASHRAK.

SAM/JOLINAR: I will know his face only in the moments before he tortures me to death... killing your friend along with me.

DANIEL: Well, there's no way he's getting in here.

SAM/JOLINAR: You are not stupid, DANIEL, nor am I.

DANIEL: He doesn't even know for sure you're here on this planet, let alone in this base.

SAM/JOLINAR: He is Goa'uld, he will find me. It's what he does. Letting me go, trusting me, is the only chance of saving your friend Samantha.

DANIEL: Then I'm sorry. (steps forward) I'm sorry, SAM.

SAM/JOLINAR: Alive, I can be a powerful ally. Dead, I am useless to you.

DANIEL: Then you're gonna have to give us more than empty promises.

SAM/JOLINAR: I can give her back to you.

DANIEL: We can't let you go.

SAM/JOLINAR: I'm not talking about Samantha, DANIEL. (he turns away) I'm talking about Sha're. (looks back at her) I know where she is.

EXT - USAF Academy Hospital.

Airmen are loading trucks, preparing to take the Nasyans back to the SGC for relocation. The ASHRAK has changed from his uniform to camos in order to blend in. He climbs into one of the trucks on the passenger side. The driver turns to him, frowning.

DRIVER: Who are you?

ASHRAK: (pointing at the name tag on his coat) John Adams.

DRIVER: You're not John.

The ASHRAK raises his hand, the device shining a light in the driver's eyes. The driver turns, as if he's been hypnotized and starts the truck. They drive off.

INT - General HAMMOND's office.

DANIEL, JACK and TEAL'C are there debating SAM/JOLINAR's offer.

JACK: DANIEL, it's a ploy. He's playing on your greatest weakness.

DANIEL: Well, that may be so, but this many be the only chance we have to see SAM again.

TEAL'C: I believe JOLINAR speaks the truth.

DANIEL: Look, he told me about this resistance. Now, they have a totally different way of life from the Goa'uld we know. They don't believe in taking hosts against their will.

JACK: Right, like Carter and this Nasyan guy?

DANIEL: No, he had no choice. He wants to leave Carter.

HAMMOND: But if they don't believe in taking hosts, how do they survive?

DANIEL: They take humans who are about to die. Who choose to continue to live and co-exist with the Goa'uld. Now according to JOLINAR this can be a rewarding relationship.

JACK: DANIEL, I'm sorry, I know what this means to you. But I will never, never trust a Goa'uld.

The phone rings and HAMMOND answers it.

HAMMOND: HAMMOND. (hangs up, then to SG-1,) The first group of Nasyans from the hospital have arrived.

INT - SGC corridor.

A bored looking airman is standing next to a hand scanner and two vertical scanners, clearing people one at a time to go through the scanner. He's leaning against the wall, arms crossed, and lazily motioning people through as they clear.

AIRMAN: Go ahead, soldier. Uh-huh. (The ASHRAK approaches and pulls his Goa'uld device off, placing his hand under the scanner)What the hell's that thing?

ASHRAK: It's a ring. (puts it back on) Want a closer look? (he raises his hand and the light shines in the airman's face. The airman freezes as the ASHRAK walks through the vertical scanners and alarms begin going off. The airman doesn't notice.)

AIRMAN: (monotone) Have a nice day, airman.

INT - SGC Security Room.

The ASHRAK enters casually.

ASHRAK: Boys. As you were. (they return to their work)

INT - Gate Room.

DANIEL enters with TALIA and a group of Nasyan refugees.

DANIEL: There's really no need to worry, there will be a team waiting for you on the other side.

TECH: Chevron one encoded.

INT - Security Room.

The ASHRAK has dealt with the airmen present, leaving them draped across their chairs as he looks into the monitors. He spots SAM/JOLINAR on a camera focused on her cell and walks off, smiling evilly.

INT - Control Room.

JACK, TEAL'C and HAMMOND enter. A woman is on the phone and hands it to HAMMOND as he enters.

WOMAN: Sir? It's the infirmary. They said it's important.

HAMMOND: (taking the phone and listening) Thank you. (Walks over to JACK and reports what he's just learned) The driver of a transport truck who delivered the Nasyans just reported into the infirmary; says he blacked out. Doesn't remember driving from the hospital to the base at all.

JACK: (to tech) Call up security camera one six delta, please. (The tech pushes in the number, but the screen is scrambled. The signal has been cut. JACK turns and hurries to the stairs) TEAL'C, let's get down there.

TECH: Chevron six is engaged.

HAMMOND: (picking up phone) This is General HAMMOND. Security to level sixteen, holding room delta.

TECH: Chevron seven is... locked.

Stargate opens.

INT - SGC corridor.

JACK and TEAL'C run to an elevator and push the button, quickly entering.

INT - Holding Room.

Two airmen are crumpled on the floor. The camera pans up, revealing that the Askrak is standing over the bodies holding a gun. He turns the weapon over in his hand and then approaches the cell.

ASHRAK: Interesting weapons these humans use. (He steps over one of the dead airmen and rips open the cell door. In his Goa'uld voice,) Kree shak, JOLINAR. By decree of the Goa'uld System Lords you will die with dishonor by the power of the Hara'kash. (He activates the device on his hand)

SAM/JOLINAR: Hear this. The days of the Goa'uld System Lords are numbered. Tell them that I died with hope. My death only feeds the fire that burns strong in the Tokr'a.

The ASHRAK raises his hand and hits SAM/JOLINAR with the device, apparently the Hara'kash. Her head is thrown violently back, her skull exposed where the light is shining on it. She grimaces, her eyes wide with pain. Eventually, she collapses to the floor. The ASHRAK keeps up his assault until he's certain she's down for the count. He disengages the device just as airmen rush in with guns ready. He stands.

ASHRAK: She's dead. Let's go.

They leave the cell, passing TEAL'C and JACK.

ASHRAK: (as he runs past) Colonel, the prisoner and two guards, dead.

O'NEILL and TEAL'C go inside, pausing to check the airmen. JACK goes inside the cell, kneeling next to SAM's body.

TEAL'C: These two are dead.

JACK: SAM, SAM! SAM. TEAL'C, get a MEDICal team down here right away. Come on, SAM.

INT - Infirmary.

The doors open and MEDICs roll in a gurney. SAM is laying motionless on the bed, JANET straddling one of her legs and performing CPR. JANET is yelling orders as she's wheeled in.

JANET: Let's get her on the table. I want an EKG and an EEG stat! (She climbs off of SAM and prepares to lift the captain off the bed) Okay, on my count. Three, two, one, good. Whoa, where's my epi? 1 milligram. Epi's in...

JACK and TEAL'C watch, out of the way of the MEDICs and looking like they feel useless.

INT - Gate Room.

The Stargate is active. DANIEL escorts TALIA to the event horizon, hugging himself.

TALIA: Thank you, for everything your people have done for us.

DANIEL: You're gonna be okay.

TALIA: I hope your friend will also be well.

INT - Infirmary.

JANET and a MEDIC are working frantically to save SAM.

MEDIC 1: Pulse is erratic.

JANET: We're getting feedback from the EEG. (frowns at the reading) What is this?

MEDIC 1: Looks like interference. Two signals.

JANET: Well, isolate them! We could be picking up separate brain waves from the parasite.

INT - Gate Room.

DANIEL is still standing at the Stargate when a group of airmen rush in, led by the ASHRAK. The Stargate is disengaged and the ASHRAK turns to look at the Control Center. DANIEL walks down the ramp, looking at the man. He recognizes the ASHRAK from TALIA's room at the hospital.

DANIEL: Hey, I know you.

ASHRAK: (grabs DANIEL and sticks a gun against his head) Do not try and stop me or I will kill him!

INT - Infirmary.

Things have calmed down, but SAM isn't out of the woods. JACK steps forward, looking at the read-outs.

JACK: Doc?

JANET: I dunno, I've never dealt with this type of situation before. The Goa'uld looks like it's dying and taking Carter with it.

JACK looks down at SAM's unconscious form.

INT - Gate Room.

HAMMOND is speaking to the ASHRAK through the intercom.

HAMMOND: Release him, and no harm will come to you.

ASHRAK: Turn it back on!

HAMMOND: We can't do that. Let him go.

ASHRAK: Turn the Gate back on now, or he dies!

INT - Infirmary.

A MEDIC checks the read-outs, then turns to JACK and TEAL'C.

MEDIC 1: The parasite is still getting weaker.

INTERCOM: (as klaxons and red lights begin) Security alert, intruder in the embarkation room, code red!

JACK turns to TEAL'C, nodding at the door.

JACK: (softly) Go... (TEAL'C leaves)

MEDIC 1: Parasite energy level is still falling.

INT - Gate Room.

The ASHRAK is still backing towards the inactive Stargate.

DANIEL: They're not gonna let you go.

ASHRAK: Silence! Open the Stargate! (He shoots shoots the bulletproof glass in front of HAMMOND, causing the general to duck)

INT - Infirmary.

JANET: Let's cardiovert one more time. 30 joules.

INT - Gate Room.

TEAL'C strides purposefully in, a zat gun at his side.

TEAL'C: I am sorry DANIEL JACKson.

He fires, hitting them both with the first shot. DANIEL collapses and opens TEAL'C's line of fire. The ASHRAK begins to steady his gun to fire again, but TEAL'C shoots him a second time before he can. The ASHRAK jerks, falling to the ramp. TEAL'C lowers his zat and walks to the ramp, kneeling next to a jerking DANIEL.

TEAL'C: Are you injured?

DANIEL: (strained) Dumb question. But, thank you. I think.

TEAL'C: You are welcome.

DANIEL: Just don't ever do that again.

INT - Infirmary

The monitor is registering a flatline.

JANET: The parasite is dead. (turns to looks at JACK before she continues) Try another milligram of epi, then prepare for de-fib.

They snap to action, but before they can do anything--

MEDIC 1: She's out of de-fib!

JANET: She's got a pulse! (pulls on stethoscope and listens)

MEDIC 1: Faint but stable.

The MEDIC applies a bag, possibly helping SAM to start breathing again. JANET looks up at a monitor, smiling at what she sees. The bag is pulled away and SAM opens her eyes, weakly looking around.

JACK: You did it SAM... You won.

SAM: (shaking her head, weak) It wasn't me.

JACK: Oh, yes it was. You hung in there, you beat it.

SAM: The Goa'uld gave its life for me. It saved me.

JANET and O'NEILL look at each other as SAM rests her head once more.

INT - Infirmary.

DANIEL enters with a rather large assortment of flowers. He sits the flowers on the table, then walks to SAM's bedside and sits. She is laying on her side, staring off into space.

DANIEL: Hey SAM, how's it going tonight? (she doesn't answer)

INT - Hallway.

DANIEL exits, finding JACK, CASSANDRA and JANET waiting for him. He crosses his arms.

DANIEL: She's still the Same.

CASSANDRA: JANET said that the Goa'uld left after it died.

DANIEL: Well, that's right. Um, it died and her body's absorbing it. She's the same old Samantha Carter. Same person we've always known.

JACK: (rubbing the girl's arm) Cassie, she's just a little sad right now. But I'll bet she cheers up when she sees you. (patting her arm) Come on.

CASSANDRA enters the hospital room and walks to SAM's bedside. She turns, seeing JACK, JANET and DANIEL watching from the doorway. She climbs onto the side of the bed and lightly touches SAM's shoulder.

CASSANDRA: SAM, it's me. (no response. Cassie easily turns SAM over and she looks up with extremely tired and sad eyes. She looks on the verge of tears. Cassie smiles reassuringly) You're going to be okay.

JANET smiles at O'NEILL. SAM exhales sharply, closing her eyes for a moment before looking back up at the young girl.


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