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Written by Robert C. Cooper

Transcribed By: Brenda



EXT- P3R 636 Stargate

We see SG-1 on a cliff overlooking what appears to be Jaffa sending Naquadah through a Stargate.

O’NEILL : What’s in the fancy box?

TEAL’C : It is Naquadah. Raw Naquadah is highly valued among the Goa’uld.

CARTER : SG-3 brought back a small amount of the element back last year. We could really use some sir.

O’NEILL : Well, maybe there is more.


We see SG-1 come to a cliff edge overlooking a Goa’uld ship and a large amount of Jaffa

O’NEILL : Whoa.

A procession of Jaffa come down a path near the cliff

DANIEL : Look.

A woman walks away from the procession and DANIEL follows.

O’NEILL : I wish he’d stop doing that.

SG-1 follows the woman to the edge of a cliff

O’NEILL : She’s going to jump.

DANIEL runs towards the woman and grabs her.

O’NEILL(cont’d) : DANIEL!

SHYLA : Ahh!

Two Jaffa hear the screams and come running.

DANIEL : No, wait. Please.

JAFFA 1 : Stay away from the princess.

O’NEILL and CARTER draw their weapons on the Jaffa :

DANIEL : It’s okay.

Two more Jaffa come from behind

CARTER : Colonel?

SHYLA : Tell them to lower their weapons. They will kill him.

O’NEILL puts down his weapon




A group of Jaffa lead SG-1 in front of SHYLA and PYRUS

O’NEILL : What were you thinking?

DANIEL : I thought she’d be grateful.

O’NEILL : She was trying to kill herself!

JAFFA : On your knees.

O’NEILL : No, actually I've got this cartilage problem, little ACL thing...

The JAFFA hits him with his staff weapon.

O’NEILL (cont’d) : Ah, Yeah, that helps.

SHYLA : My Father, Pyrus the God slayer and ruler of this planet wishes to know who you are.

DANIEL : We’re explorers. Peaceful explorers.

PYRUS : You attacked my daughter


No. Tell him.

PYRUS comes down from his throne and stands in front of SG-1

PYRUS : Only one of you is Jaffa.

PYRUS grabs CARTER by the head

PYRUS (cont’d) : Who sent you? Where are you from?

O’NEILL : We’re from a planet called earth.

PYRUS : What Goa’uld rules there?

O’NEILL : None

PYRUS : Liar. Thieves. You will tell me the truth or you will die. Put them in the mines.

SHYLA : Father!

The group of Jaffa grab SG-1 and start to haul them out of the room

DANIEL : No wait! We’re not thieves. Wait! Please!


SG-1 is using pick axes to break apart rocks.

CARTER : Colonel. He isn’t a Goa’uld. I don’t think these are real Jaffa either.

O’NEILL : How do you know?

CARTER : First clue was his voice.

O’NEILL : Yeah, I noticed that too.

CARTER : Sir, I can’t really explain it but when he grabbed me I just knew. I felt it. Or, to be more accurate, I didn’t feel it. Sir, I think it has something to do with the Goa’uld that invaded me. Lately, I, I get this weird feeling when I'm near Teal'c.

O’NEILL : Hey, who doesn't?

CARTER : No, I can sense the presence of a Goa’uld now. I didn’t get that feeling when he grabbed me.

TEAL’C : I agree with Captain Carter. The ruler here is not a Goa’uld.

O’NEILL : Alright, Let’s assume you both are right. How does that help us?

CARTER : I’m not sure

DANIEL : Look, I’m really sorry you guys. This is totally my fault.

A Jaffa walks up to SG-1

JAFFA : You will meet your quota for the day or you will not eat.

O’NEILL : You know, I've seen an awful lot of union violations around here. I should probably speak to your supervisor.

The Jaffa hits O’NEILL

JAFFA : You will work.

O’NEILL : Hi ho hi ho, back to work.


SG-1 is still picking apart rocks but looks a little more worn down

DANIEL : I can’t move anymore.

A horn sounds and prisoners start to walk through in a line

JAFFA : Put down your tools.

The Jaffa starts to unshackle SG-1

JAFFA (cont’d) : How does your leg feel now?

O’NEILL : Oh, much better thanks.

O’NEILL hits the Jaffa with his tool and TEAL’C throws his ax at another guard. O’NEILL picks up a discarded Staff weapon and fires

O’NEILL : Let’s go. Let’s go.

TEAL’C : This way.

O’NEILL : Let’s go DANIEL!

DANIEL : I’m coming!

A troop of Jaffa come in and start to fire after SG-1. One of the staff weapon blasts hits the rocks above DANIEL’s head, sending them cascading on him. O’NEILL, CARTER and TEAL’C turn back to help unbury DANIEL.


CARTER : He’s alive!

O’NEILL : Carter, Teal’c Take off.



As CARTER and TEAL’C make their way out, another group of Jaffa stops in front of them, sealing off the exit.


PYRUS and SHYLA are standing in the throne room

PYRUS : Foolish Child. They must have been sent by some distant evil God. Then they are here to raid our mine. And we can spare none of our Naquadah, it grows more scares by the day.

SHYLA : I know. I will not put our world in jeopardy. When you are gone I will have to make these kinds of choices all the time. Please, believe in me.

PYRUS turns and leaves. SHYLA pushes a button on the throne to reveal a Sarcophagus, with DANIEL inside.

SHYLA : Do you feel better?

DANIEL : What’s going on?

SHYLA : You tried to escape. You were badly wounded.

DANIEL : My friends?

SHYLA : They were recaptured. By what name are you called?


SHYLA : May I help you out DANIEL Jackson?

SHYLA offers her hand to help DANIEL out of the Sarcophagus

DANIEL : Thank you. Why am I wearing this?

SHYLA : I took the liberty of providing you with royal robes. You may call me Shyla. In return for saving your life, please do not try to escape again. I have taken personal responsibility for you.

DANIEL : Okay.

SHYLA : It would also be rude of you to try and hurt me in any way.

DANIEL : You do realize it’s also kind of rude to kidnap people and chain them up in a mine.

SHYLA : Please forgive me for not telling my father the truth about what happened by the cliff. I…he would not understand.

DANIEL : Okay. So, you’re not Goa’ulds but you’re running a Naquadah mine and you’ve got yourselves a Goa’uld sarcophagus.

SHYLA : You know of the sarcophagus?

DANIEL : Yeah, I've...I've used one before. Couple of times too many if you ask me.

SHYLA : Really?

DANIEL points to his eyes

DANIEL : My umm..uhh

SHYLA : Oh, you want your glass circles. I’m afraid they were broken.

SHYLA hands DANIEL the broken glasses. He puts them on.

SHYLA (cont’d) : I just know I’ve done the right thing. Come! I must show you something

SHYLA takes DANIEL by the hand and drags him out.


CARTER, TEAL’C and O’NEILL are still breaking apart rocks, looking quite haggard.

CARTER : He needed medical attention.

O’NEILL : I know.

CARTER : It wasn’t your fault sir. We had to take the opportunity when we did.

O’NEILL : I know that too.

A YOUNG BOY offers O’NEILL a cup of muddy water

O’NEILL : I've had worse.

EXT - Forest

SHYLA and DANIEL are walking along a tree-lined path

SHYLA : Isn’t this splendid?

DANIEL : Why are we here?

SHYLA : I know you must've seen much in your travels, but...surely you've never seen anything quite so beautiful. We call them trees.

DANIEL : Ah! Um, so do we.

SHYLA : So you’ve seen them before, on other worlds?

DANIEL : Yeah, I have

SHYLA : I’m a fool aren’t I? I mean surely you’ve seen more incredible things then I can imagine. Please, tell me about them.

DANIEL : Look, I would really like to tell you everything you want to know but…but my friends.

SHYLA : My father still believes you and your friends have a nefarious purpose here.

DANIEL : But you don’t.

SHYLA : We will convince him that you are decent honest people who will bring no harm to our kingdom.

DANIEL :, don’t suppose we could go talk to your father now?

SHYLA : He is not well now.

DANIEL : I don't...I don't want to spoil this little rapport we seem to have going here....

SHYLA : That sounds almost romantic.

DANIEL : Oh boy, ok, um, here's the thing. I am very grateful to you that you saved my life and that you want to help me free my friends, but I'm sensing that you did it because your, ah...

SHYLA : Because you're my destiny.

DANIEL : Whuahh....What?

SHYLA : Before she died, my mother-in-law used to come out here and take long walks at night. You can see every star in the sky through the treetops.

DANIEL : No, see, about the destiny thing?

SHYLA : She used to tell me how a great man would come from beyond the sun, just for me.

DANIEL : Oh boy.

SHYLA : I had come to believe my mother was wrong. That my true love would never come. I stood on that cliff and I wished one last time. At exactly the right moment you were there to save me, DANIEL Jackson. You cannot deny that is fate.


CARTER, TEAL’C and O’NEILL are still hard at work breaking apart rocks. DANIEL walks in looking royal with a Jaffa escort

DANIEL : Hi guys.


O’NEILL : Well. It's surprisingly difficult to kill you, isn't it?

TEAL’C : We are pleased to see you DANIEL JACKSON

CARTER : What happened?

DANIEL : Uh. Sam was right. PYRUS isn’t a Goa’uld.

O’NEILL : What's with the dress?

DANIEL : Oh! Ah, they're royal robes. Ah, long story short, they have a sarcophagus. Um, the princess put me in it and saved my life because she has a, ah, a crush on me.

CARTER : A crush?

DANIEL : Yeah. Actually, she thinks I'm her destiny, the whole saving her life thing. I guess she was grateful after all.

O’NEILL : Well good job. Now how about getting the goons to unlock us and get us the heck out of here?

DANIEL : Uh yeah, not yet.

O’NEILL : I’m sorry?

DANIEL : Well it’’s kind of a sensitive situation. PYRUS hasn’t exactly agreed to let you go yet. But I’m working on it. I’m trying to gain his trust. Yeah, I know. This is really…

O’NEILL : Weird?

DANIEL : Look, I just wanted to let you guys know I was okay. And I will talk to PYRUS tonight at dinner.

CARTER : You get dinner?

DANIEL : Yeah, um, some feast in my honor. Or something.

O’NEILL : Feast? There is a feast?

DANIEL : Just trust me. Okay. I just, I need more time.

DANIEL turns and leaves with his escort.

O’NEILL : Glad you’re okay!


DANIEL is seated by himself with food being brought to him

DANIEL : Umm, just me?

PYRUS and SHYLA walk in. DANIEL stands up

DANIEL : Hello, I’m DANIEL Jackson.

PYRUS : Hmm.

SHYLA : My father is pleased that you are so honored to dine in the presence of his greatness.

DANIEL : Exactly.

SHYLA : If you are lucky he will tell you the story of how he became the God slayer.

PYRUS : I killed Goa’uld who ruled here.

DANIEL : And how long ago was that.

PYRUS : 700 years.

DANIEL : 700 years? But you’re a….of course the sarcophagus. But I had no idea it could sustain human life so long. Does that mean that you are…

SHYLA : No, I’m very young by comparison. I have not needed it to extend my life.

DANIEL : So the people continue to worship your father because he’s lived so long.

SHYLA : They worship him because he liberated them from the evil God.

DANIEL : Uh, then why does he keep them working in the mines.

SHYLA : So the other distant evil Gods won’t come.

DANIEL : So this, this is a masquerade. You’re sending Naquadah through the Stargate because that’s what the Goa’uld used to do. Well no wonder you’re so paranoid about strangers. You’re afraid of being found out.

PYRUS gets up, not to pleased with the situation. SHYLA follows after him.

PYRUS : I must sleep.

DANIEL : Wait, uh…about my friends?

PYRUS : Kill them.

DANIEL : What? No.

SHYLA : Father, you said their punishment for trying to escape would be to work in the mines, without rest for as long as they live, as an example to the other workers.

PYRUS : I did?

SHYLA : Yes.

PYRUS shrugs his shoulders and walks out of the room. SHYLA follows him out


DANIEL is sitting down when SHYLA comes from behind him.

SHYLA : Do not worry about your friends. I have instructed the guards to treat them well.

DANIEL : I’m sorry, this is unacceptable. I can not be up here while they are down there.

SHYLA : We will change my father’s mind about them.

DANIEL : I don't think you're understanding what they mean to me.

SHYLA : It might just take some time

DANIEL : Or maybe you do. The longer it takes to free them, the more time we have together. Right?

SHYLA : I admit, that is what I would like.

DANIEL : Then release my friends. I won’t leave. I’ll, I’ll stay and get to know you better. I promise.

SHYLA : Then you do feel as I do.


SHYLA : Should I not have done that?

DANIEL : No, it’s ok, it’s just that…uh

SHYLA : Maybe you are still not fully recovered.

SHYLA walks over and presses a button to bring out the sarcophagus

DANIEL : I really don’t think that is necessary. Uhh…I’m okay.

SHYLA : But you’ll feel so much better

DANIEL: Its’ uh…please.

SHYLA : For me? You will feel better then you have ever felt. Trust me and I will trust you. I promise.

SHYLA takes off DANIEL glasses and walks him to the Sarcophagus. He gets in.


CHEVRON GUY is seated at the controls with GENERAL HAMMOND behind him.

CHEVRON GUY : SG-1’s remote code sir. No travelers on route but we are receiving another radio transmission.

GENERAL HAMMOND : Patch it through.

DANIEL (Radio) : Mission status remains the same. Need more time to situation diplomatically. Next transmission in 24 hours. DANIEL Jackson out.


TEAL’C, CARTER and O’NEILL are still lifting and moving around rocks. They aren’t looking so good. DANIEL walks in looking quite well.

O’NEILL : What the hell is going on?

CARTER : It’s been days since we heard from you.

DANIEL : Oh, yeah yeah yeah yeah. Oh sorry. Um, yeah, I’m still working on getting you guys out. Oh in the meantime I’ve discovered something incredible.

O’NEILL : You do know we’re dying down here don’t you?

DANIEL : I’ve taken the opportunity to do a little research on the sarcophagus. It’s amazing what it does to you if use it when you are already healthy.

CARTER : Waa…Is that such a good idea?

DANIEL : Well, I can’t get SHYLA to trust me if I don’t show that I trust her.

O’NEILL : Oh, SHYLA is it now. First name basis. SHYLA.

DANIEL : And I've used it before without any side effects. And look! No glasses!

CARTER : That looks like a side effect to me.

O’NEILL : DANIEL, get us out of here.

DANIEL : Oh, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I’m working on it. I just need a little more time. OH, I sent GENERAL HAMMOND another message. Hopefully he won’t order an all out attack. Look, if we do this right we’ll have access to all the Naquadah and the sarcophagus.

CARTER : How many times have you used it?

DANIEL : I don’t know nine or ten. Oh Sam, every thing is so clear. I feel like I could do anything.

O’NEILL : One thing. You only have to do one thing! And if you can’t handle that we’re gonna break out of here without you.

DANIEL : She wants me to marry her.

O’NEILL : What?

O’NEILL : Alright, look....

DANIEL : No, you look, Jack!! I have got everything under control, ok? God, you never show me any respect! Your way didn't work. Now I'm handling it. All you guys have to do is hang in there!

DANIEL turns and walks out


DANIEL is standing when SHYLA comes from behind him.

DANIEL : How is he?

SHYLA : The sarcophagus does not make him better the way it used to. Soon it will be time for me to become queen.

DANIEL : Will that be so bad?

SHYLA : You do not approve of my father’s ways.

DANIEL : I can help you make mining much easier and we can defend you from the Goa’uld, if you trust me.

SHYLA : Even after I used your friends to keep you close to me.

DANIEL : Oh yeah. I don’t think you meant any harm.

SHYLA : Then you will stay? Even after they are free?

DANIEL : I have never felt better anywhere in my life. I’ve always felt out of place on my planet. I wanted to make a difference. There is still so much you don’t know about me.

SHYLA : I know all I need to. We can change things here…together.


O’NEILL, CARTER and TEAL’C are taking a rest from breaking rocks. They are looking quite disheveled. O’NEILL is taking a drink and passes it to CARTER

O’NEILL : Water? Hey.

CARTER : We don’t use the sarcophagus!

O’NEILL : What?

CARTER : Whoa. Oh that was weird. I was having a vision or something. I kept seeing the memory of Jolinar. The resistance, the Tok’ra, they don’t use the sarcophagus. It does bad things to you. It changes your mind. It takes something from you. I kept hearing…TEAL’C what is Kalach?

TEAL’C : It is Goa’uld. It means one’s soul.

CARTER : Sir, we have to stop DANIEL.


O’NEILL is being dragged along the floor by two Jaffa and set down in front of DANIEL

O’NEILL : The man who would be king.

The Jaffa hits O’NEILL in the back of the knee.

O’NEILL (cont’d) : Ahh!

DANIEL gets off the throne, seemingly oblivious to what just happened.

DANIEL : Hi Jack! Ha Ha…Hi Jack!

DANIEL snaps at the Jaffa, making them leave. O’NEILL is on his knees in front of DANIEL.

O’NEILL (coughing) : We’re losing the battle down there you know. CARTER has started having Goa’uld flashbacks. Says if you keep using the sarcophagus, you’re going dark side on us…if you haven’t already.

DANIEL : Well don’t worry a bit. We’re getting out of here tomorrow.

O’NEILL : What?

DANIEL : I agreed to marry her.

O’NEILL : You did?


DANIEL jumps down and picks O’NEILL off the floor.

DANIEL (cont’d) : I said I had to go home and straighten a few things out first. And you guys are coming with me.

O’NEILL : And she trusts you?

DANIEL : She…Loves me.


SHYLA is helping PYRUS towards the a sarcophagus.

PYRUS : Love has blinded you.

SHYLA : They are good people. We have done a grave injustice to them.

PYRUS : I pray that you are right.

SHYLA : I must let DANIEL go. The choice to return must be his. But, he will come back to me. He can't live without me anymore.

PYRUS gets into the sarcophagus with a lot of help from SHYLA


SG-1 stands with SHYLA about to dial home.

SHYLA : He was once the greatest of men. But, he can rule no longer. He lives only to see me married. I extend the sincerest apologizes for the hardship done to you and offer the friendship of our world.

O’NEILL : Well thanks.

SHYLA : Please know that from now on you will always be welcome here and will be treated with the utmost respect.

TEAL’C, O’NEILL turn towards the gate. CARTER begins to dial. DANIEL walks to SHYLA and kisses her.

DANIEL : I’ll be back. Soon.


GENERAL HAMMOND is waiting at the bottom of the ramp for SG-1

O’NEILL : We had a nice time, Sir. Carter picked up some Naquada. Teal'c made some new friends as usual. DANIEL got engaged. And, um, I'm gonna hit the showers.


DANIEL is sitting on a bed with CARTER standing next to him.

DANIEL : This is stupid.

CARTER : Doctor Fraiser says your systems are all out of whack.

DANIEL : Well I feel fine. God I need to get out of here or I’m gonna go nuts.


CARTER is testing the Naquadah. DANIEL is pacing around the floor.

CARTER : You’re going to wear a hole in the floor.

DANIEL : I can’t get her out of my head Sam. I think I’ve made a big mistake.

CARTER : You’re not serious.

DANIEL : I am.

CARTER : You have a wife.

DANIEL : Had. Had a wife. Come on, seriously. How long am I supposed to wait? Even if I find Sha're one day, what are the chances she’ll ever be the same again?

CARTER : Look, your endorphin level was through the roof when we came back. And now you’re coming down off of it. The effects of the sarcophagus are like a narcotic DANIEL.

DANIEL : Yeah, that makes you smarter, stronger, you live for hundreds of years, feel great. What the hell is so wrong with it?

CARTER : I think it’s partly what makes the Goa’uld as bad as they are.


CARTER : Who knows. It’s Goa’uld technology DANIEL. Maybe it’s healing affects alter your brain chemistry. Increased adrenaline, the hormones that make you more aggressive and irrational. PYRUS probably used to be a decent man. Look at yourself. It’s like you need a fix. You’ve only used it a few times and already it’s changed you.

DANIEL : We can’t just leave it there. We have to study it.

CARTER : We can’t go back either.

DANIEL : Well I’m going.

CARTER : She used us to get you addicted.

DANIEL slams down his fist in a rage and knocks over some bottles.

DANIEL : You’ve never really known what love is have you?

CARTER : See, the DANIEL I know would never have said that.

DANIEL knocks over some more stuff and walks out of the room.


GENERAL HAMMOND is seated talking to CARTER and O’NEILL

GENERAL HAMMOND : What are you saying Captain?

CARTER : Sir I think he needs to be confined. He is clearly addicted to the affects.

DANIEL walks in and sets some papers on GENERAL HAMMOND’s desk.

GENERAL HAMMOND : What’s this?

DANIEL : It’s my resignation.

O’NEILL : Oh please.

DANIEL : General, I respectfully request permission to go through the gate to P3R-636

O’NEILL : Request denied!

DANIEL : I wasn’t asking you!

DANIEL starts to collapse.


CARTER catches DANIEL as he hits the floor. GENERAL HAMMOND stands up.

GENERAL HAMMOND : Doctor Jackson?

CARTER : He’s unconscious.

GENERAL HAMMOND picks up the phone

GENERAL HAMMOND : This is GENERAL HAMMOND. Code red medical emergency in my office.


DANIEL is lying down in bed with the rest of SG-1 looking over as Doctor Fraiser checks him out.

DOCTOR FRAISER : I gave him a sedative. His test results are all over the place. Liver function, Kidney function, endorphins, electrolytes, levels indicated muscle deterioration.

O’NEILL : Alright alright, whatever. What’s going on with him?

DOCTOR FRAISER : I have no idea. The most I can do is try to treat the symptoms. But the bottom line is that he seems to be going through some massive physical withdrawal.

DANIEL wakes up and starts to try to get up.

DANIEL : I have to go back! You’re killing me!

DANIEL starts to pull out his IV. TEAL’C runs over to stop him when DANIEL pushes him away.

DANIEL (cont’d) : Stop killing me!

O’NEILL jumps on top of DANIEL.

DOCTOR FRAISER : Hold him down!

DOCTOR FRAISER gives DANIEL an injection to calm him.

DANIEL (in pain) : Ahh….

DANIEL struggles then passes out


SG-1 and GENERAL HAMMOND are standing around DOCTOR FRAISER trying to figure out what is wrong with DANIEL

DOCTOR FRAISER : It’s like all of his cells have lost the ability to function properly and it’s getting worse by the hour.

GENERAL HAMMOND : There is nothing you can do?

DOCTOR FRAISER : I’m trying.

TEAL’C : The sarcophagus with keep DANIEL Jackson alive.

CARTER : No, we can’t let him go back. That thing will just screw him up permanently and we’ll lose him anyway. The memories that Jolinar left in my mind told me that the sarcophagus will take away everything that DANIEL is.

O’NEILL : What choice do we have?

CARTER : We wait it out. Just a little longer.


DANIEL is now strapped to the bed and writhing about. DOCTOR FRAISER is watching him on a screen when O’NEILL walks in.


O’NEILL : How’s he doing?

DOCTOR FRAISER : Well I can’t say for sure but I think maybe the worst is over. His blood work in improving, body temperature is coming down, pulse is normal, BP 120/80.

O’NEILL : So we made the right call.

DOCTOR FRAISER : His cellular function is starting to take back control. The next few hours should tell. Time for another dose of sedative.

DOCTOR FRAISER walks out of the room


DANIEL is still strapped down to the bed. A guard opens the door so DOCTOR FRAISER can give him his sedative. O’NEILL is watching from the LAB via he security camera.


DOCTOR FRAISER leans over to shine a light in DANIEL’s eye. DANIEL grabs her and flips her over the bed.


The guard outside hears the scream and opens the door.

GUARD : Stand down!

DANIEL punches him…repeatedly

O’NEILL notices on the monitors that DANIEL missing from the bed and runs down the corridor to the room to find the DOCTOR FRAISER getting off the floor.

DOCTOR FRAISER : I’m okay. Go.

O’NEILL hits the alarm button and chases after DANIEL. DANIEL runs into a storage room and shuts the door. O’NEILL follows. He turns on the light and starts to look for DANIEL. DANIEL shoots the light out above O’NEILL’s head.

O’NEILL : Geez! DANIEL! Are you trying to kill me?

DANIEL : You're trying to kill me.

O’NEILL : There'll be guards here in thirty seconds.

DANIEL : I'm going back.

O’NEILL : You don't have to! Fraiser says you're getting better.

DANIEL : You're lying!

O’NEILL : Why would I do that?!

DANIEL rushes him, and they fight. DANIEL turns out to be really strong with that sarcophagus drug in him. Finally DANIEL gets the gun and aims it at O’NEILL.

: O’NEILL : DANIEL! God...What are you going to do, DANIEL? Do you want to kill me? Oh God, look at you. I know what this is. I know what it's like. You can get through it...


DANIEL breaks down crying, and O’NEILL pulls him into a hug.


O’NEILL, TEAL’C and CARTER are standing talking to General Hammond

CARTER : Probe’s data indicates P3H - 826 is a viable next mission for SG-1 sir.

DANIEL walks in

DANIEL : I have another suggestion. I think we should go back to P3R - 636. And, before you say anything, just hear me out. There are thousands of innocent human beings there who we could free from slavery.

TEAL’C : Shyla can not free her world without putting her people at great risk.

DANIEL : Well, we have to offer her alternatives, new ways to mine the Naquadah. I mean, we don’t even know that Goa’uld will notice if the shipments stop.

CARTER : Our preliminary tests do indicate potentially countless military and scientific applications for the raw ore. Might be a compelling reason to try sir.

GENERAL HAMMOND : Try what? Last time you were captured and enslaved in the that mine.

DANIEL : Look, you want access to the mine but you don’t want to send troops in. I’m offering you a shot at a diplomatic solution. Please, Jack, we need to take the chance.

O’NEILL looks at DANIEL and then turns to GENERAL HAMMOND

O’NEILL : We can back him up sir. I’d like DANIEL back on the team.


SHYLA is leaning against the sarcophagus, crying. DANIEL walks in behind her.

SHYLA : I did not believe you would ever return.

DANIEL : I’m sorry…about your father…about everything.

SHYLA : The sarcophagus could not help him anymore.

SHYLA stands up and faces DANIEL

SHYLA : You never did love me did you?

DANIEL : I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t care.

SHYLA : I don't deserve to live after what I’ve done to you.

DANIEL : Yes you do. Your people need you. You may still be able to lead them without turning into what your father became.

SHYLA : How?

DANIEL : You can’t use this anymore. It’s going to be bad. Trust me. But you don’t have to do this alone.

SHYLA walks to the end of the sarcophagus and picks up a staff weapon. DANIEL joins her. She aims and fires, destroying the sarcophagus in a blue electrical storm. DANIEL takes the staff weapon and hugs her.



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