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Scene: SGC - Control Room/Gate Room

Female Technician: "Unscheduled incoming traveller."

Hammond: "There's no one scheduled to return today. Did you get an iris code?"

Female Technician: "Yes, sir we did. From SG-1."
All of SG-1 are all in the control room with Hammond. They all look at each other.

O'Neill: "Hi. How are ya?"

Hammond: "The only other person with an SG-1 remote and the signal that goes with it is..."

Teal'c: "Tek-matte Bra'tac."

Jackson: "But he's not supposed to use it unless it's an emergency."

Teal'c: "Perhaps he is under attack."

Carter: "From who? Apophis and Klorel were killed."

Hammond: "Open the iris."
Bra'tac steps through the 'gate.

Bra'tac: "Hammond of Texas, will you give me leave to enter your compound?"

Hammond: "You have it, Master Bra'tac. Units, stand down."
Hammond and SG-1 go to the 'gate room to greet Bra'tac.

O'Neill: "Bra'tac, greetings from Earth."

Bra'tac: "Hmm! Hasshak."

O'Neill: "I take it this isn't a... social call."
Bra'tac shakes his hand and then moves right on to greet Teal'c.

Bra'tac: "Greetings, old friend. I bring bad news."

Teal'c: "My family!"

Bra'tac: "Your wife is safe."

Teal'c: "What of Rya'c?"

Bra'tac: "Your son has been Apophis."

Opening Credits

Richard Dean Anderson as Col. Jack O'Neill
Michael Shanks as Dr. Daniel Jackson
Amanda Tapping as Capt. Samantha Carter
Christopher Judge as Teal'c
Don S. Davis as Gen. George Hammond

Executive Producers:
Michael Greenburg
Richard Dean Anderson

Developed for Television by Brad Wright & Jonathan Glassner

Guest Starring:
Tony Amendola as Bra'tac
Brook Parker as Drey'auc
Teryl Rothery as Dr. Janet Fraiser
Peter Williams as Apophis

Produced by N. John Smith

Written by Katharyn Powers

Directed by William Gereghty

Scene: SGC - Conference Room

Hammond: "Colonel, your report stated clearly that Apophis was killed on board his ship."

O'Neill: "Yes, it did, sir. We saw the thing blow."

Carter: "Nobody could have survived, sir."

Bra'tac: "I am told he and Klorel escaped through the on-board Stargate before your explosive devices destroyed the ship."

Jackson: "They must have used those rings to get to the gate just after I did."

Hammond: "What does Apophis gain by kidnapping Teal'c's son?"

Teal'c: "He does not want Rya'c, He wants the Shol'va, the traitor. He wants Teal'c."

Bra'tac: "Teal'c is right. Nearly all the warriors and serpent guards loyal to Apophis died on those two ships. Apophis returned to Chulak in shame."

Teal'c: "He must act quickly to reinstate his power, or the system lords will send another Goa'uld to eliminate him and rule in his place."

Bra'tac: "Right now, there is a measure of chaos in Chulak.
His guard is weakened. If we use this time wisely, we can rescue the boy."

Hammond: "I can't allow my best people to walk into what is obviously a trap."

O'Neill: "Of course it's a trap sir. And in knowing it's a trap, we can avoid it. He's vulnerable right now."

Bra'tac: "He never will be more so. And I Still have a few friends among the serpent guards that Apophis does not know of."

O'Neill: "lf we can pull this off, sir, we can grab Teal'c's kid and nail this mother...Goa'uld in one sweep."

Hammond: "Teal'c, you originally withheld information about your family because you were afraid it would make you vulnerable. Well, it has. And I want this must be the last time. So, Colonel, you have a go. Get Apophis if you can, but the prime directive of this mission is to bring Teal'c's family back to Earth."

O'Neill: "Yes, sir."

Scene: Chulak - the Stargate
There are several Jaffa guarding the 'gate when it activates. A green metal container bounces out of the 'gate and a couple of cylinders break out of the container. Just as the puzzled Jaffa are approaching to investigate, the canisters release a gas that knocks out the Jaffa. SG-1 and Bra'tac step through the 'gate wearing gas masks and robes.

Scene: Chulak - Drey'auc's Home

Bra'tac: "This is our destination."

O'Neill: "Who lives here?"

Bra'tac: "Drey'auc has offered her new home as a base."

Teal'c: "But how could she afford such a home?"

Bra'tac: "I do not know."
They enter the home and Drey'auc rises to greet them.

Drey'auc: "Teal'c?" (They embrace.) "I was alone when they came. I tried to stop them."

Teal'c: "Of this I am certain."
They are joined by another.

Fro'tak: "Teal'c! Master Bra'tac! You are the warriors from the Tau'ri. I have heard much of you. I am Fro'tak of the High Cliffs."

O'Neill: "Jack of the Windy City. This is Jackson and Carter."

Fro'tak: "My thanks for your coming."

Tral'c: "Your presence in the home of my wife is greatly appreciated, Fro'tak."

Fro'tak: "It is my home, Teal'c."

Teal'c: "It was you who provided shelter for my wife and son."

Drey'auc: "Teal'c..."

Fro'tak: "I will tell him. When it appeared that you may never return, that you may indeed be dead, Drey'auc had her marriage removed. She is now my wife, Teal'c."
Teal'c reaches out and grabs Fro'tak's throat. He struggles against Teal'c. Jack rushes in to break things up.

O'Neill: "My God! Hey, knock it off! Come on, come on! Knock it off! Knock it off! You came here for your son. This doesn't help."

Fro'tak: "I wished to be the one to tell you myself, old friend. I am sorry."

Teal'c: "How could you not have known this, Bra'tac?"

Fro'tak: "We will wait outside, and give you time to sort through this uncomfortable news."

O'Neill: "Captain Carter, why don't you go with them? See what you can find out about the kid."

Carter: "Yes, sir."

Bra'tac: "Teal'c, on my word as a warrior, I did not know. If I had, I would have told you before we arrived."

O'Neill: "Look, I just want to know if this guy, Fro'tak, can be trusted not to turn us in."

Teal'c: "Is it not obvious, O'Neill? He cannot be trusted."

O'Neill: "Well, no offense, Teal'c, but that assessment is not born of a cool head. What do you think, Bra'tac?"

Bra'tac: "Fro'tak is one of Teal'c's oldest confidants. Both were my wards in the Bashaak training. He has indicated to my many times that he agrees with my beliefs that the Goa'ulds are false gods."

O'Neill: "Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Can he be trusted?"

Bra'tac: "I believe so, yes. But I suggest we keep a close eye on him at all times."

Teal'c: "A better response would be to kill him."

Bra'tac: "Teal'c! You cannot."

Jackson: "Teal'c... Look, I know you probably don't want to hear this now, but I think you need to get some perspective on this. Maybe, in a way, you should be thanking him."

Teal'c: "How can you say that, Daniel Jackson? He has betrayed our friendship."

Jackson: "If I recall, last time we were here, you were pretty upset about
your family being outcasts, barely surviving in a camp because of what you did. I mean it seems to me they have a better life now."

Bra'tac: "Teal'c, listen to me. If you were dead, would you wish Drey'auc to remain alone for ever?"

Teal'c: "I am not dead."

Bra'tac: "In your current situation you may as well be. How long before you return to provide for her?"

Teal'c: You know l cannot answer this.

Bra'tac: " does she. Dr Jackson is right. Fro'tak has high station in Chulak. Thanks to him, your family is no longer outcast."

O'Neill: "Teal'c, I know it's tough, but you've got to focus on your boy."

Bra'tac: "Before we proceed, give me your word you will not commit Kel Mar Tokeem."

Teal'c: "I give you my word."

Bra'tac: "Then I will retrieve Fro'tak and your wife, and we will begin planning for the rescue of your son."

O'Neill: "Del Mar Hokeem?"

Jackson: "That means something like "revenge by the wearer of horns." Which I'm guessing is a Jaffa term for being a cuckold."

O'Neill: "Hello!"

Teal'c: "We will find Rya'c and bring him home. This I swear."

Drey'auc: "Thank you, Teal'c."

Teal'c: "After that is done, I will never lay eyes on you again."
Teal'c exits the house leaving Drey'auc near tears.

Scene: Chulak - Outside Fro'tak's House
Teal'c has taken a seat against the wall of the house. Drey'auc, alone, comes out to speak to him.

Drey'auc: "How dare you judge me and dishonor Fro'tak in his own house after what you have done?"

Teal'c: "Woman, be silent."

Drey'auc: "That is not an answer, Teal'c! You were the one who abandoned us."

Teal'c: " What I did was for the future of my people."

Drey'auc: "What I have done is for future of our son!"

Teal'c: "Perhaps - But why Fro'tak?"

Drey'auc: "Because he was the only one who asked."

Teal'c: "Do you have love for him?" (She does not answer.) "Do you have love for him?"

Drey'auc: "No, Teal'c. But Rya'c, our son, deserves a better life than the camps. And Fro'tak has offered it to him."
She goes back inside.

Scene: Chulak - Inside Fro'tak's House
Fro'tak is talking to SG-1.

Fro'tak: "Rya'c is being held in the west wing of the palace where I work. It is less than 200 paces away. I know it well. I have made a map. This is the main corridor. My place of work is here, in the Hall of Recording. The guarded room is at the opposite end."
Teal'c has come in to look over Fro'tak's shoulder.

Teal'c: "There is an entrance near that end utilized only for the changing of the guard. The west wing is the most isolated part of the palace."

Carter: "So we should be able to get in and out pretty quickly before anyone could get there."

O'Neill: "We go as soon as it's dark."

Scene: Chulak - The Palace (the west wing)

Bra'rac (speaking to guards at the end of a corridor): "Jaffa, kree! Tel rak nel t'ko!"
The guards follow after Bra'tac. Just as they are about to turn the corner, Jack, Sam and Daniel come around and zat them. Teal'c is up ahead and attacks the one guard who remained at post. Jack rushed ahead and places some explosive on the door.

O'Neill: Clear!
Carter pushes a button on the remote detonator and the explosive blows the lock away. Jack pushes the door open and Rya'c bolts out the door. He begins running down the hall. Teal'c snags him and tries to turn him around.

Rya'c: "Help, guards! Help me!"

Teal'c: "Do not be afraid, Rya'c. You are safe."

Rya'c: "Get away from me! Shol'va!"

Carter: "What is he doing?"

Rya'c: "Help, Guards! The traitor's here! Help!"

Teal'c: "Silence!"
A staff blast explodes on the door next to Jack and Rya'c escapes Teal'c's grasp and runs to the guards.

O'Neill: "We're outta here! Lets go! Lets go!"

Bra'tac: "Teal'c!"
He grabs Teal'c and drags him after them.

Scene: Chulak - Fro'tak's House
Fro'tak is lighting a fire in the fireplace. Drey'auc is pacing. The front door opens and the five return.

Drey'auc: "What happened? Where's my son?"

O'Neill: "He's all right. We just ran into some problems."

Teal'c: "It is far worse than that, O'Neill. Rya'c's body lives, but his heart and mind has been destroyed."

Drey'auc: "What are you saying?"

Teal'c: "He is now with Apophis."

Bra'tac: "The boy was a stranger. A beast!"

O'Neill: "Oh, come on! The kid's brainwashed."

Drey'auc: "You promised... you would bring him home!"

Teal'c: "Hear me, woman. He called me traitor and sought protection from the guards. Apophis is punishing me for my betrayal."

Drey'auc: "But he's... just a child. My child!"

Teal'c: "You cannot feel more contempt for me than I hold for myself."

Drey'auc: "This was not your doing, Teal'c."
Suddenly, the "TV" ball in the corner comes on.

O'Neill: "What's goin' on?"

Bra'tac: "Apophis is about to address the people of Chulak."

Carter: "That should be interesting!"

Apophis (on the ball): "People of Chulak, rumours of my defeat are false, spread by traitors who would destroy our world. I bring you the truth, proof of my power to conquer evil and forgive transgression. most loyal subject..." (Ry'ac joins Apophis on the ball.) "Rya'c, son of Teal'c!"

Rya'c: "My father is not a hero. He is evil. He turned away from our god, our people, even his own family. He is a Ha'taaka!"

Apophis: My people, this Ha'taaka is now among us, here in Chulak. I will give one million shesh'ta to the Jaffa who brings Teal'c to me alive and another million for the heads of those who are with him."

O'Neill: "Well, if you've got a price on your head you're doing your job!"

Rya'c: "The evil ones have my mother. She is their prisoner. Help us save her. My mother is Drey'auc of the Morning Cham'ka Groves."
Teal'c's head snaps up at this statement.

Bra'tac: "This was to be expected."

Jackson: "I don't get that part about use having his mother? I mean no one took Drey'auc."

Teal'c: "You are correct, Daniel Jackson. Rya'c has given me hope. Perhaps my son is not lost to me."

O'Neill: "Where do you get that?"

Teal'c: "He is fighting this brainwashing you spoke of. His last words were a hidden message to me."

Carter: "The thing about us holding his mother?"

Teal'c: "He called her Drey'auc of the Morning Cham'ka Groves."

Drey'auc: "But I am of the Cord'ai Plains. Rya'c knows this."

Teal'c: "Only too well. In the past I have taken him to the Cham'ka Groves to play."

Jackson: "Morning Cham'ka Groves...he wants us to go there in the morning."

Teal'c: "He has given us a way to free him."

Bra'tac: "Teal'c, I know he is your son, but this is a wisdom far beyond his years."

O'Neill: "Yeah, I'm kinda with Bra'tac on this one. The boy had a chance to come with us the first time. I kinda think it's wishful thinking Teal'c."

Teal'c: "It is not wishful thinking O'Neill! My son is strong. He is fighting
this brainwashing you spoke of. It has simply taken him this long to win the battle."
There is knocking at the door. O'Neill jumps up to intercept Fro'tak.

O'Neill: "Expecting someone?"
Fro'tak side steps O'Neill as he heads toward the door. There is more insistent pounding on the door now. Jack readies his weapon for firing. Fro'tak opens the door to see several Jaffa outside. He walks through the door and closes it behind him.

Jaffa: "We have orders to search for the traitor and his friends."

Back inside:
Drey'auc: "Hurry! This way."
Drey'auc shows them into a secret entrance in one of the walls.

Fro'tak: "The criminals have abducted my wife! lt makes no sense that they'd be here. You are welcome to enter, but I think Apophis would be very angry that you wasted valuable time searching the home of the victim!"

Jaffa (angry): This is done by his order!" (Then to his subordinates) "Quickly! There!" (He points and the Jaffa walks through the house. He gets to the entrance in the wall just after O'Nwill and the others have closed it behind them. He returns to those at the door.) "Next house."
The Jaffa leave. Teal'c emerges first from behind the wall.

Teal'c: "Until this moment, Fro'tak, I was not certain you could be trusted."

Fro'tak: "We are old friends, Teal'c. I would hope you never lose your trust in me."

Scene: Chulak - Fro'tak's House
It is night and Teal'c is not asleep. He is pacing around. After several minutes, he is joined by Drey'auc.

Drey'auc: "I will not sleep either...until our son is safe."
Teal'c and Drey'auc begin kissing. Fro'tak appears at the top of the stairs and sees the kissing in the dark. He has an angry look on his face. Later that night, we see Fro'tak sneaking out with some cloth slung over his shoulder. He leaves the house, but Jack hears him leave.

Scene: Chulak - The Palace
Fro'tak is in the West Wing.

Fro'tak: "Guard! I will lead you to the traitor, Teal'c, and his evil companions."
Just then Jack walks around the corner and zats the guard twice. Fro'tak looks at him and begins advancing with a weapon in his hand.

O'Neill: "Don't!" (Fro'tak keeps coming so Jack zats him.)

Fro'tak: "Jaffa, kree!"

O'Neill (bending over him hand over his mouth): "Shut up! lt does not have to go down like this! Nice and quiet. Come on."
He let's Fro'tak up.

Fro'tak: "Jaffa!"
Jack zats him again. He looks around and then zats him a third time. Fro'tak disintegrates. Jack disappears behind a door as three Jaffa arrive to find the Jaffa Jack killed.

Jaffa: "Seal off the palace. No one comes or goes!"
Jack peeks out from behind the door.

Scene: Chulak - Fro'tak's House
Teal'c (now in SGC green BDUs) and Drey'auc are sitting together on a bench. Suddenly there is a knock at the door. Bra'tac walks into view, looks around to see if everyone is ready and we see that Sam and Daniel have also shed their robes. Bra'tac moves to open the door as the others hide behind a wall. A serpent guard comes in, helmet on.

Bra'tac (pointing a zat): "How dare you enter like this! This house has already been searched."

O'Neill (deactivating the serpent helmet): "No wonder these guys are always cranky. Get me out of this thing."

Jackson: "Jack, where the hell have you been?"

Drey'auc: "What of Fro'tak?"

O'Neill: "He left here last night and made a beeline for the palace. He was turning us in. I had to stop him. I'm sorry."

Bra'tac: "I never thought he would betray us."

Drey'auc: "The fault is mine. I made vows I could not keep."

O'Neill: "The suns are coming up. Let's get the kid."

Scene: Chulak - The Cham'ka Groves
Rya'c and five Jaffa are walking between trees. We see Jack and Bra'tac hiding amongst the trees.

O'Neill (into his radio):" All right, listen up. This cannot be a fire-fight. We go CTT, one shot, one kill, my command. Take the target nearest your position. Go!"
There are five shots fired from zats and all five Jaffa are laid out. Rya'c looks around, a bit frightened. Teal'c rushes out of the bushes to greet him.

Rya'c: "Father!"

Teal'c: "Rya'c!"

Rya'c: "I never meant to hurt you, Father."

Teal'c: "Rya'c has returned."

Carter: "Does anyone besides me think this was just a little too easy?"

Jackson: "Yeah careful ,Teal'c, that was an awfully fast turnaround."

Teal'c: "My son is strong. His mind has overcome the lies Apophis placed there."

O'Neill: "Then you won't mind if Carter does a little search..."
Rya'c looks at his father. Teal'c watches as Sam does a quick pat-down.

Carter: "I think he's clean, Colonel."

Teal'c: "If this were not Rya'c returned, this would have been a trap. It was not."

O'Neill: "Not yet."

Teal'c: Why do you doubt my son?

O'Neill: "It's my nature, Teal'c. I'm thinking Cassandra here. A little naquadah bomb in the chest, get through the gate, boom!"

Teal'c: "My son is Jaffa. The symbiote within him would not allow such tampering."

O'Neill: "Is that a fact... or a hope?"

Teal'c: "It is a fact, O'Neill."

O'Neill: "Well, it's not like we have much choice. Let's get a move on."

Bra'tac: "Go directly to the Stargate. I will bring the boy's mother."
Bra'tac leaves in a different direction from the others. Soon we see SG-1 on a rise overlooking the Stargate. There are only two guards at the 'gate.

Carter: "I don't know, sir. I'm not likin' this one bit. Talk about too easy!"
Behind them, Bra'tac and Drey'auc have arrived.

Drey'auc: "Rya'c!"

Rya'c: "Father's taking us to the Tau'ri!"
Mother and son embrace. Jack turns and walks to them. Bending down, he motions for Rya'c to come close.

O'Neill: "Hey, come here. All right, Rya'c...what's the scam here?"

Rya'c: "I do not understand."

O'Neill: "What're you up to? Or better yet...what has Apophis got you up to?"

Rya'c: "I fooled Apophis."

O'Neill: "Yeah? Then why the tantrum when we tried to take you the first time?"

Rya'c: "At the time I was not yet successful in defeating Apophis's control. I am sorry. My mind is not as strong as my father's."

Teal'c: "O'Neill, why can you not accept the possibility that my son's mind was too strong for Apophis to control?"

O'Neill: "Come here." (He gets up and walks a short distance from Rya'c and Drey'auc.) "Teal'c, I want you to be right, but it just doesn't track. Apophis knows we're here, and has only two guards at the gate."

Bra'tac: "Apophis has very few serpent guards still loyal to him. In two days we have killed many of those few. Perhaps he cannot spare more."

Jackson: "Jack, Even if this is a trick, what are we gonna do? Just...stay here?"

Carter: "Daniel has a point. I mean, we may as well take advantage of the light guard and at get through the gate."

O'Neill: "What about the boy?"

Teal'c: "My son will not harm your world, O'Neill. I give you my word."

O'Neill: "Teal'c, I know you mean that. But it might not prove to be that easy."

Jackson: So what are we gonna do, just leave the boy here?"

O'Neill: "Bra'tac, stay here with Drey'auc and the boy. We'll clear the way."

SG-1 descends the hill as the Jaffa are turned away. Each one hides behind one of the stones surrounding the 'gate. Jack signals and the all attack at once. Both Jaffa fall to zat and staff fire. When the Jaffa are down, Bra'tac brings Drey'auc and Rya'c as Daniel dials the 'gate.

O'Neill: "Let's go. Everybody, move!"
Carter sends the GDO signal.

Carter: "Clear." (Then to Drey'auc) "It's OK. You're perfectly safe. Come on."

Teal'c (to Bra'tac): "Join us, old friend."

Bra'tac: "Another time."

Teal'c: "Once again, I owe you my thanks."

Bra'tac: "You owe me nothing. You have made an old teacher proud."

Scene: SGC - 'Gate Room
Jack is the last one through the 'gate. He arrives to see Teal'c, his wife and son hugging at the base of the ramp while the alarm klaxons blare in the background.

Scene: SGC - Infirmary

Fraiser: "Well, no sign of anything abnormal. Not that I'm an expert in what's normal for a Jaffa his age."

O'Neill: "No sign of a bomb in his belly?"

Fraiser: "None. Like Teal'c says, l don't think it would work in a Jaffa."

Teal'c: "Now do you see, O'Neill? All is well."

O'Neill: "Yeah, l hope so, Teal'c. But l still want to keep a guard on him."

Teal'c: "I would do the same."

Rya'c: "Father says Tau'ri only has one sun. I cannot wait to see it!" (Drey'auc laughs. He turns to his father.) "When will I be able to see it?"

Teal'c: "It will be a while, my son. You must be patient." ( Rya'c smiles. Drey'auc gets a funny look on her face. She pulls Teal'c aside, leaving Rya'c sitting on the infirmary bed.) "Something troubles you."

Drey'auc: "Before our son was taken, he was training with Master Bra'tac. He lost two teeth that day. They are no longer missing."
O'Neill overhears. He and Teal'c exchange a look and Jack moves over toward Rya'c.

Teal'c: "Dr Fraiser?"

Fraiser: "So, um... Rya'c...what kind of food do you like?"

Rya'c: "I am not hungry. I wish to see the outside of your world."

O'Neill: "There's plenty of time for that."

Fraiser: "Colonel?"

O'Neill (to Rya'c as he moves away): "We'll get to it."

Fraiser: "Rya'c, um... l'm gonna take a little blood sample. Then we'll be finished. You'll feel a tiny sting, but that's all."

Rya'c (goes ballistic, pushing Janet aside and jumping off the bed): "No! You dare touch me, Ha'taaka! l'll kill you all!"
Teal'c grabs his son and holds him.

Teal'c: "Do it quickly."
Janet injects him with a sedative. Teal'c and Drey'auc lay Rya'c back on the bed.

Scene: SGC - A Holding Cell
Drey'auc and Rya'c are in the cell. Rya'c is laying on a bed and is just regaining consciousness.

Drey'auc: "Rya'c..."

Rya'c: "Go away! l hate you!"

Drey'auc: "Rya'c!"

Rya'c: "You cannot stop me!" (Chomps his teeth together...twice.)

Drey'auc: "They're gone, son."

Rya'c: "I hate you! No, I want Apophis! I hate you! I hate you! Let me out!"

Hammond (watching the scene on a monitor in the Briefing Room): "What the hell almost happened here?"

Fraiser: "The teeth were fake, hollow. Inside each tooth we found a different biological organism, sort of like a virus. They both appear to be dormant, harmless, until you combine them. Then they become deadliest thing I've ever seen."

Carter: "If he bit down hard enough to break the teeth the two organisms would begin to combine and multiply exponentially, releasing themselves into the atmosphere."

Jackson: "So that's why he wanted to get outside so badly."

O'Neill: "Kinda sounds like anthrax."

Fraiser: "This stuff makes anthrax look like a cold virus."

Carter (referring to a map she has displayed on a computer monitor: "It would have taken less than two days for it to spread across North America. Less than a week to spread around the world."

Jackson: "And what would it have done?"

Carter: "Killed every living thing on Earth within 24 hours of contact."

Hammond: "There isn't any chance the boy has another device implanted in his body?"

Fraiser: "X-rays and CAT scans were negative, sir. All the other tests we ran were normal."

Jackson: "OK, so... we're all right. Rya'c is all right. We just have to get his mind back. And how do we do that?"

Carter: "Deprogramming."

O'Neill: "It's... not exactly the kind of thing you want to put a kid through."

Teal'c: "From the time of birth all Jaffa are taught to be strong. Rya'c is my son. He can withstand it."

Scene: SGC - Outside the Holding Cell
Drey'auc stands outside the door looking in. The rest of SG-1 are waiting outside as well. We can hear Rya'c through the door.

Rya'c: You cannot keep me here! Return me to Chulak, Ha'taaka! I hate you! You're Shol'va! I hate you! You messed up my life! Return me to Apophis! I hate you! Let me go, you cannot keep me here!

Scene: SGC - Inside the Holding Cell
Rya'c and Teal'c are the only ones present.

Rya'c: "Return me to Chulak, Ha'taaka!"

Teal'c: "We will not."

Rya'c: "Then go away! I wish never to see you again!"
He tries to hit Teal'c with a chair. Teal'c grabs Rya'c by his arms and turns him to look into his face.

Teal'c: "Apophis is a false god."

Rya'c: "Apophis is my god."

Teal'c: "Then who am I, my son?"

Rya'c: "The traitor. The vile one."

Teal'c: "I am your father and I have much love for you."

Rya'c: "My god loves me!"

Teal'c: "If Apophis loves you, why did he ask that you destroy yourself?"

Rya'c: "Let me sleep!"

Teal'c: "Why did Apophis ask that you to destroy yourself?"

Rya'c: "You are stupid! I told you, I would not have died."

Teal'c: "You are flesh and blood as I am, my son. Apophis lied to you."


Rya'c: "I must return to Apophis!"

Teal'c: "For what reason?"

Rya'c: "Because he loves me and l love him."

Teal'c:"Rya'c, my son, hear me. You must remember when we were a family. Remember how you loved the satta-cakes your mother made for you? Remember the stories we told by the fire at night, and how we laughed together? Rya'c, my son, that is love."
Rya'c smiles and walks toward this father only to spit in his face.

Scene: SGC - Outside the Holding Cell
Teal'c comes out. Sam is comforting Drey'auc who has just witnessed the spitting scene.

Teal'c: "He has reason to hate me, which only strengthens the twisting of his mind. Do you know of another way?"

O'Neill: "ECT?"

Fraiser: "Maybe."

Teal'c: "What is this ECT?"

Carter: "Electro-convulsive therapy."

Jackson: "Whoa! Electroshock? Isn't that kind of... barbaric?"

Fraiser: "Actually, its not so much any more. It's done under anesthesia in a more controlled way. I just...don't know about using it on a child, or for that matter a Jaffa. It could kill the Goa'uld larva inside him."

Teal'c: "That would kill Rya'c. This it similar to a zat'nik'tel discharge?"

O'Neill: "Yeah, as a matter of fact."

Teal'c: "A single zat'nik'tel discharge will not kill a Jaffa of any age, nor the symbiote within."

Fraiser: "Might work."

Teal'c (to Drey'auc): "It will cause him great pain."

Drey'auc: "I trust you know what is best."

Scene: SGC - Inside the Holding Cell
Rya'c is laying on the bed.

Teal'c: "Rya'c, you must arise. Your mother is here to help you."

Rya'c: "I hate her. I want Apophis!"

Teal'c: "Forgive me, my son."
Teal'c, with much difficulty, shoots Rya'c with the zat.

Rya'c: "Aaagh!"
Rya'c convulses in pain, then lies still. Drey'auc slowly turns him over and cradles his head in her hands.

Drey'auc: "He barely draws breath."

Teal'c: "He is in great pain. There is an ancient song you used to soothe him when he was but a baby."

Drey'auc (singing): " Kel ma kree, Sha'shan, Kel mant'ai, Or'intani, Kel han'dai..."

Rya'c(singing quietly): "lti Sha'shan han'dai." (then speaking and smiling) "Did you forget, Mother? Where are we, Mother? Father! You have returned home?"

Drey'auc: "We are not in Chulak, my son."

Rya'c: "But we are with Father?"

Drey'auc: "Yes."

Rya'c: "Then to me, we are home.
Drey'auc kisses Rya'c, Teal'c looks to the door and gives a small smile and nod to O'Neill who is watching through the window.

Scene: SGC - Stargate Room
Hammond is in the Control Room, the 'gate is active and the alarm klaxons are blaring.

Hammond: "Teal'c, you have a go!"

Drey'auc: "I must thank you all again. I would very much like to stay and get to know you better."

Jackson: "Well, you wouldn't have much of a life here. You'd be virtual prisoners."

Carter: "But you're welcome in the Land of Light and Tuplo's waiting on the other side. They're good people."

O'Neill: Yep, and they got tons of wide-open spaces for you to play and misbehave."
He hands Rya'c a baseball glove .

Rya'c: "W-what is it?"
Rya'c puts the glove on his head like a hat. Jack takes the hat off his head and puts a ball in it and places them both back in his hands.

O'Neill: "Well, I guess I'll have to come visit and explain a few things."

Teal'c: "I shall return."
Teal'c and his family walk through the 'gate.

End Credits
Neil Denis as Rya'c
Peter Bryant as Fro'tak
Jano Frandsen as Dj'nor
Laara Sadiq as Female Technician

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