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    Scene: Alien Planet - Jack and SG-1 are walking around a plaza in front of a large building.

Jack: "Witness if you will, a ghost town."

Sam: "A very advanced ghost town."

Daniel: "The architecture may indicate an Earth ancestry."

We hear a beep, beep and Daniel looks down at something he is holding. At that same time, Jack steps in some squishy yellow-gold substance on the ground.

Jack: "Aw, man..."

Carter grimaces.

Jack: "Anybody have any idea what this is?"

Sam: "I hate to say it sir, but it...seems like they might have a bit of a pigeon problem."

Jack: "I don't see pigeons...and there should be a lot of them."

Sam: "Well, whatever did this, did so pretty recently."

Teal'c: "Perhaps they suffered the same fate as the inhabitants of this city."

Jack: "Conjecture, Captain?"

Sam takes some readings with the instrument she is holding.

Sam: "My data is consistent with the probe, sir. No radiation, the air's almost 100% pollution free. Teal'c, it doesn't seem very likely that the Goa'uld are responsible for this does it? I mean, what with the indigenous people of this planet being...gone."

Teal'c: "That is correct. A Goa'uld attack would have resulted in much more damage. Any technology would have been destroyed."

Suddenly a large "something" whizzes by Jack. He ducks to avoid the flying menace,

Jack: " Wow! Did you guys hear that?"

All other SG-1 members are now looking at Teal'c with expressions of surprise and apprehension for there is now a large...really large winged bug on his back. It looks like a cross between a mosquito and...I don't know.

Jack approached Teal'c slowly.

Jack (with some obvious disgust): "Ohh..."

Sam: "What are you gonna do?"

Jack takes out his pistol and aims it at the creature. Teal'c looks on with some obvious trepidation. Daniel looks as though he wants to say something but is afraid to...

Just as Jack cocks the pistol, the bug flicks it's tail up and stings Teal'c.

Teal'c: "Ahh!" He leans into a pole in front of him. He is in obvious pain.

Jack: "God!" He trys to shoot the bug as it quickly departs from Teal'c but is unsuccessful and rushes to Teal'c. "Carter...novacaine."

Sam rushes forward to lend assistance.

Sam: "Yes, sir."

Daniel looks up as he is observing from a slight distance.

Daniel: "Uh...we'd better get outta here."

Jack (sarcastically): "No, really?"

Daniel (seriously): "No, really." He points to the sky behind them.

Jack turns to look in the direction he is pointing. Suddenly, hundreds of the bugs appear over the top of the building and they are headed toward SG-1.

Jack: God! Let's move! C'mon! Let's go!"

Jack and Sam each take and arm and begin helping Teal'c to follow Daniel.

Daniel: "I'll dial..."


Scene: SGC - 'Gate Room

The wormhole has just whooshed open and alarm claxons can be heard. The SGC computers announce Alert! Incoming Traveller. General Hammond comes down the stairs from his office in time to see SG-1 come through the wormhole.

Jack: "Lock it up!"

Sam: "Medical team!"

Teal'c lands (softly due to Sam and Jack's help) face down on the ramp.

General Hammond comes into the 'gate room and hears several hits on the iris.

Hammond: "What is that?"

Jack: "Those are bugs, sir! Big...ugly bugs!"

The hits continue on for several seconds.


Scene: SGC - Infirmary

Janet is cutting away the material surrounding Teal'c's wound. She pulls back the material to reveal a very large, ugly looking welt with a hole in the center of it.

Janet: "You're saying it's getting worse?"

Teal'c: "I am."

Janet takes a cotton swab and gently presses on the hole in the center of the welt to get a sample. Teal'c moans.

Janet: "Easy...looks like some kind of a reaction. Teal'c, shouldn't your larval Goa'uld be helping?"

Teal'c: "That is correct...but it is not. It is, in fact getting worse."



Opening Credits


Richard Dean Anderson as Col. Jack O'Niell

Michael Shanks as Dr. Daniel Jackson

Amanda Tapping as Capt. Samantha Carter

Christopher Judge as Teal'c

Don S. Davis as Gen. George Hammond


    Executive Producers:

Michael Greenburg

Richard Dean Anderson


    Developed for Television by Brad Wright & Jonathan Glassner


    Guest Stars:

Teryl Rothery as Dr. Janet Fraiser

Tom McBeath as Col. Harry Maybourne

Scott Hylands as Dr. Timothy Harlow


    Produced by N. John Smith


    Written by Robert C. Cooper


    Directed by David Warry-Smith




    Scene: SGC - Outside the Infirmary

Janet emerges from the treatment room to speak with SG-1 and Gen. Hammond who are waiting to hear news of Teal'c.

Janet: "He seems to be suffering from the side effects of a viral infection...fever, aches, chills..."

Sam: "And his Goa'uld isn't helping?"

Janet: "No...that's not the worse part..."

Jack: "What is?"

Janet: "The blood sample I took showed a rather disturbing amount of DNA that doesn't match Teal'c's."

Jack and Daniel (simultaneously): "What does that..."

Daniel: "...mean?"

Janet: "Actually, I'm not, to be perfectly honest with you, sir, I think I may be out of my league here."

Sam: "General, if I may...when I was assigned to the Pentagon, I had the chance to work with Dr. Timothy Harlow. He's one of the world's top geneticists and he has full security clearance."

Hammond: "He'll be here before the end of the day."


We see trucks going into Cheyenne Mountain.

Then we're back in the SGC Medical Facilities. Dr. Fraiser is working at a computer and Dr. Harlow is looking over her shoulder as Sam walks in.

Sam: "Dr. Harlow..."

Harlow: "Sam...well...Ah..."

They hug.

Sam: "Hi."

Harlow: "How many times have I told you to call me Timothy?"

Sam: " got here fast."

Harlow: "With a chance to see this? Light speed wouldn't have been fast enough for me...and it's not a bit disappointing either. You're a front line set up."

Sam: "Well, you haven't seen the best yet. I just wish it could have been under better circumstances."

Janet: "Dr. Harlow has some bad news..."

Harlow: "A subsequent analysis of the blood sample revealed none of the subject's matching DNA..."

Sam: "Uh, the subject's name is Teal'c...and what are you talking about?"

Janet: "The blood sample I took had only a small percentage of alien insect DNA in it."

Sam (nodding): "Right..."

Harlow: "Now when the exact same sample of Teal'c's blood was tested only a few hours later, it revealed only one type of DNA strand present."

Janet: "Hmm-mmm...and it wasn't Teal'c's."

Sam: "Are you saying that the foreign DNA actually transformed Teal'c's DNA in the blood sample?"

Harlow: "Well, DNA doesn't alter DNA. It's probably some sort of retro-virus present."

Sam: "OK...bottom line?"

Harlow (sighs): "I can't believe I'm going to say this. It appears that the alien insect's venom is rewriting Teal'c's genetic material and it happened very quickly in that blood sample."

Sam: "The Goa'uld that Teal'c carries is supposed to provide him with powerful immune capabilities."

Harlow: "Yes, so I read on the plane. It's amazing, but in this case, it appears that it's merely stemming the tide rather than reversing the problem."

Sam: "What happens if the Goa'uld loses the battle?"

Harlow: "Well, 30 years of research into Human DNA, until last year I...I didn't even know there were aliens..."

Sam: "Right."


Scene: SGC - Infirmary

Teal'c is not looking so good.

Teal'c (quietly, weakly): "I have felt great pain, O'Neill, but never a sickness such as this. I do not enjoy it."

Jack (quietly): "Nobody does."

Teal'c: "I am also...feeling something else."

Jack: "Hey...I'd be scared too."

Teal'c: "I do not want to become something other than who I am."

Jack: "Just let the doctors do their job."

Teal'c: "O' are my friend. When there is no longer any hope...I would rather die."

Jack swallows and gives a slight nod, but does not answer.


Scene: SGC - General Hammond's Office

There is a knock on the door and the General looks up from his desk.

Hammond: "Come in."

Jack (opens the door and sticks his head in): "You wanted to see me, sir?"

Hammond waits for Jack to notice who else is in the room. Jack looks slightly to his right and notices Harry Maybourne.

Jack: "Oh, for cryin' out loud."

Harry: "Colonel O'Neill..."

Jack: "Hello Maybournce..."

Hammond: "I thought you would want to see this..." He hands Jack some papers.

Jack walks over, takes the papers and reads them. Then he looks up straight into General Hammond's eyes.

Jack: "You've got to be kidding."

Hammond: "It's an official order. I have no choice."

Jack: "Well, uh...what about..."

Hammond: "The president is currently unavailable."

Harry: "This facility is front-line. You're mandate is search and retrieval. Mine is research and development. As a source of information, Teal'c has been invaluable to your operation. Now he may prove equally invaluable to mine. This organism could be the biological weapon..."

Jack: " He saved your smarmy ass and everyone else on this planet. Does that count for anything in your world?"

Harry: "Absolutely. I am thrilled to get the chance to thank him personally."

Jack: "General Hammond, request permission to beat the crap out of this man."

Harry looks a little nervously to General Hammond and then back to Jack. General Hammond looks at Jack with a hint of a smile on his face as he appears to be contemplating the request. Jack looks at Maybourne...


Scene: SGC - Medical Facilities

Sam walks into the lab where Harlow is looking in a microscope. She is not happy.

Sam: "You son of a bitch..."

Harlow: "Sam?"

Sam: "It had to be you. Damn it, Timothy, Teal'c is my friend. He's sick..."

Harlow: "Yes he is and he's going to get the very best help available...on this planet. But your facility is not equipped for this kind of situation and you know it."

Sam: "Please, don't tell me that you're ignorant here. I don't want to feel sorry for you."

Harlow: "Maybourne's people can be unscrupulous, but if Teal'c is to have any chance, it is with me...and I will do the best that I can."


Scene: SGC - Infirmary

Teal'c is in a biohazard suit, standing and is having cuffs placed on his wrists. The cuffs are connected to chains which are connected to shackles that have also been placed on his ankles. He is surrounded by men in black.

Janet: "General, I have a right to stop this. He is not well enough to be moved."

Harry: "Fortunately, I have a second opinion." He indicates Harlow who is standing next to him. Harlow smiles.

A man in black places the biohazard helmet over Teal'c's head. Meanwhile, out in the corridor, the remaining members of SG-1 are waiting.

Daniel (shakes his head): "How can we just let this happen?"

Jack (moves his head around as though trying to release tension in his neck and shoulders, then rubs his hand on his forehead): "What do you want me to do?"

Sam: "As much as I don't trust Maybourne, I have to admit...Timothy is the best and he gave me his word he was gonna help Teal'c."

Just then the door opens. Maybourne is first out, followed by Harlow, who smiles briefly at Sam. Then Teal'c is escorted out, slowly, in his shackles by two guards. He is followed by General Hammond and Janet. Teal'c glances at his teammates as he is lead away.

Jack (shakes his head as Janet and Gen. Hammond approach): "What's with the chains?"

Hammond: "Maybourne."

Sam makes a disgusted sound.

Jack: "Of course..."

Daniel looks away, unable to watch Teal'c being led away down the corridor.

Jack (who can take no more): "God!"

He walks away from the others.


Scene: We see a white delivery truck driving down the road. Then we see inside the cargo area of the truck. Teal'c is seated on one side flanked by men in black. Harlow and Maybourne are at the back of the truck near the cab.

Harry: "How long you figure he has?"

Harlow: "I don't know. It's tough to say. Depends on how strong the larval Goa'uld is. We have drugs that may help."

Harry: "That won't be necessary."

Harlow: "Of course it is. We want him to change."

Teal'c's hands begin to shake and he busts the chains between his wrists and ankles as well as the chains between his wrists. He reaches up and pulls the helmet from his head and screams. He is quite pale looking and appears to be in great pain. Next we see the driver who is hearing some unusual noises coming from the back of the truck along with Teal'c's screams. Then Teal'c's arms busts through the back glass and the metal grate which covers it to grab the driver by the head.


Scene: SGC - Briefing Room

Sam and Daniel are seated at the table. Jack is standing behind them staring out into the 'gate room.

Sam: "All I'm saying is that not withstanding what happened to Teal'c, there may be invaluable technology on that planet."

Jack (turns around to face the others): "Carter...there are bugs on that planet. Big, huge, ugly, honkin' bugs."

Hammond (who just comes from his office): "Colonel, we just picked up an emergency communication from the driver..."


Scene: Back on the road. The delivery truck is sitting slightly askew on the side of the road. We see inside the back of the truck. Teal'c removes the biohazard suit. Next, he unbuttons his shirt and reaches into his pouch to pull out his Goa'uld. He takes one of the unconscious guard's walkie-talkies and leaves the truck. We see the squirming Goa'uld larva left behind on top of the biohazard suit. We see Teal'c running through the forest and then we see a HumVee approach the truck. Jack, Sam and Daniel get out of the vehicle and approach the delivery truck. Jack and Daniel climb in the back. Sam checks on the driver. Jack bends down to check Harlow.

Sam (through the backglass to O'Neill): "The driver's unconscious."

Daniel (who is behind Jack near the back of the truck): "Jack..."

Jack (turning to join him): "Yeah?"

Daniel: "It's alive..."

Daniel reaches out to touch the larval Goa'uld.


Scene: SGC - Infirmary

Janet is shining her pen light into the eyes of one of the guards that led Teal'c away. Maybourne is sitting on a bed next to them with his arm in a sling.

Harry: "I want as many personnel and canine units as this base has at my disposal 5 minutes ago!"

Jack (walks in with Daniel following): "All of whom report to me. I'm running this search."

Harry: "This is still my responsibility."

Jack: "Oh, I'm holding you responsible, Maybourne, don't you fret. But the troops are SGC. I'm running the show. You got a problem with that, take it up with Hammond."

Harry (rising and grabbing his jacket): "I will."

Maybourne's departure is blocked by Jack.

Harry (rather quietly to Jack only): Striking an officer is a quick way to a court-martial."

Jack (looks down at Harry): "I'm not gonna hit you, Maybourne. I'm gonna shoot you."

Maybourne walks around Jack to pivots slightly to let him by.

Jack: All right...what the hell happened here?"

Harlow: "Well, he just went crazy. He's so strong. I've never seen anything like that."

Daniel: "What about the larval Goa'uld?"

Harlow: "I don't know. He must have taken that out himself."

Daniel: "Why?"

Jack: "Um...he told me he'd rather die than change into something else."

Daniel: "Well, there has to be quicker, less painful ways to kill yourself, even for a Jaffa."

Harlow: "I don't think that's the way it's going to happen. I mean, I doubt that he will die."

Daniel: "Uh, he depends on that Goa'uld to live."

Harlow: "The alien insect's venom is affecting his physical makeup. With every passing moment he is ceasing to be a...a Jaffa. The larva may be the only thing that's holding that transformation back."

Jack: "So by takin' the worm out he might be expediting this...change?"

Daniel: "Why would he do that?"

Harlow: "Well, the metamorphosis...could be altering his mind."


Scene: We see Teal'c's symbiote in a glass cylinder in fluid. Janet and Sam are monitoring it.

Janet: "It's stable.

Sam: "I don't think it will be for long."

Janet: "I just wish I knew more about Goa'uld physiology."

Sam: "The frustrating thing is, I might. Jolinar might have left me with some information but I..."

Janet: "OK, look, we've got samples of the fluid from inside Teal'c's pouch. So, for now, we'll just have to do our best to synthesize the environment."


Scene: Forest

Teams with dogs are searching the forest for Teal'c.


Scene: SGC - Briefing Room

Jack (pointing to a map): "...and there's no sign of him inside the perimeter.

Hammond: "We don't have jurisdiction if he's already gotten outside of that."

Daniel (who has just run up the stairs): "We've got him."

All follow Daniel down to the control room.

Daniel: "There were picking up a radio in the field and patched it in here."

Jack (taking a phone handset): "Teal'c?"

Teal'c (over the phone): "O'Neill, it is I. Do not allow Col. Maybourne to follow me."

Jack: "He's not going to. Where are you?"

Teal'c: "I will not say."

Jack: "C'mon, Teal'c, where are you? We can help you."

Teal'c: "It is too late."

Jack: "All right, listen. You're changing. You don't want this to happen. You told me you'd rather die. Teal'c?"


Jack: "Teal'c!"

We see the radio Teal'c had been using laying on the ground. He has left it. Jack hangs up the handset.


Scene: SGC - Infirmary

We see the larva in the tank. It is lying on the bottom of the tank and not looking good.

Harlow: "It is possible we can still save your friend...if we can get him back."

Sam: "How?"

Harlow: "Well, I have access to several variations of experimental RNA inhibitors which are being researched at the moment, and combined with the natural healing abilities of the symbiote..."

Janet: "Wait a knew this and you didn't offer right away when it could have helped?"

Sam: "Maybourne was hoping Teal'c would change and you were gonna let him."

Harlow: "No I wasn't...whatever you may think. Samantha, I am offering you my help."

Sam (sighs): "OK, what do you need?"

Harlow: "Well, we have to find out which of the drugs will work."

Sam: "How?"

Harlow: "We need the alien insect's venom."


Scene: SGC - Briefing Room

Hammond: "How do you know you can trust Harlow this time?"

Sam: "I know and you think Maybourne put him up to this just to get a specimen of the insect."

Hammond: "I wouldn't put it past him."

Sam: "Right at the moment, sir, we don't have a lot of options."

Jack and Daniel walk in.

Jack: "We got nothin', sir."

Daniel: "Must have covered 20 miles in an hour."

Hammond: "Maybourne is flying in his own personnel."

Jack: "Any action on the red phone?"

Hammond: "Still indisposed."

Sam: "In the mean time, we have kind of a good news/bad news scenario here. If we do find Teal'c soon, we may have a way of saving him."

Jack: "OK...that's good news..."

Sam: "...but someone had to go back to BP6-3Q1 and catch one of those alien insects, preferably alive." (Jack cringes.)

Daniel: "And that would be the bad news."

Jack: "I'll go, sir."

Sam: "You'll need someone to watch your back."

Daniel: "And I'll go too."

Hammond (rising from his chair): "I'll make sure it's not for nothing. We'll find Teal'c."

Jack: "Pack your bug spray, kids."


Scene: City (Colorado Springs?)

Teal'c is walking down a street. We hear rap music in the background and see several punks on the street hanging out. One of the notices Teal'c coming their way.

Punk1: "Man, check this dude out." (He approaches Teal'c, his buddies follow.) "Hey man, where you goin'?" (Teal'c slows and stops as he approaches the punks.) "Hey, cool tattoo, man. Where'd you get that?"

Teal'c: "Chulak."

Punk1: "Chulak? Where's that? East side?"

Teal'c: "Remove yourself from my path."

Punk1: "Listen to this guy. I'll remove myself when you tell me how they tattoos like that in Chulak."

Teal'c: "The skin is cut with an Orak knife and pure molten gold is poured into the wound."

Punk1: "Ow, man, don't that hurt when they do that?"

Teal'c grabs the punk by the throat and moves him aside. The punk is obviously scared.

Teal'c: "Tremendously."

He puts the punk down and continues on his way. He looks back over his shoulder and about that time a younger child moves out to look at him. The child is wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses and carrying a large squirt gun. Her name is Ally.

Ally: "That guy is cool."

Punk1: "Ally, get outta here. No one wants you around."

He pushes Ally. Ally leaves in the same direction Teal'c had gone.


Scene: SGC - 'Gate Room

Jack, Sam and Daniel are heading back to the alien insect planet.


Scene: City

Teal'c has walked into a warehouse district. He notices a police car and hears chatter on their radio. He continues on.



Scene: SGC

Hammond is on the phone.

Hammond (into the phone): "Yes. Thank you."

He hangs up as Dr. Fraiser walks in.

Janet: "Any word on the search?"

Hammond: "'s the Goa'uld doing?"

Janet: "Not well..."

Hammond (quieter): "Damned if I ever thought I'd be praying for one of those things to live."

Janet (shakes head in agreement): "How long have they been gone?"

Hammond: "I'm about read to send SG-3 after them."


Scene: City

Teal'c has walked up to what appears to be an abandoned building. He goes inside. He is finding it more difficult to walk and eventually collapses. He looks at his arms which are now covered in lesions.


Scene: SGC - Control Room

Female Officer: "Incoming wormhole. It's SG-1."

Hammond looks at Janet and raises his eyebrow slightly. They both go to watch SG-1 return. Jack, Sam and Teal'c come through in a rush. All are wearing gas masks.

Jack (recovering from his tumble through the gate): "Lock it up!"

The iris begins to close, but not before one bug flies through.It dives toward Jack, who ducks and growls. He pulls off his mask and looks to the entrances.

Jack: "Close those doors!" (The doors are closed.) "Where is it? Where is it!?"

Daniel (pointing): "There!"

The bug flies around the 'gate room and then straight toward Jack who fires his P-90 at it. The bug continues to fly over Jack, who turns and continues to fire at it. The bug flies through the 'gate and falls to the ground on the other side. Jack gets up to investigate. The bug is on the ground but still moving.

Jack: "Just winged it."

Sam approaches with liquid nitrogen or some other freezing substance and shoots the bug.

Jack (after a few seconds): "All right! Hold got it!" (He touches Sam's shoulder and she stops.)


Scene: SGC - Medical Facilities

The bug is lying on a table and Harlow is looking at it with a magnifying glass.

Harlow: "Not your garden variety mosquito."

Hammond: "There's no word on Teal'c yet, but Maybourne's put out an all points bulletin to the state and local police."

Jack: "We've gotta find him first, sir."

Hammond: "Right at the moment, Maybourne has the manpower advantage and the jurisdiction."

Sam: "You really should see this, sir."

She pushed a remote and starts playing video that they recorded on the planet.

Daniel (by way of narrating): "We thought we heard noises coming from one of the buildings."

Sam: "It seems the final stage of the metamorphosis requires a dark place."

Hammond: "That's a man."

Daniel: "It looks like the inhabitants of the planet were human...possibly from Earth, originally."

Jack: "Daniel was right."

Daniel: "But their entire civilization was obviously wiped out by this bug...and all those inhabitants were changed."

Sam: "It's amazing, really. I mean, they had all the technology we do...maybe more...and they couldn't prevent their demise at the hands of a simple insect."

Jack: "Oh, yeah, real simple."

Sam raises her eyebrows in concession.

Jack: "Take a look at this, sir."

The video shows the cocooned form of the man they had been looking at when suddenly several smaller versions of the bug erupt from the cocoon. Then the video turns to static Jack cringes and swallows.

Hammond: "All those things came from one body?"

Jack looks to Sam.

Harlow: "Of course...equal matter conversion."

Sam (shakes her head in agreement): "It's how they reproduce. The insect's venom actually converts the body's mass into it's own DNA material. But a human, this case, a Jaffa's total matter is far greater than one of the insect's natural mass."

Jack: "Thank you."

Hammond: "So Teal'c isn't going to turn into just one of those things."

Sam: "No, sir. He's going to turn into a whole lot of those things."


Scene: City - The building where Teal'c is hiding.

Teal'c is looking at his hands which seem to be covered in a sticky substance. Just then Ally bursts into the room, pointing her squirt gun.

Ally: "Nobody move."

Teal'c looks at her. He does not look good. There are lesions all over his neck and face now too.

Ally (very quietly): "Sorry. I didn't know the room was occupied."

Teal'c (almost a whisper): "What type of weapon do you possess?"

Ally: "This? Chill, dude. It's just a water gun. I was playing, see?"

She squirts Teal'c who groans as the water hits him.

Ally: "Uh, sorry, man. Please don't freak on me."

Teal'c: "Leave me."

Ally (taking off her cap to reveal long brown hair): "You're not from around here, are you?" (She removes her sun glasses and moves closer to Teal'c.) "Whoa, man, if you ask look like you could use a couple more days in rehab."

Teal'c: "No one must know that I am here."

Ally: "OK. Are you sure, though? I mean you look worse than my Dad did after he got shot...and he died."

Teal'c: "You must leave."

Ally: "OK."

She gets up to leave.

Teal'c: "Wait."

Ally: "What?"

Teal'c: "I must have nourishment."

Ally: "Oh, man! You want my chocolate bar?"

Teal'c: "I must eat."

Ally (sighs): "OK. How 'bout we share it."

She opens the candy bar and give a chunk to Teal'c. She then eats part herself.

Ally: "Peanuts and caramel. Pretty good, huh?"

Teal'c: "Can you get more?"

Ally: "Maybe. What's in it for me?"

Teal'c: "Peanuts and caramel."

Ally: "No, dumb ass, like I mean...what do I get?"

Teal'c: "I have nothing to offer you."

Ally: "How 'bout...let's say you owe me one. Like in the's that?"

Teal'c does not answer so Ally gets up to go.

Ally: "OK...back in a flash."

Teal'c: "No one must know."

Ally: "Don't sweat it."

Teal'c: "I cannot prevent it."

Ally: "I meant OK."

She leaves.


Scene: SGC - Medical Facilities

Daniel is helping Harlow with the examination of the alien insect.

Harlow: "Will you retract that flap for me, please?"

Daniel looks around to be sure that Harlow is not trying to hand the retracting tool to someone else. No one else is in the room.

Daniel: "Me?"

Harlow: "It's perfectly sedated." (Daniel reluctantly takes the instrument.) "It's very tough armor our little friend has. Quite a creation. All right, now..."

Sam walks in as Harlow begins digging into the bug.

Harlow (whispering): "There..." (He pulls something out of the bug as Daniel and Sam look on.) "There's the juice."

Sam: "Uh, I worked out a probability model...absolute worse-case scenario if the mutation in Teal'c runs the full course..."

Daniel: "How bad?"

Sam: "Well, the insect can multiply exponentially, so every person who's stung could turn into about 10 bugs. Now, we don't have an exact time on the incubation, but..."

Harlow: "...But we're easily guessing on the safe side..."

Sam: "We could have swarms on the order of millions in 6 to 8 weeks."


Scene: City - Teal'c's building.

Ally is eating a candy bar and doing recon. She sees cops outside speaking to the punks Teal'c encountered earlier. She returns to where Teal'c is and finishes her candy bar as she contemplates her next move. She thumps Teal'c with a candy bar.

Ally: "Hey..." (she waits for Teal'c to take the candy bar) "You a kimble?"

Teal'c (whispering): "What is a kimble?"

Ally: "What planet are you from? You know, Dr. Richard Kimble, the fugitive. I'm asking if you're wanted by the law. Looks like the cops are asking about you on the street."

Teal'c: "They must not find me."

Ally: "What'd you do?"

Teal'c: "I have done nothing."

Ally: "Innocent 'till proven guilty."

Teal'c: "You must leave."

Ally: "Why?"

Teal'c: "I am...dangerous."

Ally: "No way. You won't hurt me."

Teal'c: "How can you know this?"

Ally: "I got the sense. My old man gave it to me. He was a cop. He could tell who the bad guys were just by smellin' 'em."

Teal'c: "What is your purpose here?"

Ally (shrugs): "Got nothin' better to do."

Teal'c: "Do you not attend an educational institution?"

Ally: "What planet are you from? Duh...nobody goes to school in the summer, unless you're stupid."

Teal'c: "What of the one who gave you birth?"

Ally: "My mom? She works all day so I can get dinner and a place to sleep. Listen, you're a sittin' duck down here."

Teal'c: "And ducks are bad?"

Ally: "Uh...the sitting kind are. Here...if you can get up, I can show you a place to hide."

She takes Teal'c by the hand.


Scene: SGC - Gen. Hammond's Office

He is on the red phone (finally).

Hammond: "Yes, sir. I understand. We will." (He hangs up the phone and addresses Jack, who is standing on the other side of the desk.) "The president has overruled Maybourne's orders."

Jack: "So, if the local authorities find Teal'c, we get him back."

Hammond: "Yes, but Maybourne still has jurisdiction to continue his search."

Jack: " the race is on."


Scene: City - Teal'c's Building

Ally is helping Teal'c up a stair case.

Ally: "Shouldn't you really see a doctor?"

Teal'c: "I must rest."

Ally: "No its just's just a bit more up there. Almost..."


Scene: City - Outside Teal'c's Building

We see a white van pulling up to the building. Several men in hazmat gear, carrying weapons jump out of the van.

Voice: "Move it out...let's go!"

A second van approaches. Maybourne is riding in this one.

Voice 2: "Move out, men!"

Maybourne gets out of the van, waits for the men to go into the building ahead of him and then walks toward the building. His men bust the doors to the building open.

Voice 3: "We're through!"

Voice 4: "Fan out!"


Elsewhere in the building, Ally has taken Teal'c to a ladder.

Ally: "It's up here. It's not a long way."

Teal'c climbs laboriously up the ladder. His head pops through a small square hole in the floor. Meanwhile the search in other parts of the building continues.


Scene: SGC - Medical Facilities

Harlow is showing Sam some readouts.

Harlow: "I think we've got it. It's this drug that's actually slowing the transformation in the sample. Now that wouldn't cure a normal human, but Teal'c may at least stand a chance with the help of his symbiote's natural healing abilities."

Janet: "We may not have that for much longer."

Sam and Harlow move to where Janet is monitoring the symbiote.

Harlow: "What?"

Janet: "It's dying."

Harlow: "What can we do?"

Sam shakes her head as she has no idea.

Scene: City - Teal'c's Building

The search crews are getting closer. They continue to ascend staircases and are getting closer to Teal'c. Ally is hiding out in another part of the building. She is stopped by one of the searchers. Meanwhile, Teal'c is laying in a semi-fetal position on the floor. Several searchers bring Ally out to where Maybourne is.

Searcher: "This is all we found."

Harry: "Hello, young lady." (Ally gives him a snotty smile.) "I'm Colonel Maybourne. I work for the United States of're government, the good guys..."

Ally (rolls eyes): "Yeah, right..."

Harry (bending down to look her in the eye): "Oh, we're here on a little investigation. Actually, we're looking for someone. He was last seen around this building. We think he could still be here. Maybe you could help us...Now, he's tall..."

Ally: "I ain't seen nobody, and even if I did, I wouldn't tell you."

Harry: "Why is that?"

Ally: "Because, I don't like the way you smell."

Maybourne straightens up, none too pleased.


Scene: SGC - Medical Facilities

Jack walks in to check on the progress.

Janet: "Colonel...from the looks of it, we only have minutes."

Jack: " there anything your Tok'ra memories could..."

Sam: "I know, sir, I know. I can't just access them at will. Believe me, I've been trying..."

Jack: "Oh, it's too bad you can't zap it with those paddles like they do on...E. R. That guys that's...What?"

Sam: "It couldn't be that simple."

Janet: "Defibbing would kill it."

Sam: "...but we've done our best to synthesize almost every environmental condition the Goa'uld larva has inside Teal'c's pouch...

Jack: "What?"

Sam: "...nutrition, temperature..."

Janet: "Except electrical current..."

Sam: "...and there is a very small constant electrical charge flowing through all of our bodies. The Goa'uld may need that."

Janet: " then all we need is a small enough power source."

Sam: "Yeah."

Jack: "What?"


Scene: City - Teal'c's Building

Ally is back inside. She has waited until Maybourne's people have left. She climbs the ladder to where she left Teal'c.

Ally: "They're gone." (She is stunned when she sees Teal'c.) "Oh, my God."

Teal'c is now beginning to turn in to a cocoon. He is covered in white sticky stuff.

Ally (as she slowly approaches): "What happened to you?" (She kneels down next to him and looks him over.) "Man, this is like...serious alien stuff going on here. If you don't tell me what to do, I am going to get the cops."

Teal'c is gasping as he tries to communicate.

Ally: "My Dad used to know a couple of guys we can trust."

She starts to get up but Teal'c reaches out and grabs her hand.

Teal'c: "No."

Ally: "But look at you. You don't really want this to happen, do you?"


Scene: SGC - Medical Facilities

Janet and Sam have hooked up an electrical current to the symbiote tank.

Janet: "It's getting better."

Sam: "It was so simple."

Jack: "Well...I guess my work here is done."

Sam and Janet smile at each other. Just then, the phone rings. Janet goes to answer it.

Janet: "Fraiser. Yeah. Colonel."

Jack turns and walks to the phone.

Ally: " this Colonel Jack O'Neill? It's about time. I only had to talk to about 15 people to get to you. Do you know a bug dude named Teal'c? Yeah, man, I would hurry if I was you."



Scene: City - Teal'c's Building

Jack climbs up through the opening in the floor with a flashlight. He spots a nearly complete cocooned Teal'c on the floor.

Jack: "Oh, my God." (He hurries over to Teal'c.) "Teal'c."

Daniel is the next up the ladder. He sees Jack and Teal'c.

Daniel: "I'll go get help."

Jack: "Teal'c."

Teal'c: "O'Neill."

Jack: "Yeah. It's me."

Teal'c: "Kill me."

Jack: ""

Teal'c: "The change cannot be stopped."

Jack: "I won't lie to don't look so great...but you're gonna make it. You're gonna be OK."

Jack begins removing the white, sticky, stringy substance that is covering Teal'c's face.

Next we see Teal'c being brought out of the building on a stretcher. He is covered with a blanket and only his head is visible. His face is quite pale and covered with lesions.

Ally: "Why can't I go with you?"

Daniel: "Sorry, you just...can't. These guys here are gonna take care of you and make sure you're OK."

Ally: "Is Teal'c gonna be OK?"

Daniel: "I hope so."

Ally: "Me, too."

Daniel walks toward the military vehicle in which Teal'c and Jack already are waiting.

Ally: "Hey...tell him he still owes me one."

Daniel nods.


Scene: SGC - Infirmary

Sam, Daniel and Jack are sitting, waiting as Teal'c is wheeled into the room. Dr. Fraiser is right behind Teal'c.

Janet: "His pouch had started to close, but we were able to reopen it. The Goa'uld is back where it belongs and it seems to be doing OK."

Daniel: "And Teal'c?"

Harlow: "With the help of the drug, it appears the symbiote has stopped the metamorphosis."

Janet: "We're hoping the Goa'uld has the ability to reverse the damage already done."

Daniel: "It can't be easy knowing the thing you despise most about yourself is what saved your life..."

Jack: "Hey...even I'm happy he's got the snake..."

Hammond (who has just arrived): "This sounds like good news."

Sam: "Hope so."

Hammond: "Maybourne has ordered the insect specimen and all related research transferred to the Area 51 facility."

Jack (shaking his head and under his breath): "I should've shot him."

Harlow: "I regret that's impossible, sir."

Hammond: "Why is that?"

Harlow: "Well, as soon as Teal'c is fully recovered, the insect is going to be involved in an unfortunate lab accident. I'm afraid I'll have to take full responsibility."

Harlow smiles as Sam, who returns the smile. Jack raises his brow in surprise, then shakes his head in agreement.



Scene: City - Teal'c's Building

We see Ally playing in the building with her water gun. She comes around a corner and runs into a fully recovered Teal'c and Daniel.

Ally: "Teal'c! Hi!"

Teal'c: "Greetings, Ally."

Ally: "You're OK."

Teal'c (giving a slight nod): "Thanks to you I am feeling much better."

Ally: "Aw, man, it was no sweat. You look way better. I guess you can't really tell me what happened...all that top-secret, James Bond stuff, right?"

Teal'c: "That is correct. To show my gratitude, I have brought you a new weapon. One with increased range and firepower."

Teal'c offers her a new super-soaker water gun.

Ally (gasps): "Wicked! This is so cool! Have any time to play?"

Daniel: "Uh, actually we..."

Daniel is stopped mid-sentence as a large stream of water blasts Teal'c in the chest. Ally giggles and runs away. Daniel wipes a little water out of his eye, as he has been splashed by the water stream which hit Teal'c.

Daniel: "Guess we shouldn't have loaded it, huh?

Teal'c pulls out some cool sunglasses and places them on his face. He then turns to Daniel...

Teal'c: "How else could she defend herself?"

Teal'c turns his water gun on Daniel and fires at point-blank range into Daniel's chest. Then he runs down the hall after Ally.

Daniel (somewhat stunned) "How else?"

He wipes his eye again, then pulls his shirts out away from his chest and shakes it so get some of the water out.


End Credits:


    Executive Producers: Jonathan Glassner & Brad Wright


Colleen Rennison as Ally

Alonso Oyarzun as Punk Leader

Richard Leacock as Sergeant

Laara Sadiq as Female Technician
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