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Scene: SGC - Briefing Room

Daniel, Jack and Sam are seated around the table. Teal'c, who is standing, opens a white case and hands one of several rocks from inside the case to Sam. She, seated next to Jack, holds the rock between them so they can both look at it. General Hammond is standing near the observation window, looking out.

Hammond: "It's our hope that this material may one day help us fight the Goa'uld."

Jack: "What is it?"

Hammond: "Trinium. Captain Conner and SG-11 discovered it on a routine exploratory mission on the planet PXY-887."

Sam: "Yeah, I remember hearing about this. It's supposed to be 100 times lighter and stronger than steel."

Teal'c has just squeezed and crushed one of the rocks with his hand.

Hammond: "That's a sample of raw Trinium which is too brittle for manufacturing because of its impurities. We commissioned SG-11 to extract more Trinium samples from the planet. As of this morning, the are 48 hours overdue for the weekly check-in. It's time to find out why."

Daniel: "Any indigenous people on the planet?"

Hammond: "Well, not according to a preliminary sweep by the UAV."

Jack: "Well, it is a big planet, sir."

Hammond: "True enough...and Conner's people have only scouted within a few miles of the base camp, but they picked up no radio traffic, EM sign of any indigenous life what-so-ever."

The alarm klaxon goes off.

Technician: "Incoming traveler!"

Female Technician (walking into briefing room): "SG-11 is returning."

Hammond (turning toward the window): "There'd better be a damned good explanation."

SG-1 join Gen. Hammond at the observation window and watch the wormhole activate. While they are watching, an arrow whizzes out of the wormhole, through the observation window glass and into Jack's right bicep. All fall to the floor when the impact occurs.

Hammond (jumps up and looks at the window which has a whole in it and is shattered, but is still mostly intact): "Everyone all right?"

Jack (who is face down, lying mostly on his right arm, puts up his left arm to flag attention to himself): "Uh, no...Oh, no."

Daniel is right there to help him sit up. Jack is in obvious pain and holding back. He looks down at his now blood-stained shirt and at the metallic arrow stuck in his arm.

Jack: "Oh, God."


Opening Credits


Richard Dean Anderson as Colonel Jack O'Neill

Michael Shanks as Dr. Daniel Jackson

Amanda Tapping as Captain Samantha Carter

Christopher Judge as Teal'c

Don S. Davis as General George Hammond

Executive Producers:

Michael Greenburg

Richard Dean Anderson

Developed for Television by Brad Wright & Jonathan Glassner

Guest Stars:

Rodney A. Grant

Alex Zahara

Christina Cox

Kevin McNulty

Roger R. Cross


Robert C. Cooper

N. John Smith

Written by Tor Alexander Valenza

Directed by Martin Wood

Scene: SGC - Infirmary

Daniel, Sam and Teal'c walk into the Infirmary to see Jack, who is laying in one of the beds.

Jack: "Hi, kids."

Sam: "We're about ready to ship out, sir. You gonna be ok?"

Jack: "I'm not dead, Captain...just grounded for a few days."

Sam: "Well, if the bullet-proof glass hadn't slowed it down..."

Jack: "Oh, please...aliens are always poking me full of holes."

Sam: "Right."

Daniel: "Uh, you might be interested to know that the...arrow was...native North American, but of advances design."

Daniel hands the front half of the arrow to Sam, who then hands it to Jack.

Sam: "Our preliminary tests show it was made of pure forged Trinium. If there are Native Americans on this planet, they've come a long way, technologically, in the past few hundred years."

Daniel: "And we just marched in and started mining."

General Hammond walks in as Jack looks at the arrow and then Daniel.

Hammond: "I've just talked to the Pentagon. While they're obviously concerned about finding SG-11, they also want to avoid further upsetting the indigenous people."

Sam: "Meaning the don't want to risk losing the Trinium."

Hammond: "You're secondary objective is to negotiate a mining treat with these people. Obviously, we've started our relations on the wrong foot."

Jack: "But that's so rare, sir."

Hammond: "Captain, as you are taking over command of SG-1 on this mission, my superiors have ordered me to remind you to be diplomatic."

Sam (nods): "Yes, sir."

Jack: "Just as I would be."

Daniel looks at Teal'c. Teal'c glances at General Hammond.

Hammond: "SG-1, you have a go."

They all three turn to leave.

Jack: "Sam..."

Sam stops and turns back to face Jack.

Sam: "Colonel?"

Jack: "First command?" (she nods) "Cool."

Sam: "I'll do my best, sir."

Jack: "I know you will, Captain."

Sam: "Thanks."

She grins, then looks at General Hammond, gives a quick nod and leaves, closing the door behind her. Jack smiles.


Scene: Planet PXY-887

There is a black raven sitting on a rock in the middle of SG-11's camp. It caws several times and then takes off as Sam and Daniel approach the camp.

Teal'c (over radio): "Captain Carter...I am outside the blasting site. It appears to be deserted. I will investigate further."

Sam (into her radio): "Affirmative. At location now."

She and Daniel head into the tent. She sniffs, moves out of her ready position as she approaches a coffee pot. She picks up the put and sniffs again,

Sam (looking at Daniel): "'s boiled dry."

Daniel activates a computer screen that has gone to sleep.

Daniel (mumbles as he reads): "Currently extracting an average of 47 pounds of Trinium ore per day to increase our production fore fold as the engineers have requested... It's a...requisition request from Captain Conner. He just stops in mid-sentence."

Sam: "Looks like they all stopped what they were doing and just left."

Teal'c enters the tent.

Teal'c: "I found no sign of struggle at the blast site. However, a pair of footprints led me to two separate detonators. The first had been discharged. The second had not."

Sam: "So SG-11 was taken by surprise before the second charge went off."

Teal'c: "That was my first conclusion, but there were no footprints leading away from the mine. It's as if they disappeared where they were standing."

Daniel: "Creepy..."

They hear a strange breathing sound. Teal'c exits the tent to investigate. We see a wolf on the hillside looking down on the tent as Teal'c emerges with his back to the wolf. The wolf leaves and Teal'c turns as he hears the wolf's departure. Sam and Daniel emerge from the tent as well.

Teal'c (putting his staff weapon to rest): "I am certain I heard something."

Daniel: "Ghosts?"

Teal'c: "Jaffa do not believe in such things."

Sam: "Let's see if we can't find something more tangible."

They are walking through the nearby woods. Sam has her weapon ready. Daniel is not far away. Suddenly, Teal'c calls from a rock above their heads.

Teal'c: "Captain Carter!"

Teal'c points to a spot further ahead and to Sam's left. She comes around a tree to see a large totem pole. The top of the totem pole is a raven whose wings enclose many smiling faces. Below that is a wolf, below that is a raven eating a snake and below that several people in bondage. Daniel is standing looking at the pole as Sam approaches. Sam pulls out her knife and taps the handle against the silver parts of the pole. They are definitely metallic.

Sam: "Trinium...just like the arrow." (Teal'c comes up the path behind them.) "Can you interpret it Daniel?"

Daniel (pointing up): "It's, uh, it's a clan crest...I believe, akin to the style of the central coast Salish Indians. tells the story of the clans origin. This one tells of how they were brought here from a distant planet by evil rulers. Now, according to this figure (he points to a face not unlike Teal'c's, tattoo and all), uh, the evil rulers were probably Jaffa, taking them from Earth."

Sam: "So this was once a Goa'uld planet?"

Daniel: "Well, according to the crest, the Goa'uld were destroyed by Xe-ls, who's protected them ever since."

Sam: "Xe-ls?"

Daniel: "He's the Salish's main spirit. On Earth he's a benevolent one, traditionally, and represented by this raven figure."

There is a sound and Teal'c takes a ready position, aiming his staff weapon at the direction of the sound.

Sam (who has now raised her weapon as well): "What?"

Teal'c (moving forward slightly, but putting his weapon at rest again): "A wolf."

He continues listening and looks as though he is following the sound around and behind him. Suddenly a wolf does cross the path behind him. Teal'c raises his weapon again, pointing at the wolf.

Teal'c: "There!"

The wolf has now disappeared. Sam lowers her weapon and looks at Teal'c.

Teal'c: "It was there."

Suddenly, they hear the whiz of a dart.

Daniel: "I heard that."

Sam: "Me too." (Teal'c is looking strangely toward his shoulder. A second whiz is heard.) "Teal'c?"

Two darts have struck Teal'c in the back. He is beginning to collapse when Sam is hit with a dart. She falls near Teal'c. Daniel is hit and fall too. Sam maintains consciousness long enough to see five Native American looking males approaching with bows.

Scene: PXY-887 - A Salish Village

There is a building (a lodge?) and several teepees as well as other crude structures for drying meat. There are several villagers doing chores. We see inside the building. Sam is lying on a bench in just her t-shirt, pants and boots. She wakes up. At about the same time, Teal'c comes from a bench off to her left. Daniel is just waking on a bench closer to the door. All are in just their t-shirts, pants and boots. Sam walks toward the door, which is open. As she nears the opening, a male stops her by standing in the doorway aiming his bow and arrow at her.

Sam (raising her hands and backing up): "Whoa! Hi...we were just stretching our legs."

When she backs into the building, the man leaves.

Sam: "If we're prisoners, it's a good sign that Conner and SG-11 are too."

Sam walks to look out the open carvings that adorn the front of the building.

Teal'c: "This dwelling makes an odd prison."

Sam: "I don't know..." (She takes out a pocket knife or other small sharp instrument and scratches at the carving.) "These walls are made of a flexible Trinium fiber. I'll bet it's water-proof and it is incredibly strong."

Daniel: "It's amazing, they've managed to...evolve technologically, yet essentially maintain their way of living."

Teal'c: "Yet we observed no facilities for manufacturing. There should be visual indications of processing."

Daniel: "Well, the Salish on Earth are migratory depending on the season, so..."

Sam: "Wonder how far we are from the mining camp?"

Just then a three of the male villagers enter the room.

Tonane: "Couple of days walk. I am Tonane."

Sam: "Captain Samantha Carter, SGC."

Tonane: "Long name."

Sam: "OK, how 'bout Sam?"

Tonane: "Sam."

Sam: "Uh, these are my friends...Dr. Daniel Jackson..."

Tonane: "Doc?"

Daniel: "Daniel's fine."

Teal'c: "I am Teal'c."

Tonane: "The spirits say you have a demon inside you, Teal'c."

Teal'c: "The demon will cause you no harm. I give you my word."

Tonane: "Normally, that would mean a great deal to me, but how do I know the value of your word? We've only just met."

Sam: "We mean you no harm, Tonane."

Tonane: "If you mean us no harm, why did you bring weapons?"

Sam: "Self-defense. Our friends are missing. We need to find them."

Tonane: "They're not missing. They're with the spirits."

Daniel: " mean dead?"

Tonane: "No, no, no...with the spirits."

Sam: "Uh-oh...the spirits."

Tonane: "You don't the spirits, Sam?"

Daniel: "Oh, we-we know the spirits. We definitely - definitely know the spirits, but there's so many in the forest. Specifically which spirits are they with?"

Tonane: "Xe-ls probably. Maybe T'akaya."

Sam: "Are we prisoners?"

Tonane: "No. You're free to go."

Sam: "Can we have our weapons back?"

Tonane (shrugs): "OK."


Scene: PXY-887 - Salish Village

SG-1 are outside the building. They are putting their gear back on. In the background children are running around and laughing.

Sam: "One more thing, Tonane, our friends..."

Tonane: "We were returning from our winter camp and we saw your friends making war on our mountain, trying to take the ke."

Sam: "Ke...Trinium?

Tonane: "Yeah, that's what your friend called it. After Xe-ls took your friends, he told me to shoot an arrow through the circle of standing water to warn your kind not to return. I guess you didn't understand."

Sam: "Oh, no...we understood, but warning or no warning, it's not our custom to abandon our friends."

Tonane: " I could introduce you to Xe-ls...and we could tell him it was all a misunderstanding."

Sam: "So, what you're saying'll take us to where our friends are?"

Tonane: "I don't know where your friends are, but Xe-ls will." (Sam and Daniel look at each other, a bit puzzled.) "It wouldn't hurt to ask. Right, Sam?"

Sam: "Right."

Tonane walks away.

Teal'c (quietly to his partners): "Clearly, Tonane is blaming the spirits for his actions."

Sam: "Well...clearly...but if it's the only way to get back SG-11, then I say we let him."

Sam shrugs and turns to follow Tonane. Daniel looks at Teal'c one last time, then follows Sam. Teal'c hesitates before he follows the others.

Daniel (quietly to Sam as they are following Tonane): "Look, where ever we're going...there's probably going to be a...a ceremony of some kind. I don't know, they might even ask you to dance. But whatever it is, no matter how ridiculous it may seem, just try to go along with it."

Sam: "Don't worry." (She speeds up a bit to catch Tonane.) "Tonane, uh, I was is it that you remove the impurities from the ke so that it won't crumble?"

Tonane (blows out a big breath): "Well, first, we ask the, uh, the spirits to ask the mountain for the ke. Then, if the mountain is in a good mood, they drop the ke in the river. The river cleans the ke until it's shiny...and then we take it out of the river and shape it into whatever we need."

Sam (nods head): "Oh."

They head into a forest.

Tonane (yelling): "Xe-ls! T'akaya!"

Daniel: "'re not going to perform and ceremonial dance or...or something?"

Tonane (amused): "My great-great grandfather used to call the spirits that way, but one day Xe-ls just said, "call my name", and that's what we do."

Teal'c moves ahead of them as he hears a sound. A wolf appears, snarling. Then the wolf walks up and stands in front of them.

Teal'c: "Captain Carter."

Tonane walks around Teal'c to see the wolf.

Tonane: "T'akaya, my friend. My, your coat shines beautifully today." (Then, out of the side of his mouth to Sam) "A little flattery couldn't hurt, Sam."

Sam (obviously thinking this is ridiculous, but trying to play along): "My, what big eyes you have."

Tonane (to Sam): "Ask her about your friends."

Sam: "T' you think our friends might be..." (She shakes her head and looks at Daniel.)

Tonane (to Sam): "She's right there."

Sam: "I can only see a wolf, Tonane. Uh, a beautiful animal, granted...but not a spirit."

Tonane (amused): "You can't see the wind, either, Sam, but you know it's there. You can hear it. You can feel it. You can see its effects on the trees. It's the same with the spirits. You see a wolf, but T'akaya is there."

Suddenly a raven caws and lands in a nearby tree, behind the group.

Daniel: " that Xe-ls?"

Tonane: "Yes, it is, Daniel."

Daniel turns and walks a little closer to the tree where Xe-ls is perched.

Daniel: "Xe-ls...we mean you and Tonane no harm. We apologize for any misunderstanding you've had with our friends. If you would release them we'd be very greatful." (The raven caws in response. Daniel turns to the others.) "Did you hear that? I'm almost sure that he said he would release them."

Teal'c: "I believe I heard it also."

Tonane: "Is that what you heard, Sam?"

Sam: "Uh...what I heard was a...little different."

Tonane: "I thought I heard him say that he would think about it, then he would get back to us."

Sam: "Riiight...that's what I heard."

Daniel: "Well, are you sure? I mean, he just..."

Sam: "Daniel...forget it. Let's just let the bird think about it. Come on." (Turning to move on.) "Tonane, do you mind if we look around a little while Xe-ls is making up his mind? " (She doesn't wait for a response.)

Tonane: "Find by me. Xe-ls will catch up to us."

The raven caws and flies away as Tonane nods at him and then turns to accompany SG-1.

They continue into the forest a short distance. The raven caws and lands on a pine tree ahead of them. Tonane approaches the raven.

Tonane: "Well, that was fast." The raven caws a few more times,

Sam: "Uh, I'm sorry, I missed that one."

Tonane: "Xe-ls has granted your request. You're friends will be released."

Sam: "Did he say when?"

Teal'c: "Captain Carter..."

Sam turns to see T'akaya walk into a mist in front of them. Seconds later, all seven members of SG-11 walk out of the mist.

Conner: "Captain Carter..."

Tonane: "How does it feel to see the wind, Sam?"

Scene: PXY-887 - Approaching the Salish Village

Tonane, SG-1 and SG-11 are walking together.

Sam (to Conner): "So, where have you been for the last 48 hours?"

Conner: "I...can't say. The last thing I remember, I was writing a requisition for more blasting caps. Next thing I know I'm walking out of this mist and there you are."

Daniel: "And...that's it?"

Conner: "Yes...except my head feels like it just got back from a 3-day pass, but I don't remember having a good time. We must have been drugged."

Teal'c: "As were we."

Tonane approaches Conner, having arrived from near the back of the pack.

Tonane: "Hello, Captain. Still smiling, I hope." (He gives Conner a little jab to the arm.)

Conner: "You..."

Sam: "Whoa...Tonane. Captain, this is Tonane. He's our friend. He said he asked you to stop blasting. Is that true?"

Conner: "Yes, he did, but we'd already set two hot charges. I told him to wait until after the blast and then we'll talk. He just walked away."

Sam: "OK. It's not so important right now. You can save it for the report. Tonane, perhaps you and I can have that conversation that Captain Conner should have had with you earlier?"

Tonane: "About taking the ke from the mountain?"

Sam: "Yes."

Tonane: "That's not up to me, Sam. You have to ask the elders of my village."


Back in the building where SG-1 first woke in the Salish village, Sam is meeting with the village elders.

Elder1 (speaks first in native tongue): "I am sorry. We understand, Sam, that you have no ill intentions. That you only wish to extract the ke." (Sam nods.) "But your methods are wasteful and violent. They not only upset our people, but our spirits." (He says something in his language to the elder sitting on his right, who then speaks to Sam.)

Elder2: "Why can you not be content with the ke that the spirits send down the river?"

Sam: "Our people may need more than the river can provide, but we don't wish to shorten your supply. Now, we do have other mining methods that are less destructive."

Elder1 speaks to Elder2 in his language again. Elder 2 nods in agreement.

Elder1: "Perhaps Tonane could return with you through the circle of standing water and see these methods?"

Sam: "Uh, y-yeah, that's a solution. Um...have any of your people ever traveled through the circle before?"

The raven, who has perched on the interior rafters of the building. caws.

Elder1: "The spirits say it's too dangerous."

Tonane: "Can't be that dangerous. They're alive...and I love to travel."

Sam (sounding reluctant, but resigned to the idea): "Great...then it's settled."


Scene: SGC - Infirmary

Sam is talking with Jack, who is now sitting on (but not in) a bed, fully clothed, with a sling on his arm.

Sam: "So, the elders agreed to allow Tonane to come back and observe our alternative mining methods we are."

Jack: "Sounds like fun. I'm sorry I missed it. Good job, Captain."

Sam: "Thank you, sir. How's the..." (indicating his arm)

Jack: "Fine...fine." (He then notices Tonane, who has entered with General Hammond.)

Tonane: "I thought you were gonna show me your mining methods, George."

Hammond: "We intend to, but first we need you to take a brief medical exam."

Jack (eyebrows raised): "George?"

Hammond: "Tonane, this is Colonel Jack O'Neill."

Tonane: "Jack?"

Jack: "Yeah, that'll do. It's an honor to meet you, sir."

Jack offers his left hand and Tonane takes it. They shake hands.

Hammond: "I know it looks strange, Tonane, but it's completely safe. Even our people are being examined."

Conner (from behind Tonane): "Don't worry, Tonane, it won't hurt."


Scene: SGC - Briefing ROom

Video of various mining techniques are being displayed on a monitor (set at the head of the table) for Tonane to observe. Tonane touches the monitor, fascinated by the moving picture. SG-1, General Hammond and Conner are all in the room with Tonane.

Tonane: "Stop the image, please." (Daniel presses a button on a remote and the monitor goes dark.) "These ways are just as wasteful and destructive as the others."

Hammond: "That's only the first part of the process, Tonane. Later, we restore the land and replant the trees. You haven't seen those images yet."

Tonane: "I'm convinced that our way is best."

Jack: "Your way meaning...your spirits ask the mountain to send the you down the river?"

Tonane (smiling): "Yes, Jack. It's the best way...and the only way we will...allow you to take the ke."

Hammond: "I see. Perhaps, uh, Dr. Jackson would show you the rest of our facility? I'm sure you'll find it interesting."

Daniel (surprised by the request): "Uh...yes...I-I'd also like to show you images of your ancestors."

Tonane: "Ancestors?"

Daniel: "Oh, yeah, yeah. This may come as a bit of a shock, but we believe that your great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather may have actually come from here."

Tonane: "From here?"

Daniel: "Um...I'll show you."

Tonane leaves the briefing room with Daniel. No one else moves.

Jack: "Well...his mind's made up."

Hammond: "That's unfortunate."

Conner: "They are offering to share the Trinium, sir."

Hammond: "Small deposits, washed down from the mountain over thousands of years. That may be enough Trinium to meet the needs of Tonane's tribe, but not enough for any practical application. Therefore, I have been ordered to consider other initiatives."

Sam: "Initiatives?"

Hammond: "Nothing sinister, Captain. The N. I. D. has a proposal before the Pentagon suggesting that when the Salish migrate south, we send another SG team to the planet to continue extracting samples and leave again before the Salish return."

Jack: "You mean steal it."

Sam: "I'm not comfortable with that, sir."

Conner: "Sir, they set us free last time, but if they caught us mining the mountain again, they might not be so gracious."

Hammond: "I don't like the idea of lying to Tonane's people any more than you do, but the next time the Goa'uld attack, we might not be so fortunate. We need whatever military advantages we can find. If that means Trinium..."

Sam: "Sir, I am all for getting the Trinium, but there has to be an alternative."

Jack: "Is anyone at the Pentagon or along the chain of command remotely concerned about their aboriginal rights, repeating history, that annoyingly pesky moral stuff..."

Hammond: "That's enough, Colonel."

Sam: "With respect, General, I think he's right."

Jack: "Yeah, what the hell...worked before..."

Hammond: "I've got assurances that it will only be a small exploratory operation with much less damage to the mountainside, and hopefully, what they don't know won't hurt them. Dismissed."

Hammond walks into his office. Conners watches him go.

Jack: "Sweet."

Jack leaves through another door with Carter on his heels. Teal'c is not far behind.

Sam: "Colonel, we should go back in there and..."

Sam stops. Jack doesn't even slow down. Teal'c stops beside Sam.

Teal'c: "He is very upset."

Sam: "Yeah, so am I."

She walks away. Teal'c follows here.

Back in the briefing room, Conner walks into General Hammond's office. He doesn't knock, just opens the door.

Hammond (obviously perturbed): "I have a meeting, Captain. Was there something else?"

Conner: "Yes, sir."

Conner brings his fists and elbows together in front of his face. The General is surrounded by a white light and seemingly disintegrates. Conner returns to the briefing room to find five members of SG-11 waiting for him.

Conner: "As I suspected, they intend to deceive our friend Tonane. It's time to show the Earthlings the power of the spirits."

Conner next appears in one of the SGC labs. A female scientist or doctor is his next victim. A male doctor witnesses the event and has time to press the wall alarm before he, too, become a victim. Alarms begin to wail...

Voice (over intercom): "Code 9! Code 9!"

We see soldiers running through halls, carrying gear.

Soldier: "Move! Move! Let's go!"

Jack is following the soldiers but stops short as he sees the white light take one of them. He ducks into a door way as a second white flash occurs. He watches as two members of SG-11 walk past. He waits a second, weighing his options and decides to ascend stairs in the room he as ducked into.

Jack (to himself): "Damn it."

He walks into the control room, which is empty. He pushes buttons to close the blast doors and sound an intruder alert. Then he gets on the intercom via a phone hand set.

Jack: "Code 9! Code 9! This is not a drill! I repeat, not a drill!"

Elsewhere in the base Daniel and Tonane are walking down a corridor.

Tonane: "What's that sound mean, Daniel?"

Daniel (looking around at soldiers running every which way): "Uh, it mean that..." (He looks at a door behind him.) "It means that I'm gonna show you a part of the base that most people rarely get to see."

He opens the door. Tonane follows him and Daniel closes the door behind them. The door is to storage closet 24P6-314. Next we see Jack running down a hallway illuminated by flashing read lights. Blast doors are closing behind him at junctures in the hallway. He stops short, startled by Sam and Teal'c coming out of the door he was trying to reach.

Jack: "Aah! Jeez!"

Sam (hands up): "Sorry, sir."

Jack: "Are we the only ones to make it to the armory?"

Sam: "Looks like it. Why the code 9?"

Jack: "Brace yourself...SG-11 is boppin' around, waving their arms, makin' our people disappear."

Teal'c: "So we did not bring back SG-11?"

Jack: "I don't think so. Where's Tonane?"

Sam: "With Daniel. Archives."

Teal'c: "From where did the alarm originate?"

Jack: "The lab."

The take off down the hall, opening blast doors as they go. Soon Jack arrives at the lab where the alarm button was first pushed. Jack hears the sound of wings flapping and then sees Dr. Warner (the man who pushed the alarm button).

Warner: "Colonel?"

Jack: "Warner?"

Just then Sam and Teal'c arrive.

Sam: "The corridors and the other lab are empty."

Jack (to Warner): "What happened?"

Warner: "It's Tonane. He came into the Infirmary and just waved his hand and made everyone disappear." (Jack raises his eyebrows and looks at Carter, who returns his puzzled look.) "I hid. He didn't see me. I pushed the panic button after he left."

Jack: "What about Conner and his team?"

Warner: "It's Tonane we have to find. The others are meaningless."

Warner walks past Teal'c and Sam to head out into the hall. Jack raises his brow again.

Jack: "Meaningless?"

He, Sam and Teal'c follow Warner.

Jack: "So...who are you?"

Warner stops and turns to face O'Neill and Co.

Warner: "Excuse me? Dr. Warner."

Jack (cocking and raising his pistol): "I don't...think so."

Teal'c raises his Zat as well.

Warner (seeing that his is exposed): "I am one of Tonane's guardian spirits, Colonel O'Neill. If you know where he is, take me to him. Otherwise, if you harm him or myself...your people will never be returned to you."

Jack: "We don't respond well to threats."

Warner: "Neither do we."

Just as he is raising his arms up, Teal'c Zats him. He falls, face down, to the ground, stunned. Then the image dissolves to reveal his true form. He is now lying face up. He is humanoid. His face is rather different in that it has several gill-like slits where a nose would be. He is wearing a long metallic looking gown. Jack jumps back a little when he sees the change occur. Then the alien's (I believe this is Xe-ls) eyes open. He appears to be having difficulty breathing.

Xe-ls: "You will be punished."

He loses consciousness.

Jack: "All right, let's get to the infirmary."

Teal'c picks up Xe-ls and begins dragging him back to the infirmary.

We see to guards come around a corner and slow as the see General Hammond and a wolf.

Hammond: "It's all right airmen. She's with me."

Hammond brings his fists together and the two airmen disappear. Hammond and the wolf transform into aliens that are similar in appearance to Xe-ls. Hammond's alien appears to be male and the wolf appears to be female (I believe this one is T'akaya).

T'akaya: "I have lost contact with Xe-ls. Has Tonane been found?"

Alien: "Not yet."

T'akaya: "Stay here in the form of the General. No one is to leave. I will find Xe-ls and Tonane. If we lose contact, destroy this place and return home with the others."

T'akaya transforms back into the wolf and the other alien has resumed the form of General Hammond. The wolf walks down the hall past the storage closet where Daniel and Tonane are waiting. Daniel has had the door open a crack and has witnessed the entire exchange. He turns back to Tonane.

Daniel: "Anyway, like I was saying, um, this is, um, a store room and the reason we store things is so that we always have them on hand. Like this." (He picks up a canister of something.)

Tonane: "Can I go home now?"

Daniel: "OK, Tonane, I won't lie to you. There is a problem. We have to find Jack."

Tonane: "OK." (Looks around.) "He's not in here."

Daniel: "Right."

Scene: SGC - Infirmary

Xe-ls is now lying on a gurney. Sam is standing beside him, observing. He is still unconscious.

Jack: "Is he gonna be all right?"

Sam: "It's hard to say, sir. The only real sign will be when he has the strength to make us all disappear."

Just then, the door behind Teal'c opens and Daniel and Tonane walk in.

Daniel: "Jack?"

Jack: "Daniel?"

Daniel: "Are you you?"

Jack: "Yeah, you?"

Daniel: "What?"

Jack: "Never mind. Tonane, we need to talk."

Tonane: "Daniel says you have some problems. Maybe I should just go home."

Jack: "Uh...not just yet. Our people are disappearing all over the base and it has something to do with you. Did you know Conner and SG-11 were really aliens?"

Tonane: "What are aliens?"

Jack: "Come here."

Jack takes Tonane to see Xe-ls. Tonane is shocked to see Xe-ls appearance.

Jack: "That is an alien. It also happens to be one of your spirits."

Sam: "Probably Xe-ls."

Tonane: "Xe-ls? Is that you?"

Xe-ls is not fully conscious and is unable (or unwilling) to answer.

Tonane: "If he was, Jack, he's probably answer."

Teal'c: "In the world of my origin there were beings who pretended to be gods so they could conquer my people and rule with fear. Perhaps that is the way of your spirits."

Tonane: "I feel sorry for your people, Teal'c...but my spirits aren't evil. They don't rule us. They protect us."

Jack: "Tonane...that is Xe-ls...and right now, he's trying to conquer this base. Now, I wanna know why and, more importantly, I wanna know how to stop him."

Tonane: "The spirits I know wouldn't threaten your people...unless you were doing something to threaten mine. Are you, Jack? Because if you are, there's no way to stop them. Xe-ls and T'akaya and the other spirits...they'll destroy you."

We see the wolf walking through the corridors again. Three soldiers come up behind her, weapons drawn. She turns and looks at them and there are flashes of light. She continues on her way and the hall is now empty. Back in the infirmary, Tonane is looking at Xe-ls, who is still struggling to regain consciousness. SG-1 is a short distance away, talking.

Daniel: "OK, from what I overheard, they won't destroy the base until they've found Tonane."

Teal'c: "Clearly, we must convince the aliens that we will make no further attempts to extract Trinium from their world."

Jack: "The fact is, we got caught plotting behind closed doors. Now, I don't know how we're gonna convince 'em our word is good for squat. I mean, my God, we shot that one. We come across any more of 'em, I don't think it's gonna be a very long conversation."

Daniel: "OK. We can still appeal to the elders. Tell them what's happened."

Jack: "You mean, fess up?" (They all look at Jack.) "Yeah, OK. You and Teal'c try and 'gate back. See if you can get 'em to speak to the spirits for us."

Daniel and Teal'c leave. Jack and Sam go back over to Tonane and Xe-ls.

Jack: "'s time for the truth."


Scene: SGC - Control Room

Daniel and Teal'c arrive in the control room. Daniel pushes a few keys on a keyboard and the blast doors open up. The wolf is sitting on the ramp. Teal'c starts to head to the 'gate room when Daniel stops him.

Daniel: "No...just...let me try and talk to her first. Wait here."

Daniel walks cautiously into the 'gate room while Teal'c watches from the control room.

Daniel: "T'akaya...before you...make me disappear or bite me, just...hear me out."

T'akaya transforms into her true form again. She looks at Daniel. Meanwhile, in the control room, two more aliens have approached Teal'c and he flashes away before he can fire his Zat at either of them. Daniel turns to see Teal'c disappear. Then turns back in time to see T'akaya bringing her hands up. He cringes...

Daniel: "Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! I-I know where Xe-ls is."

T'akaya: "Where? Where is Xe-ls?"

Daniel: "Do you promise to hear me out?"

T'akaya lowers her hands in acceptance.

Back in the infirmary:

Sam: "Sir, it's possible he's still suffering from the effects of the Zat gun."

Jack: "I don't think so, Captain. He just doesn't want to show himself."

Suddenly Tonane disappears in a flash of light and another alien walks in the door. Sam raises her Zat and is flashed away. Jack raises his pistol but stops as he hears Daniel yelling from behind the alien.

Daniel: "Wait! No!'s OK. Just...let them tend to Xe-ls."

Jack (indecisively still waving his pistol back and forth as Daniel, T'akaya and others enter the room): "How do I know you're really Daniel?"

Daniel: "Because."

Jack (seeing he really has no choice): "Yeah, OK."

The six other aliens line of on either side of Xe-ls' bed (three on a side). The put their forearms up and bring their hands together. Then they lower them over Xe-ls' body and light is emitted from their hands and over his body. They pull their hands away and all but T'akaya walk away from the bed. T'akaya approaches Xe-ls head. He suddenly wakes up.

Xe-ls: "Thank you." (T'akaya nods. Xe-ls sits up. He puts his hands together and everything dissolves around them...suddenly they are all in the 'gate room. He turns to walk up the ramp.) "T'akaya, destroy this place."

Daniel: "Wait! You promised to listen."

Xe-ls (mockingly): "What they don't know won't hurt them. Isn't that what your leader said, Colonel? Their word means nothing."

T'akaya: "And so would mine...if I were to do as you asked. I have made a promise to this that we could save your life."

Xe-ls: "I am listening...but I do not guarantee that your words will sway me from punishing you."

Jack: "For what?"

Xe-ls: "For trying to deceive the Salish and steal our ke...and for attempting to destroy the trust and faith between Tonane's people and my own."

Jack (clear his throat): "OK. I give you my word that we'll give up this mining operation."

T'akaya: "Even if we could trust you, your superiors will not be swayed by your oath."

Jack: "So, don't take my word. Shut down your Stargate. That way, no one will be able to come to your planet unless you allow it."

T'akaya and Xe-ls look at each other.

T'akaya: "Star travel is of no use to us. Let us close down the 'gate."

Xe-ls: "This does not erase the second transgression."

Jack: "What? Exposing who you are to Tonane? You've been posing as gods, for heaven's sake."

T'akaya: "Is that what you believe we do? When we removed the Goa'uld from our planet a millennia ago, we adapted our form to those of the Salish spirits so that we could protect and coexist along side them in harmony, without interfering in their natural evolution...and now, because of you, that harmony has been broken."

Xe-ls: "In time, they will fear us, and use the ke we scatter through the rivers and forge weapons against us."

Daniel: "No. The Salish people you do honor, came from this world. Even now they value the natural world far more than technology. Trust them."

Jack: "If you really do respect Tonane's people, you shouldn't be posing as their spirits. Trust them."

T'akaya: "Our friend. Tonane, is wise...and so is our friend, Jack."

Xe-ls: "So he is."

Xe-ls bangs his hands together again and Tonane reappears.

Jack: "Tonane...Xe-ls. Xe-ls...Tonane."

Tonane: "So, you're Xe-ls?"

T'akaya: "And I am T'akaya. We are honored by the names your forefathers have given us."

Xe-ls: "You view us now in our true form...but this is only one of many forms we can take. Our friends from this world call us aliens. You call us spirits. From now on, Tonane, you and your people will view us in the form which pleases you best."

Tonane: "You have always been kind to my people. So, whatever makes you happy."

T'akaya: "I think this form makes us happy."

The 'gate begins dialing out.

Tonane: "Does this mean I can go home now?"

Jack: "Uh...yeah, I thin it does."

Tonane (takes Jack's hand): "Goodbye, Jack."

The 'gate opens and Tonane walks up the ramp.

Daniel: "Oh, wait! Um, what about our friends?"

T'akaya: "Your friends are right beside you, Daniel."

Xe-ls thumps his hands together and everyone appears back in the 'gate room.

Hammond (approaches Jack, confused): "Colonel O'Neill?"

Jack: "Um..." (watches as all the "spirits" and Tonane enter the wormhole) "...I'll explain it all later, sir."

Hammond nods his consent and turns to see Tonane before he enters the 'gate.

Jack waves and Tonane walks into the circle of water.


End Credits:


Executive Producers:

Jonathan Glassner

Brad Wright


Chief Leonard George as Elder #1


Byron Chief Moon as Elder #2


Jason Calders as Alien#1

Laara Sadiq as Female Technician
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