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The 5th Race

SG-1 are in a briefing; Daniel is talking about Ernest's planet, with pictures of the four languages from that planet on the projector.

DANIEL: On the planet where we found Ernest Littlefield, PB2-908, we also found a repository of information.
JACK: Meaning of life sorta stuff.
DANIEL: Yes, based on the four distinct alien languages inscribed on the wall we concluded it was some sort of meeting place, where these four races would...
HAMMOND: We all re-read read the mission report, Doctor Jackson.
DANIEL: Okay, right, well, two days ago the probe sent this image from P3R-272.
There's a close-up on a circle of symbols.
DANIEL: Now if you look closely you'll see that the symbols match one of the inscriptions from the meeting place on Ernest's planet. [Silence] So you realise what this means?
HAMMOND: You know what this circle of symbols says?
DANIEL: No, I don't even know what it sounds like, but based on the Norse rune at the bottom of this inscription [Daniel points to a Norse rune] I'm positive that one of the four race in the alliance is Thor's race, the Asgard, obviously that would make the aliens that belong to this race their allies.
TEALC: I do believe this world is worth exploring Daniel Jackson.

SG-1 travel to the planet. They emerge in a small, empty room, with no exits!

SAM: Very strange. Breathable air, moderate temperature, but where's the life support coming from?
JACK: [Bangs the wall] Walls are solid.
TEALC: As the probe indicated there appears to be no exit.
JACK: Well, this was an intergalactic waste of time.
SAM: Well, wait a minute, Sir, where's the power for the lights coming from? What's the point of this place?
DANIEL: Hello! Hello! I'm Daniel Jackson, we're peaceful explorers from the planet Earth.
Jack looks at Daniel as if he's mad.
DANIEL: [To Jack] It was worth a try.
JACK: Daniel, how long you figure we oughta hang out here and scratch our cosmic heads?
DANIEL: Well, we can't just give up.
JACK: Why not? Lets go home. [Jack walks through the circle of writing on the floor and an alien device appears, mounted on the wall on the other side of the room.] Okay, that's something.
Teal'c walks up to the device, and looks into it.
JACK: Watcha self there Teal'c.
DANIEL: What do you see?
TEALC: Blackness, filled with coloured lights.

Teal'c walks away from the device and Jack looks into it. It changes shape, and Jack backs off slightly.

JACK: Whoa!

The device morphs again and grabs Jack's head, forcing him to look through it. He sees lights, and there's a buzzing sound. Moments later it releases him and he falls to the floor.

SAM: Colonel!
DANIEL: Jack, can you hear me?
SAM: [Feeling his neck] His pulse is racing. Daniel, dial the 'gate.




Jack is being checked over by Dr Fraiser in the infirmary.
FRAISER: Pupils are back to normal. Pulse is fine. You feel okay?
JACK: Great, don't remember a thing.
SAM: You were catatonic for about an hour after that thing released your head.
FRAISER: Physically I can't find anything wrong with you.
JACK: Well, okey-dokey.
Jack swings off of the bed and leaves the infirmary.

SG-1 and General Hammond are in the Briefing Room. Jack's drawing some sort of device on his pad.

HAMMOND: So what caused this device to appear?
DANIEL: We're not sure.
TEALC: Colonel O'Neill passed through the circle on the floor just before the device appeared. I was the first to look into it.
HAMMOND: What did you see?
JACK: Lights, he saw lights. That's what he said he saw, lights. We done?
HAMMOND: Not exactly. Why didn't the device react to Teal'c the same way as it did to you?
JACK: I don't know.
TEALC: Perhaps because I am a Jaffa.
SAM: We've seen alien technologies that have been sensitive to the presence of a Goa'uld before, like Thor's Hammer.
JACK: Teal'c looked, I looked, it grabbed my head, I passed out, I came to, we're here, we're home. Can we go?
SAM: Sir, are you okay?
JACK: I'm fine, just fine. A little tired maybe.
HAMMOND: Colonel, are you sure you're okay?
JACK: I am absolutely fine. There is nothing cruvus with me.
They all look at Jack.
JACK: What?
DANIEL: You just said there's 'nothing cruvus' with you.
JACK: I did not.
DANIEL: Yes, you did.
JACK: No I didn't.
DANIEL: Yes, you did.
JACK: Didn't.
JACK: Didn't.
JACK: Cruvus, what is that?
DANIEL: I don't know. Um... well, I'm guessing in the context of what you're saying you were trying to say that there's nothing wrong with you.
HAMMOND: Why don't you take some time to relax, Colonel. You're dismissed, but do me a favour and stay on the base.
Jack tears off the sheet he's been drawing on, and leaves the room.
HAMMOND: [To the others] Keep an eye on him.

Jack is teaching Teal'c how to box.
TEALC: What is the reason for these padded gloves, O'Neill?
JACK: So we don't hurt each other. I'll be honest with you, Teal'c, it's so you don't hurt me.
TEALC: If our purpose is to not cause each other harm, why then are we doing battle?
JACK: What can I tell ya, it's boxing. It's fun. Come on.
Jack starts dancing around. Teal'c stands still and watches him as if he's mad.
JACK: Come on Teal'c, you've gotta move around a little bit, you've gotta dance.
TEALC: I do not understand O'Neill, are we preparing to dance or to do battle?
JACK: Teal'c if you don't move around you're a sitting duck, you're a target. [Jack hits Teal'c] Huh, like that. [He stops moving] I'm sorry are you alright?
TEALC: I am fine.
JACK: Well that's why you've gotta move...
Teal'c hits Jack really hard. Jack falls to the floor, somewhat surprised.
TEALC: How was that, O'Neill?
JACK: That's good, that's good. Er, the thing about keeping your hands up... is my nose bleeding?
TEALC: You are fine.
JACK: Keep your hands up, you gotta keep moving your, your feet moving and er, bend your cosars, keep your cosars bent.
TEALC: I am unfamiliar with that word.
JACK: What, cosars? Cosars, you gotta bend your cosars.
TEALC: I believe you are referring to your legs, O'Neill.
Jack realises what he said. He's worried.

Jack and Teal'c burst into Daniel's office.
JACK: Alright, what the hell is going on with me?
DANIEL: What do you mean?
JACK: Well, apparently I have lost the falatus to speak properly. That wasn't a joke, I didn't do that on purpose.
TEALC: Several times now Colonel O'Neill has used strange words in place of common terms.
DANIEL: Okay, well, what was that word you just used?
TEALC: I believe it was falatus.
DANIEL: Okay, sounds kinda close to Medieval Latin. So, possibly a derivation, maybe even a root. [He looks up the word] Faculatus is Latin for ability; you said you've 'lost the falatus to speak properly'.
JACK: [Looking at the monitor, Jack reads] Nou ani anquietas.
JACK: Nou ani anquietas. Hic qua videum.
DANIEL: Jack, are you reading this? [Referring to the circle of symbols on the monitor]
JACK: I don't know, you tell me.
DANIEL: Well, I don't know, I haven't been able to associate sounds to the symbols. Do you know what this means?
JACK: No, I'm just looking at it and the words just pop right into my fron. Does anybody think this is odd?

Daniel and Sam are walking down a corridor.
DANIEL: The language he's speaking has similar sounds to Medieval Latin but they're still quite different.
SAM: So he's in the infirmary now?

They enter Daniel's office.

DANIEL: Yeah, but before we took him there, he picked up the chalk and did this in about thirty seconds flat. [He shows Sam a blackboard full of numbers and squiggles. Yes squiggles is the technical term!] Do you have any idea what this means?
SAM: No. I mean, even the simple equations don't make any sense. No, this is like no math I've every seen.

Dr Fraiser explains Jack's condition to Sam and Daniel, using monitors full of pretty brain scan pictures.

FRAISER: A normal human brain operates at 5-10% of its functional capacity at any given time; Colonel O'Neill's brain is working at over 90% capacity.
SAM: How is that possible?
FRAISER: I don't know.
Teal'c enters.
TEALC: Where is Colonel O'Neill?
FRAISER: Well, he should be in the infirmary.
TEALC: He is not there.
SG-1 dash off to find Jack.
SAM: Teal'c, you take the Gate Room.
DANIEL: I'll check the locker room.
SAM: Right.

Sam enters one of the rooms on the base to find Jack taking a staff weapon to pieces.

SAM: Colonel. What are you doing?
JACK: I need this. [He holds up a capsule of glowing green liquid naqahdah from the staff weapon]
SAM: What for?
JACK: I have no idea.

In the Briefing Room, they're discussing Jack.
HAMMOND: Where is he now?
SAM: He's with Teal'c.
HAMMOND: Do you think his current condition poses any threat?
FRAISER: Sir, I don't even know what's wrong with him. All I can tell you is his brain function has increased tenfold.
DANIEL: Jack was able to read the alien language - both the inscription from the wall, the meeting place on Ernest's planet and the circle of symbols from '272, where this happened to him.
HAMMOND: What does it mean?
DANIEL: Um, well, my translation's a little bit vague, um, I think the circle means 'the place of our legacy'. Um... or it could be 'a piece of our leg', but the first seems to make more sense.
SAM: The point is Colonel O'Neill is unwillingly speaking an alien language.
DANIEL: We know the Asgard oppose the Goa'uld so it's possible all the members of this four-race alliance felt the same.
SAM: Which might explain why the viewer locked out Teal'c.
HAMMOND: What are you saying?
DANIEL: What if this device somehow downloaded an alien language into Jack's brain.
Teal'c enters.
TEALC: [To General Hammond] Your presence is required in the control room.

In the Control Room, Jack's working on a computer.
HAMMOND: [To Teal'c] What's he doing?
TEALC: I do not know.
Sam heads straight for a computer.
HAMMOND: Captain Carter?
SAM: Main system's down, Sir. I'm locked out.
HAMMOND: Colonel.
JACK: Yes, Sir.
HAMMOND: What are you doing?
JACK: I don't know, Sir. You know me and computers.
HAMMOND: Colonel, I'm ordering you to stop.
JACK: I'd love to Sir, but I can't.
HAMMOND: [To Teal'c] Stop him.
Teal'c tries to pull Jack away from the computer.
JACK: No! No, not yet! I'm not farit!
DANIEL: Sir, I think he wants to finish what he's doing.
SAM: I can't reboot, Sir.
All the computers switch off.
SAM: Uh-oh.
HAMMOND: Captain?

The numbers Jack entered come up on the computer screen.

SAM: Sir, this is machine code. The numbers the Colonel was entering must've been some been some sort of program.
Jack enters a few more numbers.
SAM: [To Jack] What did you do?
Jack shakes his head.
SAM: [Referring to the monitor] It's the destination map. These are all the Stargates we've been through.
DANIEL: Sam, are those new 'gates popping up?
SAM: That's not possible, it takes days to calculate the planetary shift of each new location. Whoa, wait a second. Sir, the new Stargates did not come from the Abydos cartouche data that we put in.
HAMMOND: But that's the only reference we have, isn't it?
SAM: The Colonel must've input new Stargate locations into the computer.
DANIEL: [To Jack] Well, I guess that thing must've downloaded more that a language into your brain. That circular inscription read 'the place of our legacy'. What if that thing you looked into was some sort of alien database, like the one we found on Ernest's planet, all the knowledge that these particular aliens possessed?
HAMMOND: Colonel, you are not under arrest but you are also not to touch anything else on this base without permission. Understood?
JACK: Etium, Sir.

In Daniel's office. Sam enters.
SAM: You can only stare at a computer screen for so long. Colonel, that program you entered re-wrote massive amounts of the machine code.
Jack doesn't respond.
DANIEL: Jack seems to have completely lost the ability to speak anything but the alien language.
SAM: Really? Wow.
DANIEL: But the good news is we seem to have more of the alien inscription translated. 'Nou ani anquietus'- 'We are the Ancients'.
SAM: Who are the Ancients?
DANIEL: Well, I think they could be the teachers of roads. See, the Romans were the first real road builders. They spoke Latin and they learned to build roads from the gods, known as the Ancient ones.
SAM: I'm still not following you.
DANIEL: Roads. Stargates. The 'gate builders. What if these Ancients were the alien race who invented the Stargate?
SAM: You're still just speculating, right?
DANIEL: Well, that would certainly explain why Jack knew about Stargates the Goa'uld haven't even discovered yet.
SAM: I don't know, Daniel. Why would they invent a device that would do this?
DANIEL: 'The place of our legacy', to pass on their knowledge. Jack may have the knowledge of the original 'gate builders downloaded into his brain.
JACK: Ego indeo navo locas.
DANIEL: Okay, ego means 'I'.
JACK: Indeo.
JACK: Navo.
JACK: Locas.

Daniel looks the word up.

DANIEL: [Muttering] Locas, locas, locas. Locatia. Location. You need a new location. You need a new location?
SAM: Where do ya wanna go?

Jack doesn't seem to know.

SAM: Okay, good luck you guys, I've got to get back to the computer. [She turns to the blackboard] Sir, I really wish you could explain all this.

Jack hands her a notepad.

SAM: 'Ten equals eight'... [Mutters] Ten equals eight, ten equals eight [Picks up chalk and adds to Jack's work] Ten equals eight. Sir, this is base eight math!

Janet is updating Daniel and Jack on Jack's condition.

FRAISER: The problem may only be affecting the verbal language centre of your brain. It's a different function than writing, but it looks like the problem is advancing. Since he lost the ability to speak gradually, I think whatever is affecting him might be taking over incrementally.
DANIEL: Well, what's the worst-case scenario?
FRAISER: Well your computer analogy is pretty good. Colonel, your hard drive has been filled with information that is written in a language your computer doesn't understand. If it continues to progress the way it has thus far you may eventually lose the ability to write or even comprehend us. Or worse the computer could shut down all together.

They all gather in the Briefing Room once more.

SAM: Sir, we've been sending probes through to the addresses Colonel O'Neill entered into the computer, hoping that one would lead us to the race that affected his mind. We think we may have found something.
DANIEL: P9Q-281 has a pedestal near the 'gate with symbols on it that match the alien language that Jack is speaking.
HAMMOND: Then I suggest we check it out. You're authorised to go Captain; Major Castleman will be joining SG-1 on this mission.
DANIEL: Well if Jack's not going then I have to stay.
HAMMOND: Why's that Doctor?
DANIEL: Well if Sam and Teal'c make contact with the Ancients then they can report back and... and then Jack and I will go, but until then, I mean, translating this language may be the most important thing we've done since we opened the Stargate. You see I'm pretty sure that Jack is speaking the language of the original 'gate builders, at the very least I'm positive that it's one of the races that created the repository of information on Ernest's planet, the, er, meaning of life stuff.
SAM: And, Sir, I believe that the equation Colonel O'Neill wrote on the blackboard is a revolutionary formula for calculating the distance between planetary bodies.
DANIEL: And, bottom line, Sir, what about Jack, right now I'm possibly his only hope for communicating on any serious level. I can't leave him like this, and I won't.
HAMMOND: Alright. The rest of you will leave at 1600 hours.

In the Gate Room, the Stargate engages.

HAMMOND: SG-1, your mission is a go.

Jack watches them leave.

Jack and Daniel are in Daniel's office.

DANIEL: Okay, I think we're getting hung up on the grammar.

Jack is pacing. He wants something. Daniel shrugs, asking

JACK: [Typing on the computer] I have to go through the Stargate!
DANIEL: Okay, you have to go through the Stargate. Where, where to?

Jack doesn't know.

DANIEL: Back to the planet where this happened, you have to go back there?

Jack shakes his head.

In his office, General Hammond's typing on a laptop. There's a knock at the door.

SIMMONS: Sir, SG-1 did not return the probe on schedule.
HAMMOND: Lets open the 'gate and try to make contact.
SIMMONS: Yes, Sir.

General Hammond and Simmons are in the Control Room. The Stargate engages.

SIMMONS: SG-1 this is Stargate Command, do you read, over. [To General Hammond] They're responding, Sir, video and audio.
SAM: Do not send rescue team. Repeat. Do not send rescue team.
HAMMOND: This is General Hammond. We copy Captain, where's Major Castleman?
SAM: He's looking for shelter, Sir. We're in a little trouble here, we can't dial out; the DHD seized up when we tried to send the probe back. Temperature here is increasing rapidly which probably explains why we haven't found indigenous life forms. The probe data did not reveal a second sun, which rose about half an hour ago. General, we're gonna get on heckuva sunburn if we stay here much longer.
HAMMOND: Can you dial in manually?
SAM: Teal'c's attempting a manual dial now, Sir, but we can't do anything with the wormhole open from your end.
HAMMOND: I copy that, Captain. If you're not back in one hour we will open the wormhole again for further communication. Good luck, SGC out.

Meanwhile, Jack's making something. It's the device he drew on his pad during the debriefing. Daniel enters.

DANIEL: What's he doing now?
FRAISER: Building something. I've been taking some notes but I'm finding it a little hard to follow.

Daniel takes Janet to one side.

DANIEL: I have to go downstairs; Sam and Teal'c are in trouble.
DANIEL: Just don't tell Jack, I think he's got enough on his mind.

General Hammond's meeting with the scientists and technicians.

SCIENCE TECH: Sir, this Mylar material added to a standard issue field tent should provide 10-20 degrees worth of protection.
SIMMONS: We've augmented some air coolers to work with portable generators.
DANIEL: But how are they gonna get home?
SCIENCE TECH: Well, based on Captain Carter's description of the problem we've been running probability tests using the function data we correlated so far, from the DHD found in Antarctica.
HAMMOND: [To Daniel] Do you understand what he just said?
DANIEL: It sounds like they have no idea.
SCIENCE TECH: Well actually it's not no idea, Sir, just not much of one yet.
SIMMONS: ...but we're working on it.

In the Control Room, Sam is on one of the monitors.

SAM: Manual dial in failed, Sir. DHD is stuck mid-dial and seems to be locking the 'gate in place.
DANIEL: [To Simmons] Are we recording this?
SIMMONS: Yes, Sir.
SAM: By my calculations we could be facing a temperature of over 200 degrees Fahrenheit in less than four hours.
HAMMOND: Captain, we're sending through a package of heat resistant tents and portable air coolers.
SAM: General, I don't think you understand how hot it's gonna get. Nothing you send us will provide enough protection. We'll be dead before the end of the day, Sir.

Jack is just finishing building the machine. Daniel enters.

FRAISER: I think he's finished.
DANIEL: What is it?
Jack turns it on, a light comes on and it hums.
DANIEL: That's it?
Jack has no idea.
DANIEL: Okay, well lets, er, lets just leave this thing for now, believe it or not I have something a little more important to discuss.

They go to Daniel's office.

DANIEL: I didn't want to tell you this before because I thought you had enough on your mind. Sam, Teal'c and the rest of SG-1 are in trouble; the DHD on P9Q-281 isn't working and they can't get home; to make matters worse there's a very hot sun rising. They don't have much time.

He puts the video in the machine and plays it.

SAM: [On the video, obviously] ...the rest of the symbols won't engage, the DHD is locking the 'gate in place so we can't dial out manually. I've tried everything I know about these things.

He pauses the video.

DANIEL: Look, no-one else believes you have the knowledge of the original 'gate builders in your head right now except me.

Jack grabs some paper and drawing equipment and starts drawing.

FRAISER: What... What's he doing?
DANIEL: I don't know.
FRAISER: Do you think this is going to help?
DANIEL: I... I don't, I really don't... know.

Jack writes something and moves it so that they can read it.

DANIEL: [Reading Jack's note]: Shut up and go away.

They both leave Jack to work on his own.

In the Briefing Room, a group of scientists are updating Hammond on ways they might solve SG-1's problem.

SIMMONS: The problem they're having is powering up the DHD and getting it to recharge its capacitors.
SCIENCE TECH: Removing the power source and reinstalling always rebooted the system in the tests.
SIMMONS: But we never simulated a mid-dial lock out.
Daniel, Jack and Janet enter, with the plans Jack was drawing and his machine.
DANIEL: We have to dial in right now.
HAMMOND: What is it?
FRAISER: The Colonel has a solution.

Jack rolls out the plans on the table.

DANIEL: We weren't sure what he was drawing at first but...
SCIENCE TECH: That's the dial home device.
DANIEL: And the instructions on how to fix it. There isn't much time.
As they leave the scientists, Daniel puts Jack's machine on the table.
DANIEL: Here, you guys can, er, work on this for a while.
SCIENCE TECH: What is it?
DANIEL: No idea, well not no idea, just not much of one yet, but work on it.

In the Control Room...
SIMMONS: The object has reached its destination, Sir.
The Stargate disengages.
HAMMOND: Now we have to hope those instructions were right.
Some time later, the Stargate opens and SG-1 appears. Sam looks very sunburnt.
HAMMOND: Glad to have you back.
SAM: Thought our goose was quite literally cooked this time, Sir. These plans were perfect, who came up with them?
General Hammond looks at Jack.
SAM: Colonel?
Jack shrugs.
TEALC: [To Jack] I am sorry O'Neill. We could not find a way to help you.

Daniel and Teal'c are looking over Jack's machine. Sam enters.
DANIEL: Feel better?
SAM: Much, thanks. Is this what you wanted to show me?
DANIEL: Yes, Jack built it but no-one seems to be able to figure out what [He switches it on] it is.
SAM: Colonel, you have no idea what it is or why you built it?

Jack shakes his head.
OVER INTERCOM: Captain Carter to the control room, Captain Carter to the control room.

Sam leaves the room.

In the Control Room...

HAMMOND: [To Sam] We were preparing to send SG-11 to the next new Stargate address that Colonel O'Neill programmed into the computer.
SIMMONS: The 'gate wouldn't dial out, the computer's frozen.
SAM: That doesn't make any sense, we've just run a full diagnostic. The Stargate's trying to draw more power than usual from the system.

Jack picks up his machine and hurriedly leaves the room.
DANIEL: I'm guessing we should follow him.

Jack enters the cage surrounding the power breakers and hooks the machine to the power system.

TEALC: Should we not attempt to stop him Daniel Jackson?
DANIEL: Wait a minute. Jack, what are you doing?
JACK: Euge.
DANIEL: I think that means 'good'. Jack, I really don't know if this is a good thing.
JACK: Euge. Euge.
DANIEL: I don't think he understands us anymore.

Jack switches the machine on. It hums and glows.

In the Control Room...

SAM: Sir, somehow the Stargate just got a huge power boost. It's drawing ten times more power than normal.
HAMMOND: Isn't that impossible?
SAM: Yes, Sir, the circuits should've blown.
HAMMOND: [On the phone] This is General Hammond. I want Sergeant Siler and a maintenance crew to the power room immediately.

The Stargate starts to dial out on its own.

SAM: Er, Sir, the 'gate is dialling out.
HAMMOND: Where to?
SAM: I have no way of knowing. We've completely lost control, Sir.

Airmen start dashing around the complex, brandishing guns.

SCIENCE TECH: Chevron five is encoded.
Daniel, Jack and Teal'c enter.
DANIEL: The device that Jack built is some sort of energy source; he just hooked it up in the power vault.
SAM: Well, that explains where the 'gate's getting all the extra power.
HAMMOND: I would not have authorised that Doctor Jackson. [To Sam] Captain, how do we stop this?
SAM: You could have Siler pull the main breaker.
SIMMONS: Chevron six is encoded.
DANIEL: Wait; Jack has been saying that this is a good thing. Now so far he's done nothing bad.
HAMMOND: So far.
SIMMONS: Chevron seven... is encoded?
SAM: And it's not the point of origin.
DANIEL: General, what if all these anomalies that have been happening to Jack, are part of some big plan?
HAMMOND: What plan?
DANIEL: Well, earlier Jack was telling me he had to go through the 'gate. Maybe everything up until now has been leading to this. [He indicates the Stargate]
SAM: What's it doing?
SIMMONS: Chevron eight is locked.
The Stargate goes kawoosh.
SIMMONS: Wormhole is tracking... Captain?
SAM: Sir, the computer indicates that the wormhole is leaving our known network of Stargates; it's going outside of our galaxy. Far out.
DANIEL: That's why the 'gate needed all the extra power.
HAMMOND: Hold on, I thought Stargate addresses were six points in space with the seventh being the point of origin.
SAM: The extra chevron must add a new distance calculation to the existing points, kinda like dialling a different area code.
HAMMOND: Now what?
Jack starts for the door.
HAMMOND: Colonel!

Jack stops as a guard blocks his path.

HAMMOND: I'm just supposed to let you go?
DANIEL: He's already gone, General; I don't think we have much of a choice.

General Hammond nods and lets Jack go. Jack enters the Gate Room followed by Daniel, General Hammond and Teal'c.

TEALC: I will accompany you O'Neill.
DANIEL: I really think he needs to do this alone, Teal'c.
Jack walks up the ramp and stops in front of the Stargate.
HAMMOND: I really hope this is the right thing to do.

Sam enters the Gate Room.

SAM: Wait, without the remote code device he won't be able to get back.
HAMMOND: Without knowing where he's going and why, that could put us in further jeopardy. I'm sorry, I can't authorise it.

Daniel goes up to Jack.

DANIEL: Jack. You understand that if you do this, if you go, you might not be able to come back.

Jack looks at Daniel, then leaves...

Everyone goes back into the Control Room.

SIMMONS: Traveller is still on route... [Computer beeps] we've lost the traveller!

On the other side of the Stargate, Jack is thrown out and lands heavily on the floor.

JACK: Arrgh!

The Stargate disengages. Jack gets up to sees lots of Asgard aliens whispering. There are hundreds of them within a long hall, but two are standing right in front of him.

JACK: Ego... deserdi... asordo...
ASGARD 1: [In the Asgard language] He's human. From Earth.
ASGARD 2: [In the Asgard language] But he's speaking the language of the Ancients.
JACK: Comdo... asordo...
ASGARD 2: [In the Asgard language] He wants help.

The Asgard uses a device that extracts the knowledge from Jack. Jack collapses, unconscious.

In the Control Room...

SAM: Prepare to redial. The computer won't accept the eighth chevron.
The phone rings.
HAMMOND: [Into the phone] Hammond.
SIMMONS: It's Sergeant Siler, Sir; the device that's hooked to the power grid seems to be dead.

On the Asgard planet, Jack comes around. The Asgard are still whispering.

JACK: Hello. [He gets to his knees] Um. Thank you.
ASGARD 1: You are welcome.
JACK: You understand me?
ASGARD 2: We speak many languages.
JACK: You're the Asgard, Thor's race, right?
ASGARD 1: You have heard of us?
JACK: Nothing but good things.
ASGARD 2: You looked into the archive that stores all the Ancients' knowledge.
JACK: Apparently.
ASGARD 2: It was not meant for you.
JACK: What, this was all an accident?
ASGARD 1: Human physiology has not advanced to the point where your brain could handle that technology.
JACK: Oh. So where am I?
ASGARD 1: This is the Asgard planet, Othala, in the galaxy of Ida.
JACK: Why did I come here?
ASGARD 2: The Ancients moved on from our region of space long ago, but your sub-conscious mind used their knowledge to find us here, where you could get help.
ASGARD 1: Very impressive.
JACK: Well, you know...
ASGARD 1: We did not think your brains had advanced even that far.
JACK: How is it you know so much about our brains?
ASGARD 1: We have studied your race closely.
JACK: Ah. What did you learn?
ASGARD 2: That your species has great potential.
JACK: Great potential, that's good.
ASGARD 1: Understand this, there was once an alliance of four great races in the galaxy; the Asgard, the Nox...
JACK: Met them.
ASGARD 1: ...the Furlings...
JACK: Don't know them.
ASGARD 1: ...and the Ancients, the builders of the Stargates.
JACK: Pretty heady group.
ASGARD 1: The alliance was built over many millennia. Your race has much to prove before we may interact on that level.

Jack stands up and approaches the two main Asgards; there's more whispering from the others.

JACK: Look, you all seem to be quite wonderful... people [He crouches down to their level] and I don't want to sound ungrateful because I really, really appreciate you getting all that stuff out of my head, but you folks should understand that we're out there, now, and we might not be ready for a lot of this stuff but we're doing the best we can. We are a very curious race.

A1 offers Jack his hand, and Jack takes it. Then he stands up.

ASGARD 2: You have already taken the first steps towards becoming the fifth race.

In the Control Room...

SAM: Sir, we're gonna have to shut the whole system down and reboot.
HAMMOND: Can you close the Stargate if necessary?
SAM: Apparently not.
DANIEL: That's not good.
HAMMOND: Captain, I don't care what you have to do, I want control of this system back.
SAM: Yes, Sir, I'm trying.

The Stargate starts to dial!

SAM: We have an incoming wormhole.

The Stargate opens and Jack appears. Daniel and Teal'c leave the control room.

SAM: Everything seems to be back online again, Sir, including the iris.
HAMMOND: Good work, Captain.

In the Gate Room...
JACK: I'm back.
DANIEL: What happened?
TEALC: Do you still possess the knowledge of the Ancients?
JACK: Nope. Don't remember a thing. [To Daniel] But ya know that meaning of life stuff?
Daniel nods slightly.
JACK: I think we're gonna be alright...

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