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Serpents Song

Writer: Katharyn Powers

Director: Peter Deluise

Richard Dean Anderson as Colonel Jack O'Neill
Michael Shanks as Dr. Daniel Jackson
Amanda Tapping as Captain Samantha Carter
Christopher Judge as Teal'c
Don S. Davis as General Hammond

Also Starring:
Peter Williams as Apophis:
Teryl Rothery as Dr. Fraiser
J.R. Bourne as Martouf
Tobias Mehler as Lieutenant Graham Simmons
Peter Lacroix as Sokar
Dan Shea as Sergeant Siler


We begin with the opening scene of a glider being shot at by a Mother ship, which I assume it just escaped from it seem to be headed for the planet below it.

The next scene falls upon a skull.

DANIEL: Shouldn't they be here by now?

Then up to the stargate. Teal'c is...pacing? Jack and Sam are sitting on the top steps leading to the `gate and Daniel lies on the bottom ones. All dressed in desert kamos.

JACK: Yes.

TEAL'C: I do not believe the Tok'ra would mislead us.

DANIEL: Well, assuming it was the Tok'ra who sent us the message to meet them here in the first place. I mean all we really received was a set of co-ordinates.

SAM: ...But on our radio frequencies, who else would send us a signal like that

JACK: You know (Turning to Sam) I'm not really too crazy about this 'don't call us we'll call you' policy.

The camera moves to Teal'c who is by the DHD. Shots. Teal'c looks up.

TEAL'C: (pointing at the sky) There!

The others look up. They get up and walk down the steps. We get a shot of the glider coming in under heavy fire.

JACK: Cover up!!

We a lot of fire and the glider swoops past Teal'cs Head and crash- lands a few miles from the gate. SG-1 runs to the crash site.

We see the Glider is empty as Jack comes up behind it gun poised, Jack moves away and we see that someone is crawling away from the wreck. Jack aims his weapon at him, he turns around and we see it is none other than Apophis. His eyes Glow. He looks pretty beat up.

JACK: Holy Buckets

APOPHIS: help me.

OPENING CREDITS ... Da, daaaaa da da daa da da etc.

Scene opens on Apophis still lying on the ground breathing heavily. Sam and Daniel run over to Jack and Teal'c who tower above Apophis. JACK: Well...

DANIEL: wow is that who I think it is?

APOPHIS: Tau'ri please...

Teal'c opens up his Zat

SAM: Teal'c! Apophis is much more valuable to us alive than dead.

Teal'c puts the Zat away

Apophis points at the sky and Sam looks behind her.

SAM: (raising her gun) Sir. We've got incoming.

Jack turns his head, his gun still trained on the......goa'uld.

A look at the sky show a platoon of Gliders headed their way.

JACK: Oy...(Turning back to Apophis) Alright, Dial us up, get us out of here!

The gliders swoop-p in as Sam fires upon them.

SAM: What are they doing?

TEAL'C: They wish to take Apophis alive.

Jack continues firing as they run for the stargate, Teal'c is carrying Apophis. All but Jack go through the Gate, Jack turns and comes face to face with a glider, he fires on it as he backs into the event horizon.


Jack lands on the ramp and the iris closes. Teal'c walks past General Hammond with Apophis.

HAMMOND: Colonel?

JACK: (Getting up) General Hammond. Apophis.

Apophis is placed on a Gurney.

JACK: Apophis. General Hammond.

Apophis and Hammond look at each other.

HAMMOND: we've met.

APOPHIS: I demand Kel'mac!

Jack looks at Daniel for a translation.

DANIEL: I'm not really sure but I think what he's asking for is...

TEAL'C: Sanctuary.

DANIEL: right.


JACK: I think some rival Goa'uld just kicked his ass.

SAM: There were several other death gliders in pursuit when we took him prisoner, sir.

APOPHIS: I demand Kel'mac

HAMMOND: You're not in a position to demand anything, sir. Lock him up.

Several guards move forward.

JANET: Sir, with all due respect he is badly injured he is not going to be any use to you if we don't get him to the OR right now.

HAMMOND: Do what you need to keep him alive doctor. We got a lot of questions that need answers.

JANET: Yes sir. OK lets move him. Let him start on two IV's and I'm gonna need his flab cage wide open. Lets go.

They run out with Apophis. The General turns to a SF.

HAMMOND: I want four SF's posted at all times, if he attempts to escape, you're authorized to do what ever is necessary to stop him.

The SF nods, points out whose to come and leaves the Gateroom.

HAMMOND: We'll debrief at 1100hrs.

Hammond leaves with a sour look.

JACK: Yes sir.

Scene: Apophis is held in restraints a nurse checking his vitals. We hear Janet speaking.

JANET: Both femurs were smashed and there was eternal bleeding, Surgery and transfusions have stabilized him for now.

We see Janet, General Hammond and SG-1 in the Observation room.

TEAL'C: The Goa'uld symbiote within him will repair those injuries

JANET: Well, I think it's kept him alive so far Teal'c. but take a look at his monitors. See what you're looking at is the actual symbiote attached to the Hosts brainstem. Have you seen these lesions? I mean these dozens of them. I can treat the Human part but as for the symbiote itself...

SAM: There is no treatment. He's been tortured.

Sam closes her eyes and we see a flashback to when Sam had been taken over by Jolinar and the Ashrak Has activated the device on his hand. The Ashrak zaps Jolinar, and we can see her skull, yuck. Then back to Sam.

Jack looks up at Sam as she visibly flinches.

JACK: (obviously concerned) Sam?

SAM: I...just had a memory of Jolinar...pain...when she was killed by the Ashrak.

Jack looks...apprehensive.

SAM: The ashrak had this device...he used it on was used to cause incredible pain. Apophis was tortured by the same thing.

Jack looks at Sam, Sam looks away.

Scene: A shot at a monitor of a scan from Apophis, Then moves to Hammond, Jack and Janet standing in the briefing room.

HAMMOND: So he's dieing.

JANET: Yes sir

HAMMOND: you're sure about this?

JANET: As sure as I can be sir. Considering what we know of Goa'uld physiology.

Hammond moves to sit at the briefing table.

JACK: Good. When?

Janet and Jack move to the table, Janet sits down, the seat to her left is empty, next to that is Sam, then Hammond and then Teal'c and Daniel.

JANET: Without access to a sarcoughacus the Goa'uld body will continue to deteriorate, we're looking at days, weeks certainly.

SAM: This kind of torture wasn't designed to extract information, it's a method of execution.

JACK: (still standing) So what does he want?

DANIEL: You heard him yourself, he wants sanctuary.

JACK: I'm not buying that.

DANIEL: He gamble that we would show compassion even to our worst enemy...and he was right.

JACK: You think he or castrated this. Let me tell ya something. (Jack moves to sit down next to Sam) The only compassion I showed was not blowing his head off.

TEAL'C: I have witnessed once powerful Goa'uld enter the service of their conquerors in exchange for life. When Apophis himself, was a conqueror it gave him great pleasure to see his enemy so weakened.

SAM: but we're along way from being his conquerors.

TEAL'C: But we are greatly responsible for his downfall.

Sam nods.

HAMMOND: He lost an Army when you destroyed those two ships in orbit.

SAM: Bra'tac did say that that seriously weakened his place amongst the Goa'uld.

DANIEL: So his blood is in the water and all the other sharks are having a feeding frenzy.

TEAL'C: and he has come here seeking refuge.

JACK: Well, that's tuff. I say we beat any information we can out of old snake boy and toss him back to the sharks.

HAMMOND: Not so fast colonel. He's essentially a prisoner of war. That gives him certain rights.

JACK: rights, General?

SAM: We also have to consider the host, I'm sorry sir but we are dealing with two beings within one body. The symbiote may be an enemy but the host is innocent.

JACK: Oh, come on, how much of the host do you think is still around after all this time.

TEAL'C: Apophis will have that knowledge.

HAMMOND: We also need to consider military intelligence. I have informed my superiors about our situation. My orders are to extract whatever information we can in the short time we may have.

TEAL'C: He will tell you nothing of use General Hammond.

HAMMOND: If he believes it's in his own interest he might.

DANIEL: We are the only thing that stands between him and whatever Goa'uld is after him on that planet.

HAMMOND: We need answers. Let me know when he's conscious.

JANET: I'll inform you the moment he's ready for questioning sir.

HAMMOND: Dismissed.

Jack looks really pissed as they leave Sam turns back as he throws his stuff on the desk.

SAM: Sir?

Jack picks up his stuff and walks past Sam.

JACK: Should of shot him.

Scene: Shot of Cheyenne Mountain. Jacks watching Apophis in the observation room. Apophis wakes up.

JACK: (In to an intercom) Dr. Frasier. He's awake.

Janet moves over to him. She leans in as Apophis whisper something.

JACK: Don't get to close doc.

JANET: (looking up) He's not strong enough to do anything to hurt me colonel. (Jack shrugs.) he wants to talk to you.

Jack goes down in to the room.

JANET: He asked to speak to you by name.

APOPHIS: O'Neill I am dieing.

JACK: My heart bleeds for you. (Jack puts his hands in his pockets.)

APOPHIS: You lie poorly. It is you who have done this. You rejoice.

JACK: Not really. What do you want?

APOPHIS: to live.

JACK: Can't help you out there. That's between you and your God. (as if he's had a great revelation.) Oh wait a minute. You are your God. That's a problem.

APOPHIS: I'm worth far more to you than you will admit.

JACK: You tell me what are you worth?

APOPHIS: <Not sure but I think he says> Your people. You are still primitive you will be destroyed.

JACK: You don't look like you're up to it.

APOPHIS: Not me. There is another

JACK: Yeah. Who?

APOPHIS: There is much you will learn from me Tau'ri. For that knowledge there is a price.........a new host.

JACK: a host?

APOPHIS: So that I may live, in exchange for all the knowledge of the Goa'uld...secrets of startravel...weapons...our power.

JACK: All that?

APOPHIS: in time more.

JACK: Go to Hell.

APOPHIS: A sake of a human life is worth so much. You would risk a world.

JACK: That's right. That's why they call us the good guys. Doc. let me know when he dies.


JACK: What?

APOPHIS: An ancient and powerful Goa'uld. You have helped him to be come strong. Last of my loyal Jaffa died stealing me from his grasp. He will not rest until I am found, that is why I came here. So that in death I can be assured that you can die with me.

Jack leaves.

Scene: A skull. SG-1 are in Daniels Office. Sam walks over and stands <I think she sits> by Jack.

TEAL'C: Sokar is a Goa'uld of ancient times. He once was ruler of the system lords but was defeated by an alliance of Goa'uld many centuries ago. Apophis and Ra were among his conquerors.

SAM: Where did he go?

TEAL'C: Apophis himself believed him destroyed, but obviously he was mistaken.

JACK: Well, if he was almost wiped out how bad could he be now.

Teal'c looks at Jack.

JACK: Its rhetorical Teal'c.

DANIEL: His names also very old, Earth mythology. He was the most feared deity in ancient Egypt, the original God of Death.

JACK: Got anything a little more up to date.

DANIEL: Well, I don't know what he's been up to lately, but according to the book of the dead, there was a time he ruled all of Death, his land around menthes were covered by darkness and inhabited by serpents.

TEAL'C: Unas. The first host of the Goa'uld.

DANIEL: Well that makes sense. I mean if the Unas were the first ones then there had to be a time when both form of Goa'uld host co- existed. Kind of like Neanderthals...

JACK: Which is he?

DANIEL: I don't know, but his portion of touf or the other world was filled with lakes of fire, the wicked were thrown into his punishment after torture and mutilation.

JACK: Hell

DANIEL: Yeah. Basically he was the original Satan.

JACK: <didn't catch what he said>


JACK: Speak of the devil.

They all get up and leave.

Scene: Control room

HAMMOND: Have they sent a signal.

SIMMONS: There are no units currently onboard, Sir.

HAMMOND: Close the Iris


The Iris closes and we see armed personnel run into the Gateroom, ready. Gate activates. Sg-1 come up behind General Hammond.

THUMP. (on the iris) Gate shuts down.

HAMMOND: Is there anyway to determine what that was?

SAM: Yes sir. We can get a radiation team in there to check the decay signature on the iris.

SIMMONS: I'm on it Captain <lol. Sorry just thinking of when Daniel told Sam that Simmons had a thing for her. (on the intercom) Radiation team to Gateroom.

JACK: In the mean time sir, I'd like to get back to the interrogation if I may.


DANIEL: Sir I'm kind of the resident on Sokar around here, I'd like a shot at the interrogation.

JACK: Yeah ok.

Daniel leaves.

SCENE: Apophis' infirmary room. Daniel comes in.]

DANIEL: (To the nurse.) Is he Conscious?

APOPHIS: Come Daniel.

Daniel walks over to his bedside.

DANIEL: You know my name?

APOPHIS: Because of what we hold in common. Amounet my queen.

DANIEL: Her name is Sha'rai. She is my wife.

APOPHIS: They are one in the same.

DANIEL: Amounet possesses her. Sha'rai is a Prisoner. She is somewhere I want you to tell me where.

APOPHIS: Amounet, I loved her (he looks at Daniel) You do not believe me.

DANIEL: No. I don't think that's possible.

APOPHIS: How could you, her eyes, her knowledge, Our very being is so much greater, so much more.

DANIEL: I know where your child is.

APOPHIS: My son.

DANIEL: Yes I brought him into the world with my own hands on Abydos.

APOPHIS: He was taken by Her'ur

DANIEL: No......By me.

APOPHIS: We have no use for the child now. Amounet, I knew from the moment I laid eyes on her, she was a vessel for the queen

DANIEL: (leaning in, in a deadly whisper) If you don't tell me where she is. I'll kill you right here.

APOPHIS: You have neither the strength nor the will.

SAM: Daniel.

Apophis takes in a deep breath and cries out in pain. Daniel leaves and moves into the corridor with Sam.

SAM: we...we think that thud we heard hitting the iris was the saving box, Its radioactive signature matches the one we gave the Tok'ra. They're...they're coming here.

She leaves. Daniel follows.

Scene: Control room.


JACK: Decision time sir.

HAMMOND: Captain Carter are you 100% certain...

SAM: That the signature matches the Tok'ra? Yes sir. That it came from them? Theres no way to be sure.

HAMMOND: What if one or more of the Tok'ra have been captured by Sokar and Tortured.

SAM: I don't think that they would give us up.

JACK: I'm with carter General, I say we keep the door open.

HAMMOND: Very well.

Gate activates. Out steps Martouf followed by two other Tok'ra.

MARTOUF: Samantha

SAM: Martouf.

HAMMOND: (Over intercom.) Defense team you may stand down.

MARTOUF: I offer you greetings from the high council of the Tok'ra. (He bows. Sort of.)

SAM: Why didn't my father come?

MARTOUF: He's dealing with more urgent matters. We come only to offer you a word of warning.

JACK: Which is?

MARTOUF: We know you have Apophis as your prisoner. You must return him to the planet you retrieved him from immediately.

Scene: Teal'c walks into the observation room. To observe Apophis.

Scene: Briefing room.

MARTOUF: Since Jacob has joined the Tok'ra I have come to a deeper understanding of your people, the purpose and your extraordinary gifts.

HAMMOND: Thank you.

SG-1 sit across from Martouf an co.

MARTOUF: You've shown great skill and cunning in retrieving Apophis from the hands of Sokar. However...

JACK: You know as much as I love where you're going with this...we didn't exactly do that.

MARTOUF: Our operatives aboard Sokars vessel witnessed you leave the crash site and enter the Stargate.

SAM: We received a signal a set of co-ordinates, we had thought it came from you.

MARTOUF: We sent no such signal.

JACK: We know that now.

MARTOUF: Then who?

JACK: We're going to assume it was Apophis.

MARTOUF/LANTESH: Why would he take refuge among the Tau'ri? He despises you. More than that you have nothing of use to him.

JACK: He's going down. He wants to take us with him.

LANTESH: He has taken advantage of your weakness.

SAM: We don't consider what we did a sign of weakness.

LANTESH: Then you are fools. Turn him over to Sokar now. That he may spare you.

HAMMOND: We can't do that just yet

LANTESH: If he remains here, you will all die. if not by the hand of sokar then by the many Goa'uld who would wish to destroy Apophis themselves. You do not see what you have done. You have entered a battle in which you are ill equipped to fight. Tipped the balance of power among the Goa'uld and in so doing worsened the fortune of your entire race.

HAMMOND: We must know what would happen to him if we turned him over.

LANTESH: I'm certain he would be executed...eventually


LANTESH: surely, you welcome this. His guilt is clear. He cannot be allowed to escape punishment.

JANET: He won't. He's dieing.

LANTESH: You are certain of this.

JANET: Yes. His body has begun to age in an increasing rate.

LANTESH: Without a sarcoughacus to rejuvenate him of course.

HAMMOND: In the short time he has remaining. We may yet learn information to aid ourselves.

LANTESH: The knowledge and Technology are too primitive for any information to be of any use. Why don't you comprehend the danger you are in? We cannot defend you from the Goa'uld. You cannot expect us too.

JACK: We don't.

LANTESH: Overconfidence was their feeling O'Neill I hope it has not become yours.

LANTESH/MARTOUF: Heh. Forgive Lantesh. He is sometimes passionate in his opinions. We cannot and would not force you to do anything, but since we have not convinced you of the danger you face may we see him?

Hammond looks at Jack.

Scene: Apophis' new hideout...Janet's feeding something into an IV. SG- 1 and Martouf walk in.

MARTOUF: What is that you are injecting into his body?

JANET: Morphine sulphate.

SAM: To ease the pain.

MARTOUF: Yes you said he had been tortured.

JANET: (while snapping of her gloves) He is also experiencing withdrawal symptoms from the Sarcoughacus.

MARTOUF: But he is your enemy.

JANET: He is my patient.

APOPHIS: Amonet.

MARTOUF: Apophis hear me.


MARTOUF: I would speak with you.

APOPHIS: Amonet!!! My love.

Daniel looks upset, Jack throws him a supportive glance.


He looks around and looks almost afraid.

APOPHIS/HOST: shemoie shemoie

DANIEL: That's ancient Egyptian. This must be the host.

HOST: Shimotie <I'm just writing it like it sounds.> shimotie

JACK: Talk to him.

DANIEL: ............I don't know what to say.

Apophis/Host pass out.

DANIEL: Thousands of years trapped inside your own body.'s like a nightmare. It's Unimaginable.

JANET: He won't be conscious again for a while.

MARTOUF: Then we will take our leave of you. I will tell you the co- ordinates to send us.

SAM: We can question him together. We can share whatever information we can get.


JACK: expecting someone.


They leave.

Scene: Defense team is ready. Gate activates, Iris is closed.

SIMMONS: (intercom) Defense team stand by.

HAMMOND: Keep that Iris closed.

SIMMONS: Yes sir.

Loads of 'THUMPS' on the Iris.

MARTOUF: Sokar has found you.

JACK: How?

MARTOUF: His pilots saw your kind flee with Apophis through the Chappa'ia. Symbols of the Tau'ri are well known among the Goa'uld.

JACK: That Iris will hold.

Jack sits down at the controls.

SAM: It's a Trinium Titanium alloy just a few microns from the event horizon. It won't allow matter to reintegrate.

TEAL'C: Something is appearing.

We see the Iris turn red with Hot spots

SAM: How is this possible?

She sits down at the controls, typing.

MARTOUF: The space between your metal barrier and the wormhole may be enough for particles of extremely high energy to reintegrate.

SAM: Subatomic particles?


SAM: Are you saying he's firing a particle accelerator at the wormhole?

HAMMOND: Captain?

SAM: Sir, we may be witnessing the decay of subatomic particles as there being bombarded against the Iris. Small enough to reintegrate but moving at nearly light velocity. Sokar can modulate the particle stream enough to create an actual image.

SOKAR: People of the Tau'ri you have taken what is mine. For this you will be destroyed.

SIMMONS: The iris is beginning to heat up sir.

HAMMOND: How long can they maintain this.

SAM: The longest single Goa'uld attack against the iris was 38 minutes, we think that's the maximum a wormhole can be maintained before collapsing.

DANIEL: They're just going to dial us up and do all of this all over again.

HAMMOND: This changes things. I better get on the phone with the president.

He runs off

SAM: Can you help us.

MARTOUF: I know of no way

JACK: Alright in the mean time, Carter why don't you see what you can get out of Apophis. His necks on the line here now too.

SAM: Yes sir.

TEAL'C: I will accompany you.

Scene; In Apophis' room.

APOPHIS: I will not speak to the Shol'va

Sam looks at Teal'c then back.

SAM: Just answer this. Sokar is firing some sort of particle beam at the barrier we've placed within our stargate. How do we defend against it.

APOPHIS: There is no defense.

TEAL'C: He lies.

APOPHIS: Shol'va kree.

SAM: How can you be so sure?

APOPHIS: Because he used the weapon against me. <he looks like he's going to throw up.> the pain returns.

SAM: We're not going to get anything out of him in this state. I'll get Dr. Frasier.

Teal'c nods. When Sam leaves he smiles and moves closer to Apophis.

TEAL'C: I have waited many years for this moment.

APOPHIS: Do you think you have won Teal'c. You are about to die.

TEAL'C: Perhaps that is so. But my People have won freedom.

APOPHIS: The Jaffa will never be free.

TEAL'C: They are free even am I. Here me Apophis. This day will become a holy day on Chulak. The day of your death.

APOPHIS: The larval Goa'uld you carry with in you is your master even now. All of you. When the time comes for those children to take a host you will die.

TEAL'C: Then we will find other symbiote to survive upon. Then disguard them when they are mature. We will use your kind as you have used mine.


TEAL'C: The people of chulak no longer worship you. They no longer fear you. The time of Apophis has finally come to an end.

APOPHIS: The kill me now.

TEAL'C: Tell us how to defend ourselves against this weapon.

APOPHIS: I will die with a smile on my lips. Knowing you will die along with me shol'va.

TEAL'C: Come no further. Let him suffer and when he can stand the pain no more, he will tell us how to defend ourselves against sokars weapon.

JANET: Teal'c. please move.

APOPHIS: There was a time when you would die for me Teal'c.

TEAL'C: that time is no more.

Teal'c leaves.


JANET: Easy. Easy.

SAM: Alright these shields of yours, they obviously absorb different forms of energy maybe we could......

Apophis raises his head towards Sam. A chain holds him back

APOPHIS: I sense a presence within you.

SAM: Could your shields help us or not?

APOPHIS: (He lays back down) You were once possessed by a Goa'uld. I'm sure you would make an excellent host for sokar's new queen.

Scene: Gateroom. Sgt Siler is cooling down the iris with liquid nitrogen.

HAMMOND: Airman. More on Sergeant. It's getting damn hot in here.

SILER: Better than nothing sir. Not by much.

Hammond wipes the sweat from his brow and leaves.

Scene: Control room

JACK: Sir. Daniel just came up with an idea that might by us some time.

DANIEL: Sir, if we can dial out, we can prevent them from dialing in from as long as we can keep the Gate open

HAMMOND: Good thinking Doctor. If we can keep our gate open for the same link of time...

SIMMONS: Coming up to 38 minutes sir.

JACK: Stand by.

JACK: Yes sir.

Gate shuts down.

JACK: GO ahead dial it up.

SIMMONS: Chevron one encoded.....................Chevron two encoded............

DANIEL: The only thing I'm worried about is that...

Computer shows incoming traveler. Gate activates

SIMMONS: Incoming wormhole established.

DANIEL:...Sokar can dial in faster than we can dial out.

SIMMONS: Sorry sir. Next window is 38 minutes away.

DANIEL: That may be our last chance to dial out.

JACK: Its gonna get hot sir.

Scene: Briefing room.

HAMMOND: The temperature in the Gateroom now reads 130 degrees Fahrenheit, which means the iris must be six or eight times that.

MARTOUF: Even if he fails to breech the Gate. He will come by ship.

SAM: Martouf is right, what we really need to be concerned with here is another assault from space. That's exactly what we're inviting by refusing to hand Apophis over.

DANIEL: well, we couldn't right now even if we wanted to.

JACK: Not with bialzabolt banging at the door. No.

HAMMOND: I've informed the president of our new situation. Our new orders are to cease all medical intervention.

JANET: That will affectively end his life, General.

HAMMOND: I'm aware of that doctor. The president and Joint-chiefs have decided that the risks are too great not to heed the Tok'ras warning. Our orders are to send Apophis' body back through the gate to the co-ordinates where you found him.

TEAL'C: Will that be sufficient to make sokar cease his attack Martouf?

MARTOUF: Sokar is at war with Her'ur, he wants no part of the Tau'ri for the moment, but you may have come to your senses to late. He will soon burn through your iris.

SAM: Well, I've been working on a way to dial out faster. If we can open our gate in the next window we should be able to send Apophis through.

JACK: When is that?

SAM: (looking at her watch) 17 minutes.

HAMMOND: Colonel, Make arrangements to send Apophis back through the Stargate.

Scene: Jack walks into Apophis' room. Apophis looks older.

JACK: Apophis. We're sending you back.

APOPHIS/HOST: Shimoite. Shimoite.

DANIEL: He said he'd rather take the risk instead of being put to sleep indefinately.

JACK: (To an SF.) Get DR. Jackson down here.

Scene: Gateroom.

HAMMOND: I can't keep those men in there much longer.

SAM: They've got to stay until the next window sir.

Scene: Apophis' room.

HOST: Retzakemi. Keneichi sa kemi. Hiemotet Hiemotet.

DANIEL: He says he's been in a never ending dream, he hoped to waken from it, to see his wife and his children.

HOST: Diseche fay tah la phasib che

DANIEL: He was a scribe in the temple of almoun in cardak, but that was another life time ago, before the...before the nightmare.

HOST: Himyet faysweat kellbe fatmoon

DANIEL: and now he awakens only to die again. Nomka yayde at tou, pom ra dunaray epia desipo gosofka eia kemota shalpal. She ak anuison. Heyho. Heyho. I said I will speak the words of power and renew the rights. He will be returned to Egypt and buried with honour. He will pass through the seven gates and see his wife and children again and rejoice with them forever. I'll be back.

Scene: Gateroom, Tempreture is rising.

SIMMONS: Sir we're going to lose the computers, the heat.

HAMMOND: Captain?

SAM: We need them sir one more minute until the window.

Scene: Apophis' room, his eyes glow

APOPHIS: help me.


APOPHIS: A host.


APOPHIS:I am afraid.

Apophis intakes debreaths.

JANET: Colonel, (pushes him aside.)

Apophis flat lines.

JANET: The Goa'uld is dead, but the host is still alive.

Scene: Gateroom. Gate shuts down.

SAM: That's it initiate the dialing program

SIMMONS: Cheveron 1.

Scene: Apophis' room.

DANIEL: Yip yall tal tie kie pel pou wiefou det aveou. En ya af kyak a koomai. I told him this funeraly statue, will take his last breath and carrie it back to Egypt.

Scene: Gateroom. Cheveron 5 is encoded.

Scene: Apophis' room. Host takes its last breath.

Scene: Gateroom. Cheveron 6 encoded.


Gate activates.

SIMMONS: Wormhole established.

HAMMOND: Open the Iris.

Iris opens.

Hamoond looks to Teal'c. Teal'c leaves.

Scene: Apophis' room. Apophis' cloak is placed over his head.

TEAL'C: (enters) Captain Carter has succeeded in creating an outgoing wormhole. Sokar cannot attack during this time.

JACK: That's good.

Teal'c uncovers Apophis' face.

Scene: Gateroom. SG-1, The Tok'ra, Hammond and Janet watch as Teal'c passes Apophis' body through the wormhole. After Teal'c walks down the ramp and leaves. The gate shuts down.

Janet walks away.

DANIEL: What now?

JACK: we Wait.

SAM: If sokar wanted him alive then he'll just start up the attack again.

MARTOUF: No. I don't believe he will, Sokar has a sarcoughacus in his possession. With it he can revive Apophis even through death and torture him as long as he pleases.

Every looks sober.

MARTOUF: Surely a fate he justly deserves

Scene: control room. Martouf writes in the co-ordinates.

MARTOUF: These are the Co-ordinates we would like you send us.

SAM: But not too anywhere we'll be able to find you again.

MARTOUF: To contact us, you may use this.

DANIEL: That's Tollan. They used it to contact the Nox.

MARTOUF: Yes, We are friends of the Tollan, and we are friends of the Tau'ri.

SAM: Thank you.

JACK: well, if we're going to be friends, you're going to need one of these. Its called a G D O, Sends out a signal to let us know who you are and if its ok to open the iris, otherwise you could end up splattered against the...well.

MARTOUF: I understand.

SAM: come on I'll show you how it works.

Sam and Martouf go down to the Gateroom.

HAMMOND: Alright lets send them home people.

Jack watches from the control room.

Ending Credit.
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