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SGC. GATEROOM. Two technicians, one holding a clipboard and the other a radiation detector, are standing on the ramp and talking. Klaxons go off and the Gate starts to dial in. The technicians run off the ramp.
TECHNICIAN (in the Control Room): Unauthorised incoming traveller!
VOICE: Clear the ramp!
(SFs run into the room and aim their guns at the Gate. The Gate opens behind the iris. Hammond hurries into the Control Room. SG-1 arrive and stand behind him.)
HAMMOND (to the technician): Who is it?
TECHNICIAN: No idea, sir. SG-5 and SG-14 are out, but neither are due until tomorrow.
HAMMOND: No iris code?
(The iris opens.)
HAMMOND: I did not give the order to open the iris, mister!
TECHNICIAN: I did not open it, sir!
HAMMOND: Well, close it. (The iris closes, but immediately opens again.) Get that iris closed, Sergeant!
TECHNICIAN: I’m trying, but the computer keeps overriding it, sir.
(In the Gateroom, someone steps through the Gate. All we see at this moment are a pair of legs covered in loose trousers made of a light brown somewhat fuzzy fabric, with matching footwear. Hammond is looking down at the computer consoles and doesn’t immediately notice but Daniel does.)
DANIEL: General.
(Hammond looks up. The camera pans up to show the rest of the new arrival. He/she/it is wearing a jacket made of the same material as the trousers, and the same colour. There is a hood covering the person’s head. The person is short, and the outfit makes it look like an Ewok! Hammond and SG-1 head for the Gateroom.)

(In the Gateroom, the person pulls its hood back and we see that it is a young boy, about eight or nine years old. He has no hair. He looks around the Gateroom at the SFs all aiming their weapons at him, who all seem nonplussed at the sight of this young child. The boy walks slowly down to the bottom of the ramp to meet the arriving General Hammond and SG-1.)
HAMMOND: Search him.
O’NEILL: General? If I may suggest allowing Carter to do it? She can detect other stuff.
(Hammond nods in agreement. Sam walks closer to the boy, smiling at him.)
CARTER: Hello. What’s your name? (The boy doesn’t reply.) Okay. My name is Sam. I have to check you for ... (she smiles and shakes her head) for things you probably know nothing about, but just in case ... (She checks inside his hood, then runs her hands around his ears and gently pulls down his lower lip to look at his teeth. Then she holds one hand on the top of his head and the other on his chest while she closes her eyes and concentrates. Then she opens her eyes, smiles at the boy and turns to the others.) Well, he’s not Goa’uld or Jaffa. I can’t sense any naqahdah. As far as I can tell, he’s clean.
O’NEILL: What’s he doing here?
BOY: I am here to warn you.

SGC. INFIRMARY. The boy is sitting on one of the beds dressed in pyjamas. Hammond, Jack and Sam are present with Janet.
FRAISER: Well, as far as I can tell, he’s human.
O’NEILL: No bomb in the chest? A little biohazard in the tooth, maybe?
FRAISER: Checked for both. He’s no threat to us as far as I’m able to tell, but he’s pretty weak. I’m guessing he’s malnourished.
CARTER (to the boy): What’s your name?
BOY (looking at Jack): Your name is Colonel O’Neill.
O’NEILL: How d’you know that?
BOY: My mother told me. (He points to a place in the room. Everyone turns to look but there’s nothing there out of the usual.)
O’NEILL: Your mother?
BOY: Yes. (He turns to look at the place he pointed at and seems to be listening to someone or something.) She says I am to speak only with you.
O’NEILL: Well, these people are my friends. You can trust them.
BOY (turning again to look to the place he indicated earlier, then looking back to Jack): Mother says to speak only to you.
O’NEILL: Okay. Why me?
BOY: Because Mother has observed you and determined she likes you. You are one who can be trusted.
O’NEILL (looking around the room): Well, thank you, ma’am! (To the boy) How long have you been watching me?
BOY: For many weeks.
O’NEILL: Weeks?
BOY: Yes. She first saw you on another planet and she followed your team through the Stargate at that time. She observed you all until your team returned with the one called ... (he looks at the empty space) Tonane. Based on your actions at the time, Mother believes you are the only honourable leader among your people. It was only your team who did not want to steal Tonane’s mineral.
O’NEILL: Then why not trust the rest of my team?
BOY (looking at ‘Mother’ and then back to Jack): Because you are the leader. Mother insists I speak no further unless it is with you, alone.
HAMMOND (to the others): Let’s step into the corridor for a few moments, folks.
(Everyone leaves. Jack walks closer to the boy.)
O’NEILL: So what do I call you?
BOY: I do not have a name.
O’NEILL: What’s your mom call you?
BOY: Son.
O’NEILL (smiling): It’s not much of a name.
BOY: No. It’s more of a description.
O’NEILL: Yes, it is.
BOY: Mother says you too have a son.
(Jack’s smile fades.)
O’NEILL: I had one. He’s gone now.
BOY: What was his name?
O’NEILL: Charlie.
BOY: Charlie. I like Charlie. It’s a good name. Can I be called Charlie?
O’NEILL (a bit reluctantly): Yeah, sure, if that’s what you want.
BOY/CHARLIE: Okay, Colonel O’Neill. I am Charlie.
O’NEILL (holding out his hand): Hi, Charlie. (Charlie takes his hand.) Call me Jack.
(Jack sits on the edge of Charlie’s bed.)
O’NEILL: So where are you from?
CHARLIE: A planet called Reetalia.
O’NEILL: Nice place?
CHARLIE: Used to be, until most of the Reetou were destroyed by mean creatures with glowing eyes.
O’NEILL: That’s the Goa’uld. Sorry to hear that.
CHARLIE: That’s why I’m here – to warn you.
O’NEILL: Well, thank you, Charlie, but we already knew about the Goa’uld.
CHARLIE: Not the Goa’uld. It’s the Reetou rebels who intend to eliminate you.

CARTER: We did a level one analysis on the iris mechanism. It behaved as if control was being commandeered from the main computer by an override, like it was being controlled from another keyboard somewhere. We have software specialists picking it apart right now.
HAMMOND: Colonel O’Neill, any more insight into the boy?
O’NEILL: The best I can tell, sir, the kid survived a Goa’uld massacre.
FRAISER: Well, that would explain Mom. See, it would be a natural psychological defence mechanism. He’s convinced himself that she never left him – that her spirit, for lack of a better word, is always with him.
DANIEL: Well, how did he know about the Salish?
O’NEILL: How did he know about my *kid*?!
DANIEL: Uh, is it possible that he’s some sort of psychic?
FRAISER: Maybe we’ll turn something up in our examinations.
TEAL’C: For the immediate, should not our concern be the threat of the planned Reetou attack?
CARTER: This doesn’t make much sense. I mean, the Goa’uld attack the Reetou, so the Reetou rebels attack us?!
HAMMOND: We need to determine the validity of what little information the boy’s given us. Teal’c, I’d like you to accompany Colonel O’Neill to see him. Listen to his description of the attack on the Reetou and let me know if it appears to follow normal Goa’uld tactics.
(Teal’c nods his agreement. Hammond leaves the room.)

INFIRMARY. Charlie is still lying on the bed. Janet is putting a sticking plaster onto his arm.
FRAISER: There you go. See, that didn’t hurt at all, did it?
(Jack walks in, followed by Teal’c.)
CHARLIE: Jaffa! (He jumps off the other side of the bed and runs further into the room, terrified.)
O’NEILL (to Teal’c): Get that a lot? (As Charlie tries to find somewhere to run to, Jack goes over to him and catches him by the shoulders.) Charlie, Charlie, Charlie! It’s okay.
CHARLIE (cowering against Jack): He’s a Jaffa! He wants to kill me, just like he killed the Reetou.
O’NEILL: No, no! No, no, no. He’s a *good* Jaffa. In fact, he saved my life one time. He hates the Goa’uld as much as you do.
(Jack looks at Teal’c, then looks around the room.)
O’NEILL: Oh, for cryin’ out loud. (He stands up, puts his arm around Charlie and addresses a random point in the room.) Um, look, Mom. You said you trust me, right? Well I’m tellin’ you, Teal’c is okay. In fact, *all* my friends here at the base are okay. Okay?
CHARLIE (pointing to a different place than Jack is looking): She’s over there.
O’NEILL: Okay.
CHARLIE: Mother says to trust only you, and the other members of your team.
O’NEILL: Good. Thank you. (He gestures towards Teal’c.) Charlie, Teal’c. Teal’c, Charlie.
(Charlie continues to cower against Jack as Teal’c smiles and walks slowly towards Charlie with his hands out at his sides to show that he is unarmed. He bows his head.)
TEAL’C: I am pleased to meet you. (As he starts to straighten up, his smile disappears and he looks disturbed.)
O’NEILL (kneeling down beside Charlie): Listen, Charlie. We have to ask you some questions about the attack on your people. Can you talk about that?
(Teal’c’s perturbed look changes into a look of pain and his breathing becomes laboured.)
TEAL’C: I-I-I am sorry, O’Neill. I must leave this room. (He hurries out.)
O’NEILL: Excuse me, Charlie. (He looks around the room.) Er, Mother. (He follows after Teal’c.)

HALLWAY. Outside the isolation room, Teal’c is slowly walking away, still looking perturbed.
O’NEILL: What’s the matter?
TEAL’C: My symbiont became agitated when I entered the room.
O’NEILL: Any idea why?
TEAL’C: I can tell you only this, O’Neill. In all of my years, I have never experienced a symbiont so disturbed. There is something unusual about this child, O’Neill. I advise you to use extreme caution in his handling.
O’NEILL: I was planning on it.
TEAL’C: You have seen it yourself. In the hands of the Goa’uld, a child is nothing more than a potent weapon.
O’NEILL: Well, Carter and Fraiser checked him out for all the threats we encountered from the other kids.
(Janet comes out of the room.)
FRAISER: I didn’t find any apparent threat to us, but he’s in worse shape than I thought, the poor kid. Several of his major organs have congenital defects.
O’NEILL: Oh, God.
FRAISER: It’s like Mother Nature put him together in a hurry and got everything just a bit wrong. His heart valves are defective, his renal function is a mess, and I have serious questions about his lungs. I’m afraid without some very aggressive medical intervention, he won’t live to be much older than he is.
O’NEILL: Can you help him?
FRAISER: Maybe, but he may be beyond anything our medicine can do. There’s something else. (She shows them a file.) Charlie’s CAT scan. Now, if you look along the lower part of the brain stem, this is the part where normal humans have what is called the reticular formation. It’s the part of the brain that determines alertness, our perception of things. Charlie’s is twice the size of ours. And that could explain why he knew you had a son. It may also explain why he had such an effect on Teal’c’s symbiont.
O’NEILL: So, what – he’s got ESP? Some telekinetic thing going on?
FRAISER: I don’t know. I’m a sceptic on such things, but ... (She walks away.)
O’NEILL: It would explain a lot.

ISOLATION ROOM. Charlie is lying on top of the bed. Jack stands by the bed while the rest of SG-1, together with Janet and Hammond, stand further away.
O’NEILL: So Charlie, tell us why the Reetou want to attack us.
CHARLIE: It’s not the central authority of the Reetou. It’s only the Reetou rebel faction.
O’NEILL: Alright, why do the *rebels* want to attack us?
CHARLIE: Because the glowing-eye people attacked the Reetou.
DANIEL: The Goa’uld?
CHARLIE (looking over to the side of the room as if for advice from ‘Mother’): The rebels believe that the glowing-eye people are too powerful to destroy directly. They believe they can only be destroyed by ... (he looks to ‘Mother’ again) attrition.
O’NEILL: Attrition, what does that mean?
DANIEL: Uh, attrition is the gradual diminution of strength or number by ...
O’NEILL (exasperated): I *know* what the *word* means. I meant in context.
CARTER: My God. They must want to kill all possible hosts. They must think that if the Goa’uld have no new hosts to infest that they’ll eventually die out.
DANIEL: By attrition.
CARTER: Well that’s insane! There are *billions* of possible Goa’uld hosts all throughout the galaxy.
TEAL’C: And they are not all human.
CHARLIE: Mother agrees. That is why the central authority of the Reetou sent us here.
DANIEL (coming closer): Charlie, I’m curious. Are you a Reetou?
CHARLIE (sitting up): No. I am of your species.
DANIEL: Is your mother a Reetou?
CHARLIE: Of course.
DANIEL: And is that why we can’t see her?
DANIEL: Well, if you’re one of us, why can you see her?
CHARLIE (looking to ‘Mother’, then smiling): Cos I’m special.
DANIEL: You’re special. How?
CHARLIE: Mother created me to serve as an intermediary.
DANIEL: She created you.
CHARLIE: Yes. She hoped I would be older before we came, but my accelerated growth caused my body to begin failing, so we had to come sooner.
HAMMOND (to Sam): Captain, you’re our physics expert here. Is it possible that there’s a creature standing here that we can’t perceive?
CARTER: Theoretically it is possible, sir, yes. I mean, according to quantum physics, matter exists both in particles and waves. If the Reetou waves are exactly a hundred and eighty degrees out of phase with ours right down to the subatomic level, then their light and sound waves would be undetectable by us.
O’NEILL: So, what? Prepare for an attack by an invisible army?
TEAL’C: If there is a Reetou in this room, it came through the Stargate. And it is capable of controlling the iris.
HAMMOND (to Charlie): Son, how did your mother do that?
CHARLIE: I am no longer called Son. Call me Charlie.
(Jack shrugs at Hammond.)
HAMMOND: Charlie, how did your mother control the iris?
CHARLIE: Mother came ahead of me weeks ago. She observed you and how you operate the iris. Then, when the time came, she opened it for me, just as you do.
HAMMOND: She just typed it into the computer?
CARTER: That is how the computer behaved, sir, as if it was being overridden by another console.
DANIEL: So the Reetou can operate things in our phase?
CHARLIE (looking at ‘Mother’): Yes.
O’NEILL: Carter?
CARTER: It is possible, sir, but it doesn’t seem very likely.
CHARLIE: Mother is growing impatient with your narrow-mindedness.
(A bolt of weapons fire comes from the area that Charlie has kept looking at. It blows up a computer monitor. The SFs in the room raise their weapons.)
HAMMOND: Stand down!
O’NEILL (to Charlie): I assume that came from ...
CHARLIE: Mother.
O’NEILL: Mother.

BRIEFING ROOM. The blown-up computer monitor has been moved into the Briefing Room. Hammond is looking through the hole blown in it by Mother.
HAMMOND: Theories? Suggestions?
CARTER: It seems obvious that this Reetou exists.
O’NEILL: Well here’s a question. How do we deal with an invisible threat?
CARTER: We need a way to detect them.
O’NEILL: That would be helpful.
TEAL’C: I have that way. It seems my symbiont can sense this creature.
O’NEILL: Okay, limited helpfulness right there.
TEAL’C: Explain.
O’NEILL: Can it tell us where exactly in a room a Reetou is, how many there are, what they’re doing, etcetera?
TEAL’C: It was not that specific. It only detected a presence.
O’NEILL: So ... ‘limited’.
TEAL’C: Perhaps if my symbiont can detect this creature, the Goa’uld can also sense them.
O’NEILL: That’s a good point. They had to see them to wipe them out.
TEAL’C: Perhaps the Tok’Ra can be of assistance.
HAMMOND: It could be our best hope. Captain Carter, Doctor Jackson, signal the Tok’Ra.
CARTER: Yes, sir.

ABOVE GROUND. NIGHT TIME. Sam and Daniel sit on the ground as Daniel activates the Tollan device which Martouf gave them in “Serpent’s Song”. A beam of light shoots up into the sky.

SGC. GATEROOM. Hammond and Teal’c stand at the bottom of the ramp as the Stargate whooshes. Sam and Daniel come in to join him. Sam smiles in delight as Jacob, together with another man, comes through the wormhole and walk down the ramp. Jacob kisses Sam’s cheek as she hugs him.
JACOB: Hello, Sam.
CARTER: Dad, we have a little bit of a situation and we may need Selmak’s help.
JACOB: Selmak, Selmak, Selmak. I thought maybe you just wanted to see your old man.
CARTER (smiling): I do, Dad.
HAMMOND: But this time we do need your symbiont, Jacob.
JACOB: Nice to see you too, George(!)
HAMMOND (smiling): No offence, old friend.
Jacob bows his head for a moment, then raises it again. His eyes flash as Selmak takes precedence.
SELMAK: It is an honour to once again return to your planet, General. What can we do for you?
HAMMOND: Have you ever heard of something called a Reetou?
SELMAK: Yes. Why?
HAMMOND: We may have one here.
(Selmak turns to his colleague.)
SELMAK: Tok’Ra, kree. Tak’lan onobi l’on. (The Tok’Ra looks up to the Control Room, then runs out of the Gateroom. Selmak turns to Hammond.) Please, send him back to where we came from. (Hammond turns and makes a signal to the Control Room.) In the meantime, take me to this Reetou.
(Hammond and the others leave the Gateroom. The Gate starts to dial up as, in the Control Room, the other Tok’Ra gives dialling instructions to the technician.)

ISOLATION ROOM. Charlie is lying on the bed asleep. He wakes up. Jack is sitting nearby and walks over when he sees that Charlie is awake.
O’NEILL: Hey, Charlie. How you feelin’?
CHARLIE: Tired. Really tired.
(Outside the room there’s the sound of a blast door opening.)
CHARLIE (irritated): For cryin’ out loud! (He sits up as Jack looks a bit startled but smiles. Hammond walks in and gestures Jacob into the room. Charlie panics at the sight of Jacob and scoots over to the edge of the bed to where Jack is standing. Jack hugs him.)
O’NEILL: Charlie? Charlie, it’s alright. It’s okay. It’s alright, he’s not a Goa’uld – he’s a Tok’Ra. They’re okay.
(Jacob’s eyes widen as he looks at Charlie and he puts his hand on his head in pain.)
(Without a word, Jacob turns and walks out of the room. Sam follows him.)

HALLWAY OUTSIDE. Jacob leans against the wall.
JACOB: Oh! You are correct. There is a Reetou in that room. (Hammond, Daniel and Teal’c come out of the room. Jacob’s colleague arrives with some devices that look a little like zats but have two long barrels.) Tak’ram. (He takes one of them.) This will illuminate the Reetou if it is there. (He steels himself for the impending pain.) Follow me. (He heads back towards the isolation room.)

ISOLATION ROOM. Jacob and his colleague enter the room, activate their devices and aim them at various places in the room.
O’NEILL: Jacob?
(The two SFs in the room aim their guns as a large green insect-like creature, about five feet tall, comes into view standing by Charlie’s bedside. It raises its front ‘arms’ defensively. Charlie kneels up on the bed and spreads his arms wide in front of the creature.)
CHARLIE: Please don’t hurt her!
O’NEILL: My God!
HAMMOND: Hold your fire.
CARTER: She could’ve hurt us a long time ago if that’s what she intended.
JACOB (lowering his device): Tok’Ra, kree. (He and his colleague shut off the devices and leave the room.)
O’NEILL: Whoa. (He walks over to Charlie and leans onto the bed.) I owe you an apology.
CHARLIE: I wouldn’t lie to you, Jack.
O’NEILL: I know that. I’m sorry. Charlie, I want you to do me a favour.
O’NEILL: You and your mom stay in this room until I get back. Nobody’s gonna hurt you, I promise, (he glances in the direction of Mother) neither of you. Okay?
CHARLIE (looking over to Mother): Okay.
O’NEILL: Okay. (He pats Charlie’s shoulder and leaves the room.)

O’NEILL: Will somebody please explain to me how that ... *thing* could be the kid’s mother?
DANIEL: He said their leaders created him to communicate with us. They must have cloned him or engineered him somehow.
FRAISER: All they’d need is some human DNA and it would be possible to construct him in a lab. It would also explain the extra reticular formation in his brain – could have been genetically engineered to allow him to perceive this Reetou ‘mother’.
O’NEILL: But how do they do something that advanced and leave the kid so screwed up?
FRAISER: Genetically engineering a human child would be a very precise exercise, Colonel. Changing one set of genes to alter the reticular formation could have numerous additional ramifications.
CARTER: Even though we can’t see them, these Reetou can definitely see us.
TEAL’C: Which puts us at a great strategic disadvantage. I understand why the Goa’uld would want to eliminate them.
O’NEILL: They’re *Goa’uld*, Teal’c. That’s their *job*.
JACOB: The Reetou are a pretty peaceful race. The Goa’uld wiped most of them out just because they were a possible threat.
DANIEL: Okay, but how did the Goa’uld wipe them out?
JACOB: They were able to isolate the emissions that we are sensitive to and develop a device that would expose the creatures. (He holds up the device he and his colleague used on Mother.) This is a Transphase Eradication Rod. The Tok’Ra have managed to rip off several versions of this device. (He hands it to Jack.) It’s also capable of terminating a Reetou.
O’NEILL: Well do me a favour, will you? Don’t terminate *this* Reetou. I promised the kid.
HAMMOND (to Jacob): It appears this Reetou came to warn us of an impending rebel attack.
JACOB: Yeah. The Reetou rebels are, um, kind of like terrorists are here on Earth – nasty guys. They could do a lot of damage here, folks, kill a lot of people.
O’NEILL: How many are there?
JACOB: Don’t know, but I do know their MO. They work in small groups of five suicide infiltrators. They sneak in, they split up, plant destructive devices, and try to maximise the damage before they’ve even been detected. But they usually attack Goa’uld planets. Uh, any idea why they want to attack here on Earth?
CARTER: Apparently to destroy all possible hosts.
DANIEL: Is it possible that they can get through our iris?
JACOB: No. Their molecules wouldn’t reintegrate any more than yours or mine.
CARTER: Can our weapons even touch them?
JACOB: Earth weapons will not be as effective as a TER, but since the Reetou are somewhat affected by solid matter in our phase, your weapons might at least slow them down.
O’NEILL: But essentially, we’d be shooting at ... nothing.
JACOB: You bet. Pretty tough to shoot at a moving target that you can’t see. Even with TERs it’s tough. Best weapon is advanced intel – knowing where they’ll come from and how.
O’NEILL: Well, I should talk to Mom. She might know where this rebel staging planet is.
DANIEL: Wait a minute. Say she *does* give us the address where they’re coming from, isn’t it kinda risky to go looking for them? I mean, it’s possible we may let more of them through to Earth and not even know it.
JACOB: If we’ve got TERs, we’ll be able to see them.
HAMMOND: We need some intelligence, Doctor Jackson. It’s the only way we’ll know what we’re up against.

ISOLATION ROOM. Jack walks in to see Charlie lying on the bed, crying silently. When Charlie sees Jack, he wipes his eyes.
CHARLIE: Mother says not to cry.
O’NEILL: Crying’s okay.
CHARLIE: She says the boys of your culture do not cry.
O’NEILL: Not true. (He sits on the edge of the bed.) In fact, there’s an official list of reasons for which crying is ... a good thing.
CHARLIE: Mother is leaving.
O’NEILL: Now, see, that’s a good reason. ‘Mom leaving’, I believe, is number six on the list of good reasons. Actually, six is ‘Mom says she’s leaving in a couple of days’, five is ‘Mom leaving immediately’. Four, of course, is ‘Mom already left’. Now three ... three is *huge*, one of the bigger ones on the list...
CHARLIE: She’s still here. She’s leaving as soon as she has told you everything that can help.
O’NEILL: She’s not taking you with her?
CHARLIE: She wants to leave me here with my own kind.
O’NEILL: Well, for what it’s worth, I think she’s right. I think you should stay here. You’d be better off.
CHARLIE: I think I belong with you, Jack.
O’NEILL: Look, Charlie, um ... before she leaves, do you think she could tell us where we can find these rebel Reetous?
CHARLIE (looking at Mother): She says she’ll show me the address.
O’NEILL: That’d be great.
CHARLIE: Jack? Could I be your son for a while? (He looks up at Jack hopefully.)
O’NEILL: I don’t know, Charlie. I don’t think you’d want that.
CHARLIE: Yes I do. You’d be great. I can tell.
O’NEILL: I’ll tell you what. Let’s deal with these Reetou, then we’ll talk about it, okay?
O’NEILL: Okay.

GATEROOM. A MALP is on the ramp with a TER attached to it. There are many SG troops in the Room as well as SG-1, the two Tok’Ra and Hammond. The Gate whooshes and the MALP heads through.
TECHNICIAN (from the Control Room): MALP is en route.
JACOB: This is a bit of overkill, George. I told you, these rebels work in five-man squads. There’ll only be five, maybe ten of them there.
HAMMOND: I don’t wanna take any chances, Jacob. (To the troops) Okay, listen up! Colonel O’Neill is in charge of this operation.
TECHNICIAN: MALP has reached destination. Scanning with TER.
HAMMOND (to Jack): Colonel, I wanna remind you that this is a recon mission only. Do not engage the enemy unless you have no choice.
O’NEILL: Can’t engage what you can’t see, sir.
HAMMOND: Do your best for them not to see you, Colonel.
TECHNICIAN: MALP TER shows immediate Gate vicinity clear.
O’NEILL: Alright. Here we go, kids. Move out!
(The SGC personnel, together with Jacob and his Tok’Ra colleague, run through the Gate.)

PLANET. Everyone exits the Gate. Jack runs to the MALP and grabs the TER off it. He and the others with a TER scan the area.
SELMAK: Looks clear.
O’NEILL: Clear. Let’s go do some snooping around, what do you say? (He turns to Jacob’s colleague.) You stay with SG-12, watch our six. (He takes a few steps, then realises that the Tok’Ra won’t know what that means, so speaks over his shoulder.) Backsides.
(SG-1, Jacob and some other SGC personnel start to move away from the Gate. They haven’t gone far when both Teal’c and Jacob start to clutch their heads, then fall to their knees in pain. Jack signals for the others to duck down.)
SELMAK: Colonel. The Reetou are present in that direction. (He points to the right.)
O’NEILL: How many?
SELMAK: I don’t know.
(There’s a low embankment to Jacob’s right. Everyone moves in that direction and carefully raise their heads over the top. On the other side is a huge valley and, as the TERs are aimed into the valley, very many Reetou come into view. There could be as many as a hundred.)
O’NEILL: Woah. (To Jacob) Five or ten(!)

HAMMOND: So you would say threat assessment is high?
O’NEILL: Oh, yeah!
CARTER: There were a lot of them, sir.
TEAL’C: They are indeed invisible.
HAMMOND: You’re sure none of them came through with you?
(Jack shrugs.)
JACOB: Can’t be sure, but I don’t think so. Selmak’s trauma stopped a few seconds after we got through the Gate, and my guard did a TER sweep of the room.
O’NEILL: Course, it *would* only take one to open the iris, correct?
CARTER: Well, we could put palm scanners into the iris control system to prevent that. I mean, I assume they don’t have palms.
(Jacob shakes his head.)
HAMMOND: Take who you need and do it now, Captain.
CARTER: Yes, sir. (She leaves.)
HAMMOND: Colonel, let’s go see the boy.

CONTROL ROOM. Sam has finished installing the palm scanner and puts her hand on it. The computer recognises her palm print. Suddenly Teal’c, who is standing nearby, scrunches up his face in pain and leans onto the control panel. At the same time, Jacob’s Tok’Ra colleague puts his hand to his head in pain.
CARTER: Okay, that should ... (She pauses as she notices Teal’c’s reaction) Teal’c? (She goes to a phone and punches a number. Teal’c clutches his stomach and breathes harshly.) Colonel O’Neill, are you with Charlie now? ... And Mom’s there? ... I think we may have a stowaway Reetou who came back with us. ... Yeah. (She hangs up, hits a button and alarms go off.)
COMPUTER VOICE: Lockdown in progress. Stand clear of all level access points.
(The Tok’Ra activates his TER and starts to scan the Control Room. A Reetou appears at the back of the room and fires at him the moment it becomes visible. The blast hits the Tok’Ra and blows him through the window and down into the Gateroom. The TER he was holding falls to the floor in the Control Room. Teal’c throws himself after it, just avoiding another blast. He fires at the Reetou and blows it to bits. He gets up and goes to the window to look down at the Tok’Ra, who is lying dead on the floor in the Gateroom.)

CORRIDOR. Jack, Hammond and Jacob are walking along. Jacob is scanning with a TER. He bends over in pain.
O’NEILL: You alright?
JACOB: Strong Reetou.
(He hands the TER to Jack. Jack aims it down the corridor and four Reetou appear at the end. One of them fires at him. He, Hammond and Jacob dive out of the way and the blast hits the wall at the end of the corridor. Jack aims the TER at the Reetou again but they have gone.)
O’NEILL: Damn it.
HAMMOND: Anyone get a count?
O’NEILL: We had four here, plus that one in the Control Room.
JACOB: Yeah, it’s one of their terrorist teams. They didn’t wanna be seen until their destruction had already started.
O’NEILL: So what will they do?
JACOB: Some of them will try to get out of the base and start, uh, making a mess of things.
JACOB: They have cross-phasal explosives, each one as powerful as a small nuke. I hate to tell you this but those four Reetou rebels could level a couple of cities and take a lot of people with ‘em.
O’NEILL: Sweet(!)

CORRIDOR. The main lights go out, leaving only the emergency lighting on.
COMPUTER VOICE: Emergency lighting enabled.

ARMOURY. An SF is handing out weapons.
CARTER (taking one): We’ve dimmed the lights to get a better contrast on the TERs and we’ve shut down all access to this floor and sub-27, so hopefully they’re trapped in here with us.
O’NEILL: Well, assume they are. We’ll do a sweep of all three access corridors, sealing as we go – try to corral them. Jacob, Carter, Chue: C-8. Teal’c, Rothman, Brecker: C-3. Daniel, Plunkett, you’re with me. Let’s move out.

CORRIDOR. Teal’c and his team move along, Teal’c in the lead holding a TER.
TEAL’C (into radio): Seal Blast Door C-3 East.
(The door behind him closes. Teal’c moves forward and almost gets shot by a nervous airman coming around a corner. Teal’c grabs the business end of his gun, pushes it away and gives the airman a dark look before moving on.)

ANOTHER CORRIDOR. Sam, Jacob and Chue look cautiously round a corner. A Reetou blast is fired at them.
JACOB: Reetou!
(They duck out of the way. Sam looks around the corner again.)
CARTER: Come on!
(They move further into the corridor.)

A FURTHER CORRIDOR. Jack is scanning the area with his TER.
O’NEILL (into radio): Seal Blast A-7 West.
(The door behind him closes. Daniel comes through a side door and follows, with Plunkett behind him.)
DANIEL (quietly): Jack, what happens if they come through the door behind us?
O’NEILL (swinging round quickly): What?! Don’t do that!
(He turns back and the TER shows two Reetou only a few feet in front of him. He shoots one but the other one gets a blast off. Jack and Daniel turn as the blast whizzes past them and see Plunkett sitting against the blast door and sinking down to the floor, dead. He leaves a scorch mark on the door.)
O’NEILL: Damn it.

CORRIDOR. A Blast Door closes. Sam, Jacob and Chue are crouched down and peering around a corner. The door to an elevator opens and a Reetou blast comes out of it. It smashes through Jacob’s shoulder and carries on to hit Chue, killing him.
CARTER (looking at Chue’s burning body, then over to Jacob): Dad! You okay?
JACOB: Not really. (He throws her his TER.) Get the damned thing! Selmak can take care of me.
(Sam hesitates.)
(Sam moves to a better position but still can’t fire directly at the Reetou. The elevator door keeps opening and closing. Another blast comes out of it and Sam has to duck out of the way. She fires back but the door closes again. She gets out a grenade and takes the pin out of it. Timing it carefully to coincide with the opening of the elevator door, she tosses the grenade at an overturned table near the elevator door. It bounces off the table and into the open elevator, where it explodes. Sam walks forward cautiously with the TER ,which shows the Reetou’s ‘arm’ pointing a weapon out of the elevator door. Sam swings into the doorway and and fires it at the Reetou, killing it.)

CORRIDOR. Outside the Isolation Room, Jack and Daniel run to crouch either side of the door. Jack makes hand signals to the SF standing just inside the door, then turns to Daniel and gesticulates and silently mouths, “You, me, on three.” He starts to count off on his fingers but only gets to ‘one’ when Daniel starts silently signalling back to him, using two fingers to indicate walking and mouthing, “There are people in there.” Jack silently answers, “I know!” and then, “On three,” and starts to count off on his fingers again. On ‘three’, Jack stands and rushes into the room, with Daniel behind him.

ISOLATION ROOM. A nurse is standing by Charlie’s bed and Janet is nearby as Jack and Daniel charge in.
O’NEILL: Hit the deck!
(Janet and the nurse dive for cover as a Reetou fires, hitting Jack in the shoulder and hurling him to the floor. The SFs in the room start firing in the direction of the Reetou with their machine guns. Daniel picks up the TER that Jack dropped and aims it at the Reetou to illuminate it. A Reetou blast comes from the side of the room, killing the Reetou that Daniel has illuminated.)
CHARLIE (looking at the Reetou that just fired): Mother! (He scrambles off the bed.)
DANIEL (to the SFs): Don’t shoot!
(At that moment another Reetou blast comes across the room, blowing Mother to bits.)
CHARLIE (anguished): *Mother*!
(Janet holds him. Daniel aims at the Reetou that killed Mother and shoots it, blowing it up. Jack is rolling on the ground in pain, clutching his right arm.)
(Janet goes over to him.)
FRAISER: Easy, sir.
O’NEILL: Alright, *that* hurts.
(Sam and Teal’c rush in. Daniel aims his TER at them, then lowers it in relief.)
O’NEILL (as Janet’s treating him): Give me a count.
CARTER: I got one.
TEAL’C: I also eliminated one.
DANIEL: And we got two, and Mother got one. I guess that makes five.
CARTER: So that should be all of them, right?
O’NEILL: Well, let’s make sure. Take a team and do a sweep of the base, Captain.
CARTER: Yes, sir. (She and Teal’c leave. Ignoring Janet’s treatment of his arm, Jack gets up.)
O’NEILL (in pain): Oh God. (He goes to Charlie.) I’m sorry.
(Charlie stares at him with tears pouring down his face. Jack puts his good arm around him and pulls him close. Charlie hugs him. After a few moments, Charlie’s arm drops limply to his side.)
O’NEILL: Doc? Doc!
(Janet rushes over.)
FRAISER (to one of the SFs): Give me a hand over here. Let’s go! Get him up on the bed.
(The SF picks Charlie up.)
O’NEILL: Easy. (The SF lies Charlie on the bed. Janet opens Charlie’s eyes and shines her penlight into them.) What?
FRAISER: I don’t know. (She checks him with a stethoscope.) His pulse is very weak. I may be able to stabilise him for now but you have to remember, sir, he has two major organs about to fail.
O’NEILL: Oh come on. He’s just a kid. You’ve got all this fancy equipment around here ...
FRAISER: Colonel, I’m sorry, but I don’t think so.
(Jacob walks in.)
SELMAK: Let us take him. He will be in good hands.
O’NEILL: Can the Tok’Ra help him?
DANIEL: Excuse me, isn’t he a little young to be a host?
SELMAK: He is young, but the Tok’Ra symbiont that we introduce to his mind can teach him. He will grow up with the advantages that great wisdom brings.
O’NEILL: Two key words there: ‘grow up’.
FRAISER: The Tok’Ra are probably the only way that’ll happen, sir.
O’NEILL (to Jacob): Do it.

GATEROOM. SG-1, Hammond and Jacob are waiting as the Gate dials out. Jack has his injured arm in a sling.
JACOB (to Sam): Keep the TERs. We’ll get you more as soon as they become available.
(Janet brings Charlie in, holding his hand. Charlie is back in his Ewok outfit. He is crying. Jack walks over and kneels down in front of him.)
O’NEILL: You know, there’s another rule that says it’s okay to be sad when you’re saying goodbye to a new friend.
CHARLIE: I wanna stay with you, Jack.
O’NEILL: Well, Jacob’s gonna take you to a place where you can get well. I can’t do that. But you know what?
O’NEILL: I’ll come visit. *You’ll* come visit. Okay?
CHARLIE: I guess.
(Jack reaches out and wipes the tears from Charlie’s face and strokes his head, then stands up to lead him towards Jacob. Over at the bottom of the ramp, Jacob bows his head so that Selmak can take precedence.)
SELMAK: I warn you, the Reetou are guileful creatures, and you are at the disadvantage of not being able to sense them as my Jaffa friend and I can.
CARTER: Well, we’ve installed the hand scanner, so they can’t open the iris at least.
SELMAK (walking over to face Teal’c): You are only one, Teal’c. Please, be diligent. They will not give up. They will attempt to send more infiltrators.
(Teal’c bows his head. The Gate whooshes. Selmak bows his head, allowing Jacob to take precedence. Jacob turns to Hammond.)
JACOB: George. (He shakes hands with him, then goes to Sam and kisses her cheek.)
CARTER: Bye, Dad.
JACOB: You take care.
CARTER: You too.
(Jacob turns to Charlie and holds out his hand for him to take. Charlie looks up at Jack who, standing with his arm around his shoulder, nods to him. Charlie reluctantly walks over and takes Jacob’s hand, and the pair of them walk up the ramp and through the Gate.)

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