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Fair Game

Richard Dean Anderson as Colonel Jack O'Neill
Michael Shanks as Doctor Daniel Jackson
Amanda Tapping as Major Samantha Carter
Christopher Judge as Teal'c
Don S Davis as General George Hammond
Teryl Rothery as Doctor Janet Fraiser
Michael Davis Simms as Secretary of Defense Arthur Simms
Ron Halder as Cronus
Jacqueline Samuda as Nirrti
Vince Crestejo as Yu

Scene: The Gateroom
Hammond is standing at the top of the ramp talking to SG1, who are standing down the side of the ramp, and other personnel standing in the Gateroom.
HAMMOND: You have fought with valour and courage, sacrificed for each other, for this country, for this planet. To honour the men and women of the SGC, I present Arthur Simms, the Secretary of Defense of the United States of America.
SIMMS: Since the re-inception of this programme, I have eagerly awaited every word of every mission report stemming from this base like a wide eyed child waiting for his next bed time story. Not actually being here, seeing your faces or this Stargate here behind me it is sometimes easy to forget that it's all really happening. The President regrets not being able to be here but I'm glad because it gives me the opportunity to congratulate you on your recent effort in defeating a formidable enemy and rescuing SG1, captured in the line of duty. You risk your lives every day in a way more dangerous and fantastic than any of us could have ever dreamed. Understand that I represent every person of this great nation when I salute your ongoing heroic spirit. You should be proud.
HAMMOND: Before we finish today I have one other small bit of business. Please come to attention. From the Vice Chief of Staff of the Air Force in recognition of Captain Samantha Carter's outstanding work I hereby authorise her immediate promotion to the rank of major. Captain, step forward.
Sam walks up the rank where General Hammond takes off her Captains bars.
HAMMOND: The United States Air Force recognises that you have fulfilled tasks and duties well beyond the responsibility of captain.
Jack has moved forward and attaches the oakleaf on her left shoulder while Hammond does her right.
HAMMOND: It is with great pleasure that I bestow upon you the responsibilities, the respect and the rank of Major.
CARTER: Thank you Sir.
Sam salutes Hammond and turns to Jack who shakes her hand and salutes as well.
O'NEILL: Well done Major.
Sam smiles and walks back to her place.
HAMMOND: In closing, Major Carter's supervisor, Colonel Jack O'Neill would like to say a few words.
Jack walks to the podium.
O'NEILL: Normally, I am a man of very few words.
A bright light suddenly appears and engulfs Jack, beaming him somewhere.
HAMMOND: Code Nine!

Scene: A ship orbiting Earth
O'NEILL: And in conclusion, I'd like to say..
Suddenly realising he's not in Kansas any more, Jack stops and looks around. Behind him, Thor suddenly beams in.
THOR: Greetings Jack O'Neill.
O'NEILL: Greetings. Have we met?
THOR: I am Thor.


Scene: Thor's ship
THOR: I apologise for taking you by surprise, but I have come on a matter of great importance.
O'NEILL: We're in orbit around Earth, right?
THOR: Yes.
O'NEILL: You know, we have satellites and telescopes that can see things like space ships.
THOR: Our ships have never been detected in orbit around Earth before.
O'NEILL: Hm. All right. I'm sorry. You were saying something. A matter of great importance?
THOR: We received word of what transpired with your people and the goa'uld named Hathor.
O'NEILL: She had it coming.
THOR: As a result, the Goa'uld System Lords have turned their attention towards you.
O'NEILL: What, for killing Hathor? They should be thanking us. She was planning to overthrow them.
THOR: Her intentions are irrelevant. Earth has once again proven it can be a formidable threat to the Goa'uld.
O'NEILL: Oh, now, we're a threat to them?
THOR: They have decided it is a concern to be dealt with. The System Lords are capable of launching and assault one hundred times more powerful than that you previously withstood at the hands of Apophis.
O'NEILL: Okay, uh, that could be a problem.
THOR: The Asgard agree. I have come to offer our assistance.
O'NEILL: Now see that would be appreciated. I've seen your work. It's great.
THOR: The vast majority of the Asgard fleet is currently unavailable.
O'NEILL: Oh. So what d'you have in mind?
THOR: With your permission the Asgard will attempt to negotiate with the Goa'uld System Lords to include Earth in the Protected Planets Treaty.
O'NEILL: That's a good thing right?
THOR: it would prevent this attack.
O'NEILL: Good. Uh, to be honest with you, I'd rather have a fleet of you ships here. A few of these babies and we could just... We could try the negotiating thing.
THOR: I will contact the System Lords. You may return to your planet now.
Thor beams out.
O'NEILL: Excuse me? I assume someone's gonna show me the way back?
He is beamed out.
O'NEILL: Thank you.

Scene: The Briefing Room
Hammond, Jack, Sam, Daniel and Teal'c are walking up the steps.
HAMMOND: Why would the Goa'uld agree to this negotiation?
TEAL'C: The Goa'uld fear the Asgard.
DANIEL: Plus I assume the Asgard would offer the Goa'uld something in return, that's generally the way negotiations work.
HAMMOND: Well what if the summit fails?
O'NEILL: Well Thor said that's pretty much the only option he could offer. If it fails... total annihilation.
HAMMOND: Well the President is wondering how confident we are in trusting the Asgard.
CARTER: The Tok'ra trust them.
DANIEL: They helped Jack out when he got the Ancients language downloaded into his brain.
O'NEILL: You gotta love 'em for that.
HAMMOND: But we know very little about the politics out there. How do we know the Asgard truly have our best interests at heart?
O'NEILL: I suppose we don't. But if they have any other agenda in mind...
Thor suddenly beams in.
HAMMOND: Colonel, do we need Security?
O'NEILL: No I'll vouch for him Sir. Major Samantha Carter. Dr Daniel Jackson. You remember Thor? Thor, this is Teal'c and Major General George Hammond. He's the leader of our facility here.
THOR: The System Lords have agreed to negotiate.
O'NEILL: That's good news.
THOR: They will arrive in four days.
O'NEILL: Here?
THOR: It is customary for such negotiations to take place on the planet in question. Three representatives from the System Lords will arrive by Stargate. You must be prepared to speak on behalf of all the inhabitants of Earth.
O'NEILL: Uh well maybe not me, personally.
THOR: We have chosen you, O'Neill, to represent your planet at the proceedings.
O'NEILL: Now, see, that could be a mistake. You see, Dr Jackson here is an extremely educated and articulate man. Very well versed in all the languages.
THOR: You have led your people into the galaxy through the Stargate. You are our choice, O'Neill. Further instructions to aid you in your preparation will follow.
Thor beams out.
O'NEILL: Well, there you go.

Scene: Briefing Room
Daniel is stood by the projector screen telling everyone else including Jack, Sam, Teal'c, Janet, Hammond and Simms about the 3 Goa'ulds that will be arriving.
DANIEL: Cronus was amongst the earliest Greek Gods, one of 12 Titans who eventually ascended to supreme domination. He was god of Fate and eventually became father to Zeus, Hera, Poseidon and Hades. Now this last relationship may indicate a connection to the Goa'uld Sokar.
TEAL'C: Cronus is the most influential of the System Lords. It was he who originally banished Sokar. Cronus was also a mortal enemy of Apophis.
DANIEL: Which may indicate why the System Lords didn't join in Apophis' attack on Earth.
TEAL'C: The System Lords reluctantly banded together to defend Goa'uld territory against outside threats such as the Asgard and Reetou. However they still battle amongst themselves for control of their own individual domains.
DANIEL: The second Goa'uld representative we're expecting is.... Yu.
DANIEL: Yu is the name of the Goa'uld.
O'NEILL: Ah. Sorry.
DANIEL: Also known as Yu the Great. He did not assume the role of a God per se but may have been one of China's earliest emperors. Legend says he possessed great mythical powers and sprang into the world from a dragon's body. Ancient scrolls say he founded the first recorded dynasty whose advances came about under harsh rule. However it should be noted that Yu did account for a number of positive influences.
O'NEILL: Thank you.
Daniel looks at him.
O'NEILL: Sorry.
DANIEL: According to Thor's message, Yu is the most likely to favour this treaty, as his interests no longer reside in this area of the galaxy.
HAMMOND: And the third Goa'uld Dr Jackson?
DANIEL: Another one we haven't met but have a certain familiarity with. For those in the room that don't know, Nirrti is the Goa'uld who wiped out all but one survivor of P8X 987 along with four members of the SGC in an attempt to destroy Earth's Stargate.
CARTER: Cassandra's planet.
DANIEL: Little is known about Nirrti from Earth's perspective. In early Hindu reference she was a destructive goddess of Darkness.
CARTER: So we're gonna let these Goa'uld just walk in here?
HAMMOND: There are a number of aspects of this situation I'm not comfortable with Major. Thank you Dr Jackson. Teal'c, I would like you to act as liason to the Goa'uld. Dr Jackson..
TEAL'C: General Hammond.
HAMMOND: Is there a problem?
TEAL'C: I mean no disrespect, but I have given my allegiance to you, to the SGC and to the people of this world freely. I will not, however, not see to the petty needs of these Goa'uld.
DANIEL: I'll see to the petty needs of the Goa'uld, Sir.
HAMMOND: Okay, Dr Jackson. Teal'c, you will assist Major Castleman with base security. According to Thor, treaty law will not permit weapons of any kind in this facility during negotiations.
O'NEILL: Whoa! Sir, that doesn't sound wise.
HAMMOND: We're largely trusting the Asgard based on your word Colonel. This is their rule. As a result the base is completely sealed off from the surface. The Secretary of Defense will be staying to represent the President. Storage room 12A on Level 17 will be converted to a meeting room for security reasons. You've all received folders that include your individual assignments as preparation instructions as laid out by the Asgard. There's a lot of work to do people, and not much time.

Scene: Room within the SGC
A woman inputs a code into a safe and takes out a tray. She passes it to Sam who takes the Goa'uld hand device off it and hands it to man. She then gives him the harakesh from In the Line of Duty and passes the trays back to the woman.
SERGEANT: What about that one Major?
CARTER: This is a Goa'uld healing device. Those two are the weapons.

Scene: Corridor within the SGC
Jack walks along to catch up with Hammond.
O'NEILL: General!
HAMMOND: Colonel, how are your briefings going?
O'NEILL: I had no idea how exciting diplomacy could be Sir. What's this about?
HAMMOND: I'm not sure. It's Teal'c.
They reach Teal'c.
HAMMOND: Teal'c, Sergeant, what's the problem?
SERGEANT: He won't relinquish his weapon Sir.
O'NEILL: Teal'c?
TEAL'C: Like you I do not believe we should remove all weapons from this base.
HAMMOND: The Asgard were explicit. If they detect weapons, there will be no summit.
O'NEILL: No summit, no treaty.
TEAL'C: The Goa'uld that you are allowing through your Stargate are amongst the most deceptive and treacherous that I have ever known.
HAMMOND: Thor assures us the Goa'ulds are also forbidden from bringing weapons.
O'NEILL: If this treaty doesn't happen, they're gonna send a hundred of those motherships here. You know as well as I do what that means.
HAMMOND: Teal'c, I'm ordering you to turn your weapon over.
Teal'c looks at Jack and reluctantly turns the staff weapon over.

Scene: Corridor within the SCG
Armed men run down corridors as the doors behind them are sealed.
TANNOY: Checkpoints are now being sealed. Levels 3 through 28 are now off limits.
Scene: Gateroom
The door opens and Jack walks in followed by Sam and Daniel. The Gate is rotating.
TECH TURNER: Chevron 7 is locked. Off world activation.
The Gate opens. Cronus, Nirrti and Yu step through the Stargate.

Scene: VIP Room
Cronus walks in following Daniel.
DANIEL: Here we are. The VIP room. That's an acronym, it means very important. I hope this is okay.
CRONUS: Your idea of accommodation is pitiful.
DANIEL: Well it's the best...
From outside in the corridor.
NIRRTI: We will not stand for this!
Cronus goes outside.
CRONUS: What is this about?
He sees Teal'c.
CRONUS: Shol'va!
TEAL'C: Onak holka shaka!
CRONUS: Treena arik croonaka shol'va!
DANIEL: What's going on?
NIRRTI: Your crude surveillance devices were poorly hidden in our quarters.
DANIEL: That's because they weren't hidden they're security cameras and they're for your own safety.
TEAL'C: As I was trying to explain.
CRONUS: I will not be spied upon!
NIRRTI: Nor will I!
DANIEL: Well no offence was meant by it, it's merely a security precaution. I'll ask if we can remove the cameras from the rooms but we'd definitely like to leave them in the halls.
CRONUS: Do not show your face to me again, shol'va.
TEAL'C: Kelmar tokeem.

Scene: Daniel and Teal'c are walking towards the briefing room.
TEAL'C: As First Prime of Apophis, I often did battle with the Jaffa of Cronus.
DANIEL: Well you must have battled lots of rival Goa'ulds, I'm sorry Teal'c, that looked a little more personal to me.
TEAL'C: My father was once First Prime of Cronus. When I was but a child, Cronus commanded my father to attack a Goa'uld who was more powerful at the time. It was an impossible battle to win. When all was inevitably lost, Cronus killed my father as punishment and exiled my mother and I. We fled to Chulak. I vowed I would become the strongest Jaffa I could so one day I would be named First Prime of Apophis, sworn enemy of Cronus.
Hammond comes out of his office.
HAMMOND: I trust our guests are settled?
TEAL'C: The Goa'uld demanded the security cameras be removed from their quarters.
HAMMOND: I assume you told them no.
DANIEL: Actually Sir, I kinda told them it would be okay. I told them we'd have to leave them in the halls, sort of a compromise.
HAMMOND: If you think it's absolutely necessary.
Hammond walks back to his office and Daniel looks back at Teal'c.
DANIEL: Are you gonna be okay?
TEAL'C: I will.

Scene: Storage Room 12A
Sam walks in and startles Jack.
CARTER: Just wanted to wish you luck, Sir.
O'NEILL: Thank you Captain. Major.
CARTER: Nervous?
O'NEILL: I wouldn't call it nervous. Confused. I have no idea why I'm here.
CARTER: Well the Asgard obviously have confidence in you Sir, as do the rest of us. I know I couldn't do it.
CARTER: Well, I didn't want to say anything because I wasn't sure until I saw his face, but I think Cronus is the one who sent the Ashrak to kill Jolinar. I just hate having them here.
O'NEILL: Major, I hate having 'em anywhere.
Daniel walks in followed by the Goa'uld who obviously just heard what Jack said.
O'NEILL: Oops.
CARTER: Good luck.
Jack winks at her as Sam leaves.
O'NEILL: Hello. Come on in. Have a seat. Thank you Dr Jackson. Hello Yu. Well I guess we're just, uh,
Thor beams in.
O'NEILL: And here he is. The gang's all here. You all know each other. I guess we can get started.
THOR: The Asgard High Council wishes you all greetings and thanks for this opportunity to negotiate for peace.
YU: The Goa'uld System Lords are prepared to hear the Asgard proposal.
NIRRTI: Onak arik kree.
CRONUS: Koracca aseemu!
YU: Kornak kree! Keena arik Asgard!
O'NEILL: I thought we were all gonna speak the same language here?
CRONUS: Gonach!
Cronus, Nirrti and Yu get up and walk out.
O'NEILL: What? What'd I say?
THOR: You insulted them.
O'NEILL: I insulted them?
THOR: By speaking out of turn. This was to be expected.
O'NEILL: What are you talkin' about? They were yelling at each other before I said a word!
THOR: The System Lords have a fragile relationship with one another, as do we with them.
O'NEILL: You mean they're always like that?
Daniel walks in.
DANIEL: Excuse me. Sorry for interrupting. What just happened?
O'NEILL: Well apparently, we said hello, insulted each other, and broke for recess.
Jack looks to Thor.
O'NEILL: Can I ask you something? Why did you let the Goa'uld get that much power in the first place? I mean, if you've got the technology...
THOR: We are not proud of the fact that we have been forced to ignore the situation as long as we have. But you must understand there are other concerns for the Asgard. We have an enemy in our home galaxy that is far worse than the Goa'uld.
DANIEL: Worse?
THOR: I cannot explain further. For now, we use what limited resources we can spare to enforce these treaties with the Goa'uld.
DANIEL: What happens if a rogue Goa'uld, like Sokar, who's been banished by the System Lords, decides to come after us?
THOR: In order to maintain the treaty, the System Lords would attempt to prevent it. Our greatest advantage had been the feudal nature of the Goa'uld. Our greatest concern has been a single Goa'uld rising to dominant power. If Sokar were to overtake the System Lord collective the Asgard may not have sufficient power to stop him.
O'NEILL: So, basically you guys are bluffing the Goa'uld, big time. So far they've been so busy badgering each other, they bought it?
THOR: I must return to my ship now. It will take time before the System Lords will be willing to reconvene. You may contact me with this. It will work as long as my ship is in orbit.
THOR: Hold it in your hand and speak.
O'NEILL: Thanks.
DANIEL: We appreciate what you're doing.
THOR: These negotiations will not be easy. The Asgard will be required to make great sacrifices. As will you.
He beams out.

Scene: Briefing Room
Jack walks into the briefing room where everyone else is sitting except Daniel.
O'NEILL: The fate of the world in my hands and I screw it up!
SIMMS: I take it you apologised?
O'NEILL: Oh, I tried. They wouldn't see me.
HAMMOND: What now?
O'NEILL: Daniel typed up a formal letter in Goa'uld and I signed it. That boy can really grovel when he has to.
SIMMS: It's probably part of their negotiating strategy.
O'NEILL: I hope so. Cos Thor made it pretty clear that we might have to give up something big.
CARTER: What if it's hosts?
O'NEILL: Well now, that would be unacceptable, wouldn't it?
TEAL'C: As you have said O'Neill, the alternative could be far worse.
Daniel comes down the stairs.
DANIEL: They're ready.

Scene: Storage Room 12A
Jack walks in and sits down.
YU: We accept the apology of the human representative and agree to hear the Asgard proposal.
THOR: In return for Earth's inclusion in the Protected Planets Treaty, addendum 10815, the Asgard will allow the Goa'uld access to the Passage of Nilor.
YU: According to treaty law, section 326, no human planet will be allowed to advance technologically to a point where they may become a threat to the Goa'uld.
THOR: You are correct.
NIRRTI: Definition of such threat shall rest solely in the hands of the Goa'uld System Lords.
O'NEILL: What?! Sorry. May I ask a question?
THOR: The human representative is recognised.
O'NEILL: Thank you. Are you saying you're limiting our development?
CRONUS: The treaty recognises that the human species exists for the purpose of serving the Goa'uld as hosts and slaves.
O'NEILL: Excuse me?!
THOR: Do the System Lords accept the Asgard proposal?
YU: The Goa'uld System Lords accept the Asgard proposal. We demand one additional concession. We order the immediate and unconditional forfeiture of the Tauri Stargate. Both of them.

Scene: Briefing room
DANIEL: Are we seriously going to give up Gate travel?
HAMMOND: Considering the alternative..
SIMMS: I believe that ring out there is the single most important thing on this planet. And I understand what losing the Gate would mean. But is on your word we trust these Asgard. Peaceful solutions to this crisis must be considered.
O'NEILL: True, but...
CARTER: The point is, sir, with all due respect, it's not nearly as simple as you put it.
TEAL'C: There are other threats to this world that this treaty will not protect you from.
O'NEILL: From what my buddy Thor tells me, an enemy far worse than the Goa'uld.
SIMMS: If any of you can tell me absolutely why we should not accept this proposal, I will forward your opinion to the President. And I assure you it will be given serious weight.

Scene: Thor's Ship
THOR: Have your people reached a decision?
O'NEILL: Um, not yet. That's kinda why I'm here. I was wondering what you think we should do.
THOR: It is your decision.
O'NEILL: I see. Or do I? You guys, do you ever say one thing and mean another? Kinda speak between the lines, if you know what I mean?
THOR: I do not.
O'NEILL: Do not what? Speak between the lines or understand?
THOR: What do you, O'Neill, think your people should do?
O'NEILL: Well, see, I don't know. It's a bit much for one guy to make that call for an entire planet. On the other hand, it's pretty obvious. Give up the Stargate or be destroyed.
THOR: So it would seem.
O'NEILL: But you see, the Goa'uld could call your bluff, attack us anyway and we'd have given up our only means of finding a way to defend ourselves.
THOR: That is true.
O'NEILL: Oh come on! Gimme something! Anything! I won't hold you to it. A little head nod if there's another way around this.
THOR: It is your planet at stake. I believe you have it within you to make the right decision.
O'NEILL: All right. Send me back. Wait! Right there! Is that a head nod? A nod is usually down then back up. You kinda just went down. Wait!
Thor beams Jack down.

Scene: Hammond's Office
Simms is on the red phone. Jack and Daniel are sat in the chairs in front of Hammond's desk. Hammond is stood up.
SIMMS: Yes Sir. I understand.
He puts the phone down.
SIMMS: We accept the terms.
O'NEILL: Daniel, you wanna tell them we're ready?
Daniel gets up and then walks down a corridor when the alarms go off.
TANNOY: Security to Level 25. Medical team to Level 25. Emergency.
Daniel runs towards the emergency.
AIRMAN: In here Sir!
NIRRTI: What are these sounds?
DANIEL: Please just stay in your rooms for a moment.
Daniel goes into Cronus' room where he finds Teal'c and Cronus lying on the floor bleeding and unconscious.

Scene: Infirmary-Teal'c's Room
FRAISER: His vitals are stable but he took quite a blow to the head. There's some intracranial swelling.
O'NEILL: Junior taking care of it?
FRAISER: Yes, his larval Goa'uld is assisting in the healing process. Hopefully there isn't any permanent brain damage but we won't know that until he wakes up.
HAMMOND: How long?
FRAISER: That's up to him.
Janet, Jack and Hammond walk down a corridor to Cronus' room.
O'NEILL: What about Cronus?
FRAISER: Oh, he should only be so lucky. Severe internal injuries and his host is dying.
O'NEILL: Shouldn't his snake be taking care of him?
FRAISER: Based on what I've learnt about Goa'uld physiology, the symbiote cannot heal injuries this severe on its own. We're doing everything we can, but I don't think he's gonna make it. It could be hours, could be minutes.
Sam comes in.
CARTER: I have the security videotape. You'll want to see this.
They all leave

Scene: Teal'c's Infirmary Room
CARTER: The SF's assigned in the hallway sounded the alarm. They say Teal'c passed them and told them he was going to see Cronus.
DANIEL: Well Nirrti and Yu are demanding an explanation.
O'NEILL: Do we tell 'em?
CARTER: Well based on the videotape evidence, it looks like Teal'c is involved. Not that I believe he's responsible for this.
DANIEL: Well I don't believe for a minute that Teal'c would sacrifice our interests for a personal vendetta.
O'NEILL: What personal vendetta?
DANIEL: Well apparently Teal'c and Cronus have some pretty heavy history.
HAMMOND: Such as?
DANIEL: Cronus killed Teal'c father.
O'NEILL: Oh for crying out loud! Why doesn't he tell us these things? Why didn't you tell us?
DANIEL: He confided in me.
CARTER: I still don't think Teal'c would do this.
O'NEILL: Well neither do I, but the case against him just got a little more interesting don'tcha think?
DANIEL: Well we have to tell the other Goa'ulds something.
FRAISER: Yes, and if we lie, we could make things worse.
HAMMOND: Doctor?
FRAISER: Sir, the point is, maybe the Goa'ulds can do something for Cronus that I can't.
HAMMOND: Let's tell the Goa'uld what we know. Major; find out what really happened.
CARTER: Yes Sir.

Scene: Infirmary- Cronus' Room
NIRRTI: You will pay for this!
O'NEILL: We know it looks bad.
HAMMOND: But we're not sure what actually transpired.
YU: Whoever is responsible for this atrocity must be brought before us.
DANIEL: We're trying to find out what exactly happened...
NIRRTI: All the people of your planet will suffer greatly as punishment for this crime.
O'NEILL: Just hang on a second before you start dooming everybody...
DANIEL: We brought you here because we want to know if there's anything either of you can do for him.
FRAISER: He's dying.
YU: We can do nothing here in your primitive facilities.
DANIEL: Okay, can you use one of these?
He lifts up a healing device.
Nirrti takes it and holds it above Cronus. It lights up slightly and she then takes it off.
NIRRTI: His injuries are too severe. The only way to save him is with a sarcophagus.
O'NEILL: Okay, we don't have one of those.
YU: Then we'll prepare to leave immediately.
They leave.

Scene: Thor's ship
THOR: You must let them take Cronus.
O'NEILL: They'll attack us!
THOR: If you hold them against their will, the rest of the System Lords will attack regardless.
O'NEILL: Look, Teal'c didn't do this.
THOR: I have been instructed by the Asgard High Council to leave Earth's orbit.
O'NEILL: And that's what, in line with your policy of limited benevolence?
THOR: I have explained our position. To borrow from a human euphemism, it is not a perfect galaxy.
O'NEILL: Well I'm sorry, I get a little testy when faced with the total annihilation of our little corner of it.
THOR: We sympathise with your situation.
O'NEILL: Right. And yet you'll still just sit by and watch 'em destroy us.
THOR: We cannot interfere without beginning a much larger war that cannot be won at this time.

Scene: Storage Room 12A
YU: I command that you release us.
NIRRTI: We must leave now and take Cronus before his death is on your heads.
HAMMOND: I'm sorry. I can't let you go.
NIRRTI: If we do not report back, your planet will suffer the full force of the System Lord's wrath.
HAMMOND: That's going to happen whether we let you go or not.
YU: You have violated every code mandated for these negotiations! The Asgard will not protect you!
O'NEILL: Actually you're wrong about something. There's one rule we haven't broken yet.
Four SF's come in heavily armed.

Scene: Hammond's Office
SIMMS: Do we have any idea of what sort of time frame surrounds this impending attack?
Hammond looks at Jack who shakes his head.
SIMMS: The President is readying his statement to the United Nations. From what you're telling me, Earth should begin preparing for this onslaught immediately.
O'NEILL: Boy did this get out of hand.
The phone rings.
HAMMOND: Hammond. Thank you. Teal'c is conscious.

Scene: Infirmary- Teal'c's room
TEAL'C: Cronus requested my presence.
O'NEILL: So you went... alone?
TEAL'C: It is what he requested. When I arrived, he denied making the request. Before I could leave, we were attacked.
CARTER: By whom?
TEAL'C: An invisible force.
O'NEILL: Invisible force?
DANIEL: A reetou?
HAMMOND: Could one have come through the Gate with the Goa'ulds?
CARTER: Sir, we could break out the transphase eradication rods and do a sweep of the base.
TEAL'C: I did not sense the presence of a reetou.
O'NEILL: I almost wish you had.
CARTER: Teal'c, are you aware of any of the Goa'uld having some sort of stealth technology?
TEAL'C: I am not.
DANIEL: Hathor had the ability to appear and disappear.
O'NEILL: Okay, she's dead. Right? Please tell me she's dead.
TEAL'C: I did not attack Cronus.
DANIEL: Well we believe you Teal'c, I just don't think anyone else is going to.
O'NEILL: Certainly not those lying, scheming, no good for nothing, slimy, overdressed style mongers.
CARTER: Sir! I'd like to try something.
O'NEILL: I wasn't finished.

Scene: Infirmary- Cronus' Room
Sam is holding the healing device over Cronus.
FRAISER: Are you sure you know what you're doing?
CARTER: I've made it work before, just not on a living thing.
She tries but nothing happens.
O'NEILL: Ah, I hate to go all Freudian on you here. The part of you that knows how to run those things.
CARTER: You think I don't want to cure Cronus because he ordered Jolinar's death. I just have the memories of Jolinar. She doesn't control me. I'm well aware of the stakes here.
O'NEILL: I'm just sayin'.
She tries again and the device lights up and Cronus opens his eyes.
CARTER: It worked.
CRONUS: You have healed me, human. I am sure you spared my life only to prevent your own destruction.
O'NEILL: Hey! We didn't do this to you. And we saved your snaky little butt because we want the treaty to happen.
CRONUS: That is not possible now. Nirrti and Yu have undoubtedly blamed the Tauri for this attack on me?
O'NEILL: Good catch. Look, it's obvious to everybody that one of them did this to you. What if I can prove which one? What's that worth to you?
CRONUS: What do you ask in return?

Scene: Corridor
Jack, Sam, Daniel and Hammond walk down a corridor.
CARTER: We can't prove anything Sir. All we know for sure is that Nirrti lied.
O'NEILL: But Cronus doesn't know that. And Nirrti doesn't know what else we know.
DANIEL: Which is nothing.
O'NEILL: Right. But she doesn't know we know nothing.
HAMMOND: What are you suggesting?
O'NEILL: I'm just saying, maybe it's time we take a page out of the Asgard book on dealing with these Goa'ulds.
DANIEL: You're gonna bluff.
HAMMOND: Sounds risky Colonel.
O'NEILL: Yes Sir.

Scene: Storage room 12A
Daniel, Jack and Hammond stand on one side of the room while Yu and Nirrti sit at the table.
O'NEILL: You lied to us about being able to heal Cronus with that hand device.
NIRRTI: I tried honestly and failed. I was willing to save Cronus by taking him to a sarcophagus.
O'NEILL: Maybe you were, maybe you weren't. But the fact is you are the only Goa'uld here who has the technology to become invisible.
NIRRTI: That is a lie!
O'NEILL: Who's lying? We called the Tok'ra.
DANIEL: They say you've been experimenting with phase shifting in order to battle the Reetou.
YU: You did not share this technology with the System Lords?
NIRRTI: They are lying.
YU: You dare attack Cronus and defile our meeting with the Asgard?
NIRRTI: It is not true!
YU: You are the one who opposed this treaty! You have long coveted Cronus' territory.
NIRRTI: Gonach!
Yu attempts to throttle Nirrti who pushes him and disappears. A force moves towards the door and pushes a chair and 2 SF's out of the way. One of their weapons is picked up and fires at Yu and the SGC personnel. Jack pushes Yu out of the way.
O'NEILL: Look out!
The doors opens and Nirrti runs out. She runs into a corridor and we see her fading in and out.
CARTER: Drop the weapon.
Sam and another airman have TER's trained on her.
CARTER: You ever seen one of these work? Cos there's nothing more I'd like to do right now than demonstrate.
Nirrti lowers the weapon to the floor.

Scene: Storage Room 12A
Yu is examining his arm. The doors open and Nirrti walks in at gunpoint.
O'NEILL: Cronus said he'd support the treaty and we wouldn't have to give up our Stargate. I was kinda hoping we could count on your vote.
Yu nods.

Scene: Gateroom
The Gate activates. Yu and Cronus take Nirrti up the ramp. Cronus turns back to Jack and Daniel.
CRONUS: We will not attack your world. But, if you continue to use your Stargate be warned. Anyone who is caught by one of the System Lords will be shown no mercy. They will suffer greatly.
O'NEILL: Well that certainly makes life more interesting.
The System Lords leave through the Gate and it shuts down.
Jack and Daniel start to walk out of the room.
DANIEL: Boy, is she gonna get it.
O'NEILL: My heart bleeds.
Thor's ship leaves orbit.



T.M. Sandulak as Sergeant Ziplinski
Laara Sadiq as Technician Turner
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