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Written By: Tor Alexander Valenza
Directed By: Peter DeLuise


Richard Dean Anderson as Colonel Jack O'Neill
Michael Shanks as Doctor Daniel Jackson
Amanda Tapping as Major Samantha Carter
Christopher Judge as Teal'c
Don S. Davis as General George Hammond
Teryl Rothery as Doctor Janet Fraiser

Kevin McNulty as Doctor Warner
Eric Schneider as Doctor MacKenzie


Scene: A darkened corridor

O'NEILL: Daniel? Any ideas about this place?

DANIEL: Well it looks like it was built by a pretty advanced culture, then
stripped and deserted.

CARTER: The MALP showed no life signs.

O'NEILL: Teal'c? What do you think?

TEAL'C: It is an ancient Goa'uld design.

Teal'c goes to touch a panel and a door opens.

O'NEILL: Now that is not a good smell.

Daniel walks in and brushes by something.

DANIEL: Jesus!

It's a corpse.

O'NEILL: All right. Level A.

TEAL'C: There is another one here.

O'NEILL: More over there.

Sam sees a scar on the neck of one of the corpses.

CARTER: These aren't quite human. They're Goa'uld.


TEAL'C: This mechanism appears to have been damaged by a ribbon device.

CARTER: Maybe they were trying to contain whatever did this.

DANIEL: Teal'c, do you recognise this symbol?

TEAL'C: It is the crest of the Linvris.

O'NEILL: Which is what? Or who/

TEAL'C: A rival league of lesser Goa'uld who challenge the System Lords.

O'NEILL: A minor league?

TEAL'C: Yes. There are nine.

CARTER: Five, six, seven, eight, nine. Found 'em.

Meanwhile, Daniel has picked up a tablet.

DANIEL: It's one of those Goa'uld tablet devices, the kind we found on

CARTER: Can you translate it?

DANIEL: Part of it. It's some sort of battle plan. I need the hand device
that makes the screen go to the next page.

O'NEILL: That thing?

Daniel bends down and picks up the Page Turning Device (PTD). He waves it
over the tablet and it doesn't change.

DANIEL: Nothing's happening.

He suddenly looks round.

O'NEILL: What?

DANIEL: I felt something brush by me.

O'NEILL: All right, let's pack it outta here. Leave this to the medical
containment unit. It's getting creepy.

They leave.

Scene: SG-1's locker room

Daniel walks out of the shower towelling his hair.

WOMAN: Dr. Jackson? (Whispers)

DANIEL: Out in minute!

WOMAN: Dr. Jackson! (Whispers)

Daniel looks up and around at the sink which is dripping. He puts his hand
under and catches the drips.

Scene: SGC Corridor

Sam is walking along.

CARTER: Daniel.

Daniel is walking out of the locker room.

DANIEL: Were you calling me just now?


DANIEL: You weren't calling my name in the locker room a minute ago?

CARTER: No, it wasn't me. General Hammond's waiting for us in the briefing

Scene: Briefing Room

FRAISER: The Goa'uld died before their hosts. We know this due to a unique
protein marker left in Goa'uld bodies or host bodies after a Goa'uld dies.

CARTER: The same protein marker that was left in my body after Jolinar was


HAMMOND: How did they die, Doctor?

FRAISER: Well at this point Sir, I can't really give you an accurate answer
and I may never be able to.

HAMMOND: Why not?

FRAISER: As with Major Carter, as these Goa'uld symbiotes died they rapidly
decayed and were absorbed by the host. There's no Goa'uld corpse for me to

O'NEILL: What about bio warfare? Poison, disease, that kind of thing?

TEAL'C: The Goa'uld are immune to such things.

DANIEL: What about the hosts?

FRAISER: The humans were normal. No wounds, no infections.

DANIEL: Okay then, why are they dead?

FRAISER: According to Teal'c, the door was disabled from the inside. Locked
in with no food, no water, the probably died of starvation.

HAMMOND: Right now, I'm more concerned with who killed the Goa'uld and why.

TEAL'C: The System Lords would be the most likely suspect.

O'NEILL: But if the door was disabled from the inside, how did the perp, or
perps, get out?

CARTER: Maybe the assassins weren't visible and we're the ones who let them

O'NEILL: Reetou. You think Reetou were in there?

TEAL'C: Reetou would not spare the host. Reetou weaponry does much damage to
the human body.

O'NEILL: Well there you go.

HAMMOND: Dr. Jackson, what about that Goa'uld tablet device?

The Stargate is beginning to rotate in the background.

PA: Incoming traveller.

DANIEL: Um.. It's a Goa'uld dialect akin to Latin. From what Teal'c and I
have made out so far, it's some sort of attack plan. Um.. I'm still trying
to figure out how to scroll to the next page, if there is a next page.

HAMMOND: Dr. Jackson, I want you to make translating that tablet your top

DANIEL: Yes Sir.

HAMMOND: Dismissed.

Teal'c, Sam and Janet leave. Daniel gets up as the Gate engages and walks to
the window overlooking the Gate. Jack follows him.

PA: SG7 returning.

Daniel looks down and SG7 appear to be the dead members of the Linvris. One
of them looks up at him and Daniel immediately turns to Jack to see if he
sees anything out of the ordinary. He doesn't. Daniel looks back and the
members of SG7 look normal again.

Scene: Daniel's Lab

Daniel picks up some pills and swallows them with a glass of water. He is
writing something down and mumbles in Goa'uld dialect.

DANIEL: To enter by infiltration. Infiltration.

MAN: Daniel. (whispers)

Daniel looks up.

MAN: Daniel! Daniel!

The sounds of chevrons locking can be heard. Daniel looks towards his
cupboard. He gets up and opens his closet. There appears to be a wormhole
event horizon there.

MAN: Join with us, Daniel. Step through the Gate, Daniel.

DANIEL: This isn't real.

He lifts his hand to touch the event horizon and a hand suddenly comes back
out of the event horizon and grabs him by the shirt.

DANIEL: Help! Somebody help!

A face then appears. It's one of the dead Linvris. Daniel is then pulled
through the event horizon.

Scene: Infirmary

Daniel opens his eyes to see Jack playing with a bag of solution.

O'NEILL: Hello.

DANIEL: Hello.

O'NEILL: What happened?

DANIEL: Do you believe in ghosts?

O'NEILL: Uhh.. No. Uh huh.

DANIEL: Neither do I. Which means there has to be a logical explanation.

O'NEILL: For what?

DANIEL: When we were in the Linvris chamber, I felt something brush by me.
And I've heard voices. And I keep seeing the dead Goa'uld from the massacre.

O'NEILL: Where?

DANIEL: Well, last night they were in my closet. In like a.. Stargate event
horizon without the Gate.

O'NEILL: In your closet?

DANIEL: Yes. I don't think they're really dead.

O'NEILL: Who? The stiffs in the morgue?

DANIEL: No, the nine Goa'uld that were using them as hosts. I translated a
phrase in the tablet that I thought meant 'attack' but when I refined the
translation, I realised it means 'to enter by infiltration'.

O'NEILL: And you think that's what they're doing?


O'NEILL: Through your closet?

DANIEL: Teal'c said the Linvris were being hunted by the System Lords,
right? No what if they used some sort of technology that transformed their
bodies into. I don't know, energy or something.

O'NEILL: Energy?

DANIEL: Or something. I don't know exactly how- Sam can figure that part
out. The point is, they're here. They've entered by infiltration and now
they want me as a host.

O'NEILL: All nine of 'em?

DANIEL: That sounds crazy, huh?

O'NEILL: Mmm.. Yeah. I. You gotta admit, there are some holes in you theory

DANIEL: Well it's a theory, not a proof.

O'NEILL: Why are you the only one who can see them? Why didn't they come
through my closet? Aside from the fact that yours is cleaner.

DANIEL: I don't know. The only other theory I can come up with is I'm having
some sort of nervous breakdown.

O'NEILL: Or something. Yeah.

DANIEL: Or something.

Scene: Briefing room

Jack walks in and stops.

O'NEILL: Doctor MacKenzie.


O'NEILL: I'm not going to enjoy this am I?

HAMMOND: Part of Dr. MacKenzie's work involves analysing psychological data
>from SG units specifically looking for side effects to Gate travel. Dr.
Jackson's episode yesterday may have uncovered a serious one.

MACKENZIE: Dr. Fraiser's been treating you for headaches lately, hasn't she?

O'NEILL: Yes. What's that got to do with Daniel?

MACKENZIE: Well you're not the only one.53% of SG field personnel also have
a history of them.

O'NEILL: A lot of people get headaches. What's your point?

MACKENZIE: Dr. Jackson has experienced what I'd characterise as a first
break psychotic episode, which may be manifesting full blown hebephrenic

FRAISER: Migraines are often one of the first signs.

O'NEILL: Wait a minute. Daniel's a schizophrenic and it's caused by the

FRAISER: It's the only logical explanation we have right now, Colonel.

O'NEILL: Well it sounds fairly theoretical to me. Does anybody think it
could be stress?

FRAISER: As much as I'd like to think that's all it is, the evidence just
doesn't point that way. Daniel has paranoid delusions, auditory and visual

MACKENZIE: Dr. Jackson's dopamine levels have increased in the left
hemisphere of his brain. All these symptoms are textbook schizophrenia.

CARTER: I don't understand how this could happen without us noticing signs.

FRAISER: Nobody knows the exact cause of schizophrenia. Some cases are
genetic, but there's no history of it in Daniel's family. When it's not
genetic, it's environmental and the Stargate is a plausible environmental

CARTER: I've been through the Gate as many times as Daniel. I don't have

FRAISER: Your body may have some kind of immunity, possibly due to Jolinar.

O'NEILL: All right. Let's say for the sake of argument that it is the
Stargate, a theory to which I do not ascribe. Then why don't we put a little
sign at the base of the ramp that says "Gate travel may be hazardous to your
health"? I can live with that.

CARTER: So can I Sir.

HAMMOND: The Air Force can't. I can't risk any SG officer having delusions
in the middle of a crisis. Therefore, as we speak, all outstanding SG teams
are being recalled for evaluation.

CARTER: You're shutting down the whole programme?

HAMMOND: Only until Dr. MacKenzie and his team submit their report. If his
theory is proven correct limits will be placed on the number of missions.
Till then the Stargate is closed.

O'NEILL: General.

HAMMOND: There is no debate, Colonel.

O'NEILL: Of course not. (To Carter)

CARTER: What about Daniel, Sir?

MACKENZIE: For now, we're going to medicate him and let him rest in one of
the VIP rooms.

FRAISER: But if his symptoms persist, or if he becomes a threat to himself
or anyone else we'll have to commit him to Mental Health.

Sam and Jack look at each other.

Scene: VIP Room

Daniel and Jack are playing chess.

DANIEL: Check.

Jack moves his piece.


O'NEILL: What? Didn't see that?

DANIEL: Actually, I was oh-ing about something else.

He moves a piece.

DANIEL: Checkmate. I should have done that two moves ago. I don't know what
I was thinking.

O'NEILL: Yeah, well. You're a little off.

DANIEL: I don't feel off. I feel. I feel fine. No headaches, no tension, I
mean, I feel normal.

O'NEILL: That's because it was just stress. And I have a very calming effect
on stressed out people. How about a game of gin?

DANIEL: I'm not very good at gin.

O'NEILL: Good! Get the cards.

Daniel gets up to go to the cupboard and hears the sound of chevrons
locking. He looks back at Jack to see if he hears it too but Jack is putting
the chess pieces away. Just as the noise sounds as if the Stargate would
engage, Daniel opens the cupboard and it's normal. He gets the cards and
sits down again. Suddenly he hears screeching and looks up. As Jack is
shuffling the cards, a fully grown Goa'uld symbiote is crawling up his arm.


O'NEILL: Yeah? What?

DANIEL: It's nothing.

O'NEILL: You all right?

DANIEL: I'm fine. How are you feeling?

The Goa'uld suddenly crawls up to Jack's neck and enters the back of it.
Jack's eyes glow and he is seemingly unaware of this.

O'NEILL: Good. Real good.

Daniel jumps up and runs to the back of Jack.

DANIEL: There's a Goa'uld in you! I've got to get it out!

O'NEILL: Get. There's no Goa'uld in me!

DANIEL: I'm sorry. I saw it. I saw it.

Daniel starts to sway.

O'NEILL: You all right? Come on.

Daniel sinks to the floor.

O'NEILL: All right, easy, easy, easy. Put your head down.

Jack rings for some help while we focus on Daniel. As he lies on the floor,
something moves under his skin.

Scene: Air Force Hospital

Jack, Sam and Teal'c follow MacKenzie down a corridor. They get to a room
and MacKenzie opens the door.

MACKENZIE: Don't expect too much. If he becomes agitated, call the aides.

We see SG-1 from Daniel's point of view and it's blurred.


CARTER: It's us, Daniel. Can't you see us?

DANIEL: I was just making sure you weren't figments of my mind. They took
away my glasses in case I broke the lenses and, uh, tried to, uh, hurt

O'NEILL: Are they treating you okay?


Daniel starts to cry.

DANIEL: I'm sorry.

O'NEILL: For what?

DANIEL: For being such a headcase.

CARTER: It's not your fault Daniel.

TEAL'C: Colonel O'Neill believes it has something to do with the Linvris.

O'NEILL: You remember in that chamber you said you felt something brush by

DANIEL: Yes. It was them. I know you don't believe me but I felt them. They
heard me.

Daniel hears footsteps and darts off to a corner of the padded room.

DANIEL: They're coming. They're coming.

TEAL'C: Only your friends are here, Daniel Jackson.

DANIEL: They're coming. I hear footsteps. Footsteps.

O'NEILL: Daniel, there are no footsteps. Stay with us.

DANIEL: Footsteps!

>From DanielCam, a dead member of the Linvris pops up behind Teal'c.

Daniel starts laughing and points.

DANIEL: I told you. That's one of them. He's right there.

TEAL'C: There is no one at my side, Daniel Jackson.

DANIEL: Yes, there is.

O'NEILL: Wanna get the aides?

Sam nods and she knocks on the door. Daniel suddenly jumps up and runs at
what he thinks is a member of the Linvris. Teal'c grabs him and restrains
him. Daniel suddenly sees a little blue jelly thing go from him into Teal'c
hand. He pulls away as the aides come in.

DANIEL: Something just went inside Teal'c.

O'NEILL: You're hallucinating Daniel.

The aides come in and hold Daniel down.

DANIEL: Well don't just stand there! Get it out of him!

MACHELLO: You have delivered me to the vile Goa'uld so that I may destroy

DANIEL: Machello!

MACKENZIE: Okay, let's raise the dose. 5mls at four hour intervals.

DANIEL: Machello.

Scene: SGC

Jack, Sam and Teal'c walk out of an elevator. Jack and Sam are ahead of Teal

CARTER: God, I hate seeing him like that.

O'NEILL: Nothing worse than losing your mind and knowing it's happening.

Teal'c suddenly collapses behind them. Sam grabs his arm and Jack grabs the
other one and looks at the Airman on security detail.

O'NEILL: Infirmary.

The Airman goes to his phone and Sam and Jack take Teal'c to the infirmary.

Scene: Daniel's padded room.

Daniel is lying on the floor dreaming.

Flashback to Holiday when SG1 met Machello.

MACHELLO: Yes, inventions to fight the Goa'uld!

Flashback to the aides injecting Daniel.

DANIEL: Machello.


Flashback to Holiday.

MACHELLO: Yes. Inventions to fight the Goa'uld!

Flashback to one of the jelly things entering Teal'c.

Daniel wakes up and gets up to bang on the door.

DANIEL: Dr MacKenzie! Dr MacKenzie!

Scene: SGC Infirmary

Teal'c is in an isolation tent. Janet comes out.

FRAISER: Teal'c symbiote is dying. I can't explain why.

O'NEILL: Teal'c, what about that kel'no'reem thing?

Teal'c shakes his head weakly.

HAMMOND: Is he having hallucinations like Dr Jackson?

FRAISER: No. His dopamine levels are normal. Besides, Daniel didn't have the
same physical symptoms. They seem to be unrelated.

O'NEILL: What are we talking about, timewise?

FRAISER: Without another symbiote, a day, two. Maybe less. Even if we found
another larval Goa'uld in time, there's no telling if it would survive

Scene: Daniel's padded room.

Dr MacKenzie and some aides come in.

MACKENZIE: Dr Jackson?

DANIEL: Stop. One second.

MACKENZIE: Look, Daniel, it's time for your meds.

DANIEL: I don't, uh, I don't need any more drugs. What I need is the ones
you got in my system, out of my system.

MACKENZIE: No, Daniel. You need rest.

DANIEL: I think I've rested enough. Just tell me one thing. Is Teal'c sick?

MACKENZIE: Not that I'm aware of. I haven't been to the SGC.

Daniel bangs his head against the wall.

MACKENZIE: Dr Jackson, I insist you calm yourself. Otherwise I'll have to
have you restrained and further sedated.

DANIEL: Why are you so quick to jump to the conclusion I'm crazy? That I'm
dangerous, I'm out of control? It's cos I'm kinda acting that way, aren't I?
I just need to get these drugs out of my system. Look, Doctor. I know you
probably hear this from patients all the time but I think I'm cured.

MACKENZIE: You're right, I hear that all the time. I'm afraid it doesn't
work that way. You don't get well from something like this overnight.

DANIEL: You do if there was an alien organism inside you that was making you
think that you were sick when you really weren't.

MACKENZIE: Mm-hm. And you, uh, found this out how?

DANIEL: Machello told me.

MACKENZIE: Machello?

DANIEL: He's an alien old man we met on P3C 599.

MACKENZIE: Dr Jackson, you haven't had any visitors.

DANIEL: No, of course I haven't. You see, Machello is dead.

MACKENZIE: Dead? Yet he told you there was someone inside you making you
appear crazy?

DANIEL: That's a good point. I wouldn't, uh, I wouldn't buy that if I were
you either. Just do me one favour okay? Contact the SGC. Find out if Teal'c
is sick. If he is, promise me you'll let me talk to Jack O'Neill.

Scene: Infirmary

Sam and Jack are sat on a chair and bed while Janet is with Teal'c.

HAMMOND: Dr MacKenzie seems to think there's some sort of change with Dr

FRAISER: A change, sir?

HAMMOND: He's requesting that you come out there, Colonel.

Jack leaves.

Scene: Daniel's padded room.

The door opens and Jack walks in. Daniel gets up from the floor.

O'NEILL: Hey Daniel.

DANIEL: You don't, uh, you don't need to walk on eggshells any more. I'm

O'NEILL: So I hear. Uh, it's not that I doubt you, but, um, why do you think
it happened all of a sudden?

DANIEL: I don't completely understand it myself, but I saw something come
out of me and go into Teal'c. And then I heard Machello's voice.

O'NEILL: Uh, Machello?

DANIEL: Just hear me out. I'm guessing it wasn't actually Machello. It was
probably some sort of technological or organic recording. It said something
about delivering Machello to the vile Goa'uld, which made me start thinking.
Maybe I had some sort of Goa'uld killing invention inside of me. One of
Machello's inventions.

O'NEILL: And that's what made you nuts?

DANIEL: Well since I don't have a Goa'uld, a side effect off this invention
must make normal people act like they're..

O'NEILL: Nuts. (whispers)

DANIEL: Schizophrenic. Look. Teal'c is sick right.

O'NEILL: Right.

DANIEL: Well he does have a Goa'uld.

Scene: Infirmary

Daniel looks at Teal'c. He's back in SGC fatigues and wearing his glasses.

FRAISER: Your dopamine levels are back to normal.

DANIEL: I'm back to normal.

CARTER: Okay, let's say your concept about Machello's Goa'uld killing
invention is
right. Why did it take so long to go into Teal'c?

DANIEL: I don't know. Maybe it needed a close proximity to sense his Goa'uld
larva. Look, I had a lot of time locked in that little room to think about
this. It makes sense. Why am I back to normal? And coincidentally, hours
after touching me, Teal'c is sick.

O'NEILL: Why didn't I get sick when we were playing cards the other night
and you were jumping all over me?

DANIEL: Because last I heard you don't have a Goa'uld larva.

FRAISER: All right, but Daniel look, we ran every test we have. MRI, CAT
scan, X-rays, full blood work up. There is nothing foreign in Teal'c or his

DANIEL: It's there. I know it! I saw it.

CARTER: Daniel, those bodies had only been there a month. Machello's been
dead for six months. How could he be responsible?

DANIEL: What if he planted those killing devices there six months ago? Or a
year ago? Then the Linvris walk into their meeting.

O'NEILL: Like a land mine?


Sam gets up and goes to the computer.

DANIEL: World War I mines are still going off in France today, even though
the soldiers that planted them are long since dead.

CARTER: You think that Machello made this thing right?

DANIEL: Right.

CARTER: We crated off everything in Machello's laboratory to Area 51 and it'
s all in our database. Let's see if we can find something that looks

Sam flicks through the items on the screen and Jack points at one of them.

O'NEILL: Right there. Right there. Back it up.

It's the tablets.

DANIEL: I picked that up in the Linvris chamber.

FRAISER: Why did he make so many page turning devices?

CARTER: It could be our landmine.

Scene: Lab with Observation room overlooking.

Daniel is in the room overlooking and Sam, Janet and Jack are in the lab.

FRAISER: On the right is the PTD from the Linvris and the one on the left is
>from Area 51.

CARTER: They look exactly like the one we found on Argos. The Linvris
probably thought it was one of their own.

O'NEILL: It's a good way to hide a mine.

CARTER: Yeah. Question is, how do we set it off?

Sam taps one with some tongs.

FRAISER: No. Okay. Um, let's see what happens when we use it on the tablet.

Sam picks it up and waves it over the tablet. 10 little jelly things come

FRAISER: There they are. I'm counting five, ten altogether. So if all PTD's
are the same, we're looking at ten per device.

DANIEL: That explains how I got infected. There were nine Linvris.

CARTER: And when you activated the device, the last one went into you.

FRAISER: Let's try and immobilise one and put it under the scope.

She tries to grab one but they go through the protective gloves they are
both wearing.

FRAISER: The gloves are breached!


One gets out of the container.

O'NEILL: Whoa! Who-whoa!

DANIEL: General Hammond, B Haz Mat Observation right away!

Three of the devices go into Jack. Janet tries to stop them going into her
but can't. Sam is the same.


O'NEILL: Great.

Hammond comes into the overlooking room where Daniel is sitting.

DANIEL: We have a breach.

HAMMOND: Is there any chance of further contamination to the base?

FRAISER: Judging what happened to Daniel Sir, as long as we stay in here and
don't go near anyone else, the base is probably secure.

HAMMOND: Dr Warner to B Haz Mat Three Observation stat. Containment team to
B Haz Mat Three for containment integrity scan.

DANIEL: There has to be an answer in this tablet.

O'NEILL: Is there anything we can do from in here?

FRAISER: Nothing Colonel. All the specimens are inside us. Since we're
infected by multiple organisms we can expect our symptoms to be rapidly

O'NEILL: I'd like to apologise in advance for anything I may say or do that
could be construed as offensive as I slowly go NUTS!

FRAISER: Likewise Colonel.

CARTER: Colonel? Janet?

O'NEILL: Carter?

>From Jack's point of view Sam's eyes glow and her voice is distorted.

CARTER: Sir, there's nothing wrong with me.

DANIEL: Sam, you've got four of those things in you.

CARTER: I know that, but I feel fine.

O'NEILL: You're not seeing or hearing any of this stuff.

CARTER: No Sir, I feel completely normal. Somehow I must be immune.

Dr Warner arrives.

WARNER: Dr Fraiser, what can I do to help?

FRAISER: Not much I'm afraid.

CARTER: Doctor, there's nothing wrong with me. Sir, I'd like Dr Warner to
take some tests, try to figure out why.

HAMMOND: I'm afraid that's not possible. That would risk another person
being contaminated, if not the entire base.

DANIEL: Sir, those organisms left my body, I might be immune. I may be the
only one who can go in there and help them.

HAMMOND: We don't know that Dr Jackson. I can't let you risk it. (Turns to
the lab) Dr Warner will stay here . We'll get whoever else you think can
help. But you're going to have to figure it out in there.

CARTER: I understand Sir.

She turns round and winces.

CARTER: Whoa! Oh, I think I spoke too soon.

DANIEL: What's wrong?

CARTER: Oh, God, something's happening.

The organisms come out of her ear and drop to the floor. She bends down and
pokes them to check they are dead.

CARTER: I think they're dead. Daniel, I could have sworn I heard.

DANIEL: Machello?

CARTER: Yes. He said my Goa'uld captor is dead, but I don't have a Goa'uld.

DANIEL: You did.

CARTER: That has to be it. Janet said that when a Goa'uld dies, it dissolves
into a host and leaves a unique protein marker.

DANIEL: So these Goa'uld killing inventions die because they detect the
protein marker? That doesn't make any sense. Why isn't Jack immune? He
should have some sort of protein marker left over from Hathor's Goa'uld.

CARTER: No. No. That Goa'uld left Colonel O'Neill's body and died before it
had a chance to take over. Janet, can you hear me? Can we extract my blood
and inject it into everyone that's infected.

WARNER: No, your blood types don't match. You have to separate the protein
>from the rest of the blood.

CARTER: Okay, how do I do that?

WARNER: You don't have the necessary equipment there. Even if you did, it
would take weeks.

CARTER: Come on, there's gotta be a way! We've got all this stuff.

WARNER: I'm sorry, but you need to use high pressure liquid chromatography
to separate and isolate the protein factions from the rest of the blood.
That would yield thirty to forty proteins. Then you'd have to test each one
of them to find...

CARTER: Okay! I get the point.

FRAISER: Centrifuge.

CARTER: What? What about the centrifuge?

FRAISER: Put as much blood as possible in centrifuge.

Sam rolls up her sleeve and prepares to take her own blood. Janet starts

WARNER: You're wasting your time Major.

Sam gets the needle and injects it to take the blood.

CARTER: Okay. Now what?

FRAISER: It's too hot. It's too hot. They're trying to suffocate us.

CARTER: Janet!

Janet sees Sam's eyes glow.

FRAISER: No! You're a Goa'uld! Stay away!

CARTER: I'm not a Goa'uld, Janet. It's me- Sam. I'm your friend.

FRAISER: Put the test tube in the centrifuge.

Sam does so and turns it on. It stops spinning a time later and she takes it

CARTER: Janet. Get back with me here! We're trying to separate that protein
>from my blood, remember? The centrifuge just finished. Now what?

WARNER: Major, you're wasting your time. If she thinks there's another way,
she's not in her right mind. There's only one way to separate that protein.

FRAISER: You don't need to. Just need to separate red blood cells.

DANIEL: What? What's she talking about?

WARNER: I see where you're going. I see where you're going. Don't even try
to separate the proteins. Just separate the rejectable parts and give them
all the rest.


WARNER: The part that makes blood types incompatible is just the red blood
cells and a few things in the plasma. If we can get those out, the rest
should be safe.

FRAISER: Quick freeze.

CARTER: Quick freeze?

WARNER: Major, look in the freezer over there. See if there's any dry ice.

CARTER: Yeah, there's a ton of it.

WARNER: Good. Follow my directions very carefully.

Some time later.

WARNER: Looks good. Pick your first patient.

CARTER: This was your idea. Wanna be first?

Sam injects into Janet and goes over to Jack.

O'NEILL: You look terrible.

CARTER: Thank you Sir. I need to give you a shot. Will you let me do that?

She does so anyway.

CARTER: Janet?

FRAISER: Uh, I'm hearing.

CARTER: You're hearing Machello?

FRAISER: Yeah. Ahh!

The organisms drop out of Janet's, then Jack's ears.


Jack picks one up and drops it. Everyone smiles.

Scene: Infirmary

Teal'c is still lying in the bed. Janet picks up a syringe and goes to
inject it into his IV line.

FRAISER: Okay. Well, I don't know if this is going to work. He'll have the
marker but he'll still have a Goa'uld larva. Depends on how smart Machello
made the little beggars.

A nurse gives Janet a suction device and they wait.

TEAL'C: Machello!

The remaining organism comes out of Teal'c ear. Everything is fine again.




Machello played by Michael Shanks

Ecrit par Syla__ 
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