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Learning Curve

Written by Heather E Ash
Directed by Martin Wood


Richard Dean Anderson as Colonel Jack O'Neill
Michael Shanks as Doctor Daniel Jackson
Amanda Tapping as Major Samantha Carter
Christopher Judge as Teal'c
Don S Davis as General George Hammond
Teryl Rothery as Doctor Janet Fraiser


Also starring:

Andrew Airlie as Kalan
Brittney Irvin as Merrin
Lachlan Murdoch as Tomin
Stephanie Shea as Solen
Diane Stapley as Mrs Struble
Rob Farrell as SF Guard
Sarah Goodwill as Student
Laara Sadiq as Technician Turner

Scene: Building with a Stargate. Children appear to be excavating. We close in and see Daniel is also there.

DANIEL: Thank you. That's perfect Zaren. Just like that.

The chevrons start to unlock. The Gate is a browny pink colour.

DANIEL: It's okay. It's just my friends returning.

The Gate opens and Jack and Teal'c step through.

O'NEILL: Hello children.

Daniel comes down a stepladder.

O'NEILL: Daniel? No child labour laws here on Orban?

DANIEL: No, these are Urrone. They're like apprentices to the adults. They're everywhere. It's just how they do things. Look at this.

He passes something to Jack.

DANIEL: Chalchiutlicue. The Aztec goddess of water. They don't even know what they've got here. Who knows what we're gonna uncover. That is if General Hammond said yes. He did say..

O'NEILL: He said yes.

KALAN: Colonel O'Neill. You are most punctual. Both Merrin and I are eagerto participate in this exchange between our worlds.

O'NEILL: Major Carter is eager as well. She's really looking forward to it. So's Teal'c.

TEAL'C: I will share my knowledge of the Goa'uld freely.

O'NEILL: Teal'c's eager on the inside.

KALAN: Then if you are ready to leave..

O'NEILL: Kalan, I was under the impression we were bringing back one of your naqahdah reactors.

KALAN: This is the device.

O'NEILL: That little thing? Okay. Daniel, have fun. I know you will. Teal'c, make friends. As always.

Teal'c goes to the DHD and starts dialling. The Gate engages.

O'NEILL: Folks. To Earth.

Scene: SGC corridor. Hammond and Carter are walking to the Gateroom.

CARTER: They're one of the most impressive societies we've come across Sir. They've managed to accomplish in a few decades what it took humans over a century to achieve.

HAMMOND: Sounds like these people might make good allies.

CARTER: I think so. They're not quite up to the Goa'uld level of technology yet, but given a few years..

Jack, Merrin and Kalan step through the Gate and come down the ramp. Jack continues to stand by Sam while the Orbanians make a greeting.

KALAN: Thank you for this exchange General Hammond. I am sure it will be fruitful for both of our worlds. Major Carter; please allow Merrin to present you with this Naqahdah reactor. You may study it for the duration of our exchange.

CARTER: Thank you.

HAMMOND: If you will allow, I would like to offer a tour.

KALAN: The exchange has been made. We will return to Orban now.

O'NEILL: You just got here.

CARTER: You can't leave. Someone needs to teach me how to use this thing.

KALAN: Please explain what you mean by this.

CARTER: Teaching? Uh, explaining how the reactor functions- its components, its construction.

KALAN: I do not have this knowledge.

MERRIN: I will. teach you.

Jack and Sam look surprised.


Scene: Elevator. Sam, Jack and Hammond are in the elevator with Merrin.

HAMMOND: Major Carter will show you the lab. But before you get started, I'd like you to visit our infirmary.

CARTER: It's standard procedure, nothing to be afraid of.

MERRIN: You must screen newcomers for potential pathogens. Of course.

O'NEILL: So Merrin, I understand you're a reactor expert?


O'NEILL: How old are you?

MERRIN: I'm eleven. How old are you?

O'NEILL: So Merrin, I understand you're a reactor expert.

Scene: Orban Gateroom

Daniel is uncovering a mosaic around the DHD that has been covered by stone.

KALAN: This is my son Tomin. He is also Urrone. Teal'c, you will please tell him of the Goa'uld.

TOMIN: You are most generous to offer your knowledge, Teal'c.

DANIEL: Kalan, there was an apprentice here earlier- Zaren. Do you know where she went?

KALAN: Zaren is not here. It was past her time to experience her Averium.

DANIEL: Averium. Is that like a graduation?

KALAN: That is an approximate definition. Dr Jackson, you expressed an interest in viewing the city. It is advantageous to see the Pyramid of Suns in daylight.

DANIEL: Yes. Absolutely.

KALAN: Teal'c, you will please remain here with Tomin.

Kalan and Daniel walk off. Teal'c turns to find Tomin looking up at him.

TEAL'C: What is your purpose?

TOMIN: I am making an observation of your physical characteristics. Dr Jackson tells us you were once a warrior in the service of the Goa'uld.

TEAL'C: That is correct.

TOMIN: I think I understand now why the Goa'uld are so feared.

Scene: Infirmary

Janet is taking some of Merrin's blood.

FRAISER: Hurts a little bit, huh? You are being very brave.

Jack walks in and stands by Sam.

O'NEILL: How's are little rocket scientist doing?

FRAISER: We are almost done, Colonel.

MERRIN: I am not a rocket scientist.

CARTER: I think what Colonel O'Neill means is that you're very smart.

MERRIN: You find my intelligence level unusual?

O'NEILL: No. There are lots of intelligent people around here. Just not as young as you.

CARTER: You mean you were not always as smart as you are now?

FRAISER: No. We spent a long time in school to get to this point.

MERRIN: Please explain what school is.

CARTER: Uh. school is a place where you go to learn. A teacher gives you information and you take different classes to learn different subjects.

MERRIN: So this is how you and Dr Fraiser became scientists?

CARTER: Mm-hm.

MERRIN: You aren't a scientist?

O'NEILL: Oh no.

MERRIN: Then you are not as smart as Major Carter and Dr Fraiser?

O'NEILL: Well it depends on what you mean by. Okay, no. I'm not. But while they were stuck in school, I was out doing other things, like, having fun. You do know what fun is, don't you?

Merrin shakes her head.

O'NEILL: Okay, fun is.what you do to make yourself happy. Like music, games. It's whatever you do when you're not learning to be a rocket scientist.

MERRIN: I'm here to teach Major Carter about the reactor.

CARTER: Sounds like fun to me!

O'NEILL: Whatever. Go ahead, knock yourself out

CARTER: Come on, Merrin. I'll show you the lab.

Scene: Orban Gateroom

Teal'c and Tomin are sitting on the steps to the Gate.

TOMIN: But you have found hosts for other Goa'uld in the past as First Prime to the Goa'uld leader.

TEAL'C: I have vowed to battle the Goa'uld and to free my people. If I allow the symbiote that I carry to be implanted, I would be perpetuating all that I oppose.

TOMIN: What happens if you do not find a host for this Goa'uld?

TEAL'C: It will die.

TOMIN: If the Goa'uld dies, then you will die as well?

Teal'c nods.

TEAL'C: That would be unfortunate.

Scene: Outside the Orban gateroom

DANIEL: I should have known by the murals but the construction of your pyramid confirms it.

KALAN: Dr Jackson, I do not understand.

DANIEL: Teotihuacan. It was a city in pre-Columbian South America, even bigger than ancient Rome. Which wouldn't mean anything to you, but it is significant.

KALAN: But you said we were Aztec.

DANIEL: No, these people predated the Aztecs.

Daniel and Kalan come into the Gateroom.

DANIEL: Okay, look. These pictures form a narrative. Whatever's under this platform may tell us exactly how your people came to be on Orban.

KALAN: You will explain this to Tomin.

DANIEL: Okay. Teotihuacan flourished for centuries as a religious and economic mecca before suffering a great upheaval in 750 AD, I think that your people could be the descendants of that civilisation.

TOMIN: Do you believe the arrival of the Goa'uld caused Teotihuacan's downfall?


Scene: Carter's lab

Sam is holding some handheld gizmo.

CARTER: Okay, that's the converter, right?

MERRIN: The heating element.

CARTER: What? W.. When did we talk about the heating element?

MERRIN: In the very beginning when I described the fodinaire.

CARTER: Oh man. It can't be this hard.

MERRIN: I will begin again.

CARTER: No, wait. Let's try this a different way. How about we break everything down into its most basic components? Let's start with the reactor casing. What's it made of?

MERRIN: The fodinaire attaches..

CARTER: No. I'm sorry Merrin. We'll get to that in a minute. Right now, I just need to know what materials make up the reactor casing. It'll have to block radiation so we'll make it lead lined. See? This is easy. And the casing material would have to measure..

Janet walks in.

FRAISER: Major? If you don't mind, I'd like to see Merrin in the infirmary again. Just a couple of follow up tests.


FRAISER: Okey-doke.

They leave.

Scene: Briefing room

Sam, Jack, Hammond and Janet are standing around a monitor.

FRAISER: Merrin's bloodwork shows trace levels of silicon, trinium and some other element I have never seen before. Now I think it's a mineral but it is definitely not found on Earth.

O'NEILL: Okay, even I know that's bad.

FRAISER: Well I found out what's responsible.

She clicks a button and a picture comes up on the screen.

O'NEILL: What?

CARTER: A nanite.

HAMMOND: She's got nanites in her blood?

FRAISER: Yes. However, it still didn't explain Merrin's abnormally high neuropeptide levels. So I did a computer enhanced MRI. You ready for this one?

She clicks again.

FRAISER: There's millions of them. They've infested that little girl's brain.

Scene: Infirmary

HAMMOND: I put the base on a threat com bravo. Doctor, get blood samples >from everyone. I want to know how far those nanites have spread.

MERRIN: My nanoprocessors are harmless to you.

O'NEILL: Merrin, we've run into these little beggars before and they're anything but harmless.

CARTER: We encountered a civilisation in which the Goa'uld used a similar method, nanocytes, to accelerate the age of a population. Colonel O'Neill was adversely affected.


MERRIN: These nanites were created by Orbanians in an Orbanian laboratory 49 years ago. All of my people have them. It is the way we acquire knowledge.

FRAISER: Wait a minute. So you're saying, Merrin, that all Orbanians brains look like this?

MERRIN: Each citizen receives a nanite after every averium. Urrone children are given millions more nanites at birth because we are required to learn vast amounts of information very quickly. This must be done in infancy before neural pathways are established.

CARTER: So. these nanites act as additional synapses?

MERRIN: Yes. But that is all they do. They do not age us and cannot leave the brain.

FRAISER: But, Merrin, we found one of these nanites in your blood.

MERRIN: Well if a nanite malfunctions, it is programmed to disconnect from the brain and be absorbed into the blood stream. Those are inactive and incapable of harming others. I am sorry if I have alarmed you and I understand if you wish me to return to Orban.

CARTER: Oh, I don't think that would be necessary. Do you, General?

HAMMOND: If you think that's it's safe, Major Carter, then you can continue to work. But I still want those blood samples, Doctor.


Merrin leaves with Sam.

Scene: Orban Gateroom

Daniel has uncovered what looks like a snake on the mosaic surrounding the DHD. Kalan is looking at it. Tomin walks in.

TOMIN: Father? I wish to undergo the Averium immediately.

KALAN: Tomin, it is six months until you turn 12.

TOMIN: I am concerned by what Teal'c has told me of these Goa'uld. If they learn of our existence, they will destroy us. The studies I have made to learn about defence technologies must now be put to use, so that Orban can begin preparations.

KALAN: I will notify the elders. You have learned well, my son. I am proud.

Scene: Carter's lab

Merrin is looking at a plant.

MERRIN: You study botany as well, Major?

CARTER: Oh no. Those are just decoration.

MERRIN: That does not look like a Naqahdah reactor core.

CARTER: Yeah, well. I had to improvise, seeing as we're only using a microscopic amount of Naqahdah. How about you sketch it for me?


CARTER: Draw me your reactor core. Give me an idea of what it looks like.

MERRIN: I don't draw.

CARTER: You don't draw? Everyone draws.

MERRIN: No. It is not something I am required to do. I've never had to draw before.

CARTER: Oh. Well, it's, uh. it's pretty easy. Here. See?

MERRIN: What is that?

CARTER: It's a picture of me.

Merrin looks down. It's a stick figure with a bit of hair.

CARTER: Well, I know it doesn't exactly look like me, but it's just a basic representation. See, that's all I need from you- just a basic representation of the reactor's core.

MERRIN: All right. But this paper is not large enough.

CARTER: Okay. How's this?

MERRIN: That will do.

Merrin starts to draw.

Scene: Orban Gateroom

Teal'c walks in to Daniel who is chipping away at some stone.

TEAL'C: Kel mel Daniel Jackson.

DANIEL: Look at this. This proves the Goa'uld were here some time in the last few hundred years. Now we just need to figure out why they left.

Daniel shows Teal'c the underside of the slab showing a jaffa head piece.

KALAN: Dr Jackson, I brought the tools you asked. Teal'c, you will please tell Solen methods to fight the Goa'uld: which weapons and strategies have been effective in their defeat, also anything in your experience as First Prime to Apophis that would be of assistance.

SOLEN: It is an honour to accept your knowledge Teal'c.

TEAL'C: Perhaps it would be better for Tomin to return.

KALAN: He is unavailable. Solen will learn now.

TEAL'C: Tomin is already familiar with the subject.

KALAN: He has given us his knowledge. Please, you will talk to Solen.

DANIEL: Well Teal'c has a point, if they've already established a rapport.

KALAN: I have told you it is impossible for Tomin to be here. HE has gone through the Averium. Please, Teal'c. Begin.

TEAL'C: I would like to see Tomin immediately.

Scene: Carter's lab.

Jack walks in.

O'NEILL: Merrin. What are you doing?! Get down.

MERRIN: Colonel O'Neill, I need 15 sheets of paper at least 48cm by 23cm.

O'NEILL: Well that's fine. Why don't you just ask.. Excuse me.

Sam is asleep on the desk.


CARTER: Oh. Oh, uh.. Merrin, I am so sorry. Wow! These are amazing.

MERRIN: I cannot represent the reactor core on a three-dimensional plane, so I depicted several layers of the reactor's interior. With additional supplies, I can finish the remaining layers.

CARTER: Cross sections. Of course! If I scan these into the computer I can come up with a three dimensional representation of the reactor's interior.

O'NEILL: All right! Will you two give it a rest? Both of you. You've been at this for 24 hours. You need rest.

MERRIN: I do not need to. Urrone children require little sleep.

CARTER: Okay, now I am jealous.

O'NEILL: All right, Carter, you sleep. Young lady, if not sleep. Fun.

MERRIN: No, I need 15 sheets of paper at least 43cm by 28cm.

O'NEILL: 15?

MERRIN: Colonel O'Neill? I require some of these pencils as well.

Scene: Orban building

Daniel and Teal'c are in a room with Tomin who is sitting on a bed.

TEAL'C: Do you not recognise me? It is Teal'c. Kalan!

Kalan walks in.

TEAL'C: Explain this Averium.

KALAN: It is the ceremony in which an Urrone's nanites are removed and then distributed. Each adult and each non-Urrone child then receives an injection containing one nanite, which becomes part of his or her synaptic network, adding to those nanites received from previous Averiums.

DANIEL: So when you say he gave you his knowledge, you meant it literally?

KALAN: It was a beautiful ceremony. Now you have seen. We must resume our work Dr Jackson.

TEAL'C: What will become of Tomin?

KALAN: He stays here with the other past Urrone.

DANIEL: That's it, you. you. Don't you play with him?

KALAN: What is play?

DANIEL: Interacting with him, teaching him new things.

KALAN: These children cannot be taught.

DANIEL: Have you ever tried?

KALAN: Oh yes, but past Urrone children cannot receive new nanites. The brain rejects them.

DANIEL: Well, have you ever tried teaching them without nanites?

KALAN: What do you mean?

Daniel and Teal'c look at each other.

KALAN: There is no need for concern. These children are well cared for.

DANIEL: Kalan, this is your son.

KALAN: My son is here now.

He points at his head.

Scene: Briefing room, SGC

Janet, Teal'c, Jack, Sam and Hammond are there.

TEAL'C: Kalan says that Tomin is not brain damaged, but clearly he was not himself.

FRAISER: Well if the nanites have taken over the learning process and prevented the brain from developing a normal amount of synapses, then there's a good chance their removal would make these children infant like.

O'NEILL: What's the difference if they keep 'em locked up in a room?

HAMMOND: So once Merrin returns to Orban, she will undergo this Averium and her nanites will be removed?


O'NEILL: Then maybe she won't return to Orban.

HAMMOND: Colonel..

O'NEILL: General, she's going back to get her brain sucked out! And I dare anybody to phrase it more delicately.

CARTER: Sir, I agree with you. But we can't just keep Merrin here can we.

O'NEILL: Why not? We'd be saving her life.

FRAISER: Okay, why don't we simply just try asking Kalan not to harvest Merrin's nanites?

TEAL'C: I do not believe the Orbanians will understand the reason for your request. They do not see this as wrong.

O'NEILL: Well then we need to make them understand.

HAMMOND: Teal'c, return to Orban. Colonel, before we risk an interplanetary incident, I'd like to try the diplomatic route first.

Jack looks disgusted.

Scene: Orban

KALAN: how can you make this demand?

DANIEL: Kalan, no one is demanding anything.

TEAL'C: We do not believe the Averium is in Merrin's best interests.

KALAN: It is most certainly in her best interests- for her and for her people.

DANIEL: Okay. You see, in our culture, we don't believe in doing anything that results in harming a child.

KALAN: We do not harm our children, Dr Jackson. You have seen Tomin, you have seen how well he is cared for!

DANIEL: Okay, I think we can work this out. We just need to sit down and discuss some alternatives.

KALAN: There are no alternatives! Merrin must undergo the Averium. You will return her immediately!

Scene: Sam's lab

MERRIN: The Averium is a great honour.

O'NEILL: Merrin, I know that's what the adults have told you. But when they take out these.. nanite things. they also take out everything that makes you. you.

MERRIN: But my people will have my knowledge.

O'NEILL: But you won't.

MERRIN: I do not understand why you are so concerned.

CARTER: Merrin, we just don't think you realise what you'll be giving up by going through the Averium.

MERRIN: It is a great honour to be chosen.

O'NEILL: Will you please stop saying that?

Hammond and Teal'c approach the door.

HAMMOND: Colonel? A word please?

Jack walks over to them.

O'NEILL: Teal'c.

TEAL'C: Kalan refused our request. Daniel Jackson remained behind to try and alter his position.

O'NEILL: Good. That'll give us a chance to make Merrin understand.

HAMMOND: She's already refused amnesty, Colonel.

O'NEILL: General, it's obvious the little girl has been brainwashed. We can't send her back without at least trying.

HAMMOND: Teal'c, do you forsee any danger to Dr Jackson if her stays on Orban.

TEAL'C: I do not believe Daniel Jackson will be harmed.

HAMMOND: I'll give it 48 hours.

Hammond and Teal'c walk off. Jack goes back into the lab.

O'NEILL: So Merrin, looks like you'll be spending a little more time with us.

MERRIN: Please return me to Orban.

O'NEILL: You do understand we're trying to help, right?

MERRIN: I don't need your help.

Scene: Orban Gateroom

Kalan is trying to dial out.

DANIEL: Kalan, you can't do this.

KALAN: If you will not return Merrin to us, I will retrieve her myself.

DANIEL: If you don't transmit a special code they will close the iris and you won't get through. You will die.

SOLEN: Please explain this iris.

DANIEL: I will explain it, but only to you. (meaning Kalan)

KALAN: If you will not explain it, then transmit the code.

DANIEL: I'm sorry.

KALAN: You claim to love knowledge, yet when you find something you don't like, you demand that we change to please you!

DANIEL: No, it is not to please me! You are an incredibly advanced society, why can't you find a better way to educate your people?

KALAN: There is no better way than the Averium!

DANIEL: Even if that means giving up your son?

KALAN: It was the happiest day of my life when Tomin was selected to be Urrone. I knew even before he was born that he would make an incredible contribution to our society.

DANIEL: And you never once thought otherwise?

KALAN: Not once. And neither did Tomin.

DANIEL: And what if Merrin does?

KALAN: Merrin is one of only a few Urrone children and the only one to have spent ten years learning the Naqahdah technology. Without her Averium, the people who have been awaiting her knowledge to continue their research, they will have to wait 12 years for another Urrone to learn.

DANIEL: Well, I didn't know that.

KALAN: Merrin does. She does not question her duty. It is you, Dr Jackson, who are misguided to think you can convince her otherwise.

Scene: Sam's lab

CARTER: Come on! Why, why, why aren't you working?

Merrin comes in accompanied by an SF.

SF: She insisted on seeing you Major.

CARTER: It's all right, thanks. Hey.

MERRIN: Major Carter? I need you assistance. You must tell General Hammond to let me return to Orban.

Sam looks away.

MERRIN: I thought as a scientist, you would understand.

CARTER: Merrin, you're only eleven. Half the interesting things in my life didn't happen till I turned 15.

MERRIN: What kind of interesting things?

CARTER: Oh..just, uh.. stuff.

MERRIN: If it were possible, I would give you one of my nanites, and then you would know it's all right.

CARTER: Thank you, but I don't think that would make a difference.

MERRIN: You are finished?

CARTER: Almost. Once I ran a computer simulation based on your sketches, I thought I could adapt the design to my materials. But the current is being diverted before it reaches the core. I think the shielding might be diverting power.

MERRIN: Major Carter..

CARTER: Unless.. Hey, hey, hey! The trinium is absorbing the current.

MERRIN: Correct. All.

CARTER: Wait! Sorry, let me. Okay, by reversing the polarity..

She flicks a switch and it lights up.

CARTER: That's it! We're in business!

MERRIN: Why wouldn't you let me give you the solution?

CARTER: What would have been the fun in that?


CARTER: Well yeah. Figuring something out on my own, especially if it's been eluding me a while. It's far more satisfying than having the answer given to me.

MERRIN: But not as efficient.

Scene: Hammond's Office.

Knock at the door.

HAMMOND: Come in.

Jack walks in.


Daniel and Kalan are sat in front of Hammond's desk.

O'NEILL: You wanted to see me Sir?

HAMMOND: Kalan has come to escort Merrin back to Orban. Before you say anything, know that I have already granted his request.

DANIEL: I don't like it either Jack, you don't know the effect this is having on the Orbanians.

O'NEILL: What about the effect it's having on Merrin?

KALAN: Your Dr Jackson has come to realise Merrin's importance to her people.

O'NEILL: Her importance as a vegetable?

HAMMOND: Colonel!

KALAN: If you would try to understand.

O'NEILL: No! I won't. The way you treat your children is absurd. You don't deserve them.

HAMMOND: Colonel O'Neill!

O'NEILL: Request permission to be excused, Sir!

He's out of the door before Hammond can reply.

Scene: Carter's lab.

CARTER: Okay, clear.

Merrin and Sam put protective glasses on.

A wave radiates outwards from the reactor and Sam and Merrin step back.
Alarms go off.

CARTER: We did it! Let me record these readings.

Jack walks in.

O'NEILL: What the heck was that?

MERRIN: The reactor worked.

The phone rings. Sam goes to answer it.

CARTER: Carter.

Jack makes signals that he and Merrin are going. Sam nods.

CARTER: Yes, sir. We're fine. Yeah, it was just the reactor. No sir, just an initial energy pulse. There's no threat to the base.

Scene: SGC corridor.

Jack and Merrin are walking followed by the SF.

O'NEILL: It's all right Airman, I've got it.

The SF walks off as Jack and Merrin reach the elevator. The alarms also stop.

Jack swipes his card and they get into the elevator. Jack presses the number 1.

MERRIN: You are taking me to the surface?

O'NEILL: Yes. Look, you came here to learn, right? There's something I have to show you, but I have to take you off the base for it.

MERRIN: You do not have permission. Do you?

O'NEILL: No. I don't.

Scene: Hammond's Office.

He's on the phone.

HAMMOND: In the future, Major, before you activate any device that includes, the word reactor in it, I would appreciate it if you'd notify me.

CARTER: Of course Sir, it won't happen again.

HAMMOND: Good. Now I'd like you to bring Merrin to my office.

CARTER: Oh, Colonel O'Neill just left with her.

HAMMOND: Thank you Major.

He cuts the call off and begins a new one.

HAMMOND: This is Hammond. If Colonel O'Neill attempts to leave, you're ordered to.. How long ago? I see.

He puts the phone down.

Scene: School

Jack and Merrin walk up to the school.

MERRIN: This is a school?

O'NEILL: It's part of it. We call this the playground.

MERRIN: What is it for?

The bell rings.

O'NEILL: Well just watch.

The kids come running out.

O'NEILL: Bambinas! Pizzeria! Mamma Mia!

BOY: Colonel Jack, what are you doing here?

O'NEILL: Playing hooky. Kids, I want you to meet my friend. Her name's Merrin. Think you can show her around while I talk to Mrs Struble?

MRS STRUBLE: Colonel O'Neill! The kids have been asking when you're coming back to see us. How's Cassandra enjoying junior high?

O'NEILL: She's doing fine. She loves it. Listen, do you have room for another student this afternoon?

They look across at Merrin who is playing catch, or not catching.

O'NEILL: She's.. visiting. from out of town.

MRS STRUBLE: We have art scheduled after recess.

O'NEILL: That's perfect.

Scene: Classroom

Merrin is looking at the paint.

MRS STRUBLE: Your assignment is to paint something you love. Now, it could be a person or.. an object. Just use your imaginations.

Merrin gets some blue paint and looks at the girl's next to her.


Jack walks round and sees a girl has painted him.

O'NEILL: I look fat.

The girl giggles.

MERRIN: Colonel O'Neill?

Merrin has painted a Naqahdah reactor.

MERRIN: This brush is too wide to accurately render the wires.

O'NEILL: Okay, let's try this again.

He rips the paper off the easel.

O'NEILL: Something you love. Something that's not a machine, okay? Remember those flowers in Major Carter's lab? The ones on the desk? Paint one of those. Go ahead.

Merrin starts to paint in the bottom corner of the sheet. Jack pokes his head back around.

O'NEILL: Bigger! Big.


MERRIN: There is no purple.

O'NEILL: Use red.

MERRIN: If I could have another cup.. I could mix the blue with the red.

O'NEILL: Make the flower red.

MERRIN: But those flowers were purple! You ask me to draw a flower but you do not give me the means to do this accurately.

O'NEILL: Merrin.. listen to me. It doesn't have to be exact. Paint me a flower. I don't care what it look like. Here, use this. And don't stop with one. Paint the whole garden!


O'NEILL: Ah! Paint.


The classroom is empty but for Merrin and Jack. Merrin has finished. She picks up her pad and sits on the window ledge next to Jack.

O'NEILL: Nice. Who's that?

He points to a stick figure.

MERRIN: It's a representation of Major Carter.

Jack smiles.

O'NEILL: Of course it is.

MERRIN: Is it right?

O'NEILL: Oh yeah. It's way more than right.

MERRIN: Thank you Colonel O'Neill, for teaching this to me.

O'NEILL: You're welcome. Merrin. All you have to do is ask. I'll find a way to make it happen.

MERRIN: I have a duty to my people. My knowledge is important to them. You did promise.

Scene: SGC- corridor outside Control Room

CARTER: Unfortunately the test used up the last of our naqahdah, but we'll find more.

HAMMOND: At least we've got a working prototype. Colonel?

Jack is waiting in the Control room.

O'NEILL: I'm not here to cause trouble, Sir.

MERRIN: Colonel O'Neill?

O'NEILL: I have something for you.

He hands her a Big Box of crayola crayons.

MERRIN: They're beautiful. Thank you. You are mad at me for not staying.

O'NEILL: No. No, I'm not.

MERRIN: Then you understand.

Jack doesn't say anything.

HAMMOND: Major Carter, please take Merrin down to the Gate room. I'll be there momentarily.

CARTER: Yes, Sir.

They leave.

HAMMOND: You've already given me more than enough reason for a court martial.

O'NEILL: General, for a few hours today, I got to show that little girl how to be a kid. If you want to punish me, go ahead.

Hammond leaves.

Scene: Gateroom

Daniel, Sam and Teal'c are there.

MERRIN: On behalf of the citizens of Orban, I'd like to thank you for the experience you have given me and to my people. I have learned much in my time here.

CARTER: So have we.

Kalan and Merrin turn to walk through the Gate while Jack watched from the Control Room.

Scene: Control Room

Daniel, Sam, Jack and Teal'c enter.

HAMMOND: We've just received a transmission from Orban. Kalan asked for all of you to go there right away.

DANIEL: Is something wrong?

HAMMOND: You'll find out when you get there.

Scene: Orban Gateroom

SG-1 come through the Gate to be met by Kalan.

KALAN: Thank you for coming!

DANIEL: What's wrong?

KALAN: Oh, nothing is wrong! I will show you!

Scene: Orban Former Urrone Area.

The children are playing hopscotch, throwing a ball, juggling etc.

KALAN: Come! Look! Isn't it wonderful?

Tomin is skipping.

KALAN: Solen.. Solen. Colonel O'Neill, this is my son, Tomin. I am teaching him. All of the past Urrone children will now learn in the 'old fashioned way' as you might say. He will know all that you have done for Orban. Oh, I.. I drew this for you. To express my gratitude.

Jack opens the paper and it's the same stick figure Sam and Merrin drew.

CARTER: Isn't that..


DANIEL: Kalan, when did all this start?

KALAN: Last night, after Merrin's Averium.

CARTER: She must have known this would happen once her nanites were transferred.

O'NEILL: This is what she learned.

Sam looks round.

CARTER: Colonel.

He follows her gaze to see Merrin colouring on the wall with the crayons he gave her. He goes over. Teal'c goes to Tomin who reaches out to touch his tattoo.

O'NEILL: Hi Merrin.

She just looks at him.

O'NEILL: Okay. I guess we'll just have to get to know one another all over again.

He picks up a crayon and starts to draw. Merrin scribbles over it.

O'NEILL: You're right. What was I thinking? Have you ever seen a dog? Dogs are my favourite people. Some have tails, some don't. Not a lot of purple dogs.



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