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Dead Man Switch

Written By: Robert C Cooper
Directed By: Martin Wood


Richard Dean Anderson as Colonel Jack O'Neill
Michael Shanks as Doctor Daniel Jackson
Amanda Tapping as Major Samantha Carter
Christopher Judge as Teal'c

Sam J. Jones as Aris Boch
Mark Holden as Korra


Scene: A forest.

SG-1 are walking along.

O'NEILL: What's your reading Major?

CARTER: It should be around here somewhere.

DANIEL: Teal'c, you said the UAV must have been shot down by the Goa'uld, yet we've seen no sign of civilisation.

CARTER: It's hard to tell. The sensors went offline as soon as it was hit.

TEAL'C: Over here.

We see the UAV has had part of its wing blown off.

CARTER: Looks like it's been hit by a staff blast.

DANIEL: It doesn't make any sense. When a Goa'uld occupies a planet, they usually control the Stargate. This Gate had no markings of any...

Daniel abruptly stops as he walks into a red force shield.

DANIEL: Found something.

O'NEILL: Fall back.

Sam gets up from the UAV and also comes into contact with the shield.

CARTER: Uh, sir?

O'NEILL: All right. Heads up.

Daniel and Sam crouch down and cover their heads as Jack fires his weapon upwards. The bullets just ricochet off the shield.

ARIS BOCH: Your weapons will not penetrate the shield!

A man steps out from behind a tree as Jack and Sam raise their weapons.

ARIS BOCH: However, mine will.

He fires and blows up a log near Teal'c.

O'NEILL: Who are you?

ARIS BOCH: Aris Boch. Perhaps you've heard of me?

O'NEILL: Uh, not I. Teal'c?

TEAL'C: I have not.

ARIS BOCH: Well that's disappointing. I'm one of the galaxy's greatest hunters.

O'NEILL: Not ringing a bell. Sorry.

ARIS BOCH: Well I know you. Captain Samantha Carter. Dr Daniel Jackson. The Jaffa traitor Teal'c. And Colonel Jack O'Neill.

O'NEILL: Well, fancy that. We're famous.


ARIS: Drop your weapons.

O'NEILL: And if we don't?

ARIS: Do we really have to get so dramatic?

O'NEILL: Why not?

Jack suddenly throws his knife towards Aris a la Secrets when he threw it at Heru'ur. It hits the shield and drops to the floor. Aris laughs.

ARIS: You were thinking of the personal defence shields the Goa'uld use. The ones which allow slower moving objects to pass through. Wouldn't make a very effective trap now would they?

O'NEILL: You can't blame a girl for trying.

ARIS: Are you kidding? That's exactly what I'd expect from you. Now drop your weapons...or I'll kill someone.

Jack looks over to the others and nods, taking off his MP5.

ARIS: I'm sure you're thinking about escaping so you should know I've disabled the Stargate dialling device. Even if you did overpower me, which is unlikely, you'll never get off this planet.

He drops the shield.

ARIS: This way.

SG-1 come down a slope into a clearing.

ARIS: Everybody stop. Drop your gear.

DANIEL: I don't suppose we could talk about this?

ARIS: Inside.

O'NEILL: Inside what?

ARIS: Barokna.

A doorway suddenly opens behind Jack and he jumps.

ARIS: Inside.

Teal'c leads the way in followed by Jack, Daniel and Sam.

TEAL'C: It is a Goa'uld cargo transport. The ship's of an older design. I have never before seen the cloaking technology.

ARIS: It's an upgrade.

Aris then pushes some symbols on a wall panel that opens up the wall next to him.

ARIS: Let's go.

Jack walks into another room followed by Sam, Daniel and Teal'c. Aris closes the door behind them.

CARTER: Sir, he's not Goa'uld.

O'NEILL: And? But? So? Therefore?

Sam shrugs and takes her cap off.

TEAL'C: It sounds as if Aris Boch has left the vessel.

O'NEILL: Well, what do you say we use the time to find a way out of this, huh?

DANIEL: Even if we could find a way out of here, he said he disabled the Stargate.

O'NEILL: Teal'c, how fast will this unit fly?

TEAL'C: I believe it is capable of travelling twice the speed of light.

O'NEILL: Nice. Home for dinner.

CARTER: Uh, sir, if you're thinking of trying to steal the ship and fly it back to Earth, even at 372,000 miles per second, it would still take us at least 10 years to get that far.

O'NEILL: Shoulda let the dog out.

Scene: Forest

Aris is walking along holding his shoulder. From the back we see lime green fluid leaking out.

Scene: Cargo ship,

The sound of the door is heard opening. Jack motions for Teal'c to stand by the inner door. Beeping noises are heard as Aris opens the inner door and immediately holds his weapon on Teal'c.

ARIS: Back up with the others. Now.

Teal'c moves.

ARIS: All I have to do is flinch a little bit and this will spray enough toxic gas to kill everybody in one breath.

Aris takes his helmet off.

ARIS: Dr Jackson, if you don't mind.. treating my wound.

DANIEL: I'm an archaeologist.

ARIS: I know, but you're also a doctor.

DANIEL: Of archaeology.

ARIS: Never mind. Captain... you must have some medical training.

CARTER: Actually, I'm a Major now.

ARIS: Oh! Well how very important. I'll inform the galaxy. Can you get over here now and help me, Major?

Sam looks to Jack and he nods. She gets up.

ARIS: This with this and then this.

Sam picks up the medical supplies and goes round the back of Aris. She pokes a little at the wound.

ARIS: Argh!

CARTER: Sorry.

ARIS: Yeah!

O'NEILL: So? Who shot you?

ARIS: I wouldn't step any closer.

O'NEILL: Just... showing my concern

ARIS: Well, like I said before, capturing you was unintentional. The real reason I'm here is to catch a Goa'uld.

O'NEILL: You hunt Goa'uld?

ARIS: I hunt anyone of value.

DANIEL: Which Goa'uld are you hunting?

ARIS: His name is Kel'tar.

DANIEL: I haven't heard of him before.

ARIS: Well, contrary to popular human belief, the Earth is not the centre of the galaxy.

TEAL'C: I have not heard of him either.

ARIS: Have you met every Goa'uld? I haven't. The only thing I know is that Sokar has discovered Kel'tar's plotting against him.

O'NEILL: So you work for Sokar?


O'NEILL: Self employed, then? Independent contractor? Rogue warrior?

ARIS: I give to the Goa'uld what they want and they give back to me what I want in return.

CARTER: How do you keep from getting killed?

ARIS: Takes talent.

O'NEILL: So, how do you keep from getting killed?

DANIEL: So, what do you expect to get for us?

O'NEILL: Daniel?

DANIEL: Just curious.

ARIS: Well, Teal'c is worth the most. The System Lords would love to make a good example of him. And Carter here... well she has the memories of the Tok'ra Jolinar. And you, O'Neill, you're considered, well, you're a pain in the Mikta!

Jack looks to Teal'c.

O'NEILL: Neck?


DANIEL: What about... what about me?

ARIS: You? Well I'll be happy to get a day's rations for you.

DANIEL: Oh, a day's rations.

O'NEILL: Trade you.

DANIEL: I'm just saying, if we know what we're worth, maybe there's something we can offer for our freedom.


ARIS: Good. Back over there.

Sam walks back.

ARIS: Dr Jackson is right. There is something you can do.

O'NEILL: Let's hear it.

ARIS: Well, you help me capture a Goa'uld and I'll let you go.

O'NEILL: He's worth that much?

ARIS: Twice as much as all of you put together.

O'NEILL: Twice?

DANIEL: Twice.

ARIS: What, are you gonna argue?

O'NEILL: Why do you need our help anyway?

ARIS: Hey, I take help whenever I can get it. You see, this injury is gonna take time to heal and I don't have that luxury. Sokar can figure out everything I can figure out. If I want to trade Kel'tar back to Sokar, I gotta get to him first.

DANIEL: How do we know we can trust you?

ARIS: Well, my word is good on over 2000 planets.

O'NEILL: There are billions.

TEAL'C: It would appear we have no choice.

ARIS: Yes. Choiceless. I mean, guys, come on! What's the big deal? It's a Goa'uld. I hate Goa'uld. You hate `em. Everybody hates Goa'ulds.

O'NEILL: Yeah, okay. We'll do it.

ARIS: Good. You and you come with me. You two stay here.

He wants Jack and Daniel to come with him and Sam and Teal'c to stay.

O'NEILL: Oh no, now wait a minute...

ARIS: Uh uh. Uh uh uh.

O'NEILL: Choiceless?

ARIS: You see, that's why I like you. You're quick. Let's go.

O'NEILL: Oh yeah.

Aris leaves and Jack and Daniel follow. Aris shuts the door behind them.

Scene: Forest.

Jack, Daniel and Aris are moving through the forest.

Aris stops and holsters his weapon.

ARIS: You trust me, I trust you.

Aris gets out a vial of something.

DANIEL: What's that?

ARIS: Drink.

Aris drinks it.

O'NEILL: So what exactly do you have in mind regarding the capture of this Goa'uld? What's was his name? Kevlar?

ARIS: Kel'tar. You two are gonna surrender to him.

O'NEILL: That's a bad plan.

DANIEL: What if he's in the mood to shoot first and take prisoners later?

ARIS: That's your problem. Let's go.

O'NEILL: You know, if you really were the greatest bounty hunter in the galaxy you'd grab that Goa'uld yourself and turn us all in.

ARIS: What, and miss the chance of watching the great Jack O'Neill in action? Look, do you want to know how I became the greatest bounty hunter in the galaxy?

O'NEILL: More than life itself.

ARIS: I'm the greatest because I'm alive. That's it. Period. I'm not greedy. If I can catch a Goa'uld equipped with all kinds of fancy toys without risking my neck, that's a damn good compromise.

O'NEILL: Fancy toys?

ARIS: All you gotta do is get close enough to shoot `em with a zat'n'ktel.

O'NEILL: Okay. Found a flaw in your plan.

ARIS: What's that?

O'NEILL: Well, we're exactly one zat gun short of actually having a zat gun.

ARIS: A zat gun?

O'NEILL: Drop the "n'ktel".

ARIS: I guess it does save a bit of effort.

Aris reaches behind himself and pulls a zat gun of his belt. He then tosses it to Jack.

O'NEILL: You're giving me a working zat gun?

ARIS: Well, if it didn't work it wouldn't do you any good. I'm trusting you.

Jack fires the zat at Aris and he collapses.

DANIEL: Jack, he disabled the DHD and Sam said we can't fly that ship all the way home.

O'NEILL: So we'll fly it to a closer planet with a Stargate.

DANIEL: Good thinking.

O'NEILL: It happens.

They move off back towards the ship and Daniel takes Aris' weapon off him. We then see Aris is faking as he opens his eyes.

Scene: Clearing

Jack and Daniel come down the slope towards the clearing.

DANIEL: Well this is the place.

O'NEILL: Yeah. How'd he open that door?

DANIEL: It opened when he said that word.

O'NEILL: Voice activated. What was the word?

DANIEL: Uh, bark something.

O'NEILL: Almond bark. Barcalounger, Beetlejuice!

DANIEL: Barkna. It was Barkna.

O'NEILL: Well, if it was Barkna, the door'd be opening, wouldn't it?

DANIEL: This was your idea.

O'NEILL: You're the linguist.

DANIEL: Well, I don't remember.

O'NEILL: Well, try!

DANIEL: Okay, well, I said, "Can we talk about this?" He said "Inside".

O'NEILL: I said, "Inside what?" He said...

DANIEL: He said "Barokna"!

The door opens.

O'NEILL: Gesundheit.

They grab the gear from outside and enter the ship.

Daniel goes to the panel to open the door.

DANIEL: Okay, he opened the door by pressing a combination of...

Suddenly there is a sound from the direction of the steering console. The lights come on.

Sam and Teal'c wait on the other side of the door.

O'NEILL: Teal'c?

TEAL'C: O'Neill?

O'NEILL: Yeah! How do you open this thing?

TEAL'C: There are six symbols on the pad. You must enter the correct combination of five.

O'NEILL: [To Daniel] How many combinations could there be?

DANIEL: Oh boy.

O'NEILL: Yeah.

Jack walks over the steering console.

O'NEILL: Listen, in the meantime, tell me how to fly this thing.

TEAL'C: First you must locate the main steering console.

In the middle of the ship there is a circular object and a crystal lights up.

O'NEILL: Daniel? Would you come here a moment? What do you think this is?

DANIEL: Looks like a countdown.

O'NEILL: Of course it is! Oh, Teal'c, would these kind of ship s have any kind of self-destruct mechanism?

TEAL'C: It is possible.

Jack looks at Daniel. Another crystal lights up.

DANIEL: We just lost a digit.

O'NEILL: Of course we did.

CARTER: Oh boy.

Jack is trying combinations on the panel outside the door.

O'NEILL: So, Teal'c, how does one override the self-destruct?

TEAL'C: Open the cowling in the centre console. There should be three delmacs.

Sam looks at Teal'c.

TEAL'C: Crystals. There should be three crystals.

DANIEL: There's only two. The middle one's missing.

O'NEILL: We're missing one!

TEAL'C: Then there is no way to override the self-destruct.

DANIEL: We just lost another digit. Aris must have the other crystal.


Daniel goes out of the ship while Jack tries more combinations.

Scene: Clearing.

Aris walks up.

ARIS: Hey! What were you guys thinking?

Daniel tries to get Aris weapon to fire but he can't.

ARIS: Only I can fire that.

Aris snatches it off him and goes into the teltak. Jack raises his zat gun.

ARIS: Put the weapon down.

O'NEILL: You put the crystal back.

ARIS: What if I don't?

O'NEILL: You won't blow up your ship.

ARIS: Maybe I will.

O'NEILL: While you're in it?

The final crystals light up and nothing happens.

Aris laughs and puts the other crystal in.

ARIS: Now it's set.

O'NEILL: Put the gun down.

ARIS: Colonel, you think I'd give you a weapon that would work on me?

Aris pulls out another zat and zats himself.

ARIS: Ooh! Tickles!

DANIEL: Then why did you pretend to be knocked out?

ARIS: Well, let's just say I wanted to see you guys sweat a little. Now, did we learn something here?

Aris walks past Jack who zats him again to no effect.

ARIS: Ouch!

Aris opens the door and Sam and Teal'c are standing behind it.

ARIS: Let's go.

Sam and Teal'c move to stand with Jack and Daniel.

ARIS: You know, I very disappointed. I thought we had something good going.

O'NEILL: Oh come on. What did you expect?

ARIS: Well, I offered a fair deal. I trusted you.

O'NEILL: Oh please.

DANIEL: We're sorry. Is the deal still on the table?

ARIS: How could I trust you now?

O'NEILL: Look, your plan sucks.

ARIS: Okay. We all go together this time.

O'NEILL: Yeah, you know, we're gonna need our stuff.

ARIS: Well, some of that shouldn't be a problem.

Scene: Forest

DANIEL: So you don't seem to have much of a problem trading human lives like commodities.

ARIS: Oh you Earthlings and your morality! Has it ever occurred to you that someone outside your solar system might not see things the way you do?

CARTER: Why don't the Goa'uld just take what they want from you and kill you?

ARIS: They don't kill me because I deliver. As long as I'm alive, there'll always be a next time.

CARTER: Why don't they just make you a host?

ARIS: Because they can't. They tried a long time ago when they first came to my home planet. But there's something about my race's physical makeup that rejected a Goa'uld blending. I don't know why.

CARTER: That's incredible.

ARIS: Oh yeah, so incredible they wiped out most of my people because of it.

DANIEL: But not you?

ARIS: I managed to impress them. My people have always been strong and skilled. That's why the Goa'uld kept the youngest as slaves and killed the rest.

DANIEL: Well you could have your freedom, there must be lots of planets where the Goa'uld wouldn't find you.

ARIS: What freedom? They killed my wife, but my son still lives. He's a slave in one of Sokar's naqahdah mines. One day I hope to capture a prize valuable enough to trade for his freedom as well as mine. Let's keep moving.

Scene: Forest

Jack has Aris' helmet on and we see it zooms in to great proportions.

O'NEILL: Wow! These are cool.

ARIS: At the end of that riverbed is the cave where I last encountered Kel'tar.

O'NEILL: You said he had some fancy toys?

ARIS: Yeah, at the very least a small hand device. Plus, when I approached the cave, energy blasts fired at me from several directions.

O'NEILL: Okay, how about another zat?

Aris gives Jack a zat and he then tosses it to Teal'c.

ARIS: You shoot that Goa'uld first chance you get. I'll stay here, set a shield trap.

O'NEILL: I though you'd wanna watch us work?

ARIS: I trust you.

O'NEILL: You do?

ARIS: Sure. And Major Carter stays with me.

O'NEILL: Unacceptable.

ARIS: It's not negotiable. You don't return and I turn her over to Sokar.

O'NEILL: Yeah.

Jack, Daniel and Teal'c walk off.

Scene: Cave

O'NEILL: So Teal'c, how does one Goa'uld fire weapons >from several directions?

TEAL'C: Tacs.

O'NEILL: Tac'n'ktels?

TEAL'C: Tacluchnatagamuntorons.

Jack and Daniel just look at him.

TEAL'C: Tacs.

O'NEILL: What are they?

TEAL'C: Automatic remote weapons.

Jack picks up a rock and throws it in the direction of the cave. Nothing happens.

O'NEILL: Heat seeking?

TEAL'C: So it would seem.

Jack takes out a flare, lights it and throws in the direction of the cave. The tacs fire at it. Jack and Teal'c then fire their zats in the directions of the tacs. Jack then moves off. Teal'c takes out a smoke grenade and throws it into the cave. The Goa'uld comes out with his hand raised.

TEAL'C: Surrender!

The Goa'uld raises his hand and fires at Teal'c, who ducks.

O'NEILL: Put your hand down!

The Goa'uld drops his hand and we see he is bleeding. Jack moves down to the cave with his zat raised. Teal'c and Daniel join him.

KORRA: You are Teal'c. The shol'va.

O'NEILL: Is that a host?

Daniel moves to take the hand device off Korra.

KORRA: You are SG-1. From Earth.

O'NEILL: Yeah, apparently we're well known.

KORRA: My name is Korra.

DANIEL: We were told it was Kel'tar.

KORRA: No. Please help me.

O'NEILL: Help you?

KORRA: I am not Goa'uld. I am Tok'ra.

Scene: Forest.

Sam is still with Aris.

ARIS: I don't have to tie you to a tree or anything unpleasant like that, do I?

CARTER: No. What is that?

ARIS: Watching your friends.


ARIS: Magic.

CARTER: Naqahdah. The zat guns. That's how you track the Goa'uld. You use their own technology against them.

Aris just looks at her.

CARTER: You know, the fact that your race rejects the Goa'uld symbiote could be very valuable to us. To all humans all over the galaxy. It could be the key to defeating the Goa'uld.

ARIS: I doubt it.

CARTER: If they couldn't use us as hosts...

ARIS: I told you before, I don't understand this immunity.

CARTER: Well, we'd have to run some tests.

ARIS: You do not possess anything of equal value worth trading for.

CARTER: Your son is being held as a slave. We could help you get him back. Would that be valuable enough for you?

ARIS: That's impossible.

Scene: Cave

Teal'c sits Korra on a rock.

TEAL'C: His injuries are severe.

DANIEL: What now?

O'NEILL: Can you talk?


O'NEILL: All right. Here's what's happening. There's a guy out there..

KORRA: Aris Boch.

O'NEILL: Yeah. He's got us trapped on this planet and he's holding a member of our team hostage.

KORRA: Samantha Carter, the daughter of Jacob, host to Selmak.

O'NEILL: So you've got good information. Here's the deal. He said if we can catch you, he'd let us go home.

KORRA: I will not allow myself to be turned over to Sokar.

O'NEILL: Can you prove you're a Tok'ra?

KORRA: I only have my word. If Samantha Carter were here, she would recognise me.

DANIEL: Aris must have known Sam would be able to verify whether Korra, Kel'tar, whatever his name is, is telling the truth about being a Tok'ra.

O'NEILL: Well, as far as I'm concerned, you could be Goa'uld using the old "I'm a Tok'ra" thing to get us to help you.

KORRA: What did he tell you about me?

DANIEL: Just that your name was Kel'tar and you were an enemy of Sokar.

KORRA: I was working in Sokar's ranks as a spy. I cam to believe Sokar had learned my true identity. I managed to escape by stealing the cargo ship. It took me several weeks to travel here, the closest planet with a Stargate not under Goa'uld control. Aris was already here guarding the Gate. He had anticipated my plan.

TEAL'C: Aris Boch claimed the vessel was his.

KORRA: It belongs to Sokar. And Aris likely plans to trade it back to him, along with us. All of us.

Scene: Forest.

Sam is sat by a tree while Aris paces.

ARIS: So what's it like to have one of those things bore itself into your brain and possess you?

CARTER: I couldn't tell you.

ARIS: Oh come on. What are you saying?

CARTER: You wouldn't understand.

ARIS: What's the difference? They're all the same - Tok'ra, Goa'uld...

CARTER: Is that really what you think?

ARIS: They all have different stories but the same bad blood.

CARTER: No. It's not true. And if you really hate the Goa'uld, you'd try to learn more about the Tok'ra.

ARIS: Well, I wasn't much good at school.

CARTER: Well, trying to defeat the Goa'uld is better than the alternative.

Aris laughs.

CARTER: What? What is so funny?

ARIS: Oh the whole thing is amusing when you know just how insurmountable the task is. Defeating the Goa'uld. Yeah, oh, admirable! But amusing.

CARTER: If enough of the right allies work together, the task might not be so insurmountable.

ARIS: You mean me. Well, I couldn't help you as much as you think.

CARTER: You mean you won't. You know what I think? I think you care. And I don't think you like what you do nearly as much as you pretend to.

ARIS: I think you should shut up.

He raises his weapon and his hand shakes. He then gets out another vial of blue stuff and puts it in his water.

CARTER: What is that?

ARIS: Water.

CARTER: What you put in it.

ARIS: Flavour.

Scene: Cave

KORRA: Aris told you about his wife and son?

O'NEILL: Oh yeah.

KORRA: It's a lie. He has none. Never did.

DANIEL: So why does he do this?

O'NEILL: Greed.

KORRA: Not exactly. It is true that his race cannot be used as hosts. And most were slaughtered by the Goa'uld. Those that were kept alive were addicted to a substance called roshna. It was given to them in their water.

O'NEILL: That blue stuff?

KORRA: Now after many generations, Aris Boch's race cannot live without the roshna. They depend on it. It keeps them subservient. If he stops taking the roshna, he will die.

DANIEL: So whatever the reason, he has no choice?

KORRA: I do not defend him. Aris Boch has endeared himself to the Goa'uld by being unscrupulous. He indiscriminately both hunts guilty and innocent only caring about whether they have any trading value.

O'NEILL: Well, we have to get Carter away from him.

KORRA: Does this mean you believe me?

O'NEILL: Not just yet. But I'm starting to get that choiceless feeling all over again.

KORRA: I cannot be turned over to Sokar. He has methods of extracting information. There are other Tok'ra operatives in his midst, who I will not betray.

O'NEILL: I understand. Can you walk?

He nods and Teal'c helps him to get up.

KORRA: I will not burden you.

TEAL'C: It is no burden.

KORRA: You must leave your weapons.


KORRA: As long as you carry Goa'uld technology, he will know our position.

Teal'c gives his zat to Jack.

O'NEILL: Great.

Jack drops the zats and Daniel drops the hand device.

Scene: Forest

Aris takes off his helmet.

CARTER: What's wrong?

ARIS: I don't see them and they're not moving. Either the Goa'uld got them or they're not playing by the rules.

CARTER: So what does that mean?

Aris shoots Sam and she collapses. Aris walks off.

Scene: Forest

Jack, Daniel, Teal'c and Korra move up to where they left Sam. Hiding behind a log, they see Sam on the floor.

O'NEILL: It's a trap.

TEAL'C: I will go.

O'NEILL: No, no. I will.

DANIEL: What are we supposed to do?

O'NEILL: Well he's gonna have to show himself eventually. [To Teal'c] Can you take him?

TEAL'C: I can.

O'NEILL: All right.

Jack moves off.

Scene: Forest

Jack crawls up to Sam.

O'NEILL: Carter.

He checks her pulse. The touch wakes her.

O'NEILL: Carter. Where is he?

Sam sits up as they hear a rumbling. Aris' ship rises in front of them. Jack and Sam just wait. Teal'c, Daniel and Korra move off >from behind the log.

Scene: Cargo ship

Sam is lying on the floor and Jack is fanning her with his cap.

O'NEILL: Carter. Cart.. [He grabs her face] Carter! Come on. [Sam opens her eyes] You passed out again. You all right?

CARTER: Yeah. What did I miss?

Sam sits up.

O'NEILL: Oh, not too much. Oh, by the way, the Goa'uld Aris wanted us to catch, he claims to be a Tok'ra named Korra. Ring a bell?

CARTER: Yeah, it does.

O'NEILL: He said you'd recognise him.

CARTER: Maybe. We can't let Aris trade a Tok'ra.

The door suddenly opens and Jack gives Sam a hand up. Daniel, Teal'c and Korra walk in.

O'NEILL: Oh yeah! Way to play hard to get, boys.

ARIS: Well, give me a little credit.

O'NEILL: Why's that?

ARIS: Well I have what I wanted. The rest of you, you're free to go.

DANIEL: You're keeping your end of the bargain?

ARIS: I gave my word.

CARTER: I know you don't think you have another choice but there must be another way. If you take Korra, a lot of Tok'ra may die.

ARIS: I've already communicated with Sokar. One of his motherships will be entering orbit around this planet any time now.

KORRA: I will not betray the lives of other Tok'ra.

Aris suddenly shoots Korra.

O'NEILL: What the hell did you do that for?

Aris takes something out of Korra's mouth.

ARIS: Poison? That's very un-Goa'uld like. Why would he do that?

CARTER: To save the lives of other Tok'ra.

ARIS: Since when does a Goa'uld care about another Goa'uld?

CARTER: I've told you, the Tok'ra are not the same.

ARIS: Sokar's on his way.

O'NEILL: Are you having second thoughts here?

ARIS: I have to give him something.

TEAL'C: Take me.

O'NEILL: Forget it.

TEAL'C: I am the most valuable I trade next to the Tok'ra.

O'NEILL: I don't care.

TEAL'C: I will go. Take me.

There's a ringing sound from the front of the ship.

ARIS: That'll be Sokar.

Aris goes to the front of the ship while Jack, Sam and Daniel just look at Teal'c.

ARIS: Okay. Brief moment of weakness. Teal'c comes with me.

O'NEILL: That just is not gonna happen.

ARIS: No other way. Last chance to take that Tok'ra and get the hell out. You might need this.

He throws something at Sam.

CARTER: Missing piece of the DHD. Teal'c...

TEAL'C: We are choiceless.

O'NEILL: We'll find you.

ARIS: Oh, this is so beautiful. Really, I'm starting to tear up here, you know? But we gotta go. Now.

Aris goes to the front of the ship and Teal'c follows.

Scene: Clearing

Jack and Sam help Korra out and the ship decloaks. Aris goes to sit down and we see Teal'c encased in a force shield.

ARIS: Here we go.

The ship takes off.

Sam, Jack and Daniel watch from the ground.

KORRA: What happened?

DANIEL: Teal'c went in your place.

O'NEILL: Come on, let's get outta here.

They help Korra up and start to walk off.

Scene: Cargo Ship

ARIS: It's a pretty noble thing you're doing.

TEAL'C: You have made a sacrifice as well.

ARIS: I guess I never knew the Tok'ra were different, you know. So what made you betray Apophis?

TEAL'C: The Goa'uld are enslavers of worlds. The humans value freedom.

ARIS: You don't really think the Tok'ra and the humans have a chance of overthrowing the Goa'uld, do you?

TEAL'C: I do.

ARIS: I don't think so.

TEAL'C: I would rather serve with those willing to die trying.

ARIS: I really don't wanna do this. I hate the Goa'uld as much as you do.

Scene: Forest.

Jack climbs over an embankment. He helps Korra, Daniel and Sam over and we see the ship climbing in the background. Just as he helps Sam, the ship explodes.

CARTER: Oh my God.

O'NEILL: What the hell...?

Two pods come shooting down.

KORRA: Escape pods.

Scene: Forest

Jack, Sam, Daniel and Korra come running along. Aris is just getting out of the pod.

O'NEILL: Where's Teal'c?

TEAL'C: I am here O'Neill.


DANIEL: You okay?

TEAL'C: I will be fine.

CARTER: What happened?

ARIS: We had some technical difficulties which I communicated to Sokar's ship just after I accidently removed this.

He holds up one of the crystals from the ship.

CARTER: Glad to have you back Teal'c.

KORRA: Somehow, I must find a way to pay tribute to what you have done for me and the Tok'ra.

TEAL'C: There is no need.

ARIS: Hey, guys, what about me? Don't I get a thank you?

CARTER: For doing the right thing for a change?

ARIS: Well, that's kind of a backhanded show of appreciation, but I'll take it.

DANIEL: Won't Sokar be angry?

ARIS: Well, hopefully he thinks I'm dead. By the time her figures it out, I'll be long gone.

CARTER: What about the substance you need?

KORRA: The roshna.

ARIS: There are plenty of Goa'uld out there I could trade with.

O'NEILL: Well, we'd better get back to the Stargate.

ARIS: Oh, Dr Jackson...I was lying to you before. The price on your head is much more than a day's ration. Actually the Goa'uld want to see you dead as much as anyone for figuring out the Stargate.

DANIEL: Thank you. That doesn't make me feel any better.

ARIS: Major.

Aris gives Sam some roshna.

ARIS: Who knows, maybe some day someone will figure out a way for what's left of my people to be free of the Goa'uld. And that would be something worth trading for.

Sam smiles and walks off.

Teal'c walks past and stops. He nods his head and carries on.



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