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Forever In A Day

Transcript by cjane57


Richard Dean Anderson - Colonel. Jack O'Neill
Michael Shanks - Dr. Daniel Jackson
Amanda Tapping - Major Samantha Carter
Christopher Judge - Teal'c
Don S. Davis - Major General George Hammond


Also starring:
Teryl Rothery - Dr. Janet Frasier
Erick Avari - Kasuf
Vaitiare Bandera - Sha're/Amaunet
Jason Schombing - Robert Rothman

Written by Jonathan Glassner
Directed by Peter DeLuise


We open to a battlefield as SG-1 and several other SG units appear. There are several dead jaffas lying on the ground. There is a fenced in area with several people being held prisoner. Jack approaches the fence, placing a charge on the gate. The rest of SG-1 is standing guard.

Jack: Clear

He opens the gate; it's Abydonians that are being held. One is Sha're's father Kasuf.

Jack: Let's go folks..... come on.

Kasuf: (running up to Daniel) Good came.

Daniel: Yes Good Father, we got your message.

Kasuf: She took the boy. They took him.

Daniel: The boy?

Kasuf: The son of my daughter. She took the boy.

Jack: Come on Daniel, we gotta go (as he runs past him)

Daniel: You said she took him.

Kasuf: There (pointing, he sees a tent with Amaunet/Sha're standing there.)

Daniel: Keep your people together. Go with the people of the Tauri. (he runs toward the tent)

Jack: (seeing more jaffa) Fall back.....Fall back

Sam: (seeing Daniel run toward the tent) Daniel.

Daniel: (stopping a short distance from the tent) Sha're

A jaffa comes out of the tent and Daniel shoots him several times, killing him.

Jack: Teal'c (motioning for him to follow Daniel.)

The Abydonians are running away as more soldiers with heavy artillery move in to fight the jaffa. Another jaffa comes out of the tent firing his staff weapon at Daniel, hitting the ground close to him, knocking him down. Teal'c fires his staff weapon killing the jaffa. Amaunet/Sha're turns walking into the tent. The rest of SG-1 and the soldiers are under heavy fire from three jaffas on a hill with a more powerful staff weapon. Sam picks up a grenade launcher and fires it at the jaffa, killing them. Daniel changes the clip in his gun as he's getting up, running toward the tent. Several jaffas come over the hill. The soldiers, along with the rest of SG-1 are under heavy fire; soldiers are dying all around them. The soldier on a heavy artillery gun is killed. Jack takes his place, firing continuously at the jaffa. Daniel enters the tent, seeing Amaunet/Sha're standing there alone.

Daniel: Don't move (Amaunet/Sha're just looks at him) Where's the boy?

Amaunet/Sha're: (eyes glowing and in the goa'uld voice) Where you and the system lords will never find him. (Raising her hand with a ribbon device on)

Daniel: Don't! (pointing his gun at her.) Don't (louder)

She activates the ribbon device. He falls to his knees in pain; his gun slipping from his hand.

Daniel: No Sha're...fight it.

Amaunet/Sha're: My host can not help you.

Teal'c turns from the battle and runs toward the tent

Daniel: (in slow motion) Sha're

Teal'c enters the tent seeing Daniel on his knees, in the grips of the ribbon device. The gun is slipping out of his hand. Teal'c activates his staff weapon, looking at Daniel as the gun slips from his fingers.


Daniels point of view...He's in the infirmary...Dr. Frasier is looking in his eyes with her pinlight. His vision is blurry, but clearing. There is a red mark on his forehead from the ribbon device. The rest of SG- 1 is standing around the bed.

Daniel: What happened?

Jack: You don't remember?

Daniel: I'm not sure.

Sam: We were on P8X-873. We were freeing the Abydonians whom the goa'uld had taken as slaves.

Jack: Kasuf sent for us.

Daniel: Sha're was there.

Sam: Yeah...

Jack: She's dead Daniel. Sorry.

Daniel: How?

Teal'c: It was I who am responsible (walking up to the bed) I was forced to fire upon and termanate the life of Sha're. However...I assure you it was done only to save your life.

Daniel: No.

Sam: No?

Daniel: No. They have a sarcophagus. Her guards put her in the sarcophagus. She's still out there somewhere. Alive. (Everyone looks uncomfortable) What?

Gen Hammond: Dr., can he be taken out of the infirmary?

Dr. Frasier: We'll have to keep his drip in, but I'll arrange for a wheelchair.

Jack: I'll take him, Sir.

Teal'c: I will accompany you also.

Jack is wheeling Daniel down a corridor, Teal'c following close behind him. Kasuf comes around the corner. Daniel looks up and sees him

Daniel: Kasuf

Kasuf: My son. It's a sad day for us all.

Daniel: No. I know this will be difficult for you to understand, Kasuf, but the demon inside your daughter will help her rise again.

Kasuf: It this true?

Jack: Not this time...I'm sorry.

They all continue down the corridor, entering a room. There are several covered bodies in the room. Jack pushes Daniel up to one, locking the brakes on the chair. A medical assistant walks over. Jack motions with his head to uncover the body. As the sheet is being pulled down, we see a close-up of Sha're's face from the side with Daniel looking at her. Blinking several times.

Daniel: Why didn't you leave her there? They would have saved her.

Jack: There was no they left.

Teal'c: We were victorious, Daniel Jackson. There was no one remaining to take Sha're to a sarcophagus. We brought Kasuf to prepare her body according to Abydonian tradition.

Daniel stands up next to the body looking down at her.

Jack: The good news is we managed to save most of the Abydonians.

Kasuf: And for that we are eternally grateful

Jack nods his head at Kasuf

Daniel: (looking at Teal'c) You should have waited longer. (looking back at Sha're) I would have gotten through to her.

Jack: She was trying to kill you, Daniel.

Daniel: No she wasn't trying to kill me. Amaunet was trying to kill me.

Teal'c: I have seen many humans killed by goa'uld ribbon devices. You would have been dead in mere seconds had I not acted.

Jack: Teal'c did the right thing, Daniel.

Teal'c: I am sorry Sha're is dead. However, you are my friend. If I had to do it again, I would do the same.

Teal'c leaves the room. Daniel sits down in the wheelchair. Jack motions with his head for the assistant to cover the body.

Close-up of an ink pen. Sam enters the room. Daniel is back in his bed; head of the bed raised about 45 degrees. He's holding the ink pen.

Sam: Hi.

Daniel: Hi.

Sam walks over to the bed

Sam: I brought you some of those chocolate-walnut cookies you love so much.

Daniel: Thank you. Have you ever really studied one of these?

Putting the cookies on the over-bed table, sitting on the side of the bed.

Sam: A pen?

Daniel: I spent half my life studying the history of the written word, including how various cultures recorded things through the ages. From hammers and chisels to quills and ink. But I never stopped once to recognize the inginuity of this simple little peace of technology that we use. After the first team left me on Abydos, Sha're saw me writing in my journal and thought the ballpoint I was using was magic. A little device like this pen was such a wonder to her. The simplest thing was a wonder to her.

Sam: Daniel, It's healthy to hold onto those memories.

Daniel: I couldn't save her. (teary) All those wonders we have at our disposal and I couldn't save her. (putting the pen down) I'm just going to get some sleep if you don't mind.

Sam: Okay (getting up as Daniel slides down in bed a little.) Um....let me know if you need anything. Okay.

Daniel: Thank you. (starring at the ceiling)

Sam: Okay (looking like she's about to cry, turns and leaves the room.)

Close-up of Daniels face as he closes his eyes. Amaunet/Sha're has Daniel in the grips of the ribbon device again.

Sha're/Amaunet: Hear me Daniel

There's a flash of light. Daniel's he's waking up, blurry at first. Sha're is sitting next to the bed holding his hand. She's wearing fatigues.

Sha're/Amaunet: Daniel, you're awake. (looking up) He's awake.

Dr. Frasier: (looking in his eyes with the penlight) Hey, how do you feel?

Daniel: (looking at Sha're) Confused.

Dr. Frasier: I bet. Can you tell me your name?

Daniel: Daniel Jackson

Dr. Frasier: And what's your birthday?

Daniel: July 8th. Sha're.

Sha're/Amaunet: Yes husband

Daniel: You're alive.

Sha're/Amaunet: I am

Kasuf: As are most of our people. Thanks be to you. Thanks be to all of you. (The rest of SG-1 is standing around the room)

Daniel: What happened?

Teal'c: I found you in the clutches of Amonet's ribbon device. I had no recourse but to fire upon her.

Sam: Then we took her straight to the Tok'ra. They had a captured sarcophagus and a way to remove the goa'uld.

Daniel: Then I was dreaming before...

Jack: What?

Sha're/Amaunet leans in close to Daniel, caressing his face.

Daniel: Nothing.

Jack: umm....maybe we should. (motioning for everyone to leave)

Sam: (clearing her throat) Glad to see you're ok, Daniel.

Jack: He's going to be ok?

Dr. Frasier: looks that way, Sir.

Everyone leaves the room. Leaving Daniel and Sha're alone.

Daniel: There's so many things I want to tell you. I don't know where to begin.

Sha're/Amaunet: Daniel, I only came to tell you about the boy.

Daniel: What about him?

Sha're/Amaunet is pulled into a vortex before she can answer. Daniel's view as he wakes up, vision blurry, but clearing. Dr. Frasier is talking to a nurse. She notices that he's awake and walks up to the bed.

Dr. Frasier: Daniel, Are you ok?

Daniel: No. Is Sha're here?

Dr. Frasier: No. you mean...we..we haven't taken her body back to Abydos. Is that what you mean? (Daniel looks so lost...)

View outside Cheyenne Mountain Complex, then inside. Daniel is walking to Gen. Hammond's office; Gen Hammond is sitting at his desk going over some folders. Daniel knocks on his open door. He's holding a folder.

Gen Hammond: Come in. (looking up) Dr. Jackson. It's good to see you back on your feet.

Daniel: Yes, uh..Dr. Frasier just released me.

Gen Hammond: Is there something I can help you with Dr. Jackson?

Daniel: Yes, Sir. I've come to tender my resignation.(placing an envelope on the desk)

Gen Hammond: I won't accept it.

Daniel: I'm not military, sir, and it's a free country. Last I checked anyway.

Gen Hammond: You're obviously in an emotional state right now. You're making rash decisions. Why don't you take some personal time? Then see how you feel.

Daniel: That's not necessary, sir. I joined this program so that I could find my wife. I found her. End of story.

Daniel is packing some artifacts in his office. Some soldiers are taking some boxes away. Jack walks in.

Jack: Hey! You should meet the whiz kid they saddled us with while you are out of commission.

Daniel: Robert Rothman. He was my research assistant when I was doing my dissertation. Smart guy. He had a good teacher. (Packing books)

Jack: Geek. (playing with an artifact, swinging it like a golf club)

Daniel: Yes, you used to call me that.

Jack: I was talking about you. (putting the artifact down)

Daniel stops packing for a second.

Jack: long are we going to be stuck with this guy?

Daniel: What do you mean?

Jack: How long are you gonna be gone?

Daniel: Didn't Gen. Hammond tell you?

Jack: What? That you quit? Yeah, he told me that, but, uh, come on. We both know you can't stay away.

Daniel: Then I guess we're both wrong, cause I'm gone.

Jack: Give it a week. You'll miss me.

Daniel: Yes, all the salty, bad-tempered insults, all the illogical arguments.

Jack: Ok, you'll miss Carter and Teal'c.

Daniel: I'll miss Carter.

Jack: And you'll miss the excitement. All the new cultures you get to explore, the living history. That's the kind of stuff you can't walk away from.

Daniel: Jack, Up until now everytime I set foot through that gate I was thinking about my wife. Maybe I'll see her this time. Maybe this is the one. Now everytime I go will be just some place where that hope used to be. That's why I can't do it anymore. (tearing up) I hope you understand that.

Jack: The SGC may be the single most important human endeavor for the future of mankind. Not bad huh? You said that.

Daniel: The SGC will go on without me.

Daniel is walking down the corridor carrying a box. He approaches the elevator. Teal'c is standing in his way.

Daniel: Please get out of my way Teal'c

Teal'c: I will, but you must hear me first.

Daniel: I have a pretty good idea what you want to say.

Teal'c: Is there not some form of human ritual in which I may ask your forgiveness?

Daniel: No

The elevator doors open, a soldier gets off and Daniel gets on pushing the button. The doors close leaving Teal'c standing there.

Outside view of Daniel's apt. Inside view, a couple of soldiers along with Jack and Sam are bringing boxes into the apt. Daniel looks up as one of the soldier's sets a box down.

Daniel: Thank you

Jack walks up with a box.

Jack: You're welcome

Daniel notices Jack and Sam looking surprised.

Sam: So....

Daniel: so....

Jack: So.... (looking back and forth between Sam and Daniel) Now what?

Daniel: Now I get on with my life.

Sam: What are you going to do?

Daniel: Well, hopefully I'm going somewhere far away. To the most remote dig I can find.

Sam: Are we going to see you again?

Daniel: At the funeral.

Sam nods her head, Jack just looks at him

Daniel: Now...if you'll excuse me. I seem to have a lot to do.

Sam: Ok....(Sam walks around the table and hugs Daniel. Daniel returns the hug. Jack is waiting his turn. Sam releases Daniel. Daniel looks at Jack. Jack shakes hands with Daniel.)

Jack:'s been a pleasure doing business with you. (pulling Daniel into a quick hug) Dr. Jackson.

They both leave.

Daniel's in bed asleep. There's a bright light on his face and he opens his eyes, squinting. Then Amaunet/Sha're is there with Daniel in the grips of her ribbon device again.

Sha're/Amaunet: Hear me Daniel

Daniel opens his eyes. He is in his bed, it's dark. He turns on the light. He's lying on his left side facing the edge of the bed. Sha're rises up behind him.

Sha're/Amaunet: Are you ill my husband?

Daniel: (surprised, Daniel rolls over on his back seeing her) Apparently

Sha're/Amaunet: Go back to sleep. Tomorrow you will rise and return to your travels through the chaapa'ai.

Daniel: No, I won't. I don't need to anymore. I already found you.

Sha're/Amaunet: You must you can find the boy.

Daniel: Where is he?

Sha're/Amaunet: To continue your travels, you must first forgive Teal'c. He did what is right.

Daniel: When he killed you?

Sha're/Amaunet: Yes

Daniel: But you're here.

Sha're/Amaunet: Yes, now go back to sleep. (caressing his face) shhhh.... (kissing his forehead) shhh.... Daniel rolls over on his side, closing his eyes. It's dark again....he opens his eyes rolling over. He's alone

On Abydos, there is a SGC guard standing on the hill. Sha're is wrapped in white cloth, lying on a reed bed in an open grave. Kasuf and Daniel are standing at the head of the grave. Daniel is wearing Abydonian robes with sunglasses on. He's holding a white feather. General Hammond, Jack (also wearing sunglasses), Sam and Dr. Frasier, all wearing dress blues are standing on the left side of the grave. Abydonians are standing on the right side. Kasuf begins speaking in Abydonian, raising his arms then bringing them down crossing on his chest. He nods to Daniel. Daniel removes his sunglasses and kneels down in front of a small table with a baboon figure with scales on it.

Daniel: I speak for Sha're who can no longer speak for herself. (Repeats in Abydonian) I have spoken no lies nor acted with deceit. (Repeats in Abydonian) I was once possessed by a demon who did these things against my will. (Repeats in Abydonian) The demon is gone and now I am without sin. (Repeats in Abydonian) Grant me a place in your blessed dwelling. (Places a white feather on one of the scales) If my heart weighs more than a feather my soul still contains sin. If not, may my soul join the gods.(Kasuf and the Abydonians raise their hands to the sky. Daniel stands up.) By the trial of the great scales, thy heart is light. Thy soul has been found true.

There are tarps on each side of the grave covered with dirt from the grave. The SGC and the Abydonians standing on each side of the grave pick up the tarp allowing the dirt to fall in the grave, covering the body. Daniel turns to leave. Kasuf grabs his arm.

Kasuf: Good Son.

Daniel: It was a beautiful ceremony, Good Father.

Kasuf: It was. My heart is still burdened.

Daniel: Why? Your daughter is with the god.

Kasuf: Yes, but you still have not heard her.

Daniel: I don't understand?

Kasuf: What she has to say is important all of our future...Go to her.

Pointing toward a tent. Daniel looks that way, then back to Kasuf. Kasuf motions for him to go. Daniel walks toward the tent.

Daniel: Lesh Nol

Sha're/Amaunet walks up behind him, wearing Abydonian robes.

Sha're/Amaunet: Daniel (He turns around quickly, surprised to see her.) You must forgive Teal'c.

Daniel: Yes, you already told me that.

Sha're/Amaunet: And together you must find the boy.

Daniel: Why? (Kasuf walks up behind him)

Kasuf: For he is Harcesis. The one who holds the secrets.

Sha're/Amaunet: The boy is the son of two goa'uld hosts. He contains all the secrets of the goa'uld. You must find him.

Daniel: How?

Sha're/Amaunet is sucked into a vortex before she can answer him. Amaunet/Sha're is there with Daniel in the grips of her ribbon device again.

Sha're/Amaunet: Hear me Daniel.

Daniel wakes up in his bed. Looking around his bedroom, confused. He picks up the phone and dials a number.

Daniel: This is Dr. Daniel Jackson; I need to speak to Major Carter.

In the gate room, the iris is opening to an active wormhole. Gen. Hammond, a soldier and Daniel are standing at the foot of the ramp. Jack, Sam, Teal'c and Robert Rothman step out of the wormhole. Sam smiles, walking up to Daniel.

Sam: Daniel

Jack: Well, ol doc Jackson. What are you doing here?

Daniel: I need to talk to Sam...alone.

Jack: General, I need to (looking back at Robert then back to the General.) talk to you...alone. They walk off.

Daniel: How are they treating you Robert? (Shaking hands with him)

Robert: Oh, uh well. I...I think they'd rather have you. Especially Colonel O'Neill.

Daniel: Well...Don't let Jack get to you. He's...he's just intimidated by you. Because're way smarter than he is. Robert chuckles.... (then walks out)

Teal'c: It is good to see you well Daniel Jackson.

Daniel: Teal' did the right thing.

Teal'c nods his head then walks out.

Sam: So, what's up?

Daniel: How well do you understand the goa'uld hand device? How it works?

Sam: Well..uh..the best I can tell it uses a modified version of the power source for the staff weapon which it channels through amplification crystals that....

Daniel: No (putting his finger to his lips) I meant, it works by thought control, right?

Sam: um...yeah, that's one way to put it. More like a thought control amplified by emotion.

Daniel: Ok, so there is a connection with the mind.

Sam: Oh Yeah...definitely.

Daniel: So it's possible to send a thought ..through it if you had someone in one of those grips... like Sha're had me in?

Sam: As far as I know, Daniel, it's designed to kill.

Daniel: Okay, but it could do both.

Sam: Yeah..I suppose it could. Why?

Daniel: I'm not sure. I know this may sound like wishful thinking, but I think Sha're was trying to send a message to me through the hand device. (starting to walk off)

Sam: What message?

Daniel: I'm not sure.

View outside Daniels apt. Inside..Daniel enters the apt. Walking into his livingroon he see's Jack and Kasuf sitting there.

Jack: Hey, Daniel.

Daniel: Hi...How'd you get in here?

Jack: You left the base before we could catch you, we thought we would stop by and see you here.

Daniel: How'd you get in here?

Jack: Got sick of waiting in the hall, so I let us in. You...need a new lock... by the way.

Kasuf: Good Son. It is important I speak with you.

Daniel: What is it, Good Father?

Kasuf: Col. O'Neill tells me you are leaving his tribe, that you no longer intend to go through the chaapa'ai. Is this so?

Daniel: It is.

Kasuf: Well, this disturbs me greatly. It gives the people of Abydos great security knowing that you are out there among the gods. Protecting us.

Daniel: I'm sorry, Good Father. I joined the SGC in the hopes of finding Sha're. That goal is no longer obtainable. So I can not travel among the gods anymore. I hope you can understand that.

Kasuf: But, Daniel, my daughter wishes you to travel among the gods.

Daniel: She does?

Kasuf: that you can find the boy.

Daniel: Forgive me Good Father, how do you know that?

Kasuf: Sha're told me. Come, ask her yourself.

Kasuf walks over to a closed door, motioning for Daniel to open it. Daniel looks over at Jack, then walks over to the door. He opens it and he's back on P8X-873. The tent is there and there is dead jaffa everywhere. He turns back to the door and it's gone. He turns back to the tent as Amaunet/Sha're walks out of it.

Daniel: Sha're.

Amaunet/Sha're motions for him to follow her and she goes back inside. Daniel enters the tent. Close-up on his face as a bright light shines on his face. Amaunet/Sha're has him in the grip of the ribbon device again.

Sha're/Amaunet: Come to me Daniel.

Daniel wakes up in his bed, it's dark. Turning over and looking around, confused. He gets out of bed and leaves the room.

View outside Cheyenne Mountain Complex, then in Teal'c's room. There are several lit candles all over the place. Teal'c is sitting on the floor with his eyes closed. Daniel enters the room.

Daniel: Am I interrupting?

Teal'c: It is good to see you Daniel Jackson.

Daniel: (closes the door and sits on the floor.) Teal'c, what happens if two goa'uld hosts have a child?

Teal'c: It is strickly forbidden and punishable by death.

Daniel: Really? Why?

Teal'c: If two hosts were to mate and produce a child, that child would contain all the knowledge of the goa'uld.

Daniel: So the genetic memory that goa'uld have in their DNA is passed on to the human offspring?

Teal'c: That is correct. Such children are called Harcesis. These children are hunted down and destroyed by the goa'uld with great impunity.

Daniel: So the offspring, the harcesis, would contain all the knowledge, all the secrets of the goa'uld that...

Teal'c: Yes, Daniel (Daniel gets up to leave.)

Teal'c: Daniel Jackson, It pleases me greatly that once again you value my knowledge.(Daniel looks back at Teal'c, and then walks out, closing the door behind him.)

View of General Hammond's office. Jack is there.

Jack: General, the guys got two left feet. I'm telling you he slows down the unit.

Daniel: (walks up to the open door) Deja-Vu. (leaning against the doorframe)

Jack: (seeing Daniel) Deja-Vu

Daniel: Deja-Vu. You know Rothman was a two-time decathlon champion in college.

Jack: Rothman?

Gen. Hammond: Two left feet, huh?

Daniel: Trying to get Robert out of your unit?

Jack: Well, yeah.

Daniel: Any chance of that happening, sir?

Gen. Hammond: Only chance would be if you reconsider.

Daniel: Okay.

Jack: Good, so Rothman is gone...what?

Daniel: Okay.

Jack: Are you kidding?

Daniel: No, I've given it some thought and I've decided I'd like to come back.

Jack: May I ask what changed your mind? You were fairly adamant.

el: I don't know, lets just say that there's something through the stargate that I think I still have to be the one to find.

Jack: Now see, I miss that. I have no idea what he means, but I buy it. What do you say General?

Gen. Hammond: Haven't put through his resignation papers yet. Jack: Good, so he's in.

In the gate room...Sam, Teal'c and Robert are waiting to go off world. Robert's putting eye drops in his eyes. Jack enters the room.

Jack: So...Bruce Jenner. Sit this one out, huh?

Robert: Why?

Jack: You've been reassigned to another unit.

Robert: Why?

Jack: Okay, you're being replaced.

Robert: Why?

Jack: Because I'm intimidated by your intelligence. Where's the confusion here?

Robert: What?

Daniel enters the room, geared up ready to go off world.

Sam: Daniel

Robert smiles and walks over to Daniel giving him the GDO, turning he salutes Jack then walks out.

Teal'c: Daniel Jackson, you're rejoining SG-1.

Daniel: Yeah.

Jack: (mouths to Daniel)...Thank You.

The gate starts spinning. The all emerge on another planet.

Jack: Carter, grab your samples. Teal'c, stay with her. I'm going to check out that tree line. Daniel, the UAV didn't show any.... big signs of civilization, human, goa'uld or otherwise so..

Daniel: So you want me to look for little signs of civilization, itsy- bitsy artifacts and....

Jack: (patting him on the shoulder) It's good to have you back.

Daniel turns to look at the stargate. Then we see the stargate activate and Daniel jumps though.
Jack: (turns, running toward the stargate.) Hey!

Sam runs to the DHD.

Jack: Where'd he go?

Sam: The address cleared before I got here.

Daniel is back on P8X-873. The tent is there along with all the dead jaffa. He enters the tent. There's a dark spot on the floor.
Sha're/Amaunet: (coming up behind Daniel) You are finally here.

Daniel: (turning around) Yes.

Sha're/Amaunet: You are the only one who can save the boy, Daniel.

Daniel: He's a harcesis. He contains all their knowledge.

Sha're/Amaunet: Amonet took the Abydonians as a show, so that Heru'ur
would not know her true goal.

Daniel: To take the boy.

Sha're/Amaunet: She has sent him into hiding with her closest aide.

Daniel: Where?

The vortex tries to take her, but she comes back.

Sha're/Amaunet: Kheb.

Daniel: I know a Kheb. There...there's a reference in Budge. It's the mythical place where Osiris hid from Set. Kheb's a myth.

Sha're/Amaunet: No.

Daniel: Where is it?

Sha're/Amaunet: Promise me you will save the child.

Daniel: I promise. (they kiss)

Amaunet/Sha're has Daniel in the grips of the ribbon device. He drops the gun. Teal'c fires his staff weapon hitting Amaunet/Sha're in the chest. She falls, her eyes glow for a second then fades out. Daniel falls and seeing her, scoots over to her.

Sha're/Amaunet: I love you Daniel. (she dies)

Teal'c: I am sorry Daniel Jackson (kneeling down beside Daniel)

Daniel: You did the right thing, Teal'c.

Jack and Sam enter the tent guns held ready for action. Teal'c turns toward them, staff weapon ready. He relaxes when he see's it's them. Daniel touches Sha're's face. Sam and Jack see them on the floor.

Sam: Oh god!

Jack: Teal'c?

Teal'c: Daniel Jackson will be fine.

Daniel: I love you too. (to the dead Sha're)


Ending Credits


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je me disais "ça va ptete etre ecrit sur la fiche personnage de clark"

serieserie (15:35)

sauf que c'est moi qui l'a ecrite

serieserie (15:36)

bref c'est bon

Emilie1905 (15:36)

mdrrrrr tu fatigues

serieserie (15:36)

beh desfois y a des trucs c'est pas moi ^^"

Emilie1905 (15:37)

oui oui mais tu me fais délirer

serieserie (15:38)

À ce point CE POint

serieserie (15:39)

J'ai pas relu j'ai pas mis le lien mais c'est pas grave je file

Emilie1905 (15:39)

file toi !

Emilie1905 (15:39)

aller oust

CastleBeck (16:56)


alisond49 (22:42)


imfanpll (22:43)


alisond49 (22:45)

ca va

alisond49 (22:47)

tu regarde quoi comme serie

PearTV (15:14)


Fansbones (17:01)


choup37 (17:33)

Je ne peux plus accéder à mes quartiers Oo je tombe direct sur la page d'accueil

alisond49 (21:21)


Seriesmdr1 (21:30)

Bonsoir !

alisond49 (21:30)

ca va

alisond49 (21:32)

qui a vu la dernier episode de pll

serieserie (21:45)

Bonsoir AlisonD49, pour trouver des fans de Pretty Little Liars, je te conseille de te rendre sur le quartier, là tu trouveras des fans à jour sur la série

alisond49 (23:46)

oki merci

grims (16:15)

Le quartier Outlander vous attend toujours pour son Return To Scotland !!! il s'agit d'un quizz sur la série alors n'hésitez plus si vous êtes fan de la série !!! Seysey et grims vous attendent merci

grims (16:19)

Et le quartier Vikings vous attends aussi !!! il s'ennuie de vous !!! nous vous proposons un nouveau sondage ainsi qu'un nouveau calendrier de Spyfafa venez nombreux merci et bonne soirée

alex80980 (17:01)

meilleur série BUFFY

StoneHeart (16:59)

Un sondage vous attend sur le quartier de Stranger Things ! Ainsi qu'un petit jeu du pendu sur le forum du quartier ! N'hésitez pas à venir nous faire un petit coucou !!

grims (09:52)

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Jaaden (15:28)

Ça bug un peu non ?

cinto (17:04)

Si vous aimez les fêtes, venez choisir la vôtre au sondage de Ma sorcière Bien aimée. Et n'hésitez pas à commenter...Merci.

cinto (17:07)

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Seriesmdr1 (17:25)

Bonne fin de semaine à tous !

juju93 (22:09)

Vous vous sentez l'âme d'un écrivain, d'un photographe, d'un chanteur, d'un peintre, etc... (tout cela fonctionnant bien évidemment au féminin), le nouveau sondage du quartier The L Word est fait pour vous ! On vous attend. Venez voter !

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Plus que quelques jours pour participer à notre jeu HypnoChance des invitations gratuites pour le concert de Little Steven à La Cigale à gagner !

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Si vous êtes libres le 28/06 et si vous avez envie de le voir sur scène, c'est le moment de vous inscrire au tirage au sort ! Bonne chance !

Aliceandsu (16:26)

Qui a vu l'episode de TO

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Nina Dobrev dans Degrassi ? Ah ouais ??...^^

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