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Past and present

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Past and Present


Transcript by Sarae
Dialog ripped by Lene


Richard Dean Anderson as Col. Jack O'Neill
Michael Shanks as Dr. Daniel Jackson
Amanda Tapping as Maj. Samantha Carter
Christopher Judge as Teal'c
Don S. Davis as Gen. George Hammond

Executive Producers: Michael Greenburg and Richard Dean Anderson
Developed for Television by Brad Wright and Jonathan Glassner


Guest Starring:
Megan Leitch
Marya Delver
Jason Gray-Stanford
Teryl Rothery as Dr. Janet Fraiser


Robert C. Cooper
N. John Smith

Written by Tor Alexander Valenza
Directed by William Gereghty


Scene: Alien Planet
We see the Stargate activate. It appears this 'gate is in some kind of building. The setting is very dark and there are ropes attached to the 'gate, presumably to steady it. The wormhole is established and SG-1 steps through.

O'NEILL: "Anybody get the feeling these folks don't do a lot of travelling?"

CARTER (pulling back a cloth covering the DHD): "It looks like it hasn't been used at all."

JACKSON: "Well they might not even know what the 'gate is. I mean...ah, maybe it's some sort of artefact to them."

CARTER: "It's possible. I mean, you could stand here for months pressing symbols and still not find a combination that opens a wormhole."

We see two backlit figures approach through the windows of a door.

TEAL'C: "O'Neill."

All of SG-1 are alerted by Teal'c's warning and take positions behind objects. They are hidden from those entering the 'gate room. The door is at the top of a stairway which would seem to indicate that the 'gate room is a basement.

WOMAN (whispering to her companion): "It was like an explosion, Orner. I heard it."

ORNER: "There wasn't any explosion."

WOMAN: "I'm telling you I heard something. It was a big..."

ORNER: "A big what?"

O'NEILL (standing up to reveal himself): "Hello! You heard us."

ORNER: "W-where did you come from? How did you get in here?"

O'NEILL: "Door was open. Is there anyone around here who might be charge?"

ORNER: "Uh, me. Show me your papers."

The rest of SG-1 has now joined O'Neill.

JACKSON: "We don't have any papers. We're travellers, we've come to meet you."

ORNER: "Meet me?"

WOMAN (whispering): "Not you."

JACKSON: "Actually, I meant your people. I'm Daniel, this is Major Carter and Jack O'Neill and Teal'c."

ORNER: "Who'd give you a name like Teal'c?"

TEAL'C: "It was given by my father. It means strength."

WOMAN: "You remember your father?"

TEAL'C: "For as long as I draw breath."

ORNER: " could not have been here at the time of the Vorlix."

JACKSON: "Vorlix...that doesn't ring a bell."

WOMAN: "It was the day that all we know of ourselves was taken away."

ORNER: "We can only remember the day since the Vorlix. Before that...nothing."

-- Opening Credits --

CARTER: "Well, I still don't detect anything out of the ordinary, Sir. And neither did the MALP. I think we're okay."

O'NEILL: "Well the MALP is worthless. You, I'll trust."

ORNER: "You needn't worry, friend. Ke'ra says that whatever it was that caused the Vorlix, came and went a year ago."

WOMAN: "At least a year. More."

ORNER: "In the first days after the Vorlix there was panic and confusion. It's hard to be exactly precise."

O'NEILL: "So you all just woke up one day and didn't know who you were. How does that work?"

ORNER: "My first memory after the Vorlix was of running in the streets, as though for my life. She was running right there beside me. Whoever she is."

CARTER: "Seems like some kind of mass amnesia, Sir."

O'NEILL: "Huh?"

CARTER: "It happened to a friend of mine during the Gulf War. Her chopper went down and she was knocked out. When she came to, her memories and identity before the crash were gone."

O'NEILL: "So, everybody on this planet took a hit to the head?"

CARTER: "Well, no, Sir. I'm not sure what could cause something like amnesia on this scale."

TEAL'C: "I have never before encountered such an occurrence."

ORNER: "All of our elders are missing as well."

O'NEILL: "You remember elders?"

ORNER: "Well, no, but there are photographs of them in every house."

WOMAN: "The children are gone too."

ORNER: "If we ever had children."

WOMAN: "Well, we weren't grown on trees. We came from somewhere."

ORNER: "Then why have we photographs of the elders and none of the children, hmm? Answer me that. Daft. But if you do have any information we could use, you must seek Ke'ra."

JACKSON: "That's the second time you've mentioned that name."

WOMAN: "You don't know who Ke'ra is?"

ORNER: "She is Minister of Health, Science and Restructuring in the Vias Transitional Government."

O'NEILL: "Busy gal."

WOMAN: "We're all busy."

ORNER: "Well, we would be lost without her...and you know it."

O'NEILL: "Well...after you."

WOMAN: "You needn't flatter the woman when she isn't even in the room."

All head up the stairs that Orner and the woman descended earlier. We see the exterior of the building and now know that it is made of brick. We see several concrete and glass buildings in the background. There is thick black smoke coming from smoke stacks.

ORNER: "I'll take them. You go home."

WOMAN: "Well, don't expect supper."

ORNER: "I never do."

She walks away, looking a bit huffy. SG-1 and Orner walk off screen in the opposite direction, toward the camera.

Scene: Vias - a hospital
We see a woman dabbing at her forehead with a cloth. Then we see a man, wrapped in a blanket, sitting in an old-fashioned wheel chair, being pushed by a woman. Everything here seem to be set in our early industrial revolution era. The woman pushes the man by Ke'ra. She is kneeling down, tending to another woman who is sitting on a bench in the hall. The woman is having trouble breathing. Orner and SG-1 pass the man in the wheelchair as they approach.

ORNER: "Ke'ra, there are some people here who want to see you..."

KE'RA: "They will have to wait for the moment, Orner." (Then to the woman she is attending) "Does that help?"

WOMAN2: "No. I can't breath."

KE'RA: "Those with allergies to foods can't remember them."

CARTER: "Well it looks like she's going into anaphylactic shock."

Carter starts looking through her vest as Ke'ra puts something in a mortar and crushes it with a pestle. Then she dips a cloth in the mortar and holds in under the woman's nose.

KE'RA: "Breath now. There. Better?"

WOMAN2: "Yes. Thank you."

Sam stops searching as she realizes Ke'ra has already taken care of the woman's difficulty.

KE'RA: "Rest here a while. Orner, you were about to introduce your friends."

ORNER: "They are travellers, Ke'ra, from far away."

KE'RA: " can see that."

O'NEILL: "Uh...O'Neill, Carter, Daniel and Teal'c."

JACKSON: "So, I'm guessing you were, or are, a doctor."

KE'RA: "It seems to be that before the Vorlix I helped others. That is all that I sense. Are you?"

JACKSON: "A doctor? No. Well,, I'm a doctor of archaeology. I study the past."

KE'RA: "Then you are a most welcome visitor here, Daniel."

ORNER: "They were not here at the time of the Vorlix."

KE'RA: "You've done absolutely the right thing in bringing them here, Orner. Thank you." (Orner takes the hint and leaves.) "He fervently believes that we are husband and wife and that we need not wait until we regain our memories in order to renew our relationship. Perhaps you can help us. Please, follow me."

Scene: A Library

KE'RA: "This room has all the knowledge and research we've been able to recover since the Vorlix. I've spent every waking hour in here, reading, searching, dispensing whatever useful information I find. If you were able to help us, I know our people would be eternally grateful."

O'NEILL: "You seem to have everything under control."

KE'RA: "On the contrary, Sir, we're falling apart. Industry and agriculture on Vias has come to a halt. And when winter comes, it will be disastrous. Nothing less. You're not from Vias."

O'NEILL: "What gave us away?"

KE'RA: "Whatever agent that caused the Vorlix is gone, but its effects were pandemic. If you know who you are, then you cannot be of this world."

O'NEILL: "Oh. Well you know that big round ring thing you got stashed in a warehouse down the road?"

KE'RA: :So, it is a transportation device."

TEAL'C: "So it is."

CARTER: "We call it a Stargate."

KE'RA: "Stargate...yes. Um, Dr Zervis mentioned that word in his research. Though I had given up hope of ever finding this Dr Zervis amongst our people, his papers have taught me much." (She opens up a book and thumbs through the pages of handwriting.) "Here: "Our visitor claims to have come to Vias from beyond the stars themselves. Though I still cannot comprehend the science behind this Stargate device she claims to have used." I have studied this device since, but have been unable to activate it."

JACKSON: "Uh, Ke'ra, could you go back to the part about the visitor again?"

KE'RA: "She is mentioned many times in the archive."

CARTER: "What can you tell us about her?"

KE'RA: "That she was somewhat of an apothecary, and that she did not survive the Vorlix."

O'NEILL: "How do you know that?"

KE'RA: "The bodies of an elder woman and man were discovered some days later in a building destroyed by explosion. The only remains of our elders we have found. We deduced the male must have been Dr Zervis. And the female matches what little description he gave in his notes of the visitor."

TEAL'C: "What is the name of this elder woman?"

KE'RA (looking again through the book): "It is, yes: "She calls herself Lynnea.""

A look of recognition passes between Sam and Daniel who are standing on either side of a support pole. Teal'c and Jack also react to the news.

Scene: Vias Hospital
Jack is back in the hallway watching as people are busy all around him. Seconds later, Dr. Fraiser, Teal'c and several other SGC personnel walk up the hallway to greet him.

FRAISER: "Colonel?"

O'NEILL: "Oh hi, what's your name?"
Janet smiles.

TEAL'C: "I have informed Dr Fraiser that we may have located the planet to which Lynnea escaped."

O'NEILL: "Possibly. I'd like to know what we're dealing with here."

FRAISER: "Sounds like a world-class case of amnesia."

O'NEILL: "Check these people out, will ya?"

FRAISER: "Yes, Sir. I'll find out what I can." (Then to the team she brought with her) "Let's, um, set up over here."

Scene: Vias Library

JACKSON: "I keep finding references to something called Dargol."

KE'RA: "Yes, I found Dargol was a chemical once used as a pesticide. It seems to have had a significant impact on the environment, and has since been banned."

JACKSON: "Yes, we had a similar problem on my world with a chemical called DTT. It built up in the food chain until entire species were threatened."

KE'RA: "Yes. I first believed this Dargol was related to our loss of memory much the same way, but there's little evidence of it. I've found residue only in the bodies of those who have died since the Vorlix."

Ke'ra pauses as she looks at a picture of an older man.

JACKSON: "What?"

KE'RA: "Sometimes the images of people in the archives look familiar to me. I wonder if I knew this person, or that person. There are still so many questions, like why are there no images of children and where have our elders gone? Through your Stargate perhaps?"

JACKSON: "Well, I suppose it's possible your people foresaw a disaster coming and sent the most helpless to safety."

KE'RA: "No, Daniel, whatever happened, happened quickly without warning."

JACKSON: "How do you know that? Because if you saw disaster coming, you would have left yourselves a note? Sort of a 'to whom it may concern..."

Jack and Sam takes note of the smiling and giggling that is going on between Daniel and Ke'ra, who are seated at the end of a table and away from the rest of SG-1. Then Sam notices Jack staring off into space.

CARTER: "Sir?"

O'NEILL: "Oh...I was just thinking about amnesia. It doesn't quite track with Lynnea's nickname."

TEAL'C: "The Destroyer of Worlds."

O'NEILL: "Yeah, that one."

CARTER: "Well, actually, in sort of a sick way, it does. Ke'ra said herself their society was on the verge of collapse, despite their efforts. This world is in trouble, Sir."

TEAL'C: "Perhaps Lynnea was experimenting with other ways in which to destroy worlds."

O'NEILL: "Variety being the spice of life and all?"

CARTER: "The fact is, Sir, we let Lynnea out of Hadante prison. We gave her everything she needed to know about the network of Stargates to go anywhere she wanted."

O'NEILL: "I know."

CARTER: "We're responsible, Sir."

O'NEILL (adding a look to tell Sam he gets it): "I know."

Meanwhile, at the other end of the room, Ke'ra and Daniel are still conversing.

KE'RA: "Tell me of Lynnea."

JACKSON: "Well, uh, basically, we met her on a visit to another planet, during which we were imprisoned, unjustly, and Lynnea helped us escape."

KE'RA: "Surely there is nothing wrong with that, if you were imprisoned unjustly."

JACKSON: "Well, she was imprisoned justly. It was only after we escaped that we learned this nice, older lady we thought Lynnea was, was in fact a very, very bad, older lady, who had committed terrible crimes."

KE'RA: "What crimes?"

JACKSON: "She created a plague that almost wiped out an entire people. They called her the Destroyer of Worlds. She found your world because of us, through one of our computers. And that's why we're going to do everything in our power to help."

KE'RA: "I know you will."

Later, Sam is looking at books on the shelves of the Library. She finds a book on it's side lying behind the standing books. It is a pocket size book. She opens it to reveal more handwritten words.

CARTER: "I may have something."

JACKSON: "What?"

CARTER: "I think it's Lynnea's diary. I remember seeing her with it."

Janet walks in as Sam sits back at the table with the diary.

FRAISER: "Your diagnosis was bang on, Major. Now, Sir, I can either take the next several weeks setting up a lab here to study the problem, going back and forth for computer analysis. Or we could go back with these volunteers, do a series of MRIs and get the answers we need a lot faster."

KE'RA: "I would be glad to volunteer and so would others."

FRAISER: "As long as we maintain proper quarantine procedures, it shouldn't be a problem, Sir."

O'NEILL: "Alright, I'll go on back and brief Hammond."

KE'RA: "I believe I can help."

FRAISER: "I'm sure you can."

Janet smiles and all watch as Daniel escorts Ke'ra away, his hand resting on her back. Sam and Jack share a look. I think both are wondering at the attention Daniel is giving Ke'ra.

Scene: Vias Stargate
As we hear the Stargate locking chevrons, we see an airship in the sky that is visible through the windows of the building. It reminds me of a Jules Verne device. The camera pans to show Daniel at the DHD with Ke'ra close by observing his actions. Sam is near as are Teal'c, Orner and the woman that first found SG-1 in this room. Daniel presses the center of the DHD and the Stargate activates.

JACKSON (to his teammates): "You guys go ahead and show them how easy it is."

CARTER (nods): "See you on the other side."

Teal'c and Sam step through the 'gate.

ORNER (quite wide-eyed and very nervous): "I-I can't."

KE'RA (walks to his side and takes his arm): "Orner, trust these people. As you trust me."
She holds out her hand to him and he takes hold of it. She smiles at Daniel, who starts toward the gate. The other woman takes hold of Orner's right hand and the trio follows Daniel. They all pause just before stepping through and Daniel take's hold of Ke'ra's other hand before the all step through together. We see the wormhole SFX.

Scene: SGC - 'Gateroom
The quartet steps through and grunts from a few of them can be heard.

JACKSON: "You all right?"

KE'RA: "Incredible."

ORNER: "Am I in one piece?"

WOMAN: "Yes, Orner, one skinny little piece."

JACKSON: "General Hammond, this is Ke'ra."

HAMMOND: "It's a pleasure, Ke'ra."

KE'RA: "On behalf of the Transitional Government of Vias, we...thank you for your generosity and your support, General."

O'NEILL: "Daniel, you wanna show 'em to the Infirmary?"

JACKSON: "Right."

KE'RA: "Thank you."

HAMMOND: "Colonel, what if Dr Fraiser's unable to reverse whatever caused this?"

O'NEILL: "I don't know."

Scene: SGC - Infirmary
Janet is typing at a keyboard. Her actions pull up simultaneous images of brain scans.

FRAISER: "Now if you look at the blue areas, you'll see that you all have the same identical obstructions in your temporal lobes and hippocampus sections of your brain. I'm not exactly sure what it is, except it's some sort of residue between the synapses. So it's possible your old memories are intact, they're just not accessible."

JACKSON: "So the memories are just blocked."

FRAISER: "Literally, yes."

KE'RA: "And does this material match the Dargol residue that I gave you?"

FRAISER: "We should be able to confirm that very quickly. And if it can be dissolved or removed without damaging the neurons..."

WOMAN: "Then we can be cured!"

KE'RA: "We need only to find the right medicine to dissolve the residue."

FRAISER: "That...that is much more difficult that it sounds."

KE'RA: "Well, then we should get started immediately."

FRAISER: "Uh, Ke'ra, we've already been at it for a long time and I still have some tests to run, so..."

JACKSON: "So, why don't I give you the fifty-cent tour?"


KE'RA: "Thank you."

FRAISER: "Okay."

Scene: SGC - Corridor
Ke'ra and Daniel are walking together, very closely together.

KE'RA: "Your complex is incredible, Daniel, your technology...I've never dreamed of such marvels. Thank you."

JACKSON: "You're welcome."

KE'RA: Is it, is it morning or night on the surface? Uh, may we see for ourselves?

JACKSON: "Uh, no, not yet. Soon, though, I hope."

KE'RA: "I hope so too." She giggles a little.

They reach a door. He opens it and leads her into a guest room.

JACKSON: So this is it.'s...not much of a view, but it's got all the comforts...

KE'RA: (cutting him off) "You've been very kind. Thank you."

JACKSON: "So, there the...dresser...uh, some sort of a..."

KE'RA: (cutting him off again) "Is my clothing unsuitable?"

JACKSON: "No, no, no. No, no it's...No it's uh, it's fine. I was just...Are you hungry? I can, I can have them send something down. You're hungry, I'm hungry, I'm gonna have them send something down. Are want something?"

KE'RA: (advancing toward him) "Yes..."

JACKSON: "Right."

KE'RA: "Since the Vorlix, close contact has become...almost taboo. We were afraid that if we were ever able to regain our memories..."

JACKSON: (finding himself sitting on a table as he can back up no further) "You would find yourself waking up beside the wrong person."

KE'RA: "You...are not from Vias."

JACKSON: "No I'm not from...there...from, no. Ke'ra..."

KE'RA: (turning away, feeling rejected) "I understand."

JACKSON: "No you don't. I mean, I'm, uh, um...ok, I mean I'm finding myself very, very...very...But, uh, um...the fact is I've only just recently lost my wife."

KE'RA: "Oh."

Moving toward him again.

JACKSON: "And, uh...well, that's not actually, totally, true, I mean I actually really lost her a long time ago, but, uh, the fact is I don't think right now I would trust myself completely to, uh..."

She kisses him.

KE'RA: "I'm sorry, I interrupted you."

JACKSON: "No, you didn't, no, I, uh, I wasn't going to say anything..."

KE'RA: "I had to do that. I had to do that in case...when my memory returns, I find myself attached to someone else, and...I am unable to ever do it again."

JACKSON: "Right. I understand. That's...that's probably why I should do this."

He kisses her.

Scene: SGC - Sam's Lab
Sam is sitting at a table when Jack walks in.
O'NEILL: "You were looking for me?"

CARTER: "Yes, Sir. I've been studying Lynnea's journals. Apparently, she found a link between Dargol - it's a chemical pesticide the Vians used - and longevity."

O'NEILL: "What's a bug spray have to do with longevity?"

CARTER: "Well, it seems it was having the effect of slowing the aging process. Not in an extreme way, but certainly significant enough."

O'NEILL: "Lucky bugs."

CARTER: "Yes and no. They stopped using it over twenty years ago. It was adversely affecting their fertility rate."

O'NEILL: "So no kids."

CARTER: "Right. The point is: Lynnea was trying to enhance the life-extending properties of Dargol to create a sort of fountain of youth."

O'NEILL: "She was trying to make herself young again?"

CARTER: "According to her last entry, Lynnea was about to conduct some controlled lab experiments using an intensely concentrated form of Dargol, on two Vian elders: a male and a female."

O'NEILL: "And?"

CARTER: "And...that's where her journal ends."

O'NEILL: "Ah...the Vorlix, perhaps?"

CARTER: Exactly. "Now what if there really was a laboratory accident? Some massive chain reaction of enhanced Dargol gas that caught even Lynnea by surprise? The entire population becomes young again overnight. You realise, of course, the implications."

O'NEILL: "No."

CARTER: "Uh...they're elders aren't missing, Sir. They are the elders. The fountain of youth worked. The amnesia was simply a side effect Lynnea didn't see coming."

O'NEILL: "Ah...w-wait a minute. Lynnea is dead, right?"

CARTER: "Well, if those two bodies that Ke'ra found really were the Vian elders that Lynnea was experimenting on..."

O'NEILL: "Don't say it, Carter."

CARTER: "Sir, we wouldn't recognise her even if she walked in the front door."

O'NEILL: "Don't, don't..." (he covers his ears) "Ah, ah - a, la, la, laaa, la, la, laaa..."

CARTER: (forging ahead anyway) "Sir, she has the knowledge of chemistry, the medical skills..." (she pulls his hands down and he stops the la-las) "I think we at least have to face the possibility that Ke'ra is Lynnea."

Scene: SGC - Briefing Room
SG-1 and General Hammond are meeting. All but Daniel are seated around the conference table. He is standing near the observation windows.

HAMMOND: "Then she's also a victim of the amnesia?"

O'NEILL: "It fits."

JACKSON: "It fits...well what about the body of the old woman they found after the Vorlix that *fits* Lynnea's description?"

TEAL'C: "Lynnea's first victim."

O'NEILL: "Come on Daniel, you saw the test results. What more do you need?"

FRAISER: "Ke'ra's DNA is a perfect match for the samples I took from Lynnea last year. It's irrefutable."

JACKSON: (raising his voice) "Irrefutable? Ok, so let's just, uh, lock her up, throw away the key then. Or better yet, we could send her back to the prison where we found her."

O'NEILL: "Lynnea, Daniel. She used to be Lynnea. We're lucky she didn't knock us off the first time around."

JACKSON: "Let me ask you a question: Who would you trust with your life more than anyone else in the world? Don't worry, I won't be offended if you don't pick me. Could it be Teal'c?"

O'NEILL: "Sure."

JACKSON: "Uh, Teal'c, just refresh my memory. What was your previous occupation?"

TEAL'C: "I was the First Prime of Apophis."

JACKSON: "Right. Did a few nasty things back then?"

O'NEILL: (angry now) "We see the subtle point you're trying to make."

JACKSON: "No you don't. She is not the same person. She is not...who she used to be. Let's not condemn her for who she may have been in the past."

HAMMOND: "I think it would be prudent to keep her confined to her quarters until we can resolve the Vians' medical crisis. Colonel O'Neill, perhaps you could inform her...?"

JACKSON: "I'll inform her."
He leaves without being dismissed.

Scene: SGC - Ke'ra's Room
Daniel walks in to find Ke'ra has changed into SGC clothing. She smiles when she sees him, but her smile soon fades.

KE'RA: "Daniel...What's wrong? We have work to do."

JACKSON: "Nothing, there are... quarantine procedures that General Hammond is insisting on. He's uh... you have to stay here awhile."

KE'RA: "But the effects of the Vorlix are not contagious."

JACKSON: "I know."

KE'RA: "Then why?"

JACKSON: "I can't tell you everything, but I can tell you that more happened during the Vorlix than just losing your memories."

KE'RA: "Is that why there are now guards outside my door?"

JACKSON: "No, that's standard procedure."

KE'RA: "If you say so."

JACKSON: "I do. Say so. So...I'll come visit you in a little while."

KE'RA: "Is Doctor Fraiser still working towards a cure for our amnesia?"

JACKSON: "Yes. Yes she is."

KE'RA: "So I can rest assured?"


Daniel leaves and Ke'ra is troubled.

Scene: SGC - Infirmary
Jack walks in to see Janet rubbing at her temples and Sam looking equally tired.

O'NEILL: "Oh my. There is a distinct lack of optimism in this room."

FRAISER: "We've been working around the clock trying to dissolve a chemical inside the brain without harming the surrounding tissue is not easy."

HAMMOND: "What have you learned?"

CARTER: "That it could take years, Sir."

HAMMOND: "Suffice it to say, we don't have that much time."

FRAISER: "Unless we get help."

O'NEILL: "From?"

CARTER: "Ke'ra, Sir."

HAMMOND: (shocked) "Absolutely not."

FRAISER: "Sir...I don't like the idea any more than you. But without her latent knowledge of biochemistry, especially of the residual Dargol, I don't know if we can reverse the effects of the amnesia in time to prevent a catastrophe on Vias."

HAMMOND: "Doctor, you're asking me to allow a known homicidal maniac to work with potentially lethal substances."

FRAISER: "Yes Sir. But with all due respect, Daniel may be right. Ke'ra may be an entirely different person than Lynnea, without the memories that made her the person she was."

O'NEILL: "Excuse me...amnesia check..."Destroyer of Worlds"?" (Jack makes quote marks with his fingers)

CARTER: "Sir, Ke'ra wants nothing more than to help her people. Now, as long as she doesn't take the antidote that she comes up with..."

FRAISER: "There won't be an antidote without her help. So..."

CARTER: "'s up to you, Sirs."

Hammond and O'Neill look at each other.

O'NEILL: "I think a precaution or two might be in order, Sir."

HAMMOND: (still stunned, but considering) "You're right about that, Colonel."

Scene: SGC - Ke'ra's Room ( I can now see is 25R3-06 Guest Quarters.)
Daniel knocks, Ke'ra opens the door. Teal'c has accompanied Daniel to her room. Another guard is there as well.
JACKSON: (he is obviously not happy about the circumstances) "It's all right."

KE'RA: "What have I done, Daniel?"

JACKSON: "Nothing. They're just going to escort us to the medical lab. I'll be with you the whole time. Dr Fraiser needs your help."

Scene: SGC - Medical Lab

FRAISER: "Now, b-be careful, Ke'ra. That could become unstable, or even explosive."

KE'RA: "An unbalanced mixture could create a deadly poisonous gas. We must not exceed a three percent solution."

FRAISER: Okay, three percent.

CARTER: (to Daniel, quietly a distance from the other two) "She's brilliant."

JACKSON: "Yes she is."

CARTER: "She's so far ahead of us, Daniel, it's frightening."

Later... we see Janet preparing a syringe.

KE'RA: "There is some danger. I would prefer to test it on myself."

FRAISER: "That's not an option."

KE'RA: "May I ask why?"

FRAISER: "Because if it's unsuccessful we'll need your help to try again."

KE'RA: "If it's unsuccessful, Orner may die. I would never forgive myself."

We now see that Orner is on a bed in the infirmary, wearing a hospital gown.

ORNER: "Then I forgive you now. I know how important this is to our people."

FRAISER: "It must be injected directly into the carotid artery. Right here. You ready?"

He nods. Janet injects. He jerks slightly, involuntarily.

KE'RA: "How do you feel? The effect should be almost immediate."

ORNER: "I feel something."

FRAISER: "Are you recalling anything?"
Orner begins seizing. The monitors begins alarming.

KE'RA: "Orner!"

FRAISER: "Help me get him down!"

Other medical personnel help lay him back on the bed and keep him from hurting himself. Then he stops moving. The heart monitor makes a flatline sound.

FRAISER: "He's not breathing. There's no pulse. It's a code blue!"

They start CPR using an ambu bag.

FRAISER: (as she's doing chest compressions) "1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and 5..."

More personnel arrive with a crash cart.

FRAISER: "Come on!"

They put gel on the paddles and Janet rubs the paddles together. Then the monitor starts beeping again.

FRAISER: "Wait a minute, he's stabilising."

Janet listens to his chest with her stethoscope. Orner's eyes open as he regains consciousness.

FRAISER: "Help me get him up." (They prop a pillow under his head.) "There..."

ORNER: "Ke'ra."

KE'RA: "Do you remember?"

ORNER: (Shaking his head) "I am sorry."

KE'RA: "Next time it will work." (Then she turns to Janet) "I believe I know where I miscalculated. May we begin again?"

FRAISER: (Disturbed by her lack of emotion) "Why don't we wait and see how Orner feels in a little while?"

KE'RA: "The effect would have been immediate. It did not work, we must try again."

JACKSON: "Dr. Fraiser's right, we should probably take a break."

KE'RA: "As you wish."

Scene: SGC - Corridor
Daniel and Ke'ra are walking back to her quarters. Teal'c and two guards are following a discreet distance behind. When they reach the door to her quarters, she turns to him.

KE'RA: "Daniel, may we be allowed to speak alone?"

JACKSON: "Yes." (then turning to Teal'c) "I'm just going to stay for a minute."

TEAL'C: "I will accompany you."

JACKSON: (irritated) "Teal'c..."

TEAL'C: "I am concerned only for your welfare, Daniel Jackson."

JACKSON: "I know."

TEAL'C: "Very well."

JACKSON: "Thank you."

Minutes later in Ke'ra's room...

KE'RA: "They believe I am Lynnea."


KE'RA: "Do you?"

JACKSON: "The Vorlix made the population of Vias younger...years younger. You couldn't find the elders, were the elders."

KE'RA: "How can you believe that?"

JACKSON: "There is a test. It...compares what we call DNA. It proves that you and Lynnea are the same person."

KE'RA: "Well the test is wrong. I'm not Lynnea."

JACKSON: "No you're not. You're Ke'ra now. Ke'ra's wonderful. And as long as you remain that person that will never change."

KE'RA: "You're telling me...that I will never be able to take the antidote. I would never harm anyone, Daniel. Do you believe me?"

JACKSON: "I do."

She considers kissing him again and opts for lying her head on his shoulder instead.

Scene: SGC - A Corridor
Daniel walks around a corner and Jack is waiting there for him, leaning up against the wall.

O'NEILL: "Hey...heard the test didn't go too well."

Jack follows Daniel.

JACKSON: "She'll figure it out."

O'NEILL: "Listen...I'm not saying the first woman you've fallen for since Sha're isn't a peach... but if she remembers who she is, you'll be the first to go."

Daniel looks straight ahead, refusing to comment. He then continues on his way. Jack watches him for a few seconds, then shakes his head and goes back the way they came.

Scene: SGC -Medical Lab

FRAISER: "The 800 microliter potency is ready for a pre-run."

KE'RA: "May I?"


Ke'ra uses a dropper to suck up some solution. She then puts a few drops on some blue substance in one of three petrie dishes. She puts the petrie dish in a microscope and looks at the result.

KE'RA: "It's working."

She steps back and lets Sam take a look.

CARTER: "Yeah, I think you're right."

KE'RA: "I believe this potency will provide our antidote."

FRAISER: "Great...thank you Ke'ra, we'll take it from here."

KE'RA: "But I can assist you."

CARTER: "Uh, Ke'ra..."

KE'RA: "We should perform the test once more to be sure."

CARTER: "I-I think it's better if we do this ourselves, thank you."

KE'RA: "I see. May I return later to observe the test?"

FRAISER: "Sure."

KE'RA: "Thank you."

Ke'ra puts the petrie dish back down and when no one is looking, she picks up a slide.

Scene: SGC - Infirmary
Janet injects Orner's neck again.

ORNER: "This time it will work."

FRAISER: "Are you feeling any pain?"

ORNER: "Something...not pain..."

He starts seizing again. They get him down on the bed again. The seizing stops without him losing consciousness. The monitor, which had been beeping rapidly, begins to beep evenly again. They help him sit back up again.

KE'RA: "Orner, are you alright?"

ORNER: "My real name is Nodal. I remember everything. Thank you."

KE'RA: "And are we married after all?"

NODAL: "No...I'm afraid I am married to Layale."

WOMAN: "And who is that?"

NODAL: "You...for forty-three years." (the he looks at Ke'ra again)
Before the Vorlix, you and I had not met yet."

KE'RA: "I am pleased for you."

NODAL: "You must take the antidote now."

KE'RA: "I cannot. They will explain."

Ke'ra walks past them all on her way back to her quarters. Jack grimaces at Daniel. Daniel puts a hand up to tell Teal'c to hang back as he follows Ke'ra.

Scene: SGC -Corridor
Daniel and Ke'ra walk off an elevator. They are followed by two guards.

KE'RA: "What will be done with me?"

JACKSON: "Well, if you don't take the antidote, I see no reason why you can't go back to Vias. I intend to ask them."

KE'RA: "They'll fear me. I would."

JACKSON: "For all that you've done for them, they'll be grateful."

KE'RA: "All debts have now been paid."

She reaches up to caress his cheek. He bows his head.

JACKSON: "I'll come back after I've had the chance to speak with your people."

KE'RA: "I shall miss you, Daniel."

Daniel starts walking away, but then he realizes what she just said. He runs back to the room and throws the door open. She is holding two vials and it appears that she was planning to mix the contents of the two.

JACKSON: "You've taken the antidote."

KE'RA: "Leave Daniel."

Daniel closes the door, remaining inside with Ke'ra alone.

JACKSON: "You said, "All debts have now been paid." That was the message Lynnea left behind."

KE'RA: "Was it?"

JACKSON: (angry) "Did you take the antidote?"

KE'RA: (yelling back) "I had to know, Daniel! I didn't believe you!"

JACKSON: (quieter) "Ke'ra..."

KE'RA: "I'm not Ke'ra, am I? I am the murderer that you said I was!"

JACKSON: "No you're not."

KE'RA: "I need only smash these vials together to create a poisonous gas that will fill this room. Now, I only want to harm myself, I don't want you to be here. Please..."

JACKSON: "Then you'll have to kill me too, because I'm staying."

Scenc: SGC - Infirmary

FRAISER: "Right Layale, you're next." (Janet turns to pick up the antidote for Layale and notices that something is missing.) "Colonel? A vial and ampule are missing."

Jack and Teal'c take off down the hall.

Scene: SGC - Ke'ra's Room

KE'RA: "I deserve to die."

JACKSON: "I don't believe that."

KE'RA: "You don't understand. There's a part of me that cares for you, Daniel. More than I've cared for anyone I've ever known." (then her voice becomes louder and crazier) "But there is this other part of me that would gladly watch you die!"

Just then, Jack and Teal'c bust through the door, weapons raised.

O'NEILL: "Step aside Daniel!"

JACKSON: "Don't! There's another way Jack."

O'NEILL: "Move!"

JACKSON: (ignoring Jack) "Give me the vials, Ke'ra. You don't need to do this."

KE'RA: "There are two people inside of me, and one of them is a monster. In time, she will win."

JACKSON: "You won't hurt me, because there's another way Ke'ra."

KE'RA: (screaming) "I'm not her!"

JACKSON: "No you're not. But you can be her again. You can forget. All you have to do is forget."

Scene: SGC - Infirmary

JACKSON: "Ke'ra... It's all right. You're among friends."

FRAISER: "Do you remember anything?"

KE'RA: "Nothing."

JACKSON: "Your name is Ke'ra. You've been a visitor here. Now it's time to go home."

Scene: SGC - 'Gate Room

LAYALE: "She did this willingly?"

CARTER: "Yes. With her help, we were able to synthesise a small amount of the enhanced Dargol that caused the Vorlix, and reintroduce it into her bloodstream. Her memory is gone again."

JACKSON: "Ke'ra, these are friends of mine. Teal'c, Jack, General Hammond, Sam...And these are friends of yours. They've come to take you home."

KE'RA: "Do you know me?"

NODAL: "We do, Ke'ra. We understand you have lost your memory. Know that you are a great leader of our people and you are most welcome."

KE'RA: "I sense we knew each other well, before my memory was lost. Did we?"

JACKSON: "No...No, we never really did. Goodbye Ke'ra."

KE'RA: "Goodbye".
The three return through the Stargate, but not before Ke'ra gives Daniel one last look and smile.



Luisa Cianni as Woman

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