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Maternal Instinct


Richard Dean Anderson as Colonel Jack O'Neill
Michael Shanks as Doctor Daniel Jackson
Amanda Tapping as Major Samantha Carter
Christopher Judge as Teal'c
Don S. Davis as General George Hammond

Tony Amendola as Master Bra'tac
Terry Chen as the Monk
Teryl Rothery as Dr. Fraiser
Aaron Douglas as Moac
Steve Bacic as Major Coburn
D. Harlan Cutshell as the Jaffa Commander
Carla Boudreau as Oma Desala


Supervising Producer: Robert C. Cooper

Produced by N. John Smith

Written by Robert C. Cooper

Directed by Peter F. Woeste


Opening scene


Off world activation.

Gate activates and the iris closes. Hammond comes down the stairs from the briefing room.

TECHNICION - Receiving GDO transmission. It's special code 2 sir.

HAMMOND - Open the Iris.

Bra'tac appears supporting an injured Jaffa.

BRA'TAC - Please. (nods to injured Jaffa). Help.

Shot of Teal'c running of the elevator.

Dr. Fraiser is examining the injured Jaffa.

FRAISER - He's bleeding internally. We're gonna have to open him up. Operating room 1 now. Lets move it. Go go go!

Several nurses push the gurney out of the room.

TEAL'C - Tak'Ma'Ta Bra'tac. Are you in need of medical assistance?

BRA'TAC - The blood is not mine.

TEAL'C - What has transpired?

BRA'TAC - Chu'lak was attacked, by Apophis.


The briefing room. Teal'c, Bra'tac, Hammond, Daniel, Sam and Jack are all there.

JACK - Son of a bitch!

TEAL'C - Apophis must have transported off of Sokar's ship before it exploded.

JACK - Well somebody's gotta teach that guy how to die.

BRA'TAC - He controls the army of Sokar, a most powerful force.

TEAL'C - I will return with you at once.

BRA'TAC - The fight is over Teal'c. The attack was swift. There was nothing left to do but try to save the life of young Moac, my newest apprentice.

SAM - Attacking Chu'lak doesn't make sense. I mean all the Jaffa weren't willing to oppose the Goa'uld, were they?


DANIEL - Of course its quicker and easier to wipe them all out rahter than try to weed out the traitors.

Phone rings.

HAMMOND - Hammond. I understand. Bra'tac, you better get down to the OR right away.

Camera switches to the injured Jaffa, Moac. Teal'c and Bra'tac enter.

JANET - We've done everything we can.

She gives Bra'tac a look that says Moac isn't going to make it.

MOAC - I have failed you.

BRA'TAC - No. It is I who have failed you. You are the bravest Jaffa I have ever trained.

MOAC - I am scared.

BRA'TAC - Kla'mel'korak.

Moac dies.

BRA'TAC - His body is to be burned.

TEAL'C - I will see to it personally.

BRA'TAC - One day I wish to spread Moac ashes on the grave of Apophis. But I do not know if I have the strength to fight anymore.

TEAL'C - Many have died old friend, but their deaths must not go in vain. Word of this must spread to all Jaffa.

BRA'TAC - Yes. But maybe it is for someone younger and stronger than I to spread that word.

TEAL'C - You are the strongest Jaffa I have ever known.

BRA'TAC - In my 135 years, I have never seen a Goa'uld turn on those who carry its kind on this way. He massacred so many who worshipped him for so long.

TEAL'C - Perhaps he has done this to show the system lords how truly powerful he has become.

BRA'TAC - You know well Apophis has weapons that could have be used from space. There had to be some other purpose. His army's spread through Chu'lak as if...

TEAL'C - As if they were looking for something.

The camera is the on Daniel in his office with Teal'c and Bra'tac.

DANIEL - The Harsesis.

TEAL'C - Apophis fathered the child with Sha're, the host of his mate Ammonet. He hoped to create a new host for himself.

BRA'TAC - It is forbidden.

DANIEL: Yes, because the child would contain all the knowledge of the Goa'uld. Ammonet hid the boy to keep him safe.

BRA'TAC - Of course. The boy would be hunted. He could be the un-doing of all the Goa'uld.

DANIEL - But Apophis also doesn't know where Ammonet hid him, which is why they were searching Chu'lak.

BRA'TAC (to Daniel) - Do you know where this child is?

DANIEL - Ah...all I know is that it's a place called Kehb.

Bra'tac turns to Teal'c.

TEAL'C - You have heard of such a place?

BRA'TAC - It is an ancient legend. I did not believe it really existed.

DANIEL - It has to.

BRA'TAC - The Goa'uld fear and despise Kehb. They forbade anyone of speaking of it long ago. It is something my father once spoke of to me. An old tale, about a place discovered long ago by a few Jaffa, and kept secret from the Goa'uld. When they could no longer carry a Primta, they would make their journey to Kehb. There the Ko'lak would learn the path through the darkness, into the next life.

DANIEL - Ko'lak, that means soul, right?

TEAL'C - Yes.

BRA'TAC - When some of the Goa'uld finally found out about Kehb, they made their way there, they did not return, it was forbidden to speak of ever again. My father enjoyed telling me this. If the Goa'uld are truly all-powerful gods, he would say, how is it that they fear anything?

DANIEL - Well, it sounds like the perfect place to hide someone you don't want the Goa'uld to find...I don't suppose you happen to know the Stargate address?


DANIEL - Well all I have is some obscure earth mythology, which indicates that Osiris once hid there from Seth.

BRA'TAC - That story is told among Jaffa. Is that Osiris hid on one of the planets of the Lac'na'ko?

DANIEL - What's that?

TEAL'C - A group of planets that's resources have been depleted by mining.

DANIEL - Well, I don't suppose you know any of the addresses of any of those planets?

We see a computer screen full of Stargate addresses.

BRA'TAC - There. (Points at screen). Those are the planets of the Lac'na'ko.

DANIEL - What's the red one?

SAM - We basically have two reference maps for Stargate addresses. Yellow represents the cartouche that the Goa'uld left on Abydos, and the addresses from the Ancients original map of the Stargate's is in red. (To Bra'tac) You don't recognise this address right here?


DANIEL - If the legend is true the Goa'uld never would have included Kehb on their cartouche.

SAM - Well this address is the only planet in the system that the Goa'uld didn't included on their map.

DANIEL - We've found it.

In the briefing room, we have a shot of MALP telemetry on another planet, presumably Kehb.

HAMMOND - How do we know for sure this is Kehb?

BRA'TAC - The story I have heard says Kehb is an untouched wilderness with great mountains, with a single temple in a valley distant from the Stargate.

DANIEL - If the Goa'uld are scared of Kehb that would explain why they have never mined this planet.

TEAL'C - If Ammonet thought to hide the Harsesis on Kehb, then Apophis would presume so.

JACK - Well scary stories or not Apophis is just nuts enough to go, Id like some back up on this one Sir.

HAMMOND - SG-2 will accompany you.

BRA'TAC - As will I.

DANIEL - Lets just hope we're first.

On Kehb.

JACK- Check in every 30 minutes.


JACK - Hold down the fort Major.


SG-1 and Bra'tac leave, SG-2 guard the gate.

Later - Teal'c and Bra'tac are studying some footprints on the ground.

JACK - What ya got?

TEAL'C - A group of Jaffa passed through here recently. Six.

BRA'TAC - Eight.

JACK - So, not the first.

Even later...

TEAL'C - You have been unusually silent Master Bra'tac.

BRA'TAC - There is not much time left before I can no longer carry a Primta.

TEAL'C - When that time comes, I will have to decide what to do.

BRA'TAC - If this truly is Kehb, that time may be upon is both.

They stop, having seen more markings on the ground.

JACK - What is it?

TEAL'C - Six of the Jaffa stopped here.

BRA'TAC - Two went on ahead. They returned with another. A woman.

JACK - How do ya know that?

TEAL'C- Here. The third of the prints are small and light. The shoe are an open toed sandal worn by Jaffa women.

BRA'TAC - When they all met up again there was a struggle. Then they headed into the forest. Each print is spread wide, they were running.

JACK - He's good.

TEAL'C - Extremely.

BRA'TAC - The woman may be the priestess entrusted with the child.

They walk on.

Next shot is in the forest.

DANIEL - Smell that?

SAM - Yeah.

He goes to look behind a bush and a bird flies out, startling them both.

JACK - Carter?

SAM - Its ok sir, its just a bird.

DANIEL - No, look.

There are the burned bodies of Jaffa behind the bush.

SAM (examining the Jaffa) - This is really weird. These bodies are burnt to a crisp, yet nothing around them has even been touched. Its almost as if lightening struck them.

JACK - Or maybe some kind of...

TEAL'C - I have never before seen a weapon that could do such a thing.

JACK - Weapon.

BRA'TAC - Over here.

He has found the body of the priestess.

BRA'TAC: She was shot in the back as she fled.

DANIEL: I counted eight

JACK: So, what happened here?

BRA'TAC: The priestess was being escorted back to the Stargate by two of the Jaffa. When they met the others she realised she was in danger. She attempted to flee. They chased her and shot her, then someone or something attacked them.

SAM: You can't know that for sure.

BRA'TAC: I am quite certain.

DANIEL: What about the child?

BRA'TAC: She carried the child.

JACK: Come on. How can you know that?

TEAL'C: Her hands are not bound.

BRA'TAC: Yes, and they shot low.

DANIEL: And what happened to the boy?

BRA'TAC: That I cannot guess.


BRA'TAC: The priestess died more than two days ago. When his Jaffa did not return the Harsesis, Apophis should have sent more.

TEAL'C: Perhaps many more.

JACK: Kehb?

BRA'TAC: Kehb.

Shot of temple.

At the temple...

SAM: No welcoming party.

JACK: Well, someone's been reading Martha Stewart.

DANIEL: Probably inside (taking off his pack)

JACK: Daniel?


JACK: What ya doin?

DANIEL: Well, something about this place tells me we shouldn't ruch in there guns a blazin.

BRA'TAC: He's right. This is sacred ground.

JACK: I-sh. (to Teal'c, Sam and Bra'tac) Wait here.

BRA'TAC: I have dreamed of finding this place twice as long as you have been alive. I will accompany you.

Daniel, Jack and Bra'tac go inside the temple. They look around a little but there appears to be no one there.

JACK: Hey! Woah!

A monk guy appears.

JACK: Where'd you come from?

MONK: I have been here for some time.

JACK: No, you weren't here when we just came in.

MONK: Here is everywhere you are.

JACK: Excuse me?

DANIEL: Um, hello. I'm Daniel Jackson and this is Jack O'Neill. And this is Bra'tac, we're peaceful explorers from a place called earth.

MONK: Do you seek oneness with the Sala?

DANIEL: The Sala, I know that word. It sounds tribal, African maybe.

MONK: The Sala is everything, everywhere.

DANIEL: Nature. It means, nature.


MONK: Put no barriers between you and where you are.

JACK: Don't look at me.

BRA'TAC: I believe he wishes us to take off our boots.

JACK: Yeah...look ah...we've been walking a ways today...

MONK: Your journey has begun.

JACK: Yeah. I'm just saying I think I'm doin us all a big favour by keeping these babies on.

MONK: When the mind is opened, the spirit is freed and the body matters not.

Monk goes and sits in circle

JACK: Here's an idea. Why don't we just ask the man if the boys here?

Daniel gives him a look and sits in circle.

DANIEL (to monk): We've come looking for a boy. A baby.

MONK - Lightening flashed, sparks shower, in one blink of your eyes you have mis-seen.

JACK: Lightening, you say?

MONK: I only know a snowflake cannot exist in a storm of fire.

JACK: What?!

DANIEL: Jack...

JACK:No, you know me, I'm a huge fan of subtlety, but that's down right in cryptic.

DANIEL: Sorry...ah, don't worry about him.

MONK: The sun is warm, wind is wild, grass is green along the shores, here no bull can hide.

JACK: Oh, I dunno about that.

DANIEL: Jack, he's speaking in his in cones. Whatever theology he follows maybe an original basis for Buddhism on earth.

JACK: Well that's very nice. I'll be sure to call the Deli Lama when I get home. But for now, how about why we came here?

DANIEL: Um, he's right, this is very important. Is there a child here?

MONK: There is a child in all of us.

JACK: Oh come on.

BRA'TAC: He seeks a real human boy, of flesh and bones.

MONK: Those who seek oneness are all that they seek.

DANIEL: I think this is gonna take a while.

JACK: Really? What gives ya that idea?

Meanwhile outside...

Teal'c is looking a little spooked by some blue energy stuff in some water.

SAM: Everything OK?

TEAL'C: It is nothing. I do not have a good feeling about this place.

Jack comes back outside.

TEAL'C: What about the Harsesis child O'Neill?

JACK: I dunno. There's a monk guy in there. Daniel thinks he might know something so he's gonna play along.

SAM: Play along?

JACK: Somethin about...enlightenment.

SAM: Sir...

JACK: I know...I know.

Back inside.

MONK (to Bra'tac): Within you is a being whose heart knows only darkness.


MONK: You must renounce such evil to achieve oneness with Oma Desala.

DANIEL: Oma...what does that mean?

MONK: Words cannot express things...speech cannot convey the spirit, swayed by words one is lost. One cannot carry darkness on the great path.

BRA'TAC: If I remove the symbiote within me, I would die.

MONK: You cannot start the journey with it inside you.

BRA'TAC: So a Jaffa cannot seek oneness before he is willing to die.

MONK: When the mind is freed, the body is no longer required. I sense you are not ready to meet Oma Desala.

BRA'TAC: I am not ready to die. But I take solace in the fact that journey is ahead of me.

He leaves.

DANIEL: So, ah, I don't have to die right?

MONK: You do not have the same evil within you.


MONK: But you have your own burdens of which to rid yourself.



BRA'TAC: I am not yet ready to give up. I feel alive Teal'c, like a young man of 80. We still have false gods to slay.

Back inside...

MONK: She goes into the lake without making a ripple, she goes into the forest without disturbing a blade of grass.

DANIEL: Who is she?

MONK: The mother.

DANIEL: De Sala. Nature. Mother nature. We're talking about Mother Nature.

MONK: Why do you seek this child of flesh and bones?

DANIEL: He's the son of my wife.

MONK: But not your son.

DANIEL: No. But my wife is dead now, and I promised her I would make sure the boy is safe.

MONK: And you are sure he will be safe with you?

DANIEL: Yes. Absolutely.

MONK: Because it is so clear, it takes a longer time to realise it. If you immediately know the candlelight is fire, then the meal was cooked a long time ago.

DANIEL: Right, well, I err...I have no idea what your talking about.

Sitting again...

DANIEL: I can't do it.

MONK: You say you seek this child to fulfil a promise.


MONK - Is there another reason?

DANIEL: The child has knowledge. He can help my people defend themselves against an evil enemy, the Goa'uld.

MONK: You hate the Goa'uld?

DANIEL: The Goa'uld are responsible for the death of my wife. Among millions and millions of other people. How can I not hate them?

MONK: Your hate will lead to the child's death.

DANIEL: How do you know that?

MONK: You must trust. You must believe.

DANIEL: Well maybe what I don't believe is that I can light a candle with my mind. You see I find it much easier to use a lighter or a match, its much more practical...

Monk lights the candle with his mind.


MONK: Now you blow it out.

He does.

MONK (almost in amusement): With your mind.

DANIEL: Oh...sorry. Could you, could you light that again?

He does.

DANEIL: This isn't like a trick candle or anything is it?

MONK: Put your hand in the flame.


MONK: Place your hand in the flame.

He does.

DANIEL: Ah! Why did you tell me to do that?

MONK: Why did you do it?

DANIEL: Because you told me to.

MONK: Because you trusted?


MONK: Within you is the capacity for trust. Trust Oma Desala. Do not believe you can light the candle, believe she can.


JACK: Times up.

He walks inside.

DANIEL: Jack, the markings on the wall are a language. It's a bible. Actually it's more like an instruction book on how to reach this ethereal plane of existence, some kind of other world. It's only natural that the Jaffa who found this place would have interpreted it as a passage to the after life...

JACK: Woah...slow down there grasshopper.

DANIEL: Ok, I'm pretty sure that this place was built by an alien race, millennia ago. They may have even visited earth and inspired the mythology's, the concept of Mother Nature, in various cultures.

JACK: SO this guys an alien?

DANIEL: No. Um, I pretty sure the aliens discovered a means by which they could ascend to some higher plane of existence, and went there, wherever there is. But they left the writings and the shrine as a kind of map for others who wanted to follow them. The monk has taken up some sort of curator-ship.

JACK: Kind of a janitor?

DANIEL: More of a guide.

JACK: An usher?

DANIEL: It doesn't matter, just watch.

He goes over a sits opposite the monk again and lights the candle.

JACK: Am I supposed to believe you did that?


JACK: Daniel...a word?

They walk a little away from the monk.

JACK: We didn't come here to learn parlour tricks.

DANIEL: Jack...

JACK: Is the boy here or not?

DANIEL: I think so.

JACK: Cause every minute we stay here, we're risking our necks.

DANIEL: I know that...

JACK: So please understand I'm on the verge of ordering a complete search of this place, with or without his co-operation...

DANIEL: You cant do that.

JACK - Your confused Daniel, I can. So far I haven't.

DANIEL: I am gaining his trust.

JACK: And how long is something like that gonna take?

DANIEL: Jack you don't understand.

JACK: I think I do.

Daniel steps back and Jack's gun lifts up in the air to point at him on its own.

JACK (to monk) - Hey, hey hey hey. All right, that's dangerous. Put it down.

Gun lowers to the floor.

JACK: OK, that was a little more impressive. How'd you do that?

DANIEL: Actually, I did that.

JACK: What?

DANIEL: That's what I've been trying to tell you. This, its, its incredible.

JACK: He taught you how to...

DANIEL: Do things with my mind. You could do it too.

JACK: He could teach me how to light candles and move stuff around by...thinking.

MONK: I cannot teach you what you already know.

JACK: Oh, I don't think I know as much as you think I know.

MONK: You must come to know Oma Desala. Become her friend.

We hear a Goa'uld death glider fly over the temple.

JACK: That your friend?

He picks up his gun and goes outside. Two gliders fly overhead.

JACK: Teal'c, Bra'tac, you wanna check that out? Major Coburn, this is O'Neill.

COBURN: Read you sir.

JACK: We've got some Jaffa activity here. How's your position?

COBURN: Clear sir.

JACK: Good. Stand by. (To Sam) I want claymores from the entrance to here.

SAM: I thought we were leaving?

JACK (going back inside) - Me too.


JACK: So, is the kid here or not?

DANIEL: Jack...

JACK: Daniel, that was a glider. We're out of time.

MONK: Time means nothing to the...

JACK: Ah ah! Don't say it.

Teal'c and Bra'tac see the Jaffa troups have landed in a clearing.

SAM: Claymores are set sir.

JACK: Good. Daniel thinks we should stay.

SAM: Why?

JACK: Well, watch.

SAM: What?

Daniel turns the flame into a big fire.

SAM: You did that?


SAM: That's impossible.

JACK: You'd think.


SAM: You learned the power to control fire?

DANIEL: Its not just fire. All the instructions are here, on the walls. All you have to do is be willing to learn and believe.

SAM: I'm sorry, but something else has to be going on here.


SAM: I don't know, but under different circumstances I would bring in the right equipment and check for some kind of concealed technology before I assumed that...

DANIEL: Isn't there the smallest part of you that wants to believe a person can reach a higher level?

SAM: Yes, of course, but...

DANIEL: Don't you see what's happening here? I have that power.

SAM: To do what?

DANIEL: To protect the child. I think she doesn't want me to leave until she knows I understand how to protect him.

Teal'c and Bra'tac enter.

TEAL'C: A Goa'uld mother ship has landed. As many as 2000 troups approach.

JACK: Love to stay and chat...

DANIEL: Wait, wait a minute, what about...

They leave. When Daniel turns round the monk is gone. He looks up to see a glowing light.

Outside troups approach.

JACK: D'oh.

Inside, Oma Desala appears to Daniel in a glowing light. She goes straight through a solid wall, and somehow he follows. He's now in a room, with the Harsesis child who is in a cot.


BRA'TAC- We must leave immediately, and elude them through the forest.

JACK: Where's Daniel?

Going inside...

JACK: Daniel?! Daniel, we gotta go! (No reply) Oh for crying out loud.

He goes back outside.

JACK: I dunno where he is, he's not in there.

SAM: What do we do?

JACK: Coburn? O'Neill.

COBURN: Read you sir.

JACK: High tail it back through the gate. Tell Hammond we're pinned down. Request back up.

COBURN= - Yes sir.

Jaffa approach the temple.

JACK: Lots of back up. All right, here they come. Defensive positions. (To Sam) Hold off on the claymores as long as we can. I don't wanna get into this unless we absolutely have to. And if we happen to make it out of this in one piece, remind me to harm Daniel, severely.

They take positions behind some walls and bushes. In the sky the clouds are turning.

Inside Daniel is still with the baby and Oma Desala. He picks the baby up.

DANIEL: Thank you. He'll be safe with me.

He turns to leave, but stops.

DANIEL: I didn't do any of it did I? It was you. I was wrong. I don't, I don't have any powers at all. You do. You were showing them to me. That's how you communicate with us. You were trying to tell me the boys better off here with you, and I wasn't listening. I made a promise.

He puts the baby back in the cot.

DANIEL: I promised he would be safe.


Jaffa enter the temple grounds.

JAFFA - Lo co'mal. As'ep.

MONK: You are not welcome here.

JAFFA: In the name of the god Apophis, we have come for a young boy.

MONK: You will leave now.

JAFFA: We will not. Stand aside.

There is a lot of lightening going on. The Jaffa shoots the monk. Daniel comes running out.


JACK (stands): Drop your weapons! Do it!

JAFFA: Crie Lo'shak.

DANIEL: Drop your weapons.

JACK: You heard him!

DANIEL: I was talking to you Jack.

JACK: What?

DANIEL: Do it now, all of you.

JACK: Daniel?!

DANIEL: Jack I was wrong, very wrong. One of those aliens I thought was long gone is still here.

SAM: Sir, we put our guns down and we're dead.

JAFFA: You are outnumbered and surrounded. You will die if you do not.

DANIEL: Jack if your ever gonna trust me on anything now is the time. The alien is the one with all the powers and she is not someone you wanna fool with, if you get my drift.

BRA'TAC: You must do it.

Jack nods and they lower their weapons.

JAFFA: Kill them.

They shoot but a beam of blue energy stops the staff weapon blasts.


Lightening strikes all of the Jaffa and the death gliders.

JACK: Well that was cool. (Looking at the burnt Jaffa) Wow.

Oma Desala appears again, this time out of the body of the monk. She has the baby with her.

DANIEL: You're leaving? You know that more of them will come as long as they know the boy is here? (She nods slowly). I'll see both of you again someday right?

Touching his cheek, she flies away with the child.

SAM: I take it that was the Harsesis child she was holding?


JACK: I thought we needed that kid? Just gonna let choice huh?

COBURN (over the radio): Colonel O'Neill this is Major Coburn, come in.

JACK: Yeah, go ahead Major.

COBURN: Reinforcements are on the way sir.

JACK: Take your time. We're secure.

COBURN: Good to hear sir.

The Stargate activates behind him.

COBURN: Ah sir, the Stargate just came on. There's a strange bright light headed this way.

JACK: Do not engage, repeat get out of the way and do not engage, in fact I'm ordering you all to put down your weapons until that light is gone, do you read?

COBURN: Yes sir.

Oma Desala flies past them and through the gate.

COBURN: Its gone sir.

JACK: You all right?


JACK: Lets go home.

They turn to leave.

JACK: Daniel.


JACK: Shoes.

He walks back.


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Bonjour, le quartier Quantico n'existe pas, mais il y a la fiche série qui est dispnible sur la citadelle

Visiteur 9874260 (16:13)

Oui, je vois, merci mais il existera un jour ou non ?

Minamous (16:30)

Alors ça, seul l'avenir nous le dira, mais tu peux aller sur le topic "demande d'ouverture de quartiers" et manifester ton envie de voir un quartier

Minamous (16:30)

Il y a déjà eu plusieurs messages, ça pourra permettre de motiver une future équipe

Visiteur 9874260 (16:34)

Merci ! Pour ça je suis obligé de m'inscrire mais je suposse qu'il faut des conditions spéciales...

Visiteur 9874260 (16:34)

Et avoir un compte...

Minamous (17:26)

Oui, il y a des conditions spéciales à respecter, tu pourras les trouver sur la page "séries" puis "nouveaux quartiers"

Minamous (17:27)

néhsite pas à découvrir la citadelle pour le moment, te ballader et découvrir son fonctionnement

Locksley (17:28)

Des conditions pour ouvrir un quartier, oui en effet. Mais pas de conditions pour s'inscrire sur HypnoSeries, c'est rapide et gratuit

Visiteur 9874260 (17:53)

Merci ! Je suis en train de lire la page des nouveaux quartiers et regarder les conditions à part l'âge, je ne répond à aucun des critères lol

Visiteur 9874260 (17:56)

pas d'appel en candidatures non plus

Locksley (17:57)

LOL c'est logique car tu n'es pas encore inscrit et donc tu ne maîtrises pas encore tous les rouages de la citadelle pour être immédiatement admin.

Locksley (17:58)

Mais HypnoSeries est participatif donc tu pourrais tout à fait participer à un nouveau quartier, aider à le développer, etc...

Visiteur 9874260 (17:58)

C'est clair, je ne suis pas sure de tout comprendre même quand je lis

Locksley (17:59)

Exact, Morpheus ne fait vraiment rien en ce moment, c'est une honte

Visiteur 9874260 (17:59)

Faut d'abord que j'arrive à comprendre un minimum le fonctionnement...

Locksley (17:59)

tu serais aidé, nous avons des tutos très complets et surtout des membres ravis de guider les premiers pas des nouveaux inscrits

Visiteur 9874260 (18:04)

Oui, merci !

Locksley (18:12)

De rien et peut-être à bientôt parmi nos membres ! Tu devrais te lancer, tout est assez intuitif en fait

Visiteur 7236 (18:24)

Qui a me snap de amy

Visiteur 7236 (18:28)

Qui a le snap de amy

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Bonjour à tous ! Le nouveau sondage de The Night Shift vous invite à choisir le docteur que vous verrez bien au San Antonio Memorial.

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Venez choisir votre docteur préféré !

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La nouvelle animation de Timeless vous attend ! Venez vous amuser tout en faisant un peu d'histoire !

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Nouveau sondage spécial arrivée de la (oui la!) 13ème Docteur sur le quartier Doctor Who!

Visiteur 2846505 (18:03)

salut ça va ?

Visiteur 3202334 (21:09)

bonjour, j'aimerais savoir si quelqu'un peut me dire ou trouver la saison 4 en français

Visiteur 3202334 (21:11)

de the Originals

Merlinelo (22:50)

Désolé, on ne parle pas de streaming sur ce site ;-)

Merlinelo (22:51)

Le quartier Orphan Black a un nouveau design! Les commentaires sont les bienvenus.

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Aussi, les fans sont invités à voter au nouveau sondage sur la saison 5. Merci à tous et bonne soirée

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Coucou à tous ! le quartier vikings vous attends pour voter à la photo du mois !

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Et à l'occasion de l'hypnocruise deux animations vous sont proposées ! la chasse à la corne et un concours wallpaper !

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Seulement 1 participante pour le concours wallpaper sur le quartier Vikings qui l'accompagne ?

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Dernier jour pour envoyer vos voeux d'anniversaire pour le concours This Is Us. Pas besoin de connaitre la série. Texte d'au plus 100 mots. Merci

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Faîtes le plein de news sur le quartier Smallville ! Les acteurs de la série font leur grand retour

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Sondage et photo du mois sur le quartier Revenge, venez nombreux !

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