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We begin with a shot of the gate activating. The gate is irised. Sam, Teal'C and GH are standing @ the foot of the gate. Danny and Jack walk in.

GH: Doctor Jackson, Colonel -

JACK: General.

DANNY: The message I got was pretty vague.

GH: So was the transmission we got from the Tok'Ra.

DANNY: Did they say who was coming?

GH: No.

JACK: Did they say WHY?

SAM: No, Sir.

JACK: See, I - That's rude! I hate that.

TECH: Receiving Tok'Ra IDC. Opening Iris. (Shoulda left it closed! OK! I'll try to be nice! Can't make any promises.)

JACK: In fact, the Tok'Ra are starting to annoy me in general.

SAM: Sir?

JACK: Don't get me wrong, Carter. Your dad's great, I love em like a brother, Every time they show it seems like it's all kinds of --- The slut walks thru the gate. (Anise/Freya) She will affectionally (g) known as TS from now on. (Tok'Ra Spice!) Granted, she's very beautiful when she walks thru the gate. She also has herself covered in a very nice long coat. Her hair looks nice right now.

DANNY: (In a trance)Yep! That looks like trouble to me.

TS walks down the ramp, Sam tries to smile @ her (LOL!). She's not very successful!

TS: (In Goa'Uld voice) The Tok'Ra High Council sends it's greetings.

GH: Welcome! I'm General Hammond, Colonel O'Neill, Doctor Jackson, Major Carter, and Teal'C.

TS: (Motioning to a very handsome Tok'Ra) This is Mornon. You may call me Anise.

DANNY: Anise?

TS: It means Noble Strength.

DANNY: I'm Daniel. It means uh - God is my Judge. (Jack looks @ Danny, cocks his head, and raises his eyebrow)

JACK: (Smart-assed ) I'm Jack. It means --- uh --- What's in the box?

TS opens the box to reveal the armbands. Before I continue, I'd like to tell you what she's wearing, OK? It's a very fashionable brown dress, looks leather. Kinda like a dress you'd wear to a nice restaurant. I'm not kidding. It's nice. I haven't seen the hemline yet, though. It fits her chest nicely. Just saw the hemline, so I'm coming back. It leaves much to be desired. Kinda ruins the nice dress! One side is right above the knee, it goes up vertically to where the other side is right below her hip. TACKY!

TS: These armbands were recently discovered amongst some ancient ruins on a remote planet.

DANNY: I don't recognize the symbols. May I?

TS: The language belongs to a race called the Ataniks . Their existence and demise predates the Goa'Uld.

SAM: Ataniks? I think Jolinar knew about these. They are supposed to give the wearer incredible speed and strength, right?

TS: Yes, many thought it was just a myth. Still, the Goa'Uld & Tok'Ra have both sought these devices for some time.

DANNY: Obviously not a myth.

TS: The Tok'Ra were very excited when I found them.

DANNY: YOU found them?

TS: My area of expertise is ancient cultures.

DANNY: Well, mine too.

TS: Yes, I know. (Jack is staring at Danny) We hoped the devices would provide our operatives with a great new physical advantage against the Goa'Uld.

JACK: However?

TS puts the armband on, nothing happens!

DANNY: They don't work for you.

TS: Our top scientific minds have researched the technology at length. To the best of our knowledge, the devices should work. However, something causes them to reject the Tok'Ra physiology.

TEAL'C: Your symbiote.

TS: That is a likely assumption.

TEAL'C: Then the device will most likely be ineffective on me as well.

TS: Yes - That is why I brought only three.

SAM: I still have a protein marker left by Jolinar.

TS: Hopefully, that will have no effect.

DANNY: Incredible speed and strength?

TS: In fact, according to the inscriptions, they should greatly increase all of your natural abilities.

JACK: (Raises eyebrow & looks @ Sam, who looks back) That's kinda cool.

TS: In the interest of the Tok'Ra/Human alliance, I expected you would cooperate.

GH: Shouldn't we take some time to learn a little more about these things? Perhaps Maj. Carter & Dr. Jackson -

TS: (Rudely interrupting) I had hoped to begin Human trial experiments immediately.

JACK: What's the rush?

TS: (She sounds pissed) If you are not willing to trust us and participate, I will find human subjects on another planet!

GH Does NOT like her tone of voice!

JACK: (Raises his eye brow and smiles) Fine.

TS closes her eyes.

TS: (In normal sweet human voice) Colonel, please forgive the scientist in Anise. She has worked very hard for this. I assure you, every safety precaution will be taken.

Danny look adorably confused. Sam looks @ Jack. Jack just gives TS a dirty look. TS closes her eyes. Uh-Oh! Tok'Ra Bitch --- Uh --- I mean Anise is back!

TS: (Goa'Uld voice) What is your answer?!


TS: This is a Tok'Ra biosensor. It will monitor every aspect of your physiological condition. (She pulls Jack's T-Shirt down, and puts the sensor very far down his shirt. I think she's just coppin a feel. I know I would! )

JACK: Whoa! (He doesn't like this)

TS: It will transmit readings to this device where it will be recorded through out the experiment.


Jack picks up the device, and he and Janet look @ it, then each other. TS returns. He puts it down with an innocent look like a student caught looking in the teacher's desk for the test answers.

TS: Ready?

JACK: As I'll --- ever be. (She puts the band on his arm. A light comes on) What's that mean?

TS: The device is working.

JACK: I don't feel like leaping any tall buildings.

TS: It may take time for the device to adjust to your body. I believe it was designed this way to give your body time to adapt to your new ability. In the meantime, feel free to move around as you normally would. The biosensor will transmit readings over a significant distance.


Jack and Teal'C are boxing. (Yummy! Teal'C in a muscle shirt!) (This makes me wonder if Danny's been boxing with Teal'C to get that body he has!)

TEAL'C: Do you still feel no affects from the armbands, O'Neill?

JACK: No, You know something? I'm starting to think this things a crock! (They are sparing, hitting each other's gloves) Come on, Teal'C! Bring it! You're going easy.

TEAL'C: (Out of breath) I am attempting to make physical contact with you, O'Neill. You are boxing with great proficiency today! (You can see fatigue setting in)

JACK: (Not even breathing hard) I feel a little stiff.

Yummy shot of Teal'C trying to give Jack a few right hooks, Jack is ducking @ great speed. All you see is his red helmet. You hear a whooshing sound. Teal'C stops with a stunned look on his face. Jack stops, and look at Teal'C. He punches Teal'C at lightning speed. Teal'C grunts, and falls down. TKO! TKO! TKO! (Technical Knock Out!) Teal'C is passed out on the floor! Don't see that every day!

JACK: (Confused) Teal'C?

Later in infirmary.

JANET: (To Teal'C) So, you're feeling any better?

TEAL'C: I will be fine, DR. Frasier.

JACK: (Eating something) Teal'c, I'm really sorry.

TEAL'C: (Stoic look @ Jack) You are not!

JACK: He's right about that.

TS: (To Jack handing him a ball) Please squeeze this.

JACK: What is it?

TS: It will measure your strength. (He squeezes it) Your strength is 5 times that of a normal human.

JACK: So, no increase then, huh? (Janet looks @ him and grins, rolling her eyes)

TS: Physiology remains otherwise normal.

JACK: I-uh-I feel good. (Throws paper in cup across the room.) Three!

JANET: And - uh - you seemed to have developed a bit of a sweet tooth. (Jack takes a bite of the cookie.)

TS: Your metabolism is increasing to match the energy your body now requires.

JANET: You were - uh - gonna show me how to read this.

TS: I will. First, it is time to increase the number of subjects in the experiment.

Next shot goes to Danny with his shirt up , and Janet putting the biosensor on his chest. She sure is lingering there. TS is putting the armband on Sam. Jack is sitting behind Sam, chowing down on the cookies, and looking at Sam. It's something crunchy he's eating, because you can hear a crunch when he takes a bite.

SAM: I don't really feel any different.

JACK: Just wait.

Danny's looking @ a book thru a magnifying glass. Jack walks in.

JACK: (Still eating!!!! ) Hey!

DANNY: Heeyy.

JACK: Notice anything yet?

DANNY: You're eating a lot. (Said sarcastically)

JACK: Hmn. (Picks up very BIG book) Give it time. (Starts turning pages slowly, then increasing faster. His head and eyes are moving. Danny's freaking out. He closes the book)

DANNY: Did you just read that?

JACK: I guess --- Don't suppose there's another book around that explains this book?

DANNY: What, what, what, what reason did Hobbs give for the fall of the civilization?

JACK: Failing agricultural infulstructure.

DANNY: Jack, That's unbelievable.

JACK :Hey, it's HIS theory.

Jack's opening another packet of cookies. Danny's trying to speed read to no avail!

JACK: Want me to read it to you? (Jack offers Danny his cookie)

Janet walks into Sam's darkened lab.


SAM: Yeah?

JANET: What are you doing?

SAM: (Looking thru a microscope --- IN THE DARK!!!!) I'm just running a few tests on the material the armbands are made of.

JANET: Ah--- It's a --- little dark, don't ya think?

SAM: Is it? (Janet turns on the lights. Sam looks up.) OW! That's bright.

JANET: Yeah, the lights were out. (Turns light on desk on)

SAM: Man, I didn't even realize.

A light is shining in Sam's eyes.

JANET: Well, it looks normal to me.

SAM: I can see in the dark as well as if the light was on.

JANET: (Checking her ear temp.) You're running a slight temperature.

SAM: Anise is monitoring our vitals.

JANET: Yes, I know.

SAM: You don't trust her biosensors?

JANET: No, I trust her technology is very advanced and accurate.

SAM: So, you don't trust her?

JANET: I'd like to run a full blood screen.

Jack is running on the treadmill. He is going VERY fast! Anise is at a monitor. It has 103 Miles per hour on it. You see the number decrease as he stops.

TS: Very good.

JACK: I'm not even sweating. In fact, I think that thing is slowing me down.

TS: Squeeze this. (She hands him the strength ball.) (He squeezes it, and crushes it!) (She kinda freaks out.)

JACK: Sorry.

DANNY: (Looking mighty yummy in the black t-shirt and no glasses!) I mean it's the most unbelievable , incredible thing I've ever experienced. I mean, I've cross referenced the symbols on the armbands against every written language on earth in an hour!

TS: What did you find?

DANNY: Uh --- nothing. But, the point is, I can read really fast.

TS: Here are my notes on the Atinicks. I thought you might be interested.

DANNY: You write in a notebook?

TS: My host, Freya, enjoys the tactile sensation of handwriting.

Danny speed reads in the way Jack did earlier. TS just watches him with a cocked head.

DANNY: The inscription says " with great power comes great responsibility."

TS: " And the ability to effect great consequence."

DANNY: You haven't speculated in here why the atinicks became extinct.

TS: No, my primary concern up until now was finding the armbands., and then determining how they worked.

The light on the armband turned from blue to green while beeping.

DANNY: What does that mean?

TS: I believe all the armbands have reached their maximum potential.

JANET: Anise? Can I see you for a moment? They all have significally raised body temperatures.

TS: They are in no danger.

JANET: I disagree. Their symptoms are indicative of the presence of a virus.

TS: You are Correct. My bio-data indicates the armbands released a virus into their systems.

GH: Doesn't that concern you?

TS: It must be how the technology accesses the human physiology. It took a different amount of time for each individual because of each subject's unique reaction to the virus.

JANET: That's all speculation. Major Carter's blood work showed a dangerous amount of adrenalin in her system.

TS: (Angrily?) I object to the interference in my experiment!

JANET: I object to being kept in the dark of the condition of people who's health I am responsible for! (You go, Doc! )

TS: Are you suggesting I would risk their health?

GH: Doctor, we're seeing some really interesting results. Are you saying that we should discontinue the experiments?

JANET: Until we know more about the physical affects of this virus, yes. I say we remove the armbands, and we run more tests to make sure that these changes aren't permanent or damaging.

TS: General ---

GH: No, I'm sorry! There's one thing I've learned in my time here. There's nothing wrong with a little prudence when dealing with Alien Devices. (Walks in room where SG-1 minus Teal'C are) Based on DR. Frasier's recommendations, I have decided to stop the experiment temporarily.

SAM: What?


GH: We'd like to get a better read on exactly what these things are really doing to you.

SAM: General ---

JACK: I'd rather not do that, Sir.

JANET: I think the armband may be having a narcotic like effect. Wearing them may be come addictive. It's just one of the things I'd like to rule out.

GH: Please. Take the armbands off.

SAM: But ---

GH: Are you refusing to comply with a direct order?

All three struggle to get the armbands off.

JACK: Uh --- Little problem here, Sir. Having a hard time complying.

GH & Janet look @ each other, then @ TS. SG-1 look @ GH with surprised looks on their faces.

JANET: ( To GH, I'd say sarcastically while looking @ TS) We've tried everything short of surgically removing their arms.

GH: We'll hold that option in reserve.

TS: You must admit, the positive effect is astonishing.

GH: As long as there's no downside.

TS: (Closes eyes Goa'Uld voice) There is no evidence of any downside.


GH: Find a way to get those armbands off my people.

Teal'C walks in the weight room. Jack is lifting weights.

JACK: Teal'C --- How much I have on here?

TEAL'C: It appears to be approximately 600 pounds, O'Neill. (Jack is lifting the weights like it's a 20 pound weight on it.)

JACK: (Stops lifting, and looks at the weights) Really?! Not bad!

TEAL'C: Are you not concerned because the armband can not be removed?

JACK: Nope! This thing's great!

TEAL'C: We will not resume our duties as SG-1 as long as this experiment continues.

JACK: Yeah, well, I'm gonna have a little chat with Hammond about that. (Goes to a punching bag) I mean, we should be using these things. (Punches thru the bag)

Someone's typing very fast. The computer needs time to catch up. They eat something. It's Sam. She's waiting patiently while the computer runs what she typed. Janet walks in.


SAM: Hey!

JANET: What are you working on?

SAM: I'm writing a book on wormhole physics, but this damn computer isn't fast enough. When the buffer's full, I have to wait for it to catch up.

JANET: You know, we REALLY could use your help.

SAM: You just don't get it, Janet. I don't WANT to take it off.

JANET: OK. I realize they're making you FEEL really good ---

SAM: (Laughs) Look! I have written a 1000 page book in under 2 hours! I mean, this is something I've been dying to do, but haven't had the time!

JANET: Sam ---


GH: Absolutely not!

JACK: Come on, General! Why'd we put these things on in the first place?!

GH: We're still not sure of the long-term effects.

JACK: We shouldn't be sitting around wasting this stuff, we should be out kicking so Goa'Uld BUTT! I mean , look at this! (He kicks the wall --- OK! He kicks a HOLE in the wall!) (Both Jack and GH have a stunned look on their faces.) Sorry about that, Sir!

GH: Colonel, I'm concerned that you're not in control of your new abilities.

JACK: Well, you may be right about that. But It's just so damn exciting, Sir!

GH: I'm sure it is!

JACK: And, even if we're not in total control, shouldn't we be out there doing the damage instead of in you office?

GH: I'm concerned for your well being, Colonel.

JACK: and, I appreciate it. And you're the boss, what ever you say goes, but you need to know that we're HERE for you! READY to go! Just --- just say the word. (Man! Is he wired, or what?!)

GH: Thank you.

JACK: Seriously. Say it! Say the word.

GH: Dismissed.

JACK : We can be ready in 3 seconds --- 2 ---

GH: Colonel ---

JACK: Hey! We're ready!

GH: (Standing) Just --- Get the HELL out of my office!

JACK: Yes, Sir.

He walks out of GH's office, and meets up with Siler.

JACK: Hey, Siler. (Patting him on the back) (Siler screams, and falls back onto the stairwell below. Sounds of crashing is heard) Oh, Crap! (Looks @ GH, shakes his head, and runs down the steps to help the fallen man) (Siler is laid out on his back upside down on the stairs , groaning in pain as an airman and 2 doctors help him.)

JACK: (Sam is typing) This is ridiculous. It was an accident! (He's playing with some flags)

DANNY: (Reading a book) Siler has a broken arm and a concussion.

JACK: He'll pull thru. I sent flowers.

DANNY: (Looking OH, So yummy in a black tee shirt & NO glasses!) You have to admit, it's a little scary. I mean I feel like I could --- do anything!

SAM: All I know is I'm gonna starve to death. I don't know about you guys, but I am having so SERIOUS protein cravings.

JACK: Steak.

DANNY: I could go for that!

JACK: Big, red, juicy meat.

SAM: O'Malley's in town.

JACK: Let's go!

Scene goes to the hall. You hear a whooshing sound, and see the trio moving at lightning speed. They pass by 2 airmen, making a wind. Then appear at the elevator. On the 25th floor BTW!

JACK: Let's eat!

O'Malley's Bar & Grill looks like a pretty fancy place.

JACK: How high do you think that fence was?

DANNY: 20? 25 feet?

SAM: MMN - I'd say about 30.

WAITRESS: What can I get ya?

JACK: Um --- 3 of the biggest steaks you've got with everything, rare, baked potato.

WAITRESS: (Smiles) You got it! (Starts to leave)

JACK: Uh --- excuse me! THAT was for me. (She smiles)

DANNY: Yeah, I'm gonna have 3 as well.

JACK: 4?

DANNY: 4, 4 is good, yeah!

SAM: Me, too. And French fries with mine. Oh, and a diet soda. (The men give her raised eyebrows) I like the taste better! So, has it occurred to anyone that we're defying a direct order?

DANNY: (Jack and Danny look at each other) Well, it's not like we haven't defied orders before!

SAM: That was to save earth.

JACK: Earth, steaks? There's a difference?

DANNY: We'll be back before anyone knows we're gone.

Sam shoots an 8 ball into the corner pocket. She takes money from the table.

MAN: How the hell did you do that?

SAM: Wanna go double or nothin'?

MAN: I think I'll cut my loses.

DANNY: Smart move. (Gets up to walk away)

MAN: What are YOU laughing at you GEEK!? (Danny stops and looks at Jack.)

JACK: (Raises eyebrows looking from man to Danny) Geek?

DANNY: (Stops, and turns) Excuse me?

JACK: (Quietly) Let it go.

DANNY: (Looks at Jack, then man) No, not this time.

MAN: Yeah? What are you gonna do?

Sam looks at man with a grin on her face. Jack sighs, and looks at two VERY BIG men standing next to him. They're about the size of Teal'C, and I'm not exaggerating! Some big men get next to Danny as well.

JACK: Well --- This is a cliché. (Sam just smiles, Danny raises his eyebrows at her.) (Jack raises his eyebrows at Danny.) O-Kay! (He grabs one of the big men, and throws him across the room at lightning speed. Shot goes to the sign outside the restaurant, and sounds of brawling is heard.) (Lot of crashing dishes, and grunts!)

GH: (Into phone) Right. OK! (Hangs up phone) I thought the devices were supposed to enhance them physically, not make them stupid!

JANET: You'll have to ask Anise about that, Sir. I can tell you that their erratic behavior can be explained by their increase in certain hormone levels. You can almost describe it as sort of an intoxication.

GH: My concern is how do we contain them if they're that strong, and that fast?

JANET: The concern is greater than that, Sir. Blood tests show early indication of multiple organ failure. The human body wasn't made to be put thru this!

GH: Are you saying they'll die if we don't get these things off them.

JANET: I believe the key is the virus. There's no magic pill that'll combat a virus, but there are a few treatment options.

GH: But that's no guarantee?

JANET: No, Sir.

Superman (Jack), Wonder Woman (Sam) and Mighty Mouse (Danny) walk down the steps being escorted by a couple of SF's.

GH: Thank you, Doctor. Can you explain to me why several witnesses put you people at a restaurant in town last night?

JACK & DANNY: Sir, I can ---

DANNY: Explain that. (Sam kept silent! I see she's the smartest one of the group! ) (A few seconds later, after thinking) No, I can't!

SAM: We were very --- hungry --- Sir.

GH: The reports says there was a brawl.

JACK: More of a --- scuffle, Sir.

GH: You're lucky you didn't KILL any of those men!

JACK: Na --- we were very careful about that, General!

GH: What am I supposed to do with you people?

JACK: General, I can't tell you how sorry we are. But --- Carter wanted a steak ---

SAM: Actually it was YOUR idea ---

JACK: My point is ---

SAM: --- Sir! (Said VERY Sarcastically!)

JACK: --- The fact that we were defying orders didn't occur to us until we were --- defying.

DANNY: It's like the armbands are having an affect on our ability to make rational choices.

TS (Walking up) General Hammond, I received a message from the Tok'Ra High Council.

GH: What?

TS: I reported the progress of the experiment, and have made a suggestion.

GH: Regarding?

TS: The High Council would like to forward the idea of putting SG-1's new skills into practice.

JACK: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! --- (Quietly) Sir.

GH: What are they suggesting.

TS: We have just received new information regarding a new class of battle ship that Apophis (YAY!) is building.

GH: JUST received?

TS: Our internal attempt at sabotage has already failed. How ever based on our intelligence (GH is beginning to see the light! He nods his head and grins) A special covert team could ---

GH: You've known all along!

TS: Excuse me?

GH: This was the point wasn't it?

TS: (As the host) General, I assure you ---

GH: I assure YOU! I have been at this a long time, and I know DAMN WELL when I'm being manipulated!

TS: (Still the host) I realize how this must look. However, in the interest of the Tok'Ra-Earth alliance ---

GH: Don't give me that load of bunk! I don't think the Tok'Ra have my people's best interest in mind.

TS: General, if you believe anything, believe this. If Apophis is allowed to complete this battle ship, (Shot goes to Jack and Sam listening closely) it will assure his dominance over the Goa'uld, Your planet, and the rest of this galaxy! (The snake is back!) I am sure the High Council will be disappointed. (Shot goes back to Sam and Jack, the wheels are turnin' in that man's head!) I have downloaded (His eyebrows rise, Sam cocks her head.) everything we know about the ship's construction into your base computer. I hope you will review it, and change your mind ---

JACK: General, if I may ---

GH: No, you may not. (Jack smiles) Take them back to the lockup. For what it's worth, I'm ORDERING you to cooperate. (Jack smiles at GH, then looks at Sam, smiles, she smiles back.) (The super trio leave, and GH just looks at TS. I WOULD NOT WANT TO RECEIVE A LOOK LIKE THAT FROM THAT MAN!)

JACK: (To SF's) Dismissed. (Sam goes straight to the computer) Let's have a look.

GH: So, you think we have a problem here?

TEAL'C: This new vessel has several advancements over the Goa'Uld mother ships we have previously engaged in battle. We MUST stop it's completion.

GH: I can't send the rest of SG-1 on such a dangerous mission knowing their judgment is impaired.

TEAL'C: (Closing the laptop) I will go alone, then.

GH: According to Tok'Ra intelligence, the gate on that planet is HEAVILY guarded. I doubt very much even YOU could make it thru.

TEAL'C: We MUST not allow Apophis to complete this vessel.

GH: Let's say I agree. Prove to me it isn't a suicide mission. (Teal'C stands, and nods his head)

SAM: The gate will be heavily guarded, but we SHOULD be able to handle it. Wormhole physics dictate that you exit at the same velocity that you enter.

DANNY: So, they'll never know what hit them.

SAM: Exactly. The facility, however, will be more of a challenge.

JACK: Can't we just zip in, plant C-4, zip out?

SAM: Won't do it, Sir. The power core of the ship is completely sealed in trinium. That's what we have to take out. Hang on, the POWER core is directly linked to some sort of liquid cooling system that's based in the facility. These pipes, here, lead into it.

JACK: So, we zip in, blow the pipes, and zip out?

SAM: The core will over heat and explode. The only problem is, there are force shields protecting this restricted area.

DANNY: So?---

SAM: So --- (Jack looks at her, she smiles) I see your point. (She looks at Jack who has a confused look on his face) Goa'uld force shields operate on a frequency oscillation principle. If we were moving fast enough --- theoretically, we'd be able to see the oscillation principle, and run right thru.

JACK: We'll need snacks.

Scene goes to the gate room with the idle gate. A tech is typing something. Sam whishes behind him, pinching his shoulder, knocking him out, and taking his computer. Jack and Danny both do the same thing to 2 techs in the back, while Sam's dialing the gate. Her hands are moving very quickly. She closes the blast doors right in front of an SF. Closes more doors, and the observation window in the gate room.

SAM: Let's go.

TEAL'C: O'Neill! (As the event horizon forms)

JACK: Not this time, Teal'C. (The super trio run thru the gate at lightning speed)

TECH: The gate's open, Sir.

GH: Shut it down! Get the blast doors open!

TECH: I can't Sir! I'm locked out of the system.

GH: (Over intercom) Medical team to control room.

JAFFA: (On other side of gate) Onak! Cree! (The super trio come in, and knock everyone down, then meet by a tree, look at each other, then run off.) (You see black running thru the woods) (Sounds of grunts, and screams) (The three have knocked down more Jaffa, and are walking into the ship)

JACK: (Seeing 2 men carrying naquata) Takes 2 guys to carry that?!

SAM: Weapons grade naquada is extremely dense. Sir, do realize how many Naquada reactors a single bar like that could power?


SAM: A lot!

DANNY: I'll get it. Meet ya back here. (He zips off)

Sam and Jack come zipping up a long corridor. Sam takes off her hat, and bends down passing her hands thru her hair.

SAM: Whoa, Sir. Is it hot?

JACK: Little bit. You all right?

SAM: Yeah. I'm fine. (Beginning to walk) The force shield should be --- somewhere around here.

JACK: Heads up! (He and Sam run thru the shield) (Looks up) Whoa! (The ship goes up several stories) 5 minutes.

SAM: Right. After the cooling system goes down, it should take about 10 minutes for the power core to go critical. That leaves us 15 minutes total to get back to the gate.

JACK: Whatever. (Zips off, Sam follows)

Danny's running with the naquata on his back, seemingly weighed down, he's struggling to keep his breath.

SAM: Did ya get the naquata?

DANNY: (Sighs) Oh, (Out of breath) It's --- uh --- it's in the pack.

JACK: Good, let's go! (Pats his back) (Jack and Sam run)

DANNY: (EXTREMLY out of breath! Almost wheezing!) Actually, this --- is --- is getting kinda --- heavy --- (Jack and Sam whiz by, a thump is hear. The two come back) (Danny's laying on the ground)

JACK: Daniel?

SAM: What's going on?

DANNY: I can't move. (His armband comes off) (He appears to pass out)

GH: The arm bands are gonna come off on their own?

TS: The last bits of data from their biosensors before they stepped thru the gate indicate traces of an antibody.

JANET: To the virus that allowed the devices to enhance their speed and strength.

TS: I'm afraid we solved the mystery of the antiknock's extinction.

GH: How so?

JANET: The armbands only work for a limited time, Sir.

TS: As the immunity spread across the atinick warriors, the armbands proved useless. I guess they never solved the problem.

GH: Which means SG-1 are out on a planet filled with heavily armed Jaffa with an advantage that could disappear at any time?

JANET: Yes, Sir.

TS: (Host) General, for what it's worth, Anise and I are sorry. We were not aware of the mission prior to our arrival here. (The snake is back!) I do hope SG-1 returns safely. (Janet gives her a pair of eyes!)

JAFFA: Halt! Cree!

JACK: (He and Sam are kneeling over Danny) (Stands up) All right! You got us! Don't Cree! (The Jaffa goes to shot them, and gets a ZAT hit.) (The other Jaffa shoots them, and they move out the way of the blast just in time.) (That Jaffa gets a ZAT hit for his efforts. )

TEAL'C: It seems my assistance was required after all!

JACK: Yes, thank you!

DANNY: (Waking up) What happened?

SAM: You passed out. Your arm band came off. (Teal'C puts Danny arm around his shoulder)

JACK: (Seeing and hearing Jaffa coming) All right, talk later! We gotta move! Teal'C, get Daniel out of here, back thru the gate. Carter, you're with me! (As you see Teal'C and Danny leaving, you hear grunts from the Jaffa) (Sirens are going off, C-4 explosive is shown with 2 minutes 43 seconds left.) (Sam and Jack go thru 2 force shields. At the 3rd one, Sam gets stopped by the shield.) (Jack sees her lying on the other side of the shield) Carter? (The armband comes off of her.) (She looks at it surprised, then passes out.) (Slow motion of Jack running to the shield, yet getting hit by it remaining on the safe side of it, while she's trapped on the unsafe side.) AAWW! (He falls to the ground, the armband come off of him, and he passes out.)

DANNY: (Walking out side the ship with Teal'C) Where are they?

TEAL'C: They should have been right behind us. Continue on, DanielJackson. (He runs back, and is hit by a force shield.)

SAM: (Waking up, and see Jack passed out.) Sir --- (Picks up armband, and throws it down) COLONEL!!??!?

JACK: Whoa! (Walking up, and looking at her, then his armband next to him, then back to her.) We should've brought more snacks!

SAM: I don't think that would've helped.

JACK: 1:56. (Sam looks at the force shield. Jack bangs on it)

SAM: Sir, you've gotta get out of here!

JACK: So do you.

TEAL'C: I am not leaving, DanielJackson.

DANNY: Well, I'm not --- suggesting we should. There is no way in there to help them.


Jack is banging on the control panel. Sam's just looking at him.

DANNY: 10 minutes after that C-4 goes, this whole mountain is gonna explode.

TEAL'C: I am aware of that.

DANNY: So, the fact that we're staying is based on a completely informed decision?

TEAL'C: It is.

DANNY: 'Kay, just makin' sure.

SAM: (As Jack is trying to pull out panel) Sir --- Sir, there's no time!

Jaffa footsteps are heard. Sam looks back at Jack. C-4 explosive says 8 seconds. Sirens are blaring.

DANNY: Here goes.

The Jaffa position them selves. The bomb goes off, knocking Sam and Jack down. Jaffa fall as well. The shield is lifted.

SAM: Did you see that?!

JACK Let's go! Carter forget that! Leave it!

TEAL'C: The shield is down. (Runs inside, and is met by Sam and Jack.)

JACK: Come on, let's go! Move, move, move! I thought I told you guys to get back to that gate!

DANNY: Yeah, Teal'C wouldn't leave.

SAM: (They're running thru the woods, jaffa hot on their trail) Less than a minute!

TEAL'C: (Jaffa are shooting staff weapons at them.) Get down! (He turns and ZATs them.) (He runs ahead of the panting humans, and dials the gate.) (The ship blows up as they are running to the gate.)

Klaxons are blaring at base. TS, GH, and a couple SF's are walking into the gate room. SG-1 are throw thru the gate.

JACK: Just remember, I retired! YOU wanted me back!

GH: Colonel, are you all OK?

DANNY: Think so.

SAM: Will be!

TEAL'C: I am very well, General Hammond!

GH: What happened?

JACK: The damn armbands fell off is what happened!

TS: (Snake mode) I am sorry!

GH: Were you successful in destroying the ship?

TEAL'C: Indeed we were, General Hammond.

GH: Good! Report to the infirmary.

JACK: Uh, General, Sir, about the obviously impending court-marshals, I'd like ---

GH: You were all under the influence of Alien technology, Colonel. I'd say that a pretty solid defense.

JACK: Even so, I --- I'm sorry.

SAM: Me too!

DANNY: Me, three.

TEAL'C: I have no need to apologize.

GH: Teal'C was actually following orders.

JACK: Of course he was!

TS: You left the armbands behind.

SAM: We had other things on our minds.

TS: Understandable. Colonel? (Host) Anise and I both hope we can work together in the future.

JACK: BOTH of you? Can't wait for that!

As the show is ending, TS is looking around the gate room.


Source : Stargate Fusion

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