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Scorched Earth

We begin with a shot of children playing and running. It looks like an Indian village with teepees and stuff. People and SG-1 are sitting at a table.

LADY: Hundreds of villages like this one have paused to celebrate the transportation of our people to this great new land. We are especially honored (She grabs Jack's hand) today by the presence of those (Jack smiles) Responsible for finding this planet for us. (Sam smiles) and saving us from certain doom. How can we ever repay them?

MAN: By not boring them with long speeches, Hedrizar. (Everyone laughs) (Jack smiles his yummy smile)

HEDRIZAR: I meant what I said. You are all heroes to my people.

JACK: It was our pleasure. (Jack and Sam both smile)

HEDRIZAR: When my grandchild arrives, it will be the first enkaran to be born in outr new homeland. We will name the child after you, Colonel. (Jack stops pouring his coffee, and looks @ Hedrizar. Sam's next to him looking at him and smiling, Danny, and EVEN Teal'C are smiling)

PREGNANT WOMAN: Eliam, It's getting cold.

ELIAM: It seems to be getting colder every day since your last visit.

Sam goes into technobable about the cold conditions and the naquata reactor to help with the heating of the village. Hedizar says some thing about coming back next year and the whole planet will be transformed.

MAN: Help! Help me, please!

HADRIZAR: Who is it?

ELIAM: It is Caleb. He comes from the west.

CALEB: It's so big! It destroyed our whole village! You must all flee!

ELIAM: What are you talking about? Caleb! Catch your breath!

CALEB: It comes this way!

JACK: What does?

CALEB: You must see it. (Nice picture of stargate with mountains behind it.) There.

JACK: Whoa!

They see a spaceship with what appears to be fire raining down from it!

ELIAM: What is it?

Shot of fire destroying everything in it's path!


Back to the base. Sam says the ship looks 2 miles wide with the gasses stretching 20 miles. There's no markings on the ship. Sam says in 26 hours the ship will reach the village. But It will take out the stargate first. The breathing conditions required by the encarans are specific and not found on earth and many other planets.

Sam's in her lab looking thru a microscope. Jack and Danny walk in.

JACK: Hey. What da ya got?

SAM: The analysis of the atmosphere in the wake of the ship shows a high incidence of sulpher dioxide.

JACK: Chemical warfare?

SAM: I don't think so, Sir. Take a look at this.

Jack looks in the microscope and sees little fuzzy balls moving around.

JACK: Oh, yeah . . . Little . . . fuzzy orange things.

SAM: They're microbes, Sir.

JACK: (Raises eyebrows) Ah!

SAM: The Alien ship is depositing them on the planet's surface. Now, as near I can tell, they bond with sulpher leached out of the soil, and when they decay, they release sulpher dioxide. (Danny takes off his glasses and looks thru the microscope)

JACK: So, the big mean alien ship is tryin' to stink up the planet?

SAM: It's a little bit more than that, Sir. The microbes are only deposited after the native organisms have been destroyed. I think they're meant to replace them. Now, if my theory is correct, we could be looking at the first building blocks of an alien ecosystem.

DANNY: It's a teriform?

SAM: It's changing the environment to support an entirely different form of life - an organic system based on sulpher instead of carbon.

DANNY: But, if the ship is allowed to continue the process, the whole planet will be remade?

SAM: All I know for sure is the planet on the other side of that energy curtain will not surport life as we know it.

Back on the planet, Teal'C says the enkarens do not wish to leave. They know that they would not have time to take every enkaren to earth. Even if they do, the atmosphere on earth would not be able to surport their life for long periods of time. They can not leave their people behind. They say that generations ago, their ansesters were taken away from their home land by the goa'uld in gient ships to their former world. They have searched for a new world, and thanks to SG-1 they have found it. They must stay here and fight for it.

JACK: With what?

ELIAM: Have you not weapons to aid us?

DANNY: We're gonna try to communicate with who ever's on that ship.

ELIAM: Clearly they intend to destroy us.

JACK: We don't know that for sure.

HELTIZAR: I know that if any of our people shall die, that we shall all die here, together.

Sam's setting up some kind of equipment at the stargate. The men walk up to her.

SAM: Transmitter is now operational, Sir. Let's hope we get a bite.

JACK: Think a well-place stinger would do some damage?

SAM: Well, we have no way of knowing what material the ship's made of, Sir.

TEAL'C: Or if it possesses shield technology.

JACK: Ah, just fantasizing.

DANNY: Any intelligence capiable of enginnering something like that should be capiable of reason.

SAM: Thing is, will they listen?

JACK: Or the real question is, will they have ears?

A beam of light comes down and transfers SG-1 up to the ship.

DANNY: Somebody heard something.

TEAL'C: It appears to be a storage facility of some kind.

JACK: I'm going to assume we're on board that ship.

Jack look up. It looks like elevators on a 20 story hotel.

SAM: You know it's strange, the aliens went to so much trouble to change the atmosphere of the planet, yet in here, it's perfectly breathable.

DANNY: They were expecting us.

Sam's touching the wall.

JACK: Carter . . .

SAM: Sir?

JACK: She we really be opening drawers and things?

Danny pressed into the wall, and a drawer opens, scaring him. Sam points her guns @ it! LOL!

JACK: (To Danny) What did I just say?!

DANNY: Sorry. (He passes his hand over some writing on another drawer, opening it as well! )

SAM: (Picks up a petri dish) Looks like some kind of tissue sample.

JACK: Of what?

SAM: I'm not sure.

DANNY: The ship's terraforming the planet, right? What if these are the lifeforms it's creating the new environment for?

SAM: Recreating an entire civilization.

DANNY: Millions of samples . . .

JACK: So, everyone of these things is uh . . . what . . . ?

DANNY: Plant, animal, insects.

JACK: Alien?

DANNY: Who knows.

SAM: It's still just a guess.

ROBOT: A good one! (Sam jumps, and turns, gun up.) I am Lotan. You need not fear me.

JACK: Yeah . . . listen, um . . . what goin' on around here?

LOTAN: I have been assembled in order to facilitate communication between this . . . ship as you call it, and yourselves.

JACK: Assembled, you say?

LOTAN: I am a biomechanical representation of the beings now occupying this planet. When they were first encountered, several enkarens were scanned by this ship, and a randomized, but similar appearance was selected.

SAM: Wait a minute! That was yesterday! The ship annalized a new life form and created a replica in one day?!

LOTAN: Yes. (Looking @ his hands) Facinating design.

DANNY: I suppose that explains why you look like an enkaren.

JACK: Sort of.

LOTAN: (Taking a step closer. Sam, who is closest to him raises her gun) You are not.

DANNY: Uh . . . No, we're from a planet called earth.(Pointing to each) This is Major Samantha Carter, I'm Daniel Jackson, Jack O'Neill, and this is Teal'C.

JACK: Actually, we're friends of the people your ship seems bent on wiping out.

LOTAN: Yes, that is unfortunate. I was created to deliver a message to them. However, by the time I was completed, the enkarens in the immediate vicinity seemed to have disappeared.

JACK: You see, that's called runnin' away. What one does to avoid being slaughtered.

DANNY: There are still quite a few enkarens living on the planet.

LOTAN: Since you are friends of the Enkarens, would you deliver a message to them?

JACK: THAT would depend.

LOTAN: When the transfirmation process was begin, there were no life forms present.

JACK: Well, there are now.

LOTAN: Yes, unfortunally for your friends, once the process has begun, it must be completed.

JACK: So, someone went to the trouble of making you just to tell those people "tough luck, Get out?"

LOTAN: We wish no harm to come to the enkarens. However, upon examination of their physiology, we have determined that they would not be able to exist in the planet's transformed environment.

JACK: So, stop transforming.

DANNY: Jack, they're just trying to get their point across in the best way possible.

JACK: I know what the point is! He's a PR guy! I think we should be talking to your boss.

LOTAN: Assumption of Higher Archal Command Structure! Interesting. Follow me. (Sam looks back at Jack, who after about 10 seconds, gives her the go ahead.) The ship is fully automated. The beings that built it are called Gad-Meer. (You see some sort od alien)

JACK: Not exactly ET.

LOTAN: They placed all of their knowledge in the ship's memory. Science, Mathmatical, Medical science, arts, philosophy. 10,000 years, this civilization. This is their legacy. They were a very asvanced race compared to the enkarens. However, they were also peaseful. And fell victim to a surperior military power. So they built this ship in the hopes that their world would be born again from the reach of their enemies.

DANNY: This is fascinating. I'd like a chance to study some of them.

LOTAN: I can provide you with translations. Your language is simple by comparison.

JACK: Excuse me. About why we're here . . .

LOTAN: The ship has only enough raw material to transform one planet. Now that it has began, it must be finished here. Or the entire Gad-Meer civilization will be lost forever. The enkarens must leave, or they will die.

JACK: Alright, now see, there we got a problem.

TEAL'C: The enkarens can not leave.

SAM: Their lives depend on the very rare and unique conditions unique to this planet.

LOTAN: That is unfortunate.

JACK: That's it?!

LOTAN: Please explain the situation to the Enkarens.

SG-1 is transported down. Jack tells the enkarens that it did not go well.

Back to base. Sam explains to GH that the aliens need the same conditions as the enkarens to do the transformation. The team try to figure out what to do, to no avail Danny thinks that Lotan can be sympathetic to the enkarens. Jack wants to pose a military strike. GH says he can't. To find another way out of it.

Back to the planet. Jack tell Hedrizar, she can save her people, She refuses to leave. Eliam asks if they have any way to stop the ship. Jack turns to Sam.

JACK: (His hands are shaking. He looks nervous) How much Naquadah is in that reactor we gave em?

SAM: Sir?

DANNY: What are you doing?

JACK: THINKING, Daniel. Don't worry about it too much.

DANNY: Thinking of a way to blow up the ship?! I don't think that's what General Hammond had in mind!

JACK: They're gonna stand there, and die. It's a no win situation. We're not gonna sit around, and watch these people get slaughtered!

!! DANNY: And, you're willing to blow up that ship to . . .

JACK: Give me another choice!

DANNY: Well, I don't have one at the moment.

JACK: Apparently, time is a factor here. (He looks at Sam) How do you make a naquatah bomb?

SAM: (Reluctcly) Well, sir, the reactor was created spacifacally to prevent that kind of . . .

JACK: Carter . . . .

SAM: Theoretically, if I created a feedback loop, the energy would build up instead of being released. It would be a big explosion, Sir.

JACK: Big enough?

SAM: I think so.

JACK: Carter, I'm making a choice to help these people. But if you don't make that bomb, I'm out of options.

SAM: (Quietly) I know.

JACK: So I have to order you to do it.

SAM: (She looks at him for a few seconds, then away) Yes, Sir.

Next shot to the bomb.

JACK: How controlled is this gonna be?

SAM: The focas of the blast will be aimed upwards. This ridge should protect the village, but this is as close as I would put it. I modified this remote to start the feedback loop. About a minute after you press the button, it will overload and blow.

JACK: Ship's ETA?

SAM: About 5-o minutes Sir. We should detinate before it's directly overhead.


SAM: There's one more thing, Sir. Once you detinate, there's no turning back.

JACK: All right.

Daniel is going talk to Lotan. He tell Lotan that the enkarens have no where to go. He tries to get Lotan to consiter the enkaren's plight. He tries to talk Lotan into meeting the enkarens.

Back to Jack and Sam. They are arriving on the shore. They start walking back to the village.

SAM: Sir, no disrespect intended, but, I'm having doubt as to whether we're doing the right thing.

JACK : What is that, Carter? The right thing? These people, they depend on us. What else are we gonna do?

SAM: I don't know!

They stop walking, and turn toward each other.

JACK: You wanna talk me out of this?!

SAM: Yes, Sir!

They look at each other for a few second, then she holds up the remote. He grabs the remote, touching her hand.(accidently?)

JACK: Stay in contact.

SAM: Yes, Sir.

Daniel and Lotan are walking. Lotan looks at trees, kinda freaking out.

TEAL'C: DanielJackson has gone to speak with Lotan.

JACK: Did you try to stop him?

TEAL'C: I do not disagree with his intentions.

JACK: You do know we're gonna blow up that ship?

TEAL'C: I am aware of that, as is DanielJackson.

JACK: (Into radio) Daniel . . . Daniel, come in.

DANNY: I read ya Jack.

JACK: (Normal voice) Tell me, (Screaming) TELL ME YOU'RE NOT ON THAT SHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DANNY: OK, I'm not on the ship.

JACK: What are you doing, Daniel?

DANNY: I'm talking to Lotan.

JACK: He's gonna tell him about the bomb?

TEAL'C: He said he would not reveal our plan.

SAM: (Standing in the stargate) Sir, we only have 15 minutes.

JACK: Daniel, do you KNOW what time it is?!

DANNY: I am trying to give you another choice.


DANNY: Hang on, we're on our way back to the village. Over & Out!

LOTAN: You have disobeyed your superior.

DANNY: No, not exactly.

LOTAN: You are not fulfilling your function, Daniel Jackson.

DANNY: See, that's not true. I'm just using the best way to fulfill my true fuction. Some times command structures don't allow you to see all options.

LOTAN: I see.

DANNY: Let's go to the village.

They are transported to the village.


DANNY: Lotan wanted to meet the enkarens.

SAM: 10 minutes, Sir.

ELIAM: Hello, DR. Jackson.

DANNY: Hello, Eliam. This is Lotan.

ELIAM: He looks enkaren, but I have never met him.

DANNY: Lotan is a representative of the aliens who built the ship. He was created in your image to better communicate the ships mission and the danger you are in.

ELIAM: And yet he does not stop it!

DANNY: Lotan, this is Eliam. This is his wife Nika and Hedrazar, the leader of the village.

Hedrazar, being blind, looks at him with her fingers.

HEDRAZAR: Are you now able to see the lives your ship would extinguish if it continues on it's current path?

DANNY: Yes, Lotan is aware of that.

LOTAN: She is without sight. (He puts his fingers up to her eyes, and she flintches.)

DANNY: It's something that was happening to them on the planet when we first met. They were dying. This is the only planet we could find where they could survive.

LOTAN: I am aware of their physiological needs.

DANNY: Yes, of course.

LOTAN: That one is going to give birth.

DANNY: Yes, to a new enkaren life.

ELIAM: There will be no Enkaren life at all if your ship does not stop.

JACK: All right! I think we're all aware of the situation.

LOTAN: I see you brought me here to alisid sympathy for these people.

DANNY: Well, actually, they're your people in a way, Lotan. You were created in their image.

LOTAN: I was not created to prevent their demise, Daniel Jackson.

DANIEL: But, don't you wish you could?

LOTAN: The ship calls me back.


LOTAN: I must go.

DANNY: Take me with you.

JACK : No, Daniel. NO!

They're gone.

SAM: 5 minutes, Sir.

JACK: Lotan just took Daniel up into the ship.

SAM: WHAT?! Sir -

JACK: He ASKED to go.

SAM: What are we gonna do, Sir? The ship's almost in position.

Back in the ship.

LOTAN: The ship has detected an unusual device. It appears to be capeable of emiting great amounts of energy. Is this device intended to try and stop the ship, as the enkaren names Eliam suggested?

DANNY: Look, Lotan, I don't agree with what they're doing, but I also don't want to see you wipe out those people.

LOTAN: They will not leave. There is no other option.

SAM: The ship is in position, Sir. If you're gonna do it, you have to do it now.

TEAL'C: DanielJackson has made his choice, O'Neill.

JACK: (Thinking about It for a good 20 seconds) *Somberly * Yeah. (He presses the button , confliction emotions on his face)

The bomb activates.

LOTAN: The device has entered an active state.

DANNY: Lotan, if you wanted to, can you stop this ship?

LOTAN: As I have said . . .

DANNY: Yes, I , I, I, know what you said - it's not about what you want . Just please, answer the question, Can you STOP this ship?

LOTAN: It would be possible, yes.

DANNY: OK, then think about this. Think about the people down there. All the life that you will be destroying.

LOTAN: I am programmed to serve the life on this ship.

DANNY: You say that they were an advanced civilization, 10,000 years of history.


DANNY: They had laws, justice?


DANNY: A respect for life?


DANNY: Then how can their world be recreated with an act of mass murder? Wouldn't that be a betrayel of everything they stood for? You said you were made to communicate. You're not here simply to serve life on this ship, you're here for the integraty of life on this ship. There's a big difference. Are you really fulfilling your true function?

SAM: 60 seconds to detination. To the side of her, you can see the ship stopping the fire.

TEAL'C: The ship has stopped O'Neill.

SAM: Daniel must have gotten thru to him.

JACK: Daniel, if you can hear me, you've got 30 seconds. 3-0 over?

DANNY: Um . . . about that device.

LOTAN: It is still active?

DANNY: Yes. Can you do anything about that? (Lotan brings the bomb up to the ship)

LOTAN: Do you know how to deactivate it?


LOTAN: Intreaging design.

DANNY: Yeah. Lotan, we really don't have time for this!

LOTAN: How much time do we have?

SAM: 5 . . . 4 . . . 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . .(The bomb is shot out of the ship and explodes in the air.)

HEDRIZAR: What? What is going on? (Remember, she's blind?)

ELIAM: The ship remains.

LOTAN: A powerful explosive.

DANNY: We were despirate.

LOTAN: The conflict remains unresolved. I must eventually resume the transfirmation.

DANNY: I know.

LOTAN: Many millions of planets were scanned to match the right conditions for the transfirmation. Only one met the specifications.

DANNY: Just out of curiosity, were any others even close?

LOTAN: 2,634 paremitors had to be met.

DANNY: But what about for the enkarens?

LOTAN: I do not understand.

DANNY: Maybe they don't need exactly the same environment. Do any match the needs of the enkarens?

LOTAN: Here. This planet would be appropriate for the enkarens. I regret that I didn't conciter this possibility.

DANNY: Well, you would have gotten there eventually.

LOTAN: This planet was rejected by the ship because 3 of the paremiters were not met. The core temerature was too warm, it was too large, and there were intelligent life forms already present.

DANNY: Intelligent life forms?

LOTAN: Based on the description, I'd believe they were enkaren.

Daniel and Lotan tell the enkarens that they found the enkaren home world.

JACK: He's telling us this NOW?!

DANNY: He didn't know. He's only a day and a half old, give him a break.

They decide to take the space ship to the home world. Lotan will stay with the enkarens.

Awwww. Happy endings!

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3 votes de gagnés! On parie qu'on monte à 20 d'ici la fin du week-end ? Si vous êtes un artiste ou rêvez de l'être, n'hésitez pas, dites-le d'un petit clic dans le nouveau sondage du quartier The L Word. On vous attend !

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Nouveau sondage "Battle" sur le quartier Marvel ! Merci d'avance, bonne soirée !

ObikeFixx (22:15)

Bonjour. Vous pouvez désormais voter pour une nouvelle catégorie des Nathan James Awards: "Meilleur personnage féminin". Alors venez nous rendre visite sur le quartier The Last Ship

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Nouveau sondage musical dans Angel ! Merci d'avance pour votre participation...

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Je sais que je m'y prends tard mais un nouveau sondage est disponible sur le quartier "True Blood". Quelques votes seraient la bienvenue, merci

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Coucou à tous ! le quartier Vikings vous attend !!! nous vous proposons un nouveau sondage ainsi qu'une nouvelle série de photos à départager venez nombreux merci et bonne soirée

grims (17:17)

Outlander vous connaissez un quizz sur la série vous attends sur le quartier alors n'hésitez plus si vous êtes fan de la série !!! Seysey et grims vous attendent merci

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Le quartier CSI NY fête ses 10 ans ! Pour l'occasion, des petites animations vous attendent (quizz, concours et test de personnalité). N'hésitez pas, on vous attend là bas [Smile]

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