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Beneath the Surface

We begin with what can only be called "Muscle-man's quarters" . Buff men with bods like Teal'C are waking up. (Yummy!) An Alarm sounds. (Some sort of Revallie?) Teal'C sits up, and looks around. SHIRTLESS!!!!! He stands up and walks away. There's a lady there, too I just noticed. Lucky her! Shot goes up to a skylight then pans down a few levels to a gathering of people. A lady walks up to a platform.

LADY: Collegues! (A newly short haired Sam looks up. She looks good! Her hair is cut up to her ears in kind of a shag cut. Her hair falls in layers over her face. It's a very popular haircut for the ladies here in the states! Jack with what looks like a stocking on his head **LOL!** looks up) You're attention, please! I'm pleased to report that thanks to your hard work, We now have enough reserve energy to heat the greenhouses for the next 2 months! Special merit to the workers of section 23. (Sam and some men put there hands up and cheer. Teal'C cocks his head - you know the look right?-- ) Let us use this not as an excuse to work less, but as motivation to work harder. (Jack looks like he's in a trance) Our world may be covered in ice, but one day we will(Teal'c still has the look!) reclaim our place on the surface!

ALL: (Shot goes to Jack) IT IS AN HONOR TO SERVE! (Shot goes to Danny, whom I didn't recognize @ first. OH! Ladies! Can you say yummy? No glasses, hair kinda messed up . . . you look up yummy in the encyclapedia, you'd find a pic of MS from this episode . . . And I'm NOT Exagrating!)

Lady on platform leaves, Sam goes to get her food. Pretty black lady dumps some sloppy looking stuff on Sam's plate. She gives her a very dirty look.

SAM: Kegan, how about some bread?

KEGAN: (Sarcastically) Sorry, just gave away the last piece.

JACK: Oh, here we go! Every time . . .

SAM: What is your problem?

KEGAN: I don't have a problem!

SAM: And we don't have any bread.

DANNY: (To Jack) Is there a problem here?

JACK: (To Danny) Stay out of this.

DANNY: Jona, there are other people waiting.

JACK: GIVE HER THE DAMN BREAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Jack grabs at Kegan, then takes Danny down in some wrestling move that I can't remember. He flips him over his head. Just remembered the move! Belly to belly suplex!)

LADY: Somebody stop them!

Teal'C see this, and grabs Jack, pulling him off of Danny, holding him back with his big arms. (Oh! To be Jack at that moment! **Clears throat** Where was I ? OH! Yeah!)

TEAL'C: This is not right! The two of you are friends, O'Neill!

JACK: Stay out of this!

TEAL'C: We are part of something called SG-1! (Danny has an adorable confused look on his face) I am Teal'C! Do you not remember?!

JACK: (Struggling) Somebody get this guy off me!

WOMAN FROM PLATFORM: Get him upstairs.

TEAL'C: (Being restrained by THREE men!) We don't belong here! You must remember! We must escape!!!!

JACK: (To lady from platform) Brenna . . . It is my honor to serve. I don't know that man.

BRENNA: I know, Jona, don't worry. He's nightsick. (To Kegan) Give Therra her bread. (Kegan reluctically grabs a full trey of bread and throws it down on the table.) Everyone finish, then back to work. (Shot to confused looking Jack)


KEGAN: These pumps regulate the overflow. Sometimes, they get clogged, and you have to . . . Carlin?!

DANNY: (In reference to Teal'C) Where has he been for the last 5 days?

KEGAN: Recovering from Nightsickness. It's a strange thing. There was this guy once, a couple years ago, tried to smash his way thru one of those skylights.

DANNY: Did he do it?

KEGAN: You would have known if he had! This place would have been buried under snow and ice along with everyone else.

DANNY: Right.

Shot goes to Jack hammering on something. Teal'C walks up to him . . . and past him. Jack looks at Teal'C. A gasket blows on the generator Sam's working on.

MAN: Stay back.

SAM: Cover those valves!

BRENNA: What happened?

SAM: One of the stabilizers ruptured. They can't stand the pressure.

BRENNA: There's not much we could do.

SAM: Actually, I think there is. If we set up an automatic release valve on each of the stabilizers, we could vent the excess pressure. I've done some calculations. If you want I could show you.

BRENNA: You can come by my office later.

Brenna leaves, and Sam looks at Jack. She nods her head, and smiles. He nods his head, and turns away, looking back at her. She turns and walks away.

Later, she walks by him working. He gets in step with her.

JACK: You all right?

SAM: Fine.

JACK: That explosion . . .

SAM: OH! No, no. I'm fine, really.

JACK: Good.

SAM: Brenna wants to see me. She wants to hear my ideas for improving the plant.

JACK: You know, you could take a few minutes off. (Sam gives him her 1 million kilowatt smile)

SAM: Please. You work just as hard as I do.

JACK: That's different. It's called "stamina".

SAM: (Laughs again) Have a good shift.

JACK: (Watching her leave) Right . . .

KEGAN: (Watching Sam as she walks on the platform, then enters Brenna's office) There she goes. Why does Brenna listen to her?

DANNY: I don't know. She seems pretty smart.

KEGAN: She thinks she's better than the rest of us . . . (Looking @ Jack) They both do.

DANNY: Teal'C said we were friends.

KEGAN: His name's not Teal'C. It's Tor. Nightsickness.

Next shot, the gate activating.

TECH. DAVIS: Sir, we're ready with the video link to P3R-118.

GH: Very well.

Man comes on TV screen.

GH: Administrator Calder . . .

CALDER: General Hammond. I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but our search has turned up nothing. Given the hostile conditions outside the dome, I don't see how SG-1 could have survived very long.

GH: With all due respect, Administrator, I'm not ready to give up on my people just yet. We have specialized equipment, and people spacifically trained for this type of operation.

CALDER: When Major Carter first expressed an interest in exploring the glacier, I tried to explain the danger, but Colonel O'Neill was quite overly confident that they could handle the conditions.

GH: I appreciate your concern. I assure you, I will take full responsibility.

CALDER: Very well. (He nods, then transmission is stopped) Tell Brenna I want to see her tomorrow. I'd like to know how our new workers are doing.

Next shot, Danny in the gate room with the wormhole established. He's in his clothes from the planet, not SG-1 uniform. He looks @ the shimmering puddle. Jack walks up. He turns toward Danny.

JACK: Go ahead.

DANNY: Go Where?

JACK: To the other side.

KEGAN: (Wal ks up) Don't listen to him. (Danny looks toward Jack . . . Then wakes up)

Back to gateroom.

GH: Major, What's your Status?

MAJOR: (Screaming ) (In a blizzard) We've launched the UAV, we're receiving telemetry now! But I have to tell you, Sir. It doesn't look good! This place is pretty nasty!

Shot goes to yummy shirtless shot of Teal'C putting coal from a wheelbarrel to a fire. Danny walks up to him. Teal'C has a bandage around where "Junior" Is.

DANNY: What happened?

TEAL'C: I was injured.

DANNY: When?

TEAL'C: Why are you speaking to me?

DANNY: I just thought . . . since, apparently, we're friends from way back, I just though that . . . what is that THING on your forehead?

TEAL'C: A birthmark.

DANNY: A birthmark! (Sarcastically) You'd think I'd remember something like that.

TEAL'C: I don't know you.

DANNY: You said you did . . . (Walks over to the Jaffa) Last week during morning lineup.

TEAL'C: I wasn't here last week.

DANNY: You said we were friends, and you said we had to escape, and I'd like an explination.

TEAL'C: I said no such thing!

DANNY: All right. I'm obviously completely wrong about that.

TEAL'C: Yes. Don't talk to me again.

DANNY: Yeah, right. (Walks over to Kegan)

KEGAN: I told you to leave him alone!

DANNY: He was there, Kegan. You heard him. Why would he deny that?!

KEGAN: The nightsickness affects your mind.

DANNY: That doesn't explain the dreams I've had. Something is wrong here, Kegan. Somethings not ri . . .

KEGAN: Carlin -- It's bad enough he named you as part of his delusion. Now, if people hear you talking like this , there gonna think you're night sick.

DANNY: People?

KEGAN: Not that I would ever -- Carlin -

DANNY: No, no, no! Of course not. (Laughs) It's just a dream. (She puts her hand on his shoulder, then thru his hair, and back to his shoulder - lucky girl! Grab them muscles, girlfriend! OK! I'll stop now!)

Shot goes to a domed city surrounded by ice.

CALDER: (To Brenna) Why didn't the memory stamp work on Teal'C?

BRENNA : I'm sure it was the creature his species has within him. We've stamped him again. This time it seems to be holding.

CALDER: What about the other?

BRENNA: They're all proven to be excellent workers. In fact, Therra has some ideas for improving the plant.

CALDER: Therra?

BRENNA: The personality we've stamped Major Carter with.(She gives him the papers.) We've been having problems with pressure, she suggested an automated release valve. If we didn't have to regulate the pressure manually, we'd free up workers for other tasks.

CALDER: (Sarcastically) Maybe one day she could increase productivity to the point where we don't even need workers.

BRENNA: What would be so wrong with that?

CALDER: (BOY is he a sarcastic one! ) Nothing. I'm sure they'd fit right in. Of course, they don't even know the city exists.

BRENNA: We could tell them.

CALDER: That they've been lied to all their lives? And how would the people of the city react? When there was lest to go around, and they had to make room for --- workers? Right now, in our city, Brenna, we have no crime. No unemployment ---

BRENNA: But---

CALDER: They're happy--- where they are. That's what the stamp assures. Do only what is necessary to guarantee uninterrupted power.

BRENNA: Yes, Administrator ---

Sam knocks on the door to Brenna's office.

SAM: Have you had a chance to look over my plans yet? I'd like to get started ---

BRENNA: We can't do the improvements.

SAM: But, you said ---

BRENNA: No, they would require the generators to be offline too long. If they begin to freeze we might not be able to get them started again.

SAM: I agree there's some risk ---

BRENNA: Too much risk.

SAM: Well, OK! What about my other ideas?

BRENNA: I'm sorry. This plant is all that stands between us and the ice. Uninterrupted production is more important than efficientcy. You may return to work.

SAM: Brenna, I know you were excited about this, what happened?

BRENNA: Well, I've thought it over.

SAM: At least let me come up with a safer way ---

BRENNA: Therra --- please leave.

SAM: It's my honor to serve. (She leaves) (Later to Jack) It's not like I'm making this up off the top of my head! I've got a detailed plan including the safeguards.

JACK: I'm sure she knows that.

SAM: I could make a difference here! She won't even let me.

JACK: (He walks toward her) Just go back to her in a couple days, offer something small. Maybe you gotta work into the big stuff.

SAM: How do you stay so calm?

JACK: I think in another life, I handled dangerous explosives. I don't know.

SAM: (Smiles) What do you mean in another life?

JACK: I don't mean anything by it. Just an expression, isn't it? (She shrugs her shoulders)

Back to gateroom. Men are coming thru the gate dressed in heavy coats.

GH: Major?

MAJOR (The one from the first ones): I'm sorry sir, there's no sign of them.

GH: I understand. You and your team have been out there a long time.

MAJOR: No, Sir. When I says there's no sign , I mean literally, not a trace!

GH: What are you saying, Major?

MAJOR: I can't imagine what scientific reason Major Carter or Doctor Jackson would have to want to check out those ice fields. Even if they wanted to go up there, there's no way in Hell Colonel O'Neill would have let them.

GH: According to Administrator Calder --- Colonel O'Neill believed the risk was acceptiable.

MAJOR: I can't speak for that, Sir, I'm not a diplimat.

GH: Off the record ---

MAJOR: They're not out there, Sir. No way!

GH: Administrator Calder says they are.

MAJOR: Then I'd say he's a damn lier!

GH nods his head and motions for the major to pass by him. (I guess dismissing him) He looks pissed!

Kegan is putting water on her neck.

DANNY: Kegan, I need to ask you something. How did I get here?

KEGAN: What do you mean how'd you get here? You were transferred from the mines.

DANNY: No, before that.

KEGAN: (Scoffs) Before?


KEGAN: You don't remember?

DANNY: I keep --- thinking about it, and all I come up with is a handful of memories.

KEGAN: What is this about, anyway?

DANNY: I'm just wondering if Jona and Therra were ever my friends.

KEGAN: Friends ---

DANNY: Maybe I don't recognize them because it was years ago ---

KEGAN: They are just trying to get close to Brenna so that they could get special treatment. Especially Therra.

DANNY : Look, all I'm saying ---

KEGAN: All I'm saying --- is that if you're friends with those two --- you're not mine.

Danny watches her walk away. Nice shoulders on that boy. OK! I'll stop!

Next shot goes to Teal'C turning a valve. He looks sick.. (MMN! Nice muscle action shot when he's turning the valve) He faints. The pressure gauge is showing a rise.Two men come to help.

MAN: Pressure's too high! Pipes are hot!

SECOND MAN: We're too late! This whole section's gonna blow! Help me get him out of here!

First man pulls the whistle. The 2 men drag Teal'C out.

SAM: What's going on?

MAN: Pressure overload.

SAM: We've gotta fix it!

MAN: It's too late. We have to evacuate.

Danny walks up.

DANNY: What's happening?

SAM: If that boiler blows, it'll take this whole section with it. Now, I can shut it off from here, but somebody's gotta get back there and open the primary release valve.

KAGEN: Carlin!

DANNY: Get these people out of here!

KAGEN: Get out of here! CLOSE THIS SECTRIION!!!!!!!!!!

Jack is trying to move lever with his hands. It's too hot.

DANNY: Here! (Danny & Jack bang on lever with poles) They release the pressure.

JACK: Hey! (They bond, Hold hands, touch hand --- you know!)

TEAL'C: (Lying in a bed )< To Brenna > I must return to my duties.

BRENNA: (Holding him down) I want you to rest! Stay here until I say you're well enough to work. (To the rest of SG-1) As for you 3, we all owe you a debt of gratitude. You risked your lives to save the plant.

DANNY & SAM: It is my honor to serve.

JACK: Right.

BRENNA: If it hadn't been for your quick action, many lives would have been lost.

SAM: Next time will be different.

BRENNA: Hopefully, there won't be a next time.

SAM: If you had listened to me in the first place ---

BRENNA: (Stern voice) Therra! (Jack looks @ Sam) You're dismissed.

Sam leaves. Jack gives Brenna a dirty look and leaves.

JACK: Next time, don't hold back. You know, just - speak your mind.

SAM: She knows I'm right!

DANNY: There's something else going on. (The 3 look around) The big nightsick guy with the uh --- (Points to forhead)

SAM: Tor.

DANNY: (Still looking around) He said we were part of something called SG-1.

JACK: Yeah, what is that?

SAM: A team?

JACK: What kind of a name is that for a team?

DANNY: I don't know. Look I just think I'm supposed to be doing something more important.

SAM: We're helping our people survive an ice age.

JACK What could be more important than that?

DANNY: I don't know. Look, I just have this feeling that all of us are part of some bigger, grander thing.

JACK: (Looks @ Sam, who looks @ him) Well, I certinally understand what you're talking about.

DANNY: You do?


DANNY: Look, I don't know how to explain this, but I had this --- dream. You were in it.


DANNY: There was this big --- glowing --- puddle.

JACK: OK! Just stop talking right now!

SAM: Wait a second , Jona. I had the same dream.

JACK: Would you two stop talking like that, for cryin' out loud? (Sam and Danny both look @ Jack funny) (Noticing their looks, he says) It's an expression, right?

DANNY: Look, we can't talk right now, let's meet after lights out. (He leaves leaving Jack and Sam to look @ each other shrugging their shoulders.)

Next shot - yummy, ladies, Danny in bed. He gets up. Jack is sitting on the ground when he arrives at the same time as Sam.

DANNY: So ---

SAM: So?

DANNY: Did you have the same dream?

JACK: About you?

SAM: NO, About the shimmering circle of water.

JACK: No. My dreams are about --- (looks at Sam) other things.

DANNY: Tor said we had to escape. He also said we had to remember. Remember what?

JACK: Well, I remember when I was a foreman, anyone caught doing what we're doing right now, had their rations cut in half for a month.

SAM: We'll have to risk it.

DANNY: What if our memories have been somehow altered?

SAM: Well, if that's true, then we can't be sure of anything.

JACK: My memory's fine.

DANNY: (Sarcastically) Really?

JACK: Yeah.

DANNY: What did you do in the mines?

JACK: (Sarcastically) I mined.

DANNY: No, What did you DO?

JACK: I remember shoveling ore into a cart.


JACK: I did that a lot.

Jack and Danny look at each other confused.

SAM: I remember a feeling of cold and darkness.

DANNY: And that's where the 2 of you met?

JACK: Yeah.

SAM: (Looks at Jack) Really?

JACK: (Looks back) Sure. (Sam Thinks --- hard) (To Danny) So, what's this important thing we're supposed to be doing?

DANNY: I told you. I don't know. I keep trying to remember, but all I come up with are images of this place.

SAM: But if you're right, then everything we remember about this place is a lie.

DANNY: Yeah, like a façade. It only works if we don't dig too deep beneath the surface, if we don't question it. So, that's what we have to do. We have to question everything, every assumption.

SAM: We have to keep this to ourselves. If the others heard us talking this way, they'd think we were night sick.

JACK: What if We ARE night sick!

SAM: I don't think so, SIR.

DANNY: What?

SAM: What?

DANNY: You just called Jona 'Sir'.

SAM: ( picks up her head, and looks at Jack. Jack raises his eyebrows.) Well, it's an expression --- isn't it?

Next shot, the control room. GH's looking down onto the empty gate.

JANET: Sir --- I have those medical reports we were waiting for. Major Griff did suffer some minor frostbite, but the rest of his team is fine.

GH: Thank you, Doctor.

JANET: (Walks over to GH) Any word from the planet?

GH: I spoke to Administrator Calder about that . He regretfully informed me that his search of the city turned up nothing.

JANET: So, that's it?

GH: Short of going to war, all we can do is break off diplomatic relation. I'm not artherized to do that just yet.

JANET: I take it they have something we want?

GH: They're quite advanced in mettallergical and chemical technologies.

JANET: We must have something they want, or they wouldn't've proposed trade.

GH: Stargate technology. Gate addresses.

JANET: Oh, I understand that. They're surrounded by ice.

GH: Far as I'm concerned, they need us a hell of a lot more than we need them. Apparently Adm. Calder doesn't seem to think so. I think he likes things just the way they are.

JANET: Doesn't leave you with many options, does it, Sir?

GH: No, it doesn't. Which is why I've asked Major Griff to draw up covert search and rescue plans.

JANET: Well, if you're looking for volunteers ---

GH: Thank you, Doctor. I'll keep that in mind.

Next shot goes to Kagen smiling as she puts the slop in Danny's bowl. Jack and Sam are eating. Danny gives Sam his bread. (Awww, what a gentleman! )

JACK: Anymore dreams?

DANNY: I saw that pool of light again, except this time we were all there. Including TOR.

JACK: I dreamed about mining --- naked. (Puts the slop on bread in his mouth.) (Sam looks at Jack)

DANNY: Therra?

SAM: Um --- a lot of numbers and letters keep popping into my mind. SG-1, DHD, GDO ---

DANNY: Sounds like gibberish to me.

SAM: Well, it must mean something.

JACK: Excuse me? (To a man eating from a white bowl. Motions for the man to switch bowls with him. Man's bowl is empty. They switch, man starts eating Jack's food.)

SAM: Jona? (Jack's looking at the upside down bowl)

JACK: (Puts bowl on desk) That means something.

SAM: What is it?

JACK: I don't know yet. (Jack remembers being in Calder's office looking out at the DOMED city.) Very impressive. (Shot goes back to bowl, and Jack's confused look.)

Danny puts his plate in tray.

KEGAN: I see you've made some new friends.

DANNY: Yeah.

KEGAN: Carlin ---

DANNY: I'm sorry, Kegan. (She looks distressed as he walks away)

Shot goes to our favorite Jaffa laying on his back. (yummy)

MAN: I don't understand, his condition's getting worse. Let me check his wound. (He reaches for the bandage covering 'Junior', and Brenna grabs his hand)

BRENNA: Under no circumstasnce are you to remove those bandages. Just make sure he continues to eat and drink. (Teal'C is sweating. The man leaves to check another man, and Teal'C opens his eyes! Uh-oh! He looks around, kinda smirks, then starts to remove his bandage!)

Jack and Sam are sitting next to each other on the floor. His hands are crossed in front of him, hers are hugging her knees.

JACK: I remember something. (She looks @ him) There's a man. He's bald and wears a short- sleeved shirt, and somehow he's very important to me. I think his name is Homer.

SAM: Doesn't ring a bell.

JACK: You?

SAM: Just a lot of vague images.

Jack looks away from her, and smiles a nervous smile. She looks up at him, and puts her head on his shoulder.

SAM: You know, there are things about this place that I like.

JACK: (Looks at her) Really?

She looks back and smiles slightly. He kinda puts his head up and looks into space with his mouth open. There's no words, but it looks like he says "OH!" He looks back down on her face, she's looking away.

JACK: (10 seconds later) Would it mean anything if I told you I remember something else?

SAM: What?

JACK: Feelings.

SAM: Feelings?

JACK: I remember feeling --- feelings.

SAM: (Smiles) For me?

JACK: No, for TOR. (Sam Laughs, and shifts her head to rest closer to him) I don't remember much, but I DO remember that.

SAM: So---

JACK: So--- I'm just saying. (She looks up at his face, he look away)

SAM: (Looking away) Well, then I feel better. (They both look very confused)

Shot goes to beautiful shot of the doamed city at night.

BRENNA: (To Calder) For some reason, TOR seems to be having an adverse reaction to the memory stamp. I-I think he may ne dying.

CALDER: Workers die. What about his friends?

BRENNA: I've received a report. They are gathering together in secret. Administrator, I think they are starting to remember. Their brain chemistry is slightly different than ours --- that could be the reason. But we can restamp them.

CALDER: No. No, I think it's time they found out what it's like out side.

BRENNA: All they really did was disapprove of our treatment of the workers.

CALDER: No, NO! No, they did much more than disapprove. They passed judgement on us, Brenna. I'm simply doing the same.

BRENNA: Yes, Sir.

CALDER: Brenna, if for some reson, you can comply with my orders -

BRENNA: It's my honor to serve, Administrator.

CALDER(Smiles) Yes, it is. (He turns and looks out the window to the city)

Shot goes to Jack waking up and looking at the white bowl. He puts it down on the bed, and looks at it upside down. The city appears in it. Flashback .

JACK( His clothes suddenly change from the thick shirt that he's been wearing to the YUMMY! Black shirt) Very impressive. (Indeed! ) Too bad, it's a lie! (OOPS! He forgot to shave before that scene! I don't think GH let him out with the stubble on his face! ) [ OK! Moving on!]

CALDER: I don't understand.

JACK: While we were on the grand tour, Carter spotted some ventilation shafts coming out of apparently no where. We checked it out.

CALDER: You were supposed to stay with your escort.

JACK: Yeah. I see how you wouldn't want out siders to know about your little slave labor forse underground.

CALDER: They are merely workers.

JACK: And what made them so worthy of that?

CALDER: Colonel ---

JACK: Administrator --- I will NOT recommend trade with a culture that enslaves it's own people. I don't care what technology you have to offer.

CALDER: This system of government has allowed our culture to survive an ice age.

JACK: Tell me --- what's the secret? Starvation? Fortune? What?

CALDER: Our methods are quite --- civilized.

JACK: (Sarcastically, and looking so good with the stubble) Really?!

CALDER: Yes. In fact, I'll show you.

Buzzer sounds waking Jack up. He puts the bowl under his pillow. He walks over to Sam.

JACK: (TOUCHING HER HAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Therra, I think I know what's going on.

MAN: Jona, Therra. Report to Brenna's quarters.

MAN WHO WAS LOOKING AFTER TEAL'C: What is it? (As another 2 men are moving Teal'C) What are you doing.

ONE OF THE MOVERS: We've got orders to take him to Brenna's room. (Medic man finds bandages that were over 'Junior' and looks at it confused.)

BRENNA: Put him down over there. (Movers pick him up and put him on the bed) You're dismissed.

SAM: What's the matter with him?

BRENNA: He's dying.

DANNY: Kel'No'Reem!

JACK: What?

DANNY: I'm not sure what it means, but I think -

JACK: It's a kind of meditation. He has to do it every day, or he gets sick. Right?

SAM: So-So, why doesn't he do it?

JACK: Because he can't remember.

BRENNA: Colonel O'Neill is correct. As you've begun to suspect, all of you have had your memories altered. You are Major Samantha Carter, Doctor Daniel Jackson, and your friend here is named Teal'C.

JACK: Where does Homer fit in?

BRENNA: You were all they sent down. At first, I thought it was necessary to protect the city. Now things have gone too far. You don't belong here. You need to return to your own world. Your memories will come back more quickly once you are home.

JACK: Home?

BRENNA: Yes, thru there.

She opens door to Adm. Calder and some goons with guns.

BRENNA: Adm. Culder!

CALDER: Brenna, I must say I'm disappointed. But not surprised. See, I've been watching you grow weaker for some time now.

BRENNA: I've been coming to my sences.

CALDER: Either way, you're no longer of any use to me. (He shoots her in the shoulder) As for the rest of you, (The goons have their guns on SG-1 minus Teal'C) It's time you found out (Teal'C rises!!!!) what the surface of this planet is really like.

Goon see Teal'C and turns. Teal'C hits him in the face. This makes Calder turn his head, Danny grabs the gun from Culder and hits him in the stomach. Jack backhands second goon. Calder falls from Danny's punch. First goon gets thrown against wall courtacy of Teal'C looking oh so yummy in a muscle shirt! Jack gets gun and points it at Culder's head! (WHOO! I feel like the commentators on Nitro calling out the wrestling moves! That was fun!)

Sam goes put her arms around Brenna. Teal'C walks up to Jack.

JACK: Teal'C? You all right?

TEAL'C: I am.

DANNY: What happened?

TEAL'C: When I removed my bandages, and realized I was unlike the rest of you, I began to remember. I placed myself in a deep state of Kel'No'Reem for the night, and my symbiote restored me back to health.

SAM: Brenna should be all right if we can get her to the uh ---

JACK: Infirmary.

SAM: Right.

CALDER: You'll never make it back to the stargate.

JACK: You know something? We've got you as a hostage. I don't see a problem.

DANNY: Jona ---

JACK: Jack!

DANNY: Right! We can't. We have to tell these people what's happening.

JACK: Yep, you're right.

Jack gets up, and forses Calder to rise as well. They go out to the platform.

JACK: Everybody! Can I have your attention please? I'd like to introduce you to someone. This man has been keeping you locked up down here, while he and his friends live it up on the surface!

KEGAN: What are you talking about?

CALDER: Don't listen to them! They shot Brenna! It's true!

JACK: Listen to me! There is a big Domed city up there full of people YOU serve! They've been hiding it from you your entire lives!

KEGAN: It's a lie!

DANNY: He's telling the truth, Kegan!

CALDER: You can't let them get away!

KEGAN: Who are you?

JACK: That's a good question!

CALDER: My name is Calder. I was a supervisor in the mines before my transfer.

JACK: (Quietly) Yeah, whatever. (Yelling) YOU WANT PROOF?!?!?!?!?! ( He looks up @ the skylite.)

KEGAN: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Jack shoots the skylight . The glass falls down and SUNLIGHT shines thru on all the workers!) (Kegan smiles as the warm sunbeam lights up her face) (Sam looks at Jack smiling)

JACK: No ice --- no snow!

CALDER: You've accomplished nothing! These people will never be accepted in the city.

JACK: I think you're right about that.

DANNY: That's why we're gonna offer them a better place.

JACK: There's this nice little tropical planet out there. Where the beaches go on --- forever. This I remember clearly. You and your people can do your own shoveling for a while.

CALDER: You're destroying a way of life.

JACK: That's ashame. Teal'C? Wanna show these people how to get out of here?

BRENNA: Ah, it hurts!

SAM: I know. Try not to move it were gonna take you home with us.

BRENNA: Thank you. (Danny walks her out)

SAM: So --- Colonel ---

JACK: (Looks @ her for a few seconds) Major.

SAM: (Smiles) That bald man you were trying to remember?

JACK: General Hammond.

SAM: Right.

JACK: He's from Texas, you know. It's all coming back.

SAM: Yes, Sir.

JACK: (Smile drops from face, and he looks down.) Sir --- (He looks up at her)

She smiles and nods her head. He looks down and then back up into her eyes.

JACK: Let's go home.

SAM: (Smiles and nods again) Yes, Sir.

They walk out.

Source : Stargate Fusion
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