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Point of No Return

We begin with a shot from below of Sam pouring water in a glass.

SAM: Does anyone know what this meeting's all about?

DANNY: No, but I hope it's important. I was working on translating the cuniform tablet we found on P3O-255.

SAM: I still have to finish recalabrating MALP 3-K sensors for long-term reconngnisses on P5X-3D7.

TEAL'C: I was unable to complete my Kel'No'Reem.

JACK: (Laying on his arms) I was just about to do something important.

GH: (Walking in) All right, people. As you were. We have ourselves a situation. Early this morning, at approximately 04:00 hours, the base switchboard received the following call ---

GH Switches the tape recorder on.

MAN: (From the TR) Hello. This is a message for Colonel Jack O'Neill and anyone else who's listening. I know this call's being monitored, but don't bother to set up a trace. I'm at a phone booth in Butte, Montana, and I'll be long gone before your black-ops teams can get here. You're not dealing with an amateur. I know all about Roswell, (Jack kinda rolls his eyes here.) And the Kennedy cover-ups, and the --- (GH begins to FF tape.)

GH: He goes on like that for a while.(GH stops tape)

MAN: (Continuing on TR) ---and the C.I.A.-sanctioned Microwave harassment, and the --- (GH Continues to FF tape) (Danny raises his eyebrows in I would say boredome)

GH: Quite a while.

MAN: (After more FF ding) --- And the Lizard people. (A smile slowly creeps across Jack's face! He's so cute!) (Here, seeing Jack grin, Sam tries to hide a smile by looking next to her at Danny, Danny looks at Jack) But the point is, none of these compare with your little secret, Colonel. I'm talking about a large circular object, discovered in Egypt, currently residing at the bottom of a missle silo under Cheyenne Mountain. I believe you call it the stargate. Now that I've gotten your attention, I want to meet --- tomorrow, 11 A.M. at the New Cloverleaf Restaurant in Billings, and Colonel, come alone. (GH stops recorder)

JACK: Interesting. (Sam and Danny share glances)

TEAL'C: It would appear base security has been breached.

GH: I want to know who this man is. I want to know how he got his information, and I want to know who he's been talking to. You leave in half an hour.


Next shot goes to the diner. Jack is tapping his fingers nervously, and impatiently on the table. A man walks up to him. The shot pans his clothing. He has nice dress shoes on with gray dress pants, blue dress shirt, with a tan jacket. He's pretty well dressed. He's a balding man with big blue eyes , and thick glasses.

MAN: Colonel O'Neill?

JACK: (Looking up) Yeah?

MAN: Sorry I'm late. I think I was followed. (Looks around)

JACK: (Also looks around) Ya sure?

MAN: Yeah. But don't worry. I managed to loose 'em.

JACK: Very professional. (Man looks around) What's your name?

MARTIN: You can call me Martin.

JACK: (Looking very yummy in a green civy shirt) OK, Martin. (MMN! Love the gray hair!) What's this about?

MARTY: (Not to be confused with another Marty who was a Tok'Ra!) If you don't mind, Before we get started ---

Jack watches as Marty gets up and stands next to him. He has something that looks like a cellular phone in his hands. Jack rises.

MARTY: (Passing the cell-phone looking thingy over Jack's body) Just like to check you for transmitters. (OH! NO! Oh, to be that transmitter! OOPS, I said it!)

JACK: Okay ---

MARTY: You're clean. You understand, a man in my position has to take precautions.

JACK: Yeah. You never know who's listening.

While the following conversation is going on, the Shot goes to Teal'C dressed as a short order cook, white hat and all, turning the check console in the kitchen to reveal a small hidden camera!

MARTY: Exactly! I don't know about you, but I always feel like I'm being watched.

JACK: Come on, Martin. Let's get to it, what's going on here?

MARTY: You know as well as I do, Colonel.

JACK: I don't.

Shot goes to the camera's prespective of the diner.

SAM: OK, Here we go. (Typing) We've got a driver's licence. We should be able to find him.

DANNY: You know, I've never been on a stakeout before. Shouldn't we have like donuts or something. (Takes a sip of his coffee)
MARTY: A top secret government program involving instantaneous travel to other Solar Systems, by means of a device known as a stargate.

JACK: Sounds like a good idea for a TV show. If you're into that sort of thing.

MARTY: Colonel, let's not play games. If it isn't true, then why would you come all this way?

JACK: OK. The truth, there is a top-secret government program called project Stargate.

MARTY: I Knew It!

JACK: But it has nothing to do with space travel.

MARTY: What does it have to do with?

JACK: Magnets.

MARTY: What the hell is that supposed to mean?!

JACK: Nope, I've already said too much.

MARTY: Colonel, you're not taking this seriously.

JACK: No, I'm not.

MARTY: I need help.

JACK: Why? What seems ---

MARTY: I have to go thru the star gate!

JACK: Marty, I don't ---

MARTY: No, I mean it. I've come to realize that I don't belong here. For the longest time, I was obsessed with all those --- (Jack shifts his eyes toward Teal'C who just looks at Jack) --- Alien conspiracies --- crop circles, cow mutilations, the Apollo cover-up.

JACK: I thought the lunar landings were a hoax.

MARTY: No, that was the story created by the government to direct attention away from the real cover-up. Everybody knows that! Anyway, one day, I'm online, and I find this conspiracy chat room, and they're talking about something called the star gate. Most of it was disimformation , but the word "Stargate" stuck in my head. It triggered what I later realized was an oppressed memory. You see, Colonel O'Neill, the truth is, I'm not just interested in outer space --- I'm FROM outer space.

JACK: (Looking @ him with no expression) Check, please!

Next shot is Danny looking over the driver's shoulder to the diner from the van.

SAM: We've got something. (Danny walks to the back of the van) (Pointing to the computer screen.) That's him, Martin Lloyd, brown hair, hazel eyes. (Typing) (Mug shot comes up) Looks like he's got a criminal record. He was arrested for protesting outside a TV station. He said subliminal advertising was controlling his thoughts.

DANNY: (Raises his eyebrows) Do you have a current address?

SAM: Yeah, I could get the prescription of his glasses if I wanted. (More typing)

MARTY: So, you still don't believe me?! I'm an Alien!

JACK: **Sighs** You look pretty human to me. **Smiles**

MARTY: No --- what I believe, is that thousands of years ago, people were taken from earth, maybe as part of some experiament, maybe as slaves, who knows. But the point is, there are entire civilizations up there descending >from those original humans.

JACK: Now, that's just crazy talk!

MARTY: Want proof?! (Stops when waitress brings check) I can give you proof. I can show you my ship.

JACK: Look, Marty, I'm a busy man. And you don't strike me as any great threat to national security --- (He stops when he see's the check. It says WE'VE GOT HIS ADDRESS, STALL HIM! On it. He also ordered a Cherry pie which costed $2.00 and a coffee which costed $.75 for a total of $2.75! What's his thing with pie??!?!?) But, as you know, it never hurts to be thorough. So, show me. (Marty nods, and gets up. Jack rolls his eyes, and gets up)

Shot goes to wooded area with a nice stream.

MARTY: It's just over the next ridge. The ship's supposed to be buried, but I know exactly where it is.

JACK: (Looking exceptionally yummy in leather jacket!) Marty --- what makes you think you can trust me with all this?

MARTY: I can't explain it Colonel, I just have a gut feeling. We have something in common.

JACK: Well, that's very flattering, but I'm not an alien.

MARTY: I KNOW that! Something else.

JACK: (Quietly) Right.

MARTY: Up here.

Next shot goes to Sam's shoes getting out of the car. I knew it was her by the way she walks. Sam really looks great! She has black shoes with a buckle on them, denim pants, and jacket, and a pink or salmon colored turtle neck sweater.

SAM: This is it. (As they walk up to the house)

DANNY: Nice place! (Sam knocks on the door)

SAM: Hello?! (She looks @ Danny and shakes her head.) (She proceeds to pick the lock! Man, that girl got skills!) (They walk in the house. It has all kinda alien stuff in it!) Oh, Boy!

DANNY: Something tells me we don't need to worry about this guy.

SAM: Except for the fact he happens to be very close to the truth. (She walks up too --- IS THAT THOR?!?!?!?!?!?! Sorry! It's a statue that looks just like the Asgards.) He looks familiar!

Space noise is heard. Sam looks toward Teal'C who is playing with a toy laser gun.

TEAL'C: (Dead seriously!) It would appear this weapon is ineffective. (Sam smiles)

Danny opens some blinds. Then he looks thru some cabinets. Opens up another cabinet to reveal it's FULL of prescription bottles!

DANNY: Oh, Hello! Sam, you're gonna wanna --- take a look @ this! (Sam walks over to Danny, you can still hear the sounds of the toy gun!)

SAM: Whoh, that's quite a collection! Tranqualizers, antidepressants, Antipsycotics. Looks like our friend here has been treated for a number of different psychotic problems.

DANNY: Yeah, why doesn't that surprise me?

JACK: (Walking thru woods with Marty) Marty, we've been walking around for the last half hour!

MARTY: I don't understand it! The clearing where I landed should be around here somewhere.

JACK: How do ya loose a spaceship?

MARTY: Well, my memory isn't so good. Sometimes, I get a little confused. I think it might be the medication.

JACK: Yeah, well, there ya go. Hey, listen,(Grabs Marty's arm to stop his walking) I'm gone back to the car.

MARTY: NO! Wait! You can't --- please --- It's around here somewhere. I know it is!

JACK: Marty, listen to me! There IS no spaceship! You're NOT an alien!

MARTY: You don't understand!

JACK: I get that a lot. (Marty bows his head) Come on. I'll drive you back to town.

Danny's reading a journal.

SAM: Find anything?

DANNY: Oh, yeah. It's a diary. (Reading from Journal) Um --- April 12 Someone has gone thru my garbage. Suspect CIA. Must take precautions. May 2: Comb missing. Suspect CIA has stolen it to aquire genetic identification. (Sam rolls her eyes and walks away) Uh --- June 26: Comb found behind dresser Disposed of it in case of Tampering, bought new comb 39 cents (Sam's walking around as Danny talks) @ shopmart. I'm telling you this is a complete waste of time. He has paranoid delusions. (Sam looks into Thor, uh --- I mean the sculpture of the Roswell greys)

Sounds of Motor Whirring. Shot goes to a TV monitor with Sam on it.

MAN: What have we got?

MAN #2: Activity in the house.

MAN: Looks like Martin's got visitors.

MAN # 2: That's not all. See the big guy? Watch what happens when I get a thermo scan. (OH! Well! Look at Junior! ) Definitely not human.

Back @ base, Janet knock on a door.

GH: Come in.

JANET: Sir, I have the results of the tests done on the medication that Major Carter took from Martin's house. (She hands him the report)

GH: That was fast.

JANET: Preliminary analysis was done in a Montana lab. They faxed it over. There are some anomalies.

GH: Meaning?

JANET: Several unidentifiable chemicals were present. I believe that the drugs may have been tampered with.

GH: For what purpose?

JANET: I can't say. I mean for all we know, the medications may be the cause of his delusions.

GH: I'll mention that to Colonel O'Neill.

JANET: The name of the psychiatrist who prescribed the drugs was on the label.

PSYCHIATRIST: I must say, your phone call piqued my curiosity. I don't often get requests for information from the military!

SAM: Well, this concerns a particular patient of your , Martin Lloyd.

PSYCHIATRIST: Oh, I see. Of course, you understand that doctor/patient privilidge prohibits me from discussion case history of a client.

SAM: This is a matter of National Security, Doctor Tanner. The privilidge doesn't exist in this case.

DR. TANNER: National security involving MARTIN! (Chuckles) I find that hard to believe!

DANNY: Why do you say that?

DR. TANNER: Let's put it this way, people like Martin sometimes compensate for their feelings of insignificance by creating elabrate fantasies in which they are the center and focas of all the attention. These people are usually harmless, although they may try and draw others into their illusions. That's what's happened here.

Some Alien movie is on TV. A machine is whirling, and humming?? Is heard! The machine stops. Teal'C walks up to Jack, and puts his big hand out. Jack reaches into his pocket, and takes out a handful of coins, and gives them to Teal'C! LOL! He puts a coin in the machine, and smile the biggest , teethiest, smile I have EVER seen! He lays down on the bed, which starts shaking . OH! MY GOD!!!! Guys! I THINK it's TEAL'C that's humming, because when the bed starts vibrating, the hums vibrate as well! Knock on the door.

MARTY: Colonel O'Neill! (Teal'C perks his head up) Colonel O'Neill, are you in there?

JACK: (Mutes TV, and walks to the door) Martin?

MARTY: Please! I have to see you!

Jack throw a hat @ Teal'C who is sitting up on the vibrating bed.

MARTY: Oh, good. You're here. You have no I dea how --- (He stops when he sees Teal'C laying on the bed) Who's he?

JACK: Um --- my friend --- Murrey. (Teal'C , still laying on the vibrating bed, waves)

MARTY: You trust him?

JACK: Oh, yeah!

MARTY: I guess it's OK.

JACK: Good, glad you're confortable.

MARTY: (Looking out of blinds, then closing them) Don't ya wanna know how I found you?

JACK: (Shaking his head no) Uh --- OK! (Said less than enthusiastic)

MARTY: (Struggling with the cheap cutains) In your car, I notice a map of the Sleep-Rite Motel Chain. I checked every one in town.

JACK: There's 2.

MARTY: I'm surprised a man in your position wouldn't take more precautions to maintain your cover.

JACK: I'm not undercover.

MARTY: (Locks door) You think I'm making this all up. Look at this. (He produces what appears to be a toothpick) (Teal'C , smiling on the still shaking bed, looks @ him)

JACK: (Sarcastic, monotone voice) (Taking the toothpick) Yes --- It all makes since now.

MARTY: I propped it up against the inside of my door. When I got home, it was on the ground, meaning --- someone was there.

JACK: If you prop it up against the inside of your door, how do you get out?

MARTY: Thru the window! You think I'm so stupid, I go out my own front door?!

Shot goes to a still smiling Teal'C on the still vibrating bed. It stops vibrating, and he sits up.

JACK: So, you leave the window unlocked?

MARTY: That's right. I put a hair on the inside of the window sill, and when that's gone when I ---

JACK: Marty!

MARTY: The point is, someone was there. They're after me. Help me, please! I'm running out of time.

JACK: (Annoyed??) What do you want?

MARTY: I wanna go home. You have to take me thru the stargate.

Back to Doctor's office...

DANNY: Dr. Tanner, it may be true that Martin is delusional, but there are still some unanswered questions here.

DR. TANNER: Such as?

DANNY: He seems to be taking a lot of medication.

DOCTOR: Only what is necessary.

Sam starts reciting various meds.

DOCTOR: Major, please! I don't have time to discuss pharmacology. This interview is over. (Getting up)

SAM: Doctor Tanner, we obtained samples of Martin's medication, apparently, the drugs have been tampered with.

DOCTOR: That's obserd! There must be some kind of mistake!

SAM: The tests were very thourough.

DOCTOR: I don't know anything about this. I mean, I just write the prescriptions! I don't MAKE the drugs!

SAM: We're not accusing you of anything! We're just looking for answers.

DOCTOR: You realize that this investigation is only gonna fuel Martin's paranoia!

SAM: We have no choice! Now we're gonna get to the bottom of this with or without your help.

DOCTOR: I --- don't know what else I could tell you.

DANNY: Does he have any friends, or relatives, anyone else?

Doctor gets up and looks in filing cabinet.

DOCTOR: This is his work address. (Writes it down and hands it to Sam) That's the best I can do.

MARTIN: I knew it would come to this! They'll do tests on me, they'll dissect me like one of those demented high school biology experiments ---

JACK: Marty!

MARTY: I'm never gonna get home! I wanna ---

JACK: SIT!!!! (Marty sits) Look, you gotta relax! Nobody's gonna do anything to ya, I promice! No, if --- and I stress the word IF --- there is such a thing, what makes you think your way home is thru this --- stargate?

MARTY: I---I,I,I--- I don't know! I get these Ideas. Flashes. It's a little confusing I don't even know for sure WHY I want to go it's just --- a, a feeling --- I'm somebody there. Like, like there's --- something important for me to do there, more important than anything I can do here. Can I have a glass of water?

JACK: Yeah. (Gets up, and goes to kitchenette and makes the water) (Marty digs in pocket for meds.) Let me see those. You should go easy on this ---

MARTY: But ---

JACK: Just for a while. Trust me.

MARTY: What about the symbols?

JACK: What symbols?

MARTY: It's one of the things I see in the flashes, there's 7 of em. I wrote them down. (Jack opens the paper to reveal 6 various symbols, with the earth symbol as the last symbol!) (He shows it to Teal'C)

Danny and Sam walk in the warehouse.

SAM: Hello?!

DANNY: This is the place?

SAM: Yeah. This is the address he gave us.

DANNY: But --- it doesn't look like anyone's place of work, there's --- no one here. (Sam turns around to guns pointed @ them.) (She puts her hands up)

SAM: Except for the guys with guns! (Sarcastically) (Danny turns)

MARTY:(In Rambling mode!) This is totally unfair! Just cause I'm from another planet, I don't have rights , I mean doesn't the Geneva convention protect extra terrestrials?!?!? I'll haveta remember to go online ---

JACK: Carter's not answering her phone.

TEAL'C: Should they not have contacted us by now?

JACK: Yep.

MARTY: You know, guys, it would be a really good idea if I took some of my medication now.

JACK: I don't think so.

MARTY: The thing is, ifI go too long without it, I tend to get a little nervous. No, really. (To Teal'C, who just gives him a stoic look --- You know the look, right?)

JACK: Marty, sit down. Let's talk about these symbols.

MARTY: They mean something, don't they?

JACK: Right now, I need you to think very carefully. Where did you see them?

MARTY: I told you, I have these visions. I don't know where they come from. Maybe it has something to do with my implant.

JACK: Implant?!

MARTY: They put an implant in my head. I always thought they were sending me symbols.

TEAL'C: (After Jack just stares @ Marty) To whom are you referring?

MARTY: You know --- them. The secret government. The New World Order, black helicopters, underground bases, don't you guys read the papers? (Teal'C appears to roll his eyes!)

JACK: Marty! (Holding his head like he has a headache) For GOD's Sake!

MARTY: You don't believe me. My neurolgist didn't believe me either,the implant is so small, it can't be read under normal ex-ray

JACK: (Looking at Teal'C) (Softly) This is going no where! I'm gonna go look for Carter and Daniel. (Handing him the meds) Keep an eye on him.

MARTY: Hey! Where ya goin'? (Jack leaves) (To Teal'C) Murrey --- (Teal'C gives him a threatening pair of eyes!) (He looks scared)

Next shot goes to Sam and Danny's feet tied to the chairs. Pan up, their hands are bound as well.

MAN: OK. Let's keep this simple! Who are you?

SAM: Who are you?

MAN: We're the guys with the guns, which means you answer OUR questions! So, once again --- who are you?

DANNY: I'm Doctor Daniel Jackson. This is Major Samantha Carter.

SAM: We're with the Air forse.

MAN: (You know from this angle , he sure looks a lot like Martouf!) Well, what are you doing here?

SAM: (Shakes head) Classified.

MAN: What do you know about Martin Lloyd?

SAM: (Acting dumb) Never heard of him.

MAN: Yesterday, you were conducting an illegal search in his house.

DANNY: (Joining in on the fun of acting dumb ) No, we weren't. (Martouf-looking man looks from Sam to Danny who raises his eyebrows)

SAM: So, who are you guys, really? CIA? NID?

MAN: (Looking back @ Sam) What do you know about Martin Lloyd?

Jack goes to the doctor's office, which is, surprisingly deserted!

Shot goes to Teal'C reading a tabloid paper, the whistle blower. The headline reads Headless Alien found in topless bar!

MARTY: (From bathroom) Can I come out yet?

TEAL'C: NO! (Marty closes door)

JACK: (Walking in) Psychiatrist's office was completely empty, like no one had ever been there.

TEAL'C: So, what now, O'Neill?

JACK: I got some people on it. Where's Marty?

TEAL'C: He became insistant in his demands for medication.

MARTY: (Knocking on door) Uh --- Murrey? Listen, uh --- I'm REALLY Sorry I tried to bite you, and I realize it was totally out of line , but I was wondering if I could come out now? Or I could just stay in here. That's good too. It's just, I'm getting a little dizzy.

JACK: I don't get it. How does a nut case like that get a set of gate coordinates? (A thud is heard) Marty? Martin! (Knocks) You all right? (He opens door) Oh! Crap! (Marty's laying on the floor) Marty?! Marty!!?! (Slaps his face) Come on, Marty!

TEAL'C: (Standing behind Jack) In hindsight, we should have given him his medication, O'Neill.

MARTY: Colonel! I remember where my ship is.

MAN: We know you were in Martin's house, because we got you on video. (Puts computer with picture of Teal'C on table.) What can you tell us about HIM?

DANNY: He's an associate.

MAN: Yeah, we know that! We also know that he's not from around here.

DANNY: Not from Montana?

MARTOUF LOOKING MAN: (Smiles) I think you know what I mean.

MARTY: We should have turned left @ the bottom of the ravine instead of turning right.

TEAL'C: Do you now believe Martin is correct about his spaceship?

JACK: (Sighs) No --- but he's the closes thing we've got to a lead on Carter and Daniel. (Motions for Teal'C to proceed him) After you, Murrey.

MARTY: This is it! I told you! (Running, while looking back at Jack and Teal'C) This is the clearing! The ship is around here somewhere! But, remember, it's buried, so keep you eyes open, and watch your step --- (He falls head over heels ) This is it! I KNEW it was here! (Marty, Jack, and Teal'C are digging) I knew it! I'm NOT crazy!

The air forse has set up camp to retrieve the ship.

SOLDIER: The material the object is made from is definatelly not terrestrial. I used Sonar to get the general size and shape, and I've enhanced the image by extrapolating the exposed portune. It should look something like this. (Screen shows craft with wings) Approximately 16 feet long by 10 feet wide.

MARTY: That's not right. It's too small! That can't be my ship.

JACK: There's another ship out there?

TEAL'C: Could it be an excape pod?

MARTY: That's it! There must be some kind of malfunction! We abandoned the ship, and came down in the pod!

JACK: We? There's MORE of you? How many more?

MARTY: I'm not sure.

SOLDIER: There can't be too many, Sir. Maybe 4 or 5 @ the most.

MARTY: All this time, I thought the government was watching me. What if it was the others?

TEAL'C: What would these others want?

MARTY: I don't know. Maybe they're afraid. They don't wanna be exposed.

TEAL'C: If that is the case, then these others may indeed be responsible for the disappearance of DanielJAckson and MajorCarter.

MARTOUF LOOKING MAN (MLM) : So, you're telling me, this man is an ordinary technical Sargent?

DANNY: I wouldn't say ordinary.

SAM: He's very good at what he does.

MLM: What's his area of expertise?

SAM: (Thinks) Speechwriter. (LOL!)

MLM: (Puts on thermal scanner --- OH! LOOK! It's Junior!) LOL!: What about this?

DANNY: (VERY Sarcastically) Oh, that's very good! Did you draw that yourself?!

SAM: What IS it?!

DANNY: (Still sarcastic) That --- That's a DUCK, isn't it?!

Another bad guy tells MLM something. He closes the lap top, and walks away.

DANNY: We'll just wait here.

MARTY: Our home world was under attack. We were sent here to find allies, then we realized you weren't advances enough to help up.

JACK: Well, we have our moments.

MARTY: The enemy was too powerful. They wanted to make us slaves. They wanted us to worship them like gods.

TEAL'C: (Looks @ Jack, who nods and motions toward Marty) The Goa'Uld.

MARTY: Yes, that's it!

JACK: Show him.

TEAL'C: The enemy of which you speak enslaved my people, murdered my father, and banished my wife and child from our people. I am branded with the symbol of this false god. (Takes off hat to reveal his gold serpant guard tattoo.)


SOLDIER: Colonel, (Teal'C quickly hides head under hat) We've completed the radiation sweep. We're ready to open the hatch.

JACK: All right. Let's do it!

MARTY: Wait, wait! You can't! The pod has remote sensors. If you penetrated the hull, they're gonna know about it.

TEAL'C: Perhaps this can be used to our advantage O'Neill.

SAM: I don't get this. These guys know what a symbiote is, but if they were really NID, they'd know that Teal'C isn't a security threat.

DANNY: I don't know. That's why I hate working for the government. Every department has it's own agenda, it's own little --- secrets!

MAN: Very true , Doctor Jackson. (Uh-Oh! If it isn't Doctor Tanner!)

DANNY: (Jack-like) OH! Yeah! Yep! Didn't see THAT one coming!

DR. TANNER(DT): I understand your reluctance to cooperate. In situations like this, information is on a need to know bases. The fact of the matter is --- we're running out of time. I'M Running out of patients. And I REALLY --- (Takes out some torture thing that looks a lot like a cow prod!) ---need to know.

DANNY: You're not a real doctor, are you?

DT nods his head. A beeper goes off.

MLM: Looks like the experiment's been discovered. What do we do?

DT: Get the van!

DANNY: (Looking exceptionally handsome with a BLUE shirt on! You know what blue does to his eyes, right?! Yum!) We're gone for a ride?

DT: Not exactly! (He preps a couple of needles)

MARTY: This is NOT a good idea --- did I mention this is not a good idea?! I don't really appreciate being used as bait.

JACK: (From van) Hang in there, Marty! And stop talking into your lapel.

MARTY: Oh, it's EASY for you guys, all nice and cozy back in your van eating your crullers and your bear claws. (You can see men approaching him in background) (Teal'C looks confused, Jack just shakes his head) I'm the one standing out here, risking my --- (Into lapel) We got company!

DT: I must say, Martin, this is very disappointing. You stopped taking your medication, didn't you?

MARTY: I'm not crazy, and you're not a psychiatrist. You see this? (Pointing @ ship) This is what brought us here. I remember now!

DT: Martin. You've really made a mess of things this time. (He presses a button, and the ship makes a humming sound, and lights up.)

MARTY: Nice van! What do you call that color? (Into lapel) KIND OF A GREYISH-GREEN, HUH?!?!?!

MAN: Just get in!

JACK: All right, they're moving.

MARTY: So, you're gonna drug me again?

DT: Well, obviously, that didn't work. (Takes remote out of pocket) I'm afraid we're gonna have to take more drastic measures.

MARTY: You're not gonna kill me? You know how many people know about this, now? What about Major Carter and Doctor Jackson? Are you gonna kill all of us?

DT: We're gonna do what we have to do.

MARTY: This isn't right. I know you. I know all of you. We were on this ship together. We're soldiers, not murderers. That's why you drugged me in the first place.

DT: Martin---

MARTY: It's not too late. Our people are at war. They need us.

DT: Martin, I hate to see you like this. You're my best agent.

MARTY: I was never any kind of agent! You're just saying that because you think I'm bugged!

DT: Well, aren't you?

MARTY: NO! Of course not! The government agency thing, was just a cover. (Infered shot of target moving on road) We're all really Aliens , right?

DT: With all the secretcy, and all the lies, you can get confused.

MARTY: Who's confused! I know who I am! Why are you guys doing this? Why can't you just admit it? We can all just go home! THEY HAVE A STARGATE!

JACK: They've stopped. Get to them! (He cocks his gun)

Van and special ops crews arrive @ the warehouse.

JACK: (To driver of van) Seal off the area. No one in or out. (Jack and Teal'C go in the warehouse, while the special ops teams stay outside.) (He walks towards Sam and Danny, Sam is stirring) (Whispering) Carter?

SAM: (Groggy) Sir?

JACK: (Walking over to Sam, and grabbing her arm) You all right? (Digs in his pocket, she nods yes) (Danny begins to wake up)

Teal'C has come around the van. Shot goes to his face thru the dirty glass. He opens door, Marty is grunting. His mouth is bound with duct tape.

MARTY: Oh, Murrey! Am I glad to see you! Oh ---

JACK: Where are your friends?

MARTY: I'm not sure.

JACK: (Into radio) Sargent? Any sign of the targets?

SARGENT : (Thru radio) Negative , Sir!

JACK: They just disappeared?

MARTY: They're Aliens, right? I got evidence. Look.

JACK: What's that?

MARTY: A mobile computer device. I snuck it out of Tanner's bag. It has multible functions, see? (It's beeping) Uh-Oh!

JACK: What?

MARTY: Guys, we'd better get out of here. This thing is counting down!!!!!

JACK: (Running out of the building) CLEAR THE AREA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Cool from the bottom shot of Marty, Sam and Jack diving onto the cement) (After they land, and NOTHING happens) Well?

MARTY: That's weird! I'm sure this is a countdown for some sort of detination!

GREAT shot of Ship blowing up, creating a creater.

Shot of the chevrons locking.

MARTY: Exactly! This is just like I remembered!

SAM: Chevron 7 is locked!

DANNY: He was right! It's an active gate.

SAM: Sending the MALP thru.

MARTY: I remember EVERYTHING now! There WAS no malfunction!

JACK: What are you talking about?

MARTY: When we abandoned the ship, we did it deliberately. We were loosing the war. We're deserters. After a while, I realized what we'd done wrong, I wanted to go back home. But, the others were afraid.

JACK: So, they gave you the drugs?

MARTY: They're not --- bad guys. They're just hiding.

SAM: Receiving MALP telemetry.

MARTY: You're gonna hunt them down, aren't you?

JACK: Not me.

MARTY: But the military, the government?

JACK: I don't think anyone's gonna find them.

DANNY: GH Says you're a go.

MARTY: Really?

DANNY: Yeah , it's safe --- but, uh --- you're not gonna like it.

They go thru, and emerge on the other side. Everything is destroyed!

MARTY: They were right! If we'd gone back, we'd be dead now.

JACK: I'm sorry, Martin.

MARTY: So, now what?

JACK: We go home.

He begins dialing the gate ---


Source : Stargate Fusion
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