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Absolute Power

Abydos- SG1 and Kasuf are walking across the desert.

O'NEILL: Yeah Kasuf. About this voice that spoke to you?

KASUF: Yes. It spoke the name of my daughter, may she rest in peace. I'm not the only one who heard it. Many fear it is a sign that the Gods are returning.

O'NEILL: I thought we'd finally convinced you and your people that the Goa'uld were not Gods.

KASUF: I said many, not I. But it is easy to understand, in the days of Ra when he returned from a journey, a great storm would blow through the desert.

O'NEILL: It's just wind. Wind happens.

CARTER: We're talking about a wind that blew out of an active Stargate.

DANIEL: And formed a sandstorm.

KASUF: You forget it said the name Sha're.

O'NEILL: Ahh well it's not like a burning bush or anything.

KASUF: I have seen many bushes burn.

O'NEILL: Spose you have.

KASUF: It is not far now.

KASUF: Here.

DANIEL: There's nothing here.

O'NEILL: Nice light breeze.

KASUF: This is where I heard the voice.

CARTER: I'm getting a build up of static electricity, Sir.

VOICE: Daniel. Daniel.

DANIEL: Did anybody else just hear that?

CARTER: I think so.

KASUF: Look.

(A sandstorm blows up out of nothing.)

O'NEILL: Now that's impressive.

O'NEILL: Daniel? Try to keep it in Kansas huh.

DANIEL: I was just trying to. I'm Daniel. Who's calling?

A boy of about 10 appears from the wind.

SHIFU: I am Shifu. I am Harcesis.


Daniel walks out of a tent towards the rest of SG1 who are sitting at a table.

DANIEL: Well I think that he is the Harcesis.

CARTER: How is that possible?

DANIEL: I'm not sure. He says he grew like the weeds.

TEAL'C: Apophis sired the child to be his next host. It is possible that he used Goa'uld technology to manipulate the boy's body to mature quickly.

DANIEL: We know that's possible.

Daniel looks at Jack. Re: Brief Candle

TEAL'C: Does he speak of the knowledge passed onto him by Amaunet and Apophis?

DANIEL: He says Oma taught him to forget.


DANIEL: The alien we encountered on Kheb. Mother Nature.

CARTER: Guess that explains the tornado.

DANIEL: Shifu says he came to Abydos to learn more about his mother.

O'NEILL: Shi-fu?

DANIEL: His name. It means light.

CARTER: I think we should get Doctor Fraiser to have a look at him. If he's been altered to grow quickly, it could still be happening.

O'NEILL: Do you think it's wise to bring him back?

DANIEL: I don't think he's a danger.

O'NEILL: What about his step-mom? Is she coming along?

DANIEL: He says that ultimately a man travels his chosen path alone.

O'NEILL: Smart kid. (To Carter) Get a message to Hammond. Let him know who we're bringing.

The Gateroom.

SG1 and Shifu walk down the ramp.

DANIEL: Shifu. This is General Hammond. He's the leader of this facility.

HAMMOND: Welcome to Earth.

SHIFU: A spark lights the flame but the candle will only burn as long as the wick.

Everyone looks confused and looks at Daniel.

O'NEILL: If I may Sir. I think what he means is the wick is the centre of the candle and ostensibly a great leader like yourself is essential. to the whole ball of wax. Basically what it means is, that's it's always better to have a big long wick. Right?

DANIEL: Don't look at me.

Daniel walks off with Shifu to the Infirmary.

O'NEILL: It's right though. Right?


FRAISER: Okay. Now I'm going to take a little bit of your blood with that needle.

SHIFU: Will you return it to me when you are done?

FRAISER: I'm afraid I can't. You see I have to do some tests on it and then it just won't be very good after that.

SHIFU: Leaves fall from the tree once a year but the tree still grows strong and proud.

DANIEL: Go ahead.


Briefing room.

HAMMOND: Doctor?

FRAISER: Sir, I found traces of the same nanocyte technology that once prematurely aged Colonel O'Neill. Now I've had them analysed by some of the foremost experts in the field and they say they appear to be inactive.

O'NEILL: So they shut themselves off already?

FRAISER: Well it's possible the boy has already reached the pre- programmed age.

DANIEL: Or Oma figured out a way to stop it.

HAMMOND: Either way we can assume he's in no immediate physical danger?


HAMMOND: What about the information this boy apparently knows? What exactly can he tell us?

TEAL'C: He is born with the genetic memory of all Goa'uld who came before him.

O'NEILL: So the kid should know everything Apophis knew when he..

DANIEL: Fathered the boy.

O'NEILL: That.

HAMMOND: That must be an awfully big burden for a young child to carry.

TEAL'C: That is why all Goa'uld are born evil.

DANIEL: It also explains why a benevolent being like Oma Desala would help the boy to bury those memories in his subconscious so he could lead a normal life.

Carter walks in.

CARTER: Sir, we've received word from the Tok'ra.

O'NEILL: Oh did we really have to call them?

HAMMOND: We have a treaty with them Colonel, specifically mentioned is the full exchange of all sources of information pertaining to the Goa'uld.

CARTER: They say they can use the memory recall device to extract information from Shifu without harming him physically.

FRAISER: What about mentally?

DANIEL: Ahh what about emotionally? I mean think about what we'd be exposing him to. We'd be flooding his mind with the thoughts of a thousand Hitlers. One of whom happened put a snake in the head of his mother. Look I realise we're talking about protecting Earth and potentially eliminating the Goa'uld entirely but..

HAMMOND: It seems to me the boy is fairly wise well beyond his years in fact. Isn't it possible he might comprehend the situation if you explained it to him?

DANIEL: Well I guess so but I doubt he'd be willing to remember. And even if he is how can we ask him to?

CARTER: Well if he forgot once, maybe he could forget again?

Shifu's room.

SHIFU: She spoke to you through the Goa'uld hand device?


SHIFU: She was strong.

DANIEL: In those moments as Amaunet tried to kill me it felt like I lived a lifetime.

SHIFU: Like a dream.


SHIFU: Dreams teach.

DANIEL: Sometimes. In this one I got the chance to say goodbye and your mother told me how important you were.

SHIFU: Oma teaches the true nature of a man is decided in the battle between his conscious mind and the desires of the subconscious. Oma teaches the evil my subconscious is too strong to resist and the only way to win is to deny it battle.

DANIEL: Yeah, see the thing is we can't deny the battle against the Goa'uld forever, the information contained within your buried memories could really help us.

SHIFU: You have chosen a path that leads to me because of this?


SHIFU: You must release your burden before you can find your own way again.

DANIEL: Yeah someone else once said that to me. Thing is, this is my way. I chose this path to honour Sha're's strength and ultimately it isn't about me. Or you for that matter.

SHIFU: I understand.

DANIEL: The Tok'ra have a way to help you remember certain things. How the Goa'uld technology works, their weaknesses. And then afterwards maybe Oma can help you forget again.

SHIFU: If the instrument is broken, the music will be sour.

DANIEL: The music does not play the musician.

SHIFU: Normally there is truth in that.

DANIEL: Really? Good. Cause I really didn't have any idea what I was talking about. All I know is this is very important or I wouldn't ask.

Shifu raises his palm to Daniel's forehead and light comes out. He falls to the floor.


Daniel is lying in a bed, he opens his eyes and Janet picks up the phone.

FRAISER: Colonel? He's awake.

DANIEL: What happened?

FRAISER: I was going to ask you the same thing. You were talking to the boy and you suddenly collapsed.


Daniel sees the workings inside a mothership


Jack walks in.

O'NEILL: Hey! How're you feeling?

DANIEL: Fine, I'm fine.

O'NEILL: Listen, what happened with the kid in there?

DANIEL: I asked him for something. Anything that could help us fight the Goa'uld.

O'NEILL: Yeah?

DANIEL: And I think he gave it to me.

Daniel's Lab.

Sam and Daniel are looking at a board with pictures on. Sam has a notebook.

DANIEL: These are the long-range sensors.

CARTER: I don't know what to ask first.

DANIEL: Well the translation may be a little off, everything in my head is actually in Goa'uld.

CARTER: Where does it get its power from?

DANIEL: Liquid naquada fuel cell here. (He points.)

CARTER: Liquid naquada?

DANIEL: Well actually it's heavy liquid naquada but don't ask me what makes it heavy, at least not yet.

CARTER: Daniel this. You okay?

DANIEL: Yeah it's just that strange things just keep flagging in my mind. I'm sorry what were you saying?

CARTER: Just that this is unbelievable.

DANIEL: I know.

Hammond's Office

HAMMOND: What is it?

CARTER: I guess you could call it a satellite Sir. According to Daniel it would be capable of detecting approaching Goa'uld ships thousands of light years away. Its weapons systems could penetrate Goa'uld shield technology and destroy mother ships. Basically Sir, it's the basis of a perfect anti-Goa'uld defence system.

DANIEL: Of course we'd need to build an entire network of them and launch them into orbit.

HAMMOND: Can we do that?

CARTER: Well Sir, this is an entirely new kind of technology. We'd need to bring in outside help. A lot of it. Engineers, physicists.

DANIEL: But ultimately it means we don't have to involve the Tok'ra.

HAMMOND: Why not?

DANIEL: At the moment the Goa'uld don't care what we're up to, we're no immediate threat. But if it gets out that we've advanced to this level of technology we wouldn't be able to build this defence system fast enough.

HAMMOND: You think the Tok'ra would betray us?

DANIEL: Maybe not intentionally but they've had problems with Goa'uld spies before. I don't think it's worth the risk not when we can do this without them.

HAMMOND: I'll take that into consideration. What about the boy?

DANIEL: Well he doesn't have to remember anything now, he's given me all the knowledge we need.

HAMMOND: How he did that is what concerns me.

DANIEL: He's no danger Sir.

HAMMOND: Still as long as he's here he should be kept under close guard. I'll talk to the Pentagon about bringing in some more personnel to help you out.

Daniel's Lab

Teal'c comes in.

TEAL'C: Daniel Jackson.

DANIEL: Teal'c.

TEAL'C: I was unable to complete my kel'no'reem. What is of such importance that I should be summoned here immediately?


Daniel sees Teal'c in jaffa uniform bowing to him.


DANIEL: Umm, what's this mean? (Gestures at the board.)

TEAL'C: I believe the closest translation would be sub atomic energy particles.

DANIEL: That's what I thought, thank you. That's it, you can go back to whatever you were doing.

Teal'c leaves.

Briefing room.

Daniel is standing, Hammond, Carter and Davis are present with a couple of others.

DANIEL: Bottom line is, it's going to require the entire resources of the entire SGC to focus on the retrieval of raw naquada for the time being.

CARTER: Well if we ask the Tok'ra for help..

DANIEL: Major Davis, you've prepared a budget and timetable based on the data?

DAVIS: The Pentagon had budgeted the construction and launch of the satellite network at 80 billion dollars, estimated time of completion to be 2 years after the start date.

DANIEL: That's unacceptable.

DAVIS: Well if we involve the Russians in a co-operative effort..


DAVIS: I'm sorry?

DANIEL: I said no.

DAVIS: The Russian government has agreed to stop using their Stargate on the condition we share all information gathered by the SGC. Now we have to tell them.

DANIEL: No we don't.


DANIEL: It's okay I have a way of rendering their Gate inactive.

CARTER: You do?

DAVIS: That's really not the point.

DANIEL: The point is we don't know if the Russians are turning round and trading those secrets. This project is too important to get screwed up by petty Earth politics. We're talking about protecting this planet from Goa'uld occupation.

DAVIS: I imagine that several of the so called petty nations of this planet are going to be very curious when we start launching satellite weapons into orbit 2 years from now.

DANIEL: One year from now.

DAVIS: That's impossible. It would double the cost.

DANIEL: Then it's not impossible, is it? Obviously most of the workload will have to contracted out to the private sector so they'll have to be a strategic division of labour in order to maintain the security of the project. Major Davis, if you could also see to this.

DAVIS: What is this?

DANIEL: Just a few personal requirements, I'm sure the Pentagon will be happy to provide me with given the nature of my continued contributions. Please see that it gets approved as soon as possible. Gentlemen.

DAVIS: Personal requirements?

Daniel's Lab.

Jack walks in while Daniel has a hand device on his hand.

O'NEILL: Hey! What's going on? What are you doing?

DANIEL: I know exactly how this works now but you need naquada in your blood or you can't make it do anything.

O'NEILL: Have you considered that maybe that's a good thing?

DANIEL: Something on your mind?

O'NEILL: Your behaviour as a matter of fact.

DANIEL: What about it?

O'NEILL: For starters, who gave you the authority to give orders around here?

DANIEL: Actually the Pentagon. Look, maybe I haven't been patient lately but I'm just doing what has to be done. I have the knowledge; I have to make sure it gets used properly. Now I can elevate us to the point of wiping out the Goa'uld or I can watch it all go to waste.

O'NEILL: You're under a lot of pressure, I understand.

DANIEL: I recommended you to oversee the entire naquada retrieval operation.

O'NEILL: Oh yeah, thank you very much by the way. I can either accept the position or retire!

DANIEL: Why aren't you behind me on all this? I mean I'm finally taking your position. Lets build weapons, lets kick some Goa'uld ass. Because it's me saying it I'm suddenly the bad guy?

O'NEILL: Where's Teal'c?


Daniel throws Jack across the room using a hand device.


DANIEL: He's on a mission.

O'NEILL: What mission?

DANIEL: The one I sent him on.

O'NEILL: When's he gonna be back?

DANIEL: When he's done. Jack I've got a lot of work to do and so do you. So, please help me, or leave.

A ship. Apophis is brought in by some Jaffa.

APOPHIS: Please have mercy. I beg you. (He screams as Daniel activates a hand device on him)

One Year later

Daniel wakes up and looks out of a window and sees Sam in her car. He walks out of his room to be met by an assistant. They walk along.

ASSISTANT: Good morning Dr. Jackson. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs is already waiting for your 0900 briefing. You also have a message from Carl Smith at NASA regarding the AG's dispersement mechanism.

DANIEL: Are they on schedule yet?


DANIEL: Unbelievable.

ASSISTANT: And Major Carter is here to see you.

DANIEL: Send her away. And find out why she still has a valid security pass.

ASSISTANT: Right away Dr. Jackson.

OTHER MAN: Good morning Dr. Jackson.

Daniel walks into his dining room and sits down.

WOMAN: Morning Sir.

MAID: What can I make for you this morning Dr. Jackson?

DANIEL: I'm not hungry.

MAID: Of course.

Shifu is sat there eating Froot Loops.

SHIFU: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

DANIEL: Oma teach you that?

SHIFU: Television.

DANIEL: Glad I've been such a positive influence.

Sam pushes her way in followed by security.

CARTER: Daniel!

ASSISTANT: I'm sorry Dr. Jackson, she insisted.

DANIEL: It's okay.

CARTER: You can't seriously think you're gonna get away with this?

DANIEL: What are you talking about Sam?

CARTER: What you're doing, what you've got planned. That's why you had me removed from the project, you knew I'd figure it out eventually.

DANIEL: I relieved you of your responsibilities because you were starting to crack under the pressure. You seem to have lost all perspective. Quite frankly I think your jealousy finally got the best of you.

CARTER: Jealousy? I'll tell you why it's hard to maintain perspective DANIEL. Strategic division of labour. All in an effort to stop anyone from seeing the big picture.


Sam is tortured by one of those things Jolinar was in JM and Hammond in POV.


DANIEL: What exactly do you think you've figured out Sam?

CARTER: You know damn well what I'm talking about. ( To SHIFU) What have you done to him?

DANIEL: You leave him out of this.

CARTER: Can't you see what you've become?

DANIEL: I didn't change Sam, you did.

CARTER: You can't stop me from telling people what's really going on. They'll listen. You'll never get away with this.

Sam is dragged out by security.

ASSISTANT: Is she insane?

Daniel nods.

Prison. Jack walks in. He walks up to the bars where Sam is behind them.

CARTER: Sir, thank you for coming.

O'NEILL: What are you doing Carter?

CARTER: I'm trying to do what's right. I have talked to everyone I know. No one's answering my calls, responding to my emails, even my letters.

O'NEILL: Because they think you're nuts.

CARTER: What do you think?

O'NEILL: We're talking about Daniel here, sometimes he can be a little odd. Every once in a while he gets carried away, but he's not gonna do anything to jeopardise the entire planet.

CARTER: I'm not so sure Sir.

O'NEILL: There are a lot of very smart people who believe in this.

CARTER: He's got them brainwashed.

O'NEILL: Carter..

CARTER: What about Teal'c? You don't still blame Daniel for that?

O'NEILL: I couldn't prove anything. Can you?

CARTER: No. I just have my opinion. But that used to be worth something to you.

O'NEILL: Look Carter, you helped Daniel create these weapons.

CARTER: I know.

O'NEILL: Well you couldn't stop it, what do you expect me to do?

CARTER: Talk to him.

Daniel is watching the conversation on a monitor.

CARTER: Sir you have to try. Somebody has to stop him before it's too late.

Daniel's House. Rather big mansion.

Jack is standing looking at the flowers, messing and one falls out. As Daniel comes in, he picks it up quickly and stuffs it back into the arrangement.

DANIEL: Jack. Nice to see you.

O'NEILL: You too. It's been a while huh? I love the place. Love what you've done with it.

DANIEL: I'm sorry I haven't kept in touch.

O'NEILL: Ahh you've been busy.

DANIEL: Well the truth is we couldn't have done any of this without your help and I probably should have been more appreciative.

O'NEILL: The fruit basket was nice.

DANIEL: Can't be a coincidence you showed up here on the day of the launch.

O'NEILL: Is that today?

DANIEL: Yeah, it was supposed to be top secret.

O'NEILL: Who knew?

DANIEL: You wanna stay and watch?

O'NEILL: You got a big screen?

DANIEL: Come here.


DANIEL: You'll see.

O'NEILL: What?

The rings come up and take Jack and Daniel down to a bunker.

DANIEL: Elevators are such a pain in the ass.

WOMAN2: Tertiary systems are on line.

DANIEL: What do you think?

WOMAN2: Commence calibration of primary sensor arrays in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

O'NEILL: It's cool. Kinda like Vegas.

DANIEL: Actually we've got 3/1 odds in favour of the launch going off without a hitch.

O'NEILL: Hey I'll take some of that action.

DANIEL: Put Colonel O'Neill down for a hundred.

WOMAN3: Got it.

O'NEILL: Dollars right?

DANIEL: I'm glad you're here Jack. After what happened to Teal'c I thought I'd never see you again.

O'NEILL: Ahh ancient history. Besides I didn't want to miss watching you save the world.

DANIEL: Yeah, actually Sam thinks I'm trying to take it over.

O`NEILL: Oh how arch.


O'NEILL: So you threw her in jail huh?

DANIEL: She was getting dangerous. You think the military didn't take all kinds of precautions to make sure I couldn't just control everything.

O'NEILL: Ahh so what is all this?

DANIEL; Basically a big screen TV so we can watch and fix things if it goes wrong.

WOMAN3: Dr. Jackson? The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs is on channel one.

General Vidrine appears on a screen.

VIDRINE: Congratulations Dr. Jackson. We've all worked very hard for this day.

DANIEL: Thank you and congratulations to you.

VIDRINE: We're a go for launch. Commencing 20-second countdown.

MAN: All systems are go. The clock is running.

DANIEL: We've got 24 delivery systems all launching concurrently. Each one is carrying 12 AG3's that will disperse once they reach orbit.

Man: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Ignition. We have lift off.

WOMAN2: Switching to dispersement tracking system. Dispersement in progress.

WOMAN3: AG monitoring system coming on line.

MAN: All systems on line. The network is in place.

DANIEL: That's it. Pay the winners.

Daniel is standing with a bottle of champagne and offers Jack a bottle, who declines.

DANIEL: You sure? It's two thousand dollars a bottle.

O'NEILL: No thanks.

DANIEL: Come on Jack, you're about to become an international hero.

O'NEILL: How do you mean?

DANIEL: Well now that we have a way of defending ourselves against the Goa'uld, the President is gonna make the Stargate's existence public knowledge.

MAN: Dr. Jackson?

Reporter appears on screen.

REPORTER: I'm Amy Jenson, live on capital Hill, the President has postponed his public address amid speculation that an international crisis is developing over the top secret launch of what has been called a new cutting edge satellite communication network. No official statement from the White House yet.

Daniel calls up General Vidrine on the video screen.

DANIEL: What's going on?

VIDRINE: The Russians have gone on high alert. The Chinese are following suit. The Russians are repositioning one of their anti satellite weapons. Looks like they're going to try and take out one of our AG3's.

DANIEL: Did they respond to the statement?

VIDRINE: The Russian parliament considers the secret development and deployment of this new alien technology weapons system to be a direct violation of prior agreements to share all information garnered through the Stargate programme. Unless control of this system is relinquished immediately it will be considered an act of aggression and will be responded to as such.

DANIEL: That's pretty much what we expected.


DANIEL: Then my advice to the President is we have to demonstrate what we are capable of.

VIDRINE: I have suggested that to him already and the President agrees.

MAN: Receiving authorisation to target Russian satellite. We have target lock. System is firing. Target has been eliminated.

VIDRINE: Very effective. Everyone here is very impressed.

DANIEL: Let's hope the Russians are as well.

VIDRINE: We predicted their next step would be to launch more anti satellite weapons and that's exactly what they're doing. I'm sure they're moving rockets into position as we speak.

DANIEL: And you're next step?

VIDRINE: We're preparing a proportional response. I'm recommending we take out their launch site.

DANIEL: This is all leading to a full-scale nuclear attack though isn't it?

VIDIRNE: Unless we comply with their demands, yes, that would be a high probability.

DANIEL: Shouldn't we just nip this in the bud?

VIDRINE: Given our new ability to defend ourselves we don't see the need to jump the gun. The President is currently rethinking our position on unilateral control of the system.

DANIEL: I see.

Daniel pushes a button that overrides the system.

VIDRINE: Dr. Jackson what are you doing?

DANIEL: As I suspected the President is obviously failing to overcome a lack of necessary leadership abilities. So I'm gonna have to step in and prevent a global nuclear war.

VIDRINE: You're not supposed to be able to do this. You can't do this.

DANIEL: I've already done this. This bunker is well protected don't even think about sending a cruise missile our way.

VIDRINE: Dr. Jackson.

Daniel cuts him off the screen.

DANIEL: I don't know about the rest of you but I had about enough of that guy.

O'NEILL: Daniel. What are you doing?

DANIEL: Proportional response only makes sense when the playing field is even. We have a distinct advantage here. Problem is the other side just doesn't realise how wide the gap is. What they really need is a visual aid.

MAN: AG system targeting Moscow.

O'NEILL: Daniel.

DANIEL: Don't worry, there's no threat of residual radiation spreading, it's quick and clean, it's like cutting your enemies heart out with a scalpel.

Jack pulls a gun and shoots at Daniel. He's protected by a force shield.

DANIEL: Don't you think it was strange you got through security with a loaded gun?

O'NEILL: A little.

DANIEL: You never were that bright.


The computer targets Moscow.

O'NEILL: Daniel think about one thing before you do this. We never proved that kid was a Harcesis.

DANIEL: What are you talking about?

O'NEILL: Everything he put in your head. The Goa'uld have used mind control before.

DANIEL: You think this is some elaborate Goa'uld plot to get me to destroy the world?

O'NEILL: We've seen them use kids too.

DANIEL: They used Shifu to put a bunch of stuff into my head in order to build the weapons only to eventually turn them on Earth?

O'NEILL: It's possible.

DANIEL: There's only one flaw in that theory. You're assuming this is not what I wanted all the long.

O'NEILL: Don't. Don't.

MAN: System is firing. Target has been eliminated.

Moscow is obliterated.


Jack and Janet are standing by Daniel's bed.

O'NEILL: Still nothing?

FRAISER: No. There's nothing physically wrong with him or at least anything I can find.

O'NEILL: Except for the fact that he's in a coma.

FRAISER: It's not really a coma, he still has rapid eye movement.

Briefing Room

ALDWIN: The fact is he may not be the Harcesis at all.

HAMMOND: Are you saying this could be some sort of Goa'uld trick?

TEAL'C: As we have seen, General Hammond, the Goa'uld are not above using human children as weapons.

CARTER: Well all Shifu would say is that he is teaching Daniel.

O'NEILL: So what do we do?

ALDWIN: As you know the zatarc detector's original purpose was to detect deception. We could at the very least determine whether the boy is actually Harcesis and possibly what he did to Dr. Jackson.

CARTER: Basically a lie detector test.

ALDWIN: No harm would come to him.

O'NEILL: And what, just hope he doesn't explode in the meantime.

ALDWIN: Hope he really is who he says he is.

HAMMOND: Maybe help Dr. Jackson.

Room used in Divide and Conquer for zatarc detecting.

Sam puts the restraints on Shifu. She and Teal'c are in the room, while Jack and Hammond are in the observation room above.

CARTER: It's just a precaution. I had this done to me once and I had to wear them too.

SHIFU: The mind is always free.

Aldwin gets ready to put the disc on Shifu's head.

ALDWIN: This will hurt a little. After that I promise you will feel no pain. I will merely ask you some questions.

SHIFU: Questions are plentiful. Answers are few.

ALDWIN: We'll try and keep it simple. Ready?

He walks over to the machine.

ALDWIN: Direct your vision here. First question, what is your name?

SHIFU: Shifu.

ALDWIN: Are you Harcesis?

SHIFU: I am many things.

ALDWIN: Do you possess the genetic knowledge passed on to you by Apophis/


CARTER: What did you do to Daniel?

SHIFU: Dreams sometimes teach. I am teaching him.

CARTER: Teaching him what?

SHIFU: That the true nature of a man is determined in the battle between his conscious mind and his subconscious and that the evil in my subconscious is too strong to resist.

Daniel walks in.

DANIEL: The only way to win is to deny it battle.

SHIFU: As Oma teaches.

Janet goes into the observation room where Jack and Hammond are.

FRAISER: He woke up a few minutes ago.

Zatarc Room

DANIEL: One of these days I'm gonna figure out she's worth listening to.

CARTER: What happened?

DANIEL: I was having a dream.

CARTER: About what?

DANIEL: That's not really important. The important thing is it's time I chose a new path.

SHIFU: And it is time for me to continue on mine.

ALDWIN: Wait a minute, if he really is Harcesis..

DANIEL: He is.

ALDWIN: We can still extract some very valuable information from him.

DANIEL: No you can't.

ALDWIN: I don't understand.

DANIEL: I know.

SHIFU: Thank you for telling me of my mother.

DANIEL: She would have been very proud of you.

SHIFU: Of you as well.

DANIEL: Will I see you again?

SHIFU: All roads eventually lead to the great path.

DANIEL: Eventually.

SHIFU: Many cross on the way.

ALDWIN: (To Sam)What's going on? We're not just gonna let him leave?

CARTER: I don't think we have a choice.

Shifu truns into the light that Oma Desala truned into at the end of Maternal Instinct and floats off.

Daniel, Sam and Teal'c follow him.

Observation room.

O'NEILL: General, I highly recommend you order all personnel to stand down and get the heck out of the way.

HAMMOND: Are you sure Colonel?

O'NEILL: The alternative might not be so pretty.

Jack leaves.

HAMMOND: What am I supposed to say?

He grabs a microphone.

HAMMOND: All personnel this is General Hammond. A glowing energy being is headed for Level 28. We believe it is heading for the Gate room. Lower your weapons and do not attempt to intercept it.

Shifu goes towards the Gate room. Various SF's lower their weapons.

Jack, Sam, Daniel and Teal'c reach the Gateroom where the Gate has opened.

TECH DAVIS: The Gate just opened Sir.

Shifu goes towards the Gate, solidifies and waves at Daniel, who waves back. Shifu goes through the Gate and Daniel just watches. The Gate shuts down.


Source : Stargate Fusion

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