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Double Jeopardy

Notes: The clones will be referred to as CloneJack CloneSam etc. This will give the plot away straight away but if you don't want to know, you shouldn't be reading this


The Gate activates and SG-1 steps through. Jack, Sam, Daniel then Teal'c. They spread out and are carrying weapons.

CLONE TEAL'C: O'Neill! Footprints and they are recent.

CLONE O'NEILL: How many?

CLONE TEAL'C: Several. Some are that of Jaffa.

Jack is zatted from behind.

CLONE CARTER: Take cover!

They are surrounded.

JAFFA: Drop your weapons and surrender!

CLONE DANIEL: They don't look like Jaffa.


JAFFA: There is no escape. Stand and identify yourselves.

DARIAN: They need not. I know who they are.

CLONE DANIEL: I'm sorry, have we. have we met?

DARIAN: They are warriors from a planet called Earth. They are known as SG1. How dare you return here?


CLONE DANIEL: Look I think there's been a misunderstanding.

DARIAN: They are the ones who led us in the rebellion against the servants of Heru'er. You told us to bury our Stargate. You said that the Gods would not return, but that was not true. Chronus came in his great ship. He claimed our planet, commanded that we serve him.

CLONE CARTER: I'm sorry about what's happened but you don't understand.

DARIAN: Why do you insult me Major Carter. Would you have me believe you have not been here? I know who you are. You are Daniel Jackson, Teal'c and that is Colonel O'Neill.

They look behind and Jack is gone.

JAFFA: Where is he? Find him! Bring them.

The Juna people run off into the forest.

A pyramid.

DARIAN: Hail Cindar. Loyal servant of Chronus.

CINDAR: Who is this?

JAFFA: They came through the Chappa'ai.

DARIAN: They are the ones who came before and fought against the servants of Heru'er.

CINDAR: You are the shol'va Teal'c. My master will be most pleased.

JAFFA: There is another who was with them. He escaped into the forest.

DARIAN: He is their leader.

CINDAR: Find him.

DARIAN: We will not fail you.


DARIAN: Goodnight Heera.

HEERA: Goodnight husband.

DARIAN: Chronus comes tomorrow. I pray that he will reward us kindly for having captured the warriors from planet Earth. I fear Chronus will be disappointed that our search parties have been unable to capture their leader. Is something wrong? You behave strangely.

CloneJack comes out of the shadows pointing a gun.


CLONE CARTER: That Darian guy called me Major.

CLONE DANIEL: Well this was a major screw up.

CLONE CARTER: Well how could we know?

CLONE TEAL'C: There is always the risk that planets we explore may be occupied by Goa'uld forces.

CLONE DANIEL: Yes, but one we've actually been to before?

CLONE CARTER: Do you think it's a bad sign Colonel O'Neill hasn't tried to communicate yet?

CLONE TEAL'C: I do not. I do not believe we should attempt to communicate with him either. The Goa'uld may have means of tracking our signal.

CLONE CARTER: Mission time's approaching 8 hours. What are we gonna do?

CLONE DANIEL: Well we can't tell them the truth.


DARIAN: I do not understand.

CLONE O'NEILL: I know how you feel.

DARAIN: There are two of you?

CLONE O'NEILL: Ahh, it's more complicated than that.

DARIAN: Please, do not hurt my wife.

CLONE O'NEILL: I'm not gonna hurt either one of you. I just want someone to explain to me what happened here before I arrived.

DARIAN: Do you mean the first time you were here?

CLONE O'NEILL: Mmm mm (Nods while drinking)

DARIAN: You came through the Chappa'ai. You said that our God, Heru'er was a false God. You organised a rebellion. With your help we banished Heru'er's jaffa. You said that we were free and the false Gods would not bother us again. We did live in peace for a time but eventually Chronus came in his ship and declared that our planet now fell under his domain. He commanded that we worship him.

CLONE O'NEILL: Alright, look. Neither one of those guys is a God okay.

DARIAN: I will not believe you this time. The punishment my people suffered for our prior indiscretion was my fault. I asked them to follow you and they were forced to pay dearly for it.

CLONE O'NEILL: It was not an indiscretion. It was the right thing to do no matter how it turned out.

DARIAN: Do what you will. Tomorrow Chronus comes and you and the rest of your kind will face the consequences.

CLONE O'NEILL: Yeah, whatever.

DARIAN: There will be no escape.

CLONE O'NEILL: Close your eyes. (They look at him) Close your eyes please.

DARIAN: How long are we to remain like this?

Jack has gone when he opens his eyes.


A stream of matter is transported to the pyramid from the ship. Chronus arrives in the pyramid.

CINDAR: My Lord. Your presence honours me.

CHRONUS: Tell me of the intruders from Earth.

CINDAR: There were three. And the Jaffa Teal'c. Shol'va. The one called O'Neill has thus far eluded capture.

The forest.

DARIAN: Warriors of Juna. We are called before Chronus.

They follow. One man lags behind and covers a hand half buried in leaves.


CHRONUS: Warriors of Juna. For your loyalty you shall be rewarded.

The camera pans across and Jack is disguised as a Juna warrior.

CHRONUS: Bring in the prisoners.

Clone DANIEL, SAM and TEAL'C are brought in and forced on their knees.

CHRONUS: The treaty between the system Lords and the Asgard does not protect you here. I once told you if you were ever at my mercy I would not be kind. You will not be fortunate to die as quickly as your father did by my hand. Shol'va! (To Teal'c) Your fate will be much worse. You will all pay for your sins. (To Darian)Come forward. You lead your people in my name?

DARIAN: I do my Lord.

Cindar offers him a staff weapon.

CHRONUS: Take it.

Chronus nods towards Daniel and he is picked up and brought forward.

CHRONUS: In honour of your God, kill him. Hashack Kree! Kill him!

Darian turns and raises the staff weapon. Daniel turns and sees Jack and shakes his head. When he hesitates, Jaffa surround the Juan warriors. He then primes the staff for firing. Daniel closes his eyes.

Darian fires and Daniel is decapitated. It's the clone and everyone looks shocked including Chronus.


TECH: Receiving IDC. Sir we're receiving the signal on the IDC frequency but this is not an authorised SGC code.

CARTER: It says Comtraya.

HAMMOND: What does it mean?

O'NEILL: Ahh, it's kinda like shalome or aloha, that stuff.

TEAL'C: It was the greeting used by the artificial life form Harlan on PX3989.

HAMMOND: The one who duplicated you?

O'NEILL: Yes, Sir please don't open the Gate, please.

CARTER: I admit he was annoying but he wasn't a serious threat.

HAMMOND: Open the iris.

They go to the gateroom. Harlan comes through the Gate.

HARLAN: Ohh ohh I have no weapons.

HAMMOND: Stand down.

HARLAN: Oh thank you for opening the doorway device that you call iris.

O'NEILL: Just for the record, I was opposed.

Harlan's face falls.

HAMMOND: Welcome to Earth. I'm General Hammond, leader of this facility.

HARLAN: Comtraya. Yes, I have heard so much about you.

CARTER: What's wrong Harlan?

HARLAN: Oh please yes, it is a very big emergency. You must help you.


CHRONUS: What are you? Speak! Speak or I'll shall have you torn apart. Bring them to the ship. Find the other one!

JAFFA: Yes my Lord.

SGC Briefing room.

HARLAN: I told them not to go. I begged them. Going through the Stargate is dangerous, very very dangerous. You told me all about the Goa'uld, you did. You must help, yes, no?

O'NEILL: Harlan!




O'NEILL: Now, from the beginning.

HARLAN: The beginning, yes. They were not happy, they could not stop being you. The portable power pack you invented..

CARTER: The robot me?

HARLAN: Oh it was ingenious. Even Hubald would have been impressed. I have one in my chest now, would you like to see it?


O'NEILL: No! You can show her later.

HARLAN: Later yes. Help first.

TEAL'C: What type of help do you require?

HARLAN: Oh not me. You. (He puts his hand on Teal'c's leg and then takes it off quickly. LOL) I mean the others.

HAMMOND: What exactly has happened?

HARLAN: Well they have not returned.

CARTER: Where are they?

HARLAN: Away, they go away.

CARTER: Are you saying our robot selves are going through the Stargate on missions?

HARLAN: Missions, yes.

O'NEILL: What for?

HARLAN: I do not really know. What is it that you do?

HAMMOND: Colonel O'Neill, it was my understanding that the robots agreed to bury their Stargate and never leave their planet.

O'NEILL: Yes Sir.

HAMMOND: Then it would seem your robot counterpart is equally as good at following orders as you.

HARLAN: They have always returned after 24 hours. For safety. The power packs only last for 48 hours and they must be recharged.

CARTER: How overdue are they?

HARLAN: 16 hours. They do not have much time left. Ohhhh.


Darian's house. He walks in looking shocked.

HEERA: What is it? What has happened?

DARIAN: It was unlike anything I have ever seen. Chronus brought the prisoners before us. I was given a weapon of the Gods. To demonstrate my loyalty, Chronus instructed me to kill the one called Daniel Jackson.

HEERA: And so?

DARIAN: I fired the weapon. What happened next was unholy. I have seen men decapitated in battle, what I saw was not human. That was not the most disturbing thing.

HEERA: What was?

DARIAN: Chronus was as shocked by the fact that Daniel Jackson was not human as the rest of us. He sent us away immediately.

HEERA: But how could a true God be surprised by anything?

DARIAN: That is what I ask myself.

SGC Briefing room

O'NEILL: General, I really don't think we're responsible for retrieving these robots.

HARLAN: But you must. They are you.

O'NEILL: Not me they're not.

HARLAN: Where is Doctor Jackson? He will help.

CARTER: He's on a mission at the moment.

HARLAN: Ohhh you do that so much.

HAMMOND: The fact is I don't want to risk any of my people for the sake of some androids you created without authorisation. However.

HARLAN: However, yes?

HAMMOND: I am worried that information about this facility could potentially fall into the wrong hands.

HARLAN: Ah an excellent point.

CARTER: Sirs if I may, our robots are really so much like us they probably couldn't resist the chance to use the Gate to explore. I think then we can also assume that they would guard any top-secret information as closely as we would. Besides they don't have our IDC codes so they can't give those away.

HAMMOND: Colonel O'Neill, if you don't want to take this on, I'm not going to make it an order.

O'NEILL: Thank you Sir.

HARLAN: But I have grown accustomed. I cannot go on without them.

CARTER: Sorry.

HARLAN: Then I shall just have to help myself.

Control Room.

Harlan is picking glyphs off a computer.

HARLAN: This one. This one. That one. This one. That one and this one.


O'NEILL: Hmm what?

CARTER: That's what I thought. P2X 729. We've been to this planet before.

TEAL'C: We did engage in battle with the Jaffa of Heru'er. And liberated the people of Juna.

CARTER: That's right. We told them to bury the Gate after we were gone. Are you sure you've got the right address?

HARLAN: I could do a full diagnostic of my systems but it might be quicker to just dial the address.

HAMMOND: Proceed.

CARTER: Yes Sir.


CloneJack is wiping the paint of his face and putting his sunglasses on when the Gate powers up. The surrounding Jaffa look up.


TECH: Chevron 6 encoded. Chevron 7 locked.

The Gate engages.

CARTER: The Gate isn't buried.

TEAL'C: It is possible the Goa'uld travelled to the planet by ship in order to reinstate command.

CARTER: Heru'er is dead, the Naquada mine was dry, those people didn't pose any threat.

TEAL'C: Another Goa'uld may have claimed the planet for different reasons.


TEAL'C: Possibly strategic military position.

CARTER: We told them they'd be okay.

HAMMOND: Send a probe. Let's find out.

CARTER: Yes Sir.


The Jaffa are being zatted and kicked about.


CARTER: Receiving MALP telemetry.

The camera pans. Clone Jack comes into view.

O'NEILL: Woah. I'll never get used to that.

HAMMOND: This is General Hammond of the SGC.

CLONE O'NEILL: Hey George, how you doing? Who else you got there with you?

HAMMOND: Major Carter, Teal'c, Colonel O'Neill and Harlan.

CLONE O'NEILL: Harlan! I told you to stay away from Earth.

O'NEILL: Yeah well I told you to bury your gate.

CLONE O'NEILL: Well you seem to think that solves a lot of problems don'tcha?

HAMMOND: SG1 was following my orders.

HARLAN: I'm sorry. I did not know what else to do. Please return to our planet.

CLONE O'NEILL: I can't do that just yet.

He turns around and sees Darian come out of the bushes.

DARIAN: Do not shoot. I wish to help you.


DARIAN: I now believe you spoke the truth about everything. Including the Gods.

CLONE O'NEILL: Why should I believe you?

DARIAN: You must trust me as I must trust you. I am sorry about the one called Daniel.

CLONE O'NEILL: Get over here.

DARIAN: To whom are you speaking?

CARTER: That's Darian.

CLONE O'NEILL: Earth. George Hammond and the other SG1.

O'NEILL: Hey! You're the other, pal.

CLONE O'NEILL: Do we really have time for semantics here?

HAMMOND: What exactly is the current situation?

CLONE O'NEILL: Our Daniel is dead.

HARLAN: Oh my.

CLONE O'NEILL: Carter and Teal'c have been captured by Chronus. He's got a ship in orbit and his jaffa are everywhere. So it's just Darian and me.

DARIAN: Please, help us.

HAMMOND: You have a go. SG-1 is on its way.

CLONE O'NEILL: Thank's George. Harlan, you stay there.

Chronus' ship

GOA'ULD WOMAN: They appear to be a fascinating technology.

CHRONUS: Find out how they work. I wish to know all the information they contain.

GOA'ULD WOMAN: My pleasure.

Planet, at the Gate. Jack, Sam and Teal'c come through and are met by Darian.

DARIAN: This way.

They walk along.

DARIAN: They look very much like you.

CARTER: We know.

O'NEILL: Listen, for what it's worth, I'm sorry about what's happened here.

CLONE O'NEILL: Oh I'm sure that makes him feel better.

O'NEILL: Hey. What the hell do you think you're doing?

CLONE O'NEILL: Same thing you do. Only better.

O'NEILL: What does that mean?

CLONE O'NEILL: Better? It means bet-ter, stronger, faster.

O'NEILL: You're not me and you don't work for the Air Force.

CLONE O'NEILL: No. But that doesn't mean I can't do the job.

O'NEILL: What job?

CLONE O'NEILL: Explore the universe. Fight the Goa'uld.

O'NEILL: Oh what, like now?

CLONE O'NEILL: Oh you made this mess.

O'NEILL: What we did was help these people.

CLONE O'NEILL: Oh come on, I know you better than that. You screwed up and now you're embarrassed.

O'NEILL: Well that's not the point.

CLONE O'NEILL: And like I'm gonna spend my eternity on that lame ass planet? Sheesh.

O'NEILL: You gave me your word.

CLONE O'NEILL: Oh is this the first time you've lied to yourself? I told you what you wanted to hear. Besides, what were you gonna do? Destroy me?

O'NEILL: I might have.

CLONE O'NEILL: Alright come on bring it on flyboy. Let's go. Come on.

O'NEILL: Oh you little.

They start to fight.

CARTER: Sirs. (They look up.)As much as I would like to see how this plays out, don't we have something more important to do?

DARIAN: What can so few of us possibly do?

CLONE O'NEILL: Couldn't get Hammond to spring for more troops?

O'NEILL: I didn't ask. This is our problem.

CARTER: I guess we can't expect any help from the rest of the Juan people?


TEAL'C: We convinced your people to oppose the Goa'uld once before.

DARIAN: Most, including myself, had never seen an actual God before. Heru'er had not come to Juna for many generations. And when Chronus arrived and displayed his great power he instilled much fear. The people are terrified.

TEAL'C: Then we must demonstrate to your people once and for all that Chronus is not a God.

CLONE O'NEILL: I suppose you have a plan to back up that rather bold yet cryptic statement?

O'NEILL: Yes. Yes we do.

A jaffa horn sounds.

DARIAN: It is not safe to stay here. The forests are heavily patrolled.

CLONE O'NEILL: We're not done pal.

O'NEILL: I so own you.

Chronus' Ship

Clone Teal'c and Sam are imprisoned in cages made of lasers.

GOA'ULD WOMAN: There is a device embedded in the chest that sensors indicate may be a power unit. Current status: Deactivated. Can it be reactivated? (To CloneTeal'c) Do you feel pain? Affirmative. (To Clone Carter) Do you sympathise with him?


GOA'ULD WOMAN: Both units appear to show concern for each other. Tell me how to reactivate this one's power unit. Then tell me which one of you would like to feel sympathy and which one pain?


CLONE O'NEILL: The only rings I've seen were in that pyramid.

TEAL'C: There is a way into the main chamber.

CLONE O'NEILL: Yeah, by putting the robot at risk.

O'NEILL: Well fine, I'll do it.

CLONE O'NEILL: It's alright, I can handle it.

DARIAN: This is very strange to me.

CARTER: This kind of stuff happens to us all the time.

CLONE O'NEILL: So how many jaffa are we gonna have to deal with on that ship?

TEAL'C: As many as one thousand. But that is not the problem.

O'NEILL: What is the problem?

TEAL'C: The rings must be activated from within the ship.

O'NEILL: Now see, you didn't mention that before.

TEAL'C: We had very little time to formulate this plan O'Neill.

CLONE O'NEILL: It's alright. Carter and Teal'c might be able to help. The other one's.

O'NEILL: How are they gonna know what to do and when?

CLONE O'NEILL: I can communicate with them. I've been maintaining radio silence to protect my location.

O'NEILL: I don't see a radio.

CLONE O'NEILL: They're internal.

CARTER: So you can actually send a signal.

CLONE O'NEILL: Wait. Excuse me. (He taps his chest) A little static. They said they'd do what they can.

O'NEILL: What about the Jaffa on the ship?

TEAL'C: Once we have reached the pel'tac, the other levels can be sealed off. Chronus will have very few jaffa remaining for support.

CARTER: What do we with the other jaffa once we've dealt with Chronus and taken over the ship?

TEAL'C: Offer them freedom.

Chronus' Ship.

GOA'ULD WOMAN: My Lord. The machine that resembles the jaffa Teal'c requests an audience with you.

CHRONUS: For what purpose?

GOA'ULD WOMAN: He claims he wishes to bargain with you for the freedom of the one called Carter.

CHRONUS: What have you learned so far?

GOA'ULD WOMAN: They have been unwilling to co-operate in the analysis however, their behaviour is curiously similar to that of humans. Perhaps you would be more successful in extracting the necessary information?

CHRONUS: Bring the one that resembles Teal'c before me.


CINDAR: Report?

JAFFA: The intruder has been captured.

Clone Jack is brought in.

Chronus' Ship.

Clone Carter is being tortured.

GOA'ULD WOMAN: Tell me how to operate the power core on that unit and I will stop damaging you.

CLONE CARTER: It's simple. Just touch the two crystals on opposite sides of the converter.

GOA'ULD WOMAN: Interesting.


CINDAR: Chronus will be pleased.

DARIAN: Truth be told, I do not think Chronus will be pleased at all.

HE shoots Cindar and Clone Jack shoots all the other Jaffa. Real Jack, Sam and Teal'c help to finish them off. Clone Jack is hit by a staff blast.

O'NEILL: You all right?


CLONE O'NEILL: I'm fine too. Thanks for your concern.

O'NEILL: Are you alright?

CLONE O'NEILL: A little gas. Yeah, got gas.

Chronus' ship

CHRONUS: What is it you wish to tell me in exchange for the other one's freedom?

CLONE TEAL'C: I only wish to seek revenge for the death of my father.

He gets a staff and fires at Chronus who is protected by his hand device. Clone Teal'c then grabs Chronus and starts to strangle him.

Ship's prison

GOA'ULD WOMAN: Is it now active?


GOA'ULD WOMAN: What does this mean?

CLONE CARTER: I designed it with special sensors to detect when someone was tampering with the power core. Situations just like this. It's a self-destruct mode.

Clone Carter covers her face and the power core explodes.



Chronus' bridge

Clone Teal'c is still strangling him and another jaffa comes in and shoots Teal's in the back.

The Rings

Clone Carter zats the jaffa and transports up Carter, O'Neill and Teal'c.

O'NEILL: Nice work.

CLONE CARTER: Teal'c's in trouble.

TEAL'C: Where?

CLONE CARTER: He's on the pel'tac with Chronus.

Teal'c leaves.

O'NEILL: We need to seal off this level.

CARTER: Apparently there's a control centre somewhere that services all the doors. Kinda like a circuit panel.

Chronus' bridge

CHRONUS: Jaffa Kree!

He looks down on clone Teal'c ready to shoot him. Teal'c comes in and zats the guard, holding him in front of him while shooting at Chronus. Chronus repels the zat blasts with his hand device and shoots at Teal'c and the jaffa with the staff weapon. Teal'c goes down.


CLONE CARTER: I've got your six.

Carter runs to the panel and opens it. Jack shoots the jaffa that come along.

Chronus' bridge.

Chronus goes to Teal'c and goes to pull out his symbiote.


CARTER: The crystals are protected by a force shield.

CLONE CARTER: Switch with me I'll do it.

They swap.

CLONE CARTER: What do I do?

CARTER: Pull the green crystals out. The doors should close and lock automatically.

Jack and Sam continue to shoot the jaffa as Clone Sam pulls out the crystals.

Chronus' bridge.

Chronus is pulling out Teal'c's symbiote when he is hit in the back by a staff blast, then another and finally a third. He falls to the ground and his eyes glow and then stop.

CLONE TEAL'C: For our father.

He then falls over and dies.

Teal'c lies back down.


The doors are coming down as Clone Sam pulls out the crystals.

O'NEILL: That's it.

Clone Sam falls to the ground and dies. Sam kneels next to her and looks at Jack.


DARIAN: You were very badly damaged.


DARIAN: But you are a machine. Can you not be mended?

CLONE O'NEILL: Possibly. Darian, I'm running out of energy. I will shut down soon.

DARIAN: I promise, you will never be forgotten.

Jack beams down in the rings.

O'NEILL: Go tell your people Chronus is dead. If they still think he's a God, have 'em come take a look.

CLONE O'NEILL: Carter, Teal'c?

O'NEILL: Yours don't look so good. The real ones, they're okay.

CLONE O'NEILL: Are we still so far from real to you?

O'NEILL: No. I guess not.

CLONE O'NEILL: Then I believe we are done.

He closes his eyes and dies.

The ship comes down over the pyramid to take it up.




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Coucou ! le quartier Vikings vous attends !!! il s'ennuie de vous !!! nous vous proposons un nouveau sondage ainsi qu'un nouveau calendrier de Spyfafa il y a aussi une nouvelle série de photos à départager venez nombreux merci et bonne journée

grims (09:53)

Et il y a aussi quartier Outlander qui vous attend toujours pour son Return To Scotland !!! il s'agit d'un quizz sur la série alors n'hésitez plus si vous êtes fan de la série !!! Seysey et grims vous attendent merci

Jaaden (15:28)

Ça bug un peu non ?

cinto (17:04)

Si vous aimez les fêtes, venez choisir la vôtre au sondage de Ma sorcière Bien aimée. Et n'hésitez pas à commenter...Merci.

cinto (17:07)

Survivor chez The Tudors: que des bogosses! Qui pourrait remplacer Jonathan rhys Meyer ? On vous attend, le quartier a besoin de visites; merci!

Seriesmdr1 (17:25)

Bonjour tout le monde ! N'hésitez pas à passer sur le quartier Orange Is the new black, un concours est en cours !

Seriesmdr1 (17:25)

Bonne fin de semaine à tous !

juju93 (22:09)

Vous vous sentez l'âme d'un écrivain, d'un photographe, d'un chanteur, d'un peintre, etc... (tout cela fonctionnant bien évidemment au féminin), le nouveau sondage du quartier The L Word est fait pour vous ! On vous attend. Venez voter !

albi2302 (11:26)

Le quartier Timeless vient d'ouvrir ses portes ! N'hésitez pas à venir nous rendre une petite visite et pourquoi pas tenter notre petite animation (rapide et très facile) !

Spyfafa (15:15)

Nouveaux designs sur Ma famille d'abord et Being Human. Rendez-leur visite

Locksley (15:18)

Plus que quelques jours pour participer à notre jeu HypnoChance des invitations gratuites pour le concert de Little Steven à La Cigale à gagner !

Locksley (15:19)

Si vous êtes libres le 28/06 et si vous avez envie de le voir sur scène, c'est le moment de vous inscrire au tirage au sort ! Bonne chance !

Aliceandsu (16:26)

Qui a vu l'episode de TO

ObikeFixx (02:04)

Bonjour. Un petit test de personnalité est maintenant dispo pour fêter l'anniversaire du quartier The Last Ship. Vous pouvez également toujours voter pour les Nathan James Awards. Alors n'hésitez pas

albi2302 (15:19)

Le quartier Timeless vous attend ! N'hésitez pas à venir le découvrir ainsi que la série à travers notre animation d'ouverture qui est courte et très simple. Le quartier est climatisé avec des boissons fraîches et glaces offertes.

cobrate (18:45)

Nina Dobrev dans Degrassi ? Ah ouais ??...^^

Sevnol (21:54)

Le quartier CSI NY fête ses 10 ans ! Pour l'occasion, des petites animations vous attendent (quizz, concours et test de personnalité). N'hésitez pas, on vous attend là bas

Kika49 (08:10)

Le quartier CSI NY fête ses 10 ans ! Pour l'occasion, des petites animations vous attendent (quizz, concours et test de personnalité). N'hésitez pas, on vous attend là bas [Wink]

grims (10:42)

Le quartier Outlander vous attend toujours pour son Return To Scotland !!! il s'agit d'un quizz sur la série alors n'hésitez plus si vous êtes fan de la série !!! Seysey et grims vous attendent merci

grims (10:44)

Et le quartier Vikings vous attends aussi !!! il s'ennuie de vous !!! nous vous proposons un nouveau sondage ainsi qu'un nouveau calendrier de Spyfafa venez nombreux merci et bonne journée

labelette (15:04)

Bonjour à tous, un nouveau sondage sur les séries arrêtées qui reprennent vie est en ligne sur le quartier Gilmore Girls. On vous attend nombreux, pas la peine de connaître la série pour voter !

choup37 (17:33)

Je ne peux plus accéder à mes quartiers Oo je tombe direct sur la page d'accueil

Kika49 (21:14)

Le quartier CSI NY fête ses 10 ans ! Pour l'occasion, des petites animations vous attendent (quizz, concours et test de personnalité). N'hésitez pas, on vous attend là bas

juju93 (21:25)

Seulement 9 petits votes au sondage "l'artiste qui est en vous" sur The L Word. Il n'est absolument pas nécessaire de connaître la série. Venez jeter un coup d'oeil, on vous attend. Bonne fin de soirée.

DGreyMan (22:10)

Bonsoir. Nouveau sondage dans Game of Thrones ! Merci d'avance pour votre participation...

juju93 (00:39)

3 votes de gagnés! On parie qu'on monte à 20 d'ici la fin du week-end ? Si vous êtes un artiste ou rêvez de l'être, n'hésitez pas, dites-le d'un petit clic dans le nouveau sondage du quartier The L Word. On vous attend !

makkura (21:18)

Nouveau sondage "Battle" sur le quartier Marvel ! Merci d'avance, bonne soirée !

ObikeFixx (22:15)

Bonjour. Vous pouvez désormais voter pour une nouvelle catégorie des Nathan James Awards: "Meilleur personnage féminin". Alors venez nous rendre visite sur le quartier The Last Ship

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Nouveau sondage musical dans Angel ! Merci d'avance pour votre participation...

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