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Well, since everyone knows him as Q, John DeLancie's character, Colonel Frank Simmons will be known as Q for this script and The Fifth Man.

O: Orlin (Sean Patrick Flannerly's character)

R: Colonel Rhynolds. ( don't know the actor's name ... sorry!)

We begin on a planet with a lot of buildings. It's pretty much in ruins.

J: (He and T walk up some stairs with debree all over it, to D, who's looking at a wall) 16's coming thru to set up a UAV.

T: It appears the inhabitants of this city lost a great battle and were distroyed long ago. There appear to be no survivors.

D: That's too bad ... I was kinda hoping someone could help me decifer this language. (Motions toward wall he was studying)

J: (Flashes are seen in the room in back of him) No idea?

D: (Sighs) No, that's very odd. This uh ... (Motions around room) Whatever this is ... a completely different design that the rest of the civilization.

J: Maybe it was here when they got here.

D: That's assuming the inhabitants were born on this planet. (J shakes his head) I could probrably date it's construction with carbon anaysis.

J: How long?

D: (Looks at J, clueless) For what?

J: (Motioning toward building) All of it ... how ... long?

D: (Looking from wall to J, then back again while speaking) ah, well, days ... weeks ... months ... maybe maticulous ... (J looks at T) tedious ... or ... in ... with the ... tediousness ... (J walks away) The ... (T walks off) I can ... just keep working now ... by lunch ... at least ...

J: (Walking in a room) Carter? You have any idea what this is yet?

S: No, Sir. The technology is very advanced.

J: So, what? Two hours?

S: *VERY* Advanced.

J: All right. Well, Teal'C and I have secured the immediate area. We're gonna check out the town.

S: (Toying with the device) Yes, Sir.

J: (Leaving) Don't turn that on. (S goes to touch the device) AHH! (S pulls back, startled.) What'd I just say?

S: (Holds her hands up) I know. (She touches the device after he leaves, and pulls some chrystals out of a panel) (She holds her head, and moves over to a bigger device. The device and her are seen from across the room.) (S goes back to the device.) (Something seems to run into her)

D: (A flash is shown in the room where S is.) Hey, Sam? You done with that camera yet? (No answer; louder) SAM?! (Still no answer. He walks to the room where she is, and discovers her passed out on the floor. He bends down, checks her pulse, into the radio) Jack, get back here ... NOW!


S: (To DF) Next thing you know, I'm waking up with Colonel O'Neill looking down on me. I mean, I suppose it's possible I touched something inside the device.

DF: You have no contact burns.

S: So, what do you think it was?

DF: Well, people have been known to black-out from fatigue.

S: (Scoffs) Come on Janet. I was a little tired , but ...

DF: Your premature blood tests did show slight anemia.

S: But, you gave me clearance to go.

DF: And I'm starting to question that judgement.

S: (Smiles) There is nothing wrong with me.

DF: OK. At least consiter what you've been thru the last few years ... You have had a Tok'Ra symbiote die in your brain, your memory has been stamped, and then your entire consciousness has been transferred into a computer, then back again ... and THAT is just for starters. Eventually, it has to take it's toll.

S: (Smiling) Are we done?

DF: Yes. (Sarcastically) Be sure you come back if you start speaking an alien language.

S: (Sarcastically) I'm sure I'll have no choice.

D: I'm sure the structure was built about 400 years ago, although the civilization may date back as far as 3,000.

R: Why is that signifigant?

D: Well, it may indicate that the society developed in relative isolation, and was only later influenced by something that allowed it to leap to a more ... advanced technology.

GH: A stargate?

D: Exactly. Which means they either discovered it, or figured out how to use it just prior to building the device. It seems to me that these events lead to the clatachism which ended their society.

J: Somehow.

D: Well, from what we know of the Goa'Uld, they would often attack a planet that was threatning technological advancement.

GH: I'm sorry, but I haven't heard anyone say exactly what the device is.

D: Uh, well, we're just speculating. It could be just a ... deep space observatory for all I know ...

J: Or a big, honking space gun, Sir. (GH Looks at J, and laughs to himself)

D: (R laughs as well, he's typing in his laptop) Well, it's likely the Goa'Uld would have taken that. (Footsteps are heard, J looks at D, smiles, then looks toward the steps )

S: Well, whatever it is, the power core is missing. (The men all look at her before she sits next to J) I was able to determing that much before I ... uh ...

J: Dozed off?

S: (Looking at J, and smiling) The engineering of the device is extremely advanced. It's gonna take some time to decifer.

R: You're saying that the ... uh ... power core to the device is missing?

GH: Major, you know Colonel Rhynolds?

S: Of course. (S & R Nod and smile at each other)

GH: He's been transferred from Area 51, and will be leading SG-16 during it's long-term annalysis of the planet.

S: (J looks at her) Ah ... Well, as I was saying ... uh ... I believe that a naquada generator could be (J looks at her with a worried look) interfaced to ...

J: Carter? (She looks at him.) 16 is on the case. (She looks away confused)

GH: Once I've heard someone conclusively tell me what the device is ... I will decide wheather we should try and turn it on.

S: Of course. Request permission to join SG-16's assignment, Sir.

GH: (Rather quickly) Denied. (S looks away , confused) Doctor Jackson (D glances over his glasses) will be assisting in the translation of the Alien language until SG-1's next mission. (J raises an eyebrow) Otherwise, you're all free to take some time off. Dismissed. (Everyone rises.)

S: (Following him out) Sir ... with all due respect, I feel fine. There is absolutely no reason why I shouldn't be allowed to help.

GH: Major, I have no doubt that your technological expertese will be required at some point down the line ... but until Doctor Frasier advises other wise, I am ORDERING you to take it easy. (He leaves.)

S: (Turning toward J) Take it easy?!

J: Yeah. You've been a little tence.

S: Tence?? Me? I'm not tence ... am I? (Quietly) When did you first notice?

J: (Said Very slowly) As ... We ... Met.

S: I've always just thought of myself as being very ... (Making a quoting motion) Focused.

J: It's called working too hard ... you're gonna crash and burn.

S: (Thinks) I really don't have that much more to do ... Sir.

J: Well, find something. Take up ... golf. (Walking away) Fly a kite ... knit something.

S: (Slightly pissed expression) I ... I'm ... fine! ... really!

Next scene is a street. A rather noisey, old car drives up to a lovely little house. Sam walks out, and goes into the house. She has a nice kitchen with a breakfast bar with a couple stools. She presses the answering machine, which beeps.

ANSWERING MACHINE: You have no new messages.

She walks over to the living room and takes off her jacket. Nice white furniature, little fireplace. Scene goes to something following her, going past the bookshelf filled with books , thru her dining room to her kitchen where she's getting some food out of the microwave. Then it goes to the living room, where on the bookshelf, there's a picture of a younger Jacob with a pretty blonde haired teenaged girl, and a dark haired boy.

Next , the scene goes to S, who's brushing her teeth wearing a lovely spaghetti strapped blue shirt that showed just enough clevage ... She turns to grab a towel ,and in the dark, a shadow is seen. She turns back, and the shadow is gone. She climbs in a full sized bed covered with a lovely quilt, and turns off the light. The scene goes from the POV above her bed. She's sleeping.

Next scene: The next morning, she walks out her house. Dogs are heard barking. As she's reaching for the paper, you can see the empty road. SHe stands with the paper, and a man's standing in the road that was previously empty.

MAN: Hi.

S: (Werily) Hi.

MAN: (Walks toward her ) How are you?

S: (Still wearily ) Fine ... how are you?

MAN: Good. Nice to meet you.

S: Yeah ... uh ... are you from around here?

MAN: No, but this is where you live.

S: (Loosing her smile; looks around) (Trying to keep her voice calm, but obviously getting uncomfortable) Yes, it is. I'm gonna go back inside now.

MAN: Hope to See you again.

S: Bye. (Turns, and walks back to the house, glancing back) (He is shown just standing in the street) She goes inside, and looks outside ; he's gone. She LOCKS the door.) (She walks into her kitchen, and gets a glass, and dials the phone.)

D: (Running down the steps with his arms full of books, a cup of coffee in one hand.) (After about 5 or 6 rings) AHH! (Into phone) Daniel Jackson.

S: Hey, Daniel. It's me.

D: Hi, Sam.

S: I was just wondering how far you've gotten on the 636 translation.

D: Oh, yes! Um ... Yeah, I'm almost done ... it ... uh ... (Sarcastically??) maraculisly seems to hold all the key to all the mysteries of the universe.

S: You just got there ... you haven't started ... and I should just leave you alone.

D: Well, I thought you were supposed to be taking it easy.

S: Yeah ... it's not so easy.

D: Yeah, I know. I'll call you when I have something.

S: OK, thanks. (She hangs up the phone, turns around and gasps as she sees the man.) (Alarmed) How did you get in here?!

MAN: I won't hurt you.

S: No, *I'LL* hurt *YOU* if you come any closer! (Begins dialing on phone)

MAN: Please don't. I just wanna talk to you.

S: About WHAT?

MAN: It's complicated.

S: Let's start with how you got into my house.

MAN: I followed you home last night.

S: You've been here all night?!

MAN: I read some of your books, and watched the television so that I could learn how to speak and what to wear. (Looks down) Is this OK?

S: You've been IN MY HOUSE all night?

MAN: Yes, but you couldn't see me. I just took this form now so that we could relate. Actually, I used to look this way before my ascension. (S looks at him strangly, then begins dialing the phone) Please. I'm not crazy.

S: (Slams down phone) (Angrily) Who are you?!

MAN: My name is Orlin. I'm from the planet you just visited. (She look at him like he's crazy) I followed you back thru the Stargate.

S: (Scoffs) See? That's impossible!

O: I can become invisible ... (He walks THRU her TABLE!) (She steps back in fear, grabbing on to the table behind her.) In my natural uncoreporial (??) state.

S: What do you want?

O: I'm sorry if I scared you. I just ... wanted to talk to you. It's been so long since I ... I ... I know this is going to seem ... OK! I'm just come out and say it, and we can move on from there ... I have these ... (She's slowly walking away from him) I guess you could call them ... feelings ... actually the truth is ... (Footsteps are heard running ... FAST!) I ... love you. (Door opens, and slams shut)

SCENE: Sam's house , outside, men in containment suits are shown. A man in side is shown installing a camera on the wall.

J: (Talking to S, walking to her living room) He looked like an ordinary guy?

S: Pretty much.

J: What was he wearing?

S: Average, normal clothes.

J: Where do you think he got em?

S: Come on, Sir. (Sitting) We've seen lots of Aliens before.

J: (Sitting across from her) Hammond had the servalience tapes from the Gateroom checked ... (Shakes head)

S: The alien said he could become invisible.

J: What else did he say?

S: HE just said who he was and where he was from. Believe me, Sir. At first I thought he was just some crazy guy off the street ... and then he starts walking thru solid objects! I knew there was no way I could contain him if I would tried. My phoneline was dead, and I figured the best thing to do was call and bring in a Code 3 team in here as fast as possible.

J: Carter. No one's accusing you of acting improperly.

CODE 3 DUDE: Colonel, We're done. I'm ordering my men to evacuate the premesis.

J: All right. Notify the local authority ... tell them that the gas leak is fixed.

C3D: Yes, Sir. Our remote survalience system is set up, and can be monitored from a van on the street. We'll watch the place as long as you want. Sir.

J: Thanks. (S smiles and the C3D, then at J, who grins, and stands up) Uh ... (Turns) I could hang out for a while.

S: (Smiles) So far he's only shown himself to me.

J: Maybe he's shy.

S: (Smiling and nodding) please don't say "Take it easy."

J: (Leaving) Take care. (S smiles)

Shot focuses in on the camera in her house. It follows her from the living room , over to the kitchen, then to the bedroom, where she opens a drawer. Then to a closet, and then back to the kitchen where she's fixing herself something to eat.

Scene then goes to T looking bored, then over to D, working at his desk in his office. J walks in.

D: (Still looking down at his work) How's Sam?

J: Absolutely NO evidence of her secret (He does quotations for secret) friend.

D: (Looking up from his work) How's *SAM*? (Stressing the Sam)

J: Hammond recomended a psyche evaluation.

T: Do you believe MajorCarter has become mentally unstable?

J: No more than the rest of us. (Shot goes to T & D deep in thought.) What do you guys got?

D: Well, it looks like that thing on 636 is a weapon.

J: (Sounding rather surprised) I was right?

T: It is a weapon of great power, O'Neill.

J: Big and Honkin'?

D: From what I'm able to decifer, the people on 636 were developing on about the same timeline as earth. They had just discovered their stargate when what they called the "Threat from the skies " came.

J: Goa'Ulds? (Pronounced GOOlds)

D: Yes, somehow they managed to build this incrediable advanced weapon to defend themselves.

J: Couldn've been SO advanced.(Danny gives him a look) The place was a disaster. It obviously didn't work.

D: (Looks thru his papers, then thinks) Well, actually it did. The monument beside the device tells the story of how they destroyed the threat from the skies, and the men who built the device were heros.

T: Which would explain why the Goa'Uld (Pronounced Goa'OOLD) did not take the weapon.

J: Hey! I saw that planet! If the Goa'Uld (GOOld) didn't get em, who did?

D: I'm not sure.

Back to S's house, at night. She turns on the light, O's sitting on a chair.

O: I understand why you did it.

S:(Sighs) Of course, you would wait until they took the cameras away.

O: Millitary protical. You would have jeapardised you job if you hadn't reported me.

S: I just came from a psycological evaluation. (Sits down across from him) Do you understand what that means?

O: They think you're crazy.

S: Am I?

O: There were times on Velona where I thought I might be loosing my mind.

S: Velona?

O: Your planet refers to it as 636. I was there for hundreds of years by myself. The first time I saw you ...

S: Look ... (looks away)

O: Please. Let me finish. My kind is capeable of a level of communication that shares the innermost thesens. (??)

S: Telepathy.

O: Reading someone's mind is an invasion of privacy. It's not about spacific thoughts or ... memory. It's a sort of ... exchange of spirit.

S: So you did this "Sharing " thing on me.

O: Unfortunally, you passed out. You must not have been prepared. (S signs) But I did learn about you.

S: What did you learn?

O: That you're a good person. That your heart is pure. That on the inside, your spirit is a beautiful as you are on the outside.

S: (Smiles, and scoffs) All right! (Getting up)

O: Where are you going?

S: To get the Code 3 team back in here.

O: I'll just hide again.

S: (Angrilly) Ok, so what are you gonna do? Stalk me for the rest of my life?!

O: (Very calm voice) Actually, I want you to let me try again. I think a human can handle it. I think you have to be ... well ... receptive.

S: THEN will you go to the SGC, and turn yourself in?

O: No, but I'll leave if you want.

S: Will you ... *actually* be gone?

O: I promice.

S: (Sighs) Ok. What do I do?

O: (Stands up) Stand there. (Walks toward her) Open your mind to the possibility of an existance not governed by science which you hold so dear.

S: How do I do that?

O: Just close your eyes, and ...

S: DON'T say "Take it easy."

O: Relax.

She closes her eyes. He's about 3 feet away from her. He turns white, and floats toward her. All you see is his face. He's now within inches of her face. Shot goes to outside the house, where a bright light is shown shinning in her window. She opens her eyes to see his eyes right at her eyes.

S: Oh, My God! (She just looks into his eyes) (Shot goes back to the SGC, J's walking down the hallway. ) Colonel!

J: Yeah?

S: Sir, (J sighs as he practically runs down the hall) (She finally runs to catch up with him) Look at this. (SHe's holding a clock in her hands)

J: So?

S: So, it was in my house. (He's still walking rather quickly) The code 3 team is supposed to take away all their equipment when they left ... no more cameras, no more listening devices ...

J: So they forgot one, Carter.

S: Are you sure?

J: No.

S: (As he reaches a door) Sir ... (He says "damn" to himself) Is the SGC secretly keeping tabs on me? (From this angle, you can clearly see that the door's the MEN's room.)

J: (Playing dumb??) Secretly?

S: Colonel, I did my duty in reporting the Alien encounter, and now everyone thinks I'm crazy. (J's looking at the door uncomfortably.)

J: (Hand was on doorknob) Look, Carter, here's the bottom line ... no one is seeing what you've seen. And until that happens, We're all gonna think you're NUTS!

S: Sir ... purely hypothetically, as my Superior Officer, if this Alien DID show himself to me again ...

J: Did it?

S: (Pause) I'm just saying ... if the Alien had the ability and desire to show himself only to me ... (J's moving around, uncomfortably, and holding his breath.) It would probrably be better if I gathered as much information as I could, possibly even found a way of isolating it. Before I ... OFFICIALLY ... reported it ... again, right?

J: (Thinks) Probrably. Yes. (Pause, S nods her head) I gotta Pee.

S: Yes, Sir. (He runs into the room)

D: (Sam's in her lab, working) That's the last of it.

S: Thanks.

D: Whatcha workin' on?

S: Well, based on your translation, and SG-16's latest report, The pentagon has started putting pressure on General Hammond to find a way to activate the weapon.

D: You think that's gonna be possible?

S: Well, yeah! A naquata reactor can be interfased easily enough. The problem is the burst of energy that's required makes the thing pretty dangerous.

D: How?

S: Well, basically you have to start an overload in the reactor and then release it into the device. Problem is, once the overload is started, you have no choice but to release the energy, or the reactor will explode.

D: So, you gotta be sure you want the weapon to fire.

S: Yeah. I'm working on a way to try to buffer the entergy in a safer environment before the release, but, General Hammond hasn't given me much time.

D: By all accounts, this device on 636 is a pretty powerful weapon.

S: You think we should just leave it alone?

D: well, let's just say I'd feel alot better if there was someone LEFT to explain how to use it. (Sam nods)

Sam's going home ...

O: You're late.

S: What do you mean?

O: You said you'd be home an hour ago. I was worried.

S: Hey, this is not a relationship we have going here. I don't even know what it is.

O: You still could have called.

S: What are you talking about?! You couldn't even answer the phone if I did!

O: Maybe I could have.

S: (Seeing a romantic setting on her table with lit candles) How ...? I mean ... I ... (She smiles, and reaches out to touch his shoulder. He's solid matter! ;))

O: Suprise.

S: How?

O: Things have been going well between us, right?

S: There is no ... us, Orlin. I don't see how there ever could be.

O: That's just because we both used to live on different planes of existance.

S: *USED* to?

O: It's possible for my kind to take on human form. Actually ... retake human form. Consitering that's how we started. (Doorbell rings)

S: (Turning quickly) Oh, boy! (Nervously) Uh ... (Turns to O, thewn back to the door.)

J: (Thru door) Carter?

S: (Anxiously, to O.) I ... it's Colonel O'Neill. (Hold up hands) Disappear! (Doorbell rings again)

O: That's what I was trying to tell you ... I can't anymore. (Knock on door. S turns toward door, then grabs O by the shoulders, and pushes him in a room, closing the door.)

S: (Opening door) Hey, guys. What are you doing here?

J: (Wearing a cool jacket, but one of his weird hats ;) T is wearing a cowboy ensamble, the hat NOT covering his tattoo.) We brought pizza and a movie.

T: Star Wars.

J: He's seen it ... what? 8 times?

T: 9.

J: *9* times. If Teal'C likes it ... it's gotta be OK.

S: (To J) You've never seen Star Wars?

J: Well, you know me and Sci-Fi. (Smiles) Come on! We never get to just ... hang out ... so I thiought we'd ju ...

S: Well, Sir, as much as I ... I'd ... I uh ... (Looking back) uh ...

J: (Interest piqued) Carter ... (Leans against door trying to see inside her house) Do you ... allready HAVE company?

S: (Smiles) Kind of.

J: A ... (pause) *DATE* ?

S: I can understand why you might have assumed that I didn't have plans ...

J: (quietly, trying to sound cheerfully) Well, don't worry about it ... We'll find something else to do. (T's looking from one officer to the other with interest.)

S: I'm really sorry. This was a surprise ... very unexpected.

J: Well, good for you. Have fun.

S: Thank you.

J: Have a pizza. Have ... fun.

S: Thanks. (J tries to see who's in her house as she closes the door)

O: (She opens the door, he's rubbing his hand) As I was saying, once Out kind decides to take human form, we can't ascend again without the help of the others. (Sam sighs)

J: (To T, walking to the truck) So, now what?

T: I have read of a place where humans do battle in a ring of jello.

J: (Throwing T the phone) Call Daniel. (The pass a black van on the street while driving away)

O: (A pic of a younger Jacob and Sam is shown) I don't know where the rest of my kind is.

S: Well, believe it or not, I think we've met one of them. Her name was Oma Desala.

O: (Picking up his wine glass) Really? Never heard of her.

S: Well, she could do the same ... glowy kinda thing that you can ... and she controlled the forses of nature.

O: Yeah. That's easy. At least it used to be.

S: Well, she lived on a planet called Kheb, and she helped some people ascend to a higher plane of existance.

O: That's why I've never heard of her. She was probrably banished like me.

S: What for?

O: Breaking one of the most sacrite rules of our kind. To not accelerate the natural ascension process of those beneath . The humans of Valana were under attack from the Goa'Uld. I was braven in interferring, but I couldn't just watch them die.

S: You told them how to build the weapon?

O: Communicated the knowledge ... yes. They saved themselves.

S: But not for long?

O: No.

S: Well, you were right to try.

O: You're wrong. It was a horrible mistake. Shortly after they used the weapon to defend themselves, they started to plan the conquest of other planets using the technology that I gave them.

S: So, what happened?

O: The others.

S: The others of your kind distroyed the planet? Well, they interfeared too ... isn't that breaking hteir own rule?

O: As a collective they decided that it was necessary to prevent a disaster that I was responsible for. I was forced to live on Velona after that as my punishment.

S: Well, you couldn't have known.

O: That's why the rule exists.

S: So ... what now?

O: I'm human ... mortal. Like you. (S nods) I can never go back to the way I was without the others.

S: Why would you do this?

O: I did it as much for myself as for you. (S smiles) (Scene goes to outside in the black van) (Over microphone) If nothing develops between us, I'll accept it. (A man is shown listening with headphones) I just couldn't go on the other way. I just had to know.

SGC briefing room ...

R: One week should be more than enough time for pretest simulation.

S: Sirs, if I may ... I think we should wait.

Q: You think we should wait? Major. you're the one who figured out how to use the naquada reactor to power this device.

S: Because General Hammond ordered me to. And if you read my recommendations, you'll see I also said it's extremely dangerous.

Q: Well, I did read your recommendation, and the Pentagon feels that the risks are worth the rewards.

R: (S closes her eyes) Going thru the Stargate is dangerous, and you do that every day.

D: I agree with Sam. We don't know what happened on that planet yet.

Q: Need I remind you, Doctor Jackson, the dangers that we're trying to defend Earth against?

D: (Rather sarcastically) Oh, could you ... I mean ... go ... slow . (Q gives him a pointed look.)

S: General, I belive that using the device caused an atmospheric weather anomoly big enough to distroy the civilization on 636.

D: (After GH & R are shown looking at her) You do? (She looks at D, and smiles)

Q: That wasn't in your report.

GH: Do you have any evidence, Major?

S: Well, not exactly, but I think we need to preform a proper farensic enviromental analysis.

R: We're going to ... after the first test firering of the weapon when we will be able to gather the most accurate information.

S: (Smiles) Not if you're DEAD.

R: THere is nothing to show ...

GH: Major, you have 2 weeks to bring me any relevent evidence ... (S nods) If you can present a good reason to STOP the test, I will. (Q looks @ GH) Dismissed.

Q: General ... need I remind you that untimately, the decision rests with the Pentagon?

GH: Colonel, there's a RED phone in my office that only takes calls from ONE MAN ... the last time I checked, HE'S the BOSS of YOUR BOSS ... or do I need to remind YOU? (Q has an evil grin)

S: (Arriving home) Orlin?!

O: Sam. I'm glad you're home. I made something for you.

S: (It's an emerald) Is this real?

O: I read about human associating certain materials with thier birth month. Yours is Emerald, right?

S: It's huge.

O: Oh, is it? It was difficult to tell the common size from the pictures in the book.

S: You made it?

O: You wouldn't believe the things you could make from the common simple idems lying around your planet. Which reminds me ... you're going to need a new microwave.

S: Orlin, I need to talk to you about something else.

O: OK.

S: Let's take a walk.

O: The others will know if the weapon is activated.

S: You think they will try to stop us?

O: It's possible.

S: Even if we only intend to use the weapon to defend ourselves?

O: How can you be sure of your people's intentions? You obviously can't trust them if you think they would spy on you in your own house.

S: Yeah, I can't trust all of them.

O: I've read some of your recent history.

S: And?

O: many of the creators of the first ATOM bomb honestly believed that it would only be used to maintain peace. I can't take the chance Sam. I won't be responsible for another civilization.

S: Well, if you thought it might come to that, why didn't you just distroy the weapon?

O: I thought I had. I never expected you would be able to replace the power core. You really are brillient.

S: (Smiles) I think you point is, we have to find a way to stop the test.

O: How? YOu have no proof without exposing me.

S: I know. (O grins) What?

O: I'm sorry. If you haven't turned me in by now, there must be a reason.

S: I feel bad betraying you. That's all. Nothing more.

O: (Grinning) You like me.

S: (Smiling ... BLUSHING?!) Orlin ...

O: You like me ... I can tell. (S smiles) You like me alot. (S stops walking, smiling)

Cheyenne Mountain, nighttime. Sam walks into a room. Jack look pissed. (GH, and Q are there. It's GH's office)

J: They're testing the weapon.

GH: I recieved an order directly from the President. Colonel Rhynolds and SG-16 are on P4X-636 setting up the naquada reactor as we speak.

S: But Sir, you said I would have 2 weeks ... it's only been ...

Q: 9 days, Major. And I dare say you haven't spent a single minute of it working on atmospheric weather anomalies.

S: What's that supposed to me?

Q: Would you like to explain these deliveries? (Holds up paper)

S: What deliveries?

Q: (Reading from paper) 100 pounds of pure raw titanium ... 200 feet of fibre optic cable ... 7 100,000 watt (S and J share a look) industrial strength compasitors ... The list goes on. All ordered online from your home computer.

S: I have no idea what you're talking about ... I've been here on base every day.

Q: Oh, well, then maybe you'd like to explain who's been accepting these deliveries. (He gives her some pictures, one of a close up of O's face, another of her and O walking in the park)

S: (To J) You HAVE been watching me. (J looks away, discusted)

GH: Not us ... The Pentagon. I'm sorry, Major. I've expressed my anger and disappointment to the President reguarding the investigation of one of my officers without my knowledge.

Q: We have tapes of your conversations with the Alien.

J: At least we know there is one ... now ... for sure. (S isn't happy)

Q: Would you like to tell us ... what's going on, Major?

J: She doesn't have to tell you ... SQUAT. (S looks from Q to J) Major Carter was working with the approval of her Surperior Officer. She told me he was there. I aurthorized her to collect as much information as possible.

Q: (Looks from S to J) I'm not here to lay blame, Colonel. I'm here as a coutresy. (To S) As we speak a team of special forces are surrounding your house. And on my command, they're gonna go in, and take that Alien into custody. (S looks at J, worried) (At Sam's house, Q, S, and J arrive.) (To officer) What's going on?

OFFICER: Well, the suspect is in there, but he's failing to respond to our call to surrender.

J: Let Carter go in. (Q looks at J) He's worth more to you alive, right?

Q: Yeah.

J: Well, you got the place sealed off. He's not going anywhere. Let Carter go in and bring him out.

Q: All right. (To officer) Give her a radio.

S: (Walking in her house with a flashlight) Orlin? (Louder) Orlin?!

O: Sam? Come on down. (He's at the light contol box)

S: Orlin? What are you doing?

O: OK! Just a minute.

S: There's a team of special forces outside.

O: I know.

S: They want to take you into custody.

O: I know. That's OK.

S: Orlin, I didn't turn you in.

O: I didn't think you did. (He was rigging up the light box for more power with jumper cables. It sparks) (He grabs her hand) Come on.

S: (In garage, seeing the gate he made) Whoa! You've been busy.

O: I didn't think they'd let me go back to Velona thru their stargate.

S: So you BUILT one?

O: Sort of. This one won't dial multiple addresses. It'll only create a wormhole once, then probrably burn out.

S: And you ordered the materials online?

O: Mostly. Sorry, but youo're gonna have a pretty big credit card bill this month. Oh, and you're going to need a new toaster. It's hooked to the main power line. Hopefully we'll be able to draw enough energy.

S: Now what?

O: Going to Valona to try to stop your people from using the weapon.

S: You know, they won't listen to you. They have orders.

O: I have to make them listen.

S: They could KILL you.

Q: (Over radio) Major Carter? Major Carter ... report. Major Carter. Respond immediately! Carter?! (Looks at J)

J: Carter? What are you doing?

Q: (To officer) Move in.

OFFICER: All teams. All teams ... we have a go for.

J: (Running, into radio) WE'RE COMING IN!!!!

OFFICER: Go, go, go!

O: I was really hoping there would be another way. (J's leading the charge thru the house) (THe gate activates) You know how I feel about you. I hope this isn't good-bye. (Runs thru the gate) (The SF's knock down the garage door just in time to see the gate closing. S is no where to be found.) (J looks at the gate in amazement.)

Scene then goes to the planet. O is running from the gate up a hill. S's following him.

S: (Yelling) ORLIN!!!

He doesn't hear her with the thunder. R and a couple other airmen are at the device, R looks up at the clouds. O comes charging in, knocking Airmen down. He Zats one. R has a gun on him.

R: (Yelling @ O) DON'T MOVE!!!!

S: (Running up to them) Hold your fire! I know this man.

R: He attacked us.

S: Colonel, please. Lower your weapon. (The weapon is lighting up) He has good reason to want to stop this test.

R: I have orders from General Hammond.

S: I know. Let's just dial out and talk to the General about it.

R: I can't do that. (The device lights up real pretty. ;) ) Your instructions, you spacifically said, was once we started the energy buildup, we couldn't abort, the reactor would blow.

S: (To O) He's right. If we disconnect the reactor now, it WILL explode.

O: Good, then it will be distroyed.

R: I can't let that happen , Major. (O pushes S down, and runs towardthe weapon. R fires his gun. Too late! O has unplugged the weapon. It turns off. S goes to O, who has been shot.)

O: I can't believe how much this hurts!

S: Shh ... just hang on, OK?

R: Major, we gotta get out of here!

S: We can't dial out! We CAN'T risk the blast wave going thru the wormhole.

O: I have to go, Sam. (He puts his hand on her cheek, she puts her hand over his.) You've given me another chance. There's only one way that I could save you ... (She holds his hand tighter, his hand turns into the white light, she closes her eyes.) (He passes by Rhynolds, then up into the sky, exploding in the clouds.) (S, R, and the female airman cover their eyes , and fall to the ground as the weapon explodes.)

Sam looks sad. :(


Source : Stargate Fusion

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