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The 5th Man


We begin with a firefight on a foreign planet between SG-1 and a whole bunch of Jaffa. Sam and Teal'C are shown dodging staff blasts.

SAM: (Into radio) We're gonna make it to the gate, but we're under fire! Teal'C's taken a hit.

The Jaffa are fierce. They're shooting one after another.

SAM: (Into radio) What's your situation?

JACK: (Shoots his machine gun, killing a couple Jaffa) Tyler's hit too, and we're cut off ... get the hell outta here!

SAM: (Still under fire) We can hold the gate!!!

JACK: (Barely audiable over staff fire) Negative.

SAM: We're NOT leaving without you!

JACK: Carter! Don't argue with me! Get reenforcements! (More gunfire with SAM)

Back at SGC:

DAVIS: (Chevron Guy! ;)) Sir, we're getting a signal ... it's SG-1.

HAMMOND: Open the iris.

Sam, Danny, and Teal'C come thru walking backward, guns pointed at the event horizon.

SAM: Close the iris!

HAMMOND: (Coming up to bottom of ramp) Report, Major.

SAM: (Quickly) We were attacked by several Jaffa ... Lt. Tyler went down watching out six ... Colonel O'Neill went back for him.

TEAL'C: Let's assemble a rescue team and go back for them immediately!

HAMMOND: Hold on ... who's Lt. Tyler?

DANNY: What do you mean, "Who's Lt. Tyler?" ... he's a member of SG-1.


DANNY: You assigned him yourself last month, Sir.

Hammond looks confused.

SAM: TYLER, Sir. We've been training him for weeks. This was his third mission.

HAMMOND: Major, I have NO IDEA what you're talking about!

The three look confused.


Back to the planet:

JACK: We gotta move, Lt. Can you walk?

TYLER: (Out of breath, pained) I'll try.

JACK: OK ... let's move! (He helps the limping Lt.)

TEAL'C: GeneralHammond, we must return to the planet immediately!

HAMMOND: No one's going ANYWHERE until I find out exactly what happened.

SAM: Colonel O'Neill and Lt. Tyler were cut off from the gate. I already told you, Sir.

HAMMOND: (Angrily) And I'm telling YOU I've never heard of Lt. Tyler!

DANNY: How can you SAY that?!

HAMMOND: I think you should report to the imfermary.

SAM: Sir, there is nothing wrong with us!

HAMMOND: We'll leave that up to Doctor Frasier.

DANNY: General, Jack is trapped on that planet.

HAMMOND: (To airman) Sergent? (Airman comes to him) Escort them to the imfermery.

SAM: (Holding her gun firmly) With or without reinforcements, we ARE going back, Sir.

HAMMOND: The HELL you are! Relinquage your weapons! (They don't move) AIRMEN! (They are surrounded by airmen with guns pointed at them) Major Carter, I WILL artherise the use of force unless you relinquage those weapons immediately! (Sam starts to remove her weapon, fighting back tears ; the other 2 follow suit.)


Jack's carrying Tyler in a fireman's carry to a burnt out shelter by the ocean made of stone.

JACK: (Out of breath after putting him down) Thought you could walk.

TYLER: Sorry, Sir.

JACK: Oh, it's no problem. (Tyler gasps in pain) How's the leg?

TYLER: (Gasps) It's no problem. (A bloody wound is shown)

JACK: (Not believing him) Yeah, right!

TYLER: (After Jack loks around the stone shelter) What is this place?

JACK: I wouldn't buy a time-share, but it's ... defendable.

TYLER: Until Major Carter returns?

JACK: Yeah, Major Carter and a whole bunch of her friends.

TYLER: Colonel, you could have made it to the gate ... you came back for me.

JACK: What's your point?

TYLER: I guess I'm grateful.

JACK: Well, I wasn't gonna let you DIE, Lt. ... it's like ... A TON of paperwork.

TYLER: (Confused) Paperwork?

JACK: It's a joke. (Tyler just looks at him) It's my way of deflecting attention from my obvious heroism. (Tyler just looks at him confused) You'll get used to it.

TYLER: All right. (Smiles) I understand.

JACK: All right.


HAmmond's looking at the open wormhole.

JANET: General Hammond? Teal'C is going to be fine. It's a bad burn, but his symbiote should take care of it. (Hammond nods) Any word from Colonel O'Neill?

HAMMOND: we've been trying to raise him using the MALP as a relay ... apparently it's been disabled.

JANET: Well, I've completed my preliminary exams of Major Carter, Teal'C, and Daniel, and so far, I've found nothing wrong with them. I mean they're obviously agitated, but that's understandable, given the circumstances ...

HAMMOND: ... Doctor, 3 of my people just come back from a mission talking about a Lt. who doesn't exist ... you can't tell me there's nothing wrong with them ...

JANET: I can't explain it, Sir.

HAMMOND: Some kind of hiluscination?

JANET: Hiluscinations aren't usually shared.

HAMMOND: (Sighs) There's never been a Tyler in this command.

JANET: Yes, Sir ... and we're still waiting for test results.

HAMMOND: In the meantime, I want them quarentined in the imfermary.

JANET: All ready done that, Sir as a precaution. But, they DID insist I ask what you're gonna do about Colonel O'Neill.

HAMMOND: If SG-1 has falled under the control of some kind of Alien influence, anyone I send back to the planet will be compromised as well. Until we know EXACTLY what's going on, P7S-441 is off limits.

JANET: Yes, Sir.


SAM: This is rediculous! We never should have left that DAMN planet!

TEAL'C: You were ordered to do so by Colonel O'Neill ...

SAM: ... Who could be DEAD by now for all we know!

DANNY: There's not like there's anything we could do about that right now ... there's several heavilly armed men right outside that door.

SAM: Well, we need to do something.

DANNY: OK. Let's think this thru ... why would General Hammond say he never heard of Lt. Tyler?

SAM: I don't think he's just saying it ... I think he REALLY doesn't remember him.

DANNY: Well, how could that be? Yesterday, we were all in the briefing room for TWO HOURS going over the mission.

TEAL'C: I do not believe GeneralHammond would lie to us.

DANNY: So, what? Is he suffering from some sort of amnesia, or ... ?

SAM: Well, if that's the case, they're all suffering from it. I mean, Doctor Frasier doesn't seem to remember him either.

TEAL'C: Perhaps GeneralHammond is correct ... perhaps there is something wrong with us.

DANNY: OK. When I went thru the quantum mirror on P3R-233, I came back to a base that looked just like this one. Everything was exactly the same, except no one knew who I was.

SAM: Because the Daniel Jackson in THAT reality never joined the SGC.

DANNY: Right. So, what if this is a reality where Tyler never joined? Or ... maybe he was killed in a relishion ... maybe he was never even born.

SAM: I don't know, Daniel. I mean, there was NOTHING on 441 that even remotely resembled a quantum mirror.

TEAL'C: Perhaps the stargate malfunctioned.

SAM: Well, we've never had any evidence to suggest the gate can access a parralelle universe.

TEAL'C: If Lt. Tyler does exist in this reality, there would be a record of him in the base computer.

SAM: Yes. Yes, the personelle files. (She begins typing rapidly on the computer, Danny glances back at the camera that's flashing) My access code isn't working. They must have decided that we're a security risk, and locked us out.

DANNY: So, you can't get in?

SAM: I didn't say THAT! (Rapid typing)


A large assortment of AMO is shown.

JACK: Where's your weapon, Lt.?

TYLER: Sorry, Sir. I dropped it when I got hit.

JACK: All right. Well, we've still got 4 mags, 2 clips , a little C- 4, some grenades, and a launcher.

TYLER: Is that enough?

JACK: Well, it's a start.


SAM: There's no record of a Lt. Tyler on active duty at the SGC.

DANNY: That's impossible.

SAM: Even day pass visitors are logged in ... there's NO WAY he could have been on the base, and not in the computer. I configured a search for the name Tyler anywhere in the database ... nothing.

DANNY: Well, obviously, someone is wrong here ... could it be us?

SAM: I think we have to admit the posibility.

TEAL'C: In either case, O'Neill remains in danger.

SAM: Wait a minute. This is weird ... somebody else did an identical search less than an hour ago. Somebody outside the base.

DANNY: Someone OUTSIDE the base ... how do you know that?

SAM: Because it's not a base ID ... it's a user number ... 4574. (Typing) Wow! He's been busy! Over the past 2 weeks, he's accessed a number of secure files. Mission logs, briefing, personelle files ...

DANNY: Uh ... WHO'S personelle files?

SAM: (Typing) *Sighs* Ours.


Jack's looking thru a scope.

JACK: All right. Listen up ... we've got a couple MRE's left, but we're running low on water. I'm gonna check the area. Take the P-90.

TYLER: OK. Wouldn't it be safer just to wait? Major Carter and the others should be coming soon.

JACK: Well, the truth is, they should have been here by now. Something must have happened.

TYLER: Are you saying they're not coming for us?

JACK: Nope. I'm just saying it might take a little longer than we thought.

TYLER: What if they never made it back?

JACK: Then General Hammond'll send somebody else.

TYLER: (Panic's setting in) Well, how do you KNOW?!

JACK: Because, Lt. We don't leave our people behind. You should know that.

TYLER: Yes, Sir.

JACK: Good. Stay off the radio. (Throws it to him) Keep the channel open. I'll give you 3 clicks when I'm on my way back ... So, don't shoot me.

TYLER: I won't.

Tyler puts his gun down. A pack of MRE's is shown. On the package, the words: MADE WITH PRIDE IN TYLER, TEXAS, U.S.A. is seen.


A UAV is ready to be launched.

HAMMOND: Sergent.

DAVIS: I'm sorry, Sir. The second MALP was hit by ZAT fire shortly after reaching the planet.

HAMMOND: Launch the UAV.

DAVIS: Yes, Sir.

INTERCOM: Initiate.

DAVIS: UAV is airborne, and beginning search pattern.

Jack is shown walking slowly on the planet. Plane engines is heard, faintly. He looks up.

HAMMOND Try to raise Colonel O'Neill.

DAVIS: (Thru mic) SG niner, this is Stargate Command ... please respond. (Plane is heard) SG niner, this is Stargate Command, please respond!

JACK: We're still here. OVER!

Plane is hsown flying overhead.

HAMMOND: This is General Hammond. What's your situation?

JACK: We need some backup, Sir. Tyler's immoble, and there's Jaffa all over the place! (Signal begins to get staticky)

DAVIS: Sir, we lost the signal.

HAMMOND: He said "Tyler." Obviously, he's been affected by the same hilusination as the rest of SG-1. We can not send a retrieval team until we know more.

DAVIS: Well, Sir. If you like, we can try to send a second UAV.

SIMMONS: (Colonel Q to most of you ;)) I don't know if that's such a good idea, General. Those things aren't cheap.

HAMMOND: Colonel Simmons!

SIMMONS: You might wanna take a look at that.

HAMMOND: My office. (Walks in his office, throws folder down on his desk) Colonel, I understand you've been ordered to investigate a security problem.

SIMMONS: Well, Sir, when 3 members of your best team starts voicing concerns about their imaginary friend, it does tend to raise a few eyebrows. Your own report suggests there may be some sort of mind control.

HAMMOND: I have people working on it.

SIMMONS: I'm sure you do, but we believe a ... independant investigation is called for. I'm sure we'll have you ... full cooperation. (Hammond looks at the RED phone.) You can use the red phone if you'd like, Sir. But one day, you're gonna play that card once too often.

HAMMOND: Colonel, I have an officer trapped off-world, and there's nothing I can do for him until I get to the BOTTOM of this.

SIMMONS: Well, then, Sir. You should welcome my help.

NIGHT TIME , CHEYENNE MOUNTAIN, EXTERIOR (Can some one bring that poor guard a cookie??) *g*

Simmons is sitting at the desk in the briefing room reading a report. Daniel is escorted in.

SIMMONS: Ah, Doctor Jackson. Sit down.


SIMMONS: Well, I thought I'd give you an oppertunity to explain what happened on that planet. (Smiles)

DANNY: (Still standing with his hands in his pockets) (Rather sarcastically) I ... filed a report. (Points to report)

SIMMONS: (Chuckling) (Matching Danny's sarcasm ;)) Yes, you did. And a very interesting read it is. Full of amazing events and ... fictional characters. (Danny just looks at him) (Whispers) Sit down.

A (LATEX) GLOVED hand pics up an SGC jacket. Janet is shown watching. The hand puts the jacket in a PLASTIC bag.

JANET: Wait a minute ... let me see that. (She touches a stain or something THRU the PLASTIC with her BARE hands.)

NURSE: Doctor Frasier? (Janet's still rubbing her BARE hand over the PLASTIC covered Jacket) We got the blood work and DNA results. No anomalies detected.

JANET: Thank you. I found this residue on Teal'C's jacket, we should have this analized.

NURSE: (Taking the bag) Yes, Doctor.

Janet turns, and blinks a few times. She sees Tyler walking in the hall. He grins at her. (I guess the stuff can seep thru plastic, and not latex. ;))

A tape dated 10/01/01--0740 is shown on the screen. (That's January 10, 2001 @ 740AM for those who don't know ;))

SIMMONS: This is a videotape of your briefing before the mission to P7S-441... I see 4 members of the SG-1 team, I see Doctor Frasier, I see General Hammond ... but I don't see any Lt's.

DANNY: This could be any briefing.

SIMMONS: Take a look at the time code.

DANNY: *Sighs* This is a waste of time!

SIMMONS: This is not a waste of time. This is an official investigation.

DANNY: Oh, well, yeah, I get it. We obviously have Lt. Tyler issues ... I mean I say he exists ... you say he doesn't.

SIMMONS: This is not JUST about Lt. Tyler.

DANNY: Someone else doesn't exist?

SIMMONS: (Long, deep sigh) (Holding up a picture of Sarah) I'd like you to explain your relationship with Doctor Sarah Gardner.

Danny glances at the pic, then up at Simmons thru the top of his glasses, then back to the pic.

DANNY: What does THAT have to do with THIS?

SIMMONS: Doctor Jackson. I am here to investigate potential Alien influences over members of Stargate Command. (Danny looks at him with a raised eyebrow) The fact that a Goa'Uld has taken your ez- girlfriend as a host has everything to do with this.

DANNY: (Disbelieving) WHAT?!

SIMMONS: You were very close at one time?

DANNY: That's none of your business!

SIMMONS: Your entire LIFE is our business!

DANNY: You know ... do I need to call an attorney, or ... ?

SIMMONS: Serious questions have been raised concerning your viability with this command. (Angrily) I am just giving you an oppertunity to RESPOND!

DANNY: Ok, respond, FINE! I lost someone I care about and not for the first time, I might add. You think that makes me sympathetic to the goa'Uld??!!?!

SIMMONS: I think that makes you someone who's judgement can be somewhat clouded. And for a man in your position that's ... unacceptiable.

DANNY: (Closes eyes) What's YOUR position, again? (Simmons chuckles)

Janet's walking very quickly down the hall.

JANET: (To guard at door) I need to speak to Major Carter. (Guard swipes his card) Thank you.

SAM: (Off of Janet's weary look) What's going on, Janet?

JANET: I need to ask you something. This Lt. Tyler you keep talking about ... what does he look like?

SAM: African-American, (Janet's head perks up in recognition) Mid 20's.

JANET: About 5'10", 5'11"? (Sam nods) I'm not sure, but I think I remember him.

SAM: 2 hours ago, you said you'd never heard of him.

JANET: I know. I ... I can't explain it, but I can remember his face!

SAM: Does anyone else remember him?

JANET: I don't know.

SAM: OK. MAybe something DID happen to us ... but you were never even ON that planet.

JANET: (Turning to leave) I have to report this to General Hammond.

SAM: Janet, wait! (Janet turns, sighing) I ... if you come forward now, they'll start suspecting you as well. You need to find evidence.

JANET: Sam ...

SAM: ... as long as we're locked up in here, we can't do ANYTHING to help Colonel O'Neill. It's up to you. (Janet looks weary)

HAMMOND: (Over time, coversations overlapping each other) (Into RED phone) I would like to speak to Senator Keesley ... I'd like to know who this man is working for . (After pause) I appreciate that, Sir. I ... need ... to ... know ... (He now has a POT of coffee ifront of him) Mr. Secretary, I wouldn't be MAKING this call if I didn't consiter it a matter of the utmost importance. (Leaning back in his chair) Yes, I know he's in a metting with the Joint Chiefs ... do you have ANY idea when he'll become available? (Pause) I see ... (Another short pause) All right ... thank you. (Hangs up phone, sighing.)


JACK: Where ya from, Tyler?

TYLER: Texas? Mostly ... we moved around alot. You?

JACK: Born in Chicago. Raised in Minnesota.

TYLER: Is it nice there?

JACK: (Looks at Tyler like he's crazy) "Is it NICE there"?! (Tyler takes a sip of water) You know what the Goa'Uld REALLY want from us? Minnesota, that's what. For the fishing, mostly. I'll take you sometime.

TYLER: Fishing

JACK: Well, yeah. (Drinks water) Ask Teal'C ... he can't get enough.

TYLER: When do you think we'll get outta here, Sir?

JACK: Well, if not tomorrow, we'll head up into the hills and wait until the Jaffa loose interest.

TYLER: They'll never stop hunting us.

JACK: What makes you say that?

TYLER: Isn't ... that the way they are?

JACK: That MAY BE the way they are. They're the way ... we are, so ... there you are. Get some sleep. (Tyler looks worried)


Teal'C is sitting at the briefing room table. Looking straight ahead.

SIMMONS: Tell me, Teal'C. How does it feel knowing you betrayed your friends?

TEAL'C: I betrayed no one.

SIMMONS: You led Apophis into the Mother Ship, which was occupied by SG-1 and the Tok'Ra Sel'Mack. (Sits on table infront of Teal'C; Teal'C remains looking ahead) You could have gotten them all killed.

TEAL'C: At the time I was led to believe that my time with the Tau'Ri was a septrofuge.

SIMMONS: And now?

TEAL'C: I am loyal to the Tau'Ri.

SIMMONS: Why should I believe you?

TEAL'C: If I was still loyal to the Goa'Uld, you would know it.

SIMMONS: (Sarcastically) Really?

TEAL'C: It would be immediately apparent as I would not HESITATE to KILL you where you SIT! (Simmons gasps) (Teal'C finally looks at him, a pointed stare.) (Simmons chuckles nervously.)


Drone of plane engine is heard, faintly. A Death Glider is seen flying overhead, creating a sonic boom. It flies up in the air, and begins the desend back doewn to their location.

JACK: Oh, crap!

TYLER: What is it?

JACK: Gliders. Stay here.

The glider gets it's staff guns ready. Jack gets his gun ready. The glider shoots about 8 times from each gun (One on each side), and makes a pattern of shots going toward Jack. He shoots his gun, blowing up the glider, making it crash.

TYLER: Nice shot!

JACK: Where the hell did THAT come from?!

TYLER: That's the glider we saw leaving the area when we were checking the crash two transport.

JACK: Right. Anyway, he's madeour position. Can you move?

TYLER: (Pained) Not yet.

JACK: All right. Time to begin. (Tyler smiles)


Now, Colonel Q ... uh ... I mean Simmons has Sam in the hot seat. ;)

SIMMONS: We have a problem here, Major. You say this was your third operative with Lt. Tyler. But, based on your own report of SG-1's last report, you make absolutely no mention of his name.

SAM: Daniel's name doesn't appear in all my reports ... doesn't mean he wasn't there.

SIMMONS: Don't you think it's kind of odd that not one other person on this Base can cooberate your story?

SAM: Yes, I do. But what difference does it make ... Colonel O'Neill is still out there.

SIMMONS: And you want us to send out a rescue team based on your word alone that he hasn't been compromised.

SAM: We'll go ourselves.

SIMMONS: I'm afraid I can't trust you to do that. You see? Doctor Jackson's motives for being here are colored by his emotions, always have been. Teal'C changes sides more often than I change the oil in my car.

SAM: What about me?

SIMMONS: Well, let's see ... (Opens folder) You were briefly taken over as a host for the Goa'Uld. Once you fell under the control of artificial intelligence of Alien origin ... and the last time we MET, you harbered an Alien in your own HOME. You know, I'm beginning to wonder if this is having some sort of ... residual effect because just yesterday, you violated base security by trying to get into one of the mainframes. I could NAIL YOU on THAT alone!

SAM: (Smiles) You're user number 4574. The one who's been accessing our personelle files. (Simmons grins evily) You don't care about Tyler. You're just waiting for something to use against us! Who are you getting your orders from ... Colonel?

SIMMONS: This interview is OVER! (Sam smiles triumphantly)


Jack's laying explosives.

JACK: (Arriving back at shelter) Allright. Trips are set. Take the 9 mil. If we get into it, make every shot count.

TYLER: (Shakes his head) I can not let you do this, Colonel.

JACK: Do what?

TYLER: I can not let you die protecting me. (Jaffa calling horn is heard faintly in the background. Tyler looks startled)


HAMMOND: (Comming in with Simmons) What have you got for us, Doctor?

JANET: Sir, I think I may have figured out what happened to SG-1. I found traces of a foreign chemical on Teal'C's uniform. I've completed my analysis.

HAMMOND: What is it?

JANET: Well, I'm not 100% sure, but it's chemical structure closely resembles Chordocolocedalcoline. which is a neurotransmitter that helps regulate and process human memory. I believe that Lt. Tyler, or the IDEA of Lt. Tyler is nothing more than a chemical implant. (Hammond and Simmons share a look) Here, take a look. You see, the effect is greatest here ... (Points to a part of the brain) in the temporal lobe associated with face-recognition. See, I think it's possible that SG-1 encountered someone on the planet that exposed them to this compound in order to convince them that he, she, or ... it ... was somehow familiar.

HAMMOND: We're not talking about a vague recognition ... we're talking about detailed memories that go back WEEKS before they ever set foot on that planet.

JANET: Yes, Sir ... and obviously, their own minds provided the details necessary to complete that illusion.

SIMMONS: Didn't your first report say that their MRI's were clean?

JANET: They were. The Chemical disapates fairly quickly.

SIMMONS: So, what's that? (Motioning toward screen)

JANET: (Hesitates) That ... that's me. (Hammond looks at her) I was exposed. The ... chemical passed thru a layer of plastic, which is probrably why I experienced a deminished effect, but ... this is HOW I figured it out!

SIMMONS: You were exposed to an Alien chemical, and now you claim to have "Figured it out"?!

JANET: Sir, knowing that the contamination requires close proximity, I am confident that SG-1 could return to the planet, and avoid further contamination.

SIMMONS: (Quietly, to Hammond) You can't trust her. (Leaves)

JANET: General, please. This could be Colonel O'Neill's last hope. (General appears to be thinking)


JACK: (Running back to shelter) (Out of breath) I counted 15. (Short sigh) Could get interesting.

TYLER: Colonel ... I'm not what you think I am. (Jack's distracted) I'm not a member of your team. I never was. I am not even human! (Jack's srtill distracted.) My race is called the R'Yol.

JACK: (Still distracted) Take your position.

TYLER: I exposed you to a chemical that made you THINK I was one of your own.

JACK: Whatever ... get back there.

TYLER: You don't believe me. Look at my leg. It's almost healed! (Stands up) Would this be possible if I were human?!

JACK: (Pulling Tyler down) Get down!

TYLER: I'll show you. (Touches Jack's head)

Tyler turns into a grey, skinney, almost skeleton-like alien with long things that look like dreadlocks on the side of his face. He has little, beady grey eyes that appear transparent.

JACK: (Amazed) Jesus. What the hell is that?

TYLER: A glimpse of my true nature. (He's turned back human)

JACK: You mean what you really look like?

TYLER: (Nods) It's a natural defence mechinism. The chemical we produce in our bodies. That's why I was a prisoner of the Jaffa. They were taking me to be disected and studied. I managed to break free of my cell, and damage the guiding system of the transport ship. We crashed on this planet. That's where you found me. I didn't know if you could be trusted.

JACK: Well, you picked a hell of a time to tell me.

TYLER: Please. Understand, Colonel.

Jack winces in pain, holding his ear as a staff blast passed right by his head. The Jaffa are advancing, and start tripping the triggers on the explosives.

JACK: Get the C-4 up. (He Tyler presses a romote, the C-4 explodes, sending a couple Jaffa flying) AGAIN! (He presses it again, more Jaffa go flying, screaming)

Jack takes a couple Jaffa out sniper style (One shot at a time), and shoot his machine gun. A firefight resumes with rapid machine gun fire, and Jaffa's staff weapons.

TYLER: (As Jack's shooting one by one again.) BEHIND YOU! (Jack turns, and shoots the Jaffa behind himself)

Jack is struggling with a Jaffa over his knife. He knock the Jaffa down. Another Jaffa comes up behing Tyler, hitting him in the back of the head, knocking him down. Jack surrenders to the Jaffa after this. A Jaffa yells a command to another jaffa who has his staff ready to shoot Jack. That Jaffa gets shot in the back with another staff. Another Jaffa gets a chest full of lead, from a machine gun out of view. Another Jaffa gets a staff blast, while yet ANOTHER Jaffa gets the chest full of lead. Jack appears to be surprised. He ducks. Sam and Danny are shown walking up to Jack.

SAM: I think we're all clear. (Jack stands up, surprised look on his face) You all right, Sir?

JACK: Fine. (Teal'C walks up, sees Tyler, and draws his staff) Teal'C!

TEAL'C: Lt. Tyler is not who he appears to be.

JACK: I know. He told me. Stand down. (Sam and Teal'C put their weapons down) Let's go. (Walking ) Why didn't you just ASK for help?

TYLER: Sorry, but I couldn't take the chance. For generations, the R'Yol have met with nothing but fear and mistrust.

JACK: Well, sure if you go around tricking people.

TYLER: My kind do not embrace technology. We've never been good fighters. Our ability to disquise ourselves is our only advantage. Now the Goa'Uld are trying to learn our secrets. We've been hunted to extinction.

JACK: You got some place to go?

TYLER: A group of us have started a new colony on a planet in an isolated part of the galaxy. After I return, we'll bury the gate. and you'll never heard of us again.

The gang is walking on a hill, and Jaffa commands are heard. Teal'C puts up his hand to shush the rest of the gang. Teal'C walks ahead, while the other 4 stay behind. Jack, Sam, Danny, and Tyler stop, and stoop down. Teal'C goes ahead to investigate. Teal'C motions for the others to join him.

JACK: What do we got?

TEAL'C: We are not alone.

Jack looks thru his scope to see the gate's DHD heavily guarded. There's Jaffa everywhere.

JACK: Looks like they're gonna be here a while.

TEAL'C: We must act before the reinforcements arrive.

JACK: I don't think so, Teal'C. There's too many of them.

TYLER: I'll surrender. (Jack looks at him) Once they have me, they'll leave. I'm the one they're after.

JACK: That's ... very brave of you and all, but the last thing we need is for the Goa'Uld to figure out how you do the ... thing ... you do.

TYLER: Then I won't surrender. I'll just lead them away from the gate. That'll give you a chance to get thru.

JACK: You said yourself They'd never stop hunting you. Now, we've trusted each other this far. We could use a little more fire power, however. Daniel? (Danny looks up) Stay with ... (To Tyler) What is your name anyway?

TYLER: Kal'Aie.

JACK: OK, Daniel, you stay with ... Tyler. Carter, give him your ZAT. Keep an eye out for patrols. Stay out of trouble. (Sam gives Tyler her ZAT, and the 2 officers and the Jaffa leave.)

TEAL'C: (Sam's looking at the canon) This canon must still be operational.

JACK: Like the attitude, Teal'C.

TYLER: (As Danny looks at the Jaffa thru a scope) This is all my fault. If I had revealed myself to you from the beginning ... this could have been avoided.

DANNY: Well, we understand. No one's blaming you.

TYLER: Please tell Colonel O'Neill ... I appreciate everything he's done for me.

DANNY: What are you talking about? (He turns his head; Tyler is standing up, and pointing the ZAT at Danny. He fires, Danny falls.)


HAMMOND: I take it you're waiting to see me, Colonel.

SIMMONS: Yes, Sir. For the better part of an hour in fact.

HAMMOND: (NOT so friendly voice) What about?

SIMMONS: I have come to believe that you allow your personel feelings to influence your command decisions.

HAMMOND: How I run my command is none of your DAMN business!

SIMMONS: It's the security of this country, Sir.

HAMMOND: TGhis investigation has nothing to do with the security of this country, and you KNOW it.

SIMMONS: Off-World teams have been compromised. Existing safeguards are ineffective. The SGC is an accident waiting to happen.

HAMMOND: I don't know who issued your orders, Simmons, but I've got a pretty good idea.

SIMMONS: General, with all due respect, it doesn't matter WHO issued my orders. What matters is that in carrying OUT my orders, I found things to be very, very wrong here.

HAMMOND: You're being used, Colonel. I let this investigation go on long enough to make a few phone calls. I learned enough to know, your are politically motivated.

SIMMONS: Sir, I think your missing my point ... I DON'T CARE!

HAMMOND: If it's a fight you're looking for, Colonel, my Washington connections go alot higher than yours.

SIMMONS: Administrations change, Sir.

HAMMOND: So do orders! Now, do I need to have you escorted OFF my base?!

SIMMONS: That won't be necessary, General. I know how to leave gracefully. I only hope YOU do.


Danny-Boy's gone beddy-bye! *g*

SAM: (Touching him) Daniel?

DANNY: (Sitting up) AHH!

JACK: Hey! Where's Tyler?

DANNY: AH! (Rather sarcastically) You know, I would have asked him, but I was uh ... too busy being unconsious after he shot me with that ZAT you gave him, so ...

JACK: (Looks thru the scope and see Tyler shoot some Jaffa with the ZAT) Oh, for cryin' o ... (Tyler thru the scope is leading the Jaffa away from the gate) He's tryin' to be a hero.

SAM: (After looking thru her scope) There's only a few Jaffa left. We can take em.

TEAL'C: This may be our best chance for escape, O'Neill.

Tyler is shown running in his true form. He's hit by a Jaffa. The Jaffa are walking back with Tyler in cutie-pie human form. Teal'C shoots at hte Jaffa about 8 times with a staff. He stops, and the Jaffa turn to start shooting at him, when they get a chest full of lead from the machine guns. ;) All the humans (Including Danny, BTW ;)) are shown shooting the machine guns. Sam shoots all the Jaffa surrounding Tyler, leaving him standing alone. Teal'C continues to shoot them with Staff gun.

JACK: (Tyler is sitting on the ground surrounded by dead Jaffa, freaking out. Jack puts out his arm to help him up. Tyler looks at the hand for a second, still freaking out, then locks arms with Jack, and is pulled up.) You're lucky your not a Lt. under my command, I'd have your ASS for this.

TYLER: You could have escaped!

JACK: We don't leave our people behind.

TYLER: But ... I'm NOT one of your people.

JACK: Could've fooled me ... actually you DID fool me. (They smile) Come on. Let's go. (Taps Tyler's shoulder.)

TYLER: What about the Jaffa at the gate?

JACK: They weren't a problem. (Tyler's putting in the last glyph on the DHD, and activates the gate.) You know. Before you bury your gate and all that, you should know that ... not everyone you meet is gonna try to hunt you down. We could be ... Allies.

TYLER: It's not my decision to make, but ... I will tell the others what happened here. Might just convince them that we don't have to hide forever. (Walks up the steps to the event horizon, then turns.) Maybe then you could take me fishing. (He grins, and walks thru the gate. SG-1 just smile)


Source : Stargate Fusion

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