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Red Sky


Scripter's note:
We begin with the traveler's view of going thru the gate ... then the ground tumbling like when you're throw out of the wormhole at a great deal of force. ;) Daniel and Teal'C are shown getting up from the ramp where they were thrown.

DANNY: OK! (Getting up and taking off his hat) What was that?

JACK: (Getting up ; He and Sam were throw further, onto the ground) Carter?

SAM: (Sighs) I don't know, Sir. Margin of error in calculating planetary shift used to cause the rough ride, but we fixed it.

JACK: Carter?!

SAM: We did have to over ride some of the dialing prodicals in order to get a lock. I'll check the dialing computer when we get home.

JACK: (Looking around, putting on sunglasses) It's bright.

SAM: Yes, Sir! This planet's much closer to it's sun then Earth.

JACK: (Looks around, seeing various items) Festive.

DANNY: This is interesting. (Looking at some sort of pole) I couldn't see these writings from the MALP.

JACK: (He and Sam turns, she's put on glasses) What's it say?

DANNY: They're really simular to those we found on Cimmeria. Could be a connection here to the Asguard.

JACK: What's it SAY?

DANNY: I don't know.

SAM: You think it's a protected planet?

JACK: Well, Teal'C wasn't Zapped away.

TEAL'C: Then there is no Thor's Hammer here.

DANNY: Well, they wouldn't need one if it was named in the Goa'Uld / Asguard Treaty.

Someone is see looking from the trees at them. Sam and Jack draw their guns at hearing him.

JACK: Hey! You! Come on out!

DANNY: We're not, uh ... we're not here to hurt you ... we're explorers from a place called Earth ... you might, uh ... you might know it as Midguar. I'm ... I'm Daniel Jackson, this is uh ...

MAN: I am Elrad. Flameman of the 39th order of Katal. (Jack and Sam look at each other) My congregation and I were on our way here for Morning Prayer when we saw a great wave burst forth from the Anuliss.

JACK: Anuliss? I like that.

ELRAD: (In reference to Teal'C.) HE is an enemy of the Gods. (People talk quietly).

JACK: Not anymore. Thor loves this guy!

ELRAD: You know of Thor?!

JACK: Oh, yeah! He's a buddy! (Danny looks weary)

ELRAD: (Smiles) Well, then. COME FORTH! It is a time for rejoicing! FREYR has sent us visitors from Midguar!

DANNY: FREYR is the god of Sun and Rain, right?

ELRAD: Yes, our protector. Alli of Thor. Friends of the Gods are welcome here.

JACK: (To woman infront of him) What do you got here?

ELRAD: Come! Our village is this way!

Everyone chatters as they walk toward the villiage. The people are dressed like the Amish.

DANNY: It's as if ... the Norse culture evolved in this world to modern times, while continuing to worship the Antient Gods.

ELRAD: This is Brother Malcus. He is Chief Accolite within our order.

MALCUS: You must leave. At once.

JACK: We just GOT here!

ELRAD: These are not just ANY strangers ... they came thru the anuliss.

MALCUS: (in reference to Teal'C) This one ... bears the mark of evil!

ELRAD: He is a friend of THOR! (Teal'C nods)

MALCUS: (Quietly) The people will NOT stand for this.

ELRAD: You mean you will antagonize them until they agree with you!

JACK: (After MAlcus looks at them, then walks away) Friendly guy!

ELRAD: You must forgive Malcus. He has a suspicious nature, and we have never before been visited by ELVES.

JACK : "Elves?"

ELRAD: You've traveled by way of the Gods. You say you know them well.

DANNY: Norse mythology FREYR was the rule of Elves. They can bring good or bad tidings. (Jack smiles at Elrad)

ELRAD: We certainly hope you bring us well.

Suddenly, the normally blue sky begins to turn red. Everyone looks up at the sun. Sam takes off her glasses, a confused look on her face.

JACK: Carter? What just happened? (She looks up at the sky, confused)

ELRAD: The Eye of Olden grows dim.

SAM: Some sort of shift in the light frequency.

JACK: Good. I thought I was having a stroke.

MALCUS: YOU did this!

JACK: What?

ELRAD: (To Malcus) Be calm! (To Jack) Is it true?!

JACK: (To Elrad) NO! (To Sam) Is it?

SAM: (Looking at her instraments) I don't know, Sir.

MALCUS: (Quietly, to Elrad)It is no coincidence that this happens moments after they arrive! (Louder, to villagers)

The Elves are the harvengers of our DOOM!

The villangers start talking amongst themselves. Danny and Teal'C look confused. Jack looks at them, then to Sam, who's looking at her doohicky. She looks at Jack and shakes her head, confused, then looks back down on her thing.


Close up on Sam's instrament, then it pans up to her face. She's looking up, worried.

MALCUS: Leave us, or be driven out.

ELRAD: Malcus, the darkening of the Eye of Oden is the will of the Gods, you can not blame the messangers. (Louder, to villagers) We must go to the Hall of Wisdom, and pray for forgiveness!

DANNY: (Watching the villangers leave) "Hall of Wisdom" ... that sounds like the place the Cimmerians went to visit Thor.

JACK: (Looks at Danny, and clears his throat. He then walks over to Sam) Carter. (Whispers after taking off his glasses) What the HECK'S going on?!

SAM: (Quietly) Somehow the light-spectrum of the sun has shifted toward infer-red. Now, if it continues this way, all the green plant will die. The plants goes, the oxygen supply ...

JACK: (Quieting her down with his hands) Yeah,yeah, yeah ... <<I guess he was listening in science class when they were studying photosynthesis. ;) >>

SAM: The MALP should give us more detailed data. It's sensors are more syphisticated.

JACK: Good. You and Teal'C head back to the ... Anuliss ... see what you can find out ... Daniel? (Walks toward Danny) See if these folks have got an Asguard phone.

In a church.

MALCUS: (Praying) We beseeth thee Oh, FREYR to have mercy upon us. Make peace with our Great Father Olden. In doing so, remove the terrible curse from our gentle land. (Jack and Danny arrive, Jack removes his hat) In the name of our Lord, FREYR, be it so. We ... (Stops when seeing Jack and Danny) The entire congragation, off of Malcus and Elrad's looks, turns and gasps. They start whispering amongst themselves.

JACK: Sorry. We didn't mean to interrupt.

MALCUS: Haven't you done enough damage here, Elves?

ELRAD: Show some respect, Malcus. They are sent by the Gods. We should hear their words.

DANNY: We were just wondering if you ever speak directly to FREYR.

ELRAD: HE hears us always.

DANNY: Right. You mentioned a Hall of Wisdom. This is it, isn't it? (Jack looked at him, amused)

ELRAD: No, this is a Temple.

DANNY: Right.

ELRAD: Malcus and I were about to go to the HAll to seek FREYR's wisdom on behalf of our people.

DANNY: Would you mind if we went with you?

JACK: We could put in a good word.

ELRAD: By all means! Come! (Malcus gives him a look)

MALCUS: (After Jack and Danny walk up to the alter) Bow your heads, and prepare to meet Our Lord.

ELRAD: Lord Freyer, Lord of the Aser, God of Catal, grant us an audience that we may share your wisdom.

A bright light takes Jack, Danny, Elrad, and Malcus to a dark room.

JACK: (Jack looks down, I'm assuming he's been disarmed) I better get it back!

A Viking looking dude (Simular to the Cimmerian's Thor holigram) appears and Elrad and MAlcus kneel before him.

HOLIGRAM: I am FREYR. (Jack looks amazed) For what reason have you come before me?

ELRAD: Oh, Lord, FREYR. Forgive us for disturbing you, but we seek your wisdom.

MALCUS: The arrival of these outsiders has caused the Eye of Oden to grow dim. We fear it is Ragmira.

DANNY: (Whispers to Jack) That's the end of time.

JACK: (Whispers back) Thank you.

ELRAD: We beg you to restore Olden's light.

HOLOGRAM: You are wise to seek my council, but only thru FAITH will you prove worthy of my benevolence.

MALCUS: Do you desire us to put these outsiders to death? They could be drawn and courted before nightfall. <<Chomping at the bit, aren't we?! ;-)~~ >>

JACK: That's a bit HARSH, isn't it?

HOLOGRAM: In time, I will sail to the Plain of Vedrid, where my value will be fought with swords ...

MALCUS: Swords ... it is the end time !

ELRAD: Patience!

HOLOGRAM: Likewise, you must face your own fears, as knowledge of the ultimate conflict. How you deal with fear is will prove your worthyness. I wish you well on your voyage.

Hologram disappears, Jack smiles, and waves at it.

DANNY: (Pointing to hole in wall) It's a recording.

JACK: (Sarcastically) Really?

They are transported back to temple. People talk quietly.

MALCUS: (To Elrad) I told you. (To congregation) It IS Ragmira. Lord FREYR tells us to prepare for our death.

JACK: That's a bit of a negative spin with the ole paraphrasing, isn't it?

MALCUS: I have been interpreting the Word of the Gods for many years.

ELRAD: I'm afraid I must agree with Malcus. (Everyone talks)

JACK: Hang on! Look, I know I'm the outsider here ...

MALCUS: You DARE question the Will of the Gods?!

JACK: No, just ... your interpretation.

DANNY: (Quietly) You sure you want to get in the middle of this?

JACK: (Quietly, to Danny) I'm not sure how to get OUT of the middle of this. (Louder, to people) (Clears throat) (Walks down off alter) Look, folks. Does FREYR plant your crops for you? Huh? (No's are heard) Does he ... harvest them? (More No's) Does he build your HOMES for you?

ELRAD: Those are the tasks of our own hands.

JACK: Exactly! You've always had free-will before ... why not now? Maybe this ultimate conflict is a test of your enginuity and courage.

MALCUS: (To Elrad) WHY do you tolerate THIS?!

JACK: (Quietly, to Danny, who's standing behind him, rather sarcastically) Jump in any time here, by the way.

DANNY: (Quietly) I don't think this is a good idea.

MALCUS: In the past, Lord FREYR has allways told us to face our fears, and NOT interfear with the WAYS of the GODS!

ELRAD: I agree, Malcus. We must do the God's will, but perhaps these strangers are a part of their plan.

MALCUS: NONSENCE! They are the harbengers of our doom! (Jack rolls his eyes) Elves can not change the Will of the Gods! (He turns, and walks out followed by the villangers)

JACK: (After everyone else left) Elrad, listen to me ... we can help your people. We've been in this situation before. TRUST me! We can work MIRICLES!

ELRAD: I trust in FREYR. If you are here to do his bidding, either to doom us ... or to save us ... then ... so be it.

DANNY: They don't hear us.

JACK: Elves, that's what we look like to them.

DANNY: That's what we look like to them .

JACK: Whatever ... Carter come us with. (In the village) Hey, fellas.

SAM: I got a theory, Sir.

JACK: Is it ... Miraculous? (Grins at Danny)

SAM: Actually, it is. I think the wormhole that we used to travel here passed directly thru this planet's sun. That might be why we had a problem dialing here in the first place.

DANNY: What? We should never have connected with this planet?

SAM: Well, at least not with the curerent planetary allignment. The light from the sun suddenly shifted toward the red spectrum after we got here. (Jack looks worried, then smiles weraly.) As far as I know, the ONLY way that could happen was if an unstable, superheavy element, probrably plitonium, was introduced to the sun's nuclear reaction. Sort of a ... subatomic poisoning.

DANNY: Wait a minute ... OK ... how did WE do that?

SAM: Well, somehow, the plitonium piggybacked onto our wormhole from another starsystem, and bonded with their sun as we passed thru it.

JACK: I HOPE that doesn't mean it's our fault!

TEAL'C: We could not have known, O'Neill.

SAM: The fact that the 'gate wouldn't dial here when we first tried, leads me to believe that there's some sort of safety protical built into the gate system designed to prevent exactly this sort of thing.

JACK: So ... design flaw?

SAM: (Somberly) No. Sir, we bipassed some of the normal dialing proticals. The fact is, this planet is dying, and it's probrably because of us.

JACK: But you can fix it, right? (Sam closes her eyes <<in defeat>>, and bows her head. Jack knows the look) (They walk to the Temple) Teal'C, maybe you should hang out here. These Asguard devices don't know you like we do.

The 3 humans go inside, the Jaffa stands outside.

DANNY: OK, let's see ... they bowed their heads, and said a prayer ... Lord FREYR ...

Jack puts his hand on a circle on the device. A light transports them to the room. The Holigram appears.

HOLIGRAM: I am FREYR. For what reason have you come before me?

JACK: (Sam walks to behind holigram) We'd like to talk to the real Asguard. Thor if he is avaliable.

HOLOGRAM: You are wise to seek my council. (Sam finds the panel) But only thru FAITH will you prove worthy of my benevolence.

JACK: (Danny's grinning) Yada, yada ... uh ... Carter, you wanna pull the plug on this guy?

SAM: (Playing with the panel) It looks like this is the admitter that generates ... (Hologram's talking while she's doing this, then suddenly disappears)

DANNY: Well, we've either made contact with the Asguard, or we've trapped ourselves deep within a vault of solid rock. (An Asguard appears) That's better.

ASGUARD: I am FREYR. Protector of the Catal world. (Sam moves next to Jack)

JACK: Uh ... yes, sorry to bother you, can we ... talk to ... Thor?

FREYR: Commander Thor is in a distant part of the galaxy. He is not available. You are the one called O'Neill?

JACK: (Grinning) I am the one.

FREYR: We named a warship after you. Short lived as it was. (Jack looses his grin)

JACK: (Glances to Danny) Yes, that one.

FREYR: Why have you come to this world?

JACK: Exploring. That's what we do.

FREYR: Catal falls under our "Protected Planets Treaty" with the Goa'Uld. I would hope you have not dispelled our current belief system. (Sam bows her head) The Asguard ...

JACK: Aw! Don't worry! We haven't blown your cover. However, we do have a SMALL(Kneels to get eye level with the Alien) little problem that could use some of that ASGUARD magic.

FREYR: Are you implying that our technology is some kind of trickery?

JACK: You sure Thor's not around somewhere?

SAM: Sir? If I may?

JACK: Yeah. (Stands) Knock yourself out.

SAM: We may have inadvertinly, totally accidently, cause a foreign element into the Catal Sun.

FREYR: (Little black eyes widen) How?

SAM: Ah, well, actually I was hoping you could help us out on that one. Is it possible that our wormhole to pick up a superheavy element, and deposit it on the sun as we passed thru it?

FREYR: There are safety protocals in place on the system to prevent wormhole connections that could cause just this reaction.

SAM: Uh ... yeah ... see? We have our own dialing computer, and sometimes we bipass a few steps in order to get a lock. (FREYR cocks his head) We're still experimenting.

FREYR: (Pointed) I see.

SAM: We could really use your help here.

FREYR: I'm afraid I can not assist you.

JACK: Why not?

FREYR: It is not the Asguard's responsibility to undo every error you make. This technology is advanced beyond your knowledge.

JACK: Excuse me!? (FREYR blinks) There is a whole planet full of people that are going to DIE.

DANNY: Um ... this may be our mistake, but the Catal people depend on you. (FREYR blinks) You set up their belief system. They think that You are their God, and you will protect them.

FREYR: From the Goa'Uld, yes.

JACK: Forget all that! Come on! We're FRIENDS! We help you , you help us. That's the way it works. Carter's idea saved you from the Replicators. Now, we're calling in the marker.

FREYR: Ultimately, the decision is not mine.

JACK: (Rather sarcastically) Then , may I speak to whomever decides?!

FREYR: It is possible. Prepare to meet the Asguard High Council.

JACK: I'm prepared. Right now. Let's go.

FREYR: Step to the place where I stand. (He disappears)

JACK: (Sam looks at Jack) I'm sorta prepared.

DANNY: You want me to ...

JACK: I got it. (He walks up to the circle, Sam takes his place next to Danny. Jack appears as a holigram) Hello? (Echo's) ECHO! (Echo's) (He's in a huge room, the Asguards begin to appear.)

ASGUARD: Colonel Jack O'Neill of Earth ... Welcome to the Asguard High Council Chamber.

JACK: (Appearing as a holigram to the asguard) Yeah, thanks for seeing me on such short notice. (Sam and Danny's POV is shown. He is shown talking to the wall while looking up.) I assume you CAN see me. (Sam and Danny share a look)


JACK: Did FREYR mention why I'm here?

FREYR: Yes, Colonel. They're aware of the circumstances surrounding your request.

JACK: (To FREYR) Oh, hey! There! I didn't see you. You guys all kinda look ... (He gets a look from the AHC) (Claps hands) Thor's not here, is he?

AHC: No, he is not.

JACK: OK. (Looks away)

AHC: As FREYR explained, we are unable to assist you in this matter, O'Neill. Though your actions were unintentional, unfortunally, the Catal people will perish.

JACK: Hey! This is not entirely our fault! I mean, you could have warned us about this ... gate thru the sun ... thing. Or for that matter, you could have given us a list of the planets that were off-limits.

AHC: Both points are true. However, neither is reason enough to interfear.

JACK: You're interfearing right now! These people think you're their GODS! Granted, you're not Goa'Ulds, but you're still pretending to be something you're not.

FREYR: You are correct. However, when we saved these people from the Goa'Uld, they were not ready to have their beliefs completely stripped away. In time, when they are ready, the Catal will know the truth.

JACK: Yeah, well, there's the snag ... they WON'T. They'll be DEAD. I don't get it. You obviously saved them once. Why not again?

AHC: It is not that simple.

JACK: Yes it is! You've got the technology, don't you?

AHC: Yes!

JACK: Ok, fine. We made a mistake ... a BIG mistake ... and we're very, very sorry! (Danny and Sam are shown seeing Jack talk to the wall) But we also saved your little grey butts from the Replicators, and (Sam bows her head) now we want your help. I'm not asking you to change the course of development! Just fix the damn sun! No one'll know. We won't tell.

AHC: Unfortunally, we can not.

JACK: OK, at the risk of sounding like the petulent inferior race ... why not?

The AHC talk amongst themself.

DANNY: (Sam's looking at him, grinning) "Little Grey Butts!"?

SAM: Yeah.

FREYR : It would be in violation of our treaty with the Goa'Uld.

JACK: What?

AHC: The treaty states that the people of the planet protrected will be free from Goa'Uld, however, subsection 424 says the people on the planets can not be artifically advanced thru our technological needs. Using our technology to prevent a natural disaster would be a violation of that order, and would nullify the treaty as a whole. The Goa'Uld would be free to invade any protected planet ... (Looks at Jack) Including Earth.

JACK: (Who was listening with interest while they were talking amongst themselves) Oh, ... you sure?

AHC: Yes. The war with the Replicator rages on here in our galaxy. We do not have the military force to defend every planet in the treaty. You would be vunerable to a Goa'Uld attack.

JACK: OK. What if I were to say we'd be willing to TAKE ... the risk?

AHC: Even if you could make that decision on behalf of your planet, O'Neill, you can not make it for every other planet that could be effected.

JACK: I ... suppose ... not.

AHC: We are all deeply disturbed that this disaster could not be diverted. We wish there was a way.

JACK: Well, they're not dead yet. Maybe there is.

AHC: If that is the case, the solution would be up to you.

JACK: (Holds out hands) Why? (He's transported back to Danny and Sam) That went well! (Turns to face them) (Walks up to them, the three are transported back)

SAM: (Walking thru the village) Sir, I've been thinking.

JACK: I'd be SHOCKED if you EVER stopped, Carter!

SAM: Here, OK. (Has unpeeled apples in her hands) Let's say these are the unstable pletonium molecules that are poisoning the sun.

JACK: OK ...

SAM: (Picks up pears. ) What if these are molicules of a more stable, super heavy element, say with an atomic weight above 200.

JACK: Sure! I can think of a few.SAM: (Puts fruit down) Actually, they don't occur in nature, at least not on Earth.(Danny and Jack's eyes look at each other) But I have read about such elements being created in super colliders, at least in theory.

DANNY: You realize you're mixing your apples and ... (Jack looks at Danny, Danny glances at him, and grins)

SAM: If we could introduce these stable, superheavys into the catal sun, they would bind with the plotonium molecule rendering them enert. <<LOL! >>(Jack and Danny are just looking confused) The sun then could be restored to it's normal nuclear reaction.

JACK: (To Danny) Huh? How bout that?! (Danny just raises his eyebrows, and looks confused.)

SAM: Well, this is all very theoretical, Sir.

JACK: I have great confidence in you, Carter. Go on back to the SGC and ... confuse Hammond.

SAM: Yes, Sir. (Puts fruit back into baskets.)

Back at the SGC

HAMMOND: A rocket?

SAM: With a payload of the super heavy element I've indicated. We send it in stages thru the Stargate to Catel, and assemble it there. When it's complete, we launch it into the sun.

HAMMOND: Will it get there in time?

SAM: We have 3 months before the plitonium reaction in the sun become irreversable. If we can launch inside 3 weeks, we can just make it.

HAMMOND: Have you consitered other options.

SAM: The other option we've consitered could be a one in a million shot, Sir. The rocket gives us better than 50/50 odds.

HAMMOND: Rockets don't exactly grow on trees, Major.

SAM: I know that, Sir. However, as you know, the Air Force is currently planning a launch from Vandenburg.

HAMMOND: Major, do you realize how much has been invested in that project?

SAM: I'm aware of that, Sir. (Nearly tears) It's hard to put a price on the Catal People.

THREE WEEKS LATER is shown on the screen. A rocket is clearly visible in the background.

MALCUS: (Storming onscreen) Colonel?!

JACK: (Calmly, yet with sarcasm) Shouldn't you be off insighting a mob?

MALCUS: Look at the sky. Ragnerack grows ever closer ... your MACHINE does nothing!

JACK: It's a rocket. It won't work until we launch it. We can't launch it until we BUILD it!

TEAL'C: Time still remains before the sun does permenant damage to your world.

MALCUS: (Loudly, to villangers) All they have done is bring more outsiders!

DANNY: You have to be patient.

MALCUS: (Stepping off his soapbox. LOL!) The problem grows everworse as long as you are here. If you can't see that the Gods wish you to leave, we will be forced to make it clear on their behalf.

ELRAD: Malcus, this is not the way of the Catal. If the Gods did not want them here, they wouldn't BE here!

MALCUS: If their presence is trully part of the test ... then we have failed ... miserably! (Looks at Jack, then walks away, pissed.)

Back at the SGC, Siler's working

on a part of the rocket, preparing it to go thru the gate. Sam comes thru the gate, which closes, and gets a clipboard from a female airman.

SAM: General, we're ahead of schedule.

HAMMOND: This should be the last shipment of parts.

SAM: Any word yet on the HG2340?

HAMMOND: Frankly, I never thought it would be easier to get the rocket.

SAM: Sir, without the superheavy element, this whole thing would have been a big waste of time.

HAMMOND: Don't worry, Major. (Smiles)

SAM: Doctor MacClarean.

MACCLAREAN: Very impressive operation you've got here. I hope you consiter yourself lucky, Major. (She nods)

HAMMOND: Doctor MacClarean finally decided that a peek of the SGC was worth the exchange.

MACCLAREAN: It took me 5 years to make that much HG2340.

SAM: Well, maybe one day, you'll be able to save the planet your MacClarean is saving.

MACCLAREAN: Did you say MacClarean?

HAMMOND: (Sam smiles) Sounds like a good name to me. (MacClarean is smiling from ear to ear.) I'll use it in my official report to the Pentagon.

MACCLAREAN: (Dumbfounded) I don't wanna be in your way. You obviously have a job to do here. Good luck Major.

SAM: (Shakes offered hand) Thank you Doctor.

Back at the planet, Sam is running up to Jack.

SAM: That's the last of it, Sir. We've got everything we need.

JACK : Good.

SAM: Daniel and Teal'C?

JACK: AW, they're in the village still trying to convince the folks we're FRIENDLY elves. (Sam smiles, and looks at the rocket.) I think the sooner we get out of here, the better.

SAM: IS that smoke?!

The rocket is shown exploding.

Sam, Jack and members of the SGC run to the rocket as it explodes into a huge fireball.

DANNY: (As Jack and Sam arrive in the village) What happened?

SAM: Somebody set a fire. (Jack takes off his rifle, and hands it to Teal'C.)

DANNY: Anybody hurt?

SAM: (Jack takes off his hat, and throws it on the ground) We lost 2 members of SG-6. The rocket was distroyed.

JACK: (Grabs Malcus by the collar, and throws him down on the ground, climbing on top of him) You STUPID Son of a BITCH!

MALCUS: (No remorse) The Gods have spoken!

JACK: You've just killed 2 of my men, and screwed your whole planet!!!!

MALCUS: I'll screw all their lives to serve the Gods.

JACK: You coward ... (He belts him with a right hook) Why did you kill yourself? WHY?!

MALCUS: I would gladly die to serve the Gods!

JACK: I'm gonna shoot ... (He draws his sidearm, and puts it to Malcus's neck)

DANNY: Jack!


ELRAD: Stop, please! I am truly sorry for what has happened (Jack has a dark look in his eyes, kinda like in the other side or the Movie. ;)) Malcus has acted without my knowledge, (Malcus has a big smile on his face) He will be punished. PLEASE! More death serves NO ONE!

JACK: (After a minute of thinking) More death is exactly what you people are gonna get.

Jack gets off of him, takes his sidearm off his neck, and walks away. He passes Sam, who has a frightened look on her face. Sam follows Jack, followed by Danny, then Teal'C turns and leaves.

Man: (Offscreen as another man is helping an injured man) Let's get back to the SGC.

Some more injured people are shown. Jack's storming toward the DHD.

DANNY: Jack! STOP! We CAN'T leave!

JACK: The Hell we can't! Carter, Dial it up, get these people home!

SAM: Sir ...

JACK: That's an ORDER!!!!

DANNY: Jack, would you ju ... STOP!

JACK: (Turns, yelling) They killed 2 of my MEN!!!!

DANNY: Yes, they did. But not all these people are responsible for that. And the ones that were were ... just doing what they believed was right.

JACK: I really don't care.

DANNY: Well, I do. (Jack looks at Sam, who looks back) And leaving right now would be redeamable.

JACK: In who's eyes? The Asguard? They HAD their chance.

SAM: Sir, I essentually pressed the button that could end this civilization.

JACK: ALL RIGHT!!!! We made the first mistake, but we were gonna fix it! Is it obvious only to me that these people don't want help?!

SAM: I couldn't live with myself if I just walked away now.

TEAL'C: I do not believe the majority of the people of this world support the actions of Malcus.

JACK: What, then?

DANNY: Relocate them.

TEAL'C: Their ties to this world are strong, DanielJackson.

DANNY: Well, we have to give them the option. Then it's their choice.

SAM: Sir, we still have the MacClarean. With your permission, I'd like to go back to the SGC, and run a few more simulations.

DANNY: (In the temple to the congregation) OK. I know this world has been your home for generations, but it looks now, that the Eye of Oden will not be restored.

ELRAD: That is for the Gods to decide.

DANNY: Right. But consiter this ... that the Gods are giving you another choice.

ELRAD: What is that?

DANNY: The chance to move to another world. (Some people get up and leave) You can come thru the anuliss with us, it's really, it's very simple.

ELRAD: If FREYR wished us to leave this world, he would come to take us away in his Chariot.

DANNY: He does. He wishes you to leave. (More leave) He's very busy right now, and he sent us to take you to our world. If you don't go, you will all die.

ELRAD: Your efforts are noble, but if our destruction is the will of the gods, we must face our fate bravely.

JACK: NOW can we go?

TEAL'C: The Catal were not convinced?

JACK: Nope. Because YOU (To Danny) didn't say what needed to be said.

DANNY: Well, what would YOU have said? Wait! What are you gonna SAY?!

JACK: (Takes off his hat) Hey, folks. Join me over here ... Come on! Come on in here folks, I got a few things to say.

DANNY: What are you doing?

JACK: Telling them the truth, Daniel.

DANNY: Whether or not a God really exists is not as important as whether or not a BELIEF in God really exists.

JACK: You wouldn't be saying that if we were talking about a Goa'Uld.

DANNY: We're not ... talking about a Goa'Uld.

ELRAD: Have we not made our position clear?

JACK: Yes! Yes, you have. I just don't think we've made OURSELVES clear.

DANNY: Jack, the Asguard ...

JACK: ... are NOT ... Gods!

Jack steps up on his soapbox. ;)

JACK: Hi, folks, listen. You all know FREYR, right? Big guy, kinda good-lookin' lot of fancy gold armor? (Everyone says yes) Well, here's a flash for ya. That's NOT what he looks like.

ELRAD: What do you mean?

JACK: He's an Alien who's been pretending to be your god. (Daniel looks disapproving) He doesn't have a Chariot ... he's got a SPACESHIP! (Someone says blasphamy ;)) A spaceship. Big machine like the one we were building. Only his is WAY better ... and ... not ... blown up. (Disbelieving mumering is heard) I'm not kidding you folks. This little fellow is about 3 feet tall, got clamey grey skin, big black eyes, and skinney, tiney little arms and legs, like toothpicks. (Danny looks pissed, Teal'C is just stoic) (People says I don't believe it) They think you need to believe in a god! That you're not developed enough as a culture to think for yourselves.

ELRAD: Enough!

JACK: Elrad, listen to me! These Aliens have the power to help you ... they chose NOT to!

ELRAD: I am sorry ... for what happened to your people. I know you think you are trying to help us, but, PLEASE! It's time you leave.

PEOPLE: You should go, please go! You've said enough, just go!

Jack looks around. Danny's still looking mad.

JACK: (Not caring) OK. Sorry to bother you. Thanks for your time, folks. There. I gave em the choice ... they chose! (Jumps off the soapbox) (Danny still looks pissed)

A simulation is shown on the computer screen. A light is going from earth thru a sun, and stops there. Jack, Sam and Hammond are in a lab.

HAMMOND: I thought the odds of sucess in this scinerio was one in a million, Major.

SAM: Yes, Sir. But I now believe we can increase that chance to 1%.(Looks at Hammond, who looks at Jack)

JACK: It's your call, General. I only understand about 1% of what she says half the time anyway. (Sam smiles)

HAMMOND: Run it by me again.

SAM:( Drawing on board) We send the MacClarean thru (She draws a wormhole coming from Earth to Catel) the wormhole to Catel. Now, based on the distance from Earth, and the rate of travel, (Jack raises his eyebrows) I tried to calculate the exact time we shut down the gate. (Draws an X in the middle of the wormhole) so that the MacClarean stops short of reaching the planet , (Circles the X) and actually ends up (Draws rays like a picture of a sun) IN their sun.

JACK: I thought when something was IN a wormhole, it existed only as ... entergy. That you needed another stargate to turn it back into solid matter.

SAM: Actually, you absolutely correct, Sir.

JACK: (Seconds later, amazed) I AM?!

SAM: Yes! (Smiles) You see? It's the stargate on the other side that actually reintergrates the matter (Jack looks back at Hammond a HUGE shit-eating grin on his face) into it's preorganized form. (Jack can't stop smiling) <<LOL!>> Without it the energy in the wormhole would not rematerialize in it's base form. Now, in the case of a person, that would be very bad, but in the case of an element, it shouldn't be a problem.

JACK: (Still smiling) (To Hammond) I was right!

HAMMOND: OK. You have a go, Major. (Jack gets up, STILL smiling)

SAM: (Over intercom) Sending MALP thru. Payload is en route. Executing controled shutdown ... now! Well, there's only one way to know if it worked.

Back on the planet

ELRED: (Praying, Teal'C and Danny are there) Brothers and sisters, at these times, it is important for us to come together as a family. We must remember the great gifts of FREYR, (Sam and Jack are arriving) and we must be grateful for the lives that he has given us. (Danny, who had his head bowed, see the two officers, and he and Teal'C go to meet them) In this, the troubled time, we must still remember ...

DANNY: They agreed to let us stay as long as we ... don't try to tell them FREYR's not a God. (Elred continues to pray) (Sam looks at Jack)

JACK: I don't think we'll be staying.

TEAL'C: Did your method not succeed, MajorCarter?

SAM: It doesn't look good, I think we missed.

DANNY(Quietly) Are you sure it not ... taking longer than we though, or ...

SAM: We should have noticed the change by now.

JACK: Let's go.

DANNY: (Sighs) I wanna tell them ... and say good-bye. (Walks up to the gathered crowd) Sorry, it ... didn't work. But, it's not too late to change your mind about leaving.

ELRAD: (Continues praying) Great protector. Oh, Lord FREYR, accept thou farilties and forgive our sins.

DANNY: (Praying) We beg You give us mercy, and return the light that gives us life. (Looks at ELRED) Good-Bye.

Everyone gasps as the sun begins to return to normal.

JACK: (Touching Sam's arm) Am I having a stroke? (She shakes her head)

ELRAD: Blessed be FREYR! Bow your heads, and thank him for granting our prayers.

SAM: I'm pretty sure we didn't do this, Sir. At least not on our own.

TEAL'C: The Asguard.

SAM: They said they wouldn't help.

JACK: Overtenly.

SAM: Sir, are you saying that by starting the process, we gave em the opportunity to step in without the Goa'Uld knowing?

JACK: A way of saving face. Technical lookover?

DANNY: Or NOT! Well, we'll never know for sure will we?

Shot of village shown , then shot goes up to the sun.


Source : Stargate Fusion
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