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Rite of Passage


NOTE: Nurrti is in this one, hence the caps when she's speaking.

We begin with a lovely rectangle shaped cake (Looks chocolate ;)) with white icing, and the words "HAPPY BIRTHDAY CASSANDRA" written on it. A woman (Nail polish ;)) is lighting the last of 16 candles. Camera pans out ... it's Janet with Sam right next to her.

JANET: (Shouting) Cassandra?! I'm not imagining it, I mean she WAS here ... was she not?

SAM: (Sarcastically) Yeah! For almost the entire time she was opening her presents.

JANET: (Shouting) Cassie!?

CASSIE: (With attitude) WHAT?! (She comes storming in brushing her hair.)

JANET: I thought you were wearing the top that Sam bought you.

CASSIE: (Wearing a tight fitting, yellow tank top type shirt) Oh! Well, that's for school.

SAM: Hey! (Clears throat) Make a wish!

JANET: Yeah.

CASSIE: Dominique's waiting.

JANET: Fine! Invite him in ... (Pointed) I'm sure he'd like to have a piece of Birthday Cake that Sam went _to_all_the_trouble_to ... bake.

SAM: (Softly, under her breath to Janet) Buy.

JANET: (Loudly, pointed) Bring!

SAM: (Cheerfully) I'd love to meet him.

CASSIE: You said I could *Go*.

JANET: (Looking lovely with her hair down in a pretty blue shirt) Yeah, I did ... after.

CASSIE: We're meeting a bunch of people.

JANET: (Walking toward her) You know, consitering you haven't been feeling well, I think you're just lucky I even let you go out at all.

There is tension in the air. Cassie is staring at Janet, who's decided to put on her "I'm a doctor " face. Sam's looking away.

CASSIE: (Knowing she's not gonna win the arguement with "Dr. Mom" ;)) FINE! (She leaves, and Janet stands there closing her eyes and looking pi$$ed.)

SAM: You know, I could just ...

JANET: (Putting up her hand) Uuuhhh ... *SHE* is going to *HAVE* a piece of Birthday Cake, you just stay right where you are. (Picks up Cassie's brush and throws it down) (Cheerfully) Coffee?

SAM: Please.

CASSIE: (Walking outside) They're NOT letting me leave yet, so, I mean if you want to meet up with everybody ... DOMINIQUE: (A dark haired cutie ;)) Wait a second ... here.

CASSIE: (He gave her a prizm shaped like a pyramid) Just like the ones in class.

DOMINIQUE: Yeah, well, you ... you said it was pretty, so ... This one's for decoration, so ... I thought you could put it in your room.

Cassie puts it up to the light, and makes a rainbow of colors appear on his face. He smiles, and steps up to her, and kisses her. The porch light flickers as they are kissing, (Janet and Sam are shown inside with the flickering lights) then the light falls down. a Thud is heard while Dominique is shown in the dark.

DOMINIQUE: Cassandra?! (Sam and Janet are shown inside drinking coffee) HELP! (Sam and Janet run outside)

SAM: (To Dominique) What happened?!

DOMINIQUE: Nothing! She just fell.

JANET: She's running a temperature. (To Dominique) What was she doing when she "Just fell" ?

DOMINIQUE: I ... I kissed her.

SAM: (Surprised) (Forsefully turning him to face her) You KISSED Her?!

DOMINIQUE: It's her birthday all right? (Paniced) Look, I'm telling you! The light just exploded, and she just ... passed out! That's what happened!

JANET: I want to get her to the imfermary. Get the car keys. Cass? Baby? Cassie? Cassie?


Cassie's passed out in the bed. Sam's sitting with her.

JACK: How's she doing?

SAM: (Faces him) Her fever still hasn't come down.

JANET: (Walking in) Sam? I need to get a sample of your blood. Cassandra's bloodwork shows the presence of a retrovirus.

JACK : Didn't she just get over the flu?

JANET: Well, whatever this is ... it isn't the flu.

SAM: You think there's a causal relationship between the retrovirus and the EM field?

JANET: Possibly.

JACK: (To Sam) What?

SAM: Cassandra's body is somehow generating a low lever electromagnetic field that's periotically spiking. That could be why the light exploded on the porch.

JANET: And why I can't do an MRI to find out what other effects this retrovirus is having.


JANET: I'm here.

CASSIE: I couldn't finish the harvest.

JANET: (Glances back at Sam) That's OK.

CASSIE: I have to go into the forest.

SAM: It's OK, Cassie.

Janet begins to prepare a needle as the light flickers. Cassie's out again.

HAMMOND: Do I need to put the base under quarentine?

JANET: I don't think it's contageous, Sir. Major Carter and I show no evidence of the retrovirus in our blood.

HAMMOND: Then where did Cassandra contract it?

JANET: I'm guessing her home planet.

TEAL'C: Cassandra has not been to that planet in several years.

JANET: Retroviruses can exist in the body for years undetected before the symptoms first appear. When it does emerge, it begins to rewrite the individual's DNA in order to replicate. I've compared this one with every retrovirus on record, and it doesn't match any of them.

SAM: So, there's obviously no vaccine.

JANET: (Shakes head) I've been giving her antiviral medications, but new tests show it's spread to her cerebral spinal fluid. At this moment, I'm more concerned with brain damage.

DANNY: (Walking in) I was just going thru the reports of SG-7 from P8X-987 ...

JACK: Morning.

DANNY: (Looking up) Morning! In the three months on Cassandra's planet, SG-7 witnessed 2 instances of high fever and hillusination in teenagers Cassandra's age. The villagers called it the mind fire, I found some digital video footage ...

MAN: (On video) (A child appears to be seizing) Alright this way! GO! (A child is heard gasping and coughing) SHe's frothing! (at the mouth )... what's WRONG with her?! (More gasping and coughing)

DANNY: (Pauses video) There's more ... you get the idea.

SAM: How did they treat it?

DANNY: SG-7 offered medicine, but the villagers thought that these children were touched by the gods, and interfearing would cause retribution.

JACK: What happened to them?

DANNY: There were send alone in the forest near the village (Janet looks at Sam when she hears forest), and after several days they came back ... CURED.


DANNY: SG-7 tried to find out, but the elders insisted the child had to make the journey alone as some sort of religious rite.

JANET: Cassandra talked about going into the forest.

JACK: She was delerious.

SAM: Well, it's worth checking out, Sir.

TEAL'C: Where we were last on P8X-987, the air was contaminated by the Goa'Uld Nurrti.

SAM: Well, that ... that was 4 years ago. The contaminate could be non persistant. Well, we can send a MALP to be sure.

JACK: Sir?

HAMMOND: It's worth a try.

Traveler's view of going thru the gate. Danny has a camera.

DANNY: Well, there's something.

JACK: It's a handprint. (A green handprint is shown on a tree)

TEAL'C: A fire burned here.

SAM: Maybe we should collect some samples of the local vegitation. I mean it's possible there might be a natural cure around here.

JACK: Yeah! Let's collect some of that ... flora.

Daniel puts his hand over the print and lightly presses. The fire appears in the spot that previously had just ashes.

JACK: (Sing song) Hello.

Jack walks over to where Teal'C is standing next to the fire. Rings surround them, and they are taken into a ship. They walk around. It appears to be a lab.

JACK: (Into radio) Carter? Daniel?

TEAL'C: I believe we are in a Goa'Uld labratory.

JACK: *Whose*? Do you think?

TEAL'C: Nurrti.

JACK: Yeah.

The rings activate, Jack and Teal'C put up their weapons. It's Sam and Danny.

DANNY: You guys, it's ... just us.

SAM: So, where are we?

TEAL'C: I believe we are in the labratory of Nurrti.

Danny looks around, and passes a rock over a stone plate. (Like they did in Legacy to release the Goa'Uld killin' things)

SAM: You know, Sir. This is where the children ended up and ...

DANNY: (Looking at the notebook) ... You're right about THAT.

JACK: She didn't finish her sentence.

DANNY: (Ignoring him) This place is what the initiation rite was all about. Children sufferning from the mind fever wander into the forest, it gets dark, they are drawn to the handprint on the tree, the warm fire, and the rings sweep them to this lab ...

SAM: And then they come back cured.

JACK: Nurrti (I Swear it sounded like he said Nerdy ;)) cured them?

SAM: Yeah, it makes sence.

JACK: No, it doesn't.

TEAL'C: Indeed. It seems a plausable explination.

JACK: NO! She killed everyone on this planet, except Cassie. Why would she cure a bunch of kids?

DANNY: Well, if I'm reading this right, it was part of some sort of experiment she was conducting.

JACK: Now, See? THAT sounds like a Goa'Uld.

TEAL'C: The last we saw of Nurrti, she was a prisoner of the System Lords.

DANNY: Which means she's in no position to ... help us ... even if she ... would. (He touches something making the table rise) Oh, boy. I did that.

Daniel picks up a slide from the table before him. Jack looks at him with a raised eyebrow, Daniel shakes his head. Jack looks at Sam, she does the same.

JACK: Let's take it with us.

Cheyenne Mountain, nighttime. (Someone give that poor guard a cookie! ;))

JANET: (Goes to check on Cassie, removes the sheet and discovers an empty bed) Cassie?! (Finds her slowly walking in the halls) Cassandra?! What are you doing?!

CASSIE: (Weakly) I have to go ...

JANET: Honey, you're not well enough to go anywhere!

CASSIE: I HAVE to go into the forest!

JANET: I NEED you to get back in bed, OK?

CASSIE: You're NOT my mother!

JANET: O-Kay, then what HAVE I been to you these last few years?


JANET: OK, listen to me ... if nothing else, I AM your doctor, Cassandra, now let's go!

CASSIE: (Pushing Janet off her) SO WHAT?!

JANET: I CARE about what happens to you! Honey, Don't you know what you mean to me?

CASSIE: Don't you get it? It doesn't matter!

JANET: It's the only thing that matters, please! Let me try and help you.

CASSIE: You can't! If you wanna help me, then LET ME GO!

JANET: OK! Just hear me out. Let's get you back into bed, and then we'll talk. OK? SG-1'll be back soon ...

CASSIE( Pushing her mother) NO!!!! LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!


CASSIE: (Being caught by two SF's) (Said quickly in one breath) No,no,no,no,no,no,no,no,no,no,no! Let me go, let me go, let me go!

JANET: (Tearfully) I can't do that!

CASSIE: You're (Shaking of the guards) KILLING ME!!!!!!! (All the lights in the corridor explodes.)

Sam comes thru the gate.


SAM: Colonel O'Neill wanted me to report back, Sir. Daniel and Teal'C wanted more time to search the lab.

HAMMOND: Let's hope they find something.

SAM: Is she getting worse?

HAMMOND: (Stops walking, and looks into her eyes) You should see for yourself. (She walks away with a worried look on her face)

JANET: (She looking at Cassie from the observation window) We had to move her in here.

SAM: She's still running a fever?

JANET: Seems to have piqued, but her bloodwork says otherwise. There's no antibodies. No indication that her body's fighting this retrovirus.

SAM: Does she know what's happening to her?

JANET: She seems determined to go back to the planet. I don't know if that is instinctual or a side effect of this retrovirus.

SAM: (Sigh) What are we gonna tell her?

JANET: (She and Sam go down to the room) Hey, how are you feeling? Any better?

CASSIE: (Coldly) Why are you keeping me in here?

JANET: We have to. Your body is generating something called an EM field, see? (Monitors blink) You can see the effect it's having on the monitors here, so, this room is shielded from the rest of the base.

CASSIE: If you let me go back to the planet then this won't happen anymore.

JANET: That's not true.

CASSIE: You don't know that. You don't know anything. You're just keeping me here because you're afraid.

SAM: We found the place where the initiation rite was supposed to happen.

CASSIE: Then let me go there.

JANET: We think the place in the forest that you've been drawn to leds to a Goa'Uld laboratory. One that belonged to Nurrti.

CASSIE: Who killed everyone in my village.

SAM: Yeah.

JANET: She also tried to use you to kill all of us.

SAM: We think she was using your initiation ritual to conduct experiments on the children of your planet.


SAM: We don't know.

JANET: It's possible that the retrovirus you're carrying is part of the experiment.

CASSIE: What ... was the experiment?

JANET: All we know so far is that this retrovirus is changing the way your cells generate electrical fields. So, your body is generating heat, and your EEG is showing that your brain activity is increasing.

CASSIE: You ... don't know why, do you?

SAM: (Janet looks at her , holding back tears) No.

CASSIE: And now she's gone.

SAM: Yes, she is.

CASSIE: So, we won't be able to stop it.

JANET: We didn't say THAT.

Back in the Lab, Jack opens another door, and finds a hand device of some sort.

JACK: (To Teal'C) What's this for?

TEAL'C: What do YOU think it is for?(Jack throws it in the bag that Teal'C's holding)

DANNY: Evolution.

JACK: What?

DANNY: Of the Ho ... Hok .... Tar ...Hok'Tar ... Teal'C, what is the Hok'Tar?

TEAL'C: I have not heard that word in many years .

DANNY: Well, it's in reference to the children that underwent the initiation rites, so it obviously had something to do with the children ...

The rings activate, but nothing's there.

JACK: (Sing song) Hello.

DANNY: Oh, sorry, guys. I may have just done that.

JACK: Do it again! It's time to go.

The three are seen leaving Via the rings. I guess this is Nurrti's POV.

Cheyenne Mountain, Day.

SAM: (Comes in the room, Cassie's on the bed.) Hey, Kiddo. (Sits next to Cassie's bed.) It's Saturday.

CASSIE: (Quietly) So?

SAM:(Setting up chess game) So, every other Saturday, at least while I'm on Earth, we play chess. And since I'm on Earth, and it's Saturday ...

CASSIE: I know what's happening to me.

SAM: Oh, OK ... What?

CASSIE: I'm changing ... into something ... and there nothing you can do to stop it.

SAM: Hmn ... you know how me and you mom feels when someone issues a challange like that.

CASSIE: Doctor Frasier isn't my real mother. She DIED ! When Nurrti poisoned my village.

SAM: I know that. Janet knows that, too ... and please! DON'T call her Doctor Frasier.


SAM: Because she LOVES you, and she deserves better. We ALL love you for that matter.

CASSIE: That doesn't ... change ... anything.

SAM: Well, you're wrong about that.

CASSIE: It's different. I'm ... different now. I can do things ... (She holds out her hand, and the knight piece flies into her hands)

SAM: (Amazed) How did you do that?

CASSIE: I just ... thought it. I thought I wanted a knight, and it just ... flew into my hand. Jack calls 'em horses.

SAM: (Smiles and looks away) Yeah, well, that's Colonel O'Neill for you.

CASSIE: He always pretends he's not as smart as he really is.

SAM: You know, if you take a close look, they really ARE horses.

CASSIE: What do you see when you look at me now?

SAM: I see you ... and until your head starts spinning around, and probrably even then, I will still see ... You.

Sam and Cassie in the room is seen on a screen.

HAMMOND: How could she do that?

JACK: (In the briefing room) Magnets. Magnets. (Sam is sitting next to him, and as he rambles on, she's raising her eyebrows and grinning.) Every one of those pieces have little tiny magnets at the bottom to ... hold it on the board like when you're driving so they don't rattle off ... anyway ... every one of those magnets has a little electrical field around it. That's how she was able to minipulate it. Magnets. (Off GH's look) They DO look like ... horses.

JANET: (After a look to Jack) (To Hammond) I have no idea how she was able to do it physiologically , Sir.

DANNY: Actually, Teal'C filled me in on something that might explain that. Hak'Tar is actually a hybrid of 2 Goa'Uld words ... Hak, which means advanced, and Tar which I believe is some sort of slang ...

JACK: For ... ?

TEAL'C: Human.

DANNY: So, it's an advanced human ... HAk' Tau'ri. Anyway, Nurrti was studying the children of Hounka because she believed they were evolving into ... Hak'Tar.

HAMMOND: So, you're saying Cassandra is becoming some kind of advanced human?

JANET: And the retrovirus is the catalyst. (Danny cocks his head in affermative)

TEAL'C: Such an advanced human represents a powerful host for the Goa'Uld.

SAM: Which explains why Nurrti was conducting the experiments.

DANNY: And it also explains why she exterminated the entire population when we came on the scene. She didn't want her ... experiment exposed.

JANET: Prior to our arrival on P8X-987, and for as long as SG-7 was there, none of the elders exibited advanced intelligence or the ability to minipulate EM fields.

SAM: So, Nurrti created the retrovirus in an attempt to create her own host?

JANET: (Small laugh) Seems inconcievable anyone could do something like that.

DANNY: Well, it never worked. According to all the reports, the children went into the forest sick, and came out well again. If this were some sort of ... transfirmation or evolutionary process, somewhere along the line, it was stopped.

TEAL'C: By Nurrti.

SAM: Why would she do that?

JANET: The retrovirus rewrites DNA. If the carrier died before they were able to pass on the altered genes to the next generation, evolution couldn't take place.

SAM: So the experiment was long-term?

TEAL'C: With each generation getting closer to becoming a true Hak'Tar.

DANNY: The question is ... how far along is Cassandra? I mean, what if she really is transforming into ... something ... else?

JACK: She thinks so.

JANET: Whatever she believes, her fever is still rising. Admittably more slowly, and she seems to be able to handle it better but ... (Quietly, holding back tears) I can't control it.

HAMMOND: Let's find the answers ... dismissed!

Janet walks in Cassie's room, she's watching the knight turning in mid air infront of her face.

JANET: Cassandra? What are you doing?

CASSIE: It helps ... to do this.


CASSIE: It's like ... the heat is leaving my body, and going into the chess piece. You don't got a cure, have you?

JANET: No. We're still trying ...


JANET: No, it's not. We may still learn something from the biosamples SG-1 brought back. There might be something there that'll help your body produce antibodies.

CASSIE: I WANT this to happen, Janet.

JANET: (Eyes tearing up) (Whispers) Don't say that.

CASSIE:(Continues watching the knight chess piece) It's going to happen anyways.

JANET: You're ill.

CASSIE: You KNOW that it's more than that now. I can feel the power inside me. (The knight turning in mid air is shown) It's only the beginning.

JANET: And along with it, your body is undergoing a tremendous physical strain.

CASSIE: You think it's gonna kill me?

JANET: I'm ... worried about that possibility, yes.

CASSIE: (Shouting) I DON'T CARE!

JANET: Well, you should! (Voice beginning to shake) I know the limitations to the human body ...

CASSIE: Maybe I'm not human anymore.

JANET: (Quietly) Of course you are.

CASSIE: Maybe dying is part of the transfirmation.

JANET: (Pointed, raised voice) I don't care whether it is or NOT!!!!

The knight falls when Cassie looses her concentration to look at her mom. Janet reaches over to pick the knight up, sizzling is heard. It burns her hand, and she quickly withdraws her hand with a gasp. Janet's looking at her hand, rubbing it .

CASSIE: (Softly) I'm sorry.

JANET: Sweetheart, sometimes, when a person is sick, it's important for him to fight it. I want you to fight this, OK?

She smiles and pushes Cassie's hair back. Cassie goes back to turning the knight.

SAM: That can't be right. The EM field must be interfearing.

JANET: No, she'll be able to control that now. I ran the test 3 times, the result are consistant and it corresponds with the EEG. There's a 25% higher level of activity.

SAM: How can her body sustain that?

JANET: Well, she's found a way to channel the heat from her body. Don't ask me how, but I don't know how long she'll be able to keep it up. What I'd like her to do is sleep. She's been awake for 30 hours straight.

SAM: I was about to go and see her.

JANET: Thank you.

Sam touches her shoulder and leaves. Janet sighs and leaves as well. The computer screen is shown with brainwaves on it. The computer types CTRL and F4 plus some other keys I couldn't make out ;). Nurrti's POV is shown looking at the EEG picture of Cassie's brain.

Chyenne Mountain, evening. (Not dark, but not full sunlight) That poor guard! ;)

The doors to J-3 on Level 21 is opened, and Sam walks in.

SAM: Hey.

Cassie had been doing the thing with the knight, and she drops it.

SAM: I hear you don't wanna sleep. You want some company?

CASSIE: (Sounding mad) You wouldn't leave. (Sam looks confused) (Softer) When the Goa'Uld planted the bomb inside me ... you wouldn't leave. (Sam nods affermative, and lowers her head) Even though your orders were to leave me there alone. You stayed with me.

SAM: Yeah.


SAM: I don't know ... just an instinct.

CASSIE: That I was gonna be OK?

SAM: Yeah, I think so.

CASSIE: But you didn't ... know for sure.

SAM: No.

CASSIE: Well, that's how I feel about what's happening to me now. Do you understand?

SAM: Yeah, I think I do. You want me to stay with you for a while?

CASSIE: (Looking away) No, it's not time yet.

SAM: DON'T say that.

CASSIE: Well, when it is ... time ... will you be here?

SAM: (Smiles wearily) I promice.

CASSIE: I think I can sleep now ... for a little while.


Sam stands up, and kisses Cassie's forehead.

Janet is in her lab/office looking thru a microscope. She writes something on the chart, and rubs her head like she has a headache. She puts her pen down on top of the chart on the RIGHT side of the microscope, and gets up, and walks out, rubbing her shoulders.

Camera goes back to the room after watching Janet leave. The chair is moved away from the desk. A woman (I'm assuming it's Nurrti) with a covered face and head appears, and picks up the chart, and looks thru it. She then peeks thru the microscope, then at a petri disk. She then looks very closely at what ever's in the microscope on the slide.

Janet, who was walking to the elevator (Level 21 ;)) gets to the elevator, and realizes she doesn't have her access pass. (I guess you need it to get in the elevator at that level.) She looks thru her pockets, and then realizes she left it in the office. She begins to walk back.

Meanwhile, my new favorite Goa'Uld ;) is still looking in the microscope. She must see something she likes, cause she's concentration mighty hard . She quits looking in the microscope, and stands up straight, looking at the chart again. She hears footsteps, and puts the chart down on the LEFT side of the microscope, and dissappears again. Janet walks in, and see the chart on the other side of where she put it. She picks it up, and looks around the room. Seeing no one, she shrugs and puts the chart down back where she had left it. (Can't leave it on the end like Nurrti did ... It'll fall off! ;)) Janet, then grabs her pass, and begins to walk out. She stops when she looks up at the chest X-Ray on the wall. A close up goes to the x-ray.

MAN: (In hall) Yes, Lt.

JANET: (Catching up to Sam) Sam?

SAM: (Startled) She's asleep.

JANET: Good. Listen ... the ... the bodies of the villangers ... what happened to them?

SAM: They were creamated on 987 ... we sent a team back.

JANET: Good. So there might still be a bone fragment. (Sounding desperate, talking very fast and frantically) If we can find one from someone who's been thru the initiation, there still may be antibodies ...

SAM:(Interrupting) ... JANET! That was 4 years ago. The chances of us even ...

Alarms go off, causeing the 2 to look up. They run to the imfermary. They get cut off by a soldier tending to another soldier laying on the ground.

SAM: Oh, my God!

Janet checks the lying man, and looks at the other man.

JANET: Cassandra!?

CASSIE: (Sitting up) It was a Goa'Uld.


CASSIE: I was asleep ... I thought it was a nurse coming in to take my blood ... but I did ... sence its presence.

SAM: I didn't sence anything.

CASSIE: It was after you left. At first there was no one there, but then , when it got closer, I saw someone.

Sam runs out of the room.

SAM: (In to telephone/intercom) This is a Code 3 alert! We need ZATS and TDR's in Isolation room 4 NOW!

JANET: Are you all right?

CASSIE: It ran away when I screamed.

HAMMOND: (Walking in with the guys of SG-1) Major?

SAM: Apparently, there's a Goa'Uld on base, Sir.

JACK: What?!

HAMMOND: How's that possible?

TEAL'C: Nurrti possesses the technology to become invisible.

DANNY: Chronus is dead. (Hammond looks at him) He's the system lord that was holding her prisoner.

JACK So she's out!

DANNY: The rings In the lab, that wasn't me, it was her! She came back thru the Stargate with us!

SAM: Well, that would mean she was waiting for us in her lab the whole time.

TEAL'C: We may have inadvertinly triggered the device alerting her to our presence.

Soldiers come in with the equipment.

HAMMOND: Go level by level, check EVERYTHING ... keep in radio contact. If you locate her, DO NOT shoot to kill. Colonel?

JACK: Staying here, Sir. (Everyone else but Janet and Jack leave.) I figured, you fought her off the first time ... I'm ... safe here with you. (Grins at her)

CASSIE: She was here the whole time . You brought her back.

JACK: We'll find her.

JANET: She's right. Why did she wait until now to come after Cassandra?

SAM: (Walking thru the halls) (After a soldier checks a small closet ) Level 22's clear.

Danny swipes his card to close off door G-2 Level 22. Teal'C is shown checking another corridor with a soldier. He swipes his card to close the door. (I didn't catch that one cause the camera went to Jack)

TEAL'C: (Heard over radio by Jack) Level 21 clear.

JACK: (Into radio) Roger that.

CASSIE: She wanted to know if her experiment worked.

JANET: You don't know what she wants.

CASSIE: No. If ... if the transformation were to kill me, she would have just let it happen. Don't you see?

JANET: Honey, not now.


JANET: (Sternly) Cassandra!

CASSIE: (Looks away, sencing something) (Quietly) No ... (Pointing to the Airman in the room) (Shouts) LOOK OUT!!!!

Jack points his ZAT at the observation window, and fires. He breaks the window. (Or it might have been her breaking the window, there's no way to tell) He falls down from the impact. Janet simotaneously covers Cassie's head with her body. The Airman points his Reetou detector thingy at the window, and Nurrti appears to be flying in the air trying to do a flip out of the broken window. ;) Jack shoots her with the ZAT, hitting her this time. She falls to the ground, fully visible. Nurrti's body twitches from the shock of the ZAT. Janet gets off of Cassie as the airman moves over Nurrti, pointing the instrament at her.

JACK: Easy! We need her alive. (He takes off the mask, and sees that it is Nurrti.) (Into radio) Security to Iso room 4. All search teams, Stand down.

JANET: (Cassie starts seizing) Cassie? (Panicked) Cassie! Don't do this! We need to get her out of here. (Wheeling her out) Come on! Let's Move! Roll her over ... (A still seizing Cassie is rolled on her side) easy.

The door to a room is swiped by the SF on guard. General Hammond and someone else walks in the room. Nurrti is sitting in a chair. She looks nice, her hair is shorter, all one length brown instead of the red. Dressed all in black. She looks much better than in Fair Game. It's Jack that's with Hammond. The 2 officers just stare at her. She matches the stares. (I love this woman ... I hope she returns! ;))

JACK: What's gonna happen to Cassandra?

NURRTI: (Goa'Uld voice, hence the CAPS) WHAT IS HER CONDITION?

JACK: She's just lost contiousness.


JACK: If she DIES ... so do you.


HAMMOND: I don't think you're in any position to bargin.


HAMMOND: We can't do that.

JACK: (Whispers) General?


HAMMOND: Absolutely NOT!

NURRTI: THOSE ARE MY TERMS. (My hubby said since I'm Apophis's Queen, he wants to be Nurrti's King ;))

Danny and Janet are walking down the hall.

DANNY: She says she can help Cassandra.

JANET: IF we trust her.

DANNY: No, if we let her go.

JANET: Do you believe she can actually help?

DANNY: Well, as seeing we don't have a choice ... I guess it's worth a shot.

JANET: WHat about General Hammond? What's he gonna do?

DANNY: He hasn't decided yet.

JANET: (Stops walking and touches his chest, then moves her hand to his arm) I really need to get back to see Cassandra.

DANNY: (She begins to walk away, her hand moves down his arm, her hand reaches his hand, he holds her hand.) Well, I know how tough this has been for you, so if you _Need_anything ...

JANET: (After a few seconds of holding his hand and looking into his eyes ... *Sigh* ;)) Thanks. (Danny watches her as she walks away.) (Back in the room with Cassie) All right. (Sighs, and throws the chart down) Give me 70 Mg of tantromine.

NURSE: Doctor?



JANET: I'm here. We're just getting ready to give you medacine to get your fever down.

CASSIE: It's nothing.

JANET: Hey, I want you to do what we talked about, OK? I want you to FIGHT this.

CASSIE : I don't want to fight it.

JANET: You HAVE to! Honey, your body is not going to be able to survive what this retro virus is going to do.

CASSIE: Where's Sam?

JANET: Gone to see if she can get you some help.

CASSIE: NOooo! Let it happen! I have to let it happen! (Alarms go off)

JANET: Drop 10 of valium. (More seizing ) (Janet put an oxygen mask over Cassie's face)

NURSE: Valium's in. (More seizing. ) Temperature is 106!

JANET: Tantroline's not working?! (Janet grabs something and walks out the room)

Briefing room.

JACK: General, with all due respect, It's not like we're negotiating with terrorists.

HAMMOND: It's exactly that, Colonel. You're letting your emotions get in the way.

JACK: Yes, I am. Shouldn't you be?

HAMMOND: (A seconds hesitation ) Jack ...

SAM: Sir, up until yesterday, we didn't even know Nurrti was still alive.

JACK: Exactly. (Sits down next to Sam) Now who cares if we let her go. What difference does it make? There's just one more Goa'Uld running around.

HAMMOND: If we were to allow Nurrti to leave ... with a sample of Cassandra's blood, She could well succeed in her experiment to create a genetically advanced host, and become DANGEROUSLY powerful!

TEAL'C: I am in agreement with GeneralHammond.

JACK: What?

TEAL'C: The life of a child may be sacrafised, but Nurrti possesses valueable information that would be lost if we allowed her to leave.

JANET: (To the soldier at Nurrti's door) General Hammond would like me to check in on her.

The soldier swipes the door, and Janet sticks him with the needle in the neck. He falls down, she storms in the room, and cocks the gun, pointing it at Nurrti.

BAck to Briefing

SAM: Teal'C, we're talking about Cassandra.

TEAL'C: Of that I am aware. But her sacrafice would benefit both our peoples. Nurrti possesses valueable information that would help us defeat the Goa'Uld.

DANNY: We'll find another way.

HAMMOND: We may never have A Goa'Uld as our prisoner again.

SAM: Sir, I don't have to remind you of what Cassandra has gone thru because of the Goa'Uld. Now, if we're gonna put what we MAY learn or what MIGHT happen over her life ...

JACK: (Interrupting) ... It's time to "Pack it in".

DANNY: I agree.

Hammond looks at Sam, who stands her ground. ;)

INTERCOM: General Hammond to the Holding Room.

The gang walks into the room. Janet still has a now standing Nurrti at gunpoint.

HAMMOND: (Softly) Doctor Frasier, stand down.

JANET: (Voice shaking) I can't do that, Sir. I don't have a choice.

SAM: Janet? Don't do this.

JANET: I can't ... help Cassandra ... SHE can ...

HAMMOND: Doctor Frasier, SG-1 has already convinced me to make a deal for Cassandra's life ... this isn't necessary.


HAMMOND: Just one ... once you've cured Cassandra of her illness, you will be free to go.


HAMMOND: You have only MY word.


HAMMOND: (Looks at Janet who has the gun still pointed at the Goa'Uld, a look on her face that says DO NOT mess with my child!) Then I shall remind you, that the woman holding the gun on you is Cassandra's mother. « Believe me, I know that look, do not hurt a woman's child and think you're gonna get away with it! I know! I'm a mother. ;)»

Cassie's crashing. Nurrti comes in and shares a look with Janet. «If looks could kill, Nurrti would have been right up there with Apophis ... a DEAD false god! ;)» Nurrti puts the instruments, a hand ribbon device and that thing Jack found at the lab, on Cassie. They light up, briefly.


JANET: You TRY AGAIN!!! (Nurrti looks at her, and sees that Protective mother look in her eyes.) (She then looks at Jack, who's face is stoic.)

Nurrti tries again, and after a minute or so, Cassie starts coughing.


NURSE: Vital signs are all returning to normal.

Cassie gasps for breath, and takes off her mask. I'm assuming she sences the snakehead, cause she looks at Nurrti, who was looking at Janet, Nurrti turns to face her.

CASSIE: (Frightened) Mom?

JANET: It's OK. (Voice shaking) I'm here.


Jack looks from Nurrti to Hammond, who nods affermative.

JACK: Let's go to the 'gate.

Jack walks out, and turns back to the room. He sees Cassie and Janet hugging, and smiles wearily.

JACK: (In gateroom to Nurrti) We've never dialed these coordinates before ... I ... sortof hope you know what you're doing.


JACK: (Rather sarcastically) AW nuts.


JACK: I'll keep that thought alive.

Wormhole is established. They show a really good shot of the gate opening. Jack and Nurrti stare each other down. «I can't WAIT until these 2 meet again! I'm optimistic it's gonna happen! ;)» Nurrti grins at him, then leaves. He kinda rolls his eyes after her back is turned. Hammond watches from the observation/control room. Jack has a stoic , emotionless expression on his face after the gate closes.


Cassie's sitting up in a chair next to her bed reading.

SAM: Hey, Janet! How's our patient?

CASSIE: Bored.

JANET: The uh ... homework's backed up. Other than that she's just fine. I get to take her home tonight.

SAM: OOohhh ... Dominique awaits.

CASSIE: Stop it.

SAM: (Teasing) Come on, that last kiss was impressive.

Janet laughs.

CASSIE Stop it!

SAM: (Laying it on thick! ;)) Lights exploded overhead!

CASSIE: (Blushing, and smiling) STOP IT! (Sam laughs) AWWW! (Laughs)

SAM: It's Saturday.

CASSIE: OK. But ... I won't be able to move the pieces around just by thinking about it ... sorry. (Grins)

SAM: Good. Then we're even. (Smiles)

Last shot is a lovely smile from Janet. ;)




Source : Stargate Fusion

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