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Beast of Burden


We open on a planet. The sky is clear and blue, some birds are singing and flying around over a lovely shot of a stargate. Next scene goes to an energy bar on a rock. Camera pans out, and we see an Unas coming out the forest, looking at the bar. He growls, and slowly stalks toward the treat. A camera is shown; (Just the lens) it's hiding in the brush focasing on the creature. The sounds of the Zoom is heard and the lens is seen turning. The Unas grabs the bar, sniffs it, then licks it. He hears something in back of him, and turns. He growls, and assumes fight stance. (Knees bent, legs open, arms out, mean look on his face, bearing teeth! ;)) He sees 4 humans dressed in pioneer type clothing. He looks at the humans, then the energy bar, confused. One of the humans half smiles at him. I'm assuming he thinks the men are friendly, cause he reaches out to share the bar. He gets a ZAT blast from the man for his efforts. ;) The ZATter smiles at his friends. They are shown from a screen. The screen pans out, and you see Danny, looking NON too happy! :D



The film of the Unas is being shown on the big screen.

DANNY: As you know, Over the past year, I have been studying the Unas of P3X-888, and I've made some AMAZING discoveries about their social structure and culture. I've also been able to categorize over 70 different words from their ... language. But, during a review of the latest digital images, I came across this ... (Turns tape on) These men, whoever they are, abducted the Unas I refer to as Chak'Ka.

SAM: That's the one that kidnapped you?

DANNY: Same one. Their dress indicates prenuturalization, but they don't seem to have any Jaffa tattoos, so the presence of Goa'Uld weapons is ... controdictury.

TEAL'C: Indeed.

JACK: What would they want with an Unas?

DANNY: I don't know ... but I'd like to find out.

HAMMOND: What are you suggesting?

DANNY: Well, like I said, I'd like to find out what they want with an Unas.

JACK: FOr the record ... I don't ... care. (after looks from the others) I care.

DANNY: I also think it would be relivent to investigate how they got Goa'Uld weapons ... and from where.

TEAL'C: They may have other Goa'Uld technology as well.

JACK: Now see? THAT I really care about.

DANNY: And if possible, I'd like to make every effort to RESCUE ... Chak'Ka.

JACK: The Unas?

DANNY: Remember most of the Unas we've encountered have had Goa'Uld symbiotes controling them ... Chak'Ka is an UNGoa'Ulded Unus, and intelligent being who learned to *trust humans* because of me.

JACK: And ...?

DANNY: (Turns back to screen) These images were taken prior to the abduction. See, every time I went back with SG-11 to retrieve the video footage, I would leave Chak'Ka a gift. (He freezes tape where Chak'Ka offers the man his treat) It's uh ... it's an energy bar ... something that helped me ... *Break thru* when we first met. I left the bait for their trap.

SAM: (After a moment of silence) How do we find out where these men took him?

Daniel clicks on a picture of the DHD. He focuses in close, and the glyphs are lit up. The address is on the DHD.

JACK: Well, General. If they've got Goa'Uld weapons, you gotta wonder what else they got.

HAMMOND: (Sam and Jack look at him, after a few seconds of thinking, he sighs) You have a go.

DANNY: Thank you.

Nice shot of the gate opening on the planet is shown.

SAM: The UAV shows the nearest of the surrounding towns to be 3 clicks in that direction. Evidence of a substancial population, lots of cultivated fields.

JACK: Farmers?! ... Farmers with Staff Weapons.

The get to where they can see the village. Danny looks thru his binoculars, and sees an Unas pulling a log. (Like a donkey would! ;)). A man is shown behind the Unas with a whip.

DANNY: Domestication.

JACK: Yeah! (To Carter) We'll check things out down there ... Carter, you and Teal'C hang back, cover us in case these folks don't like visitors. (He turns toward Daniel, Sam takes off his back pack) (To Danny) Any ideas?

DANNY: Well, let's ... see how far honesty gets us.

JACK: OK. (They walk away)

CALLER(The man who captured Chak'Ka ) : This animal comes from an excellent bloodline. He can press grain at the stone mill from first light to days end. He can haul ANY cart, any load, any distance. (Someone hits Unas, who growls) And he has SPIRIT! (Man hits him again, he growls louder) Who will start the bidding?

Caller pushes Unas, who back hands the caller, growling. The Unas starts to run. The caller takes his staff, and shoots the Unas twice in the back with his staff weapon. The Unas falls down growling. Loud growling is heard.

CALLER: (Pointing the staff at the lying Unas) Do not fear ... it is dead.

JACK: Yeah. Shoot something like that in the back a couple times ...

CALLER: (Interupting) Who are you?

DANNY: (Jack's grinning away) We're travelers ... *peaceful* travelers.

CALLER: Where do you come from? I've not seen your kind before.

DANNY: Well, actually, we came thru the stargate. The ... um ... (Makes a circle in the air in front of him).

CALLER: Chappa'Ai?

DANNY: Chappa'Ai.

CALLER: Really?


The villagers whisper in disbelief.

CALLER: No one has come thru the Chappa'Ai for as long as anyone remembers.

JACK: Well, now you'll have a story to tell your grandkids.

DANNY: We come from a planet called Earth.

CALLER: What do you want?

DANNY: Actually we came to ... trade.

JACK: (To Danny) Hmn?

CALLER: Really?

DANNY: (Nods affermative) We're looking for an Unas.

CALLER: Well then. You've come to the right place. I'm the most respected dealer of Unas in this land. My name is Burrock.

DANNY: I'm Daniel Jackson, this is Colonel Jack O'Neill.

BURROCK: Colonel?

DANNY: Yes, it means he's our head ... trader.

JACK: (Glances at Danny) HEAD trader? (Danny grins)

BURROCK: I like that! And you can call me Colonel Burrock. (Danny glances at Jack) It is our custom to welcome visitors with a drink. Will you join me?

JACK: It is our custom TO drink ... of course! (Danny smiles at Burrock, then clears his throat) Honesty, huh?

DANNY: We're Traders.

JACK: Yeah.

DANNY: We traded ... trade ... traders ...

Inside a building. An Unas carries a tray of drinks. He places the drinks on the table in front of them .

DANNY: (When he gets his drink, to Unas) Thank you. (The Unas looks at him, and growls)

BURROCK: (Disbelieving amusement) You thank a BEAST?!

DANNY: Yes, uh ... positive reinforcement. We find it a sucessful method of training.

BURROCK: I'm curious to learn more about your methods. And more about where you came from.

DANNY: So, no one else has actually come thru the Chappa'Ai?

BURROCK: I have often wondered why there are so many symbols on the pedestal. I stood for hours on end pressing different combinations, but nothing happened. (Jack's sniffing his drink) The fact that you have come here from a place we do not know, proves that I am right. The Chappa'Ai goes MANY places ... does it not?

DANNY: Haven't you traveled to other worlds?

BURROCK: I have been to one other place. Just one time so far. I had to press seven different symbol ... (Danny looks at Jack, who's drinking his alcohol, and making a face, this ain't a Budweiser he's drinking here! Danny grins at Jack's face.) to get the Chappa'Ai to open.

DANNY: And how did you learn those symbols?

BURROCK: (Chuckles) I paid dearly for them. They have been passed down thru the leniage of certain families since the "Beast Wars".

JACK: "BEAST wars??!"

BURROCK: Generations ago, the Beasts enslaved our forefathers thru terror and oppression. They served the one with the glowing eyes.

DANNY: (Jack looks at him) And what happened to him ... her?

BURROCK: No one knows. One day he went away, did not return. Our forefathers, they learned how the beast weapons worked, and led an uprising. The war was bloody, raged for many years. But eventually the slaves primed , and the masters became the slaves. Since then, the Beasts have served us.

A beast is shown groaning as light comes out of his eyes and mouth. He's trying to keep away from the men with prods.

BURROCK: Like the one at the auction that got away, this one comes from our local stock. I believe him to be untrainable. (Unas continues to resist) His head is not right. Even for a beast.

JACK: Maybe he's just pissed cause you keep torturing him.

BURROCK: The unfortunate result of generations of inbreeding. (Unas continues to grunt and resist) I'm afraid he will have to be put down. Do you not have this problem where you come from?

JACK: Ah, we've made some progress, actually.

BURROCK: Interesting. (Unas continues to resist) The only choice we had was to introduce new blood. Fortunatlely, I was able to find some. (He leads Jack and Danny to a barn, where an Unas is raking hay) This one ... will make me the wealthiest beastmaster in the land. (A very frisky Unas is in a cage thrashing around. He swipes his arm at Burrock thru the bars, missing him, of course. He stops when he sees Danny and Jack)

UNAS: Dan'El ...

BURROCK: He speaks?


BURROCK: Your name?

DANNY: Yes. That's because he's MINE!

BURROCK: (Angrily) You DECIEVED me! You said you came here to trade for an Unas! Not to claim one of your own!

DANNY: We just wanted to make sure he was HERE before we made an issue of it. (Unas growls)

BURROCK: These beasts ... all of them ... bare my mark. (A mark is shown on one Unas's hand) Yours had no such identification.

DANNY: Well, you heard him say my name.

BURROCK: I caught him in the wild at the other place.

DANNY: Uh ... it was part of an experiment I was conducting ... sorry, but I ... really need him back.

BURROCK: I am sorry ... you can not have him.

Two men come in with ZATs. Jack looks at Danny and sighs. Danny nods. Meanwhile, up on the hill, Sam and Teal'C are sitting there waiting. Sam looks thru the binoculars, and sees the 2 men at the door.

TEAL'C: Does Colonel O'Neill require our assistance?

SAM: He hasn't signaled yet.

BURROCK: I could offer another Unas in exchange. This one is of good stock. And he's allready trained.

DANNY: You don't understand. This one's name is Chak'Ka, and he's Coming with me!

Burrock throw the Unas he was holding down.

JACK: Daniel ...

DANNY: Jack?

JACK: Why don't we discuss what we can offer the man in return. (Burrock stands there) Shall we? Let's go outside.

Daniel signals to Chak'Ka to wait one moment. (he puts up his forefinger)

CHAK'KA: Dan'El!!!! (Shakes bars)

An Unas outside is swiping at some men and growling.

JACK: Daniel, we're NOT gonna get into a firefight over this right now.

BURROCK: If you expect to trade for that Unas, it will NOT come cheap!

JACK: So ... what your price?

BURROCK: 2 Unas of equally pure lineage.

JACK: 2 for 1, eh?

BURROCK: Your Unas is worth it, or you would not have traveled all this way. Besides, you obviously have more siphisticated methods for capturing and trading them.

JACK: (Smiles) We'll ... think about it. (To Danny) Come on.

DANNY: (Walking away, to Jack) Excuse me. You uh ... have some sort of plan to do something about this, or ...

JACK: Well, right now, I'm not sure I'm gonna do anything.

DANNY: How can you say that?

JACK: Daniel, you wanna go out and capture a couple Unas, trade 'em for Chak'Ka? Is that it?

DANNY: I think you're missing the point here.


DANNY: You saw how they keep them, how they treat them.

JACK: Daniel, I'm not saying any of this is right. I'm saying I don't know what to do about it.

DANNY: I'm not asking you to change their way of life ... but ... Chak'Ka wasn't born in this kind of ... domestication. He's known freedom his whole life. The Unas of his planet live together in families, they love their children, they have arts!

JACK: Oh, yes, I've ... seen the cave drawings.

DANNY: I will not leave him here like this.

JACK: Even if it means risking human lives?

DANNY: Well, we should be able to avoid that, shouldn't we? (Jack grins)

UP on the hill ...

SAM: So, what's going on?

DANNY: They're using Unas as slaves. They've been inbreeding so long, they've become untrainable. They needed new blood. They got Chak'Ka, and they're not giving him up.

SAM: So, what are we gonna do?

JACK: We'll wait until dark ... Daniel and I'll extract him. You'll provide cover ... and we're gonna do it without taking human lives.

Back at the village ...

BURROCK: Down! (He prodes an Unas who cries out in pain.) (Firmer) DOWN! (He prodes the beast again)


An unas is putting something by Chak'Ka's cage.

CHAK'KA: Chak'Ka! (The Unas stops and looks at him) (Louder) Chak'Ka! (The Unas stops, and growls at him. He cocks his head in curiosity.)

UNAS: (Standing opposite Chak'Ka) Chak'Ka! (He and Chak'Ka share eye contact) (Hears a noice, runs away)

Daniel and Jack walk in.

DANNY: Chak'Ka!

CHAK'KA: Dan'El!

JACK: Tell him to move back.

DANNY: Chak'Ka.

JACK: He's not moving!

DANNY: Move back!

JACK: (Sarcastically) I could have said that!

DANNY: KeKa! KeKa! Danger! (Imatates pushing, Chak'Ka moves back)

Jack lights a fuse. The other Unas start growling and shaking the bars when seeing the bright light.

JACK: Oh, Crap! (Opens door) Come on! We gotta go!

DANNY: (To Chak'Ka) Come on, come on! No, It's OK.

CHAK'KA: (Pointing to other Unas who are still growling) Mou'Ta!

DANNY: What?! No! No Mou'Ta!


DANNY: He says his friends won't ever forget. Come on, it's OK. (Pulling him) Come on, Let's go!

CHAK'KA: (Stopping Danny, Unas continue to growl) Mou'Ta! Mou'Ta!

DANNY: He says they're all marked for death.

JACK: Daniel, with or without him ... we gotta GO!

Sam is shown covering them from the hill, Teal'C is shown in the village. She hears shouting, and sees the lit poles. (Fire poles)

SAM: (Into radio) Sir! You've got company.

Teal'C fires his staff at the villangers, who scream. Sam begins shooting her gun at the crowd. Teal'C continues shooting his staff.

SAM: (Into radio)There's ten men heading your way. We're laying down cover fire.

Sam Continues firing. Jack, in the barn, sees a man in the window above him, and begins shooting at him. He gets a ZAT blast for his efforts. Danny goes to shoot the ZATter, and gets a ZAT blast of his own. So does Chak'Ka, who's standing next to Danny. The ZATter is revealed to be Burrock. (All that Growling is beginning to give me a headache! ;))

The next morning, Jack is sitting up behind bars with his face in his hands.

SAM: (Over Radio) Colonel, come in. (Chak'Ka finds the radio.) Colonel? Do you read? Come in. Over. (He looks at it, curiously, then looks at Daniel)

DANNY: Chak'Ka must have grabbed that from my vest before it was taken away.

JACK: Why would he do that?

DANNY: Maybe he's seen me use it ... he knows what it's for ... Chak'Ka! (Chak'Ra growls) (Puts out his hand, and makes a motion toward himself with his fingers) Give.

CHAK'KA: Cose?

DANNY: No, I don't know that word ... (Chak'Ka holds out the radio) Cose? Give? Yes, yes, Chak'Ka! Ka! Give. Cose, cose. (Holds out his hand, Chak'Ka throws the radio in it, Danny catches it. The Unas between them looks on with interest.) Thank you.


DANNY: Ak'Ka ... thank you.

JACK: Danny ... (Makes a motion with his hands as if to say get on with it)

DANNY: Right ... (Clears throat) (Into Radio) Sam, it's Daniel. Do you read?

SAM: (She and Teal'C are walking they the woods) Daniel, it's Sam ... are you OK?

DANNY: Uh ... I've been better.

SAM: Colonel O'Neill? (Jack raises his eyebrow)

DANNY: Uh ... physically fine. But, uh ... I'm not expecting a birthday present any time soon. JACK: (Sarcastically) Cose! (Chak'Ka turns to look at him) Cose.

DANNY: Chak'Ka? (Chak'Ka looks at him) (Puts radio thru bars) Cose.

Unas in the middle of them takes the radio from Danny and gives it to Chak'ka. Chak'Ka in turn, gives it to Jack.

JACK: Thank you. (Into radio) Carter? Report.

SAM: There were too many of them, Sir. You ordered us not to shoot to kill. We couldn't stop them.

JACK: Yeah, I know. (Chak'Ka's looking on with interest.)

SAM: We're currently being pursued by search parties. (Jack grins at Chak'Ka.) We're attempting to get to the gate for reinforcement.

JACK: Roger that ... out.

ChAK'KA: (Walks back to Danny's side) Dan'El ... Chak'Ka!


CHAK'Ka: Akon Nan.

DANNY: Nan. Akon.

CHAK'KA: Akon Nan! KeKa! (Holds up shackles)

DANNY: Ma' Ka!

CHAK'KA: Ma'Ka' Nan!

DANNY: (Forcefully) KA! SHA'NAN!

CHAk'KA: (Turns to Jack) Sha'Nan! (Jack looks confused) Shak'Ka!

JACK: (Whispers to Danny) What's he saying?

DANNY: Well, actually that means a lot of different things. In this particular case, I'd say : ' Thank you for ... trying to free me. Sorry for getting you into this mess. ' (Danny smiles)

CHAK'KA: Chak'Ka!

JACK: Chaka ... full of nuts ... whatever.

DANNY: Jack, it's not his fault.

JACK: Daniel ... I'm chained up ... in a madman's barn with a bunch of Unas ... who's to blame is not at the top of my list of concerns ... just yet.

CHAk'KA: Chak'Ka! (Unas looks at him) Chak'KA!

UNAS : (The one between Danny and Chak'Ka) (Looks at Danny) Chak'KA!

DANNY: That's amazing!

JACK: What?

DANNY: Language, which is a learned behavior ... Chak'Ka must have ... taught this Unas that word. (Said to Unas, pointing to Chak'Ka) Chak'KA!

UNAS: Chak'KA. (Points to Chak'Ka) Chak'Ka Zole.


The three Unas growl.

DANNY: They say Chak'Ka's their leader! They must recognize that he wouldn't leave without them.

JACK: Daniel ... dogs sniff each other's butts, and they're friends for life ... we still keep them as pets.

DANNY: No! No, this is different. Chak'Ka made a choice. The choice is FREEDOM. These Unas have placed their allegiance to him BECAUSE of that.

JACK: What are you saying?

DANNY: I'm saying that they want to be free, they recognize what that means!

JACK: All he said was 'Chak'Ka ZOLE! '

UNAS #1:(The one between Danny and Chak'Ka) Chak'Ka Zole!

UNAS #2: (One outside cages, deep voiced) Chak'Ka ZOLE!

DANNY: I was wrong! Chak'Ka ... Chak'Ka isn't different! These Unas may have been born into domestication, but they still know what freedom means, they KNOW it enough to WANT it!

JACK: You said yourself. This is their way of life here.

DANNY: Well, it has to change!

JACK: How?

DANNY: Well, we've meddled in other planet's cultures before ...

JACK: Well, now you're talking about moving in an ARMY !

DANNY: I'd like to think that there was another way.

JACK: Look. In principle, I agree with you ...

Door opens. The shadow of an Unas is shown. Chak'Ka is shown groling. The Unas in the door is shown again. Camera pans down to a young boy (About 8) holding the Unas's hand. The boy walks up to Jack.

BOY: You injured my father.

JACK: (After looking at the child for a while) I'm sorry. I really am. DANNY: We were just trying to take back an Unas that's rightfully ours.

BOY: Stealing is WRONG. (Yeah, tell your father that, kid! ;))

JACK: Yes, it is.

CHAK'KA: (To Unas with the boy) Chak'Ka! (Unas turns) Chak'Ka KA!

The Unas, an older one than Chak'Ka, looks like the Alpha Male that Chak'Ka killed in the first ones, turns back toward the door, and walks out, putting his arm around the child.

JACK: Trust me, Daniel. A whole LOT of people will have to die around here before one Unas goes free. (Danny's face says he knows Jack's right)

Sam and Teal'C are running thru the woods. They get within eyesight of the gate. Sam looks thru her binoculars, and sees that the gate is under heavy guard.

SAM: Colonel, do you read?

JACK: Yeah, Carter. What's your situation?

SAM: We're at the gate Sir, but it's heavily guarded. (Over radio) We can attempt to get thru, but it's gonna get ugly.

JACK: Hold your position. (Hears someone coming) Radio silence ... gotta go!

BURROCK: (Walking in) Beast stealing is punishable by death. It is my hope ... that THAT will not be necessary. But that will be up to you. I also know ... that there were others with you ... and that they may try to rescue you. That will NOT be wise. I will not hesitate to kill you.

DANNY: What do you want?

BURROCK: Tell me of the places the Chappa'Ai can go ... I do not understand why you take such risks for this beast. He's very valueable to me, but certainily, you can replace him with one of equal lineage.

DANNY: Because they're not beasts. They're self-aware, intelligent beings ... and you have no right ... to use them as slaves or treat them like you do.

BURROCK: They used our forefathers as Slaves, and treated them far worse than we treat them now.

DANNY: And that makes you right?

BURROCK: What would YOU have us do?!

DANNY: Free them.

Burrock laughs hardily. ;)

BURROCK: Untrained, uncontrolled?! A beast would rip me limb from limb ... eat me alive!

DANNY: Then, send them to their home world.

BURROCK: Our forefathers could have slaudered them all ... but instead, They saw a way to use their strength to our advantage. A way to co-exist. For that, we thank them!

DANNY: But, you don't co-exist ... you use them as SLAVES.

JACK: Look, we're not gonna tell you anything, so you might as well just let us go. We'll go back where we came from, You can go on doing what you do so well.

BURROCK: Because now, I know for certain, there is more out there ...

JACK: Yeah, I know, the grass always looks cleaner. Fact is , there's a whole bunch of guys with glowing eyes out there ... you REALLY don't wanna mess with them. (He grins)

Burrock puts his prod against the bars. Jack has the light coming out of his eyes and mouth like the Unas did.

SAM: Teal'C?

TEAL'C: (Gets up) I will not continue to do nothing.

SAM: What you gonna do? ... TEAL'C?! (Gets up and runs after him).

DANNY: (Standing and yelling) STOP!!!! HE'S GONNA TELL YOU ANYTHING!!!!!!!

Burrock leaves Jack, and Jack lays on the floor, gasping in pain, and holding his head. Burrock walks over to Danny's cage, and sticks the prod on the bars, thus doing the same to Danny as he did with Jack.


Other Unas scream "NAN" and "KA!" while growling and shaking the bars.

BURROCK: (Yells) QUIET!!!!!!!!

The Unas continue to scream and go wild. They're Pissed, gang! ;)

BURROCK: (Yelling) QUIET DOWN!!!!!!!!!! (Unas continue noise) QUIET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (More shaking and screaming and growling) QUIET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He proceeeds to shoot an Unas across from the others. Next, he turns and points the gun at the unas between Danny and Chak'Ka.

CHAK'KA: Chak'Ka! KA!!!!!

DANNY: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (MAN! he recovered fast! ;))

The gun clicks. He can't get it to work. Jack's starting to wake up.

BURROCK: Impressive weapon. But not as efficient as a fire stick. It seems to stop working after it's been fired for a while. I assume ... that's what these are for. (He has a clip) Tell me how to make it work again.

JACK: (Holding his head in pain) Give it to me ... I'll SHOW you.

BURROCK: (Chuckles) It was simple enough to learn how to shoot it. I will learn this part as well. In the meantime, hunger and thurst will weaken you ... tomorrow, you will tell me what I need to know. (Looks at the dead Unas) I do not understand why ... but it seems that you care for Beasts ... more than you care for your own well being. (Chuckles) So be it. Every morning and every night, I will come in here to learn what you know. If you do not tell me ... I will kill a beast. It may cost me ... but I believe it may be worth it. (Walks to door, and turns.) Until tonight.

Sam and Teal'C are watching Burrock from behind a building.

SAM: Look, Teal'C. Maybe we can take out those 4 guys, but there's dozens more who'll be on us in SECONDS. Then we'll have to get thru the gate.

TEAL'C: Diversion.

JACK: (Sam clicks the radio) (Groans) Yeah, Carter? I got ya.

SAM: Sir, what's your status? We heard the shooting.

JACK: We're all right. Only an Unas took a hit.

SAM: Chak'Ka?

JACK: No. No, he's OK. (Whispers) I thought I told you to hold your position at the gate.

SAM: Yes, Sir. However, Teal'C thinks we may be able to create a big enough distraction to attempt a rescure, and I agree. However, we can't guarantee zero casualties. If that's still your consern, please advise, over.

JACK: (To Danny) I don't think we're gonna talk our way out of this one.

DANNY: (Sounding pissed) Well, for once, I'm not asking us to!

JACK: (Quietly) Dammit, Daniel.

DANNY: Let's get out of here ... all of us.

SAM: Sir, still awaiting your orders.

JACK: Yeah. We've got 3 Unas that are gonna be joining us ... Do what ya haveta do, Carter. (He lookes at Daniel with a pained expression.)

BURROCK: (To an Unas Playing like a horse, carrying a cart) YOU! Leave it! Come here!

Teal'C lurks around a cart of hay, while Sam lurks around the barrel of water. She does something to it. The cart of Hay explodes.

MAN: QUICK! Water! Before the fire spreads to the buildings!

People are running toward the barrel of water, which promptly explodes as well, shooting water far up into the air. (Uh-OH! ;)) Teal'C starts shooting at men who are guarding the barn.


Teal'C runs away from the barn, and most of them chase him. Sam comes up from behind, and ZATs the remaining men. She takes a ZAT from one of the men, and goes in the barn. Jack sees her, and stands up.

JACK: (While she's setting the explosive on the lock) Where's Teal'C?

SAM: Trying to be popular.

An Unas growls as Sam goes rig Danny's lock. Jack lightsd his fuse. Sam gives Danny the fuse to light. The Unas looks at her curiously as she rigs his lock. Danny lights his fuse.

SAM: Stand back!


CHAK'KA: KE'KA! (The Unas steps away from the bars.)

Sam blows the fuse for the two Unas's, while Jack and Danny get out.

DANNY: Come on! Come on!

CHAK'KA: KA'KA! KA'KA! (Grabs Unas)

Outside, everyone is still running to get water.

MAN: STOP! (Points his staff at them)


The man realizes he has a P90, a ZAT gun, and a sidearm plus 3 pissed off Unas pointed at him, and drops his staff and runs away. ;) (Smart man! LOL!) The 6 are seen running in the background while people continue to get water and fight the fire. Chak'Ka runs ahead, and stops.

DANNY: Chak'Ka! (Chak'Ka looks ahead of him, cocking his head in curiosity.) It's OK! Chak'Ka! ... Kanic ... Friend.

CHAK'KA : (Looks at person infront of him, who is revealed to be Teal'C) Friend.

The walk down the path and see the gate, open, no guards.

JACK: I thought you said the gate was heavily guarded.

TEAL'C: Maybe they've all gone into town to help douse the fire.

JACK: Or we got an ambush here. (The Unas run out) Hey! Hey! Stop!

DANNY: Ke'KA! Chak'KA! (Chak'KA turns) Ke'Ka! (Chak'KA nods affermative, then continues) I think he understands why we stopped.

JACK: (Looks at Danny) All right ... fan out! Cover em!

An Unas gets shot in the back twice. Teal'C shoots the shooter down from the tree. Another man gets elbowed in the face by Jack. A third man gets a ZAT blast from Danny. Chak'Ka attacks a forth man and starts hitting him. Burrock sees this, and points his staff at him. Danny sees this.


Danny shoots his ZAT at Burrock, and misses, when Burrock ducks his head just in time. (I see Danny-Boy's been working out with Jack at the shooting range after his workout with Teal'C at the Gym! ;)) Burrock shoots at Danny, missing him when he ducks behind a tree. Chak'Ka sees this. The other Unas jumps on Burrock from behind. Burrock flips him off, and points his Staff at the Unas, who's laying on the ground. Chak'Ka shoots Burrock in the shoulder. He walks over to him, standing over him. He primes the staff.

DANNY: Chak'KA! NOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chak'Ka shoots Burrock. Danny runs up to him, and takes off his glasses. (He's really yummy with wet hair, and no glasses! ;)) Chak'Ka helps the other Unas up, and grabs Burrock's staff. Both Unas say "Chak'Ka".

SAM: We're all clear, Sir. Teal'C's dialing the gate. We should hurry ... there might be more men coming.

DANNY: Chak'Ka! Come on, we're ... uh ... taking you home. (Chak'Ka walks over to Danny, and says no nan) No Nan ... Home. (Chak'Ka says AKA) No na! (The Unas say as something That I can't do without Closed captioning! ;)) We did all this to save you. (Chak'Ka says something) I don't think he ever intended to come with us. (Chak'Ka says something) He thought he was helping US escape.

SAM: So what does he want to do?

DANNY: Stay and fight to free the others.

JACK: Daniel, we didn't come here to arm them.

DANNY: Well, they did that themselves. (Smiles) I don't think we're gonna stop them. (Gives Chak'Ka his ZAT) Ka'Kek. (Chak'Ka refuses, then sees it in Danny's eyes, and accepts the ZAT. ) Chak'Ka.

The Unas leave. Sam looks at Jack, who looks at her, then to the ground, then up to Danny.

JACK: You sent em out to start a war.

DANNY: Well, it was his choice. I told them they didn't have to kill.

JACK: You think he understands that?

DANNY: They know what freedom is and are willing to fight for it. They deserve a chance.



Source : Stargate Fusion

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