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The Tomb


NOTE: Remember, there's a snake head in this one, when the voice echoes, it's a Goa'Uld talking, and I scribe it in caps.

We open with some ancient ruins.

JACK: (Walking in, to Danny) Hey! I thought you said this was the main entrance.

DANNY: It is. We just ... need to find a way to open it.

TEAL'C: I do not recognize the symbols.

DANNY: It's Babylonian. (Touching the wall) It's incredible.

JACK: What is?

DANNY: well, unlike Phoenician Unebrite cutinform, these characters are pictograms rather than representations of unique sound symbols.

JACK: Does it say how to open the pyramid?

DANNY: Ziggurat.

JACK: Huh?

DANNY: You said "Pyramid". It's a ... a ... ziggurat.

JACK: Yeah. Open the door.

DANNY: Well, it might not be so easy. I'm gonna haveta go back to Earth for a reference.

JACK: How hard could it be?

DANNY: Very. It's a dead language, and I doubt anyone's even stood here for 3,000 years.

SAM: I wouldn't be so sure about that.

JACK: What ya got there?

SAM: An empty pack of cigarettes ... they're Russian.




SAM: The Russian stargate program was only up for 37 days. Now, we've seen their logs, and the lists of planets they've visited, and P2X-338 was not one of them.

TEAL'C: Perhaps they deceived us.

HAMMOND: At the moment, all they're admitting to is that there may have been some unauthorized use of their gate.

JACK What's that supposed to mean?

HAMMOND: (passing out reports) This is Major Valentine Korinski. He was serving under Colonel Zackalav at the base in Siberia. It now appears that he was also taking secret orders from certain hard-lined elements in Russian Army Intelligence. He disappeared 6 days before we were called in to deactivate the Russian gate.

SAM: And they think he went off world.

HAMMOND: (Pics of soldiers are show ... Peter DeLouise alert! He's one of the pictures) Along with 2 other officers and an archeologist name Alexander Britski.

DANNY: I know his work ... he's an expert of ancient mispotania.

JACK: Why would they go behind Sokalov's back?

TEAL'C: Perhaps for the same reason the NID conducted off-world operations without the knowledge of Stargate Command.

DANNY: TO steal Alien Technology at any cost.

SAM: And, well, why 338 instead of some other planet?

HAMMOND: That is yet to be determined.

DANNY: If they went thru the gate before everyone at the Russian base was killed, they could still be out there.

SAM: It's doubtful they could have survived this long. The planet's surface temperature averages 135 degrees fareingheight... in the shade.

JACK: Shade? I don't remember shade.

DANNY: They could have taken shelter in the temple.

JACK: (Sarcastically) Oh, so they figured out how to open the temple?

DANNY: I'll ... figure out the door.

TEAL'C: Should they not have attempted to return by now?

SAM: Not without exposing their operation. They could still be waiting for some kind of signal.

JACK: She's got a point, Sir. The Russian commando's could be pretty hard-core. They'd wait forever before they'd violate mission protocol.

HAMMOND: I'm aware of that Colonel. That's why I'm gonna allow a second Russian team to accompany you back to the planet.

JACK: Excuse me?

HAMMOND: It's going to be a joint mission. Full disclosure. Full cooperation.

JACK: May I ASK why ... Sir?

HAMMOND: The Russians have been pushing for more direct involvement in the Stargate Program for quite some time . We've been resisting, but in this particular case, it might be useful to have them on board.

JACK: Yes. Well, General, You know I'm a big fan of the Russians and ... international relations are a big hobby of mine, However, I ... do believe that SG-1 should handle this one ... *ALONE!*

HAMMOND: Decisions been made, Colonel ... they're on their way.

JACK: Yes, Sir.


He's typing in his computer, Jack and Sam walk in.

SAM: ... because we have an agreement, Sir.

JACK: Yeah, you see them holding their end of it?

SAM: well, have we?

JACK: (A moment of silence) NO!

SAM: If Thor's ship hadn've crashed into the ocean, we never would have told them about the stargate.

JACK: Hey. (Raised voice) Who's side are you on?!

SAM: I'm just saying we should at least TRY to work together.

JACK: Carter, when you go thru that gate, you gotta know your team members are watching your six.

DANNY: Actually in Russian, they'd be watching your schist.

JACK: Huh?

DANNY: Which I suppose are neither here nor there.

JACK: Have you figured out howe to open that pyramid yet?

DANNY: Ziggurat. and, yet, I think I have. In order to expedite matters, the Russians emailed me the notes of their archeologist, Doctor Britski. The temple is dedicated to the Babylonian God, Marduk.

SAM: And Marduk was a Goa'Uld?

DANIEL: Well, it seams likely. The word 'Babylon' literally means 'gate of the gods', so if there was a connection, it wouldn't surprise me. (Phone rings, Danny clears his throat, and answers it) Hello? (Silence) Yeah, OK. (Hangs up phone.) The Russians are coming.

A man pours himself a cup of coffee and says something that sounds negative in reference to the coffee.

OTHER MAN: (Older)(Heavy accent) (In reference to the stargate) Nice view.

YOUNG MAN: (Heavy accent) Oh, yeah. Colonel.

Hammond and SG-1 walk in, there's a woman standing at attention.

HAMMOND: Good morning, Gentlemen.

JACK: And Ma'Ham. There's a ... Ma'Ham , Sir.

HAMMOND: (To everyone) At ease. (To older man) You must be Colonel Zukov(Just Colonel from now on).

COLONEL: It's a pleasure to meet you, General Hammond. Allow me to introduce Major Vilarri (In reference to the coffee drinking young man, who will be called Major from now on), and Lieutenants Marchica (A man, will be called man from now on) and Tovenue. (The woman who will be known as woman from now on)

HAMMOND: Welcome to Stargate Command. This is Colonel Jack O'Neill, Major Samantha Carter, Doctor Daniel Jackson, and Teal'C.

COLONEL: The FAMOUS Colonel O'Neill. (They shake hands) I believe me have a mutual friend.

JACK: We do?

COLONEL: Doctor Svelana Markov. She spoke very highly ... of all of you.

HAMMOND: Before we proceed, perhaps you'd like to get some rest ... maybe something to eat?

COLONEL: We took the precaution of eating before we came.

MAJOR: What Colonel Zukov means is we'd like to get to work as quickly as possible.

HAMMOND: Very well. (All sit with the exception of Danny) Doctor Jackson?

DANNY: (He dims the lights, and puts up a map of Earth.) 2 years ago, Doctor Alexander Britski began an excavation near Rafa in Southern Iraq. He found several stone tablets engraved with Babylonian cuneiform, and one with a set of symbols he didn't recognize ...

The symbol for Earth is clearly visible. (The pyramid with the circle above it)

SAM: Gate coordinates.

DANNY: In fact the coordinates to P2X-338. Doctor Britski had no idea of their significance, but someone must have recognized something, because the results of the dig were never published and the whole thing became classified.

JACK: Wait a minute ... two years ago, the Russians haven't even SEEN a Stargate.

DANNY: Yeah, but they DID have a DHD. The one discovered by the Germans in 1906, and taken by the Red Army at he end of the second World War.

SAM: So, when they finally got their program up and running, they must have added P2X-338 on the list of addresses supplied by Colonel Maybourne.

JACK: That doesn't explain why they didn't just send a regular team.

HAMMOND: Did Doctor Britski say why they singled this planet out?

DANNY: Along with the coordinates, the tablet included a reference to something called the 'Eye of Tiament.' It was a large jewel of some kind which supposedly endowed Marduk with great magical ability.

JACK: THAT wouldn't be why your people wanted to keep this all (Whispers) *Quiet*?

COLONEL: Need I remind you, Colonel, that the United States has operated the Stargate in SECRET for YEARS with the expressed PURPOSE of obtaining Alien technology?

JACK: That was before we had an agreement to share information.

COLONEL: You took it upon yourselves to represent the interests of the entire planet without consulting anyone. You exposed the world to countless dangers.

JACK : AT least we delt with it. It only took you folks what ...a month ... to find something you couldn't handle?

HAMMOND: Gentlemen, Please. We seem to be going a little bit off topic.

MAJOR: Doctor Jackson? What about the entrance? Can you get us inside?

DANNY: Yeah ... (Quietly to himself) Yeah ... (Louder, to group) ;) The engraving on the door are ... are ... some kind of ... code ... it's like a ... gient combination lock ... it's just a matter of activating the correct symbols in the proper sequence.

HAMMOND: I have utmost comfidence in your abilities, Doctor. (Looks @ Jack) You have a go.

JACK: (After looking at the Russians) Swell. (Forced smile)

COLONEL: (Walking in the hallway) Is that the P90, Colonel?

JACK: Fifty round horizonal clip, 900 Armer-piercing rounds per minute. Feel the weight of that sucker.

COLONEL: impressive. But I prefer the Russian Sestavam 85.

JACK: Those are made in Yugoslavia, aren't they?

TECH: Chevron 7 locked!

JACK: SG-1 ... move out!

SG-1 moves out. The Colonel gives his people orders in Russian, and they leave.

JACK: What was that all about?

COLONEL: I was just wishing them the best of luck.

JACK: Right . look, Zukov, let's get something straight here . I'm the ranking Senior Officer on this mission.

COLONEL: It is a joint operation . and we are of equal rank.

JACK: Which means you should appreciate the need for a clear chain of command.

COLONEL: Of course!

HAMMOND: Colonel? Is there a problem?

JACK & COLONEL: (Together) No, Sir!

JACK: (Walks up to gate, and hits it) After you! (The Colonel walks thru the gate, Jack gives Hammond a fake smile, and walks thru) IN THE ZIGGERAT (Everyone is hot, and bored waiting for Danny to open the door)

JACK: (Beat) Daniel .

DANNY: Just about there.

JACK: (Rubbing his head) You said that an hour ago.

DANNY: (Rather sarcastically) Hey, look, if you wanna give this a try, be my guest.

JACK: (Claps hands) Carter, break out the C-4.

DANNY: Wait, Wait, Wait, Wait, Wait, Wait, Wait, wait . WAIT! (Closes his book) I think I got it! It's uh . it's the standard retelling of Babylonian Creation Myth. Marduk salys the winged serpent Tiamanti in 2, He . used half of her to create the sky, the other half to create the Earth.

MAJOR: How does that help us, Doctor Jackson?

DANNY: Well, you see? Some of the text has been deliberately placed out of order. Only a Priest of Marduk would be able to spot the inscrepricies. Here . (Presses stone) here . Presses stone) and . here . (Presses stone, and the stone moves, making a loud noise.) The tomb begins to open, showing the inside view of the tomb looking out at the teams. Rocks are falling in the doorway. It's very noisey and takes about half a minute to open.

JACK: Nice job. They walk a little ways all you see is the flashlights, and falling debree.

SAM: This doesn't seem very stable.

DANNY: It's over 4,000 years old. The reach a fork. (That's a road that splits in two directions ;))

JACK: Which way?

DANNY: I don't know.

COLONEL: We should split up. You take your team down here . We'll go down there.

JACK: All right, but Teal'C goes with you. (A couple seconds silence) For your own protection.

COLONEL: Than perhaps you should take Lt. Marcheckle . for the same reason.

JACK: (Not to happy with the suggestion) Fine! . Move out. They walk a little way, Sam stops.

SAM: Colonel . The outline of a booted foot is seen, sitting down against the wall.

JACK: (Cautiously) Identify yourself. (The Russian guy I assume says 'Identify yourself' in Russian) (The light is shown on the body, and it's a skeleton) AWWW . (Sam checks the dog tag on the body) (To Russian) This one of yours?

MAN: Da.

DANNY: If these men disappeared just 10 months ago, how could one of their bodies completely decompose so fast? Close up of the body is shown. The skull clearly has scratches and teeth marks. (If I could see them on the ASF, they were clear as day on the big screen! ;))

SAM: It didn't decompose. This skeleton is covered in tiny teeth marks.

JACK: Something ATE this guy?

SAM: Stripped the flesh right from his bones!

MAN: (Russian) Bojomoy. (That's what it sounded like)

DANNY: You can say that again. The Russian team is shown walking thru the halls. They come into a big room with a Sarcophagus right in the middle of it.

TEAL'C: It appears to be a sarcophagus. Back to SG-1 . The Russian covers the skeleton with his jacket.

JACK: Zukov, this is O'Neill.

COLONEL: What is it, Colonel?

JACK: We found one of Kirinski's men . he's dead. Exercise extreme caution.

COLONEL: Understood. We found a sarcophagus. We'll investigate.

JACK: Negative! Hold your positions till we get there. (Seconds later) Zukov respond. ZUKOV?! The Colonel curses in Russian, then shouts an order. The other 2 Russians move toward the sarc.

JACK: Dammit . fall back.

TEAL'C: You are disobeying a direct order.

COLONEL: I trust Colonel O'Neill won't take it personally. The colonel walks up to the sarc, and steps on the rock below it. It crunches. He curses in Russian. The walls start to shake, and he shouts orders in Russian. They all run, screaming toward the fork from earlier. They meet up with SG-1 at the fork, and continue running toward the tomb door. The male Lt. , the one that went with Jack, Danny and Sam, runs screaming toward the door. He's trying to get out .

JACK: (Screaming ) GET OUT OF THERE!!!!!!!! The woman screams his name, and he is shown being crushed in the door. She ruins toward him, being stopped by Jack, who holds on to her. The door closes on him, trapping the rest inside the tomb. The woman bows her head.


DANNY: Interesting trap . doesn't really PROTECT the Sarcophagus, but it DOES lock you in with it!

JACK: (To Colonel) I told you to hold your position!

COLONEL: The mission requires that we thoroughly explore the area.

JACK: I gave you an ORDER!

COLONEL : Someone would have set off the trap eventually. (Coldly) It's just as well.

JACK: One of your OWN men is dead! (Quietly) Where I come from, that tends to make a commander just (Yelling) A LITTLE UPSET!!!!!!!!

COLONEL :Where I come from, Casualties are expected.

JACK: (Disbelieving) What?!

SAM: (Looks at Jack) Colonel, we still need to find a way out of here.

DANNY: Shouldn't we . open this first, see if there's no one home?

SAM: Teal'C, have you ever seen anything like this?

TEAL'C: Indeed I have not.

SAM: It's like someone tried to seal the sarcophagus from the outside.

DANNY: (Holding up a blowtorch) Kirinski's team must have cut it open with a blowtorch.

JACK: Open it up.

DANNY: (Walks to side of sarc) There's no krystal, there's no, uh . button to open it.

JACK: Oh, for crying out loud! I'll do it myself! (They all pull the doors apart manually) Pull! (All the men grunts and struggles; Sam raises her gun) (They open it, and a SKELETON is shown) So much for Marduk!

COLONEL: I thought a sarcophagus could keep one alive indefinitely!

TEAL'C: Perhaps it malfunctioned.

SAM: (Looking closely at the body) Yeah, but I don't think that's what killed him. These bones exhibits the same marking as the skeleton we found. Whatever killed the Russian soldier killed the Goa'Uld as well.

JACK: How'd it get in there?

SAM: I don't know.

DANNY: (Looks around) The better question is . where is it now? A cocoon is shown on the wall, with a leg coming out of it. (Uh-Oh!;))


Danny's looking at a wall reading it.

SAM: Sir, we've got a problem.

JACK: (Sarcastically) We've got a lot of problems, Carter . can ya be a little more spacific?

SAM: We can stretch out our food rations, but our water is limited to 5 days.

JACK: We won't be here that long.

WOMAN: (Heavy accent) So, now, what do we do?

MAJOR: We can use plastic explosives to blast a hole in the entrance.

JACK: (After giving him a look) (Sarcastically) Yeah, we could do that . and also bury us under a ton of Ziggerat.

COLONEL: The Colonel is right, Major. The time has not yet come for such desperate measures.

JACK: What about this writing . any mention of a back door?

DANNY: No, this portion of the text just talks about the final fate of Marduk.

JACK: I think we know the final fate of . Marduk.

DANNY: Well, apparently, he was such an evil tyrant, that his own priests rebelled against him. They sealed him in the sarcophagus, and placed some thing in there with him. There's no direct translation, for the word, but I assume it's the reference to the creature that . ATE him.

SAM: Are you saying he was eaten alive?!

DANNY: The sarcophagus would have done it's best to continuously KEEP him alive, so . it probably would have taken a while!

Sam looks discusted.

WOMAN: Bojomoy. (Same word as the other Lt. Said)

JACK: O-Kay! That's officially the WORSE way to go!

TEAL'C: It would seem his fate is very well deserved.

DANNY: Marduk would have died eventually, but . the creature must have stayed alive in the sarcophagus until . Major Kerinski and his team came along.

SAM: They let it out; it killed them.

COLONEL: We've only found one body.

JACK: All right. Here's the deal . We're gonna search this place top to bottom. We're looking for a way out, and the rest of Kirinski's team. Everybody GOT that?!

DANNY: I'd like to uh . stay and finish this translation. It might be useful.

JACK: Fine! The rest of us will pair off . Teal'C, you're with Zukov, Carter with Tolinov, Major, you';re with me. Danny goes back to the wall. Zukov and Teal'C are shown walking down a hallway. The ladies are shown. Sam shines her light up on the wall.

SAM: Hold it. I got something.

WOMAN: What is it? Sam shines her light up at the empty cocoon.

SAM: Looks like some sort of cocoon . it's empty. (Something is seen crawling behind the woman on the wall. The women turn) What is it?

WOMAN: I thought I heard something.

COLONEL: it's Britski.

TEAL'C: (Into Radio) Colonel O'Neill?

JACK: Yeah? Go ahead.

TEAL'C: Colonel Zukov and I have found additional skeletal remains. Along with equipment and personal items.

JACK: Any sign of . a creature?

TEAL'C: (Looks around) Negative.

COLONEL: Colonel O'Neill, this is Zukov. I have what appears to be Britski's personal log.

JACK: all right, take it back to Daniel, have him take a look at it.

COLONEL: Very well. Teal'C turns to leave, and The Colonel finds the Eye of Tiamint. He pockets it.

TEAL'C: (From corridor) Colonel Zukov?

COLONEL: Coming!

Back to the ladies.

WOMAN: There it is again.

SAM: I don't see anything.

WOMAN: (Creature's Point Of View is shown as she approaches it) It's around here somewhere. She ladies shine their lights on the wall. The creature's point of view is shown again as the woman shines the light directly on it. He eyes widen as the creature screeches, and attacks her. Machine gun fire is faintly heard.

JACK: (Walking) Daniel? Report!

DANNY: It's not me!

JACK: (Running) Carter?! What's your situation? (The run toward the gunfire sound. The woman is shown sitting against the wall, while Sam continues to shoot her gun. Jack taps her shoulder.) Carter?!

SAM: (Stops shooting) I'm all right.

MAJOR: (Kneeling at the woman) What happened?!

SAM: The creature attacked us.

MAJOR: (She has a bad wound on her neck) I think she's going into shock.

JACK: Get her back to the main chamber . Teal'C? (Teal'C picks her up.)

SAM: Sir, it's still alive.

JACK: well, we'll kill it.

SAM: No, that's not what I mean . I sensed a presence.

JACK: What are you talking about?

SAM: The symbiote . The Goa'Uld symbiote . it's still alive. It's inside that thing. (Sam looks at the woman's neck) The creature must have Injected her with some kind of venom. Her body's shutting down.

MAJOR: What can we do?

SAM: Well, I've given her a shot of epinephrine . That should buy us some time. If we don't get her back to the SGC soon, she's not gonna make it.

DANNY: She's right. The same thing happened to the other team according to Dr. Brintski's journal. The creature escaped when they opened the sarcophagus, attacked Major Korinski, he was dead within 2 hours.

JACK : Any mention of what happened to the others?

DANNY: 2 people died when a passageway collapsed, and . the last entry reads: 'I'm all alone now, there's no escape . only one course of action remains .'

MAJOR: A cyinide pill. They were given to all Russian Stargate Personnel.

COLONEL: (Jack grins at him) Colonel, we no longer have a choice . we

HAVE to use the C-4.

JACK: We're not done searching yet, Colonel.

COLONEL: Lt. Tovinofa is running out of time!

JACK: I'm well aware of that, Colonel. But, we're not gonna risk any more lives until we've exhausted our options.

DANNY: Hey, take a look at this . it's a sketch of an artifact Doctor Britski found inside the sarcophagus . he thought it might be the "Eye of Tiament".

JACK: You guys find anything like this with the journal?

COLONEL: There was nothing but old equipment and spoiled rations.

DANNY: Then, where is it?

MAJOR: Colonel, Surely the recovery of this artifact is no longer a priority.

JACK: It never WAS a priority. This was SUPPOSED to be a rescue mission.

TEAL'C: It would appear there's no one left to rescue.

DANNY: Well, I wouldn't say THAT. The teams apparently split up again. Sam and Teal'C are together, and are walking down a hallway. They come across some blood.

SAM: It looks like blood.

TEAL'C: Indeed.

SAM: Colonel O'Neill, this is Carter .

JACK: Yeah, go ahead.

SAM: Sir, Teal'C and I found traces of blood . I think I may have wounded the creature.

JACK: Well, won't it's SNAKE fix it?

SAM: (Shares a look with Teal'C) Well, it depends on how bad the injury is, Sir.

JACK: All right . stay sharp.


Danny's studying the text. The Major is checking the woman.

DANNY: How is she?

MAJOR: HE pulse is getting weak. (He hears chittering from the snake) You hear that?! (He hears the noise again, and cocks his gun) Wait here.

DANNY: (Rather sarcastically) Yes, you go down the dark hallway alone . and I'm wait here in the dark room alone.

The major goes down the hall. He hears more noise, and jumps. Snake's Point Of View is shown looking at the Major. The Colonels are shown reaching a dead end.

COLONEL: Dead end.

JACK: Yeah.

COLONEL: Colonel, we both know there's only one way out of here.

JACK: Any blast big enough to put a hole in that door, gonna bring the whole thing down on top of us.

COLONEL: I'm willing to take the chance.

JACK: Yeah, well, I'm NOT!

COLONEL: What about Lt. Tolinova?

JACK: I thought Casulties were to be expected.

COLONEL: It's obvious you're not capeable of taking the necessary risks.

JACK: Well, we take risks . we just don't hand out cyinide pills . And we don't leave our people behind. Back to Sam and Teal'C. He finds a florescent marker that was laid down earlier.

SAM: Is it me . or have we been down this passageway before?

TEAL'C: Indeed we have.

SAM: (Signs) This place is like a maze.

TEAL'C: Perhaps we should return . Something hits Sam in the back, she gasps, and moves, and it falls to the ground.

SAM: It's not moving . I'm not sensing anything.

TEAL'C: Nor am I.

Teal'C bends down, and pokes the creature a couple time, not getting a response. Teal'C then, cautiously turns the creature over, and taking his knife, guts the creature, looking for a snake, and finding none.

TEAL'C ( Sighs) There is no symbiote inside this creature.

SAM: Could've left the body when it realized it couldn't heal the wound.

TEAL'C: The symbiote could not survive for too long under these circumstances.

SAM: Unless it found a new host.

They share a look. Back to the Colonels. It appears that they found a bundle of equipment.

SAM: (Over radio) Colonel O'Neill?

JACK: Go ahead.

SAM: Sir, we found the creature . it's dead.

JACK: That's good news.

SAM: Only problem is the symbiote's no longer inside it.

JACK: That's a bit disconcerting.

SAM: Sir, as you know, Teal'C body is incapable of sustaining a symbiote as long as he's carrying a larval Goa'Uld. And he doesn't sense a presence in me, so . That leaves Daniel, Major Vallarin and . (The

Colonel's look at each other) well . (They point their guns at each other) the two of you, Sir.

JACK: Drop your weapon.

COLONEL: I don't think so.

JACK: I KNOW it's not me.

COLONEL: And *I* know it's not ME.

SAM: Colonel? Please respond.

JACK: (NEVER taking his eyes of the Colonel ) Get back to the main chamber . check on Daniel and Vallarin. We'll see you there in a bit.

(The Colonel continue to look at each other)

SAM: Roger that, Sir.

JACK: I'm not kidding, Zukov . I'll shoot you.

COLONEL: This is beginning to make sense.

JACK: IS it?

COLONEL: If you were the Goa'Uld, you might not want to leave without finding the Eye of Tiament. It would explain your reluctance.

JACK: And if you were the Goa'Uld and were stuck in this DUMP for 2,000 years, you MIGHT not think of anything except getting out of here. Which would explain why you're willing to take such an . insane risk.

COLONEL: It would seem we have a problem. A hand is shown pressing the wall, opening a chamber. It's a Russian, cause SG-1 are in desert uniforms. It's the Major. Daniel is looking at the wall.

SAM: Daniel?

DANNY: (Still looking at the wall.) Hey, guys, I just finished translating this section . (He turns, they cock their guns) Whoa! (Hands up! ;) ) Hey! What's up?

TEAL'C: I do not sense the presence of a Goa'Uld.

SAM: Me neither.

DANNY: (Sarcastically) Well, thank you.

SAM: (Putting her gun down) What were you going to say?

DANNY: I was gonna say I just finished translating a section of the text . it says Marduk used to emerge from his temple, and appear amongst his people riding a beam of white light.

SAM: The ring transporter?

DANNY: Yeah. There's a good chance it might be right here ... In this room.

MAJOR: Colonel Zukov?

COLONEL: In here. The colonels still have their guns aimed at each other.

MAJOR: What is this?

COLONEL: In my mind , Colonel O'Neill is a Goa'Uld.

JACK: (Sarcastically) Don't be an idiot, Zukov. It could just as well be him.

MAJOR (In Goa'Uld voice) /MARDUK: VERY TRUE, COLONEL! He uses his ribbon device on Jack, sending him across the room. The Colonel starts shooting at him, and he puts up his shield deflecting the bullets.

JACK: (Holding his head) Oh, Man!

MARDUK: (Slowly walks toward the Colonel, his eyes flash) WHERE IS THE EYE OF TIAMENT?

COLONEL: I don't know what you're talking about.


COLONEL: I have no secret orders. The snake punches the colonel.


DANNY: Yep, it's here.

SAM: We gotta tell the colonel.

DANNY: No, not until we're sure he's not a Goa'Uld.

SAM: Teal'C, what are you doing?

TEAL'C: We must find a means by which to operate the rings. (He finds it) Back to the colonel and the snake!


He points the gun at Jack, who's still lying on the ground.

COLONEL: Stop! I have the eye.

Jack and Marduk look at him.


JACK: What are you doing?

COLONEL: I'm sorry, Colonel. I was acting under orders.

JACK: Don't give it to him . don't!

COLONEL: No one else will die because of me.


Colonel: Take it!

The Colonel throw a grenade at the snake, pulling out the pin first. Uh-Oh. (Remember kids, this snake has been in the tomb for several thousand years, so he doesn't know about grenades . guess what he's gonna do next! ;)) (He! He!) He looks at the grenade, and drops it . BOOM! It blows up. ;) In the Colonel's face. Debree starts to fall over both Russians, Jack moves out of the way. The tomb starts shaking.

DANNY: What's that?

SAM: (Into radio) Colonel O'Neill? (Jack looks at the pile of rubble . more of the ziggerat falls) (Sterner) Colonel O'Neill?!

JACK: Yeah, I'm OK.

SAM: What happened?

JACK: The Goa'Uld was in Villarin. Zukov just took him out with a grenade.

SAM: Sir, we found a ring transporter. Daniel says it'll take us to another temple a few miles from here.

JACK: All right. I'll be there in a minute.

Jack's walking into the main chamber. Teal'C is behind him. Teal'C voice scares Jack. ;)

TEAL'C: I do not sense the presence of a Goa'Uld.

JACK: Oh, good! And I'm fine by the way . thanks. How's Tolinov?

DANNY: She'll be OK if we can get her out of here soon . How's Zukov?

JACK: He didn't make it. One thing left to do here .

Marduk's hand is shown.

JACK: All right. All set. Let's go!

They get in the ring transporter space.

MARDUK: COLONEL O'NEILL?! (He's all screwed up, limping, looks like his arm is twisted. ;)) I WILL HAVE MY REVENGE!

JACK: You know, your guys all ways say that!

Sam's grinning. She presses the remote. Marduk looks at the wall, it has a whole bunch of C-4 is rigged up to a timer that she just set off. It has 8 seconds left on the timer. He watches them go , and the C-4 explodes.


A Commander is saying something to the woman in Russian. She says something, then salutes him, and turns to leave, stopping at Jack.

WOMAN: Colonel?

He looks at her, and she kinda smiles, then leaves.

COMMANDER: Lt. Tovinov coaberates your story.

JACK: So, she's telling the truth.

COMMANDER: She will be debriefed again of course, once we're back in Moscow where she can speak more freely.

JACK: Yeah, I'm sure you'll get her to say whatever you want.

HAMMOND: Colonel, this isn't the time.

JACK: General! Zukov's secret orders put us all in jeopardy. I want that put on record.

COMMANDER: (Angrily) Your opinion is already a matter of public record , Colonel. So is the fact that your entire team survived where only ONE Russian soldier made it back alive . BARELY!!

JACK: Yeah, well if your people understood the concept of "Chain of Command", NONE of this .

COMMANDER: (Interrupting) NO! We are agreed! YOU were in command! We also know WHICH lives you were willing to sacrafice!

HAMMOND: We regret the lose of lives, and offer our condolences to the families of your officers.

COMMAND: (Sarcastically) And I'm sure you also regret this Eye of Tiament was buried along with Colonel Zukov never to be recovered!

HAMMOND: Yes, we do.

COMMANDER: (Softer) Perhaps it is best we both admit we made mistakes.

JACK: It'd be best if you just admitted you screwed up.

COMMANDER: I will pass that sentiment along, Colonel.

JACK: (Sarcastically) Yeah, please do.

COMMANDER: I'm sure this will have no bearing on our future participation.

JACK: I wouldn't count on future participation if I were you.

COMMANDER: Well, I would. (OOH! Something's up! I know it! ;))


Source : Stargate Fusion
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