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CHRISTOPHER JUDGE VOICEOVER: Previously, on Stargate SG-1:

From 2010:

A paper falls from the open gate.

HAMMOND: (As Jack is walking down from the ramp looking at it) What is it?

JACK: You tell me.

DANNY: (Reading the paper) "Under no circumstances, go to P4C-970 ... Colonel Jack O'Neill." This looks like your handwriting.

JACK: That IS my handwriting. (Looks at it) And it's my signature.

JANET: That looks like blood, Sir.

HAMMOND: (To Walter the tech) I want P4C-970 removed from the dialing computer immediately.

SAM: I wonder why you sent it ... I wonder WHEN.

PRESENT DAY ... The gate opens.

HAMMOND: Welcome back, SG-1.

JACK: (Cheerfully) Break out the fishin' gear, General ... our work is DONE!

HAMMOND: I take it your mission was successful?

SAM: In a word, Sir ... yes!

JACK: In 2 words ... yes, Sir!

HAMMOND: Your initial report said the Volien were a simple agrarian society.

JACK: That they are.

DANNY: The Voliens introduced us to another race, friends of theirs.

JACK: Who, while lacking a sense of humor, make up for it with advanced technology.

SAM: They just wanted to make sure we were trustworthy first.

JACK: Long story short ... I think we just carried out our standing orders, Sir.

TEAL'C: Indeed. We may have found a race both willing and capable of defending this world against the Goa'Uld.

JACK: And if THAT little outburst didn't convince you ...

HAMMOND: I'm convinced!

JACK: We just wrapped up several hours of talks with a guy named ...

DANNY: Borren.

JACK: Borren, who REALLY lacks a sense of humor. But he wants the negotiations to move up to state level.

HAMMOND: Well done people. Perhaps while I inform the President, you could prepare a mission briefing. (Turns to leave)

JACK: Yes, Sir! (Jack and Sam grin at each other)

HAMMOND: (Turning back) By the way ... what do our new friends call themselves?

SAM: (Smiling) The Ashen, Sir. They're called the Ashen. <Uh-OH! ;) >



Sam's at the board in dress blues. A planetary map is on the board.

SAM: So, out of security concerns, The Ashen wish NOT to reveal the location of their home world until we have an agreement.

It is shown that she's talking to a bunch of big wigs. Lots of suits and men in military uniforms.

JACK: They're a little paranoid.

DANNY: It seems appropriate since they don't have an Iris like ours.

SAM: We do know that they've created a secondary star in the Volien system by igniting a gas giant thereby doubling the Volien's growing season.

*Gasp* It's Joe! ;) (Sam's hubby from 2010.)

JOE: They MADE a star?! How?

WARNING: Techno babble mode coming up! Maybe Joe should have talked to General Vadrine from Tangent. ;)

SAM: Well, theoretically, by increasing the density of a sufficiently massive gas giant until a thermonuclear reaction can take place. In fact, Arthur C. Clark pasi ...

JACK: (Interrupting) Ambassador, you gotta be careful about the use of the word "How" unless you really wanna know. (Smiles at Sam)

JOE: My mistake, Colonel.

SAM: (Smiling at Jack, to Joe) I guess my point is: the achievement it's self goes a long way to prove the Ashen are advanced enough to take on the Goa'Uld.

TEAL'C: The Ashen could be formidable allies.

HAMMOND: If they a re Stargate capable, why is this the first we've heard of them?

DANNY: That's a good question. They have ships, but they only use them to travel to the planets within the confederation.

HAMMOND: Of which the Volien system is apart.

DANNY: Right. Uh ... Borren said that both the Ashen and Volien gates were discovered buried like ours was, and no DHD was ever recovered.

SAM: Naturally, the Ashen tried dialing numerous dialing combinations, but without a DHD to compensate for stellar drift, they were stuck like we were.

HAMMOND: We could only go to Abydos.

SAM: Exactly. It was only AFTER Daniel's discovery of the cartouche on Abydos that we were able to make the drift calculation to successfully dial out to other planets. Add to that the database that Colonel O'Neill retrieved from the ancients, we could offer a whole galaxy of worlds the Ashen never knew existed!

HAMMOND: The news must have come as a shock to them.

JACK: (Sarcastically) Oh, not really.

DANNY: What Jack is trying to say is that if they WERE surprised, they'd never show it.

JACK: They don't get excited in general General. It's like an entire planet of accountants.

Joe looks like he wants to say something.

TEAL'C: Colonel O'Neill mistrusts the Ashen.

JACK: I never said that.

TEAL'C: Indeed you did ... on several accounts.

JACK: No! I didn't. What I said was : I didn't trust people without a sense of humor. Especially that *BORING* guy.


JACK: I *KNOW* his *NAME*! He was boring.

HAMMOND: The Ashen have agreed to meet our representative on P3A-194 tomorrow. Colonel O'Neill, both you and Major Carter are to make yourselves available to the Ambassador as consultants. (Sam smiles at Joe, who smiles back)

JACK: Yes, Sir.

HAMMOND: Doctor Jackson, in the meantime, I'd like you and Teal'C to confer with the Voliens, find out how they feel about the Ashen.

DANNY: (Looking yummy in that blue shirt with the tie) I could tell you their feelings right now, Sir.

HAMMOND: Dig a little deeper. Find out if the Ashen is the good neighbors they seem to be. You embark at 0700. Gentlemen?

Everyone begins to leave, Joe walks up to Sam.

JOE: Major Carter? Since we're trading knowledge of the Stargate, I, uh ... could use a little more of that knowledge myself.

SAM: (Smiles) After you, Ambassador.

They walk down the steps into the control room.

JOE: This place never ceases to amaze me.

SAM: (To Walter Davis) Anything yet?

DAVIS: Uh, the computer should have it down to a handful of candidates by tomorrow.

JOE: Candidates?

SAM: Yeah. We're trying to locate the position of the Ashen home planet.

JOE: How can you do that without the coordinates. (He really likes punishment, doesn't he?? ;))

SAM: "How?"

Joe: Oops, I asked that question again.

SAM: (BIG Smile) In my earlier work with the Stargate program, I theorized that all things being equal, the outside per lock between 2 planets without a DHD is 300 light years. The computer is searching for viable coordinates within that radius of the Volien system, P3A-194.

JOE: Because the Ashen Homeworld is somewhere within this area?

SAM: There's a 70% probability.

JOE: Well, if the Ashen are so powerful, why don't they want us to know?

SAM: Well, until we share our database with them, they have only our word of what's out there. They're vuneable. If we didn't have an Iris, I think we'd do the same.

JOE: Uh, you know what? I have not eaten since ... (Looks at watch) ooh ... today!

They both laugh.

SAM: Uh, the mess is this way, if you'd like, we can talk more there.

JOE: I'd like that very much.

They leave.

Time passes.


Davis is dialing out. SG-1 are seen standing at the base of the gate thru the observation window.

DAVIS: Chevron 3 encoded.

Hammond is shown standing next to Davis.

The blast doors to the gate room open. A lovely pair of SHINY, black, dress shoes are shown walking in. SG-1 look at him, the shoes are revealed to belong to Joe in a gray suit and ties. SG1 are dressed in green fatigues with combat boots. ;)

JOE: 'Morning.

LOL! Jack just looks down to Joe's shoes. Sam tries to keep a straight face, Danny peeks his head (Wearing sunglasses on his face), and smirks, Teal'C just looks like ... Teal'C. ;)

JACK: THIS is what you're wearing?

JOE: (Innocently) What's wrong with it? <Oh, Joe! ;)>

TEAL'C: (Turning as he speaks) Nothing. (Danny just stares)

DAVIS: (Joe looks like he wants to speak, but is interrupted) Chevron 4 encoded. (Joe looks toward the control room)

SAM: (Smiling ... trying not to laugh?? ;)) You look fine.

JOE: Right. They said I didn't have to wear a uniform, and I just wanted to make a good impression.

DAVIS: Chevron 5 encoded!

DANNY: Uh ... you look great. (Sarcastically??) Very sharp. (Gives him a "Thumbs-up".

JOE: Thank you. (Gives Danny a Thumbs-up)

DAVIS: Chevron 6 encoded.

JACK: (Still looking at his feet) It's the shoes ... (Joe looks down, his shiny black shoes are shown) They're gonna get ruined. It's a ... farm ... planet. (Sam is shown smiling in back of Jack.)

Joe looks nervous.

DAVIS: Chevron 7 ... locked!

The gate opens with it's usual splendor. Joe does a take back. The men of SG1 grin at Joe, then walk thru the gate. Sam steps up to him, and smiles.

HAMMOND: Enjoy the ride, Ambassador. We look forward to your return.

SAM: After you.

JOE: Thank you.

They smile at each other, and slowly walk up the ramp, stopping at the gate. Joe stops at the event horizon, and takes a deep breath before nervously stepping thru the gate. His POV is shown going thru the gate. He is shown emerging from the other end. He smiles with an expression like "What a ride!" The planet is shown. It's green with a dirt road. ;) The two walk toward the men of SG1 with grins on their faces. Joe's walking looking around like my 3 year old at Christmas! ;) Jack smiles at them.

JOE: Hey, it looks just like uh ...

JACK: Oh, yeah! Just when you think you're not in Kansas anymore ... turns out you are.

DANNY: We'll ... see what we can dig up.

JACK: Have fun.

JOE: Uh ... you said the Volien and Ashen enjoy a long trade relationship, but there's aren't any ... signs of trade infastructure around the stargate. (A light humming sound and chevrons locking is heard ... Sam and Jack grin at each other.) WHAT is that sound? (Looks around, sees nothing)

JACK: Have a look.

A gate is seen coming out of the ground. A HUGE ship is moving toward the gate. The gate is turning where it is laying over the ground.

SAM: It's called a "Harvester". The Ashen has provided hundreds of them all over the planet. When the field is ready, the machine harvests the crop, then brings it to the stargate to send to the Ashen Homeworld.

Joe watches in wonder as the gate opens, and the harvester, now over the gate, dumps some crops (Maybe corn?? Wheat??) down into the gate.

JACK: We're gonna want a few of those.

MAN: (As Joe nods) I'm sure that can be arranged, Colonel.

JACK: Borren!

BORREN: (A very nice looking young man with his hair neatly slicked back) Colonel, I thought I made it clear your weapons weren't necessary here.

JACK: ( EXTREMELY sarcastically, laughing) Oh, I though you were joking around. (Serious face from Borren) You know, like ... you always do? (Joe smiles to himself; Same expression from Borren)

SAM: Borren, may I introduce our official representative ... Ambassador Joseph Faxon of the United States?

JOE : (Taking a step with his hand out) I bring you greetings from ...

BORREN: ( RUDELY interrupting) I am not your counterpart. The harvester possesses a suitable compartment.

He leaves. Sam and Jack share a look with Joe.

JACK (Walking past Joe, patting his shoulder.) Watch the shoes.

Joe looks at Sam, who's grinning, and they walk away together.

HAMMOND: (Walking down the steps in control room) (To DAVIS) Sergeant, you have something?

DAVIS: Yes, Sir. Let me show you on the Star Map ... we calculated a total of 5 possible Stargate coordinates within a 300 light year radius of P3A-194, the Volien System.

HAMMOND: And there's a good chance one of them is the Ashen Homeworld?

DAVIS: Well, of the 5, (Pointing to the map) These 3 were just calculated, so they're unexplored ... (Pointing to another) This one was determined uninhabitable by a MALP probe 3 years ago ... But, Sir, this one ... (He points to P4C-970) This gate was blocked out of our dialing computer by YOUR order, 7 months ago.

HAMMOND: You're telling me that there's a 1 in 4 chance that the Ashen home world is a planet that I ordered off limits ?

DAVIS: Yes, Sir.

HAMMOND: Sergent, have SG teams 3, 12, and 15 report for to the briefing room as soon as possible.

DAVIS: Yes, Sir.

Davis leaves, and Hammond stands in front of the map, looking up at P4C-970, appalled.

DANNY: (To a farmer) Kehl? It's uh ... Daniel Jackson, and Teal'C.

KEHL: You said you'd not likely be this way again.

DANNY: Yeah, we wanted to learn more about your relationship with the Ashen.

KEHL: What would you like to know?

TEAL'C: If they are honorable.

DANNY: Yeah. I wouldn't have put it quite that way, but ...

KEHL: They've been friends to us for a long as I can remember. I was raised by an Ashen family. Orphan. They give medicine freely ... machines freely ... light and heat for our homes.

DANNY: Really? So, they've never been ... unreasonable with your people in any way?

KEHL: They just float around in their harvesters mostly, what few of them there are.

TEAL'C: Then you maintain freedom from their world?

KEHL: If freedom is being left alone ... we have it.

DANNY: (Shares a look with Teal'C) OK! Well, thank you.

KEHL: Uh ... when next you speak to one ... tell him I got ' iron root ' in my south field. I can't remove it myself ... need one of those machines.

DANNY: ' Iron Root. ' Well, maybe we can help.

BORREN: (Steps up on a pedestal) Stand here. (Sam, Jack, and Joe do it, and after pressing in a code, they are transported up to the ship)

JACK (Joe is grinning away) Oh, yeah. We're gonna want a few of these, too. (Joe laughs)

The walk in the door, and Mellon ( Why do the bad guys have to be so good looking?! ;)) is standing there looking as handsome as ever.

BORREN: Ambassador, allow me to introduce your counterpart from our federation ... Mellon.

JOE: (Holds out his hand, Mellon looks at it like he's crazy) I offer greetings from our President and hope that we can forge a friendship that can enrich both our people.

MELLON: ( NOT shaking his hand) This seating arrangement is suitable for our negotiations. Please ...

JACK: (Sam and Joe follow Mellon, Jack stops at Borren) I assume there are facilities ... ?

BORREN: In the next compartment.

JACK: Just wanted to make sure before we flew off somewhere.

BORREN: The harvester will remain in the vicinity of the Stargate during the negotiations.

JACK: OK ... mind if I check out the view first? (Looks out the balcony to the fields below) Daniel, Teal'C? We're on board one of their harvesters. When you get back, report to Hammond, let him know the proceedings have begun. Over.

DANNY: (Walking in a field) Copy that. And uh ... good luck!

Danny, Teal'C and Kehl are walking in a grassy field.

KEHL: Here it is. (Iron bars are shown, it looks like a bridge) And it goes deep, I tell you that.

DANNY: (Sighs) Kehl, we can ... (Sighs again) ... probably take care of that with Teal'C's staff weapon.

TEAL'C: General Hammond's request was to gather information.

DANNY: Well, he also said we should ... "Dig a little deeper." (MWAHAHA! Way to take Hammond literally, Danny! ;))

Teal'C cocks his head.

KEHL: There's a jug of my best sweet water in it for ya if ya manage.

He leaves, and Danny gets on his knees and does the archeologist thing, moving dirt around.

TEAL'C: Have you discovered something, DanielJackson?

DANNY: Oh, God! I hope not! (But he KNOWS he did! ;)) (Quietly) Probably, though.

MELLON: Our position is straightforward. (Jack looks bored, scratching his head ;)) You have discovered the means to travel between Stargates throughout the galaxy ... several hundred worlds, I'm told?

JOE: Yes.

MELLON: And you seek technologies for the purposes of defense against hostile races you have encountered on these travels?

JOE: Yes, we do!

MELLON: We agree in principle to provide you with these defense technologies ... and much more ... in exchange for your full disclosure of this Stargate network.

JOE: ( Sam and Jack share a look) And we also agree ... in principle.

Danny is climbing down the iron ladder that was sticking out of the ground. Teal'C is standing on the ground already at the bottom. Teal'C moves his flashlight around. It's a city.

TEAL'C: An ancient city once stood here.

DANNY: I don't know about ancient, certainly extinct. I'm not one to cough up semantics here, but even if there was a city here just a few hundred years ago ... what happened?!'

MELLON: What is the current population ... of Earth?

JOE: Well, if you can forgive me, I don't know the EXACT number ... uh ... somewhere in the neighborhood of 6 billion.

SAM: Growing at a rate of several million a year.

MELLON: That growth rate is unsustainable.

JOE: We agree.

MELLON: You represent the dominant nation?

JOE: That is a fair assessment.

MELLON: And, so, are you taking military action to curtail this growth?

JOE: No, we respect the sovernty of our neighbors.

MELLON: We are pleased to hear that. The worlds of the Confederation are a partnership of equals.

A loud noise is heard.

BORREN: Do not be alarmed. The harvester is continuing it's normal operations.

MELLON: While you may ... "Respect" ... these neighbors ... you have not yet revealed to them the existence of your Stargate.

JOE: Not to all.

MELLON: Any treaty with the people of Earth ... must be with ALL ... the people of Earth.

Sam and Jack share a look. Joe looks at each of them.

JOE: I think we can agree to that.

DANNY: (He and Teal'C are walking thru the city) The level of technology appears to be similar to early 20th century Earth, I'd say circa 1910.

TEAL'C: There appear to be no sign of a battle, DanielJackson.

DANNY: I can tell you that barring natural disaster, you know it takes the forces of nature several centuries to bury a city ... this place just looks like it's been ... plowed over recently.

TEAL'C: Perhaps to create farmland.

DANNY: Maybe the Voliens have their version of a leg movement. Whoever did this, either the Voliens or Ashen, probably did it long after the city was already abandoned.

TEAL'C: There are no human remains.

DANNY: Exactly. So, the question is ... "Why?" Looks like the public building just kinda go into the ground.

TEAL'C: (Watching Danny walk up some steps preparing to go into the building) It may be extremely dangerous.

DANNY: (Standing at the door) Yes, it may. (Turns, flashing light on Teal'C's face) I'm gonna go inside ... take a look around.

Teal'C follows him.

HAMMOND: (Talking to team leaders, one looks like Stan, the negotiator, I'm not sure.) Several months ago, we received a message thru the Stargate, that simply stated: " Under no circumstances, go to P4C-970.

STAN????: The one from the future?

HAMMOND: That's the theory, Major. We don't know the circumstances in which it was written, only that the signature and the blood found on the note match Colonel O'Neill's. We just determined that the race of people we're negotiating with, The Ashen, may be from one of these 4 planets.

MAJOR (The One I think may be Stan): And the only way to rule out 970 as the Ashen Homeworld, is to check out the other 3, Sir.

HAMMOND: That's your mission. Have your teams ready to embark once the MALPs have determined you're good to go.

Back to the negotiations ... Joe looks ready to say something.

JACK: Just ... out of curiosity ... what kind of defense technologies are we talking about? Space guns? Force fields? ... Motherships??

MELLON: (Sharing a look with Borren) This is an example of a bio-weapon. (A big purple circle with smaller circles moving around in it.) We can make available to you. A living, radioactive, genetic material that may be designed to attack only the specific DNA of your enemy. (Turns it off) We have a number of efficient delivery systems.

Jack clears his throat Joe's way. <g>

JOE: (Looks at Jack) Well, we'd want efficient assurances ...

MELLON: ... That we'd take military action only against your enemies ... and not your friends ... of course. The question arises ... ' Why have these friends of Earth not yet provided you with the defense technologies that you seek from us? '

SAM: Most of the advanced races that we have befriended have hesitated to share their technologies with us for fear that we will use it to destroy ourselves.

Jack looks at her with an expression that says : "Too much info!" ;) She looks at him with a "WHAT?!" Expression.

MELLON: True friends would endeavor to prevent that. You have changed the way in which we view the universe. Do not underestimate what we offer in return for that gift. We can put an end to disease, double the human lifespan, provide the means to cross entire continents in a single step, much more than simply a means to defend yourself against your enemies. We offer Earth membership within the Ashen Confederation. (The three humans share looks)

DAVIS: (After the gate is shown dialing) Chevron 1 encoded ...

MAN: (Faintly heard over intercom) Hammond, Line 1.

HAMMOND: (Grabbing phone on side of console) (Faint over noise of gate) This is Hammond. Yes, Sir. We've just ...

DAVIS: Chevron 2 encoded.

HAMMOND: May I ask why?! (A second later) Understood. (Hangs up) (To Davis) Sergeant, abort the dialing sequence.

DAVIS: Yes, Sir. Aborting dialing sequence.

HAMMOND: SG-15, your recon mission has be scrubbed till further notice ... you may stand down.

DAVIS: Sir? What's going on?

HAMMOND: That's what I aim to find out.

Daniel and Teal'C are seen running thru the building. Rocks are heard falling.

TEAL'C: It would not be wise to attempt that again, DanielJackson!

DANNY: (With a cylinder) OK. Now, if I'm right, (Opening cylinder) These are newspapers ...

TEAL'C: It seems to be faint pictures.

DANNY: Yes, and hopefully they'll say 1,000 words ... it seems to be similar to ancient Celtic text I found in Wales. I should be able to make some of this out. (Teal'C looks up nervously as more of the building appears to crumble) We need to go thru all of these, we're looking for a big headline.

TEAL'C: This cavern may be unstable. I believe it would be best if we returned to the surface.

DANNY: I don't think so ... if this doesn't serve our purpose, we'll have to take another look around. If the Ashen really do have something to hide, I don't think we're gonna get a second chance.

MELLON: Colonel ... you seem pensive.

JACK: No, I was just thinking. You're offering a lot more than we asked for.

MELLON: Our motives are not selfless. Perhaps you offer more than you give yourself credit for.

SAM: Access to the Stargate network?

MELLON: And a promise of much more, Major Carter. An introduction to the advanced races that you have befriended just as the Volien have introduced you to us. Your ways and culture will enrich ours. The Ashen are not the natural explorers that you so obviously are. Fortified by our technology, you can continue your exploration ... share with us what you've learned.

JOE: (Long sigh) You understand, I have to present your offer to our leaders?

MELLON: You'll find we are a very patient people, Ambassador. (Joe nods, Borren rises) In the meantime, I will also confer with MY leadership, and recommend to them the immediate commencement of trade between our worlds. (They all rise) I look forward to our future together.

JOE: So do I.

JACK: (Skeptical) Well, that was ... easy ...

JOE: This was just the first stage. If you thought this was easy, believe me, you won't feel that way when we're done.

JACK: Am I the only one who has a BAD feeling about this?

JOE: (Sam raises her eyebrows) Yes. (Leaves)

JACK: (Whispers) Just checkin'.

DANNY: Here's something. The headline says something about "Pandemic", some sort of ... I can't translate that ... maybe "Fever". Now, assuming the Ashen are the newcomers in this article, they provided a ... can't translate that word ... I don't know ... appears to be some sort of ... "Vaccine". And the Volien people were immensely grateful.

TEAL'C: What serves to prove the Ashen people are honorable?

DANNY: Actually, all it proves is that the city was abandoned sometime after they made contact with the Ashen. Cities are usually abandoned when civilizations fall.

TEAL'C: Perhaps they relocated elsewhere within the Ashen Confederation.

DANNY: I just don't like the sound of that either ... Kehl said he'd never been anywhere else.

TEAL'C: This city has been abandoned for many years.

DANNY: Yes, but. Long enough for Kehl to have absolutely NO idea it was ever here?

HAMMOND: Welcome back. As per your instructions, Ambassador, an Air Force Jet is standing by at Peterson to take you back to Washington just as soon as you're cleared by our doctors.

JOE: Thank you, General. (Looks at Sam and Jack) History will remember your contribution to this.

JACK: "O'Neill!" (Holds up 2 fingers) 2 L's.

JOE: (Chuckles) And Major, next time I'm in the neighborhood, I know a restaurant that beats your Mess hands down.

SAM: (Smiles) I'd like that.

JACK: (Smiles at Joe, Sam, then Hammond) Well, General. I think it might be time to reconsider this retirement thing.

HAMMOND: Not yet, Colonel. Come with me. (The look at each other, then follow Hammond) (At the star map, P4C-970 is shown) The President doesn't want to risk such a potentially rewarding alliance on the bases of a note that may or may not have be a warning from the future.

JACK: I knew that thing was gonna come back to haunt me.

SAM: General, to confirm the Ashen are from a world other than 970 is only prudent.

HAMMOND: And if we encounter the Ashen on one of those other worlds?

SAM: They wouldn't be too happy about it.

HAMMOND: It could jeopardize the treaty.

JACK: Send a probe!

HAMMOND: For all we know, sending a Probe is what caused the problem you were trying to avoid by sending the note.

JACK: Well, technically, I haven't sent it yet. If I get a chance again, I'm sure gonna fill it with a lot more detail.

SAM: We you were probably trying to limit the causality violation by keeping it simple.

JACK: (Looking at her, smiling, rather sarcastically) I wonder whose Idea THAT was. (Grins) (She looks away grinning.) Sir, you know me! I wouldn't have sent the note without a damn good reason! The President should know that!

HAMMOND: He's under a lot of pressure to present a concrete benefit of the Stargate program before the next election.

JACK: (Groaning) Ooohhh ... here we go!

HAMMOND: (Sam scoffs) The bottom line is, he wants us out of it. From now on, this treaty is a State matter.

SAM: Well, what did Daniel and Teal'C find out?

HAMMOND: They haven't returned yet. (Jack looks worried)

DANNY: The Ashen vaccine had a side effect. I don't know what. Well, if the Ashen wrote about it, I know it's big news around here.

TEAL'C: How would you know this DanielJackson?

DANNY: Well, it's in big, black letters ... "Ashen Vaccine Causes ... something ... " I don't know what it is, but I don't think it's a good thing.

TEAL'C: These picture appear to be much like those we saw of people celebrating.

DANNY: Ah ... I don't think they're celebrating ... I think they're rioting.

JACK: (Over radio) Daniel? Teal'C?

DANNY: (Into radio) We're in an underground cavern. The Ashen know we're down here?

JACK: (He and Sam are walking in a field) Negative. Kehl said you were digging a hole around here?

DANNY: (Quietly) Yeah. (Louder) Um ... stay put. We'll come meet you.

JACK: (He and Sam stop walking in the field, he looks around) Boy, when they dig a hole ...

SAM: (Into radio) Daniel, where exactly ARE you?

DANNY: We're in the ... buried ruins of the Volien Union's Capital City. (Teal'C cocks his head toward Danny) By all accounts, a thriving Metropolis, I guess ... I think, until the Ashen wiped them out.

DANNY: (In the briefing room) OK, here's what we know ... around 200 years ago, the Volien were a thriving Urban civilization approximating turn of the century North America in terms of technology.

SAM: That wasn't very long ago.

DANNY: No, it wasn't.

HAMMOND: What happened to them?

DANNY: Well, all we know is that there was a flu pandemic similar to the one on Earth in 1918, that killed over 20 million people. Now, THAT ... is when the Ashen came.

JACK: Thru the Stargate?

DANNY: Actually in ships. You See? The Volien gate wasn't discover until years later. The befriended the Voliens, offered them a vaccine for their epidemic, and saved their world. Now, by all accounts, the Ashen were heroes to the Volien, and the friendship lasted for years. But, then, something happened.

JACK: What?

DANNY: I don't know.

TEAL'C: We found no evidence of a battle.

DANNY: I found one clue ... here. (Points to the newspaper clipping up on the projector) Uh ... this word loosely translates as Medicine/vaccine/drug ... from the newcomers, followed by causes, followed by ... some word I can't translate. Now, this was the LATEST issue of the paper we could find, which most likely indicates the paper shut down or WAS shut down the very next day.

SAM: (Brainstorming) Vaccine causes ... what?!

DANNY: I don't know. But it caused something cause in the span of 200 years, the Voliens went from an urban civilization of millions to an Agrarian civilization of thousands AFTER they were 'Saved' by the Ashen.

SAM: General, you have to speak to the President.

HAMMOND: I just tried. He's being briefed by the Ambassador, and won't take my calls.

JACK: General, I never did cash in on that open invitation to visit the White House. Remember? Last time we saved the world?

A stretch Limousine is shown on a road approaching the Capital Building. Jack, looking OH! So yummy in dress blues is in the car. ;)

JACK: Driver? (Driver looks in rear-view mirror) Pennsylvania Avenue is that way. (Points in the back)

DRIVER: We're picking up another passenger, Sir.

The car stops, and the door opens. Jack rolls his eyes as Senator Kinsley sits down.

KINSEY: (Sarcastically) Colonel Starsky! Or is it "Hutch?" I could never remember which one you are.

JACK: Kinsey! What the hell are you doing here?

KINSEY: I know this is a little more upscale than you're used to ... but I wanted a comfortable place to talk. (He helps himself to the bar, probably a cognac. ;)) Uh ... drink?

JACK: I have an appointment.

KINSEY: No ... you don't. (Takes a sip) You should have heard the President when he heard you were coming to change his mind, man, oh, man, he can be cool.

JACK: The treaty's a mistake.

KINSEY: You were the one who recommended it in the first place.

JACK: (Pointed) I was WRONG!

KINSEY: Hell, this was worth it just to hear THAT! Let me tell you what it comes down to, Colonel. Those of us who have actually been voted into office would like the opportunity to make the damn decisions about the governments we make treaties with.

JACK: You don't have all the information!

KINSEY: I know all about the note.

JACK: Which is why you should take it seriously.

KINSEY: We've got these experts who know these things. And they tell me that he ink on your note was a new, biodegradable something or other that hasn't QUITE been invented yet.

JACK: (Rolls eyes) What's your point?

KINSEY: What's the future really like, Colonel. You can tell me.

JACK: As far as I know, it hasn't happened yet.

KINSEY: But it has for you. Hell, you've been back in time, forward in time ... you've seen it all. I just wonder how things turn out. You know ... without you being a hero anymore.

JACK: This has nothing to do with me.

KINSEY: And I wonder how far you'd go in stopping me from becoming President of the United States.

JACK: You think this is about YOU?! (Kinsley just looks at him) Oh, of all the self-centered, egotistical ...

KINSEY: "Egotistical" ?! YOU'RE the one who can't stop playing *GOD* with our future! (Jack rolls his eyes) The minute we try to make a DEAL for Alien Technology, YOU decide that they're the wrong KIND of Aliens. Even our Current President's begun to see the Pattern, and Boy, he used to LOVE you! Rest assured, we know all about the 70% probabilities, the 1 in 4 chances ...

JACK: Kinsey, You're in WAY over your head!

KINSEY: Am I? This is really a Political Matter, Colonel, which will require bi-lateral approval, and that's why the President put *ME* ... in charge of the next stage of negotiations. (Into phone) Driver, Stop at the Athletic Club, please. (To Jack) Oh, you'll get your invitation to the White House soon enough, Colonel ... just not tonight. ( To Driver) Uh, Jonathan, when we get to the Athletic Club, I'll step out. You go on and take our guest ... back to Andrew's. (Holds up his drink to salute him before drinking some)

Back at the Base, Jack is looking out at the gate.

HAMMOND: Apparently, we have agreed to make a token gesture of our good faith. Ambassador Faxon will deliver it personally, and return with an Ashen Delegation to meet Senator Kinsey.

SAM: We're actually going ahead with this?

HAMMOND: I'm told we're proceeding with caution.

DANNY: What are we offering?

HAMMOND: A number of gate coordinates.

JACK: (Sarcastically, to himself) There goes the neighborhood.

HAMMOND: Ambassador Faxon has asked that Colonel O'Neill and Major Carter accompany him again.

JACK: I thought we were out of it?

HAMMOND: (Danny's shown, having a light bulb moments, takes a notebook and pencil, and writes on the paper.) Apparently, he's insisted. Senator Kinsey's agreed, but only to Major Carter, which presents us with a window of opportunity.

SAM: What can I do?

HAMMOND: Force their hand somehow.

TEAL'C: If we accuse them directly, they may simply lie.

DANNY: (Shown sitting next to Teal'C, copying from the newspaper) We may not have to. (Looks at the paper) I have an idea. (Hands the paper to Sam)

HAMMOND: (She takes the paper, and looks at Danny, worried) Major, I can't ORDER you to do this.

SAM: I know, Sir ... when do we leave?

In the gate room, the gate is noisily dialing. Kinsey is standing behind Davis grinning.

DAVIS: Chevron 1 encoded.

KINSEY: Historic day, General.

HAMMOND: Let's hope so. Senator.

KINSEY: I was referring to your retirement. (Leaves)

DAVIS: Chevron 2 encoded.

Joe, dressed in a suit, walks in the embarkation room. Sam walks up to him.

JOE: (Jokingly) Major? Is that what you're wearing?

SAM: (Looks back at Hammond, who nods) (To Joe) (Quietly, and seriously) (Barely audible over gate noise) Sir, I have a lot to tell you and not a lot of time to do it, so please, listen carefully.

JOE: (Seriously) All right.

The harvester is shown, then they are shown being transported up into the hull.

JOE: Mellon, Borren ...

MELLON: Ambassador, Major Carter ...

BORREN: Colonel O'Neill has not accompanied you?

JOE: His duties require him elsewhere. Of course, it is my pleasure to offer a gesture of our own ... coordinates and Stargate symbols to several new world.

MELLON: (The coordinates are in a laptop) (Confused) It ... is ... our ... honor to ... receive such a gift.

Joe bows, and smiles. Borren looks at the laptop, confused. Mellon is turning the computer around trying to figure out what the hell it is. ;)

SAM: (Noting their confusion) Oh, let me ... the coordinates are on a hard drive in the laptop. (She takes it, and puts it on the table) It'll just take a moment to display.

She opens it, and types something. Mellon is shown looking at it, the words "Loading" with the line goes across the screen. (We've all seen it, right?! ;))

JOE: Our leaders would also like to extend an invitation to Earth ... to formalize our treaty.

MELLON: All in time. (The coordinates are shown flashing across the screen.)

SAM: By the way, Borren, could you read this aloud for me? (Takes out the paper) I couldn't quite translate it.

BORREN: Of course ... (Takes the paper) "Sterility".

Mellon, hearing the word, looks up from the computer, to Sam and Joe. Borren looks confused.

SAM: We knew what you were planning, Mellon, this just confirms it.

BORREN: What are you talking about?

SAM: "Vaccine causes Sterility" ... that was the headline. (Borren looks at Mellon) You wiped out most of the Volien population, and turned their entire world into farmland. You'll do the same to Earth.

MELLON: Lock them in here, we have a treaty to conclude.

SAM: If we don't come back alive, the treaty is off!

MELLON: Well, that'll be your loss ... we have what we wanted.

SAM: (Watches them leave, turns to Joe) I'm sorry.

JOE: What do you think they'll do?

SAM: I don't know.

JOE: O'Neill sent the note to prevent this from happening. (Sam looks away) We were so sure.

SAM: (Grabs his arm) Listen ... (Sounds of gate activating) They're opening the Stargate! (They run out to the balcony. The harvester is shown over the gate.) They're dialing Earth! (A loud noise is heard, they look down)

JOE: What is that?!

SAM: (Steps away from the edge) I don't know. (Starts removing her gear from her back) But we gotta find out. (He helps her take off her backpack.) When I get to the bottom ... (She's tying up a rope on the railing) follow me down. We'll only have a few seconds over the gate.

JOE: What?!

SAM: (She climbs up over the railing) Just do what I tell you, when I tell you. (He's helping her with the rope) Trust me.

JOE: Ok.

Joe helps her get over, and she starts lowering herself. He watches as she slowly makes her way down. He hears a noise, and turns to see Borren.

BORREN: Where's Major Carter?!

Sam is shown as the gate opens, nearly touching her body. Joe looks back down at her, then turns toward Borren. He charges, and tackles the Ashen. (Eat your heart out, The Rock! ;)) Sam sends the signal to keep the iris open.

SAM: (Yelling) AMBASSADOR!!!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She looks up to the railing where he previously was, then down to the open gate, then back up to the railing, her attention is diverted by the biological weapon she was shown earlier being lowered over the gate. Her eyes widen.

JOE: (Yelling From the railing) GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She looks up into his eyes, and he nods his head in confirmation. She has a look of angst. She sees him being hauled back by Borren. She looks down at the gate, then cuts her cord, making a freefall ON HER BACK thru the gate. Traveler's view is shown going thru the gate. She is shown FLYING thru the gate, landing on her BACK on the ramp, and doing a couple of flips, landing at the bottom of the ramp, laying across the steps, holding her arm.

SAM: (Yelling) CLOSE THE IRIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The iris closes, and a thump is heard. A medic runs to help Sam, as Kinsey walks in.

KINSEY: (To Jack) WHAT in God's name is going on here?!

SAM: (In pain) When they knew we were on to them, they launched a bio-weapon.

KINSEY: (Looking at Jack) COLONEL!

SAM: I had to warn you, I couldn't wait for the ambassador. I'm sorry, Sir.

KINSEY: Colonel! I asked you a question!

JACK: (Ignoring the Senator) You did good, Major.

SAM : Thank you, Sir.

HAMMOND: Let's get her to the infirmary NOW!

KINSEY: COLONEL! (Jack grins) I swear, O'Neill. There's gonna be an investigation into this. (Leaves)

JACK: That'd be fine! (Hammond grins) "O'Neill" 2 L's! (Holding up 3 fingers)

DANNY: I guess we dodged the bullet there, huh?

TEAL'C: Senator Kinsley seem most displeased. (Teal'C looks amused)

JACK: Yeah, that's a crying shame, isn't it? (Hammond laughs to himself)

DANNY: I just hope we don't regret giving them those gate addresses.

JACK: I don't think we will ... the first one being a black hole and all ... they get progressively darker from there. (To Sam, still being stabilized) Carter? You all right?

She smiles and nods.



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