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Proving Ground


Scene: Outside somewhere. Jack, Teal'c and another team in SG
uniforms are approaching a building. They are rookies, Elliot, Haley,
Grogan and Satterfield.

ELLIOT: Sir? If you don't mind, I've got a couple of questions.

O'NEILL: Talk fast.

ELLIOT: Well, do you have any idea how the Goa'uld escaped from the SGC?

O'NEILL: None whatsoever.

ELLIOT: What about weapons? Do we know what we might be facing in there?

O'NEILL: Not a clue. Anything else?

ELLIOT: Sorry, Sir. Just trying to assess the situation.

O'NEILL: Two of my team members were chasing a Goa'uld. They've been missing four hours. That's the situation.

They run alongside a wire fence.

TEAL'C: This building was the last known location of Major Carter and Daniel Jackson.

O'NEILL: All right, Elliot. Have your team secure the perimeter. Keep a channel open. Teal'c, you're with me.

ELLIOT: Sir! We're not going in with you?

O'NEILL: Have your team secure the perimeter. Do you understand the order?

ELLIOTT: Yes, sir.

O'NEILL: Then do it, Lieutenant.

Jack and Teal'c move off.

ELLIOT: Grogan, Satterfield. Swing around and cover the other side of the building.

GROGAN: Yes sir.

ELLIOT: Haley, you're with me.

They move towards the building and hear zat fire.

ELLIOT: Hold position.

GROGAN: They're taking fire.

ELLIOT: Grogan, stay where you are. I mean it.

O'NEILL: (Over radio) Backup. Elliot, get off the channel. I say again, we need backup.

ELLIOT: Okay, move in. Move in.

They move in to the building.

They enter a room and Elliot raises his weapon.

ELLIOT: Drop your weapon, Major!

We see Sam holding a zat gun on Daniel who has a gun trained on her. Teal'c and Jack are lying on the floor incapacitated.

CARTER: Daniel's become a goa'uld. (In Goa'uld voice)

DANIEL: She's the Goa'uld. Listen to her voice.

ELLIOT: Major, drop that weapon!

CARTER: I'm Tok'ra. Now listen carefully. Daniel has become a Goa'uld, we need to get him back to the SGC. (Goa'uld voice)

DANIEL: Lieutenant, she's already shot me once with that thing, if she shoots me again.

ELLIOT: Drop it Major!

There's a standoff. Grogan then shoots Sam and we see they are carrying intars.

ELLIOT: Grogan. What the hell was that?

GROGAN: She was going to shoot Dr Jackson, Lieutenant. Two shots from a zat kills.

DANIEL: That's true but you're wrong about one thing. (Switches to Goa'uld voice) She's the Tok'ra, I'm the Goa'uld.

Daniel then shoots them all and looks around. Everyone starts to get up.

O'NEILL: Oookkkay. We're all dead and there's an armed Goa'uld on the loose. I got a problem with that. Anybody else got a problem with that? Think it over. Report to the ready line in twenty minutes. Dismissed. Move!

DANIEL: Aren't you being a little hard on them? (Still in Goa'uld voice)

O'NEILL: Would you turn that thing off?

DANIEL: Sorry. (Still in Goa'uld voice)

O'NEILL: And no, I wasn't being too hard on them.

Jack walks off.


Scene: Warehouse

The rookies are lined up in front of Jack and Sam.

O'NEILL: You hesitated Lieutenant.

ELLIOT: I was assessing the situation, sir.

O'NEILL: Okay, we all ended up dead. Assess that.

ELLIOT: I stopped to argue with Grogan and lost control of the situation.

O'NEILL: And that wasn't even your first mistake. (Jack points at Satterfield) What's your excuse?

SATTERFIELD: I didn't believe Dr Jackson was a Goa'uld.

CARTER: Why not, Satterfield?

SATTERFIELD: I don't know, ma'am. That was just my instinct.

HALEY: She thinks he's cute.

CARTER: You let your personal feelings for the host, in this case Dr Jackson and myself, get in the way of what needed to be done.

SATTERFIELD: Yes, ma'am.

CARTER: Haley?

HALEY: I was awaiting Lieutenant Elliot's order, ma'am.

CARTER: To do what?

HALEY: Shoot 'em both. If you don't know who's Goa'uld and who's Tok'ra, disable them by whatever means necessary and sort it out later.

O' NEILL: Thank you. That was your mistake. It's not always one or the other.

ELLIOT: I understand that Sir. May I ask how you and Teal'c were taken out?

O'NEILL: It was part of the scenario.

ELLIOT: I don't buy that, sir.

O'NEILL: Excuse me?

ELLIOT: You're Special Ops trained, Teal'c is a former First Prime. There's no way you'd allow yourself to be taken out in that situation.

O'NEILL: We were taken by surprise.

ELLIOT: Then you wouldn't have been able to call for backup.

O'NEILL: And that's why you hesitated?

ELLIOT: Yes, Sir.

O'NEILL: Okay, so one of your team members distracted you into getting shot by the enemy and you want to poke holes in the training scenario?

ELLIOT: It wasn't a fair test.

O'NEILL: There's such a thing as overthinking a situation, Lieutenant. When you're dealing with what we deal with, you've got to think on your feet and think fast. These and other cliches will be available to you all for one more day of training with me. After that, you'll either be assigned to an SG team or not. Dismissed.

They leave. Sam walks over to Jack.

CARTER: You realise he's right about the scenario, sir.

O'NEILL: Yeah, we'll have to fix that for next time. See you at the garage.

Jack walks off.

CARTER: Sir. Good luck with them.

Scene: Outside the warehouse.

Jack walks out and Elliot is waiting.

ELLIOT: Colonel!

O'NEILL: Something on your mind, Lieutenant?

ELLIOT: I wanted to apologise for the attitude I gave you back there.

O'NEILL: I like people with attitude. In fact, I much prefer them to people who suck up.

ELLIOT: That's not what I was doing, Sir.

O'NEILL: You want my approval? You're a fine officer. The Air Force has already decided that or you wouldn't be here. But not everyone is cut out to go off world.


O'NEILL: You don't decide that.

ELLIOT: What I'm trying to say, sir, is that I feel like I've trained for this program my whole life. I don't intend to let it slip by.

O'NEILL: See that you don't.

Jack walks off.

Scene: The rookies are sitting outside on military looking vehicles.

ELLIOT: Maybe he's just not on our side.

GROGAN: Either that or he just doesn't like you.

HALEY: Oh, but he loves you.

GROGAN: I don't think he likes anybody.

HALEY: You're wrong about that. He'd do anything for his team.

SATTERFIELD: How do you know?

HALEY: I saw him in action. He put his life on the line for us.

GROGAN: Yeah, tell us again Haley. Maybe some detail you left out the last ten times.

HALEY: Hey. Nobody gets assigned to an SG team without the recommendation of an SG team commander. It just so happened to be Colonel O'Neill's turn and I for one, don't have a problem with that.

ELLIOT: Why not?

HALEY: It means if we get chosen, we were chosen by the best.

ELLIOT: What happens if we don't?

HALEY: Then let's all decide, right here, right now. We all make it, together.

ELLIOT: Like the man said, it's not up to us.

HALEY: You're wrong about that too. I'm going for a run. Who's in?


GROGAN: All right.

They walk off.

ELLIOT: Later.

Scene: Commissary

Jack picks up a banana and red jello and walks to a table carrying reports. He walks past Sam at a table.

CARTER: Colonel. I thought you'd have gone home for the night.

Jack sits down with Sam.

O'NEILL: I thought about it. But I wanted to finish up these training reports.

CARTER: What do you think of Lieutenant Elliot?

O'NEILL: He thinks too much which makes him indecisive. He's trying to figure out what I want instead of trusting his instincts.

CARTER: Or, he's very intelligent, recognises the whole point of this training program is to introduce non-terrestrial factors in our approach to a problem and he respects you more than you know.

O'NEILL: You bought his excuse for hesitating, didn't you?

CARTER: Well, he was right. You would never had let it happen. I think he was giving you the benefit of the doubt.

O'NEILL: I think he was tap dancing.

CARTER: Well, you have to admit he's got leadership potential.


CARTER: Grogan. He'll make a fine addition to an SG team one day.

O'NEILL: He'll make a fine target. He's good at getting shot.

Sam laughs.

CARTER: Okay, Satterfield's bright.

O'NEILL: I give her high marks for her high marks. I'd never go into combat with her.

CARTER: Then there's Haley.

O'NEILL: Oh yeah. Four foot nine fightin' machine.

CARTER: Colonel.

O'NEILL: All right. Fine. They're the future of the Air Force, the program, the entire planet. God help us.

CARTER: Try to remember when you were in their shoes.

O'NEILL: I wore boots.

CARTER: Think back to when you were their age.

O'NEILL: I was never their age.

Sam finishes her jello and gets up.

CARTER: Goodnight, Sir.

O'NEILL: What?

Scene: Outside the Warehouse

O'NEILL: Inside that building is a valuable piece of alien technology. Two things stand in your way. Opposing fire and time. The Stargate will only be open for another twelve minutes and it's a half a mile away. Is that clear?

ELLIOT: Yes, Sir.

Jack hits a button on a laptop and barrels and burnt out cars start to burn.

O'NEILL: Conduct yourselves as though this were the real thing. The clock starts now.

Jack hits another button on the laptop and a smoke bomb goes off.

O'NEILL: Move 'em out Lieutenant.

ELLIOT: Sir! Team advance! (Little unsure here)

The team moves out. Around them barrels explode. They move forward and reach the warehouse. They enter and Jack starts shooting at them.

ELLIOT: Take cover! Second level.

They move forward and Jack continues shooting.

GROGAN: Yeah, sure he's on our side.

ELLIOT: Grogan, you're with me. Haley, Satterfield, cover fire.

Elliot and Grogan move forward and Grogan is shot. Elliot pulls him out of the line of fire. Haley and Satterfield join them.

HALEY: He broke contact.

GROGAN: What the hell was that?

SATTERFIELD: Colonel's got his intar on max.

ELLIOT: We gotta keep moving. (To Grogan) Can you get out of here on your own?

GROGAN: Yeah, I think so.

ELLIOT: We've got seven minutes. We'll need three to get to the Gate at a dead run. Let's go.

Elliot, Haley and Satterfield go.

They move through the warehouse.

HALEY: I'm picking up some kind of radiation. Here.

Satterfield finds the controls and lowers a bundle from the ceiling.

ELLIOT: All right, what have we got this time?

He unwraps it and Haley opens it.

SATTERFIELD: Could be some sort of Goa'uld power source.

ELLIOT: Okay, Haley, wrap it up. We don't have a lot of time.

HALEY: Yes, Sir. Whoa! Dammit.


HALEY: Booby trap.

SATTERFIELD: It's counting down in Goa'uld.

ELLIOT: How much time?

SATTERFIELD: Ninety seconds.

HALEY: I can try to disarm it.

ELLIOT: There's not enough time.

HALEY: Well what do you want me to do?

Scene: Outside the warehouse.

Jack is waiting, looking at his watch. The team come out minus Grogan.

O'NEILL: Where is it?

ELLIOT: We couldn't get the device Sir. There was a booby trap.

O'NEILL: Really?

HALEY: Five seconds.

The object explodes in the background.

O'NEILL: Did you try to disarm the device?

ELLIOT: Negative Sir, we only had ninety seconds.

O'NEILL: Ninety seconds? (To Haley) Could you have disabled the device in ninety seconds?

HALEY: I supported Lieutenant Elliot's decision to pull out Sir.

O'NEILL: I don't care if you support him or not. Could you have disarmed the device?

HALEY: Possibly.

ELLIOT: I put the lives of my team members first Sir.

O'NEILL: Really? Where's Grogan?

They look around.

ELLIOT: I ordered him to get out.

O'NEILL: Did you see him get out?


O'NEILL: Grogan was just killed in that explosion.

ELLIOT: He should have been out here by now.

O'NEILL: You left one of your team members behind. That's one thing I will not tolerate, Lieutenant!

Jack's phone starts to ring. He walks away and answers it.

O'NEILL: O'Neill.

SATTERFIELD: Saved by the cell.

Grogan walks up behind them.

GROGAN: Sorry. Colonel shot me again. How we doing?

SATTERFIELD: You were killed in the explosion.

ELLIOT: I washed out.

SATTERFIELD: You don't know that.

HALEY: Guys, something's going on.

O'NEILL: Sierra Golf Niner. Code Foxtrot Alpha Six.

GROGAN: Maybe he's ordering our execution?

ELLIOT: Shut up.

O'NEILL: Confirmed. Foothold Sierra Golf Charlie. Understood. Out.

Jack walks back.

O'NEILL: Training's over.


O'NEILL: I said training's over. Go home until someone from the Air Force contacts you.

ELLIOT: Sir I think we deserve to know.

O'NEILL: Dammit Elliot, what am I going to have to do.

Jack turns around as three vehicles pull up and marines get out. Jack pulls out the intar clip and replaces it with bullets.

O'NEILL: Wait here.

He walks off to the marines.

ELLIOT: He said Sierra Golf Charlie.

GROGAN: Stargate Command.

SATTERFIELD: He also said the word 'foothold'

HALEY: Alien incursion.

GROGAN: Lieutenant?

ELLIOT: Everybody set their intars to maximum.

GROGAN: Those are our guys.

ELLIOT: Do it Grogan.

As they watch Jack suddenly pulls his gun and shoots three of the men. The fourth gets off a shot at Jack before he is taken out.

GROGAN: We have to help him!

ELLIOT: Hold your position.

Jack gets up and they run towards him. Jack has been shot in the side.

O'NEILL: You're all dismissed!

ELLIOT: Colonel, you're injured. Satterfield.

Jack waves her off.

O'NEILL: Stay together as long as you can. Don't trust anybody until I contact you.

ELLIOT: You're injured. You're gonna need help.

O'NEILL: This is not an exercise.

ELLIOT: No Sir. It's a foothold situation, from what we just saw, it's already reached outside the SGC. You need our help.

O'NEILL: Forgive my bluntness, Lieutenant, but I was just about to fail you. I'm not sure I want your help.

ELLIOT: Can't speak to that, Sir, but at the moment, we're all you've got.

O'NEILL: God help me.

Jack walks off and they follow.

Scene: Forest outside the mountain.

Jack and the team reach the same access point Sam used in Foothold to escape the mountain.

ELLIOT: What's our first objective once we make it down?

O'NEILL: Armoury.

ELLIOT: Then what?

O'NEILL: Then we look for Major Carter, if she's still alive. She's the one that got the word out.

Jack lights something to get the hatch open.

GROGAN: What happens if they've changed the access codes?

O'NEILL: Tear gas.

Jack opens a panel and inputs a code. He then opens the hatch and Elliot checks it.

ELLIOT: Clear.

O'NEILL: Lieutenant. Take point. Carter's lab's on sub-level 19.

They climb in.

Scene: Inside the SGC.

The team come in the same door Carter went out in Foothold. They move out weapons raised and we see them on the base security camera.

Scene: Armoury

Jack hands out weapons.

ELLIOT: Sir, I thought we weren't authorised to use lethal force.

O'NEILL: I want you all to have backup. Just in case.

They hear noises and Jack indicates they should move into the armoury.

Teal'c comes into shot with two SF's.

TEAL'C: Major Carter has escaped custody. You will search sublevels 14 through 20 until she is located.

The SF's leave. Teal'c talks into his radio.

TEAL'C: Daniel Jackson. General Hammond has been captured by my forces. And he is the last to be conformed. I have despatched units to locate Major Carter. She will be put to death as you have ordered.

Teal'c walks off.

Scene: Corridor.

The team move down, weapons raised. They come round a corner and shoot the SF on guard with their intars. Elliot takes out his access card and swipes it through the door. They pull him in with them and enter Carter's lab. Jack sits down and Haley goes to the computer.

O'NEILL: Gather up any other weapons you can find and lock 'em up somewhere.

ELLIOT: We could use them.

O'NEILL: Got enough intar rounds to take out everybody in the mountain three times over. Plus your backup weapons.

HALEY: I think I found something.

She brings up the security screens.

O'NEILL: All right. This is a problem.

HALEY: The Gate's active, Sir.

ELLIOT: Can we shut it down from here?

HALEY: Not a chance. The dialling computer's isolated from the base mainframe.

O'NEILL: Then that's our first order of business.

Haley then brings up a camera on Hammond's office. Daniel is sitting in the General's chair.

ELLIOT: Looks like their leader is Dr Jackson.

O'NEILL: I always knew he wanted that office.

On the camera, Daniel then walks into the briefing room and puts his hands over something on the briefing room table. It glows.

ELLIOT: What is that?

O'NEILL: It's not our normal centre piece.

SATTERFIELD: Okay, so he's just possessed by something. We gotta save him. Haley, can you get me a closer view on that?

HALEY: I'll try.

She zooms in and Daniel takes his hands off.

SATTERFIELD: Can't make out the writing.

ELLIOT: Maybe Dr Jackson took photos. Check out his office one level up. Grogan, make sure she gets there. Report when you've got something.

GROGAN: Yes, sir.

ELLIOT: Haley, you and I will shut down the Gate.

O'NEILL: Yep, let's move out.

ELLIOT: Sir. You're in no shape to do this.

O'NEILL: I've been worse.

ELLIOT: We can handle this Sir. You're no good to us if you're dead.

Jack pulls out his access card.

O'NEILL: Stay on channel 12. This'll get you anywhere in the base. (Hands it to Haley) Remember, those are our people out there.

ELLIOT: We'll get 'em back Sir.

O'NEILL: Yeah.

They leave. Jack looks at his wound.

O'NEILL: Damn.

Scene: Another corridor.

Haley and Elliot move down the corridor. The turn a corner and come across some SF's.

ELLIOT: Wrong turn.

They start firing.

Scene: Outside Daniel's office.

Satterfield and Grogan shoot the SF outside. They take his access card and enter, pulling the SF with them.

Scene: Corridor.

Haley and Elliot continue firing.

Scene: Daniel's office.

Satterfield picks up an artefact and looks round.

GROGAN: We're not here on the tour, Satterfield.


She goes to his computer.

Scene: Corridor.

Haley and Elliot have taken out some of the SF's and Haley stops to reload. Another SF comes towards her and she has to shoot him with her backup weapon.

HALEY: I didn't have a choice.

ELLIOT: You did the right thing.

HALEY: I've.. never..

ELLIOT: Haley. Let's get 'em out of sight.

They move him.

Scene: Daniel's office.

Satterfield is still at the computer.

SATTTERFIELD: I've got it. (She thumbs her radio) Lieutenant, Satterfield.

ELLIOT: What have you got?

SATTERFIELD: I've found photos of the device that reveal an obscure dialect SG-1 found on the planet Argos. P3X8596. Rough translation. 'Gift from on high' I think we're looking at a Goa'uld trojan horse.

ELLIOT: Colonel, are you reading this?

O'NEILL: Yeah, I read you. That's enough chatter, huh?

ELLIOT: The Goa'uld Pelops used nanotechnology to rapidly age the people on Argos.

HALEY: Well let's get a blood sample from one of the SF's.

ELLIOT: First we shut down the Gate.

They leave.

Scene: Carter's lab.

The phone rings. Jack answers it.

O'NEILL: O'Neill. Yeah, I got 'em.

Jack goes back to the computer screen and sees Elliot and Haley outside the Gateroom.

O'NEILL: Elliot, get out of there! (Over his radio) That's an order.

ELLIOT: Colonel, we're at the Gateroom.

O'NEILL: Pull back to my position.

ELLIOT: Yes, sir.

Scene: Carter's lab.

All the team is there.

HALEY: Oh my god, this blood is teeming with nanobots. The nanobots must somehow rewire the brain and make people responsive to the suggestions from the alien device that we saw in the briefing room.

SATTERFIELD: So the nanobots work together as some kind of receiver?

ELLIOT: Well that's how they worked on Argos. Right, Colonel?

O'NEILL: I was a hundred years old at the time. The memory's the first to go.

SATTERFIELD: Maybe we can find out how they communicate with the master and shut it down.

HALEY: No, there are no analogue or digital signals being transmitted.

ELLIOT: Then we need to shut down the device in the briefing room.

GROGAN: That level's heavily guarded.

HALEY: We still need to get control of the Stargate.

ELLIOT: If we take out the briefing room at the same time, you'll have a better chance to get into the Gateroom and lock out the dialling computer.

O'NEILL: That's the plan then. Take corridor C19.


They move out. Jack then gets up, seemingly in no pain and picks up the phone.

O'NEILL: They're on their way.

Scene: Corridor

The team moves down the corridor and suddenly Sam walks round the corner.

ELLIOT: Major Carter.

CARTER: What are you doing here?

ELLIOT: Just helping out, Ma'am. Satterfield, check the Major for weapons.

GROGAN: She was captured by the aliens, sir. We can't trust her.

CARTER: I escaped. Where's Colonel O'Neill?

ELLIOT: We'll take you to him.

SATTERFIELD: She's clear.

ELLIOT: This way please.

The team follows Sam down the hall.

Scene: Carter's lab.

Jack is untying the SF just as the door opens.

ELLIOT: Colonel.

O'NEILL: I was about to interrogate the prisoner.

ELLIOT: No. You weren't.

Elliot then shoots the SF.

ELLIOT: Step away from the prisoner please Colonel.

Sam then grabs Satterfield's backup weapon and pulls it on Jack.

CARTER: Colonel O'Neill's obviously been compromised. I'll take it from here.

O'NEILL: Lieutenant, you've only been gone for two minutes, there's no way in that time..

CARTER: You saw what he was doing.

ELLIOT: Why d'you pull us out of the Gateroom, sir?

O'NEILL: It was an ambush, a trap.

ELLIOT: I don't buy it Sir.

O'NEILL: Look, I am your commanding officer=85

Elliot shoots Jack.

ELLIOT: Return Satterfield's weapon, please Major. We've got a job to do.

She does so.

CARTER: How did you know you could trust me?

ELLIOT: Haley figured the Goa'uld markers in your blood wouldn't allow you to be influenced by Goa'uld designed nanotechnology.

CARTER: Lucky me.

HALEY: Yes, ma'am.

CARTER: I need to stay here to work on a cure, can you take out the device on your own?

ELLIOT: Yes, ma'am.

CARTER: You'll also need to shut..

ELLIOT: Shut down the Stargate. Yes ma'am, we're on it.

CARTER: Good luck, Lieutenant.

The team moves out. Sam looks down at Jack, who is opening his eyes.

CARTER: Whoops.

Scene: Another corridor.

ELLIOT: Everybody clear on your assignments?


GROGAN: Yes, sir.

ELLIOT: Grogan, just make sure you take out Daniel.

GROGAN: It's done.

Elliot opens another one of those access hatches in the wall and Satterfield checks it. They all get in.

Scene: Carter's lab.

Jack is still on the floor in pain.

O'NEILL: Colonel O'Neill has been compromised?

CARTER: They didn't take corridor C19 like you told them to.

Sam helps Jack to get up.

O'NEILL: Crafty little buggers.

CARTER: At least we pulled it off.

O'NEILL: Yeah. Ow. God!

CARTER: Well, you did order them to set their training weapons to maximum stun, sir.

O'NEILL: Yes, I did. It's only because Daniel's had it so easy on this one. Everybody upstairs?

CARTER: General Hammond and the Pentagon staff are monitoring from the security office on Level 16. Uh, sir, if you don't mind, your wound is getting all over my lab.

O'NEILL: Hmm. Sorry.

Jack walks out and Sam follows.

Scene: Security Office.

Hammond and General Kerrigan from Prodigy are there.

KERRIGAN: Same wager as last time, George?

HAMMOND: Well that's hardly fair. These people are against SG-1.

KERRIGAN: I'll give you double or nothing.

HAMMOND: Well, in that case, how can I refuse?

KERRIGAN: You never could. So how's the pilot training program coming along so far? Latest batch of graduates working out?

HAMMOND: We believe they're fairing better than new team members in the past.

KERRIGAN: Makes sense. Up until this point, we've only been training our people to defend this country. Now that we're in the business of defending the planet.

HAMMOND: That's exactly right. In fact in next year's SGC budget, I'm proposing an off world training facility.

KERRIGAN: Must drive everyone a little crazy tying up several floors of the SGC every few months to run these scenarios.

HAMMOND: My people are happy to co- operate. Elliot certainly seems confident.

KERRIGAN: Top of his class in the Academy. You should have seen his face when I told him about the special training he'd been hand picked for.

HAMMOND: I can imagine. They should be emerging from the access shaft on sub level 27.

KERRIGAN: Looks like they've split up, George. Grogan just came out on sub level 26.

HAMMOND: Apparently, Lieutenant Elliot is planning on assaulting the briefing room from several points of access.

Jack and Sam walk in.

O'NEILL: General. Generals.

HAMMOND: What do you think of their strategy so far Colonel?

O'NEILL: Oh it's hard to say. But I think he knows it's a test.

HAMMOND: How's that?

O'NEILL: Well I pulled them out of the Gateroom just as SG3 was coming back. What's with those Marines anyway? Don't they know we've got a scenario playing out here?

HAMMOND: They were under heavy fire from a Goa'uld, Colonel.

O'NEILL: Well, if he knows it's an exercise, he won't show it. However he did appear to enjoy shooting me.

KERRIGAN: In light of SG3's emergency, maybe we should call off the exercise?

HAMMOND: I don't think so, General. They all made it back. Besides, Elliot's team is almost ready to launch their attack on Dr Jackson.

Scene: Hammond's Office

Daniel is sat in Hammond's chair reading a report and Teal'c is sitting opposite him looking in a magnifying glass.

DANIEL: You know, I have to tell you, I like this scenario way better than the last one. Have you ever tried this chair, this is like, really comfortable.

TEAL'C: Indeed I have not.

The phone rings.

DANIEL: Hello.

O'NEILL: Have fun Daniel.

DANIEL: Yeah, you did tell them to take me prisoner this time and not shoot me, right? Right?

Jack just puts the phone down.

DANIEL: Hello?

There is gunfire in the background. Daniel and Teal'c get up and go into the briefing room. Elliot comes up the stairs from the control room and takes out an SF. Grogan comes down the other stairs and takes out another one. Daniel zats Grogan.


Satterfield shoots Daniel. Elliot then shoots Teal'c.


Elliot throws some C4 to Satterfield.

ELLIOT: Rig the charge, I'll get Grogan out of here.

She starts to rig the charge.

ELLIOT: Come on, let's go.

Elliot picks up Grogan.


ELLIOT: Had to hurt a little.

GROGAN: Did we pull it off?

ELLIOT: Almost.

Satterfield shuts the door behind them.

SATTERFIELD: Fifteen seconds.

Satterfield suddenly gets up and runs into Hammond's office.

ELLIOT: Satterfield!

She grabs Daniel and moves him away from the door.


They cover their ears and the timer hits zero. Nothing happens.

ELLIOT: Did you...?

SATTERFIELD: I set it. Something's wrong.

They get up and go to the door to the briefing room. They enter to see Sam, Jack, Hammond, Teal'c and Daniel waiting for them. Jack is waving the block of C4.

O'NEILL: Modelling clay doesn't pack much of a punch does it?

HAMMOND: We've been watching your every move since your arrival, Lieutenant. Welcome to Stargate Command.

ELLIOT: Yes, Sir.

O'NEILL: You may have noticed I lied a little bit about the foothold situation.

SATTERFIELD: But you were shot?

O'NEILL: So it appeared.

ELLIOT: Haley killed an SF.

CARTER: The SF's you were fighting were using blank cartridges, same as your back up weapons.

GROGAN: Then you staged the whole thing when you shot that General back at the training complex?


CARTER: It was important for us to know how you'd react in a real life situation before you encountered one like it offworld.

O'NEILL: You weren't a little bit suspicious, Lieutenant?

ELLIOT: No Sir. How did we do?

HAMMOND: The entire exercise was recorded Lieutenant and will be properly reviewed before making a final assessment. But I'm sure you did very well.

GROGAN: We kicked ass!

O'NEILL: You got yourself shot again, Grogan. Don't be so cocky.

Daniel nudges Satterfield.

DANIEL: Yeah, thanks for the rescue by the way.

CARTER: Where's Lieutenant Haley?

ELLIOT: (over radio) Haley, report. Haley. (to others) She must still be in the Gateroom.

TANNOY: Unscheduled offworld activation.

Everyone goes to the briefing room window. Sam grabs Grogan's radio.

CARTER: Haley, evacuate the Gateroom.

The Gate activates. Haley is caught in some sparks from the panel she is working on and collapses. Everyone moves down to the Control Room.

Scene: Control Room

Sam goes to a computer.

CARTER: Sir, I can't close the iris. There's radiation coming through the Stargate. Sir, you have to order an evacuation of this level.

HAMMOND: This is Hammond. All personnel evacuate Level 28 immediately. This is not a drill, I repeat this is not a drill.

ELLIOT: What about Haley?

Jack looks at his watch.

O'NEILL: She's already dead.

Scene: Gateroom

Haley is lying unconscious on the floor.

Scene: Control Room

GROGAN: What kind of radiation are we talking about?

CARTER: Gamma. Probably from the Goa'uld SG3 just barely got away from.

HAMMOND: I like to know why in God's name we were unable to close the iris.

CARTER: In the foothold test scenario, Lieutenant Haley was trying to shut down Gate control. She must have found a way to take our controls off line.

O'NEILL: She's very smart, sir.

HAMMOND: Apparently.

O'NEILL: We should head up to the security office on 16.

CARTER: We can monitor the Gateroom from there.

They leave.

Scene: Elevator

Everyone walks out into the corridor.

CARTER: We never thought she'd get around our command codes, at the moment she did, we came under attack. It's a worst case scenario.

HAMMOND: What are our options?

CARTER: The only way to stop it is to manually close the iris but at these radiation levels it would be suicide.

They walk towards the security office and we see Elliot has sneaked off.

Scene: Security Office

Sam looks for access card.


CARTER: My access card, sir.

Elliot goes back down in the elevator.

Scene: Security office

We see Hammond, Sam, Jack, Grogan and Satterfield enter the security office on one of the cameras. Kerrigan is in there. Sam sits down and pulls up a camera.

CARTER: There he is.

HAMMOND: Lieutenant Elliot, this is General Hammond. If you enter that Gateroom, you're going to be killed by radiation poisoning. Now I'm ordering you..

They see Elliot reach the Gateroom and he looks into the camera before entering.

Scene: Gateroom.

Elliot goes to the sparking panel.

Scene: Security Office

We see Elliot is at the panel.

O'NEILL: He's gonna get it closed.

SATTERFIELD: That much radiation he's already dead, isn't he?

Scene: Gateroom

The iris closes. Elliot goes to Haley.

ELLIOT: (on his radio) Haley's still alive, we need a medical team down here. I say again, Haley needs help in here.

Elliot picks up Haley. The gate shuts down and the blast door open. Jack, Sam, Daniel, Teal'c, Grogan and Satterfield are all in there applauding.

ELLIOT: You've got to be kidding me.

HALEY: You can put me down now, hero.

ELLIOT: You were in on it.

HALEY: How do you think I was able to show you nanobots if they don't really exist?

ELLIOT: I'm gonna kill you.

HALEY: You should have seen what they put me through.

The doors open. Jack and Hammond walk in.

HAMMOND: SG teams require the commitment to go above and beyond the call of duty. You've just demonstrated that, Lieutenant.

ELLIOT: Yes, sir.

HAMMOND: After a few days rest, you're to report back to the SGC, where you will be assigned to SG17 under Major Mansfield.

O'NEILL: If you think I was tough on you.

ELLIOT: What about the rest of the team?

HAMMOND: They will be assigned to SG teams as positions become available down the road. But the first assignment is yours.

ELLIOT: Yes, sir.

HAMMOND: Congratulations, son.

O'NEILL: Good job. Hey, you knew it was a test when you shot me, right?

ELLIOT: Well maybe, suspected.

O'NEILL: And you really think the test is over now?

The alarms go off as they walk past.



Source : Stargate Fusion

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