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Last Stand

Quick reminder: SG1 are trapped in the Tok'ra tunnels while Daniel has been found out by Osiris.

Scene: Yu's quarters.

Osiris pulls out a knife and advances on Daniel.

OSIRIS: What are you doing here?

DANIEL: Me? Right now? Nothing, why? You have something in mind?

OSIRIS: Hmmm. Insolence. Tell me what subversions you are a part of or I will bleed you dry.

She grabs him by the throat and Daniel grabs her hand. He still has the ring on and Osiris then looks confused.

DANIEL: May I help you?

OSIRIS: Who are you?

DANIEL: I am Lord Yu's servant. This is my master's quarters. You must have the wrong room. I've gotten lost a few times myself; these quarters all seem to look the same.

Osiris turns to walk away.

DANIEL: If you don't mind my asking, isn't it forbidden to bring weapons to the summit?

OSIRIS: If you speak of it again, I promise, they will be your last words.

She walks off. Daniel talks into the communicator.

DANIEL: Jacob! You still there?

JACOB: Yeah. What happened?

DANIEL: Ahh, Osiris and I kind of got into a... but the chemical worked.

JACOB: Why didn't you just release the poison? Daniel?

DANIEL: Because I would have killed Sarah. There's gotta be a way we can save her, right? You've taken symbiotes out of the host without killing them before.

JACOB: We'd have to get her out of there first.


JACOB: Daniel. There's a bigger picture here. You have to release the poison. Do it now. You know what's at stake Daniel, no single person's life is more important. Complete your mission.

Scene: Revanna, Tok'ra Tunnels

Sam, Jack, Teal'c and Elliot are looking around at the cave in.

ELLIOT: Crystals.


ELLIOT: The Tok'ra use crystals to form the tunnels.

CARTER: Yeah, we know that.

ELLIOT: And we can use them to make more.

O'NEILL: Where are they?

ELLIOT: The lab.

O'NEILL: All right, you wait here. Teal'c with me.

CARTER: Sir, see if you can find one of those Tok'ra communicators. We may need it.

Scene: Summit room

OSIRIS: Weakness is befalling the System Lords. If this tenuous alliance crumbles it will leave the Goa'uld vulnerable to threats that exist outside this galaxy. We must put aside our differences and individual struggles for power to strengthen the Goa'uld and ensure our supremacy over those who threaten our domination.

Daniel gets the poison out.

YU: You speak of grand principle....

BAAL: But you have no official seat here.

OSIRIS: Then I ask you to officially recognise my status here.

BAAL: What do you offer as support for your claim for position as System Lord?

OSIRIS: Nothing. I am here to represent the vote of another.

YU: Whom do you serve?

OSIRIS: Anubis.


BAAL: You lie!

YU: He is dead!

OSIRIS: That was what you assumed after you attempted to murder him. Was it not enough that he was banished from the System Lords?

YU: Never to be allowed to return!

OSIRIS: That was long ago and only one System Lord remains from that time. He has sent me to ask that you accept him back or place yourselves at his mercy.

Daniel puts the poison away.

Scene: Tok'ra tunnels, Lab

O'NEILL: Bodies are gone.

Teal'c goes to a chest and O'Neill checks out another exit where he sees Jaffa. Teal'c grabs all the crystals.

O'NEILL: We got company.

They take cover and Jack shoots two Jaffa that come in. Teal'c steals one of their staff weapons and they peer round a corner.

JAFFA: Kree.

Jack and Teal'c open fire.

Scene: Summit

Daniel walks into Yu's quarters. He gets out the communicator.

DANIEL: Jacob?

JACOB: Yeah. Are you ready?

DANIEL: Ah. Not exactly.

JACOB: Dammit Daniel.

DANIEL: Look I was gonna do it and then Osiris said she was here representing another Goa'uld named Anubis.

SELMAK: He is dead.

DANIEL: Apparently not. He wants to rejoin the System Lords.

SELMAK: Why now? Where has he been for the last thousand years?

DANIEL: I don't know but we suspected there was a new Goa'uld out there on the rise, we just didn't know which one. Turns out he's not so new.

SELMAK: If it is really Anubis.

DANIEL: Then killing all the System Lords here would just open the door for him to take over completely. You always said yourself; a bunch of warring System Lords is better than one all powerful one so...

SELMAK: You do not understand how bad Anubis is. He was banished by the System Lords because his crimes were unspeakable. Even to the Goa'uld.

DANIEL: Yeah, so. Guess what? Mission's off.

SELMAK: Anubis has not waited this long just to return to the System Lords. There must be more going on.


SELMAK: You must stay and find out what it is. If you can.

Scene: Tok'ra Tunnels

Sam is tending to Elliot/Lantash.

ELLIOT: They should have been back by now.

CARTER: I'm sure they're okay, they'll be back soon. How're you doing?

ELLIOT: It's very strange.

CARTER: I know.

ELLIOT: It's like... I suddenly know everything about someone else's life. Two other people actually. I hear his thoughts every now and then. He's using all his strength to try and save me.

There's noise above.

CARTER: Sounds like they're coming round for another run.

Some more debris falls.

ELLIOT: What a joke.


ELLIOT: I can't believe I'm actually gonna die on my first mission.

CARTER: You're not.

ELLIOT: Come on, Major. Even if this symbiote can fix what's wrong with me, we're never getting out of here.

CARTER: Sure we are. You've read our mission files. We go through the Gate, get into trouble, get out of it, we go home.

ELLIOT: Tell that to Major Mansfield.

CARTER: Okay, forget the pep talk. You knew what you were signing up for.


CARTER: You got this assignment because you were strong, both physically and mentally. Now give the symbiote inside you a chance. He needs you as much as you need him right now. Do not...

More of the ceiling collapses.

Sam looks round to find the exit blocked.

Scene: Zipacna's Ship

A jaffa walks up to Zipacna.

JAFFA: The base has been infiltrated. Many dead Tok'ra were found as well as three humans of the Tau'ri.

ZIPACNA: Allies of the Tok'ra.

JAFFA: A few Tok'ra we captured died before we could extract any information. However, moments ago, six jaffa were found dead outside what we believe to be a lab. Three had obviously been killed by weapons of the Tau'ri.

ZIPACNA: Then there are survivors still free.

JAFFA: It would seem so.

ZIPACNA: What about the chemical weapon?

JAFFA: No evidence of it has been found. The Tok'ra computers were sabotaged before our ground troops arrived.

ZIPACNA: Then find the missing survivors.

JAFFA: The tunnels are extensive my Lord. But we will not fail you.

Scene: Tok'ra tunnels

Sam is trying to move the blockage in the tunnel.

ELLIOT: He loves you Major. That's one of the only reasons he was fighting to live. He just wanted you to know.

CARTER: The symbiote I carried was Martouf's mate. Martouf and I became close friends because of it.

ELLIOT: I'm telling you he loves you. As much as he once loved Jolinar. He regrets what happened, that the host ultimately died. He doesn't want you to feel responsible.

CARTER: It's okay.

ELLIOT: It's getting hard to breathe.

CARTER: Yeah. Hang on.

Scene: Summit

Daniel walks down a corridor and suddenly sees a container with Goa'uld carved into it. He opens it to see symbiotes swimming about inside.

Scene: Tok'ra Tunnels

Sam is still trying to move the rocks.

O'NEILL: (Over radio) Carter. Carter, if you hear me, respond.

CARTER: Sir, we're here. The tunnel collapsed. We're trapped.

O'NEILL: Yeah, we noticed that. Listen, how do we use these crystals to move these walls?

ELLIOT: Each crystal is designed to create a different section of tunnel. Small, square ones will create short straight openings.

CARTER: Sir, use a small square one if you've got it.

O'NEILL: Roger that. (To Teal'c) You got a small square one there?

TEAL'C: There are several of both square and rectangular design.

O'NEILL: Small?

ELLIOT: If they choose the wrong one they could collapse the tunnel in on us.

CARTER: Sir, make sure you use the right crystal, it's perfectly square.

Teal'c holds up a crystal.

O'NEILL: Looks square to me.

Teal'c sticks the crystal into the wall which disintegrates to leave a tunnel.

O'NEILL: Sweet.

Jack and Teal'c walk up to Sam and Elliot.

CARTER: Thank you.

O'NEILL: You bet. Any time.

CARTER: Did you find a Tok'ra communicator?

O'NEILL: No. No, we didn't.

TEAL'C: Many jaffa troops search the tunnels. They will be here soon.

ELLIOT: Use the long rectangle.

Teal'c checks his pocket. He plants a crystal in the wall which disintegrates.

O'NEILL: Nice.

ELLIOT: You should seal the tunnel behind us.

Jack picks up Sam's P90 and Teal'c uses the staff weapon to fire on the ceiling of the tunnel.

Scene: Summit, Yu's quarters

Osiris is talking to Yu. Daniel is doing something in the background.

OSIRIS: Time has taught him humility and respect for the union of the System Lords.

YU: You take me for a fool.

OSIRIS: Please. The Goa'uld have warred with each other since the beginning of time. Anubis has been amassing power so that he may win back your respect. He is also no fool. He knows you would not accept him back without need.

YU: We do not need Anubis!

OSIRIS: Dissent and disbelief previously unseen in the ranks of the jaffa, infiltration and subversion by the Tok'ra and you cannot continue to ignore the threat of the humans on Earth. How many must die, how many dominions must fall and how can we continue to claim to be Gods if we cannot act like them? The Tau'ri cannot be allowed to triumph again and again.

YU: The treaty with the Asgard protect their planet.

OSIRIS: From the System Lords.

YU: Who must enforce the treaty upon all Goa'uld.

OSIRIS: But not from one who's been dead for a thousand years.

YU: What do you propose?

OSIRIS: Accept my vote on behalf of Anubis and before he resumes his position amongst you, he will destroy Earth.

Scene: Tok'ra Tunnels

Teal'c is supporting Elliot while Sam leads.

O'NEILL: How many more of those things do we have?

TEAL'C: Six.

CARTER: We can't stay down here forever, we're out of water.

TEAL'C: The jaffa will not rest until they have found us.

O'NEILL: Why do you say that?

TEAL'C: If their intent was simply to kill the Tok'ra they have weapons that could have destroyed this facility from space. Their attack using ground troops suggests they are looking for something.

CARTER: The poison.

ELLIOT: We can't let them have it. If it comes down to it we'll have to destroy the crystal that contains the formula.

O'NEILL: Come on. They gotta stop looking for us eventually.

TEAL'C: Even if they do stop searching, they will never leave the Stargate unguarded.

O'NEILL: Well, Jacob and Daniel will be back sooner or later.

ELLIOT: The Tok'ra will have broadcast an alert telling them to stay away. They will assume we died along with the other Tok'ra.

O'NEILL: Maybe.

CARTER: Well without any way of communicating with them, how will they find us?

O'NEILL: Let's keep moving.

Scene: Summit, Corridor

Daniel gets the commincator out.

DANIEL: Jacob?

JACOB: Yeah. Go ahead.

DANIEL: They're gonna vote on whether to accept Anubis back. Apparently he has a plan to attack Earth.

JACOB: Did you get any details?

DANIEL: Osiris didn't say. Hey, here's a question for you. Why do you think the Goa'uld are allowing their human slaves to hear everything that's going on?

JACOB: I'm not sure. The truth is, we suspected they were going to kill the slaves when the Summit was done.

DANIEL: And you didn't think that was important enough to tell me?

JACOB: Not considering that you were going to kill all the Goa'ulds.

DANIEL: I'm not doing that any more.

JACOB: True. What's your point?

DANIEL: There's a big vat of live symbiotes here.

JACOB: So they're not planning to kill the slaves after all.

DANIEL: Not by the looks of it.

JACOB: Get to the shield generator and shut it down. I'll get you out of there.

DANIEL: Not yet.

JACOB: Daniel, if you're caught and that poison falls into the wrong hands.

DANIEL: I won't get caught.

Scene: Summit

BAAL: Who among us accepts the return of Anubis to the System Lords?

Baal clasps his hands and nods his head, so does Olokun. Morrigan nods her head, Kali nods, Bastet nods. The other unnamed System Lord does too. Yu shakes his head.

BAAL: The vote need not be unanimous. By a count of six to one, Anubis is awarded the status of System Lord and welcomed back among those that lead the Goa'uld. Osiris will be allowed to vote on his behalf.

OSIRIS: You shall not regret this.

BAAL: May we rule forever.

OLOKUN: There is much to discuss in that regard.

BASTET: But first.

BAAL: Lor kor harek. Sha mel.

The lights go out and something is ringed in. It is the vat of Goa'uld. The System Lords get up. Baal, Osiris then Kali reach in and take one out. The rest of the Goa'uld reach in and we see them bite into the symbiotes and eat them.

Scene: Tok'ra tunnels

Sam is tending to Elliot.

TEAL'C: There does not appear to be any jaffa currently pursuing us.

O'NEILL: Good, we haven't heard the bombers in a while. Let's try the surface.

CARTER: Elliot, can you hear me? How do we use the crystals to tunnel up to the surface?

ELLIOT: Surface?

CARTER: Yeah, we wanna get up there and get some water.

ELLIOT: Diamond.

CARTER: You said the Tok'ra are probably transmitting an alert to warn others away.

ELLIOT: Long range sensors, detect incoming ships, transmit signals to deep space.

CARTER: Could we reprogram one to signal Jacob and Daniel?

ELLIOT: It's possible.

TEAL'C: Where are they?

ELLIOT: Four of them, 25 miles from the Gate, each is due north, south, east and west.

O'NEILL: I figure we're three miles from the Gate.

CARTER: Give or take. Either way, we have to get to one of those sensors.

Teal'c plants the diamond crystal and a tunnel appears.

O'NEILL: Let's go.

Scene: Space station

Daniel and Baal's slave are preparing something.

DANIEL: You knew they were going to eat them?

SLAVE: Yes. They do that every night for as long as the summit continues.

DANIEL: What do you think will happen when this is over, to us, I mean?

SLAVE: That is between you and your master.

DANIEL: Don't you think it is strange that the Goa'uld are letting us see their sacred rituals, hear their most secret conversations?

SLAVE: I have been in the service of my master for 24 years. In that time I have seen and heard many, many things. Have you not?

DANIEL: My master's regular Lotar could not be present. I took his place on short notice.

SLAVE: I see.

DANIEL: May I speak honestly with you?

SLAVE: Have you not been honest prior to now?

DANIEL: Yes, of course. What I mean is, can I trust you that no matter what I say, this conversation will remain between us?

The slave nods.

DANIEL: I believe the Goa'uld are powerful beings, that use humans like us as hosts. I believe they use their power to portray Gods so the masses will follow and serve them.

SLAVE: I agree.

DANIEL: You know this to be true?


DANIEL: And yet you still serve?

SLAVE: As do you.

DANIEL: Yes, but my fear is, when this is over, my master will not wish me to spread the secrets that I have learned and will kill me to prevent it.

SLAVE: You would not be here if your master did not trust you.

DANIEL: True. But what if they do not care what we have seen and heard because when they are done eating the symbiotes they plan to put the leftovers in us?

SLAVE: You should only be so fortunate.

DANIEL: Excuse me?

SLAVE: I have served my master so well for so long in the hope that one day he will grant me the honour of implantation.

DANIEL: The honour?

SLAVE: Yes. Endless pleasure and the power of the Goa'uld. And the chance to one day ascend to the rank of System Lord.

Scene: Summit room

Daniel walks back in with a jug.

BASTET: I lost two motherships in that battle.

OSIRIS: Your strategy was obviously weak.

YU: Your master has exacted tolls from each of us.

OSIRIS: Yet you have all voted to welcome him back into the fold.

BAAL: The power he has regained so quickly is worthy of respect.

OLOKUN: What does he offer now to repay the damage he has done in garnering his forces?

OSIRIS: Anubis owes the System Lords nothing. He joins you for the greater good of all Goa'uld.

BAAL: Anubis may have grown strong but he does not outweigh the collective power of the System Lords. What deed does Anubis offer as evidence of the dedication you claim on his behalf?

YU: Speak now or leave us.

OSIRIS: As I have said before, Anubis believes that the greatest threat to the Goa'uld is that from within. As we meet here, that threat is being greatly weakened. Over the years we have all lost a great deal to the infiltrations, subversions and rebellious acts of the Tok'ra. Today, will be henceforth as known as the day that the blood of the Tok'ra ran free and their rebellion ended for good.

Scene: Revanna, Surface

Sam comes up a bank with some water while Jack and Teal'c make a stretcher for Elliot.

TEAL'C: There are gliders patrolling the area.

O'NEILL: I figure we got twenty, twenty five miles to go in that direction.

CARTER: With this terrain, I figure we can make a mile every fifteen minutes. That should hopefully put us at the sensors in under nine hours.

Scene: Space station, Corridor

Daniel stops a slave.

DANIEL: Excuse me. I wish to pass on a message from my master Yu to Osiris. He wishes to meet.

The slave leaves.

Scene: Jacob's ship.

Daniel's voice comes over the communicator.

DANIEL: Jacob?

JACOB: What the hell's going on Daniel?

DANIEL: Anubis knows the location of the Tok'ra base. Osiris says he's attacking right now.

JACOB: Get to the shield Daniel, shut it down. I'm coming in.

DANIEL: Forget that, I have a new plan.

JACOB: What are you doing?

DANIEL: I'm stealing Yu's cargo ship. I can fly out from inside the shield without shutting it down, right?

JACOB: Yes, why?

DANIEL: Cos I'm taking Osiris with me.

JACOB: Do you have her now?

DANIEL: No, but I'm working on it.

JACOB: Daniel, the chemical weapon you're carrying could be the only way we can stop the attack on Revanna.

DANIEL: Yeah, and Osiris could eventually lead us to Anubis. And you and your buddies can do your best to take the snake out and save Sarah, right?

JACOB: How are you gonna fly that ship?

DANIEL: Well I've flown a mothership. How hard can this be?

Scene: Space station corridor.

Baal's slave comes across Yu.

YU: Where is my Lotar, Jarren?

SLAVE: I have not seen him your Lordship.

Yu walks off.

SLAVE: My Lord? Forgive me. While you know I faithfully serve my master Baal, and therefore hear whatever I say with certain suspicion. I believe it is my duty to tell you that your new Lotar cannot be trusted.

Yu walks off.

Scene: Yu's cargo ship

Osiris walks in and pulls out her knife. She walks into the cargo hold and Daniel runs in to close the doors.


The doors close and Daniel walks backwards only to be sent flying by Yu. Yu opens the doors and is stabbed by Osiris. Daniel tries to run only to be grabbed by Osiris.

OSIRIS: How unfortunate that Lord Yu could not trust his slave. Each was mortally wounded in the fight as the slave attempted to kill his master.

DANIEL: Sarah. It's me, Daniel.

Yu suddenly grabs Osiris and pulls her off Daniel. Daniel punches some buttons and heads for an escape pod. He jumps in and Osiris shoves off Yu. She heads for the buttons to stop Daniel but can't get there in time.


The pod punches out and goes through the shield.

Scene: Jacob's ship

Jacob sees the pod.

JACOB: That better be you Daniel.

DANIEL: (Over the communicator) Get me out of this thing.

JACOB: I'm on my way.

Scene: Revanna surface

Jack and Teal'c are carrying Elliot.

ELLIOT: Major?

CARTER: Hold up. (To Elliot) Yeah.

ELLIOT: I better tell you how to reprogram the sensor.

Scene: Jacob's ship

The pod is ringed in and promptly falls over. Jacob runs in and opens the pod.

JACOB: Are you okay?

DANIEL: Oh yeah. Thanks.

JACOB: What happened?

DANIEL: I had her and then Yu had me and I had to get out of there without her finding out.

JACOB: The poison?

DANIEL: It's right here.

JACOB: Good man.

They go to the front seats.

DANIEL: How long is it gonna take us to get there?

JACOB: Pushing the hyperdrive engines full power, six hours. But we may already be too late.

DANIEL: I know this may seem unimportant right now, but I may as well tell you anyway. I think I figured out why the Goa'uld population hasn't been growing much lately.

The ship jumps into hyperspace.

Scene: Revanna surface.

CARTER: Colonel.

Sam clears away some debris off the sensor.

O'NEILL: Nice.

Scene: Zipacna's ship

JAFFA: My Lord. A cargo ship was detected exiting hyperspace but it cloaked immediately. Its current location is unknown.

ZIPACNA: Deploy a squadron of gliders. And have them scan the atmosphere for disturbances. And if the ship even attempts to land on the planet, shoot it down. What about the survivors?

JAFFA: They have not been found as yet my Lord. The search continues.

ZIPACNA: Then join the search yourself. And if you do not find either the formula or a living Tok'ra who can tell me of it, do not bother to return.

Scene: Jacob's ship

A beeping starts.

JACOB: We're getting an alert from the surface.

DANIEL: What's it say?

JACOB: The base has been compromised. Assume no survivors. We should go.

Scene: Revanna, surface

CARTER: That's it. I'm done.

O'NEILL: How do we know it's working?

CARTER: I guess if someone comes to rescue us.

Scene: Jacob's ship

JACOB: We're getting another signal.

DANIEL: What is it?

JACOB: It's an SOS.

DANIEL: Well it has to be Jack or Sam.

JACOB: Hopefully both. And more. Let's ride.

Gliders start to fire on them.

DANIEL: What the hell?

The cargo ship uncloaks.

JACOB: We've been hit. Our cloaking mechanism has failed. They must have locked onto our heat signature as we passed through the atmosphere. I can't shake `em. I'm diverting power to the shields. We're losing altitude fast. Hang on Danny, we're going in.

Scene: Revanna surface

Jack, Sam and Teal'c get up when they hear the cargo ship and gliders.

TEAL'C: There.

Scene: Jacob's ship.

JACOB: This is gonna be rough.

The cargo ship comes through a forest and bounces over a hill, coming to a stop.

Scene: Revanna surface.

O'NEILL: (To Sam) Stay with Elliot.

Teal'c and Jack go to the cargo ship.

Scene: Jacob's ship.

Daniel comes to. Jacob is lying on the floor.

DANIEL: Hey. You okay?

JACOB: Not really.

DANIEL: You'd think a race advanced enough to fly around in space ships would be smart enough to have seat belts, huh?

JACOB: We just prefer not to crash.

DANIEL: Come on, we'd better get out of here.

Scene: Revanna, surface

Jack and Teal'c come down a little path and meet Jacob and Daniel.

TEAL'C: Are you injured?

JACOB: I'll live.

O'NEILL: How's our ride?

JACOB: It's not going anywhere fast.

Scene: Forest

Sam looks up when she hears someone approach.

CARTER: Dad. You all right?

JACOB: Yeah. Looks worse than it is. Are you all right?

CARTER: Yeah, I'm fine.

DANIEL: How's Elliot?

CARTER: He's in rough shape. He got injured during a cave in, Lantash went into him to try and save him but it's not working.

JACOB: There's a chance we might be able to save the cargo ship but not before this whole area is swarming with jaffa. Those gliders definitely made our position.

TEAL'C: We cannot escape through the Stargate.

DANIEL: We still have this.

He gets the poison out.

JACOB: As much area as that will cover I don't think the chemical will spread from here to the Stargate.

CARTER: Well we can't release it here, it will kill you, Elliot and Teal'c.

O'NEILL: Then I guess I've got to find a way to get it to the Gate.

JACOB: It's suicide. You're assuming the jaffa won't shoot you on sight.

TEAL'C: Given the lack of cover and the size of the jaffa army, I do not believe even I could make it to the Stargate undetected.

ELLIOT: Leave it here with me.

O'NEILL: What good's that gonna do?

ELLIOT: Leave here and hide. The jaffa will find me. I'll tell them I know the formula, they'll take me to the Gate.

TEAL'C: He is correct. He will be taken to the base camp by the Stargate before being sent to the mothership.

O'NEILL: Won't they search him first?

ELLIOT: Then I'll.... Then I'll set off the weapon, take out as many as I can.

LANTASH: Please. We're both gonna die. I cannot save us. But there's a chance we can save you.

O'NEILL: What about Elliot?

ELLIOT: It doesn't make sense for any of you to risk your lives to save me. Give me the device.

Daniel gives him the device.

ELLIOT: Now go. They'll be here soon.(To Sam) He's happy now; he just wanted you to know how he felt.

CARTER: I do. And I'll never forget him. Or you.

A glider flies over.

TEAL'C: Ground forces will not be far behind.

JACOB: Sam, we gotta go.

Sam strokes Elliot's cheek as he looks terrified. Sam is led away by Jacob and Jack just looks on, then walks off. Elliot puts the poison in his pocket and waits as he hears a Goa'uld hunting horn.

We close in on Elliot's face as we hear the horn again and footsteps of the approaching jaffa.

Source : Stargate Fusion

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ha tu as pas moyen de faire chauffer de l'eau sur une plaque électrique par exemple?

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Oui, mais pas l'idéal pour une douche ou un bain.... surtout en tenant compte de la petitesse de mes casseroles.

Sonmi451 (14:42)

ha crotte

Sonmi451 (14:42)

ça va bientôt être réparer?

CastleBeck (14:45)

Quand je vais avoir réussis à parler à quelqu'un qui soit retourné ses appels, soit ne me dit pas qu'il peut pas m'aider...

Sonmi451 (15:31)

ha ok

Sonmi451 (15:32)

désolé je me suis perdue dans mon visionnage

CastleBeck (15:38)

Pas de problème... je suis occupée ailleurs aussi en même temps
Et tu visionnes quoi?

Sonmi451 (15:57)

urgences saison 14

Sonmi451 (15:57)

et je vole aussi et toi?

CastleBeck (16:02)

Aucun vol prévu ce matin... je viens de passer de temps à essayer de contacter quelqu'un pour mon eua. La je prends une pause devant Chicago Fire

CastleBeck (16:03)

Et après, boulot et ménage et truc ennuyant du genre

Sonmi451 (16:08)

ok ^^

Sonmi451 (16:08)

et tu peux aller chez personne pour prendre un douche chaude?

CastleBeck (16:14)

Avec des horaires opposes, cest compliqu daller chez des gens.

Sonmi451 (16:20)

ok ^^

julie39 (19:28)


serieserie (19:28)


julie39 (19:29)

Tu connais 7 à la maison ?

serieserie (19:29)


julie39 (19:30)

Tu aime ?

serieserie (19:30)

oui ça va

julie39 (19:31)

C'est ma série du moment

serieserie (20:01)

ah oui ça fait un bail que j'ai pas vu

serieserie (21:26)

Y a personne ce soir?

CastleBeck (22:28)

Euh, moi, je travaille.... Je te fais un coucou en passant, entre deux élèves

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cometchat1 (08:53)


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cometchat1 (11:29)


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