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The Warrior


Jaffa terms are spelt phonetically.

Scene: Offworld

A man is standing talking to a large crowd of what looks like Jaffa.

KYTANO: My name is Kytano. The once First Prime of Imhotep. A false God. A false God who has died by my own hand. Now I am free. I am a free Jaffa. If you have come to this place, then you wish to know freedom as I do. If you have come to hear me, then you know in your heart and your mind that the Goa'uld are not gods.

ALL: Yeah!

KYTANO: Still, I am but one warrior. Only together, we are an army of warriors

MAN: An army has weapons. An army has food. (This sounds suspiciously like Peter DeLuise)

KYTANO: In time we shall have weapons and enough food and drink to sustain us for as long as it takes to achieve victory. Until then, we have our freedom. We have our brother and sisters. I do not say that this will be easy. There will be sacrifice. But for each of you who dies in the name of freedom, your souls will be sent to Kheb. The place of freedom everlasting. Until then, if you seek freedom, if you seek sanctuary, know that this place is sanctuary. This is Kelmar.

ALL: Yeah!!

KYTANO: I declare this world a free world for all jaffa. Let no Goa'uld challenge us. The time has come for jaffa to claim their rightful place among the stars. As warriors who live and as warriors who die free!

We then see Teal'c and Bra'tac in the crowd in ceremonial robes.

BRA'TAC: What say you Teal'c? Is he not the means of our deliverance?


Scene: Briefing room

Teal'c and Bra'tac are in ceremonial robes. The rest of SG1 and Hammond are sat around the table.

O'NEILL: Deliverance? Do you have any idea what happened to the guys in that movie?

BRA'TAC: I do not.

HAMMOND: Master Bra'tac, that's a very strong recommendation.

BRA'TAC: Yet the rewards of such an alliance would be great.

HAMMOND: Teal'c?

TEAL'C: Many of our allies have fallen General Hammond. The Tollan may be gone forever. The Tok'ra are severely weakened. Kytano offers an army.

CARTER: An army that needs our help.

TEAL'C: Major Carter, have the jaffa not helped your cause?

CARTER: Teal'c, please don't misunderstand me. You and Bra'tac have done more for us than anyone could have asked. I owe you both my life at least a dozen times over, that's not what I'm saying.

O'NEILL What she's saying is, if this guys coming to us, he's gotta be pretty desperate.

DANIEL: Wait a minute. I don't think we should underestimate this opportunity. An army of jaffa actually challenging the power structure of the Goa'uld. It could be an inspiration to every jaffa out there. Word of it's very existence is a threat to the Goa'uld.

CARTER: You don't think the Goa'uld are just going to sit around and let it happen?

TEAL'C: We do not. Which makes Kytano's need so great.

BRA'TAC: His army has grown from many different System Lords. And more flock to him with each raid he makes. But an army cannot live on courage alone.

HAMMOND: Dr Jackson, what can you tell us about this Imhotep? This is the first I've heard of him.

DANIEL: Well, during the third dynasty of ancient Egypt, Imhotep was credited as being the first pyramid builder. He was later deified amongst the ancient Egyptians but amongst the Goa'uld as least as far as I know he never achieved power of any kind.

HAMMOND: He was never a System Lord?

DANIEL: In fact I think Imhotep was probably an insignificant Goa'uld from a backwater planet.

CARTER: Which explains how Kytano's managed to survive.

O'NEILL: He took out a nobody.

DANIEL: Which probably only buys us some time. If we don't help, the Goa'uld will eventually see this as the threat it really is.

BRA'TAC: Imhotep may have been a minor Goa'uld but Kytano is a great leader of men. I believe him bold enough to lead his rebel army to victory over those who would deny us freedom.

HAMMOND: I've already ordered food and medical supplies prepared for transport. What we need to discuss in more detail is what kind of weapons and how many.

BRA'TAC: Your projectile weapons have proven to be effective in battle.

O'NEILL: P90's, MP5's, Spaz 12's.

BRA'TAC: For several hundred warriors.

HAMMOND: That may take some doing.

TEAL'C: General Hammond. If we may send a smaller number of weapons, as a gesture of good intentions.

O'NEILL: I think we owe these folks. To a point.

HAMMOND: Very well. You have a go.

Scene: Gateroom

The Gate is dialling.

BRA'TAC: O'Neill. Before we leave. You should know that some of the jaffa you are about to meet, you may have met before. In battle.

O'NEILL: Yeah. I thought about that.

BRA'TAC: Jaffa have long memories.

O'NEILL: Well that's all right, because I don't. That's a joke.

The FRED moves up the ramp.

HAMMOND: Master Bra'tac. Lets hope your faith in this man is well deserved.

BRA'TAC: I would stake my life on it.

Teal'c and Bra'tac walk up the ramp.

O'NEILL: Ours too, apparently.

Jack follows.

Scene: Planet

SG1 come through the Gate to be met by jaffa.

BRA'TAC: I am Master BRA'TAC of Chulak. I have come with warriors of the Tau'ri.

Jack drops his backpack. Everyone looks at him.

O'NEILL: Hi guys.

BRA'TAC: Tek ma tek.

DANIEL: (To Jack) It means friends well meant. He's saying we come in peace.

A jaffa walks forward. He was last seen in The Serpent's Venom rescuing Teal'c.

TEAL'C: Raknor.

RAKNOR: Teal'c. Tek ma tek. It was Teal'c who gave me my first taste of freedom. It is because of you I am here. Tek ma tay.

DANIEL: Tek ma tay is a greeting of respect.

O'NEILL: Okay.

DANIEL: I'm just saying.

O'NEILL: I don't care.


RAKNOR: These are among the great warriors of the Tau'ri. Daniel Jackson, Major Carter and their leader Colonel O'Neill. Tek ma tek.

O'NEILL: Back atcha.

RAKNOR: Back atcha. You have come to speak to Kytano.

BRA'TAC: We have.

RAKNOR: He is on a mission and will return very soon. What is this?

TEAL'C: The first shipment of many.

O'NEILL: We brought food, supplies and last, Carter?

Sam opens the trunk to show P90's.

O'NEILL: Weapons.

The crowd murmurs.

O'NEILL: What?

RAKNOR: Your gesture is appreciated but they had hoped you would bring staff weapons, zat'nik'tels, true weapons.

O'NEILL: True weapons?

RAKNOR: It does not matter friend. Come; see how our numbers are growing

Scene: Village

SG1 walk in past jaffa.

BRA'TAC: You see, O'Neill. These jaffa were once sworn, mortal enemies. Each serving different false gods. Now they work in harmony.

RAKNOR: Our numbers grow with each successful campaign.

CARTER: And you just trust every new arrival to your cause? I'm just saying, isn't it possible that some of these jaffa are still loyal to their gods and are acting as spies within your ranks?

BRA'TAC: A warrior of Kytano's experience can see within the very soul of another jaffa and know his allegiance.

O'NEILL: Kind of a leap of faith isn't it?

DANIEL: No more than when we trusted Bra'tac when Teal'c went through the Rite of Mal'shuraan.

BRA'TAC: I saw into his heart and knew he no longer worshipped Apophis.

O'NEILL: That's not quite the same, is it?

BRA'TAC: Our ways are different to you, O'Neill. Accept that.

Scene: Bra'tac, Teal'c and Raknor walk along to see jaffa training. Sam, Jack and Daniel follow.

RAKNOR: The discipline is called mustaba. All of Imhotep's jaffa were required to master it. And now we require it of ourselves.

We then see two jaffa training with wooden staff weapons. Two of them finish and two more take their place.

TEAL'C: Mashak. Training staffs.

RAKNOR: Out of necessity Teal'c. There are not enough staff weapons for all.

BRA'TAC: You overcommit. (To one of the jaffa)

They stop.

RAKNOR: This young warriors name is Tara'c.

Bra'tac hands his staff to Raknor.

TARA'C: Tek ma tay, master.

BRA'TAC: If you would allow me? Your weapon is balanced but the warrior is not. When one overcommits, one becomes vulnerable to counterattack. When one achieves balance in combat, one will survive to achieve balance in life.

RAKNOR: Forgive me master, but Kytano teaches that one must strike with single-minded purpose towards victory without regard for one's survival.

BRA'TAC: Show me.

They fight.

O'NEILL: Hey, easy, easy, easy.

BRA'TAC: Leave them O`Neill.

Tara'c knocks the other jaffa down and prepares to hit him while he is on the floor.


Jack intervenes.

O'NEILL: What the hell are you doing?

TARA'C: We are training.

O'NEILL: Where I come from, it's called beating the crap out of each other.

TEAL'C: The boy's symbiote will heal his injuries, O'Neill.

RAKNOR: Kytano teaches that we must be willing to die, as he is if we are to be free.

O'NEILL: Well if you all die, you won't have an army. That's kind of stupid.

TARA'C: Tek ma tay key!

Tara'c moves towards Jack.

O'NEILL: Whoa! Hey, what!

TEAL'C: You insulted our ways O'Neill. He is challenging you.

TARA'C: Tek ma te.

O'NEILL: Yeah, easy stick boy. All right I'm just here to help.

MAN: Kytano returns!

Everyone leaves.

O'NEILL: Where you going?

Jack checks his breath and follows.

Scene: Village

A man walks through cheering jaffa.

O'NEILL: You know, we never get this when we get home. (To Sam)

Kytano stands on a box.

KYTANO: Jaffa. This day, three of our warriors have fallen in the name of freedom. They fought fiercely against Zipacna's forces. And they died bravely. And have secured a place for themselves in Kheb. So too have they strengthened our ability to fight back at the enemy.

A jaffa opens the box they brought back and pulls out zats.

ALL: Yeah!

O'NEILL: True weapons.

KYTANO: Tek mal te'uc.

He shakes Bra'tac's hand.

BRA'TAC: Tek ma tay.

KYTANO: You flatter me Master Bra'tac. Ya re a roo kek a nak. (To Teal'c) I honour he who would kill his God. And to his brethren of the Tau'ri. Slayers of Ra, Hathor, Setesh, Heru'ur, Sokar, Cronos and Apophis.

O'NEILL: Well, somebody's been keeping score. Colonel Jack O'Neill.

KYTANO: A familiar name. Cursed by every Goa'uld. Imhotep himself declared your days were numbered.

O'NEILL: Well that's fine. As long as it's a very big number.

KYTANO: Because of you the armies of these fallen System Lords now swell the ranks of our rebellion.

O'NEILL: Tak ma tak Kytano. (Jack looks pleased with himself for getting the right greeting) We also offer an alliance.

KYTANOL: Then you are most welcome.

DANIEL We also offer food and supplies for your people.

KYTANO: Glorious.


O'NEILL: And of course, weapons.

The cheering stops.

KYTANO: Earth weapons? Take no offence, my friend, but your weapons are primitive by comparison.

O'NEILL: Carter, I think a little demonstration is in order, don't you?

Scene: Weapons area.

There is a area with three logs hanging as targets.

CARTER: This weapon is called a P90. It carries a 50 round, top loading magazine of teflon coated ordinance with a cyclical rate of fire of 900 rounds per minute.

O'NEILL Who here can handle a staff weapon?

KYTANO: Raknor is among our best marksmen.

O'NEILL: Carter, that target, what, sixty, seventy yards out?

CARTER: Give or take, Sir.

O'NEILL: Fire away, son.

Raknor goes to fire. He fires three times and hits the hanging log on the first and third go.

KYTANO: Well done. Tai, kree.

O'NEILL: Two out of three, that's not bad. Carter?

KYTANO: The female?

TEAL'C: Major Carter is a formidable warrior.

KYTANO: Yes, of course.

O'NEILL: Actually, hold up a second. Hey, you. In the skirt. Get that target swinging a little. Little more. All right, step away. When ready, Major.

Sam takes aim. Jack puts his fingers in his ears. Sam fires and the bottom half of the log falls off.

O'NEILL: Ah, Major, demonstrate the weapon on single shot.

Sam fires and the whole log drops as she has shot the rope holding it up.

Jack picks up a staff weapon.

O'NEILL: This is a weapon of terror. It's made to intimidate the enemy. This is a weapon of war; it's made to kill your enemy. (Referring to the P90)

CARTER: And it's capable of doing so at five times the range I just demonstrated.

O'NEILL: We've used it to win about every skirmish we've had with the Goa'uld and with the jaffa who served them. Those of you who have gone up against us and survived, and you know who you are; you know
what I'm talking about.

KYTANO: We accept your gifts with gratitude and humility. Now let us celebrate this new alliance.

The people cheer.

O'NEILL: (To Carter) They really like doing that, don't they?

CARTER: Yes sir.

Scene: Tent

KYTANO: Your weapons are formidable, yes but they lack the endurance of a staff.

CARTER: That's what these are for.

She holds up ammunition.

KYTANO: And you will provide them freely?

DANIEL: That's the purpose of an alliance, isn't it?

KYTANO: It places you in a position of power over us.

O'NEILL: How so?

TEAL'C: If Kytano does not do exactly as agreed, you may withhold ammunition.

O'NEILL: Okay, first of all, Teal'c, as long as you're a member of SG1, you should use the pronoun we not you. Secondly, we're not holding back, we're offering the best we've got. Now you can either take it or leave it.

KYTANO: Of course, it is only concern for my people that I raise these questions.

O'NEILL: Your people?

KYTANO: There is no warrior among us who cannot say my people.

TEAL'C: As I also have done.

KYTANO: Colonel O'Neill fears I will seek power for myself.

CARTER: Well you are gathering an army.

KYTANO: And I lead. But there is no warrior among us who cannot claim jor may sayku.

DANIEL: Challenge of leadership.

TEAL'C: To determine the worthiness of the victor and his right to lead.

O'NEILL: To the death, I suppose?

KYTANO: Of course.

O'NEILL: Of course. Yeah, well where I come from, we do things a little differently.

KYTANO: And you would have us change our ways to suit yours?

O'NEILL: I didn't say that. But if it's not too much trouble.

BRA'TAC: Kytano. Colonel O'Neill. It is my hope that we can learn from our differences. That they bond us together, make us stronger.

KYTANO: Your words are wise Master Bra'tac.

O'NEILL: Yes, wise indeed.

KYTANO: Tomorrow, we will bond. In battle. You are familiar with the System Lord, Nirrti?

O'NEILL: Oh yeah.

KYTANO: Tomorrow we are going to raid a supply shipment intended for a battalion of Nirrti's jaffa. Join us.

O'NEILL: If we do, what's in it for us?

KYTANO: I see you are one who speaks his mind, O'Neill.

O'NEILL: Yes, which is why I don't say much.

Sam smiles.

KYTANO: A share of the spoils.

O'NEILL: Spoils are good. We like spoils.

KYTANO: Teal'c has informed me that you require several hours of sleep. There is no shame in doing so.

He leaves.

O'NEILL: Gee, thanks.

Scene: Tent

Teal'c is drinking with Raknor.

TEAL'C: Shal met.

RAKNOR: Shal met. Have you chosen to join us, Teal'c.

TEAL'C: Kytano has yet to ask.

RAKNOR: He will. You will take your place as a leader in the jaffa nation.

TEAL'C: I have long dreamed that jaffa would one day be free. But I free that day is farther off than Kytano believes.

RAKNOR: We have come so far because of you Teal'c. Kytano could not have hoped to raise such an army had you not led the way.

TEAL'C: Perhaps.

RAKNOR: And we will grow even stronger now that the tau'ri have become our allies.

TEAL'C: Of that I am not so sure. Kytano's ways are difficult for the people of the Tau'ri to understand.

Kytano walks in.

KYTANO: We shall gain our freedom with or without them.

Teal'c gets up.

TEAL'C: Kytano. Forgive me.

KYTANO: There is nothing to forgive.

TEAL'C: I do not speak for O'Neill.

KYTANO: What you say is true, they are different. Cynical of our ways. O'Neill most of all.

TEAL'C: Yet they are my friends.

KYTANO: And we are your brothers. I am not a fool Teal'c, I know the Tau'ri are strong. An alliance can make us stronger. But I abandon nothing of who and what we are for neither human nor Goa'uld.

Scene: SG1's tent

Sam walks in, Daniel is writing and Jack is sitting.

O'NEILL: I guess Teal'c's staying out all night with his new buddies?

DANIEL: Well he did get in all that quality kel'no'reeming.

O'NEILL: What do you think?

CARTER: Of Kytano? Well you've got to admit he's got presence. His followers are almost fanatical.

O'NEILL: Almost?

DANIEL: Well it does make him formidable. Ancient Japanese feudal Lords recognised the discipline that incorporated indifference to death as a very effective tool in battle.

O'NEILL: What's with this jomo sicko thing anyway?

DANIEL: Jor may seyku.

O'NEILL: Like anybody in that crowd's gonna challenge him.

CARTER: Kytano's managed to collect jaffa from at least six different System Lords. He must be doing something right.

O'NEILL: Well, they have no problem with dying. I have a problem with that.

DANIEL: You have a problem with them dying or you got a problem with the fact that they don't have a problem with it.

O'NEILL: Both. I think.

He lies down, so does Sam.

O'NEILL: Get some sleep. We have to bond in the morning.

Scene: New Planet.

There is a pyramid and cargo ship there. SG1, Bra'tac, Kytano and rebel jaffa watch from a hill as the jaffa move towards the cargo ship.

KYTANO: Kree! You are surrounded! Relinquish your weapons!

Kytano nods to a jaffa who fires into the air. The jaffa fire back and Jack starts to fire.

Kytano then gets up.


RAKNOR: He does not know fear.

O'NEILL: Well he knows stupid.

Kytano walks directly into the line of fire.

KYTANO: Kel mak. Hold your fire. I am Kytano. If you have heard that name, then you know that there are other jaffa who believe that the Goa'uld are false gods. Join us in the struggle against our oppressors and live to see freedom.

A jaffa gets up and points his staff right at Kytano.

KYTANO: If you do not believe in freedom for our people brother, then shoot me now.

The jaffa drops his weapon. The rebel jaffa start to cheer.

TEAL'C: Do you believe in him now, O'Neill?

Scene: Jaffa rebel planet.

The rebels and SG1 walk back into the village with Nirrti's shipment. Jack hangs back with Teal'c.

O'NEILL: Teal'c. You see, I'm a little concerned about Kytano.

TEAL'C: Explain.

O'NEILL: Well you know, that stunt he just pulled.

TEAL'C: Kytano is driven by the power of his beliefs.

O'NEILL: His beliefs are very impressive but his tactics could have gotten us all killed.

TEAL'C: Kytano was successful.

O'NEILL: I say he got lucky.

TEAL'C: Then it appears we disagree.

A horn is blown.

TEAL'C: Kytano summons us.

Teal'c walks off.


O'NEILL: We've got a problem with Teal'c. He's buying into Kytano's act.

CARTER: You don't really think it's an act, do you? Kytano certainly believes in his cause.

O'NEILL: I think Kytano believes he could walk on water.

Scene: Tent

Kytano opens up the trunk they stole from Nirrti.

KYTANO: The fruits of our new born alliance.

RAKNOR: The cutting edge that is the sword of our rebellion.

CARTER: Weapons grade naqahdah, sir. A lot of it.

O'NEILL: It's quite a haul.


O'NEILL: What are you gonna do with it?

KYTANO: I will give you as much is as fair. I have plans for the rest. As for the zat'nik'tels, we require them all. I will be able to offer you many times as much once the ha'tak arrives.

DANIEL: You're expecting a mothership?

KYTANO: You chose your allies well. I have just received news that jaffa, loyal to me are staging a mutiny as we speak aboard a powerful mothership. Soon they will be on their way and unite with us in our cause.

O'NEILL: A mutiny? That's a little risky. Isn't it?

KYTANO: There are always risks in war.

O'NEILL: But if they fail....

KYTANO: They will succeed because their cause is just.

O'NEILL: I wish it worked that way.

KYTANO: Then they will succeed with the strength of their resolve. Come with me to the Chaapa'ai. See for yourself. Come.

Scene: Gate

Kytano dials an address.

KYTANO: Nirrti must not learn of our raid. She would surely hunt us down. We must cover our tracks.

He goes over to some jaffa.

KYTANO: Tara'c. I chose you to lead this squad of brave warriors because I know you will not fail me. Know that if you are struck down in battle, you will live forever in Kheb. Free from Goa'uld oppression for all time.

The other jaffa line up on either side of the Gate.

Kytano is handed something.

KYTANO: Fight your way as deeply as you can into Nirrti's force. Show the your resolve. Kal lak shal ta.

TARA'C: Kal lak shal ta.

DANIEL: Victory or death.

Kytano puts something into a pouch on Tara'c's chest.

CARTER: Sir, that's a naqahdah enhanced bomb.

DANIEL: He's sending them on a suicide mission.

TARA'C: Jaffa! Kree!

O'NEILL: Hey, wait a minute!

The small squad of jaffa run in between the other jaffa through the gate as Raknor stops Jack.

The Gate disengages.

O'NEILL: What the hell are you doing?

KYTANO: Do you now see the strength of our resolve?

O'NEILL: I see the strength of your arrogance.

KYTANO: Do not interfere with things you know nothing about.

O'NEILL: Oh I know exactly what you're about.

KYTANO: We are at war. It is our way.

O'NEILL: And I suppose it makes you feel all powerful to know how eager those boys are to die for you?

KYTANO: Their souls are on the way to a far better place.

O'NEILL: You know, I've heard that before.

KYTANO: You would deny the existence of Kheb? You would deny that their souls would find paradise?

DANIEL: I think what Colonel O'Neill is trying to say is, we do things a little differently.

KYTANO: Yet again you remind me that your ways are different. We should abandon centuries of jaffa tradition and follow the ways of the Tau'ri. Which of us is arrogant?

DANIEL: Look if we're gonna have an alliance here, we're have to find common ground.

KYTANO: Soon the ha'tak we await will come and this army will be a true force to be reckoned with. If you wish to ally yourselves with that force then accept us for who and what we are. If not then leave us now. Teal'c.

Bra'tac, Raknor then Teal'c follow Kytano.

Scene: Tent

Kytano, Teal'c and Bra'tac are looking at a map.

KYTANO: Expect resistance here and here.

TEAL'C: Daniel Jackson witnessed the System Lord Yu being stabbed by Osiris.

KYTANO: With his sarcophagus, he survived. Still he was severely weakened by the attack. His homeworld is ripe for the taking if his personal guard can be eliminated. Now is the time when Lord Yu will be most vulnerable.

BRA'TAC: Then now is time to strike.

TEAL'C: Indeed.

KYTANO: I have several loyal jaffa among his court. Many of his jaffa will join us if he were to be struck down.

TEAL'C: WE would be able to commandeer his fleet.

BRA'TAC: Ships filled with jaffa ready to flock to our cause. I have dreamed of it but I never thought it possible.

Jack walks in.

O'NEILL: Teal'c? We're packing up. I'd like you to come with us.

KYTANO: His place is here.

O'NEILL: Teal'c?

TEAL'C: Kytano has entrusted me with a mission of great importance.

O'NEILL: I bet he has.

TEAL'C: I have accepted this mission freely.

O'NEILL: Don't do it.

TEAL'C: Lord Yu's stargate will be unguarded. The plan is bold enough to succeed, O'Neill. More so if you join us.

O'NEILL: Can't do it.

Teal'c nods.

Scene: Stargate

O'NEILL: Why him?

KYTANO: Teal'c's participation will guarantee the success of this mission.

O'NEILL: On the other hand, Teal'c is a leader in his own right. You might not want him around.

KYTANO: Teal'c will become one of our greatest warriors.

O'NEILL: If he lives.

KYTANO: He will succeed.

O'NEILL: Because you say so?

KYTANO: Because he is Teal'c.

O'NEILL: All right, let me see if I can get this straight. You assassinate one System Lord after another, you take all their ships and warriors, all of whom are willing to die for you. And this is different from the way things are now.... How?

KYTANO: The jaffa will be free.

O'NEILL: To follow you?

KYTANO: I grow tired of this. It is time.

Teal'c walks along saluting the other jaffa.

O'NEILL: Teal'c? I'm not going to recommend an alliance. Not as long as he's in charge.

TEAL'C: We will speak of this when I return O'Neill.

O'NEILL: I don't think so. Because if you do this, I don't think you're coming back.

TEAL'C: When I return victorious, will you reconsider.

O'NEILL: Tough call.

TEAL'C: Trust in me O'Neill.

The gate engages.

TEAL'C: All of you.

KYTANO: Teal'c. You are strong and you are wise. Upon your return you shall be my second in command.

The jaffa and Teal'c go through the Gate.

Scene: Yu's palace

Teal'c is dragged in by jaffa.

YU: Teal'c. Perhaps I am not as weak as you were led to believe. My jaffa has brought you before me because I wanted it so. Kytano has sent you to kill me. Your faith is not blind. I know this of you. I am going to offer you your life. I will even allow you to return to your rebel army. But first, there is something you must know.

Scene: Rebel planet

Bra'tac and SG1 are walking to the gate.

BRA'TAC: O'Neill. You will not reconsider?

KYTANO: As Bra'tac said, we are stronger together. Can we put aside our petty differences?

O'NEILL: I'm holding you personally responsible for whatever happens to Teal'c. Carter, dial us out of here.

CARTER: Yes sir.

They go to the Gate.

Sam starts dialling but there is an incoming wormhole.

CARTER: Incoming, Sir.

They duck.

Teal'c comes through the Gate and runs straight to the village.

CARTER: Teal'c.

DANIEL: What happened?

They chase after him.

O'NEILL: Thanks for the update.

Scene: Village

Teal'c runs in.

TEAL'C: Deceiver! We have been deceived. Deceiver!

Two jaffa grab Teal'c.

KYTANO: I have deceived no one. The ha'tak I spoke of is just now entering the system. When it arrives all will become clear.

TEAL'C: Lord Yu knows Kelmar is the location of this rebel army. He knows our numbers. He knows you have betrayed him. The mutiny on board Lord Yu's ship has failed. The ha'tak you await brings doom. Not salvation. The System Lords merely bided their time to root out all rebel jaffa so they may be crushed in one all out attack. The betrayer has been betrayed. Jor may seyku.

KYTANO: You challenge me?

TEAL'C: Jor may seyku!

KYTANO: Very well.

He throws him a wooden staff.

They trade blows. Jack looks on and winces.

BRA'TAC: If you intervene, the challenge will be forfeit.

They continue to fight with some cool Matrix inspired camera angles.

KYTANO: Perhaps you think I will spare you?

TEAL'C: This is a fight to the death. Your death.

KYTANO: Shol'va!

More cool fighting moves from Kytano and Teal'c is left bending down on the floor.

KYTANO: Is that the best you can do?

Kytano somersaults and breaks Teal'c's wooden staff in half. He hits him again.

KYTANO: Beg for mercy.

TEAL'C: I die free.

Kytano goes towards him and leans into him.

KYTANO: You die at the hand of your god. (Switches to Goa'uld voice) Imhotep.

Kytano does some more fancy moves and leaves himself open for Teal'c to stab him with the broken end of his staff weapon.

KYTANO: Arrggghhh. (Goa'uld voice)

His eyes glow then fade. He hits the floor.

Raknor goes to Kytano and pulls up his tunic.

RAKNOR: He is not jaffa. Kytano is not jaffa!

TEAL'C: He was a goa'uld. The goa'uld Imhotep.

DANIEL: He used the jaffa's desire for freedom against them. Probably the only way he could gain any real power.

Bra'tac picks up Teal'c.

TEAL'C: Kytano was a lie. What brought us to Kelmar is not. Lord Yu's ship will attack at any moment. Follow us. Leave with us if you wish to live.

BRA'TAC: Follow Teal'c. He speaks the truth.

RAKNOR: And he has won the right. You all witnessed. Kytano has been beaten in the rite of jor may seyku. Teal'c is our rightful leader now.

A building behind suddenly explodes.

O'NEILL: Carter?

CARTER: Way ahead of you Sir.

They run towards the Gate.

TEAL'C: Leave with us. Leave with us if you wish to live.

The Goa'uld continue to bombard the planet.

The Gate engages. Daniel runs through and Sam waits to help people through. Bra'tac helps Teal'c through and Jack goes through.

O'NEILL: Let's go.

Bra'tac and Teal'c pause.

BRA'TAC: Our time will come old friend. But not this day.

Teal'c and Bra'tac go through the Gate as the Goa'uld continue to bombard the planet.


Source : Stargate Fusion
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