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L'Expérience Secrète


Transcript by Sarae

Scene: Earth
It is night and we see a man getting into a car. He begins driving and then makes a call on his cell phone. Cut to Sam's house. She sleeping in her bed and is awaked by the phone.

Sam: "Hello?"

Flemming: "Is this Major Samantha Carter?"

Sam: "Who is this?"

Flemming: "My name is Richard Flemming. You don't know me, but I need your help."

Sam (looks at her bedside clock): "It's 2 o'clock in the morning."

Flemming: "I know what happened to you. I know about Adrian Conrad."

Sam (sitting up more, now fully awake): "Who are you?"

Flemming: "They never shut the project down, Major, and now it's out of control."

Sam: "What project?"

Flemming: "You have to protect me. They know that I..."

Sam can hear screeching and crashing sounds through the phone and then a dial tone. Sam: " Hello?"

Scene: SGC Briefing Room
Sam, Hammond, Jonas and Teal'c are sitting around the table.

Sam (handing a folders to all): "His name is Doctor Richard Flemming. He's a biologist, formerly a professor of advanced genetics at Stanford."

Jonas: "Sure. He's famous for developing hybrid strains of disease resistant corn and cotton..." (All three look at him.) "I read an article about him in the American Journal for Evolutionary Science..." (They all continue looking at him.) "The base library has a subscription..."

Sam: "Well, what the article didn't that two years ago, he accepted a position with a company called Immunitech Research, which, it turns out, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zetatron Industries."

Teal'c: "Adrian Conrad."

Jonas: "Who?"

Sam: "You don't know?" (Jonas shrugs.)

Hammond: "Adrian Conrad was a man who had himself implanted with a stolen symbiote in order to cure himself of a deadly disease."

Sam: "That was ten months ago. At the time, Immunitech was located in Phoenix. One week after we took Adrian Conrad into custody, their operations were scaled back and they moved to a small town on the coast of Oregon called...Steveston."

Hammond: "We need to talk to this Dr. Flemming."

Sam: "He was reported missing this morning, sir. They found his car totaled, but there was no body."

Hammond: "This obviously warrants further investigation. I'll have transportation arranged for the three of you."

Jonas: "Colonel O'Neill won't be joining us?"

Sam: "The Tok'ra are still looking for a suitable host for his symbiote."

Hammond: "You'll have to do your best without him. Dismissed."

Hammond and Teal'c leave the briefing room. Sam and Jonas linger at the table.

Sam: "You knew who Adrian Conrad was, didn't you?"

Jonas: "Well, I've memorized all your mission reports...I just don't want people around here to start thinking I'm...strange."

Sam: "People don't think you're...strange."

Jonas: "What about Colonel O'Neill?"

Sam (after a moment): "Let's get some lunch..."

She gets up from the table leaving Jonas' question unanswered.

Scene: A small town in Oregon.
Sam, Teal'c and Jonas drive up and park. All three exit the vehicle. All three are wearing shades of black. Teal'c is wearing a long black leather coat, a black stocking cap and sunglasses. Sam is wearing a long black tailored coat, scarf and sunglasses. Jonas is wearing a car length leather coat and is carrying a digital camera.

Sam: "What are you doing?"

Jonas: "Keeping a visual record. I'll catalog all the images when we get back to the base. Teal'c!" (Teal'c, who is a bit ahead of the others, turns his head in the direction of Jonas Quinn. Jonas aims the camera at Teal'c, then says to Sam, who is now standing beside him at the front of the car...) See...the image appears right there on the back..."

Sam: "I'm going to go talk to the Sheriff. Keep an eye on Teal'c."

Jonas: "Sure."

Sam walks up to Teal'c as Jonas begins to take pictures of the surrounding area.

Sam (quietly to Teal'c): "Keep an eye on Jonas." (Teal'c nods slightly and watches her leave.)

Scene: The Sheriff's Office
Sam walks toward a Deputy who is sitting at a desk. The Deputy stands as Sam approaches.

Sam: "Excuse me...Hi."

Deputy: "Hi. Can I help you?"

Sam: "Major Samantha Carter with the Air Force. I'm looking for Sheriff Knox."

The Deputy points behind her.

Knox (as Sam turns around): "I'm Sheriff Knox. Welcome to Steveston, Major."

Sam (as they shake hands): "Thank you, sir."

Knox (to his deputy): "Hey, those doughnuts..." (then to Sam) "You want anything, Major?"

Sam: ", thank you."

Deputy: "Sure thing..." (He leaves.)

Knox: "Have a seat, Major."

He gestures toward his desk and they both walk to it. Knox takes a seat behind his desk and Sam sits opposite him.

Knox: "So,'re looking for information about Dr. Richard Flemming?"

Sam: "That's right. I understand he's missing."

Knox: "We found his car in a ditch outside of town. It was pretty badly smashed up, but there was no sign of him."

Sam: "Can I see the car?"

Knox hands her a file folder which contains a photo of the wrecked car.

Sam: "You think he walked away from this?"

Knox: "Look, offense, but this is my problem. The Air Force has no jurisdiction here."

Sam: "I know I can't force you to tell me anything...but Dr. Flemming may have had information pertaining to a matter of national security. I'm asking for you help."

Knox: "We haven't had a murder in this county in eight years."

Sam: "So, you don't think it was an accident..."

Knox: "Well, at the very least, someone didn't want us to find the body. "

Sam: "Did you know him?"

Knox: "The people at Immunitech didn't mix too much with the locals, but according to his co-workers...he was acting a little strange, lately."

Sam: "Strange how?"

Knox (picking up an evidence bag and handing it to Sam): "Nervous...agitated. We found these in his glove compartment."

Sam (after studying the contents of the bag): "Amphetamines."

Knox: "He had no history of drug use."

Sam: "I'd like to see his lab, if I may."

Knox: "There was a fire last night at Immunitech...the place was gutted."

Scene: Back at the car. Sam walks up to Teal'c and Jonas who are still near the car.

Sam: "Flemming's lab was destroyed in a fire."

Jonas (who is sucking on a lollipop): "So what now?"

Sam: "Check out his house."

All three get into the car. A man appears on the screen as they drive away. He is obviously watching them.

Scene: Dr. Flemming's House Sam picks the lock and all three enter the house and begin looking around.

Sam (who is sitting at a computer, looks up as Teal'c enters the room): "Find anything?"

Teal'c: "Nothing of interest."

Sam: "Me neither. There's nothing on the hard drive. There's no disks, no notes, no papers...there's not even a credit card bill. This place has been cleaned." Teal'c (notices a can driving up to the house): "Major Carter..."

He nods slightly toward the window. Sam gets up as a delivery driver begins bringing a package to the house. Sam greets her at the front door.

Delivery Woman: "Can you sign for this?"

Sam: "Uh, sure."

Sam signs for the package and the driver gives it to her.

Delivery Woman: "Thanks."

Sam: "Thank you."

Sam closes the front door as the driver leaves. Sam brings the package back into the computer room where Teal'c and Jonas are waiting.

Sam: "Well, this is...odd."

Jonas: "What is it?"

Sam: "This package to Dr. Richard Flemming was sent from Dr. Richard Flemming."

Jonas: "Why would he send something to himself?"

Sam: "Maybe he knew they were going to search the house. It's a good way to hide something for a few days."

Sam cuts the box open and digs through the packing material to find a long, slender silver cylinder. She opens the cylinder and pulls out a very large syringe which contains an amber colored liquid.

Scene: A Hotel.
All three are inside and it is evening.

Sam (holding the syringe and sitting across the room from Teal'c and Jonas): "The police found amphetamines. We found a syringe. I think we need to at least admit there's a possibility that Dr. Flemming was suffering from some kind of drug-induced paranoia."

Teal'c: "Perhaps his paranoia was well founded...He is missing. His place of work was destroyed and all evidence was removed from his home."

Sam: "Well, the scientists working for Adrian Conrad were studying the symbiote in order to create some kind of super drug. Maybe this is what they came up with."
Jonas (whose eating toast): "Well, if that's true...then a lot of people would kill to get their hands on it."

Sam: "Well, we won't know anything for sure until we send a sample of this back to the base for analysis. I think tomorrow we should talk to other people who worked at Immunitech. We need to figure out what was going on at that lab."

Sam injects some of the syringe contents into a sample tube.

Scene: Out on the streets of the town at night.
People are gathering at a large building near the water. Thy all look a bit like zombies. They gather around as a man (credited as Townsperson) begins to speak.

Townsperson: "As some of you may already know, we have three uninvited guests in town. They are asking questions. The chances are they won't find anything. But, if they do...then we will have to deal with them."

Commercial Break

Scene: Steveston OR.
Sam walks into a diner where Teal'c and Jonas are already seated, eating. Jonas dips a fry in his chocolate shake and eats it.

Jonas: "Mm."

Sam: "Nice lunch."

Jonas: "Mm. I'm really starting to enjoy this, uh, traditional American food. Mm."

Sam: "We have another's called hardened arteries." (She eats one of his fries.)

Teal'c: "Were you able to learn anything?"

Sam: "No one who worked at Immunitech wants to talk."

Teal'c: "Our attempts to gather information from the local town folk proved equally fruitless."

Jonas: "I wouldn't say that." (This elicits a look of annoyance from Teal'c which Jonas misses as he is taking a bit of his food.) "Don't tell me you haven't noticed how strangely people have been acting around here."

Sam: "What are you talking about?"

Jonas: "Well, for instance, that man there, right behind Teal'c...he doesn't realize it, but he just put eight cubes of sugar into his coffee. And that lady over at the counter...she's been reading the same article for a half an hour. Since we sat down, that waitress has dropped her tray twice, the cook has gotten three orders wrong, including my hamburger, which I ordered medium rare but is in fact well done. I've been noticing similar behavior all morning. It's like, uh, the entire town's half asleep."

At that moment, the Deputy approaches the table.

Deputy: "Major Carter...sorry to bother you. Sheriff Knox would like to see you."

Sam gives Teal'c a look and gets up to leave with the Deputy. The camera then focuses on a man who is sitting at a table behind where SG-1 (minus Jack) has been sitting. It is the same man who watched them drive away the day before.

Scene: Sheriff's Office
Sam is sitting across the desk from the Sheriff again.

Knox: "I understand you and your colleagues have been asking a lot of questions around town."

Sam: " Yeah. Is that a problem?"

Knox: "We found gasoline residue at the lab...a lot of it."

Sam: "So the fire was deliberate."

Knox: "Which means the stakes have gotten a lot higher. Major, if you know something..."

Sam: "Sheriff, I already told investigation pertains to a matter of..."

Knox: "National Security, I know."

Sam: "The truth is...I didn't get any useful information this morning."

Knox: "I'm not surprised. Everyone who worked at the lab had a confidentiality agreement. Nobody wants to get sued."

Sam: "Well, now that we know it was arson, maybe the company will be willing to cooperate."

Knox: " I wouldn't be too sure about that."

Sam: "Well, they're gonna want to know who burned their lab down."

Knox: "There's something you don't know. Two months ago, another Immunitech researcher named Peter Stofer disappeared. The case was never solved."

Sam: "Why didn't you tell me this?"

Knox: "The town's been through some rough times, Major. Ship yard shut down two years ago...put everybody out of work. When Immunitech came along, they brought a lot of money to the area..."

Sam: "So, nobody wants to hear anything bad about them..."

Knox: "There was no solid evidence of foul play in the Stofer case. He just didn't show up for work one day and hasn't been seen since. But I did get the feeling the company had something to hide."

Sam: "What do you mean?"

Knox picks up a storage box and places it on his desk.

Knox: "We subpoenaed documents from them." (He opens the lid and takes out an expandable file folder. He hands it to Sam.) "This is what we got."

Sam looks at some of the papers in the folder.

Sam: "Did Stofer work with Dr. Flemming?"

Knox: "They were partners."

Sam: "I'm gonna need to borrow these."

Scene: The Hotel Room
Sam, Teal'c and Jonas are looking through the files she got from the Sheriff.

Sam: "Well, this is interesting. It's a shipping invoice. Flemming and Stofer ordered all the latest material on stem cell research."

Jonas: "Really?" (Sam hands the invoice to Jonas.) "Hmm. There is no record of Immunitech doing that area. That's..."

Sam: "I know."

Teal'c: "Why would they keep that a secret?"

Sam: "Well, stem cells can be used to create skin grafts or replacement organs, but theoretically, they can also be used to create human clones."

Jonas: "Which is illegal."

Sam: "So if they were doing some kind of cloning research and Flemming decided to blow the whistle..."

Teal'c: "He would have to be silenced."

Jonas: "But why would he call you?"

Sam: "It must have something to do with Adrian Conrad. We should go through the rest of this stuff...see if anything turns up."

Scene: Steveston at night Teal'c and Jonas are walking down the street toward a local pub.

Jonas: "This town certainly does get quiet at night."

They enter the pub and things get quiet.

Jonas: "Evening."

Several patrons turn on their stools at the bar and stare at the pair. Teal'c and Jonas walk to a table and take a seat. They are approached by the barkeep.

Barkeep: "What can I getcha?"

Teal'c: "Ginger Ale."

Jonas: "I'll have the same."

The barkeep leaves to get their drinks.

Teal'c (quietly): "It does not appear we are welcome here."

Jonas: "Well, it's natural for small town people to be suspicious of strangers, right? We just have to give it more of an effort." (Jonas looks toward the bar again and calls) "Hey, guys."

Again the patrons turn to stare at the pair. Jonas gives them a thumbs up...there is no change in their demeanor.

Teal'c: "You have much to learn about humans." Jonas: "That's kind of my point. How are we supposed to fit in when we spend all our time on base?"

The barkeep brings their drinks to the table and bangs them down before turning to leave.

Jonas: "Thanks."

Teal'c: "I have a sufficient understanding of Earth culture."

Jonas: "But you'll never really be one of them."

Teal'c: "This is not my home. When my time with SG-1 is done, I will return to Chulak with my son." (Teal'c is smiling.)

Jonas: "I guess that's the difference between us...I don't think I'll be able to go back."

Teal'c's smile fades and at that moment several of the bar patrons approach the duo.

ABGs (credited as Antagonistic Bar Guy - ABG): "You're in our seats."

Teal'c: "There are many empty seats."

ABG: "But these are ours."

Teal'c looks at Jonas, puts his glass down and slowly rises to face the patrons. At that moment, the Sheriff walks in.

Knox: "Is there a problem here?"

Teal'c turns his head to look at the Sheriff.

Jonas: "No." (He, too, rises out of his seat.) "Apparently, we were in their seats."

Jonas places some money on the table and walks between Teal'c and the patrons. Teal'c then bows slightly and follows Jonas out of the pub. The Sheriff then approaches the patrons, a very serious and angry look on his face.

Knox: "What was that?"

ABG: "They're not fit to be in our presence."

Knox: "If you do anything to jeopardize this operation...I will kill you myself."

Commercial Break

Scene: The Diner
Peter DeLuise is seen leaving the diner wearing a tan vest as the camera zooms through the window to show the trio at the same table as the day before, eating.

Sam: "I spoke with Janet this morning. She did a preliminary analysis on the sample I sent her. She thinks the liquid in the syringe might be some sort of sulfa-based antibiotic."

Jonas: "So...some kind of, uh, miracle drug..."

Sam: "We won't know anything for sure until we get some more test results back."

As they continue to eat, the vocal patron from the bar enters the diner and sits at the counter.

Jonas: "That's the guy from the bar." (He gets up from the table and walks to pat the guy on the back.) "Hi."

ABG: "Hello?"

Jonas: "Sorry about our...misunderstanding last night."

ABG: "Excuse me?"

Jonas: "At the bar...our little friend and I were in your seats..."

Jonas gestures to where Teal'c and Sam are sitting. The patron turns to look at them. Teal'c nods his head.

ABG: "I'm afraid you've got me mistaken for someone else."

Jonas: " I don't think so."

ABG: "Last night, I was home in bed."

Time jump: They exit the diner and begin walking down the street.

Jonas: "That's a little strange...he didn't seem to remember us."

Teal'c: "Perhaps he had consumed to much alcohol."

Jonas: "Though of that, but he wasn't showing any of the signs of a hangover."

Sam: "Maybe he didn't want his wife to know he was in the bar."

Jonas: "He didn't have a wedding ring."

Teal'c is leading and he stops and turns toward the others.

Teal'c: " We are being watched...the silver car..."

Sam and Jonas nonchalantly look across the street to see a man who is leaning on a silver car across the street. He has his back to them and is watching them through their reflection in a storefront window.

Jonas: "That's the guy from the Sheriff's office. He was outside when we first got into town. He was in the restaurant yesterday."

Sam looks at Jonas, then at Teal'c. Without speaking a word, the three of them head down a side street. They guy starts following them. It is the same man we have seen watching SG-1 all along (credited as Dark Haired Man - DHM). He chases them down the side street and stops at the edge of a fence. Suddenly, a black gloved hand reaches out and drags the man behind the fence. The had belongs to Teal'c and he slams the man up against the fence. Sam approaches them with Jonas in tow.

DHM (to Teal'c): "OK. Take it easy."

Sam: "Why are you following us?"

DHM: "I don't know what you're talking about."

Sam: "Teal'c..."

Teal'c pulls up harder on the guy's shirt.

DHM: "All right...all right, all right. I wasn't sure if you could be trusted."

Sam: "With what?"

DHM: "I was a security guard at Immunitech." He hands Sam an ID badge and she looks it over.) "I think Dr. Flemming was murdered."

Jonas: "Why would you say that?"

DHM: "Well, about a week ago he came to me. He wanted to know if I could get him a gun...said his life was in danger and that I was the only one that could help him."

Sam: "Why you?"

DHM: "Well, that's the weird part. He said that the people who were after him only come out during night while everyone's asleep. Since I work the graveyard shift...and sleep during the day, I guess he figured I was one of 'em. First, I thought he was crazy...and then he went missing. That's when I decided that working for Immunitech was a little too dangerous."

Sam: "Why didn't you tell the Sheriff?"

DHM: "Flemming said that no one in the town could be trusted. But I figured I owed the guy to tell someone. If it hadn't been for him, I would have died in that fire."

Sam puts the ID badge back in the man's vest pocket.

Scene: The hotel room.

Sam: "They only come out at night. What exactly is that supposed to mean?"

Jonas: "Maybe this has something to do with what happened to us in the bar."

Teal'c: "Indeed."

Sam: "What did happen to you at the bar?"

Teal'c: "We were met with hostility."

Sam: "You didn't say anything weird, did you?"

Jonas: "Why are you looking at me?"

Sam: "Anyway, random aggressiveness at a bar isn't that unusual."

Jonas: "But why didn't the man from the restaurant remember me?"

Sam: "Are you sure it was the same guy?"

Jonas: "Positive."

Teal'c: "Jonas Quinn is correct. It was the same man."

Jonas; "Yesterday, you said that there was evidence that Flemming and Stofer were conducting research into cloning."

Sam: "No, I said there was evidence they were reading up on stem cells."

Jonas: "Which can be used to create human clones. What if the man from the restaurant doesn't remember because the man in the bar wasn't really him?...He was a clone."

Sam: "No, no, no. Jonas. You can create replicas of fully grown people. They'd be infants."

Teal'c: "Still, the people of this town are behaving strangely...even for humans."

Sam: "The town's been through a lot. First, the shipyard was shut down, then the lab was destroyed. The entire future of the town's in jeopardy." (Jonas suddenly stops dunking his tea bag in the cup of tea he has been making. He has a look of concentration on his face.) "What?"

Scene: Near the shipyards. The trio is inspecting a tire track in snow (sand,'s difficult to say, but it looks like snow to me...though it would be the only patch of snow seen on this episode).

Sam: "You noticed these tire marks from the road?"

Jonas: "I didn't think much of 'em at the time."

Teal'c: "This area has been well traveled...and recently. There are many footprints as well as tire tracks."

They walk across the road to a large enclosed dock (this looks like the vicinity where we saw the people of the town gathering at night earlier in the show). Sam walks up to a door, picks the lock and enters.

Jonas: "You have got to teach me how to do that."

Sam: "Wormhole theory, motorcycle riding and lock-picking."

Jonas: "Not necessarily in that order."

Jonas and Teal'c follow her into the building. They walk and begin to look around. Sam notices offices off to their right and points in that direction.

Sam: "In there." (They follow her and begin looking around the office. Sam starts flipping through a tray of CDs). "Somebody's been busy."

Teal'c finds a blueprint on a table and unrolls it.

Teal'c: "These appear to be schematics."

Sam (who has walked over to look at the blueprint as well): "Yeah, but for what?"

Jonas (who has been looking through some blinds into a room adjacent to the office): "I think I have a pretty good idea."

Jonas moves to open a door next to the window. Teal'c and Sam join him as he slides the door open to reveal a large room. It appears a ship (not the ocean going type) is being built. Jonas whistles in amazement.

Commercial Break

Scene: The hotel room.

Sam (on the phone): "Near as we can tell, sir, it's some kind of alien ship, partially constructed....No, sir, I don't think we should do anything drastic until we have more information...Yes, sir. Understood."

She hangs up the phone and turns to join Teal'c and Jonas who are sitting at a table behind her, looking at her laptop.

Sam: "General Hammond's going to hold off calling in the troops until we can figure out who built this thing and why."

Jonas: "Well, all the disks we got from the shipyards are encoded. I can't read any of them."

Sam: "Let me try."

Jonas: "Yeah." (He gets up to let her take his place.)

Teal'c: "Adrian Conrad illegally acquired a symbiote from Colonel Maybourne. It is possible he also acquired alien technology."

Sam: "I don't know...I mean this is unlike anything the Russians or the NID ever had."

Jonas: "Then there must be some kind of alien presence her in town."

Sam: "It looks that way...but how did they get here?"

Teal'c: "It is not probable they arrived through the Stargate."

Jonas: "If they came by ship, why would they be building another one?"

Teal'c: "Perhaps and accident or a malfunction."

Sam: "Well, either way, they're not finished...which means they'll be back. My guess is they work under the cover of darkness."

Jonas (who has been pacing behind them): "They only come out at night."

Sam: "OK...I think I can break this code, but it's gonna take a while."

Scene: The shipyards - night. Teal'c and Jonas are sitting in the car. They are on a stakeout. Jonas and Teal'c shift things around and place Zats on the dashboard.

Carter (over the radio): "Teal'c, is there any activity?"

Teal'c (into the radio): "Negative. How is the decryption progressing?"

Sam: "Slowly."

We see the streets at night. Then we see the Sheriff turning out his bedside lamp and closing his eyes in slumber. Seconds later his eyes come wide open and he gets out of bed and heads toward his clothes. Then we see Teal'c and Jonas back I the car watching as cars begin to approach the enclosed dock.

Jonas: "Something's happening."

Teal'c picks up some binoculars to get a closer look at the arriving cars. Scene jumps to Sam who is making headway on the decryption. We see a window on the computer pop up which contains hieroglyphs.

Sam: "Oh, my God."

Teal'c is watching people get out of their cars and walk into the building.

Sam (over the radio): "Teal'c, come in."

Teal'c (into his radio): "Major Carter, many of the towns people have arrived at the shipyard."

Sam (over the radio): "They're Goa'uld, repeat, the people building the ship are Goa'uld."

Teal'c (into his radio): "How is that possible?"

Sam (into her radio): "Flemming and Stofer really were doing cloning research...only it was Adrian Conrad's symbiote that they cloned."

Teal'c (over the radio): "Why did we not sense their presence?"

Sam (into her radio): "There's no Naquadah in their blood."

Jonas (who is continuing to observe the arrivals): "There's way to many of 'em."

Sam (into her radio): "You guys better get back here. I'll see if I can translate more of this text."

Teal'c (into his radio): "Affirmative."

Just as Teal'c is turning the key in the ignition, the driver's side door opens. The Deputy is pointing a gun at him.

Deputy: "Hold it. Leave the weapons on the dash. Put your hands in the air and get out of the car."

Another man comes to Jonas' door, opens it and points a gun at Jonas.

Jonas: "What is this?"

Other Man: "Get in the van."

Teal'c and Jonas climb into the back of a van which has parked behind their car as the other man grabs the Zats off the dash.

Scene: The hotel room. Sam looks up as she hears cars approaching outside. She looks through the window to see a line of people advance toward her room. She digs into her back and pulls out her pistol. There are noises of people trying to get through the door. She digs through the back again and pulls out the syringe they got from Dr. Flemming's house, removes the needle cover, inverts the syringe and squirts a little bit out of the needle.

Scene: The back of the van. Jonas and Tea'c are sitting on one side of the back with the Deputy sitting across from them with his gun still held on them. The other man is driving.

Jonas: "Where are you taking us?"

Deputy: "Back to the motel. We want you out of town by daybreak." (The Deputy puts his gun in it's holster.) "I'm agent Cross, that's agent Singer (indicating the driver)...N.I.D."

Jonas: "So you know what's goin' on here?"

Cross: "Of course, we've been monitoring the situation for the last three months." Teal'c (to Jonas): "They are waiting for the symbiotes to complete the ship."

Cross: "It's going to be the first line of our new planetary defense system."

Jonas: "You set this whole thing up?"

Cross: "No...we just took advantage of the situation. Immunitech cloned the symbiotes. Then there was some kind of an accident. We figure Flemming was the first to be infected and then he went after the other townspeople."

Jonas: "Flemming is the one who tipped us off."

Teal'c: "The symbiotes are immature. They are too weak to assert permanent control..."

Cross:"...But when the hosts go to sleep, they take over. When people wake up the next morning, they're a little tire, but none the wiser."

Jonas: "That's why Flemming was on Amphetamines."

Teal'c: "You may acquire a ship, but what of the townspeople?"

Cross: "Oh, don't worry about them, we have ways of dealing with that situation."

Teal'c: "We will report this to Stargate Command."

Cross: "Go ahead. This isn't some rogue operation. We have the full support of our superiors. And when this mission is competed, we will have succeeded where the SGC failed for five years. We have all the angles covered."

Jonas shakes his head in disgust. Teal'c stares at him.

Scene: Sheriff's Office. Sam is seated in a chair with her hands cuffed to the chair behind her. The Sheriff is placing a cloth over her mouth and nose. She struggles for a minute and then goes limp. Her head flops forward. There is a woman standing behind the Sheriff and there are several other people standing opposite them watching. The Sheriff joins the others and nods to the woman who was standing behind him. She reaches into a small cooler with a pair of tongs and pulls out one of several small symbiotes from the water inside the cooler. She walks up behind Sam with the symbiote. A rear neck entry is assumed and seconds later, Sam's head pops up and her eyes flash.

Commercial Break

Scene: The Hotel The van arrives. It is still night. Teal'c and Jonas run to the room as they notice the door is wide open. Jonas is the first to enter.

Jonas: "Sam? Sam?" (He continues on to check the bathroom. Satisfied that she is no longer there, he turns back to the others on his way out of the room.) "They took her."

The camera pans down as the exit the room to show the empty syringe, unnoticed, under the bed. Jonas and Teal'c walk to the end of the van and then Jonas stops and turns to Cross and Singer.

Jonas: "You have to do something."

Cross: "Relax. We have a containment team on stand-by for emergencies. We can have this whole town locked down and quarantined in forty-five minutes."

Teal'c: "Then do so."

Jonas: "Your operation is blown, Agent Cross. The symbiotes know we're on to 'em."

Cross (into his radio): "This is Cross. We have a code six, I repeat, a code six. This is not a drill." (Then to Teal'c and Jonas) "We just lost five hundred years of technical advancement."

Singer: "It's much worse than that..."

Cross turns toward Singer (who was standing behind him). Singer is holding a Zat on them. We see the Zat fire.

Scene: Sheriff's Office Jonas, groggy, is coming to and sees Sam standing in front of him. He moans and tries to focus his eyes.

Jonas: " all right?"

Teal'c is now awake as well and both are cuffed in the same manner Sam had been earlier, as is Cross. Teal'c is in the middle, Jonas to his left, Cross to his left. Jonas moves his hands and notices the cuffs for the first time.

Jonas: "What's goin' on?"

Sam backhands him across the cheek, much to his surprise.

Sam: "You should only speak when spoken to..."

Jonas: "Okay..."

We see the Sheriff nod to the same woman, who opens the same cooler and pulls out a symbiote for Cross. Seconds after the symbiote is implanted, his head pops up and his eyes glow.

Sheriff: "Welcome, brother. You know where you are?"

Cross: "I have the memories of my host."

Sheriff: "Good. When the containment team gets here, you and Agent Singer will take the symbiotes and report back to NID headquarters."

The same Townsperson we saw speaking to the people on the first night, warning them they would have to deal with SG-1 if they became a problem, is standing next to the Sheriff.

Townsperson: "What about the rest of us?"

Sheriff: "We'll be detained."

Singer: "It'll only be a matter of days before we've taken control of the organization."

Teal'c is observing with his usual keen eye, especially Carter; Jonas looks totally confused.

Jonas: "That's an ambitious plan." (Sam makes a move like she is going to whack him again.) "Easy...okay? Sorry."

Sheriff: "The irony is, we only wanted to get off this pathetic planet, but when we realized they were watching us, we came up with a new plan."

Cross and Singer take two coolers from the woman at the desk and start to leave.

Sam: "Wait...Major Carter was writing a report on her computer. It would be better if the containment team didn't find it."

Sheriff: "Get the computer first."

Cross nods and they depart.

Townsperson: "Should we use these two as hosts?"

Sam: "No." (She walks over to lift Teal'c's cap.) "This one is Jaffa." (Then she walks toward the others.)

Sheriff: "Sholva! You should be serving your God."

Teal'c: "Apophis, the false god, is dead."

Sheriff: "Really?" (Shifting his eyes toward Jonas.) "What about this one?"

Sam: "He's an alien. The humans don't really trust him." (Jonas gets a "what?" look on his face. Sam picks up a Zat off a desk, activates it and aims it at Teal'c and Jonas.) "We'll have to kill them."

Scene: Out in the streets. Trucks and troops are arriving and closing down the town. We see Cross grab Sam's lap top from the hotel room. Then we see troops bust into the Sheriff's Office to reveal the Sheriff and the others unconscious on the floor. Teal'c and Jonas are still cuffed to the chairs. Sam is not there. Next we see Cross and Singer approach a road block.

Cross: "Sergeant Krieger."

Krieger: "Agent Cross..."

Cross: "What's our status?"

Krieger: "Perimeter is in place. We're ready to begin rounding up the citizens."

Cross: "Excellent. Agent Singer and I are going to need transportation immediately to headquarters."

Krieger: "I'll call in the chopper."

Just then another agent pulls the bolt on his rifle. A police car approaches the roadblock.

Several agents approach the police car, their weapons raised.

Agent #1: "Get out of the car! Keep your hands where we can see 'em!"

Sam gets out...hands raised.

Sam (to Krieger): "I'm Major Carter, United State Air Force. I have important information for Agent Cross."

Krieger looks behind him to where Cross and Singer are standing.

Cross: "Let her through."

Sam approaches the two and the trio heads off toward the other side of the van and away from the other agents. Cross: "What are you doing here? You were supposed to be detained with the others."

Sam: "Major Carter's far more valuable to you if she hasn't been exposed."

Cross: "That wasn't part of the plan."

Singer: "No. She's right...while we're taking over the NID, she can infiltrate Stargate Command."

Cross: "It's too risky."

Singer: "You worry too much." (He reaches in and pulls out one of the coolers.) "The humans have no idea what's going on here."

Sam (pulling a Zat out from her back waistband): "Oooh, I wouldn't exactly say that." (She zats them both.) "You guys aren't nearly as smart as you think you are."

Scene: SGC Sam, Hammond, Jonas and Teal'c are sitting around the briefing room table again.

Sam: "I translated enough of the Goa'uld writing to know that Immuitech had engineered the symbiotes with a built-in kill switch...a susceptibility to a particular antibiotic."

Jonas: "The we had it along?"

Sam: "When I saw the Goa'uld coming, I figured I had nothing to lose, so I injected myself and it acted like a vaccine. It took only a few minutes to kill the symbiote and then...I just played along."

Hammond: "We had similar results with the townspeople. They all responded positively to the treatment."

Sam: "Each dead symbiote will slowly break down and be absorbed into the host body."

Teal'c: "Do the townspeople have any recollection of these events?"

Hammond: "As far as they know, they were all inoculated against an outbreak of meningitis."

Jonas: "So what about the ship?"

Sam: "It's been transferred to Area 51. Even though it's not complete, it may still prove valuable."

Hammond: "All right. Dismissed."

Hammond and Teal'c get up and leave. Sam and Jonas linger.

Jonas: "So when we were in the Sheriff's were in complete control?"

Sam: "That's right."

Jonas: "And you felt it absolutely really slap me."

Sam: "Had to make it look good...let's get some lunch."

The End

Source : Stargate Fusion.
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