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Script vo du 607

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Shadow Play
Transcript by Sarae

Scene: 'Gateroom The alarm klaxon is heard and Carter and Hammond are descending the stairway to the control room as the gate is activated. Sam takes a seat at a terminal next to Sgt. Davis.

Sgt. Davis: "We're receiving a transmission sir. Audio only."

Hammond: "Let's here it." Garbled sound can be heard over the speakers.

Sam: "I'll see if I can clean it up."

Voice over speaker: "Please respond. Repeat, this is Commander Hale, chairman of the Kelownan Defense Council, calling Stargate Command. Please respond." Sam and Gen. Hammond look at each other.

Scene: Briefing Room SG-1 and General Hammond are seated at the conference table.

Sam: "At approximately 0700 this morning, we received a transmission from P2S-4C3."

Hammond: "The man identified himself as Commander Hale, Chairman of the Kelownan Defense Council."

Jonas: "Well, he's been promoted. When I left, he was undersecretary for military appropriations."

Sam: "Well, according to their commander, the Kelownan government wants to reestablish trade relations with Earth."

Jack: "I hope you diplomatically told him where to shove it."

Hammond: "It's not that simple, Colonel."

Jack: "They tried to frame Daniel."

Jonas: "I don't think it's fair to judge the entire population by the actions of a few scientists."

Teal'c: "The Kelownans are technologically inferior to Earth. They have little to offer."

Sam: "Except Naquadria."

Jack: "Which...doesn't work."

Sam: "The hyperspace drive on the X-302 didn't work. That doesn't mean we should give up. Naquadria is still our best bet for creating shields and weapons capable of repelling the Goa'uld. We need this."

Scene: SGC - Jonas' Lab

Teal'c: "The Kelownan delegation will arrive soon."

Jonas: "Yeah."

Teal'c: "Is there a problem, Jonas Quinn?"

Jonas: "I've just been, caught up in being a member of SG-1, I kinda forgot how this whole thing started."

Teal'c: "We have taken similar paths. I, too, was forced to betray all of that in which I had placed my faith."

Jonas: "I don't know if I can do it, Teal'c. I mean, they think that I'm a...a traitor."

Teal'c: "When I returned to Chulak after leaving the service of Apophis, I, too, was considered a traitor, Sholva, to my friends and family that I had left behind. In their eyes, I was dead."

Jonas: "It must have been hard for you to go back."

Teal'c: "What I did, I did for my people. In time, they came to understand this."

Jonas: "Well...I don't think my people are ever gonna have a chance to know the truth."

Teal'c: "Then you must draw strength in knowing that your cause is just...and one day your people will benefit from the sacrifices that you have made."

Scene: 'Gateroom A delegation of three has just stepped through the 'gate from Kelowna.

Hammond: "Welcome to Earth. I'm General Hammond."

Hale: "I'm Commander Hale. This is Ambassador Dreylock and Dr. Kieran."

Hammond: "This is Colonel O'Neill, Major Carter, Teal'c, and of course you know Jonas Quinn."

Jonas: "It's good to see you, Professor."

Kieran (ignoring Jonas): "General, I believe we have a lot to discuss."

Hammond: "Right this way."

All but Jack and Jonas leave the 'gateroom and head for the briefing room. Jonas does not move and Jack gives him a look from behind.

Jack: "Friend of yours?"

Jonas: "He was, uh, one of my teachers at University and then he recruited me into the Naquadria project. We've been working together side by side the last six years..."

Jack steps around Jonas to head toward the briefing room; Jonas follows.

Hammond (as all are finally around the conference table): "Please, sit down." (All take a seat.) "I must admit that we were a little surprised to hear from you given the circumstances of our last encounter."

Dreylock: "I'm sure we all regret what happened, but I don't think anything was said or done to damage relations between us irreparably."

Jack: "You accused a member of my team of sabotage to cover up your own incompetence."

Hale: "And you received stolen goods and are harboring a traitor."

Dreylock: "Perhaps it would be better if we focused on the matter at hand."

Hammond: "Which is what, exactly?"

Dreylock: "For several years, an uneasy peace has resulted from the rivalry between the three major powers on our planet - Kelowna, Tirania and the Andari Federation. All of that is about to change."

Hale: "According to our foreign intelligence service, the Tiranians and the Andaris are about to sign a non-aggression pact. This would leave us in a very vulnerable position."

Jack: "I'm just curious...what made you think we would care?"

Kieran: "We still have something that you want, Colonel...Naquadria."

Dreylock: "In fact, thanks to recent discoveries...we have a considerable surplus."

Kieran: "We know that you're decades ahead of us, technologically. In the field of jet propulsion alone, you could provide us with a significant strategic advantage."

Sam: "You want us to give you military technology."

Hale: "Without it, Kelowna faces annihilation."

Teal'c: "You are assuming they intend to attack."

Hale: "The treaty is an obvious prelude to war. If we wait for them to make the first move, we won't stand a chance."

Jack: "See, we've been down this road before..."

Sam: "Uh, on a previous off-world mission, we encountered a race known as the Eurondans. They were losing a war and they offered us technology in exchange for our help. We then discovered that they were guilty of attempted genocide."

Dreylock: "I hardly think this situation compares. All we want is to protect our people."

Hammond: "I understand, but given our past experience, we are reluctant to interfere in the affairs of another planet."

Dreylock: "According to Mr. Quinn's original report, you regularly interfere in the affairs of a race known as the Goa'uld."

Jack: "Well, that's...a little different."

Sam: "The Goa'uld enslave millions of people across the galaxy."

Hale: "If you were to provide us with the means for a quick and decisive victory, you could potentially save hundreds of thousands of lives. If not, we would have no choice but to fall back on our last resort."

Dreylock: "Dr. Kieran and his team have successfully tested a Naquadria bomb. It's destructive power was beyond all expectations. If you do not help us, we will have no choice but to use it."

Scene: Jonas' Lab

Teal'c: "Do you believe the Kelownans are truly facing annihilation?"

Jonas: "Just before I left, we did a detailed projection based on this scenario. We calculated that the combined enemy forces would achieve total air superiority within the first five weeks of the war."

Sam: "So if the Kelownans are gonna to use the bomb, they'll have to do it fast."

Jonas: "They're probably considering a preemptive first strike."

Jack: "Really?"

Jonas: "Colonel, I helped research this report. If they stick with conventional weapons, we are looking at a complete collapse of their entire military within six months."

Sam: "Can't they negotiate? I mean, what are they fighting for anyway?"

Jonas: "Well, there's a thousand different grievances that go back generations. The last major conflict we had was 20 years ago...nothing was resolved. The only difference is that in the past the Tiranians and Andaris hated each other more than the Kelownans."

Jack: "Apparently, they got over it."

Jonas: "Oh it's a marriage of convenience. Sooner or later they'll turn on each other, but by then it'll be too late for Kelowna."

Jack: "'re a member of SG-1 now. Your priorities have changed." Jonas nods his head.

Scene: General Hammonds Office

Jack: "You wanted to see me, sir?"

Hammond: "The Joint Chiefs are meeting in an hour. They're going to want me to give them a recommendation."

Jack: "We can't do it, sir."

Hammond: "You don't think we should help them defend themselves?"

Jack: "I have nothing against them defending themselves do we know they'll stop there?"

Hammond: "You sound like Dr. Jackson..."

Jack: "We spent some time together..."

Hammond: "But I have to wonder if this doesn't have more to do with your own personal distaste for the Kelownans..."

Jack: "Possibly, sir..." Jack is interrupted by alarms klaxons.

Voice over speaker: "Unscheduled off-world activation!"

Scene: Control Room Jack and Hammond arrive and look out at the 'gateroom.

Hammond: "Sgt.?"

Sgt. Davis: "We're receiving a signal, sir. It's the Kelownans."

Hammond: "Open the iris."

Jack and Hammond head down to the 'gateroom as Dr. Keiran steps through the 'gate.

Hammond: "Dr. Kieran..."

Kieran: "I apologize for Ambassador Dreylock and Commander Hale. They were called to an emergency cabinet meeting. The non-aggression pact was signed an hour ago."

Hammond: "My superiors will be meeting soon to discuss your situation."

Keiran: "In the mean time, I'd like to speak to Jonas Quinn."

Scene: Jonas' Lab

Kieran: "Jonas..."

Jonas: "Professor...uh, I didn't know that you were back."

Kieran: "So this is where you're working now."

Jonas: "Yeah...when, uh, when I'm not off world." (Jonas moves a stack of books and papers off a chair and gestures toward the newly emptied chair.) "Please."

Kieran (sitting): "Off must have seen some incredible things."

Jonas (smiling): " have no idea..."

Kieran: "Well, you were always a dreamer, Jonas...but, of course, some of us had to stay behind to deal with reality."

Jonas: "Well, I had to leave. I mean, these people have a much better chance of doing something useful with the Naquadria than we ever had."

Kieran: "What good is that to Kelowna?"

Jonas (frustrated): "Well, if they can master shield technology, they'll share that with us."

Kieran: "They won't even share their most basic military hardware."

Jonas: "That's because you come to them as a representative of only one nation. What the people on our planet need to do is to get over their differences and to unite."

Kieran gets up and quickly closes the door to the lab. He walks back to face Jonas.

Kieran: "Do you really believe that?"

Jonas: "Of course."

Kieran: "Then come with me now...and we could make it happen."

Jonas: "What are you talking about?"

Kieran: "I couldn't say anything before because the other two are not part of the organization...the resistance. I'm a member of an underground network, Jonas. We've infiltrated every level of government, the civil service, even the military. We intend to stop our leaders before they take us to the brink of destruction."

Jonas: "You're talking about a coup."

Kieran: "When the time is right...but we need your help."

Scene: Jonas' Lab

Jonas: "This is insane. I mean your telling me that you're part of a secret organization that is going to seize power from the government."

Kieran: "That's right."

Jonas: "You're going to get yourself killed."

Kieran: "On the contrary...this is our best chance for survival. There's wide-spread discontent with the government's hard-line war policy. That's true in Tirania and with the Andari Federation as well. The people of all three countries are sick of this never-ending conflict, but their leaders have stopped listening to them."

Jonas: "You really think you can succeed?"

Kieran: "I was at the first test of the Naquadria bomb. I saw the destruction. I've been having nightmares about it ever since. We have to succeed."

Scene: Briefing Room SG-1 and General Hammond are around the conference table again.

Hammond: "When are they going to move against the government?"

Jonas: "I don't know, but if they intend to prevent a war, they're gonna have to do something fast."

Teal'c: "That will not prevent their enemies from attacking."

Jonas: "According to Dr. Kieran, there's popular support for a negotiated settlement in all three countries. Now they believe that if the resistance can seize power in Kelowna this will compel the other governments to come back to the table or risk similar uprisings. At the very least, they'll be too busy dealing with internal discontent to launch an attack."

Sam: "If they can pull it off, we might have a more viable trading partner."

Jack: "We need a lot more intel before we proceed with anything."

Hammond: "The Pentagon has authorized SG-1 to return to the planet and offer the Kelownan government non-military technology in exchange for Naquadria."

Jack: "They'll never go for it."

Hammond: "Maybe not, but we have to explore every avenue. In the meantime I want you to make contact with the resistance and determine their strength, their numbers and their chance for success."

Scene: 'Gateroom Dr. Kieran is waiting in the room as Jonas, Sam, Teal'c come in.

Kieran: "Are you ready to go home?"

Jonas: "Well, I'm not expecting a parade."

Kieran: "Not everyone in Kelowna thinks you're a traitor. After you left, all of us working on the Naquadria project began to question what we were doing. You opened our eyes."

Jonas: "Anyway, it's just temporary. If I stay a minute after the negotiations are finished, I'll be arrested for treason."

Kieran: "That will all change after the resistance takes power."

Jack enters the room at that moment.

Jack: "All right. Let's move out."

Scene: Kelowna SG-1 are in a conference room with a large table (not unlike the briefing room - minus the computers). Dreylock, Hale, and another come in to join them.

Dreylock: "Hello again. I apologize for the delay but...these are difficult times for us. May I present First Minister Valis? Colonel O'Neill, Teal'c, Major Carter..."

Valis: "...and Jonas Quinn. It's good to see you again, Jonas."

Jonas: "Thank you, sir."

Valis: "Shall we?" (All take a seat around the table.)

Dreylock: "Have you spoken with your superiors?"

Jack: "Why yes we have...they send their best."

Sam (after realizing that Jack has no intention of continuing): "We've been authorized to continue with the trade negotiations."

Valis: "Excellent."

Sam: "Before we continue...uh, there's something I'd like to clarify. Back on Earth, Ambassador Dreylock referred to recent discoveries leading to a surplus of Naquadria."

Valis: "Yes, our archaeologists have discovered a series of mine shafts beneath the original site. We've managed to extract and process a considerable amount."

Sam: "How much?"

Valis: "I thought you might be interested in the figures so I had it converted to your weight system. I believe it's something in the area of 300 pounds."

Sam (momentarily shocked): "Uh, that's an awful lot of dangerous material. If you like, I could take a look at your storage facilities. I might be able to offer some useful advice."

Hale: "That won't be necessary."

Valis: "It's purely a matter of safety. As Major Carter said the Naquadria is extremely dangerous and we'd hate for some sort of accident to happen."

Jack: "Mmm."

Teal'c: "Clearly you have more Naquadria than you require. What, precisely, are you asking for in return?"

Hale: "We need to start by addressing a serious imbalance in air power. Our enemies have superior numbers in both strategic bombers and long-range fighter escorts. Our only hope to counter them is to get our jet interceptor program off the ground."

Valis: "We've had some technical difficulties with the program, but we have managed to successfully test a few designs. We believe that with the help of Major Carter and a team of your engineers, we can have a combat-ready squadron in less than a month."

Jack: "Well, that's not exactly what we had in mind."

Sam: "We understand from Jonas that Kelownan medical science currently has little or no defense against bacterial infections. We're offering a series of drugs known as antibiotics. We estimate they could save up to 15,000 lives in the first year alone."

Valis: "That's a generous offer, Major, and under different circumstances, we might accept. But at the moment, we have more pressing needs."

Scene: Dr. Kieran's Lab

Dr. Kieran (rubbing his left temple): "So, how are the negotiations coming?"

Jonas: "Well, after four hours...the only thing we could agree on was to adjourn for the day."

Sam: "We're clear, sir, no bugs."

Teal'c: "I do not believe the Kelownans will settle for anything less than military technology."

Kieran: "They know how much you want the Naquadria and they think that eventually you're going to give them what they want."

Jack: "In the meantime, we need you to take us to this...resistance."

Kieran: "Well, it's not that simple. I don't get in touch with them, they get in touch with me."

Sam: "What exactly do you do for them?"

Kieran: "I keep them apprised of all the top-level research at the Academy of Science."

Jack: "Where do you meet them?"

Kieran: "They have a base of operations in an old warehouse by the freight yards. It's very heavily guarded."

Jack: "Take us there."

Kieran: "I can't. I'm not even supposed to go there myself unless I have a scheduled drop."

Jonas: "Professor..."

Kieran: "All right...I'll...I'll talk to them."

Scene: Night - the Kelowna Resistance Headquarters Dr. Kieran approaches a man.

Resistance Leader: "We weren't expecting you this evening, Professor."

Kieran: "I'm sorry. I needed to talk to you."

Resistance Leader: "This isn't a very good time to be taking risks. We've had reports that some members of the government are beginning to questions your loyalty. They've been watching you.

Kieran: "I wasn't followed."

Resistance Leader: "Is this about the delegation from Earth?"

Kieran: "Uh, yes, they want to meet with you."

Resistance Leader: "Well, how do you know they won't betray us to the government in exchange for Naquadria?" Kieran (rubbing his left temple again): "I don't think they would do something like that."

Resistance Leader: "You trust them?"

Kieran: "I trust...Jonas."

Scene: Kelownan Conference Chamber Jonas is escorted into the room by guards.

Jonas (nodding to Valis who is seated at the table on the other end of the room): "First Minister..."

Valis: "Come in." (He rises and nods to the woman who is behind Jonas. She closes the doors so that Jonas and Valis are the only ones in the room.) " I wanted a chance to talk to you Jonas...away from the negotiations." (Gestures toward the seat beside him.) "Please." (Jonas walks up and sits in the chair at the same time that Valis returns to his chair.) "It's difficult for me, Jonas, seeing you sitting across the table, acting as the representative of another planet."

Jonas: "It's not easy for me either...but I made my choices and I'm going to stick by them."

Valis: "I'm sure you thought you were...doing the right thing."

Jonas: "Oh, I know I did the right thing. Stargate Command is going to use the Naquadria to come up with technologies that may one day save this world from an can't possibly imagine."

Valis: "You were one of the most...promising young men any of us had ever seen. Our people had such high hopes for you."

Jonas: "You're not the only one who was disappointed."

Valis: "I know that you think this is...the same old bad blood resurfacing again. Just...just another round of petty violence, but it's not. This time...this time, Jonas, we face total defeat."

Jonas: "Then get back to the negotiating table. Give up some land. You do whatever it takes..."

Valis: "You know how much the Tiranians and the Andaris hate each other. Do you really think that they overcame 200 years of prejudice just to get us to give up a little land? They mean to destroy us, Jonas. This is merely the first step in a fight for world domination and the Naquadria is the only advantage that we have...and that is where you come in, my friend."

Jonas: "I come in?"

Valis: "You're a man of unique talents, Jonas...and despite what you did, I know that it's not too late for you to serve your country. I'm offering you a second chance to do that."

Jonas: "If you're asking me to gather information about Earth technology, that's not going to happen. I will not betray my friends."

Valis: "On the contrary, I'm asking you to help a friend. Dr. Kieran hasn't been the same since you left. Unfortunately, the strain of completing the Naquadria project has...has taken its toll. Lately, his behavior has become increasingly...erratic."

Jonas: "How do you mean?"

Valis: "We're concerned that in his current state, he may be prone to errors of judgment. We want someone over him."

Jonas: "You mean spy on him?"

Valis: "He trusts you, Jonas, and he's still very important to us. If you do this, you will be granted a full pardon. You'll be reinstated into your position at the academy. Your life will resume as though none of this had ever happened. It's time, Jonas, for you to come home."

Scene: Dr. Kieran's Lab Dr. Kieran is leaning over a table, rubbing his forehead.

Kieran: "Oh, I'm tired."

Jonas walks in.

Jonas: "You've been under a lot of strain."

Kieran: "I can't concentrate anymore." (Begins rubbing both temples with his hands.) "I've got these headaches and my mind wanders."

Jonas: "It'll all be over soon."

Kieran: "Do you think I should take Colonel O'Neill and the others to meet the resistance?"

Jonas: "They can help."

Kieran: "I don't know if I trust them."

Jonas: "You trust me, don't you?"

Kieran: "Of course."

Jonas: "Don't worry, then." (Kieran looks at him wearily and nods slightly.) "Everything's gonna be fine."

Scene: Kelownan Conference Chamber - Daytime Negotiations are underway again.

Hale: "You have surface to air missiles that are capable of destroying enemy bombers before they reach our cities."

Jack: "Yes...we do, but we can't give 'em to you."

Hale: "It's purely a defensive technology."

Jack: "Yes...and then one day you take down enemy aircraft defending their cities and quite suddenly, yes, quite suddenly, they become not just defensive but O-fensive."

Teal'c: "Any superior defensive technology can ultimately be turned into an offensive advantage."

Dreylock: "But we are not the aggressors here."

Sam: "You said you wanted a quick and decisive victory. Now we can only assume that that means you intend to press any advantage that we give you."

Valis: " a means of saving lives."

They are interrupted by a woman carrying a message.

Woman: "First Minister?"

Valis: "Excuse us a moment."

All three Kelownans get up from the table and congregate around the woman in a corner.

Jack (to Jonas): "This is proving quite fruitless." (Jonas shrugs.) "Have you spoken with your professor?"

Jonas: "No, I haven't seen him today."

Valis turns toward SG-1.

Valis: "We've just received intelligence that the Tiranians are massing their troops on our northern border."

Sam: "Have they broken off diplomatic relations?"

Dreylock: "Not yet."

Sam: "Well, then, there's still a chance. Maybe we could talk to them."

Valis: "You?"

Sam: "Well...Stargate Command has teams of skilled diplomats. It might help to have an objective third party at the table."

Valis: "No. I'm afraid that's impossible."

Sam: "Why?"

Hale: "That would require us to reveal the existence of the Stargate."

Sam: "Maybe that's not such a bad idea. Once they realize the kind of advancements they can acquire through peaceful negotiations, they may not be so eager to attack."

Dreylock: "You are asking us to reveal something to our sworn enemies that we have yet to admit to our own people."

Jonas: "Looks like it's time you did. Think about it. If everybody knew that this was just one in thousands of inhabited planets, don't you think that they would start focusing on their similarities instead of their differences?"

Valis: "That's a noble sentiment, Jonas. Of course, if it were that simple, I'm sure the existence of the Stargate would be public knowledge on Earth, as well. Isn't that right, Colonel?"

Jack: "Yeah."

Scene: Dr. Kieran's Lab A knock is heard on the door.

Kieran: "Who is it?"

Jonas: "Professor, it's me."

Kieran: "Jonas?"

Jonas: "Yeah, Professor, open up." (Kieran walks up and opens the door. SG-1 enter.) "Is something wrong?"

Kieran: "'s Tomis. Tomis Leed, he's another one of the scientists on the Naquadria project."

Jonas: "Yeah. What's wrong with him?"

Kieran: "He was transferred over night. They cleaned out his office and they won't say where he went."

Sam: "Was he a member of the resistance?"

Kieran: "I recruited him myself. God, now I'm gonna get arrested."

Jonas: "No. We don't know that."

Kieran: "This is not the first time it's happened. About a month ago it was Dr. Silas. They said he was transferred as well and he hasn't been seen or heard from since. We were the three original members of the project. Now, I'm the only one left."

Jack: "All right...we're outta here."

Kieran: "You're leaving?"

Jack: "The negotiations are going nowhere, you're not helping us and quite frankly, you're...organization is about to be exposed."

Kieran: "Wait! We're gonna make our move in two days, but we need your help."

Teal'c: "What are you proposing?"

Kieran: "We're in a position to take every major government building in this city except one - this one. This is their most heavily guarded facility."

Sam: "Because of the Stargate."

Kieran: "That's right. But you people can come and go as you please. You could get a hundred armed men in here before anyone knew what happened. You could take the building from the inside and you wouldn't have to fire a shot!"

Jack: "Not a chance."

Kieran: "Think about it. If you want this coup to succeed, it has to be quick; it has to be as bloodless as possible. If we try to take the building ourselves, we'll get caught in a drawn-out fire-fight and the whole thing could dissolve into a civil war."

Jack: "Not my problem."

Kieran: "There's something else. Over the past three months, I've been smuggling small amounts of Naquadria into the resistance. We've built up a considerable stockpile. If you help us, it's yours. At least talk to them. I'll set up a meeting."

Scene: Kelowna Dr. Kieran is walking in an industrial area when he is grabbed from between buildings by Jonas.

Kieran: "Jonas...what are you doing here?"

Jonas: "You're being followed." (Jonas points down a narrow alley between buildings.) "This way."

Jonas leads Dr. Kieran until they come to the end of the building. Jonas holds out his arms to keep Dr. Kieran from going around the corner until he checks things out.

Jonas: "How far is it to resistance headquarters?"

Kieran: "It's just down that way."

Jonas: "Show me."

Suddenly, from behind them an armed man shouts: "You there! Don't move!"

Jonas and Dr. Kieran start running as a gunshot is heard. Jonas follows Dr. Kieran up a staircase, turning to fire defensive shots at the man following them. The continue to run until they are cornered. The man following them fires more shots and as Dr. Kieran ducks to avoid them, he slips from the platform they are standing on. Kieran is hanging from a bar.

Kieran: "Jonas!"

Jonas: "Professor!"

Jonas reaches for the Kieran, but Kieran's grip slips and he falls to the pavement below (about twenty feet). As the camera pans back up to the plat form, we see that no one is there.

Scene: SGC Infirmary Dr. Fraiser and General Hammond are looking down on Dr. Kieran, who is in a bed with this head bandaged, from the observation area.

Hammond: "What's his condition, Doctor?"

Janet: "Well, sir, he has a severe fracture to his left tibia, but it's the blunt trauma to the head that worries me. We'll keep him under observation for now."

Hammond: "Any idea how it happened?'

Janet (shakes head no): "According to the Kelownans, he was found lying in a deserted street. No one knows how he got there. Apparently Jonas was the one who convinced them he'd have a better chance of recovery with us."

Hammond: "Keep me posted."

Janet: "Yes, sir."

Scene: SGC Briefing Room Hammond and SG-1 are around the table again.

Hammond: "What, exactly, are the Kelownans saying?"

Jack: "Not much."

Sam: "They claim to have no knowledge of how Dr. Kieran was injured."

Teal'c: "And yet, he did have fear he was under threat from the government."

Sam: "Yeah, but if they suspected that he was some kind of rebel spy, they would never have let us bring him back here."

Jack: "His own people may have tried to take him out if they felt he had been compromised."

Hammond: "The question is, what do we do now? Do we go back to the table?"

Jack: "Sir..."

Jonas: "General..."

Jack and Jonas look at each other. Jack gestures for Jonas to continue.

Jonas: "...with all due respect, if we terminate negotiations now, we're going to be backing them into a corner. The way they see it, they'll have no other choice but to launch a preemptive first strike with the Naquadria bomb."

Jack: "Jonas...we're gonna have to do it sooner or later. We can't give 'em what they want."

Jonas: "Well, what about the resistance? If we can help the resistance seize power, we'll still get the Naquadria , plus we'll be saving millions of lives."

Jack: "Even if we wanted to, realistically, there's no way we could find them."

Sam: "Actually sir, that's not exactly true."

Hammond: "Major?"

Sam: "Well, if Dr. Kieran really did smuggle Naquadria to the resistance headquarters, I can track it."

Scene: Kelowna

Sam: "This is where they found Dr. Kieran." (She is holding a sensor device of some sort which is beeping.) "I'm picking something up. This way."

Scene: SGC Infirmary Dr. Kieran wakes up to see Jonas sitting next to him.

Jonas: "Professor?"

Kieran: "Jonas, where am I?"

Jonas: "You're safe."

Kieran: "We need to get to the resistance, they need our help." (He tries to sit up.)

Jonas: "It's all right, it's all right. Everything's going as planned. We'll be making contact soon."

Kieran: "We have to stop the First Minister from using the bomb."

Jonas: "We will. We will."

Kieran: "I never meant for it to turn out this way, Jonas. We were scientists. We thought we were pursuing knowledge. We had no idea what we were creating."

Jonas: "It's not your fault."

Scene shifts to General Hammond as he approaches Janet, who is sitting at a terminal in the Infirmary.

Hammond: "You have something, Doctor?"

Janet: "Yes, sir. These are Dr. Kieran's P.E.T. scans. It shows no sign of brain damage from the injury, but there is something else. These images are consistent with someone suffering from advanced schizophrenia."

Hammond: "Dr. Kieran's one of Kelowna's leading scientists. He's the head of their most top-secret project."

Janet: "I know, I can't explain it. The onset of this disease is extremely rare over the age of 35."

Hammond: "That would mean he's been functioning for at least 20 years without anyone noticing his condition."

Janet: "It's almost inconceivable."

Hammond: "What kind of symptoms are we talking about here?"

Janet: "Paranoia, delusions...possible even full-blown hallucinations."

Scene shifts back to Dr. Kieran and Jonas.

Kieran: "I'm glad you weren't there the day we tested the bomb, Jonas."

Jonas: "It must have been hard for you."

Kieran: "I'll never forget it. The ground shook, the air caught fire, the destruction was unimaginable."

The camera pans back to show a monitor of the bay where Dr. Kieran is lying as well as the bay through the observation windows. While we see Jonas sitting next Dr. Kieran in the observation window, there is no sign of Jonas in the monitor.

Scene: Kelownan Conference Chamber Commander Hale is pointing at a map and talking to First Minister Valis.

Hale: "The Tiranian central forces are located here. We'll move the third division and the reserves to this point."

Valis: "How long can we resist?"

Jonas walks into the room.

Jonas: "First Minister? We need to talk."

Scene: Sam, Teal'c, and Jack approach the warehouse where the resistance had been earlier in the show.

Sam: "In here."

We now see that it is really an abandoned place that has not been actively visited for a very long time.

Jack: "Carter, you sure?"

Sam: "Yes, sir. This is the place."

Scene: The abandoned Kelownan warehouse. Sam is using the scanning device, which is beeping faster. Jack and Teal'c are looking around.

Sam: "Over here, sir." (She lifts the lid of a crate to reveal several containers inside.) "Naquadria...a lot of it."

Scene: Kelownan Conference Chamber Jonas is standing, leaning on the conference table at the opposite end from Hale and Valis.

Hale: "We must defend ourselves."

Jonas: "You're going to use the Naquadria bomb, aren't you?"

Hale: "If Earth will not help us, we have no choice."

Jonas (as he walks up the side of the table, closer to them): "I wish you could see what I've seen. I have actually been on board a Goa'uld mothership. I've seen their destructive power. They can park in orbit and systematically annihilate every major city on our entire planet, regardless of who's Kelownan or Tiranian. To them we're all just potential slaves."

Valis: "Jonas, the Goa'uld haven't been here for a thousand years. What makes you think they would come back now?"

Jonas: "The Naquadria is a derivative of Naquadah, which is the very basis of their technology. It's literally in their blood. They can smell it. If you continue using it, I guarantee you, eventually, they will take notice."

Jack enters the room.

Jack: "Jonas...we're leaving."

Jonas (to Valis and Hale): "Just...wait."

Jonas walks back to talk quietly with Jack.

Jonas: "What happened?"

Jack: "Carter and Teal'c are back at the SGC already."

Jonas: "What about the resistance?"

Jack: "There is no resistance. It was all in his head...a fantasy."

Jonas (in disbelief): "That's impossible."

Jack: "This is from Fraiser...Dr. Kieran is schizophrenic. It might be a side effect of the research they've been doing here."

Jonas: "The Naquadria..."

Jack: "It's time to go home." (Jonas motions for Jack to wait just a moment and turns to go back to the other end of the table.) "Jonas..."

Jonas (to Valis and Hale): "What happened to Dr. Silas and Dr. Leed?" (Valis and Hale look at each other.) "They weren't transferred, were they?"

Valis: "They were taken to a government mental facility, Jonas."

Jonas (pointing, accusing): "You knew."

Valis: "No, we suspected. We had thought that Dr. Silas was a unique case, but when Dr. Leed began to exhibit similar behavior, we became concerned."

Jonas: "That's why you wanted me to keep an eye on him."

Hale: "We had to keep it quiet, so as not to alarm the other scientists. Their research is too important."

Scene: SGC Briefing Room

Janet: "As near as I can tell, it's a unique form of brain damage resulting from long-term exposure to Naquadria radiation."

Sam: "I went over the specs from the Kelownan bomb project. It looks like they never had proper shielding."

Hammond: "Is Jonas at risk?"

Janet: "No. I've already tested him. He's negative. My guess is, he didn't have enough exposure."

Hammond: "The Pentagon is eager to resume our own research on the Naquadria you found in the warehouse."

Janet: "That shouldn't be a problem, sir. I mean we are double-checking, but I think that our existing safeguards are sufficient."

Sam: "I sent a message to the Kelownans detailing the risk and offering our help to upgrade their facilities. Unfortunately, I haven't gotten any response."

Hammond: "In fact, we've heard nothing from the Kelownans since Colonel O'Neill and Jonas returned."

Teal'c: "They may well be at war by now."

Jonas: "What about Dr. Kieran?"

Janet: "With proper medication, we can keep his condition from deteriorating. Unfortunately, there's no way to reverse the damage that's already been done."

Scene: SGC Infirmary Jonas walks and sits next to Dr. Kieran's bed. This time he is really there.

Kieran: "Jonas..."

Jonas: "Professor..."

Kieran: "I hear I'm being moved today..."

Jonas: "Yeah. We're gonna to take you to a...facility that's better equipped to deal with your needs."

When the nurse leaves his side, Dr. Kieran leans into speak more quietly to Jonas.

Kieran: "I understand everything is in place for the coup."

Jonas: "Really?"

Kieran: "They're keeping me informed."

Dr. Kieran looks up and sees the Resistance Leader standing in the observation area. The Leader nods his head to Kieran. Jonas follows his gaze to look up at the observation area, but sees no one.

Kieran: "After they take power, the resistance is going to dismantle the bomb, and shut down the Naquadria project forever."

Jonas (smiles sadly and nods at Dr. Kieran): "That's good, Professor. They couldn't have done it without you."

Kieran: "Do you really think so?"

Jonas: "I know so. You saved the world."

End Credits

Source : Stargate fusion.
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