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La Porte des Rêves


Scene: Hospital

A doctor walks through the hospital. He goes into an operating room and we see there is a patient whose face is obscured by the sheet.

DOCTOR: Let us proceed.

We go above the sheet and see Teal'c having an oxygen mask put on his face. He then sees the doctor is Apophis whose eyes glow.

APOPHIS: Scalpel.

Scene: Barracks

Teal'c sits up in bed, breathing heavily. He gets up to wash his face. Probie (Jonas) gets up.

JONAS: You all right?

TEAL'C: What?

JONAS: Another nightmare?

TEAL'C: Yeah.

JONAS: What about?

TEAL'C: Nothin'!

Jonas shrugs.

TEAL'C: Look, I'm fine. Go on back to sleep, Probie, you got a big day tomorrow.

JONAS: Hey, you know, if I was doing what you're doing for my stepfather, I'd...

TEAL'C: I'm fine with it.

JONAS: I know you are. I'm just saying that I'd be having nightmares too. Listen T, you made me feel like one of the team, if there's anything I can do.

TEAL'C: Probie, forget about it. Go on back to sleep, man.

JONAS: You sure you're okay?

TEAL'C: Yeah. Yeah man, get out of here.

Jonas leaves. Teal'c looks down at his stomach.

Scene: SGC

Teal'c looks up and we see he is kel'no'reeming. He touches his pouch.

Scene: Commissary

Sam is looking at the desserts. Teal'c walks in.

TEAL'C: Major Carter.

CARTER: Teal'c. I thought you were going to get in a few hours of kel'no'reem?

TEAL'C: I was unable to do so.

CARTER: Does that happen often?

TEAL'C: It is rare. Most often when recovering from an injury.

CARTER: You look okay to me. Why don't you try a glass of warm milk?

TEAL'C: I would prefer not to consume bovine lactose at any temperature.

CARTER: Cup of herbal tea, then? Can't hurt.

She pours him a drink.

TEAL'C: Very well.

CARTER: You know you might be preoccupied with the upcoming mission. I mean there is a lot at stake, this could be the rebel jaffa's last chance....

The scene shifts and T is drinking a cup of something.

CARTER: Don't deny you're worried about it; it's all over your face.

TEAL'C: What's on my face? Jack/Chief walks in.

O'NEILL: You know, T, maybe Carter's right. You should think about this a little more.

TEAL'C: What?

O'NEILL: The whole kidney thing.

TEAL'C: You're talking about the transplant.

CARTER: Yeah, T man we're talking about the transplant.

TEAL'C: Hey what do I need with two, right?

JONAS: Yeah, one'll do you right. Well isn't it true you can lead a perfectly healthy life with just one kidney?

Jack and Teal'c just look at him.

JONAS: I'll go check on breakfast.

O'NEILL: T, this is major surgery.

TEAL'C: I know that. Look, we've gotten second and third opinions and second and third opinions on those opinions and they all come back the same. They're not going to find a better match than I am. Either I do this or Bray dies. And frankly, after all Bray's done for me, I owe him.

CARTER: All we're saying is if there was another option...

TEAL'C: It's already arranged and booked. I go in day after tomorrow.

Jonas comes out chiming a bell.

JONAS: Gentlemen and Lady. Breakfast is served.

CARTER: That's Captain to you Probie and it better be good.

The alarms go off. Everyone gets up.

Jack gets into a van. Everyone else gets into a truck with all their gear on.

The fire trucks move out.

Scene: Engine 7

Carter is in the front.

DESPATCH: Rescue to engine 7, we have a 2 car head on collision with possible multiple injuries. BE advised one of the vehicles is leaking gas.

CARTER: Roger that despatch, confirm location at Taylorway overpass.

DESPATCH: Roger that.

CARTER: ETA five minutes.

DESPATCH: Ten four.

CARTER: Ten four, over and out.

Teal'c and Jonas are in the back.

TEAL'C: Okay, Probie, great way to get your feet wet.

JONAS: Ready.

CARTER: Yes you are.

Scene: Taylorway Overpass.

The engines pull up. Two people are still in one car, another man is lying in the road with a woman beside him.

CARTER: Probie, air up. Ray, stretch out a pre connect. Terry I want foam on that line.

Teal'c is with the man on the road.

TEAL'C: Can you hear me?

Jack arrives.

FIREMAN: Chief, we got one adult male and the kid trapped inside the northbound vehicle, other driver's outside and the red vehicle's leaking gas pretty bad.

Sam and Jonas move past.

FIREMAN: I got the gas leak.

CARTER: Great.

Sam goes to the child.

CARTER: Hi there, can you hear me?

The child nods.

CARTER: Good boy. I need you to stay still, we're gonna get you out of here soon. (To someone else) He's alert and responsive. What have you got?

Jonas just shakes his head.

CARTER: Okay, give me a hand here. (To someone else) Let's pop the door. (To the boy) Okay, stay still, we're gonna get you out. Come on Probie.

Teal'c is with the man on the road.

TEAL'C: Hurry up with that clamp! (To the man) It's all right. You're gonna be all right. Easy now, on my count. 3, 2 ,1.

They turn him over. It's Apophis.

Teal'c jumps back. He looks again and it's a man who looks like Apophis.

Back to the red car, they start to open the passenger door and the car is on fire.

CARTER: Let's get this fire out.

FIREMAN: Can't charge the line. No pressure.

The flames get larger as they try to get the driver out. Teal'c looks at the car and sees Bra'tac reaching out.

O'NEILL: Everybody out of there!

Everyone retreats except Teal'c.

CARTER: T, get your ass out of there, that's an order!

Teal'c just jumps over the car and goes to the driver.

BRA'TAC: Save yourself.

TEAL'C: I'm getting you out Old man.

BRA'TAC: Save yourself!


Teal'c tries to break the front windshield. The car explodes and throws him back.

Scene: Commissary

Teal'c hits the ground.

CARTER: Teal'c! Get a medical team down here now!

Scene: Infirmary

Teal'c is having the penlight treatment.

FRAISER: Well whatever happened, you seem fine now. Still, I've never heard of any jaffa fainting before, let alone you.

TEAL'C: I did not faint, Doctor Fraiser.

CARTER: Sorry Teal'c but you did. One minute I was talking about the upcoming mission, the next minute you were lying flat on your back. Could this have anything to do with his inability to kel'no'reem earlier?

FRAISER: Well, kel'no'reem meditation is like sleep in the sense that it's necessary in order for a jaffa to rejuvenate his body but not being able to reach a state of kel'no'reem on just one occasion wouldn't cause you to faint like that, would it?

TEAL'C: No it would not.

FRAISER: And you're not in any pain?

TEAL'C: None.

CARTER: Maybe you were just bored of what I was saying?

Teal'c just looks at her.

CARTER: No, fine. On that note, I'll say goodnight.

FRAISER: Night Sam.

CARTER: Prescribe him some warm milk.

TEAL'C: I have no intention of remaining here Dr Fraiser.

FRAISER: Teal'c this has never happened to you before so I do want to run a few tests.

TEAL'C: That would be completely..

FRAISER: AH! Doctors orders! And close your eyes and try to relax okay?

Teal'c lies down.

TEAL'C: Very well.

Scene: Hospital

Teal'c is lying in a bed.

O'NEILL: You are one lucky son of a bitch.

TEAL'C: O'Neill. Bray. Bray, he was in that car.

O'NEILL: What?

TEAL'C: He was in the car.

O'NEILL: Who was?

TEAL'C: Bray. Did you get him out?

O'NEILL: T, he's two floors up. Waiting for his new kidney. We're trying to arrange for him to come down for a little visit.

TEAL'C: The guy in the car, what happened to him?

O'NEILL: There's no way, he was dead before we got there.

TEAL'C: I could have sworn...

O'NEILL: Listen, um, they're thinking of postponing the surgery for a day or so.

TEAL'C: I'm fine.

O'NEILL: Sure you are. How's your head?

TEAL'C: Pretty bad.

O'NEILL: Why don't I go see what Western medicine has for you, huh?

TEAL'C: Chief, thanks for being here for me, man.

O'NEILL: Any time.

Jack walks off.

Scene: Hospital corridor.

Jack walks down the corridor. Bray (Bra'tac) is being pushed in a wheelchair by Shauna. (Shau'nac)

O'NEILL: Bray, you old fart, you still alive?

BRAY: Chief, you sorry excuse for a human being. When are you going to get the message and stop visiting me?

O'NEILL: Like a moth to flame, I can't help myself. Hi honey. (To Shauna)

SHAUNA: Hi Jack. Isn't he awake?

O'NEILL: Yeah. He's got a little bit of a headache.

BRAY: I'm not surprised he's in pain. He was sent flying, the way I hear it.

O'NEILL: Yeah. Why don't you go in?

SHAUNA: Uh Jack? (To Bray) You go ahead without me. Did T say anything about Bray?

O'NEILL: About thinking he was the guy in the car?

SHAUNA: Yeah, I mean he's being mumbling in his sleep. Do you think he's okay? I mean, do you think this transplant thing is making him...

O'NEILL: This is a big deal. I think it'd mess with anyone's head. Look, I know a resident psychologist here; I'll have a talk with him. He's good, you'll like him.

SHAUNA: Thanks Jack.

Scene: Teal'c's room

Teal'c and Shauna are kissing while Bray looks out of the window.

SHAUNA: I don't know what I would do, my love.

TEAL'C: You'll never have to know.

BRAY: You want to tell me what the hell you were thinking? Hmm?

TEAL'C: I guess I wasn't.

BRAY: We're fireman. There's putting your life on the line and there's being stupid. Guess which one you picked?

TEAL'C: I know. I know.

SHAUNA: His only fault is he wants to help people.

BRAY: By sacrificing himself?

SHAUNA: Doesn't matter now. It's over. He's all right.

BRAY: No he's not.

TEAL'C: Bray, what are talking about man? You're starting to scare me.

BRAY: You should be scared.


BRAY: Why aren't you burned anywhere? The car exploded right in your face and you come away from it with a headache? Something's wrong. And he knows it.

Scene: Infirmary

Janet is talking to Jack.

TEAL'C: What is happening?

FRAISER: I'm sorry Teal'c; I didn't mean to wake you.

TEAL'C: Wake me?

FRAISER: According to these readings, you've been fast asleep for most of the night.

TEAL'C: My mind was filled with images. Thoughts of me yet I was not entirely myself.

FRAISER: Happens to humans all the time.

O'NEILL: It's called dreaming, Teal'c.

FRAISER: You don't dream while in kel'no'reem meditation?

TEAL'C: Not in this manner. While in a state of kel'no'reem I am in complete control of my thoughts.

FRAISER: So how do you feel?

TEAL'C: It was so real.

O'NEILL: Oooh, I love when that happens.

FRAISER: It's not uncommon especially in the first moments after one wakes up to feel disoriented. Not uncommon for humans, very strange for jaffa.

O'NEILL: So, Doc this is Teal'c we're dealing with here, right? I mean aside from the bad dreams and the odd fainting spell, he's still...

FRAISER: He's still better off than 99% of my patients. Tests show you're in otherwise perfect health.

O'NEILL: Good. So he can go back to work?

FRAISER: Yeah, so long as the dreams don't become debilitating or you faint again, I don't see why not.

O'NEILL: Excellent. Let's go.

FRAISER: Ah, just two more minutes Colonel. I'd like to perform a routine examination of his symbiote and then you can go.

She draws the curtain.

Scene: Hospital

Daniel pulls back the curtain.


Teal'c looks up.


DANIEL: I'm Doctor Daniel Jackson; I'm with the resident psychologists here. I heard you might like to talk.

TEAL'C: So, Daniel Jackson.

DANIEL: Ah, you can call me Daniel if you like.

TEAL'C: You think I'm crazy?

DANIEL: No, not yet. We just met.

TEAL'C: We haven't met before?

DANIEL: No, no I don't think so.

TEAL'C: I'm sure we have.

DANIEL: Well maybe in another life or something like that, if you believe in that sort of thing. Some people do. I just came by to talk.

TEAL'C: About what?

DANIEL: Whatever's on your mind. Possibly about this operation that's scheduled for what is it, tomorrow? Course it had to be postponed because apparently you were blown twenty feet across a street so...

TEAL'C: I'm going through with it.

DANIEL: I never said you shouldn't go through with it but a couple of your friends thought you might want to talk about it. Just so you know. Could we get out of here, maybe go for a walk or something.

TEAL'C: Sure. You're the doctor.

DANIEL: Right. Let's go.

Scene: Outside the hospital

Daniel and Teal'c are walking.

DANIEL: So how did Bray become your step father?

TEAL'C: Technically, I guess he isn't, I just think of him that way. He raised me after my father died.

DANIEL: Good. You got a good job, you help people out and from what your friends tell me, you're quite the hero.

TEAL'C: Yeah, well that was just plain stupid.

DANIEL: What was?

TEAL'C: What brought me here in the first place. We came on a crash site and one of the drivers was hurt pretty bad.

DANIEL: You thought he was Bray, your step father.

TEAL'C: Who told you that?

DANIEL: Your friends care about you, that's why they've asked me to see you. It's a good thing. You're giving up a part of yourself, a vital part and you're doing it out of love.


DANIEL: So, maybe you're afraid. Maybe subconsciously you're afraid that you won't be yourself anymore.

TEAL'C: The doctor told me I would lead a perfectly normal life after the transplant.

DANIEL: Self preservation is a powerful instinct.

TEAL'C: I'm not afraid Doc. Not one bit.

DANIEL: That's quite a burden to carry, all that denial. And until you're willing to let it go, I can't let you go through with the operation.

TEAL'C: No you can't stop me.

DANIEL: Ah yes, I can actually and I will.

TEAL'C: Why?

DANIEL: In medicine we don't destroy one man's life to save another. That's not how it works.

TEAL'C: Look at me Doc. I'm the healthiest damn human being you've ever seen and you know it. I'm a 100%.

DANIEL: I'm not just talking about your body.

TEAL'C: Then what?

DANIEL: You've been having nightmares, almost every night, from what I've been told.

TEAL'C: Big deal.

DANIEL: And? And it's a big and, yesterday you had a full blown hallucination. I'm sorry but that is a big deal. Look all I'm saying is your life is every bit as important as Bray's, so if you're going to go through with this, you have to accept what it is going to do to you.

TEAL'C: I want to save Bray.

DANIEL: I know you do. And I want to help you do that. That is a promise. Now if you know your way back to your room, I have to go, I'm extremely late for another appointment. So uh...

He walks off.

TEAL'C: What is it Doc, is my hour up already?

DANIEL: No actually your twenty minutes are up, we'll work our way up to an hour.

He leaves. Teal'c walks off back into a corridor at the SGC.

Scene: Gate room

The Gate is on. Teal'c walks in.

O'NEILL: Hey. Let's go. You know how much it costs to keep that thing on?

Sam, Jack and Jonas are standing on the ramp.

TEAL'C: I'm ready.

O'NEILL: Good, let's move out. What's wrong with you?

TEAL'C: Nothing is wrong O'Neill.

O'NEILL: I need you to focus.

TEAL'C: I am ready.

O'NEILL: All right then.

Jack waves Teal'c through.

Teal'c exits the wormhole back into the hospital.

Scene: Hospital Corridor

Teal'c walks into a room and sees Apophis.

APOPHIS: You are afraid to die.


APOPHIS: Because you know I will be waiting for you in the afterlife.

TEAL'C: Who are you?

APOPHIS: You know who I am Teal'c. I am your God.


NURSE: Excuse me sir? Are you lost?

Teal'c is now wearing ordinary clothes and the previously empty room is full of patients.

TEAL'C: No I'm..

NURSE: Are you sure you're all right?

TEAL'C: I'm fine. Wrong room. Sorry.

Teal'c leaves.

NURSE: Sir, sir?

Teal'c reaches a door and turns to see a Doctor in surgical garb. It's Apophis again.

APOPHIS: You cannot escape your fate, shol'va.

Teal'c opens the door and again enters the Gateroom.

O'NEILL: Hey come on, let's go. You know how much it costs to keep that thing open? Bra'tac's waiting for you.

TEAL'C: Something is wrong.

CARTER: What is it?

TEAL'C: He must have taken it.

JONAS: Who must have taken what?

Teal'c starts to undo his jacket.

O'NEILL: Shut it down.

The Gate shuts down.

O'NEILL: Teal'c?

TEAL'C: My symbiote is gone.

O'NEILL: Fraiser just gave you a clean bill of health.

TEAL'C: My symbiote is gone! My symbiote is gone!

O'NEILL: Get a medical team down here right now.

TEAL'C: Help me, help me.

Scene: Planet

We see a field full of dead jaffa. Teal'c and Bra'tac are lying together near a lake.

TEAL'C: Hold on old man.

Teal'c takes the symbiote from Bra'tac and puts it in his own pouch.

TEAL'C: Help me, help me.

SHAUNA: It's just a nightmare, you're safe.

Teal'c is now in bed with Shauna.

TEAL'C: I was in the hospital.

SHAUNA: That's right. They performed the transplant and you recovered. They sent you home.

TEAL'C: I don't remember.

SHAUNA: You saved his life.

TEAL'C: I don't remember coming home.

SHAUNA: But you are home. With me. And everything's all right.

Teal'c sits up and sees a scar.

TEAL'C: O'Neill. O'Neill picked me up and he took me home.

SHAUNA: That's right. Bray's gonna be fine. And so are you. It's just a nightmare, my love.

TEAL'C: I feel like... Shauna, I feel like I'm going insane.

SHAUNA: A few bad dreams.

TEAL'C: You can't tell anyone about this, okay? Because I don't want people to start thinking I'm going crazy.

SHAUNA: I promise.

TEAL'C: When I'm there, this is the dream.

SHAUNA: When you're there?

TEAL'C: I'm part of something. Military or underground. A secret place.

SHAUNA: Sweetheart, I don't understand what you're saying.

TEAL'C: I'm serious.

SHAUNA: It's dreams.

TEAL'C: They say this is the dream. And when I'm there I believe it. When I'm there, it makes sense that this can't be real. When I'm here....

SHAUNA: Honey, Look at me. Look at me. Kiss me. How can that not be real?

Shauna puts her head on his shoulder.

Scene: Hospital

Teal'c is walking along the corridor. He walks into Bray's room.

BRAY: Hey. How're you feeling?

TEAL'C: Better. And you?

BRAY: They haven't told you? They say my body's rejecting the new kidney.

TEAL'C: What?

BRAY: They're pumping me full of anti-rejection drugs. This and that and everything, but I got to say, if it doesn't take, I'm ready to go. I really am. How do you know this operation isn't keeping me from going to a better place?

TEAL'C: Come on Bray; don't even start talking like that!

BRAY: Why are we so afraid of dying? I'm not afraid.

TEAL'C: I am, okay. I'd rather die myself than let you go. So you hang in there, old man. Because I did not go through this so you could give up on me.

Scene: Outside the Hospital

Teal'c is sitting down and Daniel walks up.

DANIEL: Am I late? I thought I was supposed to be at eleven?

TEAL'C: It is.

DANIEL: Oh. Been up to see Bray?

TEAL'C: Just came from there.

DANIEL: How's he doing?

TEAL'C: His body is rejecting the new kidney.

DANIEL: Well you knew that might happen.

TEAL'C: There's got to be something we can do.

DANIEL: You've done everything humanly possible.

TEAL'C: I didn't go through this so Bray could die.

DANIEL: Why are you going through this? I mean, why do you think this is happening? All of it, Bray, the nightmares you've been having?

TEAL'C: The nightmares are gone.

DANIEL: You're not dreaming you're part of some secret military operation underground?

TEAL'C: Shauna told you.


TEAL'C: Then how the hell do you know?

DANIEL: I just know, it doesn't matter.

TEAL'C: Fine. I'll ask her myself.

DANIEL: Because we've talked about this before. You just don't remember, just like you don't remember the operation or getting discharged from the hospital, all right? Right? Well, tell me about it again.

TEAL'C: I'm part of something, a team.

DANIEL: Who's on this team?

TEAL'C: Same as at the fire hall. Chief O'Neill, Captain Carter, hell even Probie's there.

DANIEL: Probie is who?

TEAL'C: Probationary fireman. It's the same as calling someone a rookie.

DANIEL: Right.

TEAL'C: His name's Jonas.

DANIEL: And what does this team do? The one in your dream?

TEAL'C: Go places, you know, try to make a difference. Help people.

DANIEL: You're a fireman.

TEAL'C: No we um...

DANIEL: You're just gonna have to trust me.

TEAL'C: All right. We go to other planets through a big ring of shimmering blue water. I'm not even human.

DANIEL: You're a...

TEAL'C: A jaffa. I carry this thing round in my gut that's called a symbiote. Helps keep me alive.

DANIEL: Something like a kidney, something you might be hesitant to give up? Let me ask you this, does Bray fit anywhere into your dream?

TEAL'C: Which one? Hell I don't even know what's real any more.

DANIEL: You're not alone in that. Lot's of people have been trying to figure out the answer to that question for a long time. So just let me get this straight. When you're there, this is the dream. When you're here, that's the dream?

TEAL'C: They're both so real.

DANIEL: And both you're having nightmares?

TEAL'C: Hell, I'm not even supposed to dream in the other one.

DANIEL: Because you're jaffa?

TEAL'C: Don't ask me.

DANIEL: I mean it's really neither here nor there; the point is both can't be real.


DANIEL: So you're trying to figure out which of the two lives you seem to be leading is the real one so that you can stay there or here or wherever it is you're supposed to be once and for all. But maybe the answer to that question is something you haven't even considered. Maybe neither one is real.

TEAL'C: What?

DANIEL: Think about it. If you can't distinguish between them, if the one seems equally as real as the other, maybe you don't belong in either one.

TEAL'C: Then what do I do?

DANIEL: Hang in there, just a little while longer.

Daniel gets up and walks off.

TEAL'C: Hey you can't leave me here like this!

DANIEL: I haven't left your side Teal'c. And I'm not going to. That's a promise.

O'Neill puts his hand on Teal'c's shoulder and he is back in the Gateroom. He's wearing a robe and looks a little worse for wear.

TEAL'C: O'Neill.

FRAISER: It's okay.

O'NEILL: Yeah, you're gonna be all right, just hang in there.

FRAISER: Teal'c, listen to me okay. This is very important. How long have you gone without your symbiote?

TEAL'C: Bra'tac?

FRAISER: It's okay, it's okay. He's alive, thanks to you but I need to know how long?

TEAL'C: You must save Bra'tac!

FRAISER: We'll do our best okay. Let's take them both directly to OR 1. Let's move. Easy.

Teal'c is put on a gurney and wheeled out. Hammond walks in.

HAMMOND: What happened Colonel?

O'NEILL: It was a set up from the get go Sir.

HAMMOND: Meeting of the rebel leaders?

O'NEILL: There was no meeting. It was an ambush.

CARTER: We found over a hundred rebel jaffa dead. Every single one of them had had their symbiotes removed except one.

O'NEILL: Bra'tac.

JONAS: He and Teal'c were the only warriors left alive.

HAMMOND: Teal'c left for this meeting over three days ago. How did he manage to stay alive that long without a symbiote?

CARTER: Sir, it's possible Teal'c survived the ambush and used his own symbiote to keep both he and Bra'tac alive until we got there.

JONAS: He knew we'd show up as soon as he was late.

HAMMOND: Well how long can two jaffa survive with only one symbiote between them?

CARTER: We've no idea Sir. Up until a couple of hours ago, we didn't even think it was possible.

HAMMOND: Report to the briefing room in one hour.

O'NEILL: Yes Sir.

Scene: Control Room

Janet and Hammond walk up the steps to the briefing room.

FRAISER: We've managed to stabilise them by using the same method Teal'c must have used to keep them both alive otherwise he would have been dead when they found him. You see, we're essentially transferring from one to the other.

HAMMOND: How long can you keep them both alive that way?

FRAISER: I really don't know Sir. It's a miracle they've survived this long. Don't ask me how Teal'c had the strength or the where with all to keep it up.

JONAS: Dr Fraiser, forgive the obvious, but why can't we just get him another symbiote?

CARTER: We've looked into it. It's all but impossible right now to find a symbiote that isn't already being used.

JONAS: Right.

HAMMOND: We contacted the Tok'ra as soon as we received your emergency radio transmission and apprised them of Teal'c and Bra'tac's condition. Jacob's on the way.

O'NEILL: Sir, if it comes down to a choice...

HAMMOND: Jack, we have to consider that Teal'c has already made a choice. Now according to Dr Fraiser, he's gone through hell in order to see it through.

O'NEILL: Well let's hope it doesn't come down to that.

Scene: Gateroom

Sam walks up the ramp. Jacob walks through.

CARTER: Dad. Thank God you're here.

JACOB: Hopefully I'm not too late.

Scene: Infirmary

Teal'c and Bra'tac are on adjoining beds.

JONAS: How are they?

TEAL'C: Shauna.

JONAS: Shauna?

FRAISER: Shau'nac. She was very important in Teal'c's life. You see, when a jaffa goes without a symbiote for any protracted length of time, at least according to jaffa legend, his life flashes before his eyes. You know it might help if you talk to him.

JONAS: Yeah. Teal'c, you gotta hang in there. I need you. You made me feel like one of the team. If there's anything I can do.

TEAL'C: Don't worry about it Probie. Go back to sleep.

JONAS: Probie?

Jacob, Sam, Jack and Hammond walk in.

JACOB: Dr Fraiser. What's their condition?

FRAISER: They're critical. All three of them.

O'NEILL: Three?

FRAISER: Due to his advanced age and the fact that his body is showing signs of rejecting the symbiote, Bra'tac has had to have it longer than Teal'c. Now it seems the strain of keeping them both alive is too much for the symbiote. I don't think it could restore either one of them at this point.

JONAS: What about a hand device?

JACOB: I've brought something better. Something that should work as effectively as a symbiote. At least for the short term.

O'NEILL: What's that?

CARTER: Tretonin sir.

Jacob hands it to Janet.

JONAS: The drug the Pangarans offered us?

O'NEILL: Whoa. That's ground Goa'uld isn't it?

JACOB: It's a little more refined than that Jack, but yes it is derived from Goa'uld symbiotes.

CARTER: It supplanted the immune systems in the Pangarans, why couldn't it do the same for the jaffa?

FRAISER: I've already considered it, it won't work. The sample I studied was designed to take the place of a human immune system.

JACOB: We've since refined it specifically for jaffa physiology. The Tok'ra have been looking forward to an end of the jaffa's dependence on symbiotes for centuries. We've been working on this tretonin variant ever since you introduced us to the Pagarans. But it hasn't been tested.

FRAISER: But even if it does work, I mean, Teal'c and Bra'tac will become just as dependent on the tretonin as the Pangarans.

JACOB: Given time, we can solve that problem. But at least they'll be alive.

FRAISER: If I knew for a fact that this is what Teal'c wanted..

CARTER: Janet, this could ultimately lead to freedom from Goa'uld oppression for all jaffa. That's something that Teal'c and Bra'tac want more than anything.


FRAISER: Yes sir.

O'NEILL: Teal'c without Junior. That's a concept.

Scene: Infirmary

Teal'c is in bed. He opens his eyes to see Daniel.

DANIEL: Hey Teal'c.

TEAL'C: Am I dreaming?

DANIEL: No, not this time. It's late, everyone's gone home for the night. I just wanted to make sure you're okay.

TEAL'C: What of Bra'tac?

DANIEL: Bra'tac's fine. Thanks to you.

TEAL'C: And to you as well I believe.

DANIEL: No, no that was you. I don't know anyone that could have done what you did. You kept him alive for three days without ever thinking about yourself. Every time you gave up your symbiote you knew it might be for the last time.

TEAL'C: This experience has been very different for me. It seemed so real.

DANIEL: Your mind took you where it needed to go. I promise you this is real. You're just going to have to trust me on that. You go to sleep. When you wake up, everything's gonna be fine.

TEAL'C: Is that a promise Daniel Jackson?

DANIEL: That's a promise.

Teal'c closes his eyes.


Source : Stargate Fusion.

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