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Effet Domino


SCENE: Opens on a shot of Cheyenne Mountain, then on the Control room.


Landry and Lam enter, just as the gate activates, there's a bright flash of light, and the sound of something hitting huge hitting the iris.

LANDRY: what the hell was that?

HARRIMAN: I don't know sir…uh…we're receiving SG-1's IDC.

LANDRY: They're back early…open the Iris.

The Iris opens, and SG-1 (in black) steps through the gate calmly and walk down the ramp.

SCENE: Briefing room. Landry paces, SG-1 sitting round the table

LANDRY: There was nothing on your end? Nothing out of the ordinary to account for what we heard?

CARTER: No sir…it was perfectly routine…we just…dialed the gate and stepped through.

LANDRY: Gate diagnostics showed no irregularities…still I'd like you to double check the data once we're done here.

CARTER: Yes sir.

LANDRY: Tell me about the planet…

MITCHELL: Well…we can confirm that the locals were visited by a prior two weeks ago…he preformed the standard miracles…healed the sick, cured the blind and…passed out the usual literature *pushes the book of Ori forward*

JACKSON: The natives are easy pickings…they feel as though they were abandoned by their God…Amaterasu and n-

LANDRY: Ba'al.

JACKSON: Excuse me?

LANDRY: You said Amaterasu…according to the background file…*taps folder, sits…* P4R was once under Ba'al's control…

JACKSON: *Leans forward to look at file* P4R?...Sir…we…we went to PX7 455…I believe you have the wrong report…*Landry frowns, and Mitchell takes the report to look at* anyway…the Tok'ra have been monitoring the in roads that the Ori have been making in the region for quite some time…

TEAL'C: According to Selmak they are taking advantage of the relationships between-

LANDRY: *Shocked*…did you just say Selmak??

TEAL'C: *Mitchell and Carter look up from the report to Landry*


LANDRY: Teal'c…Selmak is dead. *SG-1 all looks surprised by this*

CARTER: uh…Sir…Selmak and Jacob are very much alive. *all looks very confused*


SCENE: Landry and SG-1(Black) head down to the Control room

LANDRY: Chief…

HARRIMAN: Its SG-1's IDC sir. This is when they were originally scheduled to come back

LANDRY: *Grabs intercom* Defense teams stand by. *Armed men in gate room, take position round gate, weapons raised* Open the Iris

SG-1 step through in green BDUs, slowing when they see all weapons trained on them, staring up at the control room. Landry turns to look between the two teams.


SCENE: Landry waits outside infirmary as Dr Lam comes out, they walk down the corridor.

LAM: Well…according to the tests I've run…they're both SG-1, Identical in every way.

LANDRY: *frowns* how's that possible?

LAM: well…we know Ba'als able to produce adult clones of himself…

presumably he could do the same with our people…given samples of their DNA.

LANDRY: That doesn't explain how they knew SG-1s IDC…and if their Intel was good enough to get their hands on something that sensitive…

then how come they didn't know about Selmak? *They stop at Elevator, Lam pressing the call button*

LAM: yeah…its like they got the hard stuff right and the easy stuff wrong…

LANDRY: Ba'al would have known better…

LAM: yeah…you know the first team was making some pretty wild claims about people in past events…

LANDRY: mmm… *doors open, they step in* and since the second team came back from the right planet at the scheduled time…it's safe to assume that they're the real SG-1.

LAM: *pushes floor button* Okay…then whose the other team and where'd they come from?

LANDRY: *nods as door close* exactly.

SCENE: Briefing room the Real SG-1(Greens) sit at the table, Landry pacing round. <You know what bugs me…wouldn't Landry have known which team was his by what uniform…although I guess the point is they'd bring a change of clothes with them…hmmm>

MITCHELL: We checked their story out, we went to PX7-445, the planet they claimed to have gated in from…the locals there swore they'd never laid eyes on us.

LANDRY: So…this other team is lying…*Sits*

CARTER: Not necessarily sir…it's possible they did gate in from PX7…

just not the PX7 that we know. The multi-verse theory of quantum physics deposits the existence of parallel universes…an infinite number of ever growing realities that exist concurrently with our own…the theory holds that anything that can happen… will happen…if not in this reality then in another *Jackson takes off his glasses rubbing his eyes<know how he feels lol>*

MITCHELL: *thinks, nods* so you're saying that somewhere in an alternate universe…*looks at Carter* I got to second base with Amy pandenberg.

CARTER: *Closes eyes really not happy with him simplifying it like that <and yet she smiled when O'Neill did it:P>, through clenched teeth* theoretically…yes… *Tight smile*

MITCHELL: *glances at Landry* Boggles the mind don't it. *leans back*

CARTER: We're part of a meta-verse…<I read this article…was in New Scientist…I know get on with it *sighs*> in which individual sub- universes are being continually generated…our own experience with the quantum mirror proved as much…*Landry and Jackson share a look*

realities can exist where…we never defeated the Goa'uld…or the Stargate program went public…

TEAL'C: And Selmak is still alive…

CARTER: Exactly…now…while it may seem immediate the journey between Gates is not instantaneous…it wakes on average 0.3 seconds travel time. However according to Gate diagnostics…the travel time for the other SG-1 team clocked in at 3.4 seconds, suggesting a significantly longer trip…

JACKSON: Ok…*puts hands together*…say for example we accept the possibility that this is an alternate SG-1 from a parallel universe…

*takes a deep breath* how did they get here?

Jackson looks at Carter, Landry rests his head on his hands also looking at Carter expectantly, Mitchell swivels his chair to watch her. Carter glances at them all, shifts.

CARTER: I got nothing…*Landry looks shocked, but before he can say anything, she points.* yet. *smiles*

SCENE: Michael sits in a room, a mic set up on the table. Mitchell enters with Coffee.

MITCHELL: Samatra Mandheling. One cream…two sugars. *Puts mug before Michael, who frowns at him* Lucky Guess…*Sits* usually have instant myself…*turns on tape* so…I'm guessing this almost feels like home doesn't it…

JACKSON: Almost like home…but if it was home…I'd be sitting where your sitting and you'd be sitting here telling me…"I'd love to help you but I have no idea what's going on…"

MITCHELL: I'm thinking one of two possible scenarios…A…Carter's right…and you're from an alternate universe…in which case we'll do everything we can to get you back home…*Jackson Nods* or B…you're not who you say you are…in which case we need to find out…what you're really after…

JACKSON: actually…there's a third scenario…C… you're not who you say you are…and it's up to *us* to find out…what you're after…

SCENE: In another room, Landry is interviewing Ben

LANDRY: I understand your reluctance to trust us…but rest assured we're just as eager to get to the bottom of this as you are…

BEN: No offence but I'm not entirely sold on the alternate world theory…there was nothing on our mission to PX7 that would even hint at it…no quantum mirror…no weird alien artifacts…it was a routine op…

but you're telling me…that somehow…the gate sent us through to a parallel universe…even though we know its not suppose to work like that.

LANDRY: And yet here you are...

BEN: assuming of course this is the SGC. *Landry shuts eyes, frowns*

SG-1…Six years ago…wake up in what they think is the SGC…turns out they're not really on Earth and its all part of an elaborate Goa'uld plot…Pegasus Galaxy…last year…a team from the Atlantis base…gates through to what they think is the SGC…turns out they're not really on Earth… its another planet…and they're being manipulated by aliens

LANDRY: Let me put your mind at ease…we are neither the Goa'uld nor manipulative aliens…

BEN: You'll forgive me sir if I don't take your word for it…

SCENE: Another room, Jackson interviewing Chris

CHRIS: We won our freedom in the battle for Dakara…and on that day not only did we defeat Ba'al and the replicators…you ensured that Anubis would never again threaten this Galaxy…and then all Jaffa were united under our new leader…Bra'tac.

JACKSON: *looks up* Bra'tac? Really…that-that that hasn't happened here yet…*makes notes*

CHRIS: and with the new threat to this galaxy I returned to SG-1

JACKSON: right…along with Colonel Mitchell myself… and eventually Colonel Carter…who rejoined following her-

CHRIS: following her Honeymoon…

JACKSON: *stops, stares* what? No …I was gonna say following her stay on the Prometheus…*Teal'c raises eyebrow* honeymoon?

CHRIS: Indeed…

SCENE: Another room, Carter pours a glass of water for Amanda, walks over to her.

AMANDA: We weren't able to stop the Ori from establishing the second beachhead… by the time we realized it was too late they had already sent their ships through… if it happened in our reality…

CARTER: *nods* there's a good chance it could happen in ours as well…

AMANDA: they destroyed Chulak…Dakara…most of the Jaffa strongholds…

its only a matter of time before they attack earth… you have to find a way to get us back.

CARTER: I'm working on it. I've been going over the gate diagnostics…

AMANDA: and?

CARTER: there was an unidentifiable energy strike just prior to your arrival…its almost certainly related to the sound they heard…but I'm still analyzing the data.

AMANDA: we were on PX7 for over 24 hours…gathering Intel…and yet when your team went back to the planet no one recognized you…*Carter nods* now…that suggests our point of departure was definitely in our universe…so what ever happened…

CARTER: has to have happened between the time you stepped through the gate on your end…and the time you stepped through the gate on this end…

AMANDA: *nods* except the gate system isn't designed to transport matter between universes…

CARTER: it isn't designed to take you back in time either but it has before…did you notice any…

AMANDA: *shakes head* no unusual weather patters or solar flare activity at the time…

CARTER: then is it conceivable something else could have affected the wormhole…

AMANDA: what could possibly exert that kind of influence on a sub- space matter stream…

CARTER & AMANDA: *both realizing* A black-hole *both sigh*

SCENE: Briefing room. Carter stand in front of a large screen with a planets image on it.

CARTER: As we discussed the situation we realized we could pinpoint the source of the phenomenon to a precise window…specifically the in term journey between the two gates…

MITCHELL: *waves hand, to Jackson* did she just say we?

CARTER: Pardon me?

JACKSON: she said we…You said we-ee???

CARTER: ah…me and…myself…I suppose…the other Samantha Carter…

MITCHELL: Right someone who can finally keep up with ya huh??

CARTER: Yep *grins* ok…this is PX7-455 their point of departure *points flashy light at screen, another planet appears* and this is earth their point of arrival…the wormhole *pointing again, a funnel appears between the two planets* that brought then here across this section of space *a swirl appears in the centre of the funnel*

bisecting this singularity…

TEAL'C: The Black hole that was created when we destroyed the Ori beachhead

CARTER: Exactly. Now I'm theorizing that when they bisected the singularity subspace was ruptured creating a rift in the space-time continuum that brought that SG-1 in to this universe…

LANDRY: but we've had teams gate in from locations on the other side of that black hole in our universe…why weren't they affected?

MITCHELL: *puts up hand* uh…one more stupid Question *Landry looks at Mitchell* oh…sir yours was fine…mine is stupid *Landry shakes his head* why didn't we end up on alternate PX7 when we gated through to check out bizarro SG-1s story.

CARTER: I can't answer that…as far as I know the deviation was one way and specific to that particular wormhole…however just to be on the safe side I would suggest that re-route all gate travel around the singularity for the time being…


SCENE: Landry and SG-1 head down to the control room.

LANDRY: What do you have for me now Walter?

HARRIMAN: Sir…It's SG-1's IDC…again. Do you want me to send a confirmation?

LANDRY: if another team comes through they'll just be stranded like the first one…

HARRIMAN: Receiving radio transmission…

LANDRY: Lets hear it.

MITCHELL3: (on radio) Stargate Command…this is Mitchell. *sounds of gun fire* what's the hold up?! We've got a situation here.

CARTER: Sir if we don't open the Iris…

MITCHELL: (on radio) Stargate Command do you read?

LANDRY: Defense teams! *Armed men in gate room, take position round gate, weapons raised* Open the Iris.

Another sg-1 come through, grey BDUS, Mitchell and Carter looking a little rougher round the edges. Jackson wearing sunglasses and chewing gum, and Teal's wearing a band round his head. They raise their weapons on seeing the defense team aiming at them.

MITCHELL3: What the hell's going on? *they stare up at control room*

SCENE: Landry and SG-1 march down corridor

LANDRY: So much for this phenomenon being restricted to one wormhole.

CARTER: I may have underestimated it's influence. Its possible the first spatial tear may have caused a ripple effect across several realities…transforming an area of their subspace into a kind of…

funnel…that's redirecting their gate travel to this universe…any wormhole passing close enough to the black hole is being drawn into the singularity and…rerouted here…

LANDRY: So you're telling me we're the Hub.

CARTER: The convergence point…yes sir. It might account for why gate travel in this universe wasn't affected…

LANDRY: Might account…Colonel Mitchell.

MITCHELL: *from behind* sir.

LANDRY: Inform all off world teams to proceed to the alpha site until further notice gate travel to and from Stargate command…will be suspended…indefinitely…

MITCHELL: What if there are more teams coming in hot sir?

LANDRY: I'm willing to make the occasional exception but I am not about to turn this base in to the grand central station of the Multi- verse. Dismissed. *they all stop, Landry walking off*

SCENE: in a lab, Carter and Lee try to figure out what's going on

LEE: Why is it that every team that has come through the gate so far has been exclusively an alternate SG-1? I mean…how come no alternate SG-2's or SG-3s? Huh?

CARTER: Well SG-1 is the frontline team…the one most likely to get into trouble off world…and as a result the team we'd most likely have to let through…

LEE: Right…

CARTER: I mean…so far we've had to turn back over 50 teams and not all of them have been SG-1… *Turns to the computer* here's the really interesting part…each team from each reality has dialed in from a different point of origin…no repeats…all originating from a corridor of space starting from earth and passing within a few degrees of the singularity…

LEE: But what about that…superfluous energy signature? Has that happened again?

CARTER: no. not since the first alternate team dialed in.

LEE: Any idea what it was?

CARTER: I'm not sure…but it reminds me of the incident on-

AMANDA: G'tal. *they turn to look at her, as she walks in* In that case we introduced an unstable super heavy element in to their Sun's nuclear reaction…

CARTER: when the wormhole that brought us there passed directly through it…but in this case the wormholes passing through a black hole…*Lee stares between the two*

AMANDA: so who knows what the effect would be.

CARTER: *looks at Lee* I thought we could use the help…

LEE: *Chuckles* uh…I…uh…I guess two heads are better than one.


CARTER: Lets get to work.

SCENE: Infirmary, SG-1 (Grey team) are being checked out. Landry watching from doorway, Jackson and Teal'c stop by him.

JACKSON: General.

LANDRY: *turns* oh I was just about to come find you…*heads out Jackson and Teal'c following*

Next shot is from inside another room, with another SG-1 Team in it, they look out into the corridor as Landry, Jackson and Teal'c pass by.

TEAL'C: I've contacted Bra'tac on Dakara…he has dispatched a mothership to the location provided to us by the other Colonel Carter

JACKSON: *They pass an elevator which reveals another Mitchell with three different members of SG-1 (possible all Jaffa…)* If the Ori attempt to establish a second beach head the Jaffa should give us a heads up…

LANDRY: Presuming of course if events play out the same way in both universes…

TEAL'C: To this point the particulars of the varying universes have remained remarkable similar

LANDRY: That's what I wanted to talk to you about…another SG-1 came through the Gate 20 minutes ago…which puts the count at 12 teams…not including yourselves…

JACKSON: Well…at least we're in good company…

LANDRY: well…this last team was a little different in terms of personnel…

TEAL'C: How so?

LANDRY: *another Sg-1 in Hazmats pass them…* Well…there's someone I thought you might like to talk to. *alternate Mitchell grins as they pass*

SCENE: Opens on a shot of the back of a woman's head, sounds of the door opening and as she turns we see its Dr Janet Frasier <does happy dance>

FRASIER: Daniel? Teal'c? Where's General O'Neill?

Jackson stares in shock his jaw hanging…

LANDRY: I'm sure you all have a lot to catch up on. *he leaves…*

Frasier looks between Teal'c and Jackson, possibly a little freaked that Jackson hasn't moved an inch…Teal'c steps closer.

JACKSON: Janet…?

TEAL'C: Dr Frasier?

FRASIER: What's going on here?

JACKSON: *closes eyes trying to compose himself* ugh…Janet…th-th- this this may look like home to you…but its not… this is not the Stargate Command you left…we're not the Daniel and Teal'c you know…

you and your team gated to a…parallel reality…this is an alternate SGC…on an alternate Earth in an alternate universe…

TEAL'C: In our reality Dr Frasier died…2 years ago.

SCENE: <great scene> In the lab, Lee and Carter are discussing the situation, in the background we can hear the murmur of other Carter's. While Lee is speaking A geeky Carter come into view mush like the one in moebius, eating blue Jell-O. Behind Carter another Carter is making coffee and new to her is a tray full of…guess…BLUE JELL-O!:p< Sorry but I really had to describe that!>

LEE: 16 different SG-1s…16 different points of Origin…but only one point of convergence…this universe. Now…given the fact that previous trips though the black hole didn't produce a rupture in the subspace structure-

CARTER: They may not have of produced the rupture but it is entirely possible that their repeated trips contributed to the deterioration to the space time fabric that *Another Carter has joined geeky Carter pouring coffee* weakened…eventually seeded to the singularity… creating the bridge between the various realities…

LEE: and I'm thinking that the proximity of these realities in relation to each other…may account for the absence of the uh…entopic cascade failure…but…it still doesn't help us with the main problem…

how do we reverse the process…

CARTER: I don't have the answer to that…*walks out a bit, camera panning to show a whole room of Carters* because if I did…*waves* we all wouldn't be here…*Amanda walks over*

AMANDA: Coffee?

CARTER: No…thank you

LEE: You know I can't help but think that this whole thing would be a lot easier if Hammond hadn't ordered us to destroy the Quantum mirror…we could just use that to send all these teams back to their proper realities…

CARTER: how? I mean…there are a near infinite *Landry enters the room* number of Parallel universes…the chances of us finding the right home universe for even one of these teams is next to impossible…

LANDRY: Excuse me…Colonel Carter. *All Carter turn, some standing to attention…sighs* my…colonel Carter…

CARTER: *Lee points at her* here sir…

LANDRY: I've brought another volunteer who's offered to help…

Landry steps aside and Martouf strides in, slowing down as he sees all the Carters, they all stare.

CARTER: *Smiles*…Martouf.

MARTOUF: *grins* Hello Samantha.

SCENE: Frasier is sitting at a table mic turned on, Teal'c sitting at her side, with Jackson leaning on the table…

FRASIER: I remember the mission to P3X…I was tending to a wounded Airman…we came under fire…*to Jackson* you were there…you helped me stabilize him a got us out of there…

JACKSON: *looks away* No…I didn't…*stares at the table* you were hit by an errant staff blast…and…and killed instantly…*Frasier looks understandably upset*

TEAL'C: You were honored with a Heroes funeral.

FRASIER: *small laugh* lucky me…

TEAL'C: Hopefully you will be able to return to your world soon…

FRASIER: Hopefully?

JACKSON: Yeah…for the moment it looks like your…your trip here…was only one way. *looks at her*

FRASIER: No…no…no you have to find a way to get us back as soon as possible…

JACKSON: Yes…Sam and Dr Lee are working on something…

FRASIER: No…you don't understand…we have been targeted by the Ori…

Earth is being ravaged by a plague…hundreds of thousands have been infected…if we don't find a cure…the entire planet will be wiped out…

SCENE: In the commissary, Carter and Martouf, sit having coffee together.

CARTER: So…how are things…in…your universe…

MARTOUF: *grins…* you mean…between us?

CARTER: *nods* I'm a little curious…

MARTOUF: things…developed. But with you being on the other side of the galaxy…well…long distance relationships can be difficult…I eventually joined the Stargate program to be closer to you…we worked together…even lived together for quite some time…but…in the end…

things didn't quite work out. *she looks down* you're with someone else now…*that gets her attention*

CARTER: *grins* who?

AMANDA: I think I have something *walks over with laptop, sits*

CARTER: This is the post-mortem analysis of the P3W 451 incident…

*Amanda nods, Carter turns to Martouf* a planet whose orbit strayed to close to a black hole…one of our teams were attempting to gate back at the same time and as a result the SGC couldn't shut down the gate…from this end. *frowns* I don't see what this-

AMANDA: We were unable to sever the connection because Stargate Command was still connected to the singularities gravitational field through the open Stargate…

CARTER: But we're not trying to-

AMANDA: In that case we used a shape charge to deliver an energy surge to the matter stream…forcing the matter stream to jump to a different Gate…there by severing the connection…

CARTER: That could explain the sound they heard…and the superfluous energy signature that accompanied the matter stream from the first wormhole…some sort of la-

AMANDA: Maybe a supernova or a gamma ray burst discharging at the exact millisecond that that wormhole passed through that singularity…

it's a one in a billion fluke that ruptured subspace and created the point of confluence that drew effected realities into this one.

CARTER: Then to seal the bridge between the multi-verse we have to target that point of confluence, basically recreate the circumstances…that caused the breach in the first place.

MARTOUF: but how is that possible… You…you said it yourself it was a one in a billion freak incident

CARTER: well the odds would increase significantly if we took the wormhole out of the equation…

MARTOUF: *looks at Amanda* then what happens to us?

AMANDA: we'd be stranded here. *Martouf looks at Carter, who ducks her head* I considered not telling you about this…

CARTER: I understand why you hesitated but you made the right decision…by sealing the rupture we'll ensure no other teams get stranded here…

AMANDA: That's provided that this actually works…I mean we still have one major obstacle to over come… how do we deliver an explosive device into a singularity…

CARTER: *thinks, small smile* we get help from a friend.

SCENE: Briefing room. Vaseer sits near Mitchell, who looks like he couldn't be trying any harder to be further away from the Asgard, giving Vaseer odd looks.

VASEER: Thor sends his apologies for not attending personally…but he and Heimdall are in the neighboring galaxy dealing with a most sensitive matter. In his stead *Mitchell looks at Carter who grins*

I have conveyed the time dilation device as requested…

LANDRY: We appreciate your quick response…Vaseer

MITCHELL: So… what do you think…will this…*points* work?

VASEER: I prefer not to prognosticate

MITCHELL: *rethinks* uh…well don't prognosticate just tell us what your gut feeling is…

VASEER: speculating on the matter would serve no practical purpose…

MITCHELL: *starting to get pissed mumbles to Carter* Joseph and Mary *louder* what are the odds?

VASEER: less than 12% and that is provided you are able to in act the plan before the black holes gravity decimates your ship…

MITCHELL: damn that's cold.

LANDRY: Colonel Mitchell. Colonel Carter. I'm giving it the green light…shut this thing down.*leaves*

MITCHELL: *Carter Stands nearly bumping heads with Mitchell* You know I read all the mission reports on the Asgard…they're not that I expected…

CARTER: *Glances at the Asgard* what were you expecting?

MITCHELL: Well…Pant for one. <class, and they way Carter looks down>

SCENE: New shot of Cheyenne mountain…, Carter and Vaseer work on the weapon, Carter looking a little out of it…tired

VASEER: The distance between the launch point and the target is crucial and you must be precise in your calculations.

CARTER: I know

VASEER: The slightest oversight in either the timing of the explosion or the proximity of your ship to the singularity could result in a failed mission at best. Certain death at worst.

CARTER: I'm sorry….I'm having a hard time concentrating…

VASEER: I understand, you are tired. Allow me to complete the calibration for you.

CARTER: *waves* Knock yourself out. *she walks over to Martouf, patting his shoulder*

MARTOUF: *sighs* time and again we've managed to save Earth and its allies from the most dire threats…situations in which we faced unassailable odds… almost certain defeat but we always managed to find a way to prevail in the end…

CARTER: I'm sorry…I wish there was a way I could send you home…or at the very least delay the mission so…

MARTOUF: You have no choice but to do what's best for your world.

CARTER: I assume yours is not the only SG team in your reality that's actively searching for a cure to the plague…


CARTER: And I assume your Samantha Carter is back home working on the problem…

MARTOUF: She stopped being my Samantha…along time ago…

CARTER: I've missed you.

And now the moment…she glances at his lips leaning closer, he follows, a breath away and the sound of flapping feet. They stop, staring at each other, and then they look down to Vaseer staring up at them.

VASEER: I have completed the calibrations…

CARTER: Thank you Vaseer <:P> *they walk off Vaseer looking after them.*

SCENE: Landry's office Frasier enters

FRASIER: General. *he looks up* Sorry to disturb you…I was wondering if I could have a word.

LANDRY: *stands* of course Dr. come in.

FRASIER: *enters, both sit* Thank you. Sir… I would like to make a request on behalf of all of the teams stranded in this reality.

Please…postpone this mission until we can find a way to get home.

LANDRY: I can't do that. We need our teams out there gathering Intel on the Ori threat… instead of sitting on their hands here waiting for normal Gate operations to resume…and that won't be possible until this problem is dealt with.

FRASIER: while I can empathize sir…believe me. I think you need to take a look at the bigger picture…this goes beyond this world…beyond this galaxy…this universe…hundreds of billions of lives are at stake. There survival could hinge on not just our return…but the return of every SG-1 stranded on this base. Sir…back in my universe earth is facing a global pandemic, one that your planet has already faced and beaten…you have the cure that could save my world, all I have to do is get it to them.

LANDRY: I can also empathize but at the risk of sounding callous…my priorities are with this world.

FRASIER: *shakes head* How can you prioritize the lives of one group over those of another? What makes my earth any less important than your own?

LANDRY: *Stands, Frasier following suit* we have the top minds from 18 different universes trying to get you home…now hopefully they can come up with a solution before this mission is completed but if they can't…then I'm sorry doctor.

SCENE: On board the Prometheus. Carter and Vaseer beam on to the bridge, Teal'c, Mitchell and Jackson are already there.

CARTER: We finished loading the warhead and the time dilation generator

MITCHELL: Once the system checks complete we're good to go…

Carter takes her seat as the other SG-1 (Black) enter the bridge.

MICHAEL: *Slaps hands together* where's the crew?

MITCHELL: You're looking at it.

TEAL'C: Given the dangers we may face it was decided that we proceed alone.

BEN: *Mitchell take the captains seat* So if this plan goes fubar we're the only ones that goes down with the ship *Mitchell points finger*

JACKSON: Well there's plenty more where we came from right? *grins, Michael looking at him*

VASEER: The perilous nature of this mission should not be taken lightly, there is a chance the Prometheus may not survive this voyage but courage and a steadfast resolve will prove the most valuable assets in this undertaking. *they all just stare at him <you can imagine Thor gave him some advice that he missed lol>* Good luck to you all. *beams off*

JACKSON: I miss Thor.

SCENE: Prometheus commissary, Mitchell brings over the drinks to Ben

MITCHELL: *sits* of course by the time he actually got around to drinking that orange juice, it would have been sitting in the back of the fridge for what a month?

BEN: Yeah! Yeah yeah! Oh…ye he was so damn thirsty he knocked it right back, it was a second or two before he actually breathed in, at which point-

MITCHELL: Spit take of all spit takes! *both laughing* there was orange juice on the table…the chairs…there w-

BEN: On Aunt Emma!!

MITCHELL: Aunt Emma! Oh!!

BEN: Oh!! Big old fat Emma sitting across the table

MITCHELL: Little bits of bacon on her face *Amanda enters* orange juice dripping off her nose…*both laugh*

AMANDA: Reminiscing over old times

MITCHELL: Yeah…yeah hell yeah… I could talk to this guy all day.

AMANDA: No doubt.

BEN: You finished your shift?

AMANDA: Yeah…I'm exhausted…I'm going to bed.

BEN: Speaking of which I think its past my bedtime. *stands, knocking on the table*

MITCHELL: and you need your beauty sleep.

BEN: Woah…whose talking? *leads Amanda out, Mitchell still laughing.

Amanda and Ben walk down corridor to elevator* so how'd it go?

AMANDA: I found a way round all the security protocols…everything's set.

BEN: Perfect…by the time they figure out what happened… *they get on elevator* it'll be too late.

SCENE: The Prometheus drops out of hyperspace by the singularity.

Ben, Chris and Michael meet on one of the decks

BEN: Show time.

SCENE: Teal'c and Jackson enter the Bridge, Carter and Amanda already there at each station.

AMANDA: We're approaching the singularity. *glances at them all every so often*

CARTER: Calculating minimal prime distance to warhead launch.

On Amanda's screen we see the ship schematics come up, she looks over at Carter as if to ensure she hasn't been seen.

SCENE: Outside Armory 6. Ben, Michael and Chris, stop outside. Ben tries to open the door, Michael looks at watch.

BEN: Come on Carter.

SCENE: Amanda enters the security sequence to access the armory.

SCENE: The Armory doors open and sg-1 in black take a couple of Zats.

SCENE: On the bridge.

CARTER: I've got it relaying the information.

AMANDA: Received. Engaging sub-light engines…proceeding to co- ordinates…

SCENE: Mitchell walks round corner, spotting Ben just standing there arms behind his back

MITCHELL: We've reached the target location.

BEN: Yeah I heard…

MITCHELL: Yeah I think they're just circling…like we're parking…

They stare each other off until Ben pulls out the Zat Mitchell quickly dives out of the way. Running down corridor, Ben follows behind.

Mitchell is halted by Chris's arm, knocking him down on the ground.

MITCHELL: *Struggling to stand* I should warn you…I've been practicing those Sodan moves. *stands stumbling…* you were warned *Chris advances on him, grabbing him from behind and bashing him into the wall, as Ben and Michael appear*

MICHAEL: Wouldn't it have been easier just to zat him?

CHRIS: Easier yes…but far less gratifying…*Drags Mitchell off*

BEN: Did he just insult me? <Ben is obviously not very nice, hence why earlier Michael was giving Mitchell odd looks for knowing how he takes his coffee> *they walk off*

SCENE: Mitchell is shoved into the Bridge, zats trained on him

JACKSON: What's going on?

BEN: There's been a change of flight plans. *Carter looks at Amanda who smirks…*

The Prometheus jumps into hyperspace.

SCENE: SG-1 (Greens/real) are led into a holding room.

MITCHELL: You want to tell us what's going on?

BEN: We're making an unscheduled detour…

JACKSON: Yeah…just how Far out of our way is this little detour gonna take us…?

BEN: About 3 weeks.

CARTER: you're planning on taking this ship to Atlantis…I mean given the parallels between our two realities I can't think of anywhere else we'll be going.

BEN: As soon as we complete our mission we'll drop you at the nearest habitable planet…till then…have fun *shuts door*

MITCHELL: Three weeks…well that gives us time to …think of something…

idea's anyone?

TEAL'C: Given the unique circumstance we find ourselves in…it is possible to anticipate their actions and reactions…all we must do is think like them…

JACKSON: Well shouldn't be that hard…

Teal'c walks over and disables the camera.

SCENE: Ben and Amanda sit on the bridge as Chris enters

CHRIS: The other Colonel Mitchell wishes to speak with you. *Ben shrugs, looks away*

AMANDA: You're just going to ignore him for the next three weeks?

SCENE: Ben sits in the commissary, as Chris shoves Ben into the room…

MITCHELL: You guys seem…reasonable…and you haven't hurt us…much. You don't have a beard so you're not from the evil twin universe right?

Good…right…so if I know me like I do…I'd have a pretty damn good reason to be doing what you guys are doing. Bottom line is…I'd understand better than anyone…so level with me…what's going on?

BEN: Let me ask you something…how far would you go to save the lives of every man and woman on earth…*Stands, heads for door* don't bother…I already know the answer…if you were in my situation you would be doing the exact same thing…

MITCHELL: What? Going after the ZPM? *Ben stops* come on…why else would you be going to Atlantis?

BEN: our ZPM is depleted…we need yours to power the ancient weapon in Antarctica…

MITCHELL: oh right…screw our earth to save your own…

BEN: all that ZPM is doing right now…is allowing one way travel from the Pegasus galaxy to Earth… the billions of lives we save is worth more than the inconvenience of slopping back and forth on the daedalus.

MITCHELL: we need that ZPM to cloak Atlantis…if the wraith come back and discover the city wasn't destroyed…they'll launch another attack. If Atlantis falls this galaxy is the next target

BEN: *if* the wraith return. *if* they attack. *if* the city is destroyed. The threat we face is more immediate.

MITCHELL: that still doesn't give you the right to do this…*shrugs*

say it works…say that you can beam the ZPM of Atlantis…how do you plan to get it back to your own universe? *Ben starts to walk away, Mitchell stares at him, realizing* you have a way back. You've planned this all along. *Ben motions to Chris who heads towards Mitchell*

SCENE: The rest of SG-1 awaits Mitchell's return. The door opens and Mitchell stumbles in.

MITCHELL: *once the doors shut* well…we were right…they're going after the ZPM…*Carter glances at Teal'c, moves to door panel, fiddles with wires* You sure you can open the door…?

CARTER: Hey I helped build this thing…opening the doors the easy part…its taking the ship back that'll be tricky…*a large flash, and the door opens, they all step out.*

TEAL'C: The armory is this way…

CARTER: no Teal'c go to the armory on the next level…its less likely you'll be spotted. Daniel and I will head to the engine room and pull the control crystal, once they come to investigate the problem we'll get the drop on them there.

TEAL'C: *Mitchell nods* Very well.

Mitchell and Teal'c head to elevator while Carter and Jackson head down the corridor.

SCENE: Mitchell and Teal'c get off elevator walking over to Armory 5, glancing round as they do. Teal'c presses buttons, hearing footsteps he turns to see Michael and Chris on either side of Mitchell, who's standing there with his arms crossed because…its not Mitchell!

BEN: Hey…you had to give it a shot. I know I would. *Teal'c inclines head* So…now that we know how you get out, we'll just have to make sure it doesn't happen again…

Suddenly the sound of two zats being fired can be heard and Michael and Chris fall to the ground, camera pans to show Jackson and Carter.

BEN: *waves at Teal'c* no hitting. So while we were up here…

JACKSON: We were down on the next level breaking into the other armory…

BEN: How did you know I wasn't your Mitchell

CARTER: Easy…if we were in your position we would have done the same thing…

BEN: Let me get this straight…we figured that you guys would try to escape and we set this trap for you…not realizing that you'd figure out that we'd figure you out and you'd set your own?

Carter and Jackson share a look while Teal'c thinks about it.

TEAL'C: Indeed.

CARTER: Now …can you take us to our colonel Mitchell?

SCENE: Holding room, door opens and alternate SG-1(Black) enters, with Ben in the back in a T-shirt and his boxers.

JACKSON: Sam disabled the power relays running through these walls so uh…I wouldn't bother…*smiles, Mitchell walks past holding his clothes standing in his boxers. He shuts door*

BEN: Ideas anyone?

SCENE: Control room, walks down stairs

LANDRY: Walter?

HARRIMAN: Sir it's a subspace communication from the Prometheus.

LANDRY: Lets here it.

HARRIMAN: Yes sir.

CARTER: (On radio) sir…this is colonel Carter

LANDRY; Good to hear from you colonel…I take it the mission was a success?

SCENE: On the Bridge of the Prometheus.

CARTER: No sir. In fact…we're scraping the mission and heading back home.

LANDRY: (on radio) Colonel?

CARTER: Sir…I think I figured out a way to send these teams back to their proper realities…

LANDRY: (on radio) And how do we do that?

CARTER: By doing exactly the same thing the first team did in order to get here

SCENE: Landry and Mitchell walk down corridor towards control room, followed by Teal'c.

LANDRY: You're telling me they planned this from the get-go?

MITCHELL: Yes sir…it accounts for the boom you heard and the extra energy signature the gate diagnostic picked up in the first matter stream…they opened the wormhole…through the black hole and then blasted a bridge into this universe…*looks at Teal'c* isn't that how Carter described it…I don't know…I just remember Wormhole…black hole… blast.

SCENE: Control room, Gate is already active, Carter and Vaseer sit at the computers. In the Gateroom, they weapon is head before the gate, Siler giving it the once over.

LANDRY: Colonel Carter.

CARTER: Sir we've established a wormhole to PX7 455, Now when sergeant Siler is finished, we'll fire the direct energy *Harriman stares at Vaseer, who turns and looks at him, Harriman quickly looks away* weapon through the gate…if I'm right it should reverse the space time rupture effectively inverting the convergence effect…

*Landry blinks looks at Jackson, and Mitchell, who give him exasperated looks, Jackson shaking his head, Mitchell shrugs* each team gated in from a different point of Origin, once the convergence effect has been reversed we'll dial those different points of origin and create wormholes that will follow the inter-universal path ways already created by their initial trips he-…

LANDRY: I got it I got it… they're going back.

CARTER: …*nods, glances up*

SILER: Ready when you are sir.

LANDRY: Clear the Gateroom. *and they…clear the gate room*

VASEER: I will need the weapon back once your work here is completed…

it is…after all…only on loan to you……temporarily…

CARTER: *innocently* I know. You'll get it back when we're done.

LANDRY: Lower the blast doors. *blast doors shut.* Fire the weapon.

*the weapon fires*

CARTER: We have a stable wormhole…3.4 seconds…it worked.

LANDRY: Open the blast doors. Bring them in.

The blast doors raise, defense teams enter followed by the first alternate SG-1(black) they glance up at the control room, and head up ramp. Ben slows, turns back.

BEN: Hey Mitchell…when the time comes…cut the green one.

Mitchell lifts chin, Landry glances unsure, Carter looks at Mitchell, Ben turns with a smirk and heads up the ramp.

MITCHELL: What the hell did that mean?

JACKSON: I don't know…but I have a feeling that someday you're going to find out.

SCENE: Gateroom…As the gate dials, Landry, Mitchell, Jackson and Teal'c stand at the base of the ramp, Carter and Martouf are talking, Frasier enters with her Jackson and Mitchell in tow. The gate activates.

FRASIER: Have all the other teams left sir?

LANDRY: You're the last ones to go.

MARTUF: It was nice working with you again Sam…*kisses her cheek*

your presence has been sorely missed on our team.

CARTER: Just out of curiosity…where did I go? *They both look at Frasier…who glances at Jackson*

FRASIER: *steps forward* Maternity leave…*hugs Carter with a grin.*

LANDRY: *Jackson picks up big yellow box opening it* we have something for you. The cure to the priors plague…

FRASIER: Thank you General. *looks at her Mitchell who nods, Jackson hands him the case*

Jackson moves hugging Frasier tight…

JACKSON: Its good to see you again…

FRASIER: You too…

Teal'c steps forward hugging her.

TEAL'C: May it not be the last time. *He inclines head*

FRASIER: Well…we'd love to stay…but we have a planet to save.

*glances at Martouf, she then heads up with the other two, Martouf sharing a last look with Carter before following.*


The end

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