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SCENE: Gateroom, the Stargate is active, Iris closed, alarms signaling an unscheduled off world activation, Mitchell and Harriman sit waiting, Jackson jogs into control room.  

JACKSON: What's up?  

HARRIMAN: Incoming wormhole from Tagalas  

MITCHELL: A Jarrod Kane is requesting to be let thought…says he needs to speak to you and it's urgent.  

HARRIMAN: *flicks switch* on radio.  

JACKSON: Jarrod…this is Daniel…what's wrong?  

KANE: *on radio* Dr Jackson…I have very little time. I've gained access to the Stargate without my governments authorization…Please allow me to come through…I am alone and unarmed.

MITCHELL: *looks at Jackson…who nods* Open the Iris.

JACKSON: *Iris opens* Ok Jarrod…its safe to come through…*He and Mitchell head down to the Gateroom.*

Kane steps through raising hands, slowly walking down ramp.

MITCHELL: Stand Down.

KANE: Doctor Jackson.

JACKSON: Jarrod…this is Lt Col. Cameron Mitchell.

MITCHELL: Tagalas. *looks at Jackson* post-apocalyptic war and superpowers of deep seeded political differences…that Jarrod Kane…nice to meet you.

JACKSON: Your Government stopped responding to our communicates months ago… we assumed that you…

KANE: Completely destroyed each other? Not Quite yet.

JACKSON: I was gonna say no longer wanted our help…but that'll do…

KANE: No…the Rand protectorate is still struggling to rebuild and defend itself from the Caledonian Federation.

JACKSON: Ok…what's so urgent?

KANE: Five months ago a man came through the Stargate…he called himself a prior of the Ori…

MITCHELL: Here we go…

JACKSON: Yes…we're aware of the priors and what they're preaching…

KANE: The prior wasn't just offering us religion…he offered us power in exchange for us embracing the Ori…he gave our government designs for a weapon that could be launched into orbit. A satellite capable of giving us total domination over the Caledonian's.

JACKSON: Ok…assuming your people intend on building this weapon…how long before it's completed?

KANE: 24 hours ago…a Caledonian military outpost was completely vaporized in a demonstration…The weapon is already operational.


SCENE: Briefing room, SG-1 sit at table, Kane pacing.<notice a lack of Landry>

MITCHELL: how long until your government makes its next move?

KANE: our president has given their leader, minister casket a dead line of five days.  After that if the Caledonians don't surrender to Rand occupation…they'll be destroyed…

JACKSON: and the prior instructed you to do this?

KANE: Rand has been a disarray since the missile attacks last year…intelligence reports were filtering in that said the Caledonians were preparing a full scale ground assault…they were going to invade and attempt to topple what was left of rand once and for all…

MITCHELL: Caledonian wasn't interested in hearing from this prior?

KANE: the prior asked our leaders if he could spread his word to the Caledonians as well…

JACKSON: course they would never accept anything that the rand was already embracing…

KANE: President Nadal explained that to the prior…he said…Anyone that did not accept Origin must be destroyed…

MITCHELL: Man…these guys have got a bottomless bag of tricks…don't they?

JACKSON: I'm guessing it was also the prior that convinced your people that having a relationship with us was no longer necessary…

KANE: it was already clear your government wasn't going to offer us the type of weapons and technology this prior was offering us. You see…we weren't just suffering defeat at the hands of the Caledonians… we were on the verge of collapsing as a nation…but now after what you told me, these Ori's and their priors…I fear that may have been a better way to go…*sits*

CARTER: We appreciate your situation…but…what exactly did you want from us?

KANE: *grabs pole object he was carrying* these are earlier schematics of the weapon…unfortunately…they are not complete… the prior gave us step by step instructions…in stages…

MITCHELL: making sure he kept ya under his thumb

KANE: he said it was so he could make sure each stage was completed properly before we moved on to the next. It was the best I could do under the circumstances access became restricted soon after some of us in government voiced our disapproval about building the weapon...

TEAL'C: you wish us to destroy the weapon.

KANE: it's the only chance we have to stop things before they go too far

MITCHELL: just to be clear…you're doing this to save Caledonians…you don't hate them for bombing your country…and killing some of your people?

KANE: I do. But I refuse to see anymore lives…be they Rand or Caledonian senselessly lost due to archaic prejudices of religious extremists…this has to stop.

MITCHELL: would you excuse us for a moment *stands, motions to other to follow, heads for Landry's office*

CARTER: *quietly* what are we doing?

MITCHELL: *shuts door* Talking privately. I'm sure General Landry won't mind…*points at desk* you want the big chair?

CARTER: *shakes head* not me…I'll sit here…*goes to chair in front of desk*

MITCHELL: Sam…he's in Washington.

CARTER: *sits* yeah *smiles*

MITCHELL: *Jackson grabs some desk, Mitchell walks over to Landry's chair…hesitates…* Right…*walks over to other desk sitting on it*

JACKSON: let me just start by saying that a lot of this is actually our fault. There wouldn't have been a war on tagalus if we hadn't have gone there in the first place.

MITCHELL: General O'Neill probably said it best…the minute we step through the gates we're sticking our collective noses where they don't belong…

CARTER: we did offer to help them rebuild…

TEAL'C: an offer they eventually declined.

JACKSON: because they were being influenced by a prior…

MITCHELL: and this satellite thing takes it to a whole new level…the Ori are now arming their followers…

CARTER: who says they won't eventually help them build ships capable of attacking other planets…

MITCHELL: we need to nip this Tran squarely in the bud.

JACKSON: so what…we just fly in there and blow it up?

MITCHELL: yeah…unless you have a better idea…

JACKSON: all Tagalans both Rand and Caledonial alike deserve to know the truth. If we…tell them what we know…who the Ori really are…they might be convinced to dismantle this weapon themselves…

MITCHELL: *bites lip* You think they'll listen?

JACKSON: let's just propose it to Kane…and see if Rand will hear us out. *Mitchell nods*


SCENE: In a lab, Carter, Teal'c and Mitchell are looking at the schematics of the weapon.

MITCHELL: So can we use these plans to build ourselves…a satellite like that… *at Carters look* hey…ya gotta ask

CARTER: these plans are incomplete…I mean…it's not even clear what's powering the weapon…

TEAL'C: Kane did say they were early schematics…

MITCHELL: so not useful?

CARTER: well…enough to see that it's not very efficient… for example, *points* these capacitors take several minutes to store enough power to fire the weapon and then again before it can repeat…

MITCHELL: wow…you'd think uh…Ori weapon would be more advanced…

CARTER: well the Ori might have designed it for them…but Rand still had to build it using the resources and technology at their disposal…now remember that it wouldn't take much by our standards to give Rand vast military superiority over Caledonia.

TEAL'C: Then it can be easily destroyed…

CARTER: *nods* if these plans are an accurate indication…

MITCHELL: right… so we'll take Prometheus for this…

CARTER: *nods* it shouldn't be a problem…the satellite appears to be a predominantly offensive weapon…

MITCHELL: no defenses…

CARTER: well its stands to reason…Rand knows that Caledonia has nothing even close to capable of reaching orbit…although…*more pointing* their do appear to be sensors built into the targeting system so our approach may be detected…

TEAL'C: the Prometheus is protected by Asgard shield technology…

CARTER: exactly… now as I said even if they do see us coming the weapon will take a few minutes to charge up…we should be able to emerge from hyperspace and take a shot at it before it can respond. If for any reason it doesn't go well…we jump back into Hyperspace…

SCENE: In commissary, Kane sits waiting as Jackson enters…

KANE: anything yet?

JACKSON: Give them some time…they seemed shocked that you were here…

KANE: I'm sure they were

JACKSON: *sits* you don't think they'll listen to us?

KANE: Our people suffered greatly after the war…they needed to believe there was a reason for what was happening to them.

JACKSON: and the prior provided that…

KANE: he said our suffering was a test…to see who was worthy…

JACKSON: *small sad smile* well if it makes you feel any better your planets not alone… *a silent moment is shared* Kane…I have to ask…Leda?

KANE: five months ago…while Rand was deciding to accept Origin or not…a disease swept through the country…thousands became deathly ill… The prior said those who believed and embraced the Ori would be cured. That's when people everywhere started accepting them as Gods…we watched so many…barter away their  beliefs in exchange for their lives. But Leda…she… she refused to accept it…

JACKSON: I am sorry.

HARRIMAN: *enters* Dr Jackson…we just received a communicate from the Rand government *hands him sheet*

JACKSON: They wanna talk.

SCENE: Rand Protectorate Capital City, Jackson and Kane sit in separate cells

JACKSON: This isn't exactly what I had in mind…

KANE: what happens if your people don't hear from us.

JACKSON: I told them to proceed with destroying the weapon…

Kane nods, as the sound of someone entering is heard. They stand walking over to look. A man enters with two guards following

KANE: President Nadal.

NADAL: Senator Kane.

KANE: This is Dr Daniel Jackson.

NADAL: I know who he is…

JACKSON: I'm here representing Earth on a diplomatic mission…

NADAL: I'm here to officially inform you, Jarrod Kane…you are under arrest for treason…

JACKSON: Excuse me?! You allowed us to come here under false pretenses…

NADAL: Dr Daniel Jackson…you're government has knowingly harbored a felon as well it seems they are in possession of tope secret documents vital to the security of this country…as of now…you are both considered Enemies of the state. And will be detained until trial can be set *leaves*

SCENE: Prometheus, on the Bridge, SG-1 and the crew wait.

MARKS: Approaching the planet sir…

PENDERGAST: Prepare to lock on to Daniel Jackson's locating beacon the moment we drop out of hyperspace

WOMACK: Yes sir.

SCENE: In the cells on planet.

JACKSON: I guess I can assume that any trial will be rigged?

KANE: Honestly…we'll be lucky to get that far…President Nadal has been paranoid about Caledonian spies for some time now…because I betrayed him this way he… may assume I'm also part of that network

JACKSON: great… I don't suppose your country has any laws against torture…<love pissed off Danny>

KANE: *shakes head* no… *sounds of door again, a Man enters opening Kane's cell walks in.*

PERNAUX:  I applaud your courage Kane.

KANE: Commander Pernaux…Dr Jackson. Dr Jackson--

JACKSON: Yeah I got it.

PERNAUX: what I don't understand is why you came back…

KANE: Dr Jackson and I felt there were something's the Rand people needed to know…

PERNAUX: The only thing I need to know are the names of those among us who are working for the Caledonians.

KANE: Just because I went to Earth for help doesn't mean I've also given information to the Caledonians or know who might have…

PERNAUX: Earth is responsible for our current state of affairs…turning to them is the act of a desperate man Kane.

JACKSON: Kane turned to us in the hopes of preventing you from making a catastrophic mistake. The priors are not telling you everything about the Ori… you need to hear me out before you use that weapon to wipe out the Caledonians…

PERNAUX: so you admit…You sympathize with Caledonia

KANE: That's not what he's saying.

PERNAUX: how the next few days unfold is entirely up to you…but until I find out who else is working with you…I guarantee neither of you will know a moment's peace. *walks out, door slamming behind him.*

SCENE: The Prometheus drops out of hyperspace.

WOMACK: I have a signal from Dr Jackson's locator beacon…

PENDERGAST: Beam him directly on to the bridge…*bright flash of light before them but no Daniel*

MITCHELL: *walks over picking up the beacon…watch I think* I take it this means…things aren't going so well…*gives it to Teal'c*

CARTER: coupled with the fact that we haven't heard from him since he left two days ago…

MARKS: We have located the satellite…

PENDERGAST: Lock on target…

TEAL'C: this will be perceived as an act of aggression against Rand.

CARTER: we could be risking any chance of negotiating for Daniels safe return…

SCENE: Nadal enters Rand Base of Operations.

NADAL: Commander

PERNAUX: Mr. President…the satellite sensors have detected a ship closing in on its position.

SCENE: on board Prometheus…

WOMACK: Target has been acquired sir.

PENDERGAST: we've got the satellite <anyone else figure out what he says?> we can hail them and ask for Dr Jackson in exchange

TEAL'C: that would not accomplish the goal of this mission

MITCHELL: Jackson knew it might come to this… he told us to proceed no matter what…

CARTER: he wouldn't want us to trade his life for thousands…possibly millions of Caledonians…

PENDERGAST: well it's your call Colonels all I'm asking is that you make up your minds quickly…

WOMACK: sir…we're detecting a power build up from within the satellite…

CARTER: *looks over Womack's shoulder* its altitude is changing…

MARKS: we're being targeted…

PENDERGAST: sound general orders…full power to the forward shield generators and maintain course and speed…*lights go out, alarms go on, and Pendergast looks between Mitchell and Carter for a decision…Carter closes eyes looking at Teal'c who nods at Mitchell*

MITCHELL: do it.


WOMACK: Firing missiles.

The missiles fly towards the satellite but detonate just short of it, ripples come up showing it's a shield they've hit.

WOMACK: Missiles detonated prior to impact… target remains intact sir

CARTER: it looks like it's being protected by a shield… defensive capabilities must have been added…

PENDERGAST: Ok…now what?

SCENE: Rand Base of operations…

RAND TECH: Shields are holding…

PERNAUX: recommend firing a warning shot…

NADAL: we have been attacked commander…we must respond in kind…Target the ship. *Pernaux nods at Rand Tech*

RAND TECH: The Earth vessel has been targeted… weapons primed and ready.

PERNAUX: *nods* Fire. *Rand Tech his button*

SCENE: A blast soars from the satellite impacting the Pegasus' shields and still going through both the shields and the ship itself! Several injuries, ship rocking.

PENDERGAST: Evasive maneuvers, full military thrust. Return fire…forward rail guns.

WOMACK: Sub light engines aren't responding *gets up*

MARKS: Weapons are down…we've lost hull integrity and life support on decks 3 through 7

PENDERGAST: Seal'em off

MITCHELL: *hurries over to Carter* That blast cut through our shields at full strength…

CARTER: I know. I don't understand how…

WOMACK: sensors detected the weapons are recharging…

MITCHELL: we've only got minutes…

PENDERGAST: Hyper drive status?

WOMACK: Hyper drive is offline…

CARTER: Hull integrity Is too unstable…

MARKS: Medical teams reporting 4 casualties, 8 crew members still unaccounted for.

MITCHELL: that thing can only fire at one target at a time…

PENDERGAST: Go. Scramble the blue squadron.

MITCHELL: *Grabs Teal'c* lets see if we can do some damage in cloak *they leave*

Shot of the X-302's leaving the Pegasus

SCENE: Rand Base of operations.

PERNAUX: Tracking multiple smaller ships attacking the satellite… The shield is holding…

NADAL: By the grace of the gods…

RAND TECH: 30 seconds til weapon is primed and ready…

NADAL: Target the large vessel again…

SCENE: All the X-302's head for the satellite firing, each time their missiles detonating short of the target.

OFFICER: (on radio) It's no use blue leader. We're not getting through

MITCHELL: keep at it boys…

They continue firing on the satellite


PENDERGAST: Ltd! I need sub-light engines now.

WOMACK: I'm trying sir…Auxiliary systems aren't kicking in.

CARTER: They can't. *walks over to check another computer* the two main power relays have been damaged.

PENDERGAST: can it be repaired?

CARTER: we need to reroute power through the bypass conduits…*points* here…we should get limited sub-light capability back…

PENDERGAST: Marks you're with Colonel Carter Go! *they head off*

SCENE: Carter and Marks run down corridor…

CARTER: we need to get up two levels…*Marks heads for elevator* Captain! The elevators not safe.

MARKS: right…sorry…I don't know what I was thinking. *follows her*

SCENE: back on the Bridge


WOMACK: Shield's at 40%

PENDERGAST: Divert all shield power to full regenerators.

WOMACK: sir…sensors indicate that the weapons reaching maximum power…

PENDERGAST: *hits radio* All hands brace for impact.

SCENE: Mitchell and Teal'c's X-302

MITCHELL: this damn things shield is not weakening.

Another shot is fired by the satellite, the Pegasus takes heavy damage, Marks falls on the ladder, grabbing on just in time, but dislocating his shoulder. Two airmen are thrown out into space when the hull gives way in another room.

CARTER: *grabs Marks* I got you! *holds him steady* you alright…

MARKS: My arm…

CARTER: *grabs radio* Bridge this is Carter can you beam us up to auxiliary control room 2…

WOMACK: *on bridge, shakes head, Pendergast gets up, moving to communications* negative Colonel, control room, no longer has life support…


PERNAUX: The large vessel appears to be disabled…shall I broadcast a call for surrender?

NADAL: the book of origin tells us that enemies of the Ori show no mercy in their attempts to draw us away from the path…we must face this attack with all the strength we've been given…Finish them.


SCENE: on bridge of the Prometheus and Mitchell's X-302

MITCHELL: Prometheus. This is blue leader…request status report…

PENDERGAST: uh…not to good right now blue leader…

MITCHELL: Can we assist?

PENDERGAST: Negative blue leader, negative…docking bays are too unstable for safe return…stand by for orders.

MITCHELL: Roger That.

SCENE: On bridge.

CARTER: (On Radio) Bridge this is Carter. We need deck 15 unsealed.

PENDERGAST: *nods* unseal it if you can…

SCENE: The door opens, and Marks and Carter head in.

CARTER: *removes panel from wall* if the aft power control panel is still in tact we should be able to rig the naquadah generator and re-route power to sub-light propulsion

PENDERGAST: ( on radio) you have about 2 minute's Colonel.

CARTER: It's not enough time sir!

SCENE: Pendergast groans…

PENDERGAST: Open a channel, Broadcast on all frequencies…

WOMACK: yes Sir

PENDERGAST: This is Colonel Lionel Pendergast of the Earth Vessel Prometheus…calling the Rand protectorate. Your attack on our vessel has severely damaged our engines and rendered our weapons systems inoperable…we are willing to negotiate the terms of our surrender… *Womack stares at him*

SCENE: Rand Base of Operations.

PENDERGAST: ( On radio) Rand protectorate this is the Earth vessel Prometheus, we wish to negotiate our surrender…repeat…we wish to negotiate our surrender *Pernaux looks at Nadal*

SCENE:  Marks and Carter, have a naquadah generator plugged into the system

CARTER: Ok fire it up!

MARKS: Don't we need to test the power flow?

CARTER: no time.

MARKS: but…

CARTER: I know. Do it.

Marks turns on the Naquadah generator.

SCENE: Mitchell's X-302

MITCHELL: Alright…this is useless…Blue Squadron, this is blue leader, break off the attack and scramble formation between the Prometheus and the weapon…Maybe one of us will get lucky and take the portion of the next shot.

TEAL'C: I would not consider that lucky Colonel Mitchell

MTICHELL: well…it could be for anybody aboard Prometheus.

SCENE: Rand Base of operations…

NADAL: President Nadal of the Rand protectorate addressing the Earth vessel. Please explain your blatant act of aggression against our nation.

PENDERGAST: *Jackson and Kane are led into the room* Our actions have been misconstrued as hostile…we are here to investigate why an emissary we sent to your planet…Dr Daniel Jackson has ceased all communications with us.

NADAL: And yet your first act upon entering our planets space was to fire on our defense satellite…

PENDERGAST: but we detected that your satellite was powering up and aiming at us… which we took to be the first act of aggression. We merely responded in kind…Now…we are no longer a threat to you. I have people aboard this vessel who are in need of medical attention…and I am venting atmosphere…please…consider our request for surrender. *glances at Womack whose still staring at him.* keep your fingers crossed.


SCENE: Nadal walks up to Jackson

NADAL: Your planet sent this ship to attack us. I have no desire to take more lives…you tell us what we want to know…I will accept their surrender…

PERNAUX: who else was involved in this attack? What other actions are the Caledonians planning?

JACKSON: we're not spies…I came here to convince your people to dismantle this weapon yourselves…before any of this became necessary…

NADAL: why would we do that?

JACKSON: I have tried to explain…

PERNAUX: Who helped you gain access to the Stargate?

KANE: I acted alone.

NADAL: You are lying! You are part of a spy network helping to supply the Caledonians with classified information…

JACKSON: did you ever think the Caledonians are being leaked information because not everyone in your country agrees with what you're doing?

RAND TECH: The weapon is charged.

JACKSON: Wait please! Just listen to me before you go murdering defenseless people…

NADAL: *turns angry* we are the ones defending ourselves! Your ship attacked us!

SCENE: On the bridge.

WOMACK: Sensors detect that the weapon is fully charged.

PENDERGAST: Colonel Carter I need good news now.

CARTER: a couple of more minutes…

PENDERGAST: we don't have it Sam…I'm sorry. Its over…give me as much power as you can…re-route power to the shields and give me all functioning asgard beaming sensors online.

CARTER: sir?

PENDERGAST: We're abandoning ship *moves over to Womack* Begin the evacuation orders. I want all personnel to beam down the planets surface…find me a nice…open field anywhere in Caledonia.

WOMACK: Yes sir.

PENDERGAST: And broadcast the location to all the active sensor sites. *on radio* uh…this is the Prometheus…to all X-302S…We have begun our evacuation I advise you get clear of the ship and meet us at the rendezvous co-ordinates on the planet.

MITCHELL: *in X-302* Affirmative Prometheus!

PENDERGAST: *pulls Womack from her seat* I'll handle all the final transport commands… everyone else to report to the nearest beam out site…*Womack staring, unwilling to go…several others in background unmoving, turn* Lets go people that's an order! *they move off*

WOMACK: Sir…I…uh…

PENDERGAST: Go on get out of here! Get out here! *They all leave the captain to go down with his ship.*

SCENE: Carter taps into computer.

CARTER: Go…if I don't finish tying this in we'll run out of power before everyone can be beamed off *Marks looks down* go.*he heads to the group, who are beamed out.*

SCENE: Rand Base of Operations

NADAL: We must not fail the Gods. We must embrace our destiny. Fire the weapon!


KANE: NO!!! *both are held back by the Guards.*

SCENE: Pendergast works furiously beaming teams of people out. The sensors go off signaling the weapon has fired once again, he looks up fear in his eyes… an amazing shot of the shot fatally hitting the Pegasus. Breaking it in to two and setting off a hell of an explosion. Pendergast closes his eyes accepting his death.

MITCHELL: *stares* Ah hell

SCENE: Rand base of operations, the Pegasus disappears from their screen, Nadal grins, Jackson staring in shock.

RAND TECH: The earth vessel has been destroyed

SCENE: Jackson stares down, angry, upset, sitting in his sell. Pernaux enters, stopping in front of Jackson's cell.

PERNAUX: The loss of your people…is regrettable…but your planet…and the Caledonians must know our resolve…

KANE: you know full well *Pernaux walks over to him* the Caledonians would rather sacrifice themselves than submit…you'll be forced to commit Genocide and destroy them.

PERNAUX: A year ago they launched the first strike against us…they obviously had no problem with doing the same.

KANE: When does it stop! *stands, walking over* when do we stop killing each other over wars started by our fathers…and our father's fathers before them…?

PERNAUX: This is no longer about Rand or Caledonia…

KANE: it is…we need to set aside our differences and fight the threat of the Ori…together. Goran how long have we known each other? Please…believe what Dr Jackson has told you about them…

PERNAUX: *sighs* with my own eyes I saw the prior bring the satellite to life merely by touching it with his staff…*Jackson listens* neither Rand nor Caledonia have the technology capable of resisting such power…what choice do we have?

JACKSON: *groans* ah…*stands* look! I can't make you any promises but we have already developed a machine that neutralizes the prior's powers. Now as far as we know they've only been able to travel within our galaxy by use of the Stargate and you can either bury your gate or we could teach you to build an iris system like ours…

KANE: Nadal has lost all sense of reason…the book of origin is just one big lie meant to seduce us into meaningless worship…the Ori…just want to use us…and killing in their name is not self defense… its murder!


SCENE: Caledonian Capital City. Base of Operations, Chaska walks in with Teal'c and Mitchell

CHASKA: we were monitoring the entire exchange…to our knowledge 76 crew were recovered in Caledonian territory…

MITCHELL: there are over 115 people on that ship.

CHASKA: do you have any sort of a manifest…a list of names we can compare to those recovered…

MITCHELL: not on me…no. so where are our people?

CHASKA: the transport arrived moments ago…

CARTER: *enters* Teal'c. Cameron. *walks over*

MITCHELL: Sam. You are a sight for sore eyes *hugs her*

TEAL'C: *grabs her shoulders* it is good to see you alive ColonelCarter. We feared the worst.

MITCHELL: where's Pendergast?

CARTER: he wasn't with us.

CHASKA: our security forces did extensive sweeps of the area where you appeared…no other survivors were found…

MITCHELL: this is minister Chaska. Leader of the Caledonian federation

CHASKA: *shakes Carter's hand* I'm thankful you survived such a tragic event Colonel…I hope we can offer you and your crew some comfort here…

MITCHELL: she's pretty much up to speed on what's going on…

CHASKA: we were of course praying for your success but with the destruction of your vessel…I fear that any hope for a peaceful solution to this crisis has been lost.

TEAL'C: and you will not surrender?

CHASKA: our people would rather die than live under Rand rule. *Teal'c nods* we will retaliate against any attack…with the full forces at our disposal…

SCENE: Chaska, Mitchell and Teal'c enter a room in which Carter is looking at schematics.

CARTER: any word?

MITCHELL: Nothing.

TEAL'C: The Rand government continues to deny any knowledge of Daniel Jackson's existence.

CHASKA: our contacts tell us he was seen alive in the Rand command bunker during the exchange with your ship…he's not been seen since… *Carter shuts eyes*

MITCHELL: any progress here?

CARTER: well these satellite schematics are far more detailed than the ones Kane provided…as we saw first hand shields were added later in the design process…I'm still not sure what's powering it or how It was able to penetrate our asgard design shields…but there is one bit of good news… according to this all commands for the satellite originate from Rand main control facility… new maintaining a field around the satellite is a huge power drain so it's only activated when a threat is detected...

MITCHELL: are you saying the Prometheus was destroyed because we hesitated to fire when we dropped out of hyperspace…

TEAL'C: we hesitated out of concern for the safe return of DanielJackson

CARTER: we also hesitated to leave once our weapons weren't effective…

TEAL'C: however it seems that you are saying if we were to destroy the Rand control facility the weapon itself would become vulnerable to attack? *Carter nods*

MITCHELL: then we could take a 302 back up there and finish the job.

CHASKA: no the Rand facility is part of an underground bunker complex…that was strong enough to survive our last missile attack…since then Rand as developed an early warning radar system *walks away* and anti assault defenses…

MITCHELL: wait up…*she turns* what about sabotage? You said you had people on the inside

CHASKA: our agents have already made several attempts. Security is too tight for them to mount any sort of effective strike.

CARTER: actually…we don't have to hit the bunker itself to know out satellite control…*walks over* if we can sever to link between to facility and the weapon even temporarily…

MITCHELL: your talking about an EM pulse…

CARTER: Even a small one detonated in the atmosphere above the facility should interfere with their ability to control the satellite…

CHASKA: EM pulse?

MITCHELL: it would disable their electronic devices…they'd be totally blind.

CARTER: for a short time.

CHASKA: you possess such technology?

MITCHELL: *Carter bites lip* you wouldn't have suggested it if you didn't have something in mind…

CARTER: well…like most discoveries it was a bit of an accident after the battle with Anubis' fleet over Antarctica small random EM fields were detected by the Prometheus during the clean up…took us a while to figure out…

MITCHELL: are you gonna tell me that an X-302 gives off an EM pulse when it blows up?

CARTER: it was one of the things I was working on at Area 51. We think it has something to do with a concussive force interfering with the artificial gravity field generated by the inertial dampeners.

MITCHELL: so how do we remote fly a 302 over there and blow it up?

CARTER: we don't have to… all we have to do is harvest the inertial dampener and rig it to a Caledonian missile.

CHASKA: what about the anti-assault defenses?

CARTER: we use that same 302s radar jamming technology to make your missile invisible to Rand…

CHASKA: still if this does not work as you're planning it will be seen as an offensive against Rand…President Nadal will surely respond by stepping up the deadline for our surrender…and he'll use the weapon against us

CARTER: *nods* this will work.

SCENE: back in the cells, Jackson's pacing

KANE: I don't know what to say, how to take it all back… I shouldn't have come to you…

JACKSON: Look right now we just have to believe that there are survivors…

KANE: you think that's really possible?

JACKSON: The Prometheus has beaming technology…

KANE: had… Beaming technology. Whatever that is…*sits*

JACKSON: look the bottom line is we can't lose focus on why we came back here in the first place…I mean…there has to be a way out of this…and I got the feeling Pernaux was listening to us…

KANE: Daniel…

JACKSON: Look I know the history between the Caledonian and Rand makes things seem impossible but…sometimes an outside perspective helps…*sighs* in the past I've found that the key to these types of disputes is to …to get both parties on equal footing just to …to get the process of talking going again…

KANE: Do you ever give up?

JACKSON: Not until I'm dead…and sometimes not even then…

SCENE: Rand base of operations. Nadal enters…

NADAL: intelligence is reporting visual confirmation of a missile launch from Caledonia.

RAND TECH: early warning systems detect no missile entering our airspace…

PERNAUX: one missile?

NADAL: so it seems

PERNAUX: possibly testing

NADAL: they're not going to surrender…they're preparing a missile launch, preemptive first strike, given the Earths attack on our satellites failed….

PERNAUX: You don't know that…they still have two days until the deadline…

NADAL: Get me minister Chaska.

SCENE: Caledonian base of operation

CALEDONIAN AIDE: *to Chaska* President Nadal is online for you ma'am…

CARTER: it doesn't look like they've employed counter measures…radar jamming is working…

CHASKA: the timing is too coincidental…I suspect he has spies who witnessed the launch…

CARTER: You'll need to stall…or else they'll activate the weapons shield out or sheer paranoia…

CHASKA: *takes a breath* patch him through…*picks up radio* President Nadal…this is Minister Chaska…Mr. President…if you're calling about the recent missile launch please forgive me …I should have called you…immediately…the launch was entirely accidental…it seems there was some confusion when new launch code protocols were issued recently…obviously…the pay load was detonated as soon as we realized what had happened…needless to say…everyone here is a little on edge as of late…but thankfully we have ample precautions in place to prevent such an occurrence from being a threat…

NADAL: indeed. Minister Chaska… your military's incompetence does concern me… the reason I am calling is to discuss the impending dead line

CHASKA: I see…our government is still in the process of debating its options…as promised we will give you an answer by the designated dead line…

NADAL: I'm sorry the decision has not been easier for you. We shall talk again soon. *hangs up*

Mitchell and Teal'c are in the air in an X-302,

MITCHELL: Air command this is blue leader…we are wheels up.

CARTER: Roger that…package is on it's way we are 30 seconds from detonation over target. *turns to Chaska* nice Job

CHASKA: He didn't believe a word of it…

SCENE: Rand base of operations…

PERNAUX: getting a report from coastal monitoring base 4…maybe visual of an incoming missile…

NADAL: why isn't it showing up on our radar?

RAND TECH: sir satellite sensors are detecting a single small ship on Approach…possibly on of the Earth fighters that landed in Caledonia…

NADAL: Activate the missile shields… *Lights go out over the base.*

PERNAUX: What just happened?

RAND TECH: *fiddling with buttons* I don't know we lost power, all systems are down…

PERNAUX: back up power is supposed to be isolated…

RAND TECH: the systems that activate it are down.

PERNAUX: we can't control the satellite

NADAL: well get it back.

PERNAUX: get me a radio and a phone in here that works!

OFFICER: Right away sir.

SCENE: X-302 approaches the Satellite.

CARTER: Blue leader this is base…package has been delivered, window of opportunity is now open

MITCHELL: roger that… we have cleared the atmosphere…2 minutes from weapons range…

SCENE: Rand Base of operations.

RAND COMMUNICATOR: (on radio distorted)…power outage…which seems to be limit around the command facility *Jackson and Kane are led in*

NADAL: to our knowledge…the Caledonians do not possess the technology required to do this…such a weapon could only be given to them by your people.

JACKSON: I hope so.

NADAL: how can we undo this…you tell me now…or I'll have you executed…

RAND TECH: *walks over to Pernaux* based on it's speed and trajectory the earth ship will reach the satellite in less that one minute…

KANE: do you think if the Ori were true goes they would allow the Caledonians to do this?

JACKSON: look I understand your fear of the prior and why you feel you have no choice but there is another way out of this.

NADAL:  What would you have me do?

JACKSON: let me use the Radio…I can contact the ship that's about to destroy the satellite and get them to call it off….

PERNAUX: Why would you do this?

JACKSON: because I still believe a peaceful compromise can be reached out of all this…

NADAL: I'm listening.


SCENE: between X-302, Rand Base and Caledonian Base.

JACKSON: This is Daniel Jackson come in….please….whoever flying the 302 if you can hear me please respond…this is Daniel Jackson…come in please…

MITCHELL: Jackson go ahead…

JACKSON: *looks up* Mitchell?

MITCHELL: yeah you ok?

JACKSON: for the moment you?

MITCHELL: well…all things considered…listen…me and Teal'c are getting ready to bag ourselves an evil Ori satellite…

JACKSON: Yeah…so glad I caught you…listen…the Rand want to offer the Caledonians a deal…


CARTER: *Turns to Chaska* may I?

CHASKA: please.

CARTER: *grabs radio...* Daniel…this is Sam…

JACKSON: Hey Sam…good to hear your voice…

CARTER: yours too… I'm here with minister Chaska of the Caledonian federation…we'd like to know what Rand is offering…

JACKSON: in exchange for leaving the satellite in tact Rand is offering Caledonia the Stargate…Rand is offering the gate and a limited cease fire so all those from Caledonia who do not want to follow Origin and wish to seek refuge on another planet may do so…

CHASKA: they want us to leave our home…our planet…

MITCHELL: Jackson…are you sure about this? I got a clean shot at this thing and I am in favor of taking it.

JACKSON: listen Rand built the satellite in less than a year and I can tell you their resolve is pretty steady…if we blow this one up they're just going to build another….as far as the Caledonians go well…Sam you're just gonna have to explain to them that the Priors may not give them much choice…regardless of what Rand decides to do…

CARTER: I've seen the priors wipe out entire planets for refusing to follow the Ori…

CHASKA: you will not fight them with us?

CARTER: well we would try but honestly there's only so much we can do…

CHASKA: will the Prior not follow us where ever we go?

CARTER: maybe …but for now…

JACKSON: look this offer is not going to be on the table for long…I realize there's a lot to be worked out but at least it's a start…

CARTER: at the very least the rand now believe that you have the ability to disable the satellite when ever you want…

CHASKA: *nods* which they will surely counter in time. *walks away thinking…a look at everyone's face in short time * tell Colonel Mitchell to call It off

CARTER: Blue leader this is Carter… minister Chaska is requesting that you stand down

MITCHELL: alright Jackson…but you folks better be damn sure about this… *pulls away from the satellite…*


SCENE: Power returns to the Rand base.

RAND TECH: back up power is online…satellite control has been re-established…sensors detect the earth ship is veering away from the target…

NADAL: activate the shields.

PERNAUX: *stares at him* the ship is no longer a threat

NADAL: power the weapon.

JACKSON: What? *is grabbed by guards*

NADAL: Target the Caledonian capital building.

RAND TECH: Shields activated…

PERNAUX: Sir…maybe we should take a moment

NADAL: you will abide by my authority… power the weapon now.

RAND TECH: powering the weapon.

SCENE: on board X-302

TEAL'C: our sensors detect the weapons shields have become active…

MITCHELL: Jackson…what's going on down there? The satellite is powering up its weapon and targeting the planet…

SCENE: Caledonian base of operations.

CARTER: <So naive> we had a deal…

CHASKA: *grabs radio* President Nadal explain your actions immediately! President Nadal

SCENE: Rand Base of operations.

KANE: You gave your word!

NADAL: *turns angry, walks over to him* I gave my soul to the Ori who offered us all salvation… anyone who rejects that is a fool! They are all Caledonians for god's sake…they all deserve to die…long before the prior showed us the path to enlightenment.

PERNAUX: shut down the satellite

NADAL: don't listen to him!

PERNAUX: now!!

KANE: arrest the commander…*two armed guards turn guns on Pernaux*

PERNAUX: Stand down! *the guards are unsure what to do* I won't let you do this Nadal.

NADAL: Do as I say! *Pernaux pulls own gun shooting Nadal, the armed guard's fire on Pernaux, both men fall…*

KANE: *pulls himself away from the guards* Put your weapons down! *grabs one of the soldiers* get a medical unit in here! Go Go Go! *the man runs off…Kane walks over to Pernaux, cradling him, while Jackson checks Nadal…*

PERNAUX: shut down the Satellite…

JACKSON: He's dead…

KANE: You heard him…the president is dead…the commander is the next in command…

RAND TECH: He's also the one who killed the president…

KANE: The president violated an international treaty! You wanna be the one responsible for destroying a city full of people when this goes to tribunal…shut it down now! *Rand Tech shuts down the satellite* hang on…helps coming…

PERNAUX: the deal…will stand.

SCENE: Jackson working in his lab as Mitchell enters, with a bag.

JACKSON: Hey. Haven't seen you since the memorial service.

MITCHELL: *pulls out two beers* yeah…s'been a rough day. *gives him one*

JACKSON: so…where you been?

MITCHELL: I umm…hand delivered General Landry's letter to Pendergast's wife and kids…they need to know that he died saving his crew…that his death mattered…

JACKSON: well…76 people survived…that's a…testament to his leadership.

MITCHELL: and yours…we never would have got off that planet if you hadn't brokered the deal…*drinks*

JACKSON: *leans back* so I take it then…you haven't heard?

MITCHELL: heard what?

JACKSON: soon after we left the talks broke down…


JACKSON: …and we've been unable to make contact with them…General Landry had the Daedalus reroute on its way back from Atlantis…it seems the Caledonians weren't content to just leave their fair planet…

MITCHELL: they launched an attack…

JACKSON: and Rand responded… The Stargate is presumed buried in the rubble.

MITCHELL: *shakes head* rough day…

JACKSON: *picks up beer* rough day…*they both drink*


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